The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 7, 1971 · 66
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 66

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, November 7, 1971
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Boston Sunday Globe November 7, 1971 ACES ON BRIDGE 4 i. THE STAMP HOBBY 7: ! Talk promises to heat 1 Bhra G. Corn Jr. m i Uer Mr. Corn: During our regular Friday-night game tae opponents really mangled us on this lind. It's been the subject of cool discus-sj?n ever since, but I think the tempera- ti-e is going up, 4 Can you comment on the bidding, particularly East's tree hearts? 7 These were the hands and WEST 4.KQ982 S?KQ3 OA984 6 South West 3 DbL 4 4S? EAST A76 S7 98765 OQ7 532 7 North East Redbl. 3? , DbL All pass 2' i Mugged, ? Manchester, Conn. -Answer West's double was normal aj was East's bid of three hearts. East right have bid diamonds; however, he cannot be faulted for choosing the major. If North had bid a suit over West's doubly East's bid would have been "free" and shown values. Over a redouble, East's bid merely suggests a possible shelter in the forecasted storm. West's bid of four hearts is, like walking alone in dark alleys. No wonder West was mugged. DRUM CORPS NOTES Ul-Ainerica BfHerb Cole jThat drum corps is a yrjuth activity was re-' affirmed, last weekend, when the minimum membership age was dropped td" 18 by . the All-America Drum & Bugle Corps & ; Band Assn. for its parent body and judge chapters. More than 100 delegates ; fipm 28 states approved this proposal in a windup session to the national convention in Chicopee. rThe unprecedented action may resolve a problem that has been a thorn in the ! siye of drum corps expan-. sion. jOver the past decade, a shortage of qualified judges has become increasingly acute. . .Contests have been steadily mounting in number with a correspondingly heavier demand for judges. !3n many cases, the scarcity of competent officials has forced units to compete before the same battery of . judges most of the season itimport others from great distances and at great expense. , Surveys reveal that several teen-agers of proven talent have been pressed into service in instructional capacities and have done extremely well. 3f they can teach, then why can't they judge was the question racing through delegate s' minds in Chicopee. jpaining entrance to the association must still follow" the familiar practice of joining the parent group first and then becoming eligible for the judging group. Further information can be' obtained from State Chapter Commander Ray O'Brien, 5 Stevens st., Sfoneham 02180. Elected chief judge of the Mass. chapter was Walter D'Agostino, 69 Page St., Avon with Anthony Con-stantine of Willimansett chosen the national commander of the parent body. fciext year's convention CUT-II'S" TJCCUSE ME, WOULD in inn i JimwpKPwu.iimiMumi ' "r y , , u m,, MJ j llMl , m I "Vr J 1 ' 11 - --- -- - - -.. inmmi - - Dear Mr. Corn: I am reading a book by the "other authority" He advises that a four-no-trump bid over either two.-or three-no-trump opening is made on nine or seven balanced points, respectively. Is "Brand X" sugesting the four-no-trump bid as ace asking? Madison Av., Wake Forest, N.C. Answer Our competitor is selling you the straight goods. The direct raises in no trump are point-showing bids. Opener passes with a minimum and bids on with a maximum. Dear Mr. Corn: What does one say to guests or hosts ' who refuse to use the word "Pass?" Am I being a stick-in-the-mud or are others equally upset by the "by-mes'," "no bids" and the like? I'm an old-timer but I think I could learn to tolerate deviation if the guys at, the top do. Fuddy-Duddy, Taylor, Mich. Answer "Pass" is the suggested call, but even "'at the top" "no bid" is sometimes used. Consistency is important and bidding such as follows should be avoided: East-West free bid of the bidding: lowers age will be held the last weekend in October in Sarnia, Ont. under the auspices of -the Michigan chapter. . . Among honors won in competition ' during the four-day conclave were Princemen of Melrose (color guard); Beverly Cardi -als (small corps) and a clean sweep of percussion segments by the Boston Crusaders. In the latter, Charles Poole maintained his position as the top snare-drummer in the nation, turning back challengers from as far West as California and Oregon. The Pitts brothers were unbeatable in tenor drumming with Dan first in single drum and Paul ahead in double tenor. Mike Maniscalco posted the top score in rudimental drumming. A major future Ail-American project is a clinic-seminar next March in the Hub area as a pre-sea-son aid to interested managers and instructors in digesting new Legion and judging . procedures for 1972. To tie in with this judges situation above is an incident that took place Labor Day weekend in Syracuse, N.Y. The DCA-contest hosting Brigadiers, looking for a gimmick to give their show . added fan appeal, weren't the slightest bit perturbed over any shortage of judges. In fact, they purposely created their own shortage in a literal "The Customer Is The Judge" affair. Game and willing to try anything new, the Hawthorne Caballeros, Hurricanes, Skyliners, Yankee Rebels and Sunrisers lined up after their routines had been presented. They finished in the above-listed order on the strength of applause from the stands. Further attempts along this line are doubtful but BY YOU HAPPEN TO HAVE THE TIME?", up South West North East Pass 1 Pass 1 0 No bid 2 0 Pass 2 NT By me 3 0 Pass 4 0 Content 5 0 Pass Pass My lead? limit to 18 - one is given cause to ponder over how the contest may have actually differed under the conventional judging system. . Dan Lasdow is again assisting Ed Denon in Boston Crusader horn instruction. Jerry Shellmar is reported to be writing the percussion section of the '72 Crusader repertoire with the execution in the hands of two assistants. EMass circuit executive board meets tomorrow at . 8 p.m. at the Immaculate Conception school hall, Winchester with the general body to assemble at the same location Nov. 15. CHESS Cruising on first 30, but then, watch out! By Harold Dondis . t aui Gentle moves in the end game. Black to move and win. The Fischer match has put us far behind in reporting local chess news. Just for example, the Greater Brockton Open, featuring the return of Robert Goodspeed as tournament director, was won jointly by Leo Kupersmith, L A. and Allan Savage, of Clark University. Savage is a real comer among the young players, somehow manages to play well by spending 2 hours, 58 minutes on the first 30 BENNETT MORRILL :' i If-.- K 7l 1 I r .. SILHOUETTED FISHERMAN at Boston's Pleasure Bay is set-off by an optical oddity caused by a 500mm Nikkor mirror-optic lens. Sun flecks reflecting on water in background appear as tiny circles of light. The inherent lack of depth of focus in the 500mm lens plus the angle of reflection causes the phenomenon. (Globe photo by Ted Dully) THE CAMERA EYE Top photo exhibitor to show how if s done By Ed Fitzgerald Globe staff The South Shore Camera Club is making last minute preparations for a "super-show"' starring Paul Yarrows, FPSA, ARPS of Rochester, N.Y., who is regarded as the world's leading exhibitor in International Photography Salons with more than 3500 of his moves and two minutes on the rest. John Curdo, Roger Morin and Ron Swartz won the A prize. Other scores: Class B, J. Richards, Paul Tomaino and J. Messina. Class C. T. Gorczyca, J. Mangold and C. Gelinas. - Other Results: Second annual Jimmy Fund, 61 players: Hugh Tobin 4-0; Robert Enders, Ed Lupien-ski and Murray Turnbull, 3-. Second Boylston 30-30 . John Peters, 5-0 (victories over Harrington, Lyman and Robertie); Dan Harrington, 4-1; Bill Lu-kowiak, 4-1. Jackie Peters has receded somewhat from his torrid form in the New England Championship. In the game below from the ; Boylston Open, he bows to the ol Master, Harry Lyman and the Lyman trademark the Schilem-ann defense. RUT LOPEZ Peters H. Lyman Petei-s H. Lyman White Black White Black 1 P-K4 P-K4I 18 B-B4(c) P-R5 2 N-KB3 N-QB3I 19 N-K2 G-B4 3 B-N5 4 N-B3 5 PxP - 6 O-O 7 NxP 8 N-B3 .9 NxN 10 B-K2 11 B-B3 12 N-K3 P-B4I 20B-K3(d B-QB2 N-B3 21 GR-B1 P-RS B-B4! 22 N-N3 Q-Q2 O-OI 23 B-K2 N-B3 N-C5I 24 B-Q3 ExB P-B3! 25 QxB PxP BxNI 26 KxP H-K5cf P-Q4I 27 NxR PxN BxPI 28Q-K2 N-N5 B-QN3I S KH-Rlf i R-Bd 13 P-Q4 Q-Q2(a30 P-KR3 Nx3 ch 1T"N-N3 B-N3I 31 PxN Q-B4 15 B-K3 QR-K1! 32 R-R2 BxR 16 Q-Q2 (a)P-K R 33 Resigni 17 B-N5 N-R2! (a 13. N-K5 is R. Bryne H. Lymanv 1970 N.E. Open (b Allowing Black a K side thrust, 18. P-B3 was better. fc 18. B-K3 would preserve Whites pawn plus. d Not 20. P-B3 because RxN wins two pieces for a rook. (e Peters suggests 20. QxP, SI. QxQ BxQ with a later B-K5. (fl This speculative sac is accepted because Black threatens 27. R-R5. If 27. P-KB4, to stop it then Q-N5 is strong. fg Attempts to break the bind fail e.S. 29. P-KR3 R-Bfi or 29. P-KB4 PxP ep ch. 30. RxP Q-04 etc. ANNOTATIONS BY H.L. J.AC AJCSWKR TO PROBLEM: 1. K-K. 2. B-R5 P-B is Zugzwans White -Roiims! CHESS CALENDAR Nov. 13-14 Southeastern New England Open 5-Round Swiss 502 at Town Hall, Midland MalL Warwick, R.L Nov. 13 Merrimack Valley Scholastic Open for High School and pre-High School players, Chelmsford High School, North rd., Chelmsford. .-. ... . . ' 4 " i - ar j . ; 4? i i s f -S, A sr ' J A 1 pictures accepted and shown in photo shows around the world. Yarrows will teach his new color slide course at the South Shore Camera Club, 65 Newbury av., North Quincy. It will be a two day event, starting Friday, Nov. 19 from 8 to 10 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 20 from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. . with time out for lunch and dinner. There will be 10 hours of useful, concentrated photo information, especially for the beginner as well as the advanced amateur. Yarrows holds the record of 22 stars, awarded to him by the Photographic Society of America. He has won - more than 350 top awards and medals, plus many "Best in . Show" photographs. The talented Yarrows shares his interest in photography by helping others to learn his secrets and ' special techniques at Camera Club lecture courses. His appearance in Quincy wall be his only one in New England this season. The color course will cover cameras and equipment, film and exposure, derivations, pictorial, nature and travel photography. Yarrows will lecture, give demonstrations and show how it is done with color slides. The South Shore Camera Club is inviting all the clubs in the area to attend. There will be special club rates. For more information, tuition fee and a registration brochure, call the South Shore Camera Club after 6 p.m. at 843-6852 or 479-1963. Camera notes Boston Camera Club 351a Newbury st, Monday, 7:30 P.m., color competition. Frank Bond, APSA, Hon. NEC, commentator. Thursday. 7:30 p.m.. Henry F. Weisenburger continues his popular course in color photography. Saturday. 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.. portrait workshop. Greater Lynn Camera Club Monday, 8 p.m., Pictorial print competition. Recreation Camera Club. Somer-ville Meeting at American Legion Post No. 377, 50 Bow St. Somerville, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.. Assigned subject contest: also lecture and" slides of "East Africa" by Wilbur Smith. Xeedham Camera Club Print division meets at Needham Camera Shop, Thursday at 8 p.m.. Subject is open. Visitor welcome. Sooth Shora Camera Club ' Tuesday, competition. The fourth annual photography exhibit at the Hudson public library continues through Friday. SUPERB GIANT COLLECTION MAINLAND CHINA Five Hundred All Different consisting of uictor.als cominem-orative etc. Historical issues teihng you more about Cruna than many a book could. Th entire collection valued in Gibbons $6000 RETAIL NET $20.00 is given, disregarding cost, m a VERY SPECIAL "Bet-acquainted" ofter for Only $1.93 Adults only. A fine selection of stamps for your inspection will be enclosed. Fraselt Co., Inc. Dept. BO. Whit Plains. N.Y. 10601 Several countries honoring Iran for 2500th anniversary By Jay Hatch There's something mighty impressive about age. Not so much talk about the millions of years man has been in this universe. Recorded history is what's most staggering, and for most of us this means ancient lands. Great Britain next year will mark the 50th year since the finding of old King Tut's tomb. That's old, all right. But so is the tomb of the ancient Persian ruler Cyrus the Great. It is being pictured this squarish stone box atop several stone steps because Cyrus was the founder, 2500 years ago, of the present Iranian dynasty. Iran has just celebrated all this lavishly. Now it is winning philatelic plaudits, too. Belgium released a 7fr picturing ithe tomb. So has Turkey in a three-stamp set. The other two stamps present in beautiful mosaic colors an Iranian miniature and a snapshot of Ataturk greeting Riza Shah Pahlavi of Iran. Ireland Nov. 15 will release its first Christmas stamp set, 2p and 6p - reproducing the masterpiece of Irish artist John Hughes, his Madonna , and Child statue which can be seen in Loughrea Cathedral. It is a photograph with interesting light and shadow. For a merry stamp there's the 50 yen Japan released Oct. 6 for International Letter-writing week. It reproduces a portion of Hoson's woodblock print called "Tokyo Horse Tramway", showing the horse-drawn car beside a fast-moving riksha. Taiwan Nov. 16 will release five THE COIN COLLECTOR Israeli commemorative dedicated to Soviet Jews By Joel Sable A special commemorative coin issue dedicated to the cause of Soviet Jewry has been announced by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corp. The legal tender coins have face values of 10 and 50 Israeli pounds. Struck for the Bank of Israel at the government mint in Jerusalem, the 10 pound issue of the coin is to be offered in both proof and uncirculated condition. The 50 pound coin will be a proof gold issue. The special coin issue was approved by the governor of the Bank of Israel "in view of the world-wide interest, solidarity and sympathy for the cause of Soviet Jews in their struggle to live as Jews or leave for Israel." The obverse of the coin displays the sun shining behind iron bars, with a legend inscribed in Hebrew and English, "Let My People Go." ' -; A brochure containing a message from Prime Minister Gold Meir, a transcript -of one of the many "Freedom Letters" addressed by Russian Jews to the Soviet premier, and background THE SOUND CiD piONeeR stereo on complete at "THE SOUND 1095 Ctmimm eIth ltut. IhIm . liilT l-l, Hit. I Wt4. M lonkAmricord V -V 25 V stamps (first part of a series) picturing prize dog paintings by Lang Shih-ning, quite delightful for dog-lovers. Sensational Europa bridge is pictured on a 4S Austria released Oct. 4 for the inauguration of Brenner Highway. Brenner Pass was the first mountain highway across the Alps linking the cold north and warm Mediterranean, and has been used since Roman days. Now the new highway, with 44 bridges at breath-taking heights, has been opened as a toll road. Engineers from all over the world have been flocking to marvel at gigantic Euro-. pa Bridge, king of the bridges. Postmaster General Blount, unveiling next year's US philatelic program, has said we will be in for sets in order to do justice to some of the subjects. For the 100th anniversary of national parks (Yellowstone was the first) there will be five stamps: 2c Cape Hatteras; 6c Wolf Track Farm Park, Va.; 8c Yellowstone ; 11c City of Refuge, Hawaii; 15c Mt. McKinley. information pertaining to the struggle of Soviet Jews, plus a section on the persecution' of Jews in Arab states, will be packaged , with each coin. Another special item will be a small lapel pin " featuring the motto "Let My People Go.", Further details on the issue may be obtained by contacting the Government of Israel, Coins and Medals Department, 850 Third av., New York, N.Y. 10022. I r BESELER DEMONSTRATION AT UNIVERSITY CAMERA This Friday and Saturday met with Jny Brown, Beselcr't Director of Technical Strvic, of University Camera for demonstrations, information and a Q and A session on Beseler equipment including cameras, " eniargers ana lenses. BESELER -TOPCON SUPER D If you're into photography, knowledge of this camera is a must. Super Special Low Prices In Effect Now Ob AIL Beseler Equipment It's The Time To Make A Deal! f UNIVERSITY CAMERA B27 CommonwBiltli HOBBY; systems PEOPLE" H4-IC0I ISMOSI Frt Jarkinj MesUr Charg x?SHSf:iJri ftjM4A iff "J ' A 1 J, 1W The .1972 program will also include; set of pictorial ' postal cards on ytourism Year of the Americas"; set . to continue markiig the1 , - nation's bicentennial" four stamps 6c, 8c, ,11c and -15c saluting the Olympic Games ; two Folklore stamps for Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn; 8c for the Peace Corps; a stamp for" poet Sidney Lanier; four jumbos to continue the. wildlife series; and Christmas stamps. A special event at the Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum, Regis Col- lege, Weston, will be an auction and bourse at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 21 at . the museum.. All fans and visitors are made welcome by the museum's home chapter . . . Canada reports at least two partially imperforate sheets of the Maple in Spring stamp got in circulation. Good luck, fans.' . :, - O.-.v ,'. $an Marino has" a fascinating four-stamp; set picturing Etruscan art a strange-looking - Vase, a head of . Hermes, f igures from a sarcophagus, and a chimera. :- " Next big philatelic event: 23rd ASDA Postage Show in New York City Nov. 5 19-21; Stanley Gib-: bons ! will : be displaying such rarities as the 1847 Mauritius "Post" ('Office,?' even on unique covers and the unique Sweden 3 SkilJ-ing baco orange-yellow error that once belonged to Rumanians King Carol, , . Of great interest W fans is the fact that the Treasury Dept. will mark the show with a philatelic souvenir card on which will be reproduced iiiv their original colors ihe three Vignettes of the famous 65c, $1.30 and $2.69 Zeppelin airmails of 1930. These cards cost $1: each (limit five) from Office Services Branch, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washing-" ton, D.C. 20226. 1 , v Aye., Bastoa , e 1-3235 J I ' -I It MS ' : - li-IS I I I I I I I I Jt I . " ' yi ; ; i i i i 1

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