The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1955 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1955
Page 15
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APPLIANCE EDITION BLYTHEVILLE COUEIER NEWS APPLIANCE EDITION Accent Is On. More Frozen Food Space in Kelvinator s '55 Line DETROIT—A new line of relri gerateri for 1S&&5 with increased frozen food space, larger over-all capacity and automatic defrosting in all but three models has been announced b_y Kelvinator. ~ D.~A. Packard, general sales manager, said the basic refrigerator line consist* of eight models in conventional white exterior finish. He also announced a spectacular new refrigeration product called the "Pood- arama," and a new approach to color in appliances. (Details in accompanying releases). Packard said the line was designed specifically to incorporate the three moat important factors influencing refrigeratr purchases, as shown by consumer surveys, latest industry survey, he said, ra- The latest industry survey, he said, rated these factors in order r as more freezing space, automatic defrosting, and greater food storage space. The basic K^TrTa"t»n"me'TncluHes three eight cubic foot models, two tens and three in the 12-cubic-foot size bracket, with each size group up to one cubic foot larger in capacity than comparable 1954 models. 'Frozen food storage capacity in all three size groups has been increased from 25% to double 1954 models. Automatic defrosting is all of the "Magic Cycle" type, timer-controlled, push button-controlled, and cyclic, Packard said. The cyclic type is used in the fresh food compartments of two-temperature re- frigetrator-freezer combinations. In this type of system, defrosting tafces place without user-attention during the off-period of the normal refrigeration cycle. Packard said styling of the new Kel vina tors has been enhanced with new color treatment and more attractive exteriors and interiors. "An entirely new motif in enter- ior hardware is the application to the refrigerator door handles of the aame type of design treatment found in the' finest sterling silver," he said. "By liberal use of the vac- cum process of applying colors to polystyrene parts, the new gold and sea tone interiors achieve the brilliance of jewelry." "There is a Kelvinator refrigerator for evev area of consumer demand—first-time buyers or the trade-in buyer; city 01 rural; small or large families; homes with small kitchens and those with kitchens of unlimited space. "For those who want modern refrigeration at the lowest possible price, there is the eight-cubic-foot mdel KA-81 in a cabinet only 24 inches wide, with total frozen looti storage capacity of 56 pounds, including 37 pounds in the full-width freezer chest and 19 pounds in the meat tray. The door provides more out-front storage with four shelves. D,efrosine is manually operaed. A companion model, KS-81, features in addition a full-width crisper, a butter-keeper in the door, and decorative shclf^fronts. Another 24-inch, eight cubic foo' model, KP-B1, offers pushbutton automatic defrosting for those with space limitations, who still want the most in up-to-date features. "There is an important consumer group that will sacrifice many, deluxe features to obtain maxium storage space at the lowest possible cost. Their need is met by the 10.5 cubic foot model KS-110, a manual defrosting refrigerator in a 28-inch wide cabinet. It features 70 pounds of frozen storage capacity, five door shelves, and door chests for a pound of butter and a two-pound package r' cheese " The cheese-keeper includes a j polystyrene tray with a cellulose sponge in a recess in the base. The sponge may be soaked in a solution I of water, vinegar and salt to keep A REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER COMBINATION — With separate doors for each section, this 1955 Kelvinator offers a 12 9 cubic foot capacity. The separately insulated freezer chest at the top.has storage capacity oi 85 pounds. The freezer compartment door has an ice cream keeper that holds three half-gallon size containers. The refrigerator section features roll-out shelves, four door shelves and door-storage for outter and cheese. The model is available In eight custom colors, as well as standard white. cheese fresh and moist. For those who want the best of everything in this size, there is the KP-"llO, also with a total of 70 pounds frozen storage capacity, plus pushbotlon automatic defrosting, and aluminum roll-put and slide- out shelves with decorative gold fronts. 'Deluxe in freatares and size is the 11-6 cubic foot model A-120, featuring timer-controlled Magic Cycle automatic defrosting," Packard said. "It has frozen food storage capacity of 80 pounds, roll-out shelves, five door shelves, and butter and cheese compartments in the door. The cabinet is 31 inches wide, and 61 inches tall. 'To meet growing consumer interest in even more frozen storage in the 31-inch cabinet width, Kel- vinator offers a new two-temperature model KC-120, with a moist- cold refrigerator section at the top and a separate 100-pound frozen food chest a the bottom. The refrigerator section is cooled by refrigeration coils mounted behind metal plate called a "humicli- plate" along the back of the compartment. The coils control moisture as well as cold, and defrost automatically on the off-cycle, [t includes a roll-out shelf and a slide-out 'handitray,' five door shelves, and butter and cheese chests in the door and juice-can racks in the ice tray compartment 'For those who want a refrigerator-freezer combination with sc- jarate doors for each section there the 12.9 cubic foot model KG- 130. It has a separately insulate freezer chest at the top, with 85- pound capacity. An ice-cream keeper in the freezer compartment door holds three half-gallon size containers. The refrigerator section features roll-out shelves, four door shelves and ; door-storage for butter and cheese." Questionnaire Predicts Votes EAST LANSING, Mich, ffl — Dr. Claude Bosworth, of Michigan State College, says he has devised questionnaire that tells what a citizen thinks of his community — and what he'll buy for it. "We can help community leaders determine if an industrial development, new school sewer bond issue or recreation program will be approved by the people," he says. The method has been reliable in surveys run in several Michigan cities, Bosworth says. A VERSATILE SERVANT — is the new Westlnghouse electric Roaster-Oven which can b* used to bake anything from a H-lb, turkey to a complete oven meal. With its accessory, the broiler grid, It also can be used to broil such things as steaks, chicken, fish, cheese toast with bacon strips; or it can be used to grill or fry such foods as corn fritters, French toast, griddle cakes, minute steaks, or hot appetizers. A dual purpose, shelf, -which slides out at the base of the Roaster-Oven, lists correct temperature settings and cooking times for many foods ana is also a handy serving shelf. The Roaster-Oven is equipped with an ovenware dish set of heatproof glass which can be used for cooking, table service, or refrigerator storage. Cooking Convenience Is Offered by Sunbeam. A new, electrical appliance has just been introduced on the market which is the answer to every modern maiden's prayers. It's an automatic, controlled heat frypan, manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation, Chicago, Illinois.. It,offers the user greater cooking convenience and more delicious foods ev- erytime she uses it. According; .to the manufacturer, never before lias there been an appliance that gives the user the perfect temperatures for cooking-on top of the stove just like she gets perfect baking and cooking temperatures in the oven. Milady. Just sets the handy dial for the correct, controlled hent ideal for bacon, eggs, pancakes and other favorite foods, and each of these foods will be cooked to perfection every time automatically An ensy-to-see fry-guide gives 'ecommended frying temperatures. There's no guess-work — never any failures. The shortening s always at just tne right temperature because of f ,he unit's patented thermostnlic control. This results in less grease absorption in- to the foods. Chicken, namburgers, etc., are more delicious with their natural juices sealed in. Denominations Take Cake PICKENS, 8. C, W — When auctioneer Fred Durham pitted Bap. list pride agnlnst Methodist pride nt a cake sale the winning bid on the final Item Was $18.50 for n school cause, compared with $5 to $8 for previous cuke.-' sold. The buyer: Methodist Albert Lewis. The baker: The Rev. E. R. Eller, Baptist minister. Cowboy on Demand PORT WORTH, Tex. Wi — A ?roup of visiting Italian Army Officers wanted to see a cowboy. No- Oody knew where tc locate one in a hurry. Deputy SherlH R. N. Oil- ley scooted home, changed Into his fancy western clothes, and obliged. CUSTOM-MADE FINISH — Anyone can cover ints neu International Harvester room air conditioner, in fabric of any color or pattern to match curtains, draperies, Walls, floor coverings or upholstery. This 'Decorator" model filters, cools and dehurnldlfles room air, vpntila'es draws air In from outside nnd will exhaust *tM room »*. Tb* tabric MB b« changed in leu Ui»n seven minutei. As Much as Trade in allowance on your Present Range W 7 e'r*? Featuring CALORIC'S AUTOMATIC GAS RAN6£ Bet your life . . ? They save the wife! ! Life time Guaranteed Burners Am«rica't eatieit ranget to keep clean! A Detachable decorator handles . . . U ityled to match any kitchen decor) CONVENIENT TERMS Blytheville Propane Co., Inc. N. Highway 61 Ph. 2-2061 May fag's New Wringer-Type Washer Is Old Company Stand-by MAYTAG MASTER WASHER The Maytag Model E wringer- type washer was first produced In 1939 and is the deluxe model of the Maytag wringer machlneB. A one-piece nil aluminum tub, the Maytag Master washer IB produced with four variations. The E2L is an induction type - electric motor and a gravity no drip hose. The BBU also has the electrl?. motor with a power driven water discharge pump while the E2LT differs in that it has an automatic timer and gryatator control. The E2M bus identically the mime tub, gyratator, wringer rolls, etc,, but is powered by a gasoline engine. Among the outstanding advantage-sot the Miiytag Muster is the one-piccc aluminum tub which will hold a lurger capacity for washing r-water stuys hotter longer— v nnd the aluminum tub Is stronger, more Uui-ivblc, and longer lasting. Other features include the Muy- tng gymtator which creates water current*; Unit gently force soupy water through the clothes. There Is no punning, pulling or pounding of the clothes , . . all dirt Is removed by wnter action alone. Another Maytag exclusive feature is the famous Maying Roller Water Remover. The unbeatable combination of a firm lower roll which holds clothcr. solidly and flexible upper roll which folds itself over* every lump and seam, give Maytag | a feature unparalleled by the ordinary conventional washer. A sediment trap which captures and holds dirt as it Is washed from clothes and prevents holes, prevents tin; dirt from being recircu- lated through the wash water. Adjustable legs give tile housewife » InUormiule wmchlne. The legs ftrc adjustable to the most convenient height for the operator. The air space between the aluminum walls of the tub and the steel outer shell of the skirt provide super Insulation keeping the wash water hotter longer for the operator. A hinged lid on the tub of the Maying Muster washer provides a handy work table. Water will not -drip -onto the floor since gravity drains any water buck Into the tub from the lid. A gravity no-drip drain hose Is also A part of the May log Master. A cone shaped tub bottom insured complain drainage through the extra thick sturdy hose. Row facts NEW YORK (fl — Men are Wearing fewer pajamas. Pajama manufacturers have sharply reduced their production, trade sources say. A TIMELY CONTRIBUTION lo modern Ways of living is presented by General ElecU'lc-Tele- •ohrdn c 1 o c k B , Appropriately named Almanac, this Calendar Clock nnd Interval Timer nuto? matloally tells time, day and dnte, and. guides the home eobk'i schedule with its 60-mlnute in- 'lerval tmlor. Styled with under- slated simplicity, the kitchen clock.-case comes In white, coral, blue or yellow. Gold color bezel, blue-grey dial, sharp white hands and numerals complete the design. .The United States mint nt Philadelphia, oldest of the U, S. mints, was established in 1702. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT UNTIL YQU SEE IT YOURSELF! on THIS new 21"™ RCA VICTOR 521 CONSOLE No set loo old... No screen too .mall.. .and No Double Talk! Right now, we'll take your c4d TV—even if it doesn't play- and give you a sensational allowance toward the purchase of the magnificent new RCA Victor "521." This full- fledged console has RCA Victor's famous Oversize "All-Clear" picture lube wilh 212% greater contrast. And there's thrilling "Golden Throat" Fidelity Sound for UK clearest tone m television. So bring in the okl... bring out the new. Do il now! Limited time only. ENJOY THESE GREAT RCA VIC10R ADVANCES! / « "» DlittncKv* console »*ytfng. Mahogany grained Hmih. p4rt_ Mh.-biatFMl picfer. takq *W utt, K% fatt«r than prtntom HAMMC Ai* ato* *• MdMfc« *CA 1 ELECTRONIC LAB "Wt SMVIM fy«ryf*riia; W» Mf 111 W. Walnut Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3-3531

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