The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 15, 1973 · 135
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 135

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1973
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4 - y T r if ' ',.' Camp franchising lags through NE Yankee caution is slow ing the expansion of franchisee! campgrounds in New England. KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, the largest franchise operation in the country, boasts more than 700 areas within its fold. Yet only 18 of these are in New England. Another franchise expanding -fast outside of New England is Safari Camps, with 63 member campgrounds, but with only one in the six-state area, this in Vermont. Also growing is Red Arrow ith 59 camping areas but they are all west of the Hudson River. Several other franchise organizations have failed to penetrate New England. YACHTS, MOTORBOATS EASTERN YACHT BROKERS RANGER 87 - winner SORC, Early VMiJ!yai)-. now- If yu want to win to IOB thii is the was to go. RANGEB 83. Cruise in style this nimmer or race a fast Gary Mull design. In the water, only $21,800. SANGER S3. May boat avail. CATALINA 23. Go anywhere, trailer-able,- four to choose from. CAL CRUISING 39. June boat. USED BOAT BARGAINS IK'Dyer Delta Sloop ..... S1S00 7" Sloop, only $21,900 17' TIGER CAT ..i SI'OO S3' O'Day Shoal Draft $4700 26' Ranger, race $12,000 SO' Plaslrand, race $19,000 $5' Morgan, 1st class $24,000 M' Plywood sloop $7000 59' Ranger, like new $15,500 w u nay Javeun. irir. ., aiasu See us now and be ready for a iumrner of relaxation and fun. 114 South Rd. Bedford, Mass. 61 7-3 75-9300 East Greenwich, R.I. 401-884-0950 At Your One Stop Fitting-Out Many More Weekly Specials PARTIAL LIST REGULAR SPECIAL USCG Approved Lightweight Vests $19.00 $14.99 7 x 50 Marine C.F. Binoculars 39.50 29.50 5" x 20" PVC Fenders 9.50 5.95 5 Yacht Type Anchors 9.80 (.79 PVC Pull-over Foul Wather Jackets 23.50 14.99 USCG Approved Fire Extinguishers 10.00 4.79 Heavy Duty Nylon Boat Bags 8.50 5.88 3-step Aluminum Boarding Ladders 11.90 8.49 6 gallon Universal Marine Tanks 15.00 11.49 Outboard Motor Locks 11.95 9.79 100 Mushroom Anchors 54.50 47.50 Canvas Boat Shoes 8.95 4.95 Fisherman's All Purpose Net Bags 2.19 1.69 Witerproof Fishing Hats 4.95 3.50 Battery Boxes 5.95 3.49 Anodized Aluminum Deck Chairs 24.95 19.95 Free Spring Catalog on request H3LISS MARINE BOSTON DEDHAM WOBURN SEEKONK 12 Summer St. Rte. 128, Exit 61 Rte. 128, Exit 38 Taunton Ave. Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6; Sat. 8:30-5:30 Dedham, Woburn, Seekonk: Open Nights: Wed., Thurs., Fri. CONNECTICUT STORE: DARIEN, NOROTON O'DAY OFFERS YOU A SEAFUL OF FUN FOR ONLY A DOLLAR O'Day wrote the book on building safe, easy-to-sai boats. We wrote another book too..."Have Fun "learning to Sail." It's quick reading. Informative. Humorous. Ideal gift or instruction gujde for new sailors. 38 pages, jam packed with basic sailing instructions and terms. Only a dollar. Visit your Qualified O'Day Dealer for your copy. ..and a look at the O'Day Gold Medal Fleet.. .12' Widgeons, 14' javelins, 16' Day Sailers totrailable O'Day 22 and O'Day 23's... there's an O'Day for your family fun plan. A 8ANOOR l).'NTA COWPA" massachusetts 'nivyengland yacht sales at Parkr't Boat Yard 41 Red Brook Harbor Road Catawnet 02534 417-563-9311 Vin iue YACHT INC. , : Catuimt Marina, Short Rd. Cataamat, Ma. 02534 53-5583 or 543-4430 PrevMaae Hlqhwoy, Dedjnm. Maw. 329-5580 er 326-0552 -'XAPE MARINE INC. Rout 28. Cotuit, Ma. 02635 417-428-t95o . UOMINStER eCODHUE ENTERPRISES 1 90 Central St. Leominster 01453 417-537-0991 SpecioHstfjMSailbooH MARBLEHEAD Marblehead Marine Center Ine. 1 A Front Street lnt to Boston YCI Marblehead, Mask 417-431-4524 This despite national advertising, a toll-free reservation system for campers, and technical assistance in planning and building a campground. Campground experts point to two reasons for New Englanders' reluctance. A franchise holder must pay a percentage of his receipts "off the top" to the parent company, a percentage of his gross, not of his profit. And the franchise will cost him at least $25,000 initially. The second reason is the short season afforded by New England's climate. Francbised facilities usually call for luxurious camper accommodations. These are costly and justified only by a long camping season possible only in the South and Southwest. YACHTS, MOTORBOATS HI LINER'S oTs DISPLAY Guaranteed New Delivery Cal 33 - $23,500 Herreshoff America $5950 Northstar 500 $10,950 Headquarters just reel 'em in! HEIGHTS SHOPPING CENTER 1 MARION BURR BROTHERS BOATS, INC. 309 Front Street Marion, Mass. 02738 417-748-0911 617-748-0541 METHUEN MERRIMAC MARINE SUPPLY 224 East Straat Rtt. 45-110 Eit. 34 Mhun, Mass. 10844 17-682-7291 UINCY CONTINENTAL TAtm JAllJ 64 Washington Court Quiney, Mass. 02169 617-471-1777 SO. ORLEANS AREY'S POND BOAT YARD. INC. P.O. Boi 222. Areys loe So. Orleans, Mass. 02662 617-255-0994 STOW CAR TOP BOATS. INC. Route 62. Stow. Mass. 01775 617-568-8701 j Li Horse shows family affair Like most leisure sports, various forms of equine activity are enjoying an unprecedented boom. Equestrian sports offer family or individual competition and offer more spectator enjoyment than most leisure sports. The following partial list of horse shows and events held from May through the late fall is for exhibitors and the families who would like to watch the competition. The list is divided by horse shows, dressage shows, and combined training events. HORSE SHOWS May 5 St. Paul's Charity (schooling; show and rvmkannah) WhiD-coorwhill Farm. Edward Carbin, Lacy St. No. Andover. May 9 All N.E. Professional Horsemen's Assn., 4 AHSA "C," NEHC A . MHC "A") Brockton Fairgrounds. C. Kenneth Corey, 27 Water st. Oxford. May 6 Nashoboa Valley Hunt! adult schooling! (how) Groton Fairgrounds Mrs. Paula Kechnitz. Maple st, Pepper ell. May 26 Norfolk Hunt Club(AHSA "B", NEHC "A". MHC "A") Norfolk Race Course Medfield, Mrs. Joseph Cressey, Weston. May 26 Hanover Hunt Riding Clab Show (NEHC "B"), Brlggs Stable. Hanover. Richard Briggs. May 26 MuskrUquld Pony Clnb 8how, Concord. ..... M?,v 2(5-27 Mass. All Morgan Show (AHSA "A" star rated, NEHC ' A Fairgrounds, Northampton. Mrs. Claude Hill Sr.. S2 Laurel st. Northampton June 3 Mlddleboro Lions Clon Charity (NEHC "C") Orchard Downs, Vaughn at., Lakeville, Arthur Emberly. RFD 4 Box 347, Middlebo-ro. June 7-10 Conn. All Morgan Show AHSA "A" Eastern States Coliseum, N. Springfield, L.W. Shepard Snob Hill, Three Rivers. June 9-10 Sisters of St. Joseph Show (NEHC "A") Bethany Convent grounds, Framingham: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dennis. June 17 -Aleppo Mounted Patrol Show(NEHC "B") Felton Field, Barre; Stuart Holbrook. Jine 23 St. Paul's Annual Hunter Show, Myopia Schooling Field (Rt. 1A, Hamilton: Mrs. S. W. Brotchie. June 24 Friends of ARC Retarded Children Show (NEHC "B") Heritage Farm Country Club, Swansea: Todd Rodenbush. Hob Nob Farm, apencer. June 24 St. Mary's Benefit Show (NEHC "A") Camp Marshall, Spencer; William Gearing. Paxton rd.. Spencer. iJu.1e 2J,ly 1 rA" A'bian Show, Eastern States Coliseum, Springfield; Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dennis. ..AJuS?rA"JrTTv0Jf,,d Njwbnry Horse Show (AHSA "A" star rated. NEHC a,-hh"iC A Plum Island, Newbuiyport. Richard Walsh. Littles Lane. W. Newbury. July 5-8 - Cape Cod HoselUl Show (AHSA "A", NEHC "A") Cotuit, Mrs. Karen Bacon. Box 181. Osterville x. Ju,?J5,T: 01,th Shore Horsemen's Council (NEHC "B") Broad Acres Farm (Rt 14) Hanson. Mrs. Phyllis Dunn. Harrubs Corner. Plymplon. Tips on obscure, tasty fish By Monty Montgomery Globe Staff Fishermen sneaking out of the house with the lawn uncut know 'that they are providing cheap protein during these days of meat boycotts and daily inflation. But they tend to overlook many toothsome fishes in a relentless pursuit of cod, flounder and haddock, or freshwater trout and landlocked salmon. So doing, thsy miss some of the best and easiest-to-catch eating in the state. In salt water, nothing except haddock tastes better than CL'sk, and cusk, are available while haddock are scarcer than, well, haddock. The cusk is the almost eel-shaped, ugly," greenish yellow bottom dweller that you have to fillet before you show it to your wife. The best way to catch them is by jigging, but not the straight up and down method; they are too lazy for that. Cast out from the boat and work the jig back along the bottom, and you'll take most of them by snagging. Thafs the way Jerry Hill does it on his Yankee Patriot, snd he can fill a tub full in less than an hour. The other fine and neglected salt water fish is running right now in South Shore and Cape rivers, the white perch, a miniature striped bass. Rarely bigger than 18 inches, the white perch runs in huge schools up YACHTS, MOTORBOATS RHODE ISLAND . IARRINGTON STANLEY'S BOAT YARD, INC. 25 Barton Avenue Bcrrrinqton, R.I. 02806 401-245-5090 401-245-5192 NEWPORT INTERYACHT 379 Thames Street . Newport. R.I. 02840 401-844-7000 NEW HAMPSHIRI WOLFEBORO WINNIPESAUKEE MOTOR CRAFT COMPANY Wolfeboro. N.H. 03894 603-569-1 220 603-56JM 556 MAINE nllMHOOD ROBINHOOD MARINA. INC. Robinhoed. Maine 04530 207-443-5006 " Visit your O'Day dealer listed here Xv ( I I the Taunton and Agawam Rivers, bites freely on sea worms and small jigs, and tastes better than its bigger relative. In freshwater, the same white perch is found in big lakes, and is most vulnerable when it runs up tributaries to spawn. Enormous catches are taken from the Songo River at Sebago Lake in Maine, and the freshwater version is as fine eating as the salt. The most neglected fish for good table fare in New England is the "bream," , the bluegill and pumpkin-seed sunl'ishes. Down south i't is a delicacy ("You could hurt yo'self eating them," as my Texas friends say). The smaller red-eared sunfish is just as tasty, but too small to be worth the bother. For big ones, small live minnows arc the best bait, but they will strike freely at fly-rod popping bugs, very small swimming plugs, and any kind of Motor home camping victim of round-trip cost dilemma Motor home camping is not necessarily the rose garden the industry promises you. Not if you rent. And this is only because the rental wizards have one-track minds. You must return the unit to the dealer from whom you rented. Hertz and Avis would still be' renting buggy whips under this system. So you want to drive a motor home to Minneapolis? I'm not sure of the mileage but let's assume it's 1200 one way. You rent a motor home. You could make the trip west in three days, but all you'd see is scenery whizzing by. So you plan on a week. But, since you must return the unit, you'll need two weeks for the round trip. Initial cost is $250 per week. Add 10 cents a mile. That's $240. But you have to pay for gasoline, too. At eight miles per gallon, your tab rises roughly $119. So far, your fixed costs are $500 for rental, plus BOAT SHOW 100 i STORE OPEN 7 DAYS 542 E. SQUANTUM ST., NO. QUINCY July 20-22 Pinehill Riding rramingnam. Brian j. riynn. July 25-28 Eastern National Morgan Horn Show (AHSA "A" star rated Fairgrounds. NorUihatnpton, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Potter. 13 Stat rd.. No. Darunouth. July 28 Ashlar Club Show (NEHC "B") Topsfleld Fairgrounds. Karen Kelly. 80 Commonwealth ave., Boston. Aug. 5 Mlddleboro Rotary Club Show (NEHC "C" Wis tows Farm, Precinct st.. Middleboro; Norric Tripp, 609 Union St.. New Bedford. Aug. 12 Falmonth Horse Show (NEHC "A") Crane Wild Lift) Preserve Hatchville; Mrs. D. Potter 13 State rd.. No. Dartmouth. Aug. 19 Sterling Horsemen's Assn. Show (NEHC "C") Oreen Meadow Lodge Grounds, Sterling; Albert Gosseiin. 27 Duzan rd.. Ware. Aug 25-26 Prpperell Horse Pony Show (NEHC "C'v) Rt. Ill Town Field, Pepperell; Mrs. W.C Cousins. Park St., Peooerell. Sept. 1-3 Spencer Fair Show (NEHC "B 't Spencer Fairgrounds, (of! RU 311. Spencer. Albert Gosseiin. 27 Dugan rd.. Ware. Sept. 2-3 Myoia Hunt-Am. iiud im, iai namnion: Mrs. oioria . Sept. 15-16 1747 Farm Show St., Weston; Mrs. Thomas Barrows. Sept. 19-23 Eastern States Exposition (AHSA "A") Springfield; to be announced. Sept. 29 Ponkapoag Pony Club Show (NEHC "C") Mares Field (jet. ris. 128 ec 1MI (.anion: Antnony uuest. 55 silver Brook rd.. Milton. Sent. 30 Woreester Foundation Charity Show (NEHC "A") Worcester Foundation grounds. Shrewsbury: Mr. Sr Mrs. Arthur npnnis. Oct. 7 "Jimmy Fund" Charity Show (NEHC "A") Rte. 12S, Wilmington; Leonard B. Almy. 58 Washington st. .Marblehead. Oct. 14 Riverside Horse Show NEHC "C" Rear Haverhill Stadium. Lincoln av., Haverhill; Mrs. Irving L, Brewer, 251 Groveland at., Haverhill. Oct 21 Forest Lake Show (NEHC "C'l off Rte. 181. Palmer: Stu art eoiDroOK. roresx iaxe. fanner. Polo games are played every Sunday at 3 p.m. at Myopia Hunt Club in naminon. uames aiso piayea unaer ine ugnis one nignt a week (usually Wednesday). For information1 contact Donald Little, Ipswich. DRESSAGE SHOWS CLINICS May 6 New England Dressage Assn. (NEDA) Spring Schooling Show, Pecperelli. Mrs. P. Potter. Harvard. June 1 NEDA Clinic, Karl Mikola 6-10 p.m., pepperell; Mrs. Potter. July 19-22 NEDA Cllnle. Verner Platzer: followed by test & critique, Mrs. Potter. Sept. 30 NEDA Fall Show, Pinehill Riding Center. Framinghamt Mi's. Potter Alsc active in the Essex Country area Is the Andover Dressage Assn. For information, contact Mrs. Paul Proulx. 1812 Turnpike St.. No. Andov- COMBINED TRAINING EVENTS May 6 Mt. Hnlyoke Trials, So. Hadley; Barbara Jensen. Mt. Hol-yoke College, South Hadley May 19 Stonleigh-Burnha Trials, Greenfield: Mrs. Richard Dills, Greenfield. June 3 8henley Hill Trials, Groton; Susan Gould. Sheoley Hill Orchard. Groton. Sept. 29-30 Flying Horse Horse Trials. Flying Horse Stables. Hamilton; Miss M. Felton P.O. Box 207. S. Hamilton, Oct. 4-7 l.edyard Farm Three-Day, Wenham; USCTA Office, SO Congress St., Boston. natural bait. Lively bait is best, especially grasshoppers, crickets or small frogs fished on top. Yellow perch are delectable year round from cold-water ponds, only fair from muddy wanm ponds in the summer. Yellow perch take streamer flies (regular minnow patterns) like gangbusters, and if you can catch one, a strip of perch belly fluttered through the water is equally deadly. The bullhead, or homed pout, is good southern food, but ignored by most northern angler. They do have two faults: They can i stick you painfully with their sharp spines, and they have to be skinned. Easiest way to skin them is to impale the head on a nail driven through a board, cut through the back skin down to the belly, grasp with pliers and use a steady pull not a jerk,. Dynamite eating, and once again, "you could mileage and gasoline, a total of $859. Now if you could leave that unit in Minneapolis, you could enjoy a leisurely trip. You'd pay $250 for rental, $120 for mileage, and $59.50 for gas, a total of $429.50. For $200 you and your wife can fly home, a grand total of $629.50. But because you must return the unit to the point of origin this same trip costs you $229,50 extra. Tlie trucking industry has found it profitable to ship its big trailers "piggyback" on railroad flatcars. YACHTS, MOTORBOATS Fisherman's Dream 17' Wellcraft with 85 h.p. Chrysler Outboard Demonstrations PRESIDENT MARINE Hi Southern Artery Oulncy. Mast. 773-5050 OPEN 7 DAYS YACHTS, MOTORBOATS BOSTON HARBOR MARINA I 1 DEALERS PACEMAKER DRIFT-R-CRUZ BROADWATER BOATEL Boston Center Summer Shew (AHSA B") Lesion Annual Show. Myopia Hunt liuciow. Hamilton. (NEHC "B") Regis College. Wellesley 146 Coniant rd.. Weston. hurt yourself!" Pout bite best at night, on the bottom, taking nightcrawlers and worms. Carp are the neglected game fish of New England. In Europe and the British Isles, there are clubs devoted to the pursuit of carp, national tournaments, and bus tours to great carp waters. Here, they thrive in the Merrimack and Charles Rivers, reaching weights up to 20 pounds. The finest bait is canned whole kernel corn. The carp pool (or "swim") should be baited with a few tablespoonfuls of corn kernels, then fished with a couple of kernels on a stout No. 12 hook. Use a sliding sinker, and a float above the sinker as a tell-tale. Carp, to the man who never caught one, are not a game fish. After you hook your first lusty 12-pounder, your mind will be changed. The railroads like this, too. They have innumerable empty flat-cars shuttling back and forth across the country. How about the railroads, the motor home industry, and the rental agencies getting together, to save travelers a few, dollars, and to make a few for themselves? Bill Riviere YACHTS, MOTORBOATS Cruise Boston Harbor and Provincetown from 20 Long Wharf, Boston Next to the New England Aquarium and across from M.B.T.A. Aquarium Station. BAY STATE-SPRAY & PROVINCETOWN STEAMSHIP CO. Tel: 723-7800 MAKER MY STOCK FOR: SILVERTON ALBIN PARCA USED BOATS 328-0600 1 Sunday Glob'" April , , - j YACHTS, MOTORBOATS r m' you re payeii. sr Johnnie Sanders piloted a single Johnson Stinger OP to a new ontboard endnrance record at Lake Havasu, Arizona, averaging 86.5 m.p. h. over 696 miles. Winning the Outboard World Racing Championship is like winning the Indianapolis 500. Maybe better. Because Havasu is longer.. .in miles and hours. We broke last year's record set with twin competitive engines, by four miles per hour. Won 3rd, 7th and 9th, too. It's a big victory in Johnson's racing program that's paid off with enduro wins the world over. That's where your payoff comes, because these Johnson winners had the same basic powerhead that goes into our stock V-4's. And nothing proves an engine like running full-bore against the world's toughest competition. It proves our innovations, too. Performance engineered features that keep Johnson the number one selling outboard in the world. V-4 design. Race proved for engine durability and de- pendability. Low center of gravity improves boat hand- ling. Compact design lets you see-tish-ski over it. On 85, 115 and 135 hp Johnsons. MagFlash'" capacitor discharge ignition. Sends up to V 40,000 voltsof spark to the plugs in less than 5 millionlhs of a second. Gives faster, surer starts. Longer plug life. Better all around performance. On every. Johnson 50 hp and up. Exhaust tuning. Uses exhaust sound-wave energy to pack more of the new fuel-air mixture into each cylinder. Develops extra horsepower without using more gas. On every Johnson 50 hp and up. It all adds up to more motor for the money. More dependability and durability. And that's why there are more Johnsons in use tfian any other outboard. See them all 2 to 135 hp at the Jodnson dealer near you. Racing's World Champion MASSACHUSETTS ASHLAND FREW'S MARINE INC. 16 Pond St., Rt.. 1 26 FRAMINGHAM LINE-ASHLAND 872-1278 MASSACHUSETTS BARNSTABLE MILWAY MARINA BARNSTABLE HARBOR 362-3792 MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON OUTBOARD MOTOR MART t Lincoln St., 742-2?S0 Iptwich EAGLE HILL3 56-2300 MASSACHUSETTS ' COHASSET MILL RIVER MARINE CORP. ROUTE 3A 383-0390 MASSACHUSETTS "" ' BOSTON BOSTON BOAT SALES, INC. 170 GrnH St., DorchisUr 825-4466 MASSACHUSETTS DUXBURY BAYSIDE MARINE CORP. Snug Harbor, Washington St. 934-205J MASSACHUSETTS GLOUCESTER BROWN'S GLOUCESTER YACHT YARDS, INC. Montgomery Plc Tel. 283-370-3702 MASSACHUSETTS MARBLEHEAD Marblehead Marine Center, Inc. I A Front St. INt to Boiton Y.C.) 431-4524 MASSACHUSETTS MATTAPOISETT Mattapoisett Boatyard Inc. Nd'i Point Rod 758-3812 MASSACHUSETTS MENDON NIPMUC MARINE INC. ROUTE I 473-2523 Mon. thru Frl. to . St, I to I MASSACHUSETTS PLYMOUTH THE MARINER Rout 3A Stat Road 746-1950 MASSACHUSETTS RAYNHAM SLIPS CAPEWAY MARINE Rout 44 24 822-6948 MASSACHUSETTS REVERE CAPTAIN FOWLER'S MARINA 22 Whltin Av. Ext. 284-2151 15, 1973 ' 2C 39 m i nr. in on t lie m mm m ault3omrdm j MASSACHUSETTS SOMERVILLE WINTER HILL MARINE 611-51? Brotdwiy 776-2339 MASSACHUSETTS J STURBRIDGE HOWARD MARINE CENTER Rout 20 ' 347-3229 ,: MASSACHUSETTS WALTHAM ROY JOHNSTON'S ?2 Mln St. ; MASSACHUSETTS WEYMOUTH MONAHAN'S MARINE INC. 396 Wjthington St., Rt. S3 335-2746 ' MAINE oouossoe ROBERT G. KOOB (207) 864-3737 MAINE SKOWHEGAN DOSE'S MARINE SERVICE North Av. (2071 474-2602 NEW HAMPSHIRE MILTON RAY'S MARINA Rout Ii , (603) 652-4523 NEW HAMPSHIRE NASHUA JOHN'S MARINE 337 Amhnt St. (603) 882-9042 NEW HAMPSHIRE SUNAPEE Osborne's Garage I Marine, Inc. Sunap Harbor (603) 763-26n. 763-4461 NEW HAMPSHIRE WEIR'S BEACH THURSTON'S BRYANT MARINE "AT THE BRIDGE, Rt. 3 , (603) 366-4811 NEW HAMPSHIRE WINNISOUAM WADLEIGH MARINE, INC.- U.S. Rout 3, P.O. Box (603) 524-3652 - NEW HAMPSHIRE WOLFEBORO Winnipesaukee Motor Craft Co. Rout 109 i (603) 569-1220 VISIT YOUR JOHNSON DEALER LISTED HERE O'Day . . . today'i bast built sailboati. Safe. Easy-to-Sail. Baeltad by 2 yaar warranty. 7 7

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