The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1955
Page 2
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woe TWO •L'lIMTILLB TAMC.y COOTTER IflSWi FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 196« Russians Fear Two Things: All-Out War, All Out Peace By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign N«w« Analynt ' PARIS (AP) — There are two things in this world the Soviet regime fears more than anything else. One is all-out war. The other is all-out peace. This is the opinion of competent Western observers around the rim of the Iron Curtain in Europe today. They put it this way: 1. The retrent of Communist p«i; ' "' ties In Europe behind » "soil line" denotes Soviet worry over the possibility that Moscow may stumble into the nil-out wnr it drends at this moment. Most likely it would spell the end of Soviet communism. J. Eruptions of international tension betray Soviet worry that the appearance of world peace surely would revive pressure from the Soviet population for a fairer share of the economy. That probably would lead to the rise of a new and far more radical Malenkov. H It were a matter of Europe and the Soviet Union alone, say the experts, the chances of war would be less today than at any time in the five years since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was born. But there remains the •puttering fuse in Asia. The idea that nny war In any p»rt of the world might turn Into i general conflict is regarded as a powerful reason lor Moscow to lay a restraining hand upon Communist China. Formosa is already valuable to the Communist world is « ready source of International tension when tension is regarded as necessary for the accomplish ment of Immediate Red purposes. The threat to "liberate" Formosa by force is enouh to .create the tension. But an attempt to carry out .the threat could explode the possibility of ultimate disaster. Aside from the threat In Asia, the other factors which could touch off world conflict are desperation, fear, miscalculation or' accident. NATO is In the process of building strong deterrents to the first three and defenses against the fourth. Acrosa.the middle of Europe and deep into the Middle East a line has been drawn. It runs from the trctlc through the middle of Germany. By means of the Balkan pact of Greece, Yugoslavia and Turkey, it rims. Yugoslavia and links up with NATO afeain on the West's right flank In Turkey. There another link is established, through the Brltish-Turkish-Iraqi pact, linking NATO's defenses with* those of Britain in Ihe Middle East. The Russians dare not trespass across that line without Brisking a shower of hell on crrtli from a mighty combination of strategic air power. Moscow, say the military experts, is not likely in the near future to launch any military attack westward. NATO has made tremendous strides. There Is no complacency among the officers of the H nations in the alliance. But there is rising confidence. In northern Greece, within sight of Communist borders, an officer told me: "Our Comir.untst neighbors will not attack us unless they are sure they will win. I think with the help of our allies, we can keep them unsure." In Turkey: "We Turks have seen the Russians before. We are In Italy: "They may run steamroller over some of us. But they'll know they've been in a fight." At British Mldenst headquarters: "The fact that you might not see land or air forces on all hands doesn't mean they won't be there. If and whenever the time comes they are needed, they will be there. In vast power." Yet the problems are manifold. Nationalism, Instability, deep-rooted suspicions and hostilities throw obstacles In the way of any Integrated Mddle East defense system. Greece and Italy could become weak links in the NATO chain should political Instability re- NOTICE OF HEARING ON SEWER RATES Notice Is, hereby given that the Town Council or the Incorporated Town ot Luxora, Arkansas, has under consideration an ordinance establishing rates to be charged for all sewer services rendered by the Town, as follows: MONTHLY CHARGE FOR SEWER SERVICES Type of Building Charge Residence $2.00 This Includes one bath. A charge nf turn to those countries, Turkey's monumental economic problems are a source of deep concern to the United States, which since 1947 has Invested a billion dollars in Turkish military defense. The best that on be elicited about the role of Yuoslavia in the Balkan defense pact is that she represents a "reasonable gamble." If President Tito should be toppled, a rea.'-senfiir.ent of Yu- oslavla's position would be required. At NATO headquarters, the primary concern la arming 12 German divisions and Integrating them with NATO land forces, rhere must be a German army In being, the experU say, with Its structure adapted to the contin- ?ency of nuclear warfare. Otherwise Germany represents a dangerous vacuum In Europe. NATO strategy Is to defend as far to the east as possible. There would be no trading of space for time In this planning, no Idea of giving up Denmark nnd the Low Countries for a delaying or holding action. But Germany is necessary for such defense planning. Backed by Allied strategic air power, dispersed and Ul depth, there are forces In Europe today which represent a deterrent to Soviet aggressive action. One NATO spokesman reports that the NATO nations could put 100 divisions into the field within 30 days of a mobilization order. The Soviet Umon and European satellites probably could put 400 divisions—more than 300, of them Russian—Into the field In "M plus 30." Of the satellite troops, estimates [ire that perhaps 50 per cent would be unreliable. Russian air power seems stabilized at 20,000 warplanes of all types. But Russian development of the later Western types of long and medium-range bombers has not advanced beyond the nrototype stage, the experts say. However. ( the Soviet change-over to jet fighters has been rapid, nnd today almost all Soviet fighters Apartment house 2.00 Schools 50.00 Filling station 2.00 Grocery store 2.00 Cafe 5.00 Ice plant. 2.00 Church 2.00 Other businesses 2.00 $1.00 will be made lor each additional both. This charge will apply to each apartment In the building. This charge covers services to both schools. This includes one rest room, A charge of $1.00 will be marie for each additional rest room. Tills Includes one Waste water fixture. A chnrKC of 50n will be made for each additional fixture draining Into the sewer system. 'Hits Includes one rest room. A charge of 50c will be made for each additional fixtures draining into the sewer system. CONNECTION CHARGE: During the calendar year 10S7 a connection charge of $10.00 will be made. During the calendar year 1D5B a connection charge of $20.00 will be made. After 10511 the connection charge will be $25.00. No charge will be made for connection before 1057 BILLING: All bills for sewer service shall l>e rendered monthly and shall cover the same period as the corresponding monthly wat«r bill. All bills shall be rendered In the net amount due. Under the provisions of Section 10-4113, Arkansas Statutes, 1047, a lien is fixed upon the land for any unpaid sewer service charge, even though the use of the sewer system may be by a tenant or lessee Instead of the owner, but vacant unoccupied property not actually using the sewer system shall not be subject to » service charge. The burden of proving non-use during vacancy shall rest upon the owner of the property. If any charge Is not paid before the tenth day of the month following ihc month In which the service was rendered, a penalty of ten pel- centum shall be added. and if not paid within thirty days after the month In which the service was rendered, suit shall be brought to enforce the lien for the delinquent payment. All persons are hereby notified that a public hearing on said rates will be held by the Town Council at, T.30 o'clock P.M. on the 13 day of May, 1955, in the office of City Hall In the Town of Luxora, Arkansas for the purpose of giving any person interested an opportunity to appeal and present such matters in connection with Ihe prooseri rotes as he may deem advisable. At. such hearing all suggestions and objections will be heard and the Town Council will take such acllon ns It may deem proper in the premises. OIVKN by order of the Town Council this 28 day of April, 1155. GERALD F. CHAFIN Town Recorder 4/28/55 SPECIAL SALE OF QUALITY SAVINGS AU CARS '49 to '55 MODUS TAILORED TO FIT CHOICE OF * •IAUTIFUL COlOt COMBINATIONS * OVftrf0 lOLTAFLtX TRIM * IA»Y TfMMtl Western Auto J14 W. Associate Store Ph. 3-3303 Sets Democratic Victory in '56 DALLAS, Tex. I*-Charles Brannan, agriculture secretary under former President Harry S. Truman, jays the Democrats will win the white House in ISM. "Eisenhower )• u invincible In 19M u Dewey was In 1041," he toid reporters ywUrday. Brannan also said farmers had lout 13 per cent of their income during the Republican administration and woulld lose another 5 per cent by the end of the year. re jet types. Similarly, almost all Soviet light bombers are jets now. Sale lilt* air forces now a£e 50 per ce,nt Jet. Two years ago the figure was only ID per cent. It probably will rise to 80 per cent In 1956, indicating a degree of're- liability of satellite air forces from the Soviet standpoint. But NATO's bombere are becoming bigger and longer-range all the time, permitting a large degree of dispersal r' strategic air power. That factor remains the outstanding deterrent to any Soviet aggression In Europe. As long as the Communist world cannot feel sure It has a sufficient margin of superiority, the deterrent will remain, the military experts believe, and the Soviet Union will be forced to confine • itself to the political attack. One of ttie greatest tears expressed by the military leaders Is that complacency wilt develop on the political front,- WINS .MIA HONOR — Jimmie Louise Hughes of Harrison High School has been named Arkansas' candidate for national president of the New Hornemakers of America. National meeting of the group will be at A. M. and N. College. -Pine Bluff, June 6. She's a 10th grade student, president of the local chapter of NHA, class representative on the student council, member of Future Teachers of America, Chor- nl Club, is library assistant, class vice president and an honor roll student. Read Courier News Classified Ads HOT SLEEPLESS NIGHTS COMING-NOW AIR CONDITION win, FEDDERS LOW At «9^9*f DAY (Aft*r .mall dawn . I Fedders is rated No. 1 in i dependable cooling power by a : leading U.S. research organization. A tnoilcl for every room.:.t\-ery bud- ICL Scethcgreatnew 1935 Fedders today! WESTERN AUTO 314 W. Main Associate Store Ph. 3-3303 Cats to Have Their Nights BALTIMORE (if)— Every dog has Mi day, but the cats in Prince Georges County will ititl have their nights-thanks to a biU vetoed by Oov. Theodore R. McKeldln today. The bill would have provided for the "control, regulation and restraint of caU running at large" in the county. Tracing the cat's relationship to the Uon, tiger, puna and "others of the genus felis which still enjoy the largesse of unlimited liberty in their native habitats," McKeldhi said: "Thus, the cat is, by nature, a roamer and a prowler, and, like his distant cousins, prefers the gentle cover of the night, both for reason or romance and pursuit of prey." Records show that fresh forest fires break out on an average of one every three minutes, day and night, the year round. INSURANCE POOR Let me check your insurance program to make sure you have all the coverage you need, without hiddtn duplication. Overlapping coverage may be making you insurance poor. Raymond Zachry Insurance Agency 118 N. 2nd Ph. 3-8S15 PUCE of MIND is gar business HOUSE \ Blylheville Telephone Bldg. 127 W. Ash Street Friday and Saturday April 29 and 30 2 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. See yoxu telephone system in action...see how your telephone works... watch operators making calls to distant cities... see the special exhibits. You'll enjoy it. R. N. MOORE, Manager SOUTHWESTERN BELL - ARKANSAS Th* ft M J Thing OKLAHOMA CITY VP) — Jean Priebe, instructor ot surgical nursing at University Hospital, started her orthopedic nursing class with lecturei on the theory of carlnf for patient* with broken bone*. It didn't take her long to glvt her students practice on 8 real patient. HONEST1Y THAT'S ALL IT COSTS TO OWN A NEW "ROCKET" OLDSMOBILE! Your price deptndi upon che!» «f medtl and body ftyta, optional tquipmtnt and ae»iiori*t, PHc« may vary .lightly In adjoMng ewMwrititt fctcoui* of thlppinf charoo*. Ch«k out tmy hXM and Kb.roI ell B w fln »i.'Al pric«t iubj«l to cfioftg* wilhout notice. OLDSMOBILE Sfl YOUR NEAREST OLD5MO»ILI DEALER HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 317 E. MAIN PHONE 2-205« 500 Bu. Dorman Soybeans at $3.50 par bu. 2000 Bu. Ogden Soybeans at $3.00 p*r bu. H. C. KNAPPENBERGER YOU'RE MISSING SOMETHING If You Haven't lYied Bobs Gypsy Rub Liniment Beer Specials 24 cans $3.25 6 cans .90 BUDWEISER or BLUE RIBBON 6 cans $1.00 PHILIP APPLEBAUM LIQUOR STORE 110 S. Fifth Ph. 3-8641 Again . .. We are buying TIN CANS Must be free nf flirt. gluss, grease, etc. BLYTHEVILLEIRON and METAL CO. I'h. 3-83G2 Moultrlc & B'dwaj MAYTAG Favorite for 3 generations! For 3 generations, more women have owned Maytagi than nny other washer. Here's why: Maytag give* cleanest clothes . . , long, long service. See it today I Easy Weekly Payments Low down payment liberal tradVin HALSELL & WHITE CAMERA CENTER • Flash Bulbs • Color Film • Polaroid Film • Movie Film • We have Cameras and Projectors for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Genuine HICKORY SMOKED COUNTRY HAMS Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In ? De Come In 1044 Chick

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