The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1955
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVB BLTTHBTTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWl THURSDAY, APRIL 28, Beef, Veal and Pork Patties Can be Good By GAYNOR MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor Take top round of beef, vea ind a little pork, add fine herbs or onions, grind all together, then broil — that's what we enjoyec recently at the Tuscany Hotel In New York. Emillo Zavoll, the chef flatered by our enthusiasm, finally gave us his recipe. Hamburger (Serve. 6) Tw> pounds of chuck or top round of beef, 4 ounces of \ knuckle, 2 ounces larding pork, a pinch of salt, t pinch of black pepper. Select a fine piece of beef. Remove' tendons from veal and larding pork. Pats through a meat grinder once or twice. Add salt pepper and mix «11 well. Roll 11 round or oval In form. Pan fry or broil to suit taste. Fine herbs or onion* (raw or Beef Balls Take to Variations In meal balls. There are numerous ways of preparing them to add interest to-your meiils. And ground beef is an exceptionally good buy in your market these days. If you're in the habit of asking (or round steak ground, then here's a suggestion. According to the meat expert Reba Stages, II has been found that ground beef containing 25 per cent fat produces the finest meat balls or patties. Tor this reason beef stew meat Is suggested for grinding in place of lean round steak. In addition to having tastier meat balls you're saving money because beef stew meat frequently retails for several cents less than round steak. For • variation In meat balls mold them large, or small and cook them in a zippy barbecue sauce. This makes a popular barbecue dish. Serve the meat balls'in sauce over spaghetti or rice. A can 01 conaensed mushroom •oup is another cooking liquid for the meat balls, 'Brown the balls first. In the meantime, thin the soup with a small amount of water. Add the sauce to the meat and cook them covered until done. Condensed tomato soup is another choice. Chopped vegetables auch as carrots* potato and onion may be cooked along with the meat If desired. Herbs, Spices Add Magic Touch to Beef Herbs, spices and seasonings all lend a magic touch in giving flavor charm to good old • fashioned braised beef dishes. Because braising; means long slow cooking, the flavor of the seasonings has plenty of time to mingle with the beef. Meats with shorter cooking time do not have quite this same opportunity According to the meat expert Reba Staggs, certain seasonings are best with beef. She suggests summer savory, thyme, parsley, celery leaves or marjoram. A good rule Is to under&eiison rather than add too many herbs. Practice soon reveals the quantity your family likes. It's best to use u combination of two or three, but usually not more than this. Minor scratches on furniture often can be concealed by rubbing with a mixture of boiled linseed oil, turpentine, and white vinegar combined in equal parts. WARNING 0 II D E K IN. THE CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Leonard Hobday, Pltf. vs. No. 12,964 Mnrie Hobday, Dft. The defendant, Marie Hobday, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, Leonard Hobday. Dated this 13th day of April,1955 SEAL GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. T. J. Crowder, A*ty. for Pltf. Percy A. Wright, Atty. Ad. Litem, 4/14-21-28-5/5 Ansco Ready Flash Outfit Complete M Illustrated $1 Down-50o » Week O'STEEN'S—111 W. Main AWWWUS smothered) enn he added if so desired — best when grinding meat. We are not the only ones who like to eat Emilio's fine food In the lovely Tuscany rose dining room. Groucho Marx, Ralph Bellamy and Holland Young and other gourmets go there frequently. The place IK noiea lor its heart of artichoke served on ham on top of a toasted English muffin, with plenty of HollandlriKe fiuuce over all. On a more homey note, let's try a stuffed shoulder or pork. It's very economical pork Is now a plentiful food again. Stuffed Pork Shoulder Remove the bones and any skin from a to 6-pound fresh pork shoulder. Sprinkle meat on Inside with salt and pepper, and pile In some of the .stuffing;. Begin to sew edges o£ shoulder together to form a pocket, and gradually work in the rest of the .stuffing. Do not pack tightly. Sprinkle outside of shoulder with suit and pepper, and if desired, also with flour. Place the roust, lat side up, on a rack in a shallow uncovered pan. Roost without water at 350 degrees F, (moderate oven) until tender— about four hours for a 5 pound shoulder. Turn roast occasionally. Remove strings before serving, TOMORROW'S DINNER: Roast pork shoulder, brown gravy, applesauce, buttered •fched bread, butter or margarine, pineapple milk. pan browned potatoes, cabbage wedges, en- pudding, coffee, tea', Banana Cream Cake Ingredients: 2 cups silled flour, 1 teaspoon double-acting baking powder, 1 teaspoon baking soda, teaspoon salt, Y 3 cup ('A pound) enriched margarine, l'/2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cup mashed ripe banana (2 or 3 medium-sized banani mashed fine on a plate with a fork will make 1 cup), '/ 4 cup buttermilk, 2/3 cup coarsely chopped walnuts, 1 tablespoon flour. Method: Preheat oven to 350 degrees (moderate) Grease the bottom and sides of two round layer cake pans (each 8 by l'/i inches); line bottoms with waxed paper; grease paper. Sift together the 2 cups flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt, Cream, margarine and sugar thoroughly; beat in eggs one at a time. Stir mashed banana and buttermilk together. Stir sifted dry Ingredients. In four additions and alternately with banana mixture, Into creamed mixture; begin anc end with flour; stir just until blended each time. . Toss walnuts with 1 tablespoon Bedeviled Cheese Sandwiches Ingredients: s slices bread, 1 can (2'/i ounces) deviled harn, 4 slices Cheddar cheese (size of bread slice), pickle relish, butter .or margarine (soft). Method: Spread 4 slices of the bread with the ham; place cheese over ham; spread cheese with pickle relish. Top with remaining slices of bread. Spread top of sandwiches with soft butter; place under broiler until browned; turn and spread other side of sandwich with butter; broil until browned. Cut each sandwich in half and serve at once. Makes 4 servings. SPEAS DISTILLED VINEGARS IEETS • CUCUMBERS - ONIONS MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR BENEFIT SALE! "BsflJjdock&uCAKE MIXES 3 Whl WHITE CAKL MIX YELLOW CAKE MIX .CHOCOLATE DEVILS FOOD HONEY SPICE MARBLE CAKE MIX ANGEL FOOD MIX 2 C GINGERBREAD MIX 2 For 49 C BROWNIE MIX 2 For 74 C Gateway Grocery Simon Super Mk(. Pickard's Grocery Richardson's Super !\lk(. Strickland's Grocery Forsylh's Grocery Cecil I.owe's Grocery Hays Store Freeman's ,Mkt. Beef Brisket Served with Onion Souce with beef auppliei plentiful one cut you'll want to Mm often li beef brtiket. Thli cut i« prepared by cooking In liquid the wne u a beef stew. According to meat expert Reba Staggs, to prepare this dl»h limply place the meat In > heavy utensil and completely cover It with water. To provide a tempting variation, add vegetables and seasonings to the meat. For example, add 1 cup diced carrots and >/i cup diced celery, 2 teaspoons salt, 6 peppercorns, 6 whole cloves to the meat. Cover and cook slowly for 1 to 4 hours. At the end o/ this time, remove the meat from the broth and place in a shallow baiting dUh. Spread beaten egg with dry bread crumbs and brown In a moderate oven for about 30 minutes. Serve the brisket with a Hatful onion sauce prepared by browning 2 tablespoons of lurgar in 1 tablespoon of lard. Add to this t me- flour and fold In. Turn Into prepared pans and bake In moderate (350 degrees) oven 35 to 40 minutes or until cake tester inserted in center comes out clean. Turn out at once on Cooling racks; strip off paper. Cool. Filling, FroaUnc and Oarnlahlnc Beat 1 cup f heavy cream until It begins to thicken: beat In > tablespoons confectioners' sugar and 'A teaspoon vanilla until cream holds its shape. Spread cream between layers and over top (but not sides) of cake. Refrigerate. At serving time, peel a banana and draw the sharp tines of a fork lengthwise down It to flute; slice thin. dlum onions, sliced, and cook until tender. Then add 1 Ublwpoon of ftour, 1 cup meat broth, 1 teaspoon vinegar and ','2 teaspoon salt. Cook until smooth. DIAMOND SOURCE The Belgian Congo It the world's largest source of din monds, but only about 2 per cent are suitable for gems, with all others going Into industrial uses. Read Courier Newt clasiUled Adi HIGHEST QUALITY k ^ MACARONI 'SPAGHETTI mm •»• MOOoti» ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, If iiot pleased, jour 40c back. Yhlt •THONG (uB|lcldt SLOUGHS OPT the outer ikin to eipot* burled fui«l. Kllli It on contact. Gfi Greutl*M, IniUat dryluf T-4-L it aay drug ttort. at Klrby Broi. Drug Store*. Automatic naster Cofrfrol! Adams Appliance Co. Inc. CAMERA CENTER • Flash Bulbs • Color Film • Polaroid Film • Movie Film • We have Cameras and Projectors for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 YOU'RE MISSING SOMETHING If You Haven't Tried Bobs Gypsy Rub Liniment 14- 1 STAND FREE when you buy this LATEST MODEL 21 RCAVlCTORTV with OVERSIZE Picture Tw« for Hw pric* •» mat • Buy RCA Victor'! eicitinj new 21-inch Dorranct now' —and we'll give you a cut- torn-styled matching stand FREE! 11'i a (14.95 wlw.' But you must act now. * N» O»<rib« ItcMra T»b« — pklur. In 21" TVI * "U-O«r"Mit>n-wMi 212% greater p)dvr t cwrirottl Hr imf-hU- Hloh Sp..<f UHf Timr btllmtt faiftr ftian pnviMii continuant tuneri. (Optional, a) extra («t.) RCA VMvr 11-t** D*rr»M«. Sl«*t .bony llntth. Medri 21S51G. f ( ..itandolioo.ailobU with Model 21S'",.m( Complete Service Department For Television, Radio & Record Players Adams Appliance Co., Inc. Oldest Appliance Dealer in Mississippi County 206-08 W. Main J. W. Adams, Owner Ph. 2-2071 FIRST ANNUAL "Good Luck Clover" Newspaperboy Contest Save GOOD LUCK Margarine "Clovers" for the next i 8 weeks and help your paperboy win a prize! This contest gives your newspaperboy * chance to win valuable prizes — including t $1000 college scholarship — just by saving GOOD LUCK "Clovers" from now until June 27,1955. HERE'S your chance to do something for a boy who docs a lot for you—your news- paperboy. In the American tradition, he is up in the morning before you and J, or working late after school bringing us our daily newspapers. By doing just one simple thing you can help him win any one of the 53 prizes you sec listed here in the "GOOD LUCK Clover" Annual Newspaperboy Contest. All you do On Ihe front of every package of GOOD LUCK Margarine you will see the green and yellow GOOD LUCK 4-lcaf "Clover." Citl out this "Clover" and save It for your nuwspnperboy. (If you buy Family Style GOOD LUCK, save Ihe entire wrapper.) Give the "Clovers" or wrappers to your newspaperboy. The prizes he wins depend upon how many of Ihese he saves. 53 big prizes to choose from I There is not just one lucky winner in this giant contest! 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