Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1941 · Page 17
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1941
Page 17
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FRIDAY EVENING HARRISBURG tZJ. TELEGRAPH RADIO SEPTEMBER 19, 1941 17 Dillsburg Lions Club Holds Meeting Dillsburg, - Sept 19. The Lions' Club of Dillsburg held its regular semi - monthly meeting Tuesday evening in McClure's restaurant Harry Lenker of York, past dis trict governor, was the guest speaker. He told of the activities of Lions' Clubs throuehout the world. Loren Flemming sang sev eral solos. The following cuests were Dres ent: Rev. F. A. Carroll. Robert Bailey, James Cocklin, Gilpin Cook, Clyde Grove, Samuel Klugh, Clyde KimmeL Francis Kooch, Robert McClure, Paul Mowry, Vernon B. Nesbit, and Marshall Smith. Members present were: Hueh Castles, Jack Cooper, H. R. Gnau, J. E. Hartman, J. s. Hess, L. I Kinter, R. L. Krall, W. C. Lam - narter. T. M. Malin. S. W. Mc - Creary, V. E. Seibert, C. S. Smith, H. H. bpoerlein, Harold Starry, J. A. Wierman, M. J. Wiley, N, E. Wiley, Gr. K. Cocklin and A. B Zerby. M - oiiji 'Ujus ii 33Eiift - iiffl3BH!J FRIDAY EVENING 9:30 p.m. station WKBO P. Ballantine & Sons, Newark, N.J. ABOVE A handsome 15 - jewel Bulova for men or a smart 17 - jewel model for ladies. Natural yellow gold color cases. RIGHT Famous Elgin in popular new rose gold color. Guaranteed dependable 15 - jewel movement. mwR I N. MABtttT 6 DIAMOND BRIDAL SET $50 - oo 3 diamonds in each of these glorious solid gold rings. Smartly styled mountings . . . both for the one low price. $1.00 Weekly (f MILTON ffii CHARIEST II BERLE M luUGHTOMj J I shirley) J a U ross If 2 DIAMOND BRIDAL DUETTE $75 - 00 G e nuine diamond e n g a gement ring and matching wedding band both In solid yellow sold, Year to Pay V 1 N. MARKET G0PlL0(nlS' Simplified r chahxs AII42 753 174 41073 41J1073 14 K Q 2 JS4 East and West vulnerable The bidding: South West North East IS 2H Dble P P P A Trigger Double Continuing the presentation of interesting hands from the recent National Championship Tournament at Asbury Park, N. J., I offer today one of the most inspired bids of the entire tournament. It was made by my partner, Charles J. Solomon, Philadelphia. This hand occurred in the men's pair championship. East and West were vulnerable and North and South were not. South opened the bidding with one Spade and West overcalled with two Hearts. This bid was made at every table. North now was faced with a very embarrassing decision. A game apparently was very probable and yet no satisfactory bid was available. A mere response of two Spades would be inadequate and a jump to three Spades would be irregular because North held only three trumps. Mr. Solomon concluded that partner's side values were very likely in Diamonds, inasmuch as the Hearts were shown by West. If that were the case, there was a Washington, Sept. 19. The War Department announced award of a contract to Vega Airplane Company, Burbank, Calif., for airplanes and spare parts, totaling $147, - 790,500. QG 0O SQUARE 71 You don't buy diamonds everyday, and doesn't pay to take chances when making such an important purchase. Before you buy any diamond any - where, why not drop in for a friendly chat with our diamond expert. Let him explain to you the differences in dia monds . . . diamonds that may even to the casual glance, look exactly alike. Let him show you why our diamond values are greater , why you get more dollar for dollar value here. TAILORED DIAMOND $49.95 A 1 o'V ely smart ring ex - q u Isitelv designed from a o 1 id yellow gold, and set w 1 1 h a diamond of unit s u a 1 brilliance. $1 Weekly 50 UAIIE. QI5 1113 vat? R9 - S9 Bridge h. cotzx very fine chance to collect seven tricks against the defense. It would mean the scoring of 500 points whereas the fulfillment of a four - Spade contract v.o.ild yield only 420 points. He, therefore, de - ' tided to double. This goes against most textbook instructions which advise you not to double a part score contract without two trump tricks. Mr. Solomon gave the lie to this doctrine by doubling such a contract without any trump trick. The opening lead was a. low Spade which felled the singleton king and on the Spade continuation. Declarer could take only his five Heart tricks for a set of 800 points, an undisputed top score for North and South. Tomorrow's problem: ' North 4174 2 017532 JI4 West AI863 KJ10S K 109 8 42 Both sides' vulnerable. You are North and the bidding has proceeded as follows: East South West North IS 2S P 2H Dbl P 3C 4S P Dbl P P P South leads the King of Clubs. What card do you play and why? Mr. Goren will personally answer all questions on bridge. Be sure to inclose a S - cent stamped, self - addressed envelope with your question. On the Air Radio Highlights P.M. FRIDAY 6.00 WHP Edwin C. Hill 7.00 WKBO "Pleasure Time" 8.00 WHP Claudia and David 9.00 WHP Johnny Presents 9.30 WKBO Three Ring Time 10.30 WHP Penthouse Party 10.00 WKBO Robinson - Shapiro Fight 11.15 WHP Tommy Tucker & His Orch. A.M. SATURDAY 7.20 WHP Morning Alarm 9.00 WKBO Breakfast Club 10.00 WKBO Children's Bible Forum 12.30 WHP "Stars Over Hollywood Pleasure Time No other troupe in radio has such an extended va cation period as Fred Waring's "Pleasure Time" gang. Theirs begins in the middle of May and runs right on through October. But the boys and girls actually take their vacations just a weekend at a time, for this busiest of radio companies is on the NBC - Red Network air twice a night, five nights a week, fifty - two weeks a year. The Waring gang has a play camp in a beauty spot at Shaw - nee - on - Delaware. It was bought by Waring for the exclusive use of the . members of his huge company, and is operated on a co - operative, no - profit basis. Wives and children of some mem bers of the company remain at the camp throughout the sum mer. Heard over WKBO at 7 p. m. each week night. Johnny Presents Charles Martin adapts "Angels With Dirty Faces" and Sylvia Sidney has the lead in the production on "The Philip Morris Playhouse" on Columbia Network and WHP tonight from 9 to 9.30 p.m. The screen play, released in 1938, was written by John Wexley and Warren Duff, and is based on the story by Roland Brown. The story concerns two boys and a girl who grew up together in the slums of New - York's East Side, One boy became a priest, the other a convict. Pat O'Brien, James Cagney and Ann Sheridan played in the movie. Miss Sidney plays the part of Larry Ferguson m the radio play. Ray Bloch's orches tra provides the background music and Johnny, the Call Boy, introduces the program. Robinson - Shapiro Fight An other important boxing bout the 10 - round lightweight match between Negro sensation Ray Robinson and Maxie Shapiro, pride of New York's East Side has been added to the Mutual Network and Gillette Safety Razor Company's impressive roster of outstanding pugilistic events. The Robinson - Shapiro contest will be aired Friday at 10 p.m., from New York's Madison Square Garden. Heard locally on WKBO. Robinson is a contender for Lew Jenkins' crown and recently de feated Sammy Angott, the National Boxing Association's lightweight title holder. Don Dunphy and Bill Corum will bring listeners the blow - by - blow account. Stars Over Hollywood Robert Lowery, young Hollywood leading man who co - starred with Brenda Joyce in "Private Nurse," headlines the cast of Columbia Network's "Stars Over Hollywood" Saturday, September 20, in a fast - moving comedy entitled "He Who Gets Bounced," from 12.30 to 1 p.m. on WHP. "He Who Gets Bounced," writT ten for radio by Edward Verdier, is the story of a young fellow who works on a newspaper as a stooge. His job consists mainly of getting bawled out and fired every time there is a "beef" from one of the newspaper's clients. MASTERKRAFT The Only Super - Safe Oil Burner See Amatlng Demonstratien at anr Mora IIIAI PP ENGINEERING I llll D fa "ALES CORP. Li II I IT F 131 N. Cameron St. Open Evening! MOON MTJLUXS - - A f MY WILLIE'S WENT " f??' DICK TRACT WINNIE WINKLE. THE BREAD SMELIN' JACK MICKEY FINN YANKEE DOODLE THEES OCCASION CALLS FOR WHAT WILL THCy SAY? I WILL TMCy 0EL4CVE ME Y V 1 ) WHEN I mi TMEM IVE J T " I cmi6EO? twevU same t WHSrS THE IDEA - Y GOSH.MM.GNB I WHY, U OLP POOL" VOH.VEAH? LET'S I IfvOU'RE THE MOST r - vOUT?ETHE WklWL saV rssssvsr "stews 1 sassst?? - Wffili ' ' l '' ANP,elRL?, WMAT HEY, CHERRY, ARENT YOU A f OH, 'STRETCH 1$ JJ 1 - Jr - ( Sfr 1 W5H YOU GIRLS COULP TTJ AN ADVENTUROUS LIFE A BIT OFF COURSE ? 1 A NICE E50Y - - BUT Yf r Q 1 M f&&ZF't&g lZ3 P SMILIN' JACK HAS THOUGHT IT WAS JACK A SUCH A MOP S V - A l 1 J iffiJatiS t LED ANPrSHE V BROTHER, STRETCH, YOU COMPAREPTO ( t HfJ','vccc I fffflftym TERRY AND THE PIRATES By MILTON CANIFF TOUPAS AHO BWZMA AMP THeV...A l T YOU'RE PERPECTLy THAT'S V I'VE TRIEO TO I I WHAT" A COINCIPEMCE..A STOLEN TRUCK'S WILL HAVE fAVOR? RU3HT ABOUT THIS A PACT KEEP ALOOF... SJ I WAS JUST ABOUT TO 50 THKOUfiH THIS PASS WHY, ' BEIN6 A DAN3EI?OUS WHAT BECAUSE LOVE ANP ( TO ASK YOU IP YOUR I TO 6BT TO TUB WESTERM I SURE, 1 STUNT.'... THERE'S A J YOU'EE 1 THIS RELIEF" WORK J I LIPS HAP A PRESS H3 I PTOVNCEJ IUPAS WILL RAVEN.' I GOOD CHAMCE THAT Ja - SAYN'.M DON'T MIX.... BUTT., j V ENGA6EMENT FOR. NOT EXPECT A DAYLIGHT WHAT'S WE'LL NEVER GET ...BUT I'D LIKE YOU TO TONI6HT.' ATTACK ...SO WE WILL JcoolN'?j OUT OF IT AUVE ! J' WHAT'S I KISS MB ... JUST T w IVE HIM ONEi ...PUDE i - rq flT THE V ONCE AAORE...7 fM WjJfi .J,KiXTY.0 JNK&I f ANoYxNHAT IS YOUR Xw6LL - I - Ah1 Iffi N.I Y THAT'S QUITE N f VOU MUST TESChX V - VES l IX SiSSSffi1 ) W SSHS1 lOPlNlON ON THE) OON'T KNOW W GOSH I I - lN Y ML KiSHT, MICKEY MICKEY TO PLW - Mil "I 'VJQ&S&ftS A lilN.EyER y WHYI SUSJECt J ANYTHING M GUESS I Y E WfKNT YOU V BRIDGE, KITTY' HftVE TO') DSVtAv DR,NK - ' TH!NK,QMRMICKEY? ABOUT IT, SJJ TOOK TOO TO FEEL ATMOMEI 8.Mniw 6 lOJ V 71 struSreH Cu - ' cutt,ng 1 XUC"MV r ' 0$ I 7 S ' ' 1 A k THANKS A LOT I...WEELI COLONEL BOT L THE I'M AFRAID I'LL CELEBRATION VOO DO fAE HONOR OF ACCEPTING HAVE MY HOSPITALITY, THAT WINNER rM ANXIOUS ABOUT AAY PARTNER - ., LFJi NATURALLY TO DEFER PLEASURE. r 7 1 W mm imM Scene:raoio studio where the NATIONWIDE IS SOON TO were ready PERSONALS IS YOUR ' "1 IfiF YOU REEMBEf hOW SOON MUSV - 7 I 1 1 HE WAS WOUNDED USI S!A LEAVE VANKSV JUST AS SOOK v I DURING OUR DEFENSSVSENOR BOON? Vu . ' A AS I CAN GET I ) I V OF FORTALEZA JwAS TAKEN THE BAT CHECKED ' I I i;lakjo. lKT tO tue UAVaL Land PEPUPLer SHE SAID SHE HEARD I 6IRL OH MY ABtA AT THE I ADMITTED X DID AND SHE SOCKED ME ! THEM WHEN 1 STARTED TO ROLL. UP vl FFUF Tft unw uco V SHE THROWED A R4NIC. THE PC06RAM, PERSONAL GO ON THE AI R. HES roe THE TMflfT VFT. TO J?EHEARSAL. BUT HELL EX - CONVICT A BE HERE. By Wn.LAKD HAD a OttCEE! CARNIVAL THAT'S SWEI.l. IET ME OWE iTTOOED TOO, MY WILUE By CHESTER GOULD WAJ2DEM ASSURED ME HEb COME. IT SEEMS THERE ARE TWO PEOPLE ESPECIALLY ANXIOUS REACH IM THIS BROAD CAST. HEU BE HERE. TWO PES2UE?j 3 By BRANNEB By ZACK MOSLE1 By LANK LEONARD By FKANK TINSLEY

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