Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 12, 1941 · Page 15
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1941
Page 15
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1 FRIDAY EVENING HABIUSBURG TELEGRAPH RADIO SEPTEMBER 12, 1941 15 With Rod and Gun Outdoors By MICHAEL SEAMAN J If the man collecting mail in your neighborhood seems preoc - cupied, forgive the fellow for its probably Howard - Goshorn, 202 South Thirteenth street, thinking of the 27 Vi - inch rainbow trout he saw caught and returned to the water because trout season is over. While fishing Springfield Water Works, the rotund Goshie saw 11 big trout succumb to worms, among them the whopper, but the fishermen were good sports and returned 'the fish. The mail col - lector's catch at the place consisted of a 15 - inch bass and 7 bluegills that were as broad as the palm of his hand. And that fel - ' low has a palm as big as a catcher's mitt To take a 3 - pound small - mouth on a stubby plug rod is a credit to any angler but when a fish of that weight is lured to the net with a 5 - ounce fly rod, put it in your little book thtat the suc cessful angler is a master at handling fish. Such a fellow is Ed Roy, 364 Spruce street, Steel - ton. Ed took the 3 - pounder downstream from Hill Island, near Goldsboro. His lure was a guinea feather wet fly fished back of a spinner. More recently Ed landed a 17 - inch black bass on the same com - bination while fishing water not more than 8 inches deep in the Svitara near the bridge east of Middletown. Ed who makes a study of fishing, believes red and white river runts are the best bait since the rain cooled the waters. Lovers of bird dogs are invited to witness the Harrisburg Hunters' and Anglers' Association's fall field trials this Sunday on the 105 - t acre game farm in Lower Paxton township. Two stakes will be run, one for puppies whelped after January 1, 1940, and the shootiing dog stakes, open to dogs regardless of previous winnings. The first brace will go down at 5 a.m. There is plenty of native game on the untilled farm. Quail and ringnecks are abundant, and oc - cassionally a woodcock is flushed from the draws through which " spring fed rills trickle. ' Chairman Bill Douglas, former State 20 - guage skeet champion, will have capable judges to pass on the merits of the pointers and setters. Pairings will be made at the game farm tomorrow night at 8. Monday at 2 p. m. a consignment of bass from the Bellefonte State Hatchery will - arrive at Middle - town Post Office. Austin Kern, secretary of the Middletown Hunters' and Anglers' Association, said they will go in the river. Duncannon Lifts Paralysis Orders Duncannon, Sept. 12. E. S. Gel - baugh, secretary of the Duncannon Board of Health, announced yesterday that all restrictions im - posed on children because of the infantile paralysis epidemic were removed effective at once, because danger of the disease has apparently, passed. School authorities of Duncannon borough and Penn township announced that the 1941 - 42 term in both districts will open Monday morning, September 15. Dr. Rutherford Elected Fairview Hospital Head Honesdale, Sept. 12, UP). Dr. Thomas Rutherford of Carbondale was elected superintendent of the State Hospital for the criminal insane at Farview. He is 61 and succeeds Dr. Charles Zeller, who resigned recently to become superintendent of the Philadelphia State Hospital. Dr. Rutherford is a native of Strathroy, Canada. For 33 years he was psychologist at Hillside Home, Lackawanna county. K TIME CHARLES LAUGHTON MILTON c y cum, v ; - T I 1 V SHIRLEY ROSS V BOBCROSBY and hit rdwtra P3 $:m P. M. 9:30 STATION VKBO Harrisburgesque Here's another chance to help - By Nobe Frank - Nobe Frank Methinks that all this talk of defense is fine, but sometimes we lose sight of the fact that, here and there, down the line, others to whom we give all too little credit; are doing a grand job, and their work is going unnoticed. I am thinking particularly of that grand band of men who are doing such a fine job at the service - center at 211 Locust street The hours are long, no one is paid for his work, and yet every soldier who goes there for advice and information comes away, claiming that here is an organiza tion that is helpful at a time when the soldier needs that help. The service - center is not aided in any way by the U. S. Q., which recently closed a drive for funds. Gifts come into the center for the soldiers, but they come too infrequently. If you are one of those who packs away the old magazines in the cellar and waits for the rag picker to come along, forget that call the center at any time, or better yet, deliver them yourself to the Locust street address, and you'll find a warm welcome to greet your remembrance. Magazines are only one thing. How about sending a coupla cartons of cigarets down and throwing in some cigars, of a box of candy, or just plain ordinary lump candy. The soldier is grateful for these little handouts, and it's the least we can do to make his sometimes lonesome stay in Harrisburg just a mite less boresome. Mrs. John German and her coworkers are doing a grand job, but they need your help in many ways. They'll do the administrative work just you remember the contributions. With football just around theJ uuiner, ii jouks juie a great, season, despite the plaintive wail of the coaches that the draft might wreak havoc on their various outfits this year, and incidentally, you may look for that alibi frequently this season. Character building will be out. and the new order of excuses will be headed by loss through the draft. But it's the old story of when it rains on one it rains on all. The draft will come in for a considerable amount of blame this year, for which it is in no wise culpable. "Much speculation on who is going to manage the Harrisburg Senators next season. There's not much doubt that Les Bell has decided to take a walk, and will not be available to the Senators next season. Pittsburgh looks with favor on Les' accomplishment here, and it is rumored that Bill Benswanger, boss of the Pirates has offered Les a job in the exten sive Pirate farm system, and operatives all seem agreed that the spot picked out for Les is Albany of the Eastern League. That wouldrt't seem such a strange spot for Bell, inasmuch as half of this year's Senators appear to be headed that way next season. On the Air Radio Highlights r. M. FRIDAY (.00 WRP Edwin C. Hill T OO WKBO "Pleasure Time" - t oo WHP Claudia and David S 00 WHP Johnny Presents 9.30 WKBO Three Ring Time 10.00 WHP Penthouse Party , 10.00 WKBO Abrams - Zale fight 11.15 WHP Tommy Tucker & His Orch. A. M. 8ATVBDAT 7.20 WHP Morning Alarm 9.00 WKBO Breakfast Club 10.00 WKBO Children's Bible Forum 12.30 WHP "Stars Over Hollywood" 4.00 WHP Calling Pan - America Johnny Presents Charles Martin adapts Robert Lord's screen nlav. "One Wav Passage." for "The Philip Morris Playhouse" on WHP tonight from 9 to 9.30. The nlav conerns a fugitive from justice who is returning to the United States to face execution for a capital offense, and a girl sailing home to die of a heart ailment. William Powell and Kay Francis created the two roles in a picture in 1932. The picture was remade in 1937, and starred Merle Oberon and George Brent Last spring, William Powell recreated his original role on CBS. Ray Bloch's orchestra supplies the background music for the Martin production. Johnny," the Call Boy, introduces the program Three Ring Time Had not the will to reach the top in the theatre been so strong in Charles Laughton he might easily have been an innkeeper instead of the immensely successful actor he is today. But innkeeping had to give ground to the theater. Laughton is forming a comedy team with Milton Berle in "Three Ring Time," new Ballantine show vhich bows in over WKBO at 9.30 tonight . Penthouse Party Phil Baker, Frank Forest, tenor, are guests of J Ilka Chase on Columbia s fem - h,Kt Partv." tonight from 10 to in sn Baker has been on the radio eight years and, in show business 28 years. His Broaaway snows m elude "Music Box Revue," "Mid ;r,t romps " "Artists And Mod els," "Night In Spain," and "Crazy Quilt." Born in Philadelphia, Baker was educated in Boston, toured in vaudeville with Ben RpmiP. ioined the Navy during World War 1 and has ma' e a num ber of moving pictures including "Goldwyn Follies." Frank Forest currently is heard on his own program on a New York station. Rpffular "Penthouse Party" members including Yvette, singer, and Paul Baron's orchestra. MOON MULUNS By WTI.LAKfl HUMMM - AH KIM UNNERSTAMO WHAT Of SENATOR SMELTLEIGHO DO VilFF DtS BOTTLE BUT AH KAINT FIOOER OUT WHAT HE'D BE DOtM' WIFF I " I i ' T IMTH' BOTTLE? irl TR - 0 fh DON'T DRINK l ah ses' thpowed de i 1 G - l - Y - C - E - R - Wl - E! J THAT, bottle under oe ) ' Sc&Z NEW KIUDA DRMK,HUH?Jf MUSH MOUTH, ' - SSX 9 oiwis S ' ' . DICK TRACT By CHESTER GOULD " 'What do you ( boys. its is it all V eight - fifty, N Hlet him down easy.A I fHfoKAy, lets roll 'i m M ' THINK OF J PHONY 1 fi THERE ? ARE NINE, NIME - FJFTV. Igl NOW, PUT YOUR HANDS J J R UP. EASY. THATS rr.IA I i THAT TRUCK. 1 PLENTY I YOU p I TEN.' TEN GRAND. AAT YOUR. SIDES. I . 1 P - - 7I ' vhn r - l g n : ' ' m N SIt . S WINNIE WINKLE, THE BREAD WINNER By BRANNEB Abrame - Zale Fight The mid dleweight division again occupies the spotlight in the nation's boxing circles this week and this time tne Drosram, scheduled for Friday night, September 12 in Madison Square Garden, is marked by the long - awaited appearance in New York of Tony Zale, National Boxing - Association Champion and perhaps the hardest fitting 160 - pounder in the country. Zale is slated to meet Georgie Abrams, of the U. S. Naval Re serves, m a ten - rcuno coniesi. Abrams is the three - time conqueror of Billy Soose, recognized in New York as world champion. The last time an N. B. A. Middleweight titleholder appeared in New York was in January, 1938, when Freddie Steele met, and was knocked out by, Fred Apostoli. That, too, was an over - weight bout and Steel's title was not involved. , THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY Trader. irk Registered 0. S. latent Office THATXPLAlM$UJHf7 oHgoVOHSoV.' ) 5KlDI7 gEfO... AMP Jgs )0IRKTINJ'A S WHAT HE WAS r'fip ( PlCTURe'5 SWtLlS 0f?6AMlJ6 UP 1:!, - BUT, Ivifti MAfi - Reep... ) PAT5V, I JU'toLU 5)CC5$$...AU0 well UU'HAPPll.V glR - AFTeP c ...IN) A H0U....IUITH WwHi, Pttf&! - 1 00 BSLl) THAT ) II you oiAPpAwe of skipd m I MY I ME MARRlBD.' - VoU ft hauew't em wmzo o$ luck! j m Pwi$h ioo WJ WHATPOSOU - IWJKCS - llllilllilirilllllfHItlfltfl tr - IVE ASKED MER OUT WMKM LY OH .VEAH fff WELL, Y" ABOUT FIVE Y4MW(fM WNrJieeaMgOUTEVBRV. - pi'"'l'"l'lrlimi J P0(? LUMCH MAhjy TW)ES fV$. WHATS THAT AAANlW MILLION ' f m WWffi&M ' SltDXIN JACK By ZACK MOSLE1 'ZO YOU'KE ( WHY, HJ. IN LOVE WITH A I JACK? A T CINPY PAUOHTEU ) V L - GOSH, I'M J ) r f 9zMA ill j CINPY i7 TOO UNKEFINEP SHE'S AS TOUGH AS TH' PACK ENP OP A HOOTIN' CINDY 1 (UmA( ... I CINPY BOTH li 7s 1 A J - ltvS PSEEIYDBHER VyjrSV ' TERRY AND THE PIRATES By MILTON CAND7F CAPTAIN JUDAS, MAE SEfJ$E,l I fTTHE WATER WlT IS So! YtHB VEHICLES WILLN I SO IT WLL..' v eZE, THERE HAS VO0 IPIOT.' J I POR THE THIE&Ty THE VALVES TRAVEL BUT A LITTLE . BUT I THINK. fa 6EEH AMEVIL fX ENTRAILS OP HAVE BE6M WAY UNPEK THIS ) WE MAY HALT VHf THING.' ...THE 1V rHB PIRE CARTS.' OPEWED OH SON.' IP WE ARE I THE CAUSE OP jvfTS . TANK OP WATER ,. IT IS OHE WITH THE TANK FOLLOWED THE V FUTURE, PELAYS fiF, fJf4 Y. 7 IS NOT I ' W&Jh THE EARTH L TRUCK I J PELAY MAY MEAN WlXlL '' ALLFINISHp', - s DISSTER IjUgVV . jl q - iILi w jir ils f Vs - l - ?3 MICKEY FINN By LANK LEONARD TTf MR.FlNr4 IS THE V HE'S ft NICE, V VESi HE'S THE ONbI 1 H UNaE OF KITTVS OM - I - r U CLEAN CUT A WHO TOOK KITTY . S OH HE I?. IS HE? WELL, ON SECOND THOUGHT, THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT HIM I DON'T LIKE 11 n YANKEE DOODLE By FRANK TINSLEI WHAT WERE THE UHE EES SENOINSX . I I : rfc COLONEL'S QgPEgSjSEA - PLANES TO ( ..VVE ARE TCA "''TFTr - yglC ? I PC OP THE J I RETURN TO I I w00! TO' ' M" I BLACK COLUMN LATISUA AT J M 2?2f l - 'i N 1 U ' PRISON ECS ) V ONCE YANK : sT AAESSACE, TELLING 1 " JlW AONFgS xz2j?' ( AAUSTN T FQPSEtAV 4hM OOR PLAN, j J . g f YOO'LL FIND A MESSAGE I TUBE STOWED UNDER 1 THE PEAR DECK,RIC riLET S HAVE IT

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