The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1955
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27,1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Rudolf Hess Attempts Suicide; Transfer To Mental Home Studied BERLIN tAP) — Allied doctors are reported discussing a U. S. proposal to transfer Rudolf Hess to a mental home. Informed Sources revealed yesterday Adolf Hitler's former deputy, now serving a life sentence as a war criminal, recently attempted suicide in Spandau prison. These sources said Hess has de-» —— terior»t«d mentally in recent weeks and a special guard has been placed on him. He reportedly is convinced that he has cancer, although medical examinations disclosed no evidence of the disease. . Hess, Hitler's first deputy in the Nazi party, is one of six Nazi leaders held in Spandau prison under joint American, British, Russian and French guard. Any decision to ••remove him would have to be approved by all four powers. Swallowed Iniectictde Although an American doctor at the prison denied the suicide attempt, reports, other sources said Hess swallowed insecticide he had been given for his garden in the prison grounds. They said the incident occurred several days ago. Word of it seeped out of the tightly guarded , jail only yesterday — Hess' 61st birthday. U. S. Army doctors reportedly used stomach pumps and antidotes to save his life. /Smoke Out' Fails to Work , DALLAS. Tex. I* — Arvie Haliburton, 31, admitted smoking his girl friend out of the home of a rival suitor here yesterday. Haliburton entered a plea of guilty to charges that he bought a • nickel's worth of kerosene, saturated a- corner of the rival's house and set it afire. The fire brought the girl out of the house, Haliburton testified, but • she still wouldn't leave with him. iHe received a two-year probated sentence. It's Tulip Time In Holland, Mich. HOLLAND, Mich. (£>} — Flower lover* waiting for tulip time in Holland can atari packing their b««B. The bulbs are blooming in 'this weetern Michigan city. City Supt. Dick Smallenburg said Ah early spring ha* brought the tulip* into bloom earlier than usual. But there will be plenty of late varieties for the city's nationally famous tulip festival May 11-14. Gift from U.S.A. TOKYO &—Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyamn used a new collapsible wheel chair when he appeared in the Diet today. He said It was a gift of P. Deferrarl,, chairman of the U. S. Amateur Athletic Union's wrestling committee. The Prime Minister was crippled by a stroke several years ago. Slightly Used ALBUQUERQUE (£>J—The following want ad appeared yester- RUNNING ACAIN-A. B. "Happy" Chandler is trying for a political comeback in Kentucky. The former senator, national baseball commissioner and governor is a candidate for governor again. Chandler's first hurdle is the Democratic primary, Aug. 1. First Client Gets 10 Years DALLAS, Tex. Ifl — Atty. Dennis Gerald Brewer had just passed his bar examinations and was sworn In yesterday as an attorney by Crimiinal Diist. Judge William McCraw. McCraw immediately appointed Brewer to represent ex-convict Clarence Williams, 43. Williams, on a plea of guilty, was given 10 years In prison for stealing a concrete mixer. Judge McCraw consoled young Brewer by saying, "My first client was hanged." day in the Albuquerque Tribune: "For sale: 1951 MG. Carefully driven by my maiden aunt in the Mexican road race." OSCEOLA NEWS By Bttty* Ntlte Starr Corntll University wu chartered on this date In 18W. United States forces occupied York (now Toronto) on this date In 1813. First Virginia Colonist! tilled trom England on this date In ISM. Battle of Fort King (Semlnote War) occurred on April 38. 1MO. The first book by an American author, "Alculn," was published on April 28, 1798. The first electric street car made Its Initial run on April 29. 1851. The General Post Office was established In Washington on April 30, 1810. Washington was Inaugurated on April 30, 1788. Louisiana Purchase consummated on April 30, 1803. Penny post cards were first Issued on May 1, 1873. Blng Crosby has a birthday coming up on May 2. He'll be 91 years old. If you're In a big hurry to make a pte, use the pie-crust mix and press it in the pie pan aid It works just Jim-dandy. Necessity, you know, -i* the mother of Invention. Found it oul when one of our "termites" found out where I kept my rolling pin — or pen. Some say one and some say the other, but really it's "pin." The beaten path is always the safest. It takes a brave person to choose the unexplored. Just imagine the surprise the fellow got who ate the first oyster. Raw one, that is. . The same people who can deny others everything are world famous for denying themselves nothing. Shame is an ornament to the young; a disgrace .to the old. It was old Davy Crockett who said, "Be sure you are right, then go ahead" and for that saying, he wound up number one on the Hit Parade. Longfellow said in reference to the Sabbath, "Day of the Lord, as all our days should be." To love one's self is the beginning of a life-long romance. A lot of folks are like a rooster, they think the sun rises to hear them crow and that's about the ultimate in egotism. One good thing about the fellows who are stuck on themselves, they have no rivals. Never put all your goods in the front window, it's apt to fade them. I do get some of the nicest letters from readers of this column. One that I received last week from Mrs. B. B; Wilson of Blytheville asked how the rabbit got Its connection with Easter. Of course, we grown-ups know CAMERA CENTER • Flash Bulbt • Color Film • Polaroid Film • Movie Film . • W« have Cameras and Projectors for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 PLANT and PLOW YOUR COTTON IN THE SAME WEEK PLANT YOUR COTTON TO A STAND, SAVE THE FIRST CHOPPING PLANT CERTIFIED SEED FOR $1.20 PER ACRE D & P L Fox Crkers 100 Wilt Resistant D&P115 Empire Wilt Resistant We Carry a Full Line of Arkansas and Missouri Adapted Hybrid Seed Corns: Sweet Sudan Oqden Soybeans Cert. Ogden Soybeans 5-100 Soybeans Lawn Grass Dortchsoy 67 Soybeans Dorman Soybeans Cert. Dorman Soybeans 'If It Grows—We Have It" BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN »>, 348» CORPORTION PH. It's only a superstition If that's the rl«ht word for it. I'm not a very good source on this quaint custom, but hearing It as a child, I learned that rabbits lay eggs on Easter Eve after the fairies have kissed all the little children in the land good night. The Easter rabbit Is strictly of Teutonic origin .ind I presume back in the early days, a lot of Swedish mothers or Danish mothers started the idea because rabbits were more plentiful In their part of the country than any other animal. Out of the many stories that were connected with rabbits and Easter eggs, children In all parts of the world began to believe In it just as they are prone to believe in anything that sounds festive or fantastic. I know this Isn't much help for Mrs. Wilson, but maybe someone wlil read this who is an authority on customs of our land and will drop me a line. I love quaint customs and especially if they come out of never- never land, such as the Easter rabbit. Have you noticed how the critics are beginning to nint that George Goble's style of numor is getting monotonous? I told you so! The funny thing, he never was funny to me in the beginning, but of course what I thought didn't keep him from raking . in the dough. Just goes to show you what one man's opinion amounts to. Anybody that comes up with something new, whether good or bad, clicks on television, for a while, at least. Guess that's why they demand such enormous salaries. Gotta strike while the iron's hot, as Mr. Abrey, the old blacksmith, used to say. Those Junior Service Auxiliary gals have got what it takes and they knew what they were doing when they put Betty Woods at, the head of this paint up-clean up business. Osceola's gonna win a trophy some of these days, national, that is. CANCER COST The United States will have about 500,000 new cancer cases this year, according to estimates. That meaiis. a loss of 3,500,000 man . years of work, , and will cost society 112,000,000,0000 in,lost goods and services. Vocational Ag Students of Hayti Win Honors HAYTI — A team from Hnyti High School received a second place rating in skill contests for vocational agricluture students at the University of Missouri in Columbia Friday night. The Haytl tenm received the rank for farm machinery. Two Hnytl students. Billy Pool and Arnold Kolt, received ranks of two for farm machinery. Jerome Franklin of Steele, who got a rank of two for animnl husbandry, was the only other pupil from Pemiscot County to place. Read Courier News Classified Ads Pyramid Pays You Benefits Regardless of other Insurance With Pyramid Plan protection you will receive all benefits due you regardless of what other insurance you may have, including workmen's compensation. In addition, you can have a special Pyramid Plan that will pay you benefits for loss of income when disabled by accident or confined by sickness as well as liberal allowances for medical, surgical, hospital bills. Payments from Pyramid come to you in cash. You can use. this money to pay rent, buy food, or for any purpose you wish. The Pyramid Plnn can provide for payments toward doctor's calls at home or his office. It is possible under the Pyramid Plan to receive benefits even though you may not be in the hospital. Write the Pyramid Life Insurance Co., 727 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City 1, Kansas and we wiil mail you your free copy of "What You Should Know About Health and Accident Insurance." This information may help you avoid going into debt. So write for it today. The word thimble comes from ''thumb bell," as It was formerly worn on the thumb. Pastels are important this vprlng. Lilac, pnle pink and pale DliM in the big three. CHOICE OF 6 BEAUTIFUL COLOR COMBINATIONS QUILTED BOLTAfLIX TfffM * S<VM* EASY TERMS Western Auto 314 W. Main Associate Store Ph. 3-3303 COME ON IN- the price /s fine - --•-" ** •"•lour U NLESS we miss our guess, a lot of surprised people are going to do some newback-of-an-envelope arithmetic when they see the Buick price shown here. Because we know that many folks still don't realize how little a Buick really costs— that the dollar difference between this big Buick SPECIAL 2-door, 6-passenger Sedan and the leading smaller cars has virtually disappeared. Buick Sales Ar« Soaring *» Nevar B«tore But more and more of them are finding it out. And that's a major reason why Buick production and Buick sales are soaring to all-time highs today— and why Buick again is outselling all other cars, regard' less of price range, except two of the well-known smaller cars. Big reason, too, ior this soaring popularity is Buick's full line of automobiles, giving you a choice in any price class — the rock-bottom- priced SPECIAL, the high-powered CENTURY, the supremely spacious SUPER, and the custom-built ROADMASTER. Jjut above all, more and more people are discovering that the price you pay for a Buick buys more sheer automobile than the same money buys elsewhere. More advanced styling, more deep- down comfort, more pure power thrill, more ride steadiness and handling ease and solidity of structure. More spectacular performance, too, from the modest extra cost of Buick's automatic transmission. For here you get Variable Pitch Dynaflowf—the new wonder drive born of modern aeronautics to give you instant full-power getaway and acceleration when needed—and far better gas mileage when cruising. Why not come see u,s this week, for sure? We'll be happy to have you test-pilot a new Buick, just for the sheer thrill of it—and show you quite clearly that if yo« can afford any new car, you can afford a Buick. •fDyitaftfjW Drive is standard on Roadmatkot, optittrui Thrill of the year __*MUTON IHLI STAB K* MJC^-fa, *, fckl^k Sto.* Enjoy cooled, filtered air for less than you think with Buick's AIRCONDITIONER It's a genuine Frigidairt LAN GSTON-Me WATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway 24 Hour Service Dial 3-4551

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