The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1955
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 19BB BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE HIN1 Builder to Appeal Windfall Ruling on Ft. Lee FHA Project NEWARK, N. J. (AP) — A New Jersey builder plans to appeal a federal court ruling that his Fort Lee housing project, which allegedly raked in huge "windfall" profits, had violated its contract with the Federal Housing Administration. The ruling yesterday by Federal Judge Thomas F. Meany in the test case involving so- called windfall profits was described as the first of its kindagainst a builder. r — • * Under the decision, the FHA cm hold « meeting of stockholder! of the project—known as Linwod Park, Inc.—and assume control of electing two out of three stockholders. The FHA owns all of the corporation's preferred stock. According to the government, Judge Meany's decision could affect a half billion dollars worth of postwar construction in which FHA guaranteed the bulk of the mortgages, and in which FHA says big profits were made by the builders. The appeal planned by Sidney Sarner, one of the original partners In Linwood Park. Inc.. to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia would mean a delay in FHA action to assume control of the company. B!( Profit It was the government's contention that Sarner and Ralph J. Solow, another original partner, invested $13,000 in the business five years ago and made a profit of 82,468,821 on an FHA-lnsured loan of $8,875,000. The government further claims that Solow was paid $1,318,000 by Linwood Park, Inc., for his original stock investment of $6,500.. Judge Meany said he would hold off on entering his judgment for the government in order to give Atty. Walter D. Van Riper a chince to file the appeal for his client, Linwood Park, Inc. In his decision, Judge Meany said the company violated its contract with the FHA by: 1. Paying $1,318,000 to Solow without FHA approval. $2. Lending $1,270,000 to two other corporations operated by Sarner which operate business and recreation centers in the housing development. ' 3. Refusing, along with Sarner, to answer an FHA questionnaire 'HE GOES FOR DOLLS—New diners at John Omizzolo'! restau- . rant in San Francisco, are somewhat surprised at his hobby—col- ' lecting dolls. The six-foot-two Omizzolo has some 380 dolls he has ? collected from 40 countries in the last 30 years. He Is shown stand'• ing in what was once a hat-ctreck booth but which now serves ai his doll house. In his left hand he holds an 18-inch Marie Antol- 'nette bisque doll over 100 years old. The doll is dressed In an exact •replica of a costume worn by Marie Antoinette. Omizzolo has it 'Insured for $5000. For his entire collection he has insurance policies totaling $25,000. Ex-Actress Constance Collier Dies NEW YORK UK— Constance Col- Through the years she won dis- Her, former actress who had played many roles in the theater world both on and off stage, died yesterday after a heart attack at the age of 17. The British-born Miss Collier had given up acting but continued as a dramatic coach in recent years. She made her debut in England at the age of 3 as a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." &*!• 1$ . REMEMBERING—These new stamps were issued recently at Ghent, Belgium, in honor of an exhibition marking the 400th anniversary of the abdication of Charles V as emperor of Germany and king of Spain, Upper stamp, reproduced from a painting by Louis Gallalt, shows Charles abdicating in 1555 at age 50. Lower.stamp shows Charles as a baby lying In his crib. The son of Philip, archduke of Austria, is surrounded by his family and court followers. tinction as an actress, producer, director and writer. She played Shakespeare, performed as a ballet dancer, musical comedy star and comedienne. Her appearances in Hollywood, movies covered three decades. She also was featured in radio serials. She came to the United States in 1908 at the height of her fame in England. She became a success here also and costarred with such actors as John Barrymore and William Gillette. She leaves no immediate relative. Proved His Point The Wrong Way MIDDLESBOROUQH, England W)—Keith Elkin was accused yesterday of picking the wrong way to cure his wife of saying "I haven't a thing to wear." Police witnesses said Elkin flug himself out of his house in a temper and shortly returned with a bundle containing 26 pairs of panties, 14 pairs of nylons. 12 brassieres, 5 slips, 4 camisoles, ^ night- gowna and S garter belt*. | Police said Elkin, 24, got the ] lingerie by smashing a show window and removing the entire display. The, magistrate ordered him held without bail on a theft charge dealing with the cost of building and running the project. Sarner, of Tenafly, is president of the Linwood Park board. His brothers Leonard, also Tenafly and Maujice, of Teaneck, are the other two members. When the court action was instituted, another company attorney, George L. Marcus, of Hackensack, said the garners own half the common stock of Linwood Park, and the other half is owned by the corporation as treasury stock. Marcus said there had been no distribution of profits, and that earnings still are In the corporation. Photos of Captured Americans Are Reported Seen in Peiping crowd was so big. "I saw American ptrichutd picked up by the Chines*, flier*' uniforms and weapon*. There mint have been hundreds," h* aald. LUXORA'S DUKE, DUCHESS — Tommie Joe Olive and Hal Towles have been named duke and duchess of Luxora's High School to the Memphis Cotton Carnival. They'll represent the school »t various Cotton Carnival functions. TOKYO (fl — A recent Japanese visitor to Red China told yesterday of seeing 10 or li captured Americans' photograph* and hundreds of U.S. parachutes and airmen:' uniforms at a publio exhibition In Pelplnjr. Sho»o Murata, who conducted unofficial trade talks In Red China In January, said he could not be sure whether the Americans pictured were the airmen and civilians held on what the United States has called "trumped-up charges" of espionage. Nor could he tell whether the equipment might hnve been captured in North Korea. Shortly after announcing the Americana* conviction, Peiping radio announced the staging of n public display of equipment it claimed -was used by "American spies." In Exhibition Hall Murata was in Peiping a few days after U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold conferred with Red Premier Chou En-lal In an effort to secure the release of H U.S. airmen. , Murata, World War H Japanese Ike Trying to Sabotage TVA—Truman ambassador to the Philippines, said In an interview the photographs were at a crowded, museum-like exhibition hall which he saw while touring Peiping unescorted. He said he could not get close to the enMblt becanse the PAINT 4V WALL PAPER FREE ESTIMATES LOW PRICES E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Aone S-4S51 Your Check Is Waiting .. . That Is If you're BITKHIK to whom ih« company 1* cun you would like to know how rear, cull tti today! our Satisfied policy -holder* vntly paying a dtvldand. If you may get a check n*xt RAYMOND ZACHRY 118 N. 2nd. Insurance Agency Phone S-881B NASHVILJ-JE, Tenn. (IP) — Former President Harry S. Truman (old newsmen yesterday Ule Eisenhower administration is trying to sabotage the Tennessee Valley Authority. The fiery Missouri Democrat carefully avoided political talk yesterday while attending the Wild Pamps Festival at Cosby In Repub- Kamps Festival at Cosby in Republican east Tennessee. But he spoke out strongly today in favor of TVA, He explained that yesterday was Sunday and for th&t reason he. wanted tp avoid controversial matters. "Without TVA, the South would never have the Industrial centers it now has," Truman said at a news conference. ". . .There would be no such thing as rural electrflcation." He said "this administration" went into office with the objective of "ruining TVA" by turning It over to the "rich.' Truman said he has been interested n TVA snce he first voted for it In 1934. Truman added: "You can't sit by and let these people sabotage TVA . . . unless we get in there and work for Dust Storms A Blessing? AUSTIN, Tex. (/P)—Area Director H. P. Burleigh of the U. S. Reclamation Service says Texas' nose-clogging dust ol recent days really is a blessing. "Most of it Is highly fertile top soil and fertilizer," he said. "It comes mostly from New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and Texas' south plains. It's particles of the nation's fin- st soil." Doctors Warned Of Aspirin Poison FORT WORTH, Tex. (fl-Asplr- In and medicines containing aspirin head the list of agents producing fatal poisoning in children, Texas physicians have been told. Dr. John A. Anderson, pediatrics professor at the University of Minnesota, told a Texas Medical Assn. convention only three other agents—barbituric acid and its derivatives, alcohol and the petroleum products—exceed aspirin in poison deaths In all age groups. He said danger from aspirin did not come from proper use but in excessive quantities gulped by children from bottleB left. In places available to tot*. preservation of TVA we'll loae all we've gained in 20 years . . . wait a minute, wait a minute here. 1 didn't mean to get all wound up." The former President spent the night here as a guest of Tennessee Gov. Prank Clement. Truman laid his position on the controveraial Dlxon-YaUss Issue li well known and declined to discuss It further. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS L. T. Taylor, Pltf. vs. . No. U,»73 Dona O'Dell Taylor, Dft. " The defendant, Dona O'Deli Taylor, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, L. T. Taylor. Dated this 21st day of March, 1B55. SEAL OERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Claude F. Coper, Atty, for Pltf. Ed B. Coolc, Atty. Ad. Lltem. 4/28-5/M6-17 WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Bessie Key Jefferson, Pltf. vs. No. 1J,»72 Jim Jefferson, Dft. The defendant, Jim Jefferson, !• hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff, Bessie May Jefferson. Dated this 21st day of April, 1»M. SEAL OERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Lltem. 4/36-6/3-10-17 Paint Closeout M»ny Type* *nd Colon \ Price Hubbard Hardware THERE'S A "ROCKET" TO FIT YOUR POCKETI Prices begin at Thal't right—lhal't all it eoittl tour prk* «jBp«n«Ji upon ttttld of model end body iryU, ept.onal tqv!pm*nl an4 aceet.or.ei. Price* may vory illohtly in adjoining com muni tit* betnuia of (hipping chargei. Check our saiy fermi onj I b*rol alla.orwji. All pr cei tubjtcl to than a* nilkxjt no tic*. i Sit TOUR NIARIST OlDSMOIILI DIALIR HORNER-WILSON MOTOR COMPANY, 317 E. MAIN Phone 2-2056 • PLANT and PLOW YOUR COTTON IN THE SAME WEEK • PLANT YOUR COTTON TO A STAND, SAVE THE FIRST CHOPPING • PLANT CERTIFIED SEED FOR $1.20 PER ACRE • D&PLFox Cokers 100 Wilt Resistant D&PL15 Empire Wilt Resistant We Carry a Full Line of Arkansas and Missouri Adapted Hybrid Seed Corns: Sweet Sudan Ogden Soybeans Cert. Ogden Soybeans 5-100 Soybeans Lawn Grass Dortchsoy 67 Soybeans Dorman Soybeans Cert. Dorman Soybeans 'If It Grows —We Hove It' BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN Ph.3-6856 CORPORTION Ph. 3-6857 There's a HEATMASTER Styled for your kitchen When you buy a Heatmastei water heater you select an automatic unit made by the world'i largest manufacturer of water heating equipment. Superbly finished, handsomely designed, th* Heatmaster fits in perfectly in the modern kitchen or utility room. Tabl* Top Hwtmaster Roiwd Ht«tBMt«r dfcatnw&i Buy From Your Plumbtr or Plumbing & Heating D«al«r MIDSOUTH PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY (Wholesale Distributors) Rtor 213-215 W. Walnut BLYTHEVILH Ph.1-8111 388 I. JohntoR JONESBORO Ph.2-3162 "All HiOM who want OK Used Can, raise their hands!" Wives all over want OK Used Cars of their own. It's the low-cost answer to a family's second-car needs. The red OK Tag marks a car that's thoroughly inspected and scientifically reconditioned. You own with pride and drive with confidence because OK Used Cars are warranted in writing! Sold only by an Authorized Chevrolet Dealer SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Ph. 3-4578 LOOK AT THESE USED CAR BARGAINS 1954 CHEVROLET B«l Air power tilde 4-dr. Kdan. Equipped with power windows, power steering, B 4 H, def. A one owner wllh »ery low mileage. See Ibli one anil aave. $$$ 19SI CHEVROLET 4-dr, «edan with seat coven, w.w. llre«, R 4 H, def. Driven onlj (,000 mJIn. A beautiful one owner for $1395 1IM fMTMOBTH Cambrldte 4-dr. Ha. mt •orrn, E * H, def. It'i extra clean mt nim perfect. A low mileage one owner. only $1295 MM CHEVROLET l-dr. nedan with Mat eereri, H * H, def. Iff a honey for $995 1953 CHEVROLET Power Glide «pori coupe with Ivory and blue finish. Seat covers, R & H, def. A low mlleare one owner priced for quick ule. $$$ Many more to choose from. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan. SULLIVAN - NELSON CHEVROLET CO. SOI W. Walnut Ph. S-4ITS

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