The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 4
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MONDAT, TUNE 23, 1958 (ARK.) counrER NEWS PAGE SEVEN After 18 Months Study, Commission Finds US Can't Supply Own Needs Ozarks Okays Ford Plan By STEIlI/INfx F. GREEN* fr WASHINGTON (AIM—A presidential hoard today recommended that Die United States scrap laws which prevent other nations from selling America the raw materials she needs for war and peace. The United States should make a cellar-to-attic search —at home and abroad—for sources of materials, said a formal report by the President's Materials Policy Commission. This country already Is unable tlon.s." to .supply her own needs, the board i The commission proposed the sairi, and by 1975 may be com-| restoration of the National Seruri-i t iled to Import one-fifth of the [ ty Resources Board — v;hlch U tipria] it consumes. The report j said now has few ;u*tive functions; recommended that stockpiling be — to its originally intended role; put on a permanent basis. as (he government's com or of re- i The commission, afier 18 months search and policy-making in the' research.- said it is seriously con-1 materials field. \ <'erned-but not "alarmist"—over j The report criticized the lack of „ The .shrinkage of America's natural i ;i present overall hend of federal: resources. I research and suggested that the ; In the face of foreseeable do- • National Science FYiundation be' mand for the next 25 years, the ; given broad /co-ordinating author-1 report said, this shrinkage is a i ity. The report said: ! definite threat to the nation's liV" j "The .spectacle of the govern-! in» .standards nnd imtional se- 'I monl -spending $l,r>f)0,000,000 of the: em ity. j national total of $2,900,000.000j The group labeled the high tariff! '.spent on research annually > with; system obsolete and said the Tiuy-S so little top direction is somewhat i American Act of 1P33 is "a relic of \ breathtaking/' ! depression psychology...a self-imposed blockade." It proposed that the government he given power to cancel tariffs whenever the need for a foreign material becomes critic a L The Buy-American Law forbids federal purchasing overseas un: less U.S. supplies are unreasonably priced or inadequate in quantity or • quality. A more cent law bars even .stockpile-buying abroad unless ihe ' domestic price is 25 per cent above < >d£> foreign market. The commission recommended ; that Ihe federal government undertake a long-range progrntn of resources discovery and development here and overseas. Among other things, H proposed that the states andprivate firms be offered financial incentives to seek out doubled total output:. new sources of materials and to • "—"' '"- 1 - "' : " conserve available natural sources. The report mentioned such in- Jcentives as special tax benefits to prospectors in. this country and abroad. Score of New La us The five-iunn commission head- id by William Patey, cha f rman of [= Columbia Broadcasting System, I urged that Congress pass a score |,of n*?w lawK. Through five bulky volumes de- ji livered to President. Trurnan the [ Pa ley coin mission hit one recur- S weeping in CT eases in d em a nil for materials, which in many cases already ace becoming scarcer .itiA costlier, were foreseen for the next 25 years as follows: Wet a la—Demand lor iron, copper, lead and ?.mc may rise only 4 to 50 per cent, but other consumption will soar. Demand for fluorspar, used principally in steel making, will increase by 300 per cent, aluminum by 400 per cent, magnesium by 1,800 to 2,000 per ceni. Timber—depict eci forests will create a "serious situation," though consumption may rise only 10 per cent — perhaps the least of all materials. Energy — Elecftric power must rise 250 per cent to sustnin a demand for liquid fuels .j for natural gas will triple. Coal I demand will climb fill per cent and the commission predicted: "All signs point to a re-emergence of coal in stronger and stronger demand, as supplies, petroleum and natural gas evutibly begin to decline and grow more costly." The inadequacy of domestic output, now running 10 per cent behind total demand for materials, was pictured as a defense problem. The Pa 1 Gy report noted that, of COOL BREEZE FROM HOT AIR—J'^kaseii i-ohcf from the misery of hot, muggy .summer days is ofTmxl bv F>1 Sovnln, columnist for the IndianflpGLi? Times. "Kftervescuut" b;a^. blown up personally by SovoJa, are placed in n IIVCV.HIK unit, anri vou may buy a nice, cool brrcve (or only ID r*Hs. .Srj far. nn takers. P !Wor/c/ Food Is Studied by UN Program pi ir-.s. An ERFU would By JAMKS M. LONG ROMtJ i* — FAO rush throe ERFU Bengal. That .sounds like n wfirtime code. j doesn't it? Well, it is. It's a pro- j posed call to action in the United j O f wheat rnst SI,65.1,000 Nations' Food and Agriculture Organizations' war against hunger in the world. j ERFU means emergency reserve food unit, Each ERFU would feed a million people for a month. to assemble nnd about $50,000 pc year to keep in storage. U would include 7,000 metric tons rice, corn and millet; i.JiOO tons of soya be;in flour, penis and beans; 500 tons of dried skmi milk; 500 tons of fats and hydrugi- iifittd oils and 500 Urns of sugar. The world cnn iiffoi d it, says Trie tiJihs would be kepi in CLARKSVILLE. Ark. tA College of the Ozarks has participate In thp Ford foundation's plan for t earlier education provided there is no rhnn^p in the J. T. Patterson, rolle^"' treasurer. announced the school's derision Snturdny. The revised plan provides for four years nf general education \viih professional teach ing training in n fifth year's internship. Five scho L have approved the plan. FKOrOStCI) CONSTH VT1ONAI, AMKNDAIKNT NO, 43 BE IT RESOl,VE15 by the House of Representatives of the -State of ! Arkansas anri by the Krn.iU- of th« State of Arkansas, n Majority ot All the Mi mixers Flet-ird lo Each House Av'ioeing Thcveio: Tliut the following is ncrrl/y proposed as an amendment to the Cun- .st Hut Ion of the StMe o( Arknn^, and upon being submitted lo ihe electors o£ the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and 'Senators, if a majority ot the Hrt> ; lors voting therron, nl such an eloc- i linn, adopt such amemLmom, dio j same shnll become » purl o[ ihe : Constitution o( the State of Ar; ks usas. to-WLt: • ! Amendiueiu NO. IB to the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, : adopted by the electors of this State iat th« C.ptK'ial Flection hold and' ! conducted on the fiih day nf Nn-' vcmbpr. 1928, fc hereby nincnded lo [ road ns follows: ; j SECTION 1. It DMne most appar- , ' ent that privatrly oporaictl fnctnries, industries and transportation faclli- tlrs are necessary for the devrlop- nient of a community and for th* welJai-e of its Inhabitains, nn nn- nual tax of not ex r reding ojie per cent of the a*.spased vnhmtiuji of all taxable property within the c"r- jiorate boundaries thereof may he levied by cities of the lirst and second cLT-ss for the purpose of pio- nolnp funds io be used for the acquisition of .sites within or without .such cities and for the construction of such site* of buildlncs and other facilities, for lease or .sale, /or Rforesftid purposes, or for (he Air Trovc/ers Note: New Reservotron Policy WASHINGTON W — 8 t n r ting | Tno July 1. airlines will cancel rosprva- :reed to i lions unless passi'D^ers reronlirm them ai least six hours before flicht lime. They muiotinrt'rt this new jml- fcj" yesteidny. 13 Are Killed !n Boio Slayings kEl!od and th« ruirt captured. othf>r wnt woundH Cinders found In Rntltnd Indicate that the Rom»n5 lined coal «t the time they occupied the country. 15 rent note: America cantiot I; a lone on its materials policy. The situation is less a matter of Ms entire supply of -to and part of Swindling resources Uinn n prob- tlic supply of nil the other 34. cm of economic growth, the re- Of the 100 minerals used in in- Jsport said. dustry, one-third comes wholly .The commission predicted that j from abroad, another third partly £V 1975 the need for ra>- ma-' pfrJnls would increase 50 to BO per lucent. — to support a doubling of j national production and a popula- J'tion growth of 42 million, to n total 1-193 million persons. **, — . /.» / D * ' The report said Ihe problem can °' Greot Idea Bookt >e rnet only by co-operation with i the other free countries, whose • rate of growth probably ['strip our own. The commission offered |imajor premise of its report: "The overall objective of a na- lUinnal materials policy for (he Limited States should be. to injure : anywhere on earth Irom war, crop failure, flood or misfortune. The plan was mapped at Rome during sessions of the guiding . council of FAO. It will be given * ! final action within a year by the whole 68-nation food organization. The plan is for an international food bank — a wo rid-wide application of Joseph's interpretation o 1 . the Pharoab's dream of seven fat years and seven lean. Food Reserve Here's how it would work: FAO member n ft i i o n s nhat storage only for two or three j amortization, of bonds bearing in- yenre. Then, while still good, they j terest at not more than [oitr per would he taken and sold "n regular ; cent peY annum issued for such world markets and replaced with fresh supplies. go 174 materials now on the stockpile mcans a i mos! a l! of civilization Civil Rights Bill Due Up in Senate WASHINGTON <,p> — A civil rights bill certain to stir up a storm may come befoer the Senate this week—posssibly tomorrow, A new version of an olrf bill Nist. the United States must import louuide the Iron Curtam) would \ which invariably locked th irs piitirf 1 .sunnlv of -(0 nnd oarl or ^^^t^ii ._ i:__ ._ ' ;.. _ , ; .. .. . . , from abroad, and only the remaining third from domestic sources alone. UmVersfty Receives Set D A LL Afe '.4*1— -Sout hern Me t hod ( univpr?itv has hpen presented a will out- sr .j n f the Great. Books of the Western World as an addition to their library. The volumes, said to contain every great non -technical idea of man, were presented (o university President Umpbrey l^ee by William J. the contribute money or supplies lo establish a world food reserve. This would be stored .in EHPU —emergency reserve food units— e Senate a. bitier row, it would forliit discrimination alonp racial or religious lincti in hiring by employers. Sen. Hmnnhrc-y 'D-Mimi> said per annum purposes. SECTION 7. When petitioned by noL less than ten per cent of the , qualified electors residing therein,: the City Council or other govern- | ing body ot any .such city shall call I for an election to be held not mere • than ninety days thereafter lor the purpose of having the qualified electors vote in the proposition. ' SECTION 1 3. The General Afisem: bly shall ennct such ennbHng lepis- j Intion a.<; .shall be ramrod Lo ei'oc- i IUMP the purposes hereof. APPROVED; March 20. 1051. Secretary of State C. G. HALL each capable of providing 1,200 i today he Is pning ahead with nis calories per day for a million! move to force an IHh-honr fight people for H month. | over civil rieht=;. despite the FAO recognizes that peple need 1.900 calories per day, but it calculates that even in of local disaster, the affected area coutd scrape up the remaining 10D cal- Ridgway Honored NK\V YOliK <y|'i- Orn H. Ridawuy and Dr. Jum :mr. prrvidnU ot H'U'Vii si'y. nvc v, inniT.-i nf I unm A'.vnui; of Freed Kool-Aid. BUY6PKGS.-SAVE! KNOW... . . . until my neighbor told me that the best place to find terrific bargains is in the COURIER classified ads. I know now! I always rend them! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS ories per day from available sup- Southern Democrats in the past were — and prob.ibly are now — stron genouah to block a vote. Read Courier News classified Arts. adenuiite and dependable flow! Brown, president of a business firm. | of materials at the lowest cost cnn-, it has been estimated that 10 yea is 'Distent with national security a nd •- would UP needed to absorb all the | ; with the welfare of friendly na-! idea? contained in the boohs. SPRING CLEANING THIS WEEK ONLY BRAND NEW 1952 MODEL VACUUM CLEANER SEE THIS OUTSTANDING BUY Catches every passing breeze V«" li-*ue a "HiHiMe exposure" tn niv t}if lira! when You're uraiing a pair nf our .Lirrnan \ttrnrlt .\lrih slylos lhat calnh r»fry pa^finp Srcc^p and kcrji you cool and cnmfortalile. tunic in InHaj anil s.-e what's «e« in Jarinan: al uiir Your Friendly Shoe Store fn BIythcvilU EACH FOR YOUR PRESENT TIRES On S.M/15 WMTtwnll U. S. ftorol M (Equally g*H«rout allov/aneos on all tii«i.) PLUS BIG ALLOWANCES ON YOUR PRESENT TUBES SPEC/AL PURCHASE ORDER NOW Jne HOME DEMONSTRATION NEXT WEEK ^ vflcuum 1426 UNION AVE. 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