The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 7, 1974 · 24
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 24

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1974
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24 Boston Eveninf Glob Friday, June 7, 1974 CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 50 Ship's record book 52 -and-span: Spotless 53 The Republicans: Abbr. 54 Neighbor of Mo. 57 poetica: The art of poetry 59 Hide 61 Comprehensive picture 64 Stage fares 67 To---: Everyone 68 Very small 70 Cleave 1 Gems - Wild hog 6 10 Trodden track 14 Asian coin 15 Qualified 16 Brutish person 17 19 Burlesques Commando action To displace Picking up the tab Sound of laughter Follow closely Born: French Oleaceous tree Harmful Pull with difficulty Enemy -Automobile "Enjoy your meal!": 2 words "I cannot tell Came together again - china Carnival devices Raises Chief Ouray follower 20 21 23 25 26 27 29 31 33 34 36 40 42 71 Gladstone's alma mater 72 Lover of solitude 73 Golfers' props 74 Depression 75 Musician Previn DOWN 1 Straight: Prefix 2 Free from impurities 44 45 47 49 3 Racial segregation i i J 4 Is U 17 i i i6 In i5 TT u 1!'5"" ill1 m 'W I15" sr HP UP jUll iH" H HI i 1" a Ull 6i 62 U S14. 6i 66 ft 67 1 65 69 7T" " "" tT" "" rm. 75" - M SHEINWOLD ON Far be it from me to tell you what kind of opponents you have at your left and right; you can see them, and I can't. But I can safely say that you won't get rich relying on your opponents to be hopeless idiots. Give them . credit for a modest amount of intelligence. South dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH J 1076 J O QJ84 6 J32 7 VE5T EAST A4 4 K ,0 95; V 1063 0 AQ74 O K 1096 J 10 9 5 Jf, KQ842 SOUTH Q98 52 O AK7 O 85 A63 South West North East 1 Pais 4 4) All Pass Opening lead - fr J West opened the jack of clubs, and South won with the ace. Declarer wondered whether to lead a low trump, slyly, from his own hand in the hope that DWest would put up the king from K-x or whether to lead the jack of spades, from dummy in the hope that East would cover an honor with K-x. Mind you, it is sometimes necessary to hope for some such miracle. : Your opponents do sometimes clash their trump-tricks, and you must struggle to keep a straight face when it happens. But the odds are very much against any such foolishness, and you should look for another play if anything reasonable is in sight. South should make hit game contract by a very simple line of play, requiring only moderate luck. After winning the first trick with the ace of clubs, South should run the four hearts. He discards a dia-, mond on the fourth heart no matter what happens. As you can see, there is i no defense against this. If East ruffs, he wastes a trump trick while South gets rid of a loser. If West ruffs, instead, he uses a low trump but then the - ace and king of trumps will fall together as soon as South can lead a trump. South needs a reason Yasteiday's Solution MH F 1 0 1 S I S I ISIPIAlNlK i a i I jl iE i. i IE S I e 'T T A l JT AJkJF PlT IlHiu 5AF T X R E 7 A S J7 f J p I E 1 p TJT n. 2 s o a rtTd k T v e oiti TTvTr proT L (A D FT K 3? EtT uTir 5"em?r sTT J gTa Trj p t Tt o wF 7 p n TtT w a" s p ? 7 T n" ? IljlEIl rrrrTfTFo" stagei ben f 5Ts " River words mbankment38 Archaic Ferments preposition 39 Glance 41 Snakelike fish 43 Greek god 46 Fly upward 48 Shoulder blade 51 Sorted 54 Separately in time 55 Woody Asian plant 56 Crafty man 58 Chastise 60 E.T. : "Birds of Manitoba" author 62 Singles 63 King of Judah 65 State 66 Withered: Var. 69 Mtg. paymt. component 6 Racket 7 Death notice: Informal 8 Watchful 9 Close up again 10 Wine 11 On the other hand 12 Threefold 13 Ambiguous statement 18 At all 22 Malarial fever 24 Sea duck 27 From a distance 28 Alone: Prefix 30 Cripples 32 Prattle 35 Tides 37 Hard fruit skin: 2 BRIDGE able break In hearts and trumps, but the odds are not high against this. What's more, if the cards are right, South needs no co-operation from foolish opponents. QUESTION Partner opens with one heart, and the next player - ....... t7mg.-tar.-t1mg.nicotinB , ?- V. Hi l r J w.per cigaretn FTC Report Mar. 74. -- t-mf-r . J- I Warmng: The Surgeon General Has Determined K'VAV. 0 Valuable Gift Stars V That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. V?--i; j Coupons,too. Norwood By Gary Kayakachoian . Globe Staff The sound of cheering fans at Norwood Arean has given away to a new type of roar from townspeople and municipal officials. A proposal to erect 496 apartment units along with a sprawling shopping center at the Route 1 site has triggered controversy in this town of 33,000. While workmen are knocking down the remains of the sports plant that was damaged by a fire last winter, a new attempt is being made to develop housing on the 100-acre area. On three previous occasion according to acting Planning Board chairman Thomas Riolo, town meeting "representatives rejected housing at the site. Riolo yesterday confirmed a report that Alan G. Zuker of Brookline and Atty.' John Mulvihill will present a petition signed by 10 local voters to have TRIVIA QUIZ 1 Who was called "The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing?" 2Who was President of the United, States when the country-, celebrated its 100th anniversary? 3 Name the actor who plays the role of Frankenstein in the mid-1930s movie "The Bride of Frankenstein." 4 How were major league baseball pitchers Harry and Stanley Cove-leskie related? 5 The moving assembly line was started to produce what automobile? (Answers elsewhere on this page.) passes. You hold: S-J.10,7,6,3; H-Q,J,8,4; D-J,3,2; C-7. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two hearts. Your hand is worth only one bid, so you cannot afford to bid the spades first and later show the heart support. fights plan for housing complex at arena site a new public hearing. He said the session would probably be held July 1, and would set the stage for a special town meeting to vote on the latest housing plan at Norwood Arena. The backers of the development have been accorded the right to build a shopping complex at the location but they are eager to incorporate this proposal with a housing complex plan. Riolo says that the recent town meeting rejected the housing plan. "The proposal even failed to get a simple majority. You know it needs to change the summer shine off patent by freeman! The leading maker of men's shoes brings on the two-tone patent leather shoe for summer! Laced for comfort, with new raised heel for fashion! In bone with blue or brown. $35 -the zoning from the present limited manufacturing," Riolo noted. Riolo said his board voted 4-1 for the Zuker proposal with the lone dissenter Thomas F. Cava-naugh, a Boston school teacher. Cavanaugh, according to Riolo, felt that Norwood was oversatu-rated with apartments and the housing development would generate more public school children. Riolo stated the developer argued that only 10-11 youngsters would be going to the public schools from the proposed project. , Plans show that 470 of the apartments would be one-room units and the remainder 2 bedrooms with the complex catering to low and moderate in- , come families and retired people, Riolo said. The multi-million dollar project would return some $300,000 annually in taxes ANSWERS 1 Tommy Dorsey. 2 Ulysses S. Grant. 3 Colin Clive portrays Henry Frankenstein and Boris Karloff is the monster. 4 They were brothers. Harry won 84 games and Stanley 214. 5 Model T Ford. Boston, Braintree, Brockton, Burlington, Cambridge, Framingham, Peabody, Worcester after it is completed within a four year period, but it is not known what Norwood would get in return on the shopping complex. "The housing plan would reflect between $2.50 and $3.00 on the tax rate, "Riolo said. JUST ARRIVED! DISTINCTIVE QUALITY FURNITURE FROM SCANDINAVIA mttn,wi-----a jvswcaWSSSSf W ? Wit MUSIC BENCH Available in Rosewood, Teak, and plastic Lacquered in glossy white IN STOCK The bench is extensible and. can be drawn out to the length wanted. . Measures: Length 62 w 'Jt'l'L MUSIC BENCH WITH 0VERPART IN STOCK Extensible same as above Height 60 1 FC HiVl 4S Middltitt Turnplki In Burlington. 2 mln. horn Iht Burlington Hill. Slit 42 off 121, turn hit lowtrd Arlington. Hour. Hon. 1 Tuet. 10 t. Wtd. I Thun. Frl. 10-9, Sit. 10-5. 272-0130 Norwood's current tax rate is $38 and based on a firm 100 percent valuation. Norwood has shown a steady population growth and there are some 2000 apartment units dotting the 10-square-mile community. Depth 20 Height 24V ' SECRETAIR .with roll top and extension leaf. Teak-IN STOCK I Il TEAK

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