The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1931
Page 6
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k'AGJi SIX The Howeuiifrt Guide l» B, Her Mmktlimj and FAVORITE RECIPE ° nly Much TiircSavcil By Cookin« • D Several Oven Dishes At Once slightly sailed watsr half an hour choi) coarsely nail toll 10 inlnut;/ Make a crcnrn suuco of dilute-:! m!lk BY UEF.TIIA VAN V/IK The busy, practical ami eeoinmi- cal lious; manager will n«:l It a great _s.iviUi of tlm^. eftsrl, anJ money" .when healing the-oven for ens dWi, to nnke somethlnj c!s! that will Lake In nbsui the sam.' ItngtU.' of Cme ant! p.t l^o siim-; temperature. Thus when the m:iv.: SPECIALS STEAKS From • .: K. C. Kccf. l.b. NECK BONKS Lb. U' UERF ROASTS ; Chuck I5c • Thick Rib __ 17!/.e NEW 1'OTATOKS OC KS Q(. Lb. D . SUNNY HKOOK COFFEE. 2 UK. SUGAR 'FiUOS •FLOU1V Red Si?;il AAC ' 2-»-Lb. Suck JU Absolutely fiuiiranfccd B4C»N Maple Leaf QAC No End Cuts. Lb.fall CRACKERS ^rc ^ •' . ' 2 Lbs. L,<J SALIBA'S MARKET Free Delivery I'hone 143 i Includes a meat pic, a pudding for .serving at r,ci:nu otber meal mkli; jb5 made. Olle;i corn miiflliis, "joi- ;iiS2 at tomorrow's breakfast, can ba cocked aloni; with some bake:l dish i Iwinj picparoil for dinner. W.i-::i [the d.nn?r Is ulann:O arjua.1 a jincat laast. vocables wMch nre |e;p?clally nutrllloin anJ appctl/!:ii; wren b.ikcd may well Ix; V.idude.l In thn menu. Recipes fur mine t"i- c,'!!eul baked dLshes follow: Il«f Steak I'lc Cut some very lln;, small piece: of beef steak. SCASMI wlih salt, i^y- pcr and fine herbs. Arinnae In'a Cd'serole, cither large or Individual In Ihe crnler nf the dish add n few potatoes nml cover with walir. Cover with pb crusl. liake In a 350 'Iclcjrce oven for one and a half hours. Chkktn Hut I>l e (For Four Person j) 2 Ib. chicken G medium-silted cnions S tcnspoonfuls butler '; bay leaf 1 pint light cream 2 slices bacon, diced 2 mcdliim-stzed polaloes, dlcet 1 1 cup cookccl carrots I cup cooxcil jieas 1 cup cooked string beans 4 mushrooms Kc crust Salt and iKppjr Cut chicken, put l:i frying p.-in on boil of onions which have been p.i:tlally fried In butler and seasoned with .salt, pepper and bay •leaf. Cover with cream and slm"- m;r until chicken Is tender. Remove chicken from pan and keep lio:. Add to liquid the bacon and remaining vegetables, simmer 20 minutes and put, through tin; strainer. 1'ut chicken and puree hi casserole. Cover with v'.e crusl und baki in 450 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Serve very hot. Baknt Ham anil Cabbage Small head white, cabbage '.i medium lean bam, boiled ',!: can evaporated milk Vicup water or cabbage broth 2 t8blr.i|)oonfiil.'! flour 1 tablespoonful fat SaltrSnd pcp'per Cut cabbage lir'quarters.- soak In tinge Iti baking dish, cover v.h seme sauce. Place looked ham on top. the rind rcmnvrd and lop sear ed. 1'lacc cabbage around ham, to 1 , rr «-ll!i sniice. Imlx In a50 de-ri oven for half an hour. I '; Ib, cottiKe clu-ejc ! ' '1 cup buit.-r ! 1-y cup suxur I '/I cup flour 1 (ablespoonri!) lemoji jiileo Pie crusl Cream butter, beat tuieiher with cottage cheese until well blended Uual in c^ y 0 u :s one at a tun llicn beat Iu lemon Juice su«ar und i Hour. Fold h, stltfty-beatcn ( v t whites, four Into pis plate l:n->l with pio crust and bake for "10 mtnules In u 450 decree oven I/, w . er tcmiRTature lo 400 degrejs anJ bake 30 minutes longer. M«rchanl S On This Fcge Draperies Control Natural Lijdu ~ ( Day and Night Sen/ice Station, fnc. "I'hiflips 66" Gas—Quaker Slate and Mobiloil Oils— . i Willard lotteries Cotton Belt Rus D;;x>t Phone 555 •La>vn and Yacht Chairs,- r.ntl Lawn Umbrelhs in Matched Colors. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. 1st St. I'honc (ll.'t A. G. AITKEN Plumber 1211 W. Jlain St. ' Phone 80-l-W Watch Proportion Small pictures look and out other Imrid. placed In a rather small room, wljj dwarf tlie «all on which it is lumg and sometimes the entire room. UTJJH- For Italian That Serves As Compile Meal HV r.nt.-i. i:. I.. KINT; minutes. When It forms a soft In)' ! m Ice water tak, oil and cool to,- a ' Italian Kiij.;!u-lli liw minutes tutor; add'n•< b'lt'"- 1 hrsc cun lonntn.-s When bmter msUt-J''-b-'i i H- teaspoon s:il: liarcl uiilll ready to s'jrea-l A--,! ; 1 can chill b:n:is. o:- c .'.'.: ra.i IMspoon vaniih c '-ra'-t ij»f • • i came with b^nus beating. Spread on both" vi»V 'a' i 2 rncJIiim K.V.C.- ci- 1 lame culc.i cak - layers when tiilina caki" ' ' Smaji Desk for Son Small desks, miniatures of th- ittrge ones for the use of elders bring joy to a child. Boh .-"ST-la].' ly. Wee to have things'Jiisl'lik'c dart's and n miniature desk for him lo use while studying or reading will be appreciated The home manager who has a passion for keeping Ji er furniture in perfect condition oft . n overdoes H. She applies furniture polish « thoroughly nil< i so frct|Uelltly -,,, j effort 10 keep her home clustless that she actually damages the fur- nilurc. ,— i — amount of natural light may be controlled by the draperies, as shown In the picture above. These of silk damask, trimmed ivltli fringe of a d'-ep-r shade temper the rays of strong sunlight. The cciweiilratly placed' lamp: provide ample light by nijh't. SISTER AiARY'S KITCHEN Occasional washing or furniture Is recommended instead of so many nothings. Warm water and puVe neutral soap, mild solution, bring about the best results. The S o"p particles should b: dissolved and the solution applied with a clrcuhr motion. The surface should then £ wiped with a clean cloth wn un as" dry .is possible out nf cleXr water A clean dry cloth should be used or the rubbing, and the notion should be with the grain of the COOK WITH COAL "Economical and Safe" C. L. BENNETT & CO. Conl and Feed Phone M FOR PARTICULAR COOKS Wholesale Dealers Merchants Grocer Co. .:-• T«l-phones 111 and 115 Kxpert Watch Repairing I'AT O'HRYANT Aldridge Jewelry Co. i's Home oj Flowers BV SISTER MARY NBA Service Writer We've all heard of the bride who started housekeeping with three j dozen guest towels and three singlj jdish lowels ami quickly learned llm I dish lowels are as essential us guest towels. Ami so It is in all the aspects 'of housekeeping: tl:e kitchen equipment must, be adequate and suitable If ihe bride Is to enjoy her new experience as mistress In her own home lo the utmost. It's hi the kitchen that the bride is put upon her mcltle and must "cam her spurs." so to sneak. If sue does ;not have the necessary toals for her [K-ork. she finds tt twice ns difficult j to gain the results she wanls. This ; Is as true for the bride who will no: ,do her ova cooklnj as for the ono who does. The kitchen Is the workshop of every homo and its equipment determines Its cUlclincy. I Before you mnke out your list o! kitchen utensil, "take stock" of lyoursclfi your husband an.1 you-.circumstances. Have you b^n im."- 1 ' feted during your engagement and musl you.return in «nd- Or will most of your meals be prepared for two with mi occasional extra ron- ple for an Informal dinner? Will you ccok In a kitchenette or an honcst-to-goadnes s kitchen? All these factors Innuinci! the kind irrl tj'iw of utensils chosen. Undoubtedly, mosi of your cook- aluminum, wocx: and earthenware nil nncl places in tjo kitchen. In j many article:;, the materials cm i he uscj interchangeably, p»r5M.i)' preference being the deciding factor. The use of som: ulcns:ls do- termines tlis kind of malaria's chosen. Standard equipment that will b' In dally u s5 will prove mcst sMs- factory it made of a material tin' will witlistand heat and rough ns. age. Iron, steel and cast alanuumi i are practically Indestructible and utensils made of t!rcse nuL'rn! i will actually "last a life-timj " Th' ; price and weight will carry witi • the metal, stesl docs not bold the heat as the other two uu-tils do hut It is quick to heat through and excellent for quick cook'n-; airl r.ur- ly-up dishes. It is alfo li-jht" to linntfle and easy to care for. Sheet aluminum. ciia:u-;l ware, gla's and the heat-proof p3H»ry a-e ,not aflccted by heat—uiilei'lh?y jure abiiscd-but (hey will not s:an:! • br.rd knni-.k.i. Almuiuimi \\l\\ d--nt !BlMS and pottery wilt break n-\ J . enameln-are will crack and chin if , carelessly handled. IJoives"- rcs^ I materials arc easy to keep cl.>an. i i'Bbt to use and In the cuss of gla*» i and pottery can b= sent slral'hi ,from the oven to Hie tqble. Tomorrow's ]\l^un BREAKFAST— r.vsh strawb^r- t:es. cereal, cream, sour c.-»vu i waffles, nnple syrup, mil::, colbe.' i to sauce, brown bread rii:<> puddin-' Iwith rhubarb milk t»n 1 DINe4ER - r,!m,b and' v^etab'- I pie, stuffed tomato salad, dut" and j «a!nut purtiing, milk, coft;e. FJowers in Dining Room '•j Ib. chx'acf ' ; '.i I'J groun i meal, a-J U--I -ml .1-3 jwrk .chili ir>ivil:r°!o\3s:.' Cook lomatccs \\-c'.\ and -, 11:1 t':r" sieve. Boil .«.|.'H'{het!l for nb:::t 2j mimiles. tlicn run cold wal.n over It for several inhinir.s. Brown onion-, ami iscpper s:;»hl- ly in 1-3 cup bacon fat ;in I b."-.'.-1 mca.t In 1-3 ci-p tat. Mix nil thnr- oughly adding chili jiwJ->r o I LEl^ and lo y\\"i a rel color. Plare grated chce-e river t ; ;c too an;! b.ik; in medium ovai tor 30 nii'.ui!?.-,. Kant <;.Tra'Jl~l Cat:; 1 c:ij) sweet jnilk 2 cups sugar 1 cup butter nnrl la"d m:-;».-| 5 large or C small ;^i wliiici 3 cups Il-ur. silted ttire." timr 2 level teaspoons takin-s n:-.vd;:- 1 teaspoon van'.ll.i ;:;lract. Cream butler niitl lirrl with (boh -f salt. Add si";?.r an:l crr-am to gctliPr. Add pail of milk anj rmr of flour. Mix anil cantiiiue until all milk aiul Hour l::is t?en ariclc:! Ihcn add bakiiij. pawdrr nilxc-1 H , part cf flour and v.nifHa. ' I Ti;?n. last, fold iu \vell-teater -^g- whites to which a:mther "da?of sail has been added. Bake ir m»Jlmn oven in Ihr:; bycrs and 11 with the burnt ciramel Filling S cur: siljar 2 lablespsciis irln'io ;-.aro 1 cup sscuH milk K slick L-uttcr I leasiwon vanilla extract Mix well 2'0 ci:;,~. siijar. k.iro and ml k. start cocking s h., but do not stir. Burn | ile «;„;,!„;„, ,.. <..,„ susar sbu-ly airl aild : o t>,» fi'st mixture, stirring briskly for a !",\ for (he Hall A srtice of the Whjsor tvy i, i Piece of furniture es/bV lo ^ to goad advajitage In cillisr tl- B •/• c-n-jc size o: larjc hall. It provkt'., a convenient place tj s;t a,u chv Mule waitin' for other or depart. Kasy to Serve Kecj> a Case of Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner' 7f,c Black Cat Coffee Shoppe The Modern Housewife J'i'ok-cis Her Family's IfcaHh .liy Using Only 1 Grade Pasteurized MILK BENNETT'S DAIRY — I'hone 74 — ! "When Your Clothes Are Dirty Ring Sevcn-Thirty" Hats Reliuilt Barnes 9 Cleaners A fern b:x loalcs n!c» In J^uA pal, Is rj 0 ^"^^ of bacon „„„ eg SS cocked ta n "i" " X The Launch y Will ' 'Clean It" I'hone 327 p^lin, pa, «d takin However, beware of too snnll MI""' slls. for these Invite b".hV o ;'- ami spilling-ovcr when mlvlns You «-i,, S n t!cl a Xr be"ii (! ,r- Ing array of materials ofprrrl ir- all kinds of U *M™ Gte to ' ««,. enamel cau shM . *«n,M b, n when Oie polish is b?in • ' Work should t s done en n ! fmall surface an<l roiiiutet^d lli«re : !vfc ••• otiu "ill iit-iy urevent fhf^ gummy, tpcl'v ppears on j llur-. This Permanents Gfmilne Eugene t\n Prnnancnl vlU Nestle Improved Ag Permanent .... $5 Special Per- *p nr mnnrnt $v<"j Mrs. Mabel Outlaw- is now connected with this shop. Elois Beauty Shoppe I'hone 505 Arden's Venetian Toilet Preparations are on sale exclusively at "Say it With Flowers" Mother's Day May 1(Mh HEATON'S HOMK OF We Te'Icgniph Orders ('-==: For Parties or Every Day Drink Four Leaf Coffee Radio Hosiery Sheer Chiffon anil Service Weight All Nov Shades Prices 81 and $2 Special I.uxile Sheer Chiffon 81 HALL SISTERS SHOPPE Phone S3 The -NEW Economical Easy to Drive Easy fo Park These outstanding qualities make 1'ic new Por.l the n:osl desirable Mi' n-i l):e American market today for His woman who iloej list- own shopping . . . and most woman do. Drive (lie new Ford once for yourself and yon ton, will want ono. Convenient Terms Phillips Motor Co. .Anlhoiized Dealers Phones— SI 0-811-777 ^ IFIiJOJUaL The Robiflson Miinn Co. -, ^ Satin* — Kins»s £ Distributed By the Atkanss: Blythcvillr, Ark Phone 337 DO YOUR COOKING ELECTRICALLY \''" '^LL^AL''- * v ft *. * \ ^^^^^^BUH ARKANSAS-MISSOURl POWER CO. See Our Complete Line of Norge Electric Refrigerators and R. C. A. Radios Tor ExjKrt Jtadio Service Call Us. R. L Dcdrmn i» charge of this department. ™' ,, 4 • j > tralncd scrvlc « mn - '

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