El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on January 25, 1981 · 28
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 28

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 1981
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it THE EL PASO TIMES. gmfry, mm H, 1881 4) Profusion! Htlp (ji) ProeionIH!p (2.) Professional Help ' 120 Professional Help ' 124) Professional Help (24) Professional Help IU) Professional Help (24) Professional Help (24) Professional Help if ii si? m'dbew V the aner ; t) Uiwn. - cedurcs.p"V','J Lv,-a minimum of a 1 -wi-Ti-Wiei IB Electronic; Engineer s (RF) General Instrument Corporation, Jorrold Division, a leader in cable TV manufacturing offers ch Jllenqtng opportunities to engineers with RF electronics experience. Assigned to our manufacturing facilities in Tuscon, An?ona and Nogales, Mexico, the engineer will assume overall responsibility for technical support activities. Qualifications for this position include extensive background in RF circuitry and components, experience in use of test instruments and the ability to work from schematics, parts lists and assembly drawings. A BSEE or equivalent work experience required., Our R&D facility in Pennsylvania has a position available tor an RF engineer wnh similar qualifications. Interested applicants are invited to direct a resume with salary history to: Personnel Manager, General Instrument Corporation, Jen-old Division, 4640 South Par Avenue, Tuscon, Arizona 85714. An equal opportunity employer mf. GENERAL INSTRUM EN I PHYSICAL THERAPY Sierra is looking for a capable individual to fill an immediate opening in our physical therapy department, 2 years clinical experience required and eligible for licensure in Texas. Excellent benefit program, including stock options. S1AFF PHYSICAL THERAPIST Opportunity available in our 292-bed acute care facilityProgressive physical therapy department with emphasis on orthopedics and neurology. Must be eligible for licensure in Texas. Position includes Sierra's excellent benefit package. . To apply contact or send resume to: PF W SUNN t L StKVILti 1625 MEDICAL CENTER DR EL PASO, TEXAS 79902 (915)532 4000 E.O.E 2 Sierra Medical Center jmi Judy Vigolo (915) 5321 426 ENGINEERING TECKKICAL PLACEMENT SPECIALIST HE EE IS E Ounhili 'PERSONNEL SYSTEM, INC 444 btcutiv Or. Ilvd. $uit 200 (915) 532-M24 flf DIRECTOR OF .. . - JiSSISSiSittXX ' Poy'jidsn Ainivwt ty family (Sunt Mretfit'jner neMeo for M ni'mq po? W W'"1 ifnovaM rgra f.lfh (ire (yi'em Prewytf-r-ffn Mtoirai Sffvces (flit-fit ssiitrf, frmve benefits ft onhn inct eoyi.l'ori upporiumly For morf n (nrmal-on wnit Bootf Marfm, PA or h Lwi- MD. Box 6JI Ctjha N M im, acs 3T , , - , Programmer $28,000 BSftfi with 5 v'S ftcsitsmc f r-'fienc with 4 Bif & 8 B-t ,Tiicroproof T ni Fytgne 5(JC otltrs qre! opportunity Sn.'ino Ritriifttn(i D-vt5'On JB'rt Mr,. Suzan Haas 532-1981 Dirprtnr EDPACCT, cus makufactueikg inc. Tht hading Cji'jnr and monulactvrrr ol Jrorevo ThtArt tlKlronie InitnmtntatiOH for gecphytical phratitm hot tht fallowing optningi: TECHNICAL WRITER Strong background in analoq and digital electronics. Know or be able to learn seismic industry terms and applications. Ability to communicate ideas, organize material, and compose clear, logical text. Understand the use cf graphics to enhance and clarity text. COMPUTER MAINTENANCE ENGINEER BSEE or BSET in electronics or equivalent with 1-2 years experience in the latest concepts in digital and analog design. Must be familiar with basic central processing units and a wide variety of computer peripherals. Will be responsible for corrective and preventive maintenance, on site modifications, and insuring maximum performance of the internal computer systems. DIGITAL DESIGN ELECTRONIC ENGINEER Requires BSEE or equivalent to design . develop automatic test equipment. DIGITAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEER Requires BSEE or equivalent to test complex digital systems. SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMERANALYST Requires thorough knowledge of FORTRAN 8, some ASSEMBLY language experience. Must have extensive experience in computer modelinq, testing, & simulation. Bachelor's Deuree in mathematics or physical sciences required. Pleoie coll 778-9931 to ntoka appointment for Interview for any of th above position 8037 LOCKHEED DR. EL PASO, TEXAS mil E(m QppcrTynity Employer MP Employment Opportunities Nogales, Mexico General Instrument Corporation, Jerrold Dision, a leador in cable TV manufacturing offers challenging opportunities in the following aisas: QC MANAGER: BSFE, BSME; 5-10 yiars commercial and dlgHal electronics experience !n the quality , field; 3 years in management; bilingual preferred. SUPEPVISOR, PRODUCTION CONTROL 3 5 years managerial experience establishing production schedules, load factors, effective : use of labor. Thorough knowledge of product analysia, expediting, : : ! buying of production materiqi-,. .Should include experience waking ft with MHP systems. Bi-lingual preferred. BUDGET ACCOUNTANT: Accounting degree, minirniim of 3 years of super-; visory experience and background in financial analysis, budgets and ; ,:, general ledger. Professional salaries and benefits. Send resume with salary require- monts to: General Instrument Corporation, Jerrold Division, Personnel Manager, P.O. Box 1288, Nogales, Arizona 85621. An equal opportunity employer mf. : GENERAL INSTRUMENT PKOGKAMMERANALST Fortran required. DEC pxperiont c preferred. Ex-cellent salary positions with comparable frinp benefits for growth oriented individuals, IOH FLRTfIKH CONSIDEKATION CAM- BETWEEN HAM-oI'M THE EIJEHT COHrORATION n CIVIC CF MEK VM II I'ASO. TEXAS i)i.")i :i2-i78,r Lijiml ()jurtuniiy F.nipldycr I fV hoti:l im;u 3 1 W7 HOSPITAL i I LJtQ 1)1i-.i.aUon I II .Ml S 11-7 SIIIF I iR DA VS Hi HATING J i FOlt RLGjSTKKKI) MKSK.S 'Jr K 1,1 n, it n .iiil't Li'Liir- U tjr I inn cicii tiii uiiiiKr Si SwMM-Mj? jS l'-V't' I II I l,lHMCMlt II(EI!1I M 1 oit tk:hn(ilik;ist 1 1 1 m.LTlMh. lAi'l.RIKNCH) X 1 i TAKE ON A JOB We rraiie it oo'.iib'e for oil antf gas producers defeat o'netoe;moreenerayo:t of rheg'Ojid it's hard, chattering and dirT work Tne hours are long and fe conditions are as to-jgn as tiey rome But tf ,ou e r,d afr a,(! to put your energy m to 5! f.ore ene' jv out. and if yoa 3. e the ability to 0'k as ha'd wilhyour head as yoj dc .tn your nands, we may have a career Tor OIL FZELD SERVICE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR You'll iearn to operate our cementing acidizing, and fracturing equ'pmet through on-the-jcb training if you make 'he grane. expect to be promoted rap,diy in our last growing company You will earn a minimum of $1180 month to start. Increases areeamed as you progress You must beat least 21 years of age pass our physical ; e.amm'.o: taeavai:d drive's iicerse ard be wliir-j ;: to re'ocf teto OOESSA, TEXAS Our exeeitert benefits package includes medical, lite and dental insurance, sick leave, p-msion and stock owne-ship plans and caa vacation If you re up to the challenge and want to 6e considered, pleas let our representative, Frank Johnson at tht Granada Roy ale 6100 Gateway Eaat El Paso Monday, Jan. 26 th at 7 pm An Equal Opportunity Employer The Western Company of North America f IMF! IIP WWE Tffl St- awr 1 1 ". :r . tr a ti:-..f . ' tf. . i St iiiimwxim mtyiiin mJWwwK "jfr-tlillrmii-M ' Pacesetters In the video gomes and persona! computer field continues to expand its manufacturing operation in EL PASO, TX and offers this manage merit challenge for a AN ACER dusfria! M chanical ir Step up to this chfillenae ?s you assume responsibility for the complete engineering function ;n our higfi volume, fast pace- environment. You will develop me'h- ods and standards for all sssembhes as well as develop j a cost reduction program and direct the activities c; our j Technicians statt, Your BSIE or S5EE or equiv. with 3-5 years experience I in the following areas required: plan! start-up, line I layout, standards 8, methods, new product introduction, technical liaison with development engineering, failure analysis, 0SHA compliance and automation ot manga! ines. ATARI offers you rewards m salaries & benefits that match tne best in the industry, psus a Sabbatical lave Policy which offers 7 weeks paid leave ot absence alter 1 7 years continuous service with A i aki. Please send resume (INCLUDING SALARY HIS TORY), or contact our Personnel Dept., ATARI, INC., p 0. Box 9636, El Paso, TX 799M. (915 ) 779-3941. We are Ian eaual opportunity employer m.t. Ci A Warner Communications Company UIKECTOU Ol ,M USI.fi M.S.N. DKGIiKK rKF.KEIHiKI), :MHS. MANAGKMK.N'T KXPEIUKNCH KF.Ol. IKED. CLINICAL BXCKGIKUM) IN MA'fKIlNAL AND CIIII.I) MUSING. ;I)MIMSTIMTIVi: SlitlY I li MUSING DIi'T. Ml ST IM'i: :nVU'M Ml (ML 2 YKS. EM. I.N IXCHEMNG!.,Y KESI'ONSIP.I.E M.CHETEUIM I'OMTIONS. K.NOWIJ'.liiiE OK MEDICAL I'EHMONOLOGY IlELI'UL. HYS I.C.U 7-3. 3-11. 11-7 C.C.U 3-11, 11-T NURSERY 11-7 O.B.GYN 7-3. 3-11 6URG1CAI 11-7 PEDI 3-11 RECOVERY ROOM 7-3. 3-11 THAIS FLOATS 7-3. 3-11, 11-7 LVYS U) 3-11 SURGICAL 11-7 NURSERY 3-11 excklh:ni i;inkht pack vgi: COMPLTPI'lVt SAIAIIIKS M'I'IY rMI'l.iiVKf; HI:I.ATilS(H-'!.K ICE, Tl 10 MASON GEM HAL IKIMTAI, 4Iil". At.VMI DA AVI l 1, Hyt A I . !( ill IM . N ITV KMI-UiKH wmxm r V , ljr:-F.. :'r1L?iri;ff m 'Sam aw-- a i loii; ..'.a i i if iff i, ft r.:.j t I H I aw I :' l"iM'l r s ir ii i.ik I 1 rruvsenm j S f i I ATARI VITH A FUTURE! yew MECHANICS You must be capaoie of maintaining our well servicing equipment. Tms includes trucks, trailers, pumps and aeck engines. You will earn a minimum of $!295,month to start. Increases are ear oed as you progress. YoumustnaveoneverijfexDerienceaiamec!"an'cora Certificaie of Completion irom an accredited trade school, pass our physical examination, have your Own hand toois. ara oe willing to relocate to KERMIT OR EL COt'AOO.TEXAS vmJ fTf r" w mm URWtrSOKai ii.mx'iiiiirf,flij I ,','2l ,ual Opportunity KlFpippS Employer M.F. 1. a j mum m mi, :s: wi mm Yea - Positions Available far UU's &. Vfil's MATmt!&i.CIM AREAS : NEWBORN NUKSEKY ' , . PEDIATRICS Ht.Mi SIJGlRY Mi&ic Ai-sy5ioscAL;: mms " ORTHSFfClCS " rehabilitation psychiatry GENERAL 5UiCFRY ENDOSCOPY NURSE CaTICM CARARKAS' - INTCNSiVH CAPE UNIT ' OPERATING ROOM PEDIATRIC ICU NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE COKONARY CARE UNIT TEl.f AiiETf '-MANA9 EMSHT ARC AS HtAD NURSE ICU HEAD NURSE PSYCHIATRY HEAD NURSE INTERMEDIATE Immodiot Hoolth 8 lifo Iniuranca Covorage Employffr Paid Relirmnfint Plan Continuing Education Programs Excellent Fr.nqo benelifs Excellent Salaiy & Shift Differential CONTACT: FRAN Win, R.N. NURSE RECRUITER PSOVIDINCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Continuing To Build And Crow 2001 N. OKEGCN Knml Oooortunlty Employer SEWING MACHINE MECHANIC LEVI STRAUSS & CO. HOBBS, NM .Immediate opening for experience sewing machine mechanic. Two years experience power machine preferred. I Earn UD to 18. 60 Der hour , ...... . II ii A permanent full-time job-pay commensurate with experience plus excellent benefits including health 8. life insurance, paid vacation & holidays-good working conditions.. - il 1 INTERESTED? If So Call Or Write iamiT CTAPrnnr. PERSONNEL MANAGER LEVIS STRAUSS & CO. P.O. BOX 39 HobbS, NM 88240 (505)392-6551 -Equal Opportunity Employer i VIL DRA TSW-AN J S yffrsmnirnun Loerttnce, Benc?tt paccacie intljdert fp'y.jl Vislj Mills Bank Piaja,.Stp 400 R.N BUSV fiASrftOOOAPEA FAMILY PRACTICE Part tme Approi 20 LV.N. 3-n RN Nursing Home lSOCroom RrJ. 772-5480 025 Sales Work Marketing Rep. ; Co ce oct ons tB ie Sbfwt . cf e Ce ir & . r- vAU SAi feCEiSG CK j OunhiSi PfRSONNEt SVICE 444 EjiKL'tiv Center Btvd. Suit. 200(915) 532-1426 ADV TiSiNG sales :,. it:'- are m t-' same- reio. tow ma iot be infereifijc chance '0' at a thanoe O it I m sut ot'rt m'ert : wj if ifo, rfrOrtineed t s canje for :tw ? oettef' ,;.,:. '.;..; SHAW- BATCM AAA t firm, H cont-art rer.reii proctn.-tnfluiifif soift.ot ana vow Mtre pc'lton cou'C tpcfl to Manassmttr.r' ;-; . 531 Wl S. 1 1 ?so NittiSrtal firm is etpsnsNrw) in ths .Area, Wos ftulsJ cjrfcnt nt !itens ' A- :r some recfiimq management t-noerwnce, We'ftroae ne .tciiow .s; LPad ufRi,inrJ- ;v "-r; 'E$tBi.sh arouo payron aeauc: - - f'Oft- '--3.- - weMy pavchths f qerts ;vi" Guaranteed tssu lit po'icy Rewriting ai&i5taoc ataabi? Ccncuny berti?- National nianagftrtt oppoortwn vv'-" CALL COLLECT J'V nVILtE TT (40S 43S5II AMUiCAN AUTOMOfc'LE ASSOCIATION ; SiMei trainef neL(et tuti Time to reprp- .- mt AA Ecef'ftt flaify prospect irtg program Rfps turrenfiy-earn i.rst year ; wruii iw.omt ieei rrom 1 1,000 IHOOO E steiient tuiitimc tr.riqe oenetits. aiv.uai -. avefior.pi'alaT'On. it wave, ute-m jraice 4 fehrffiiit program For pr mat inrview calf homer Stararo t '3 tOt .... ' -,, EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY if vou am to be in business for y outsell art'i your rnvr-strnenf rrusl be ime & et-... lor?, not money, litis is your ooportuojy. N.i!:onat cornP3.T offer sfertirtg amou-it ;.! tip to S?.oaO. mo., tomprehertitye tra img, fringe Dencftts. tommtssionv !l you an( ; an exreptional '-.nreer opportunity to oe ;j vpiop your own rt.ati prot.t bjs.rtesi... Pita Can - vii::rM . RICHARD DRURY 779 56-0 "-'V:. Art tquai Opportun-ty Enployer Career Concepts Employmanf Service INSIDE SALES Your ihflrp sppArnct & knowledge ot tHimDini suppliei could lend yi a position itti IMS nub. co. SeU'v to Ito.aOO f , comm,. Cell fUri Sreen ??;-?0l), .;- Equipment Sales W. - ; (itf motivated individual ar ' opp&v -v'r "j earn tr;p compenia'.ort irt tfb stiti gating fieio ot maieriai nanaiiti?. Mavp on-? i.iies petition avaiiablrf at our vprf iV-'eMfui Ei Pao branr.n so il " ten artspensrtoo cnafiengmg annrearo-ina career osoorlynity, ,r'ct your Vjmt at the Virr Co.., P Box 7)1U, Orny, 'Z SSDJi,... Millionaire Seeks Business Partner Millionaire comt?5 ou! of retirement tt); lake a wlect grrip to the top tr trie wetqhl . ioss .ntiutr. No mveslmcrtl required, Cji! i r.Pv T 4lSjWg!VS: , SALES-PRO'S ; New Service ; Business L'-' ' ?1 n nnfl wi ' 3?t up out own office, no invfr(t$ry, tilu " plus ovrr'riit. 100 offices to open Ml UB. taH "OV1 f-lnS J-alL - Pnclij. K Hif. N-ltiOna! Triple A Co . rjt aflfjitionai saie peopif design to earn higfi cor.ir.isiiort salary and to oe j ir.rjeppridertr aoumcss ov.-neri, prooytr !j i.nfis fiver. H'iCO difftient maintenance ' iTt-itcrials uset! in maintaining tipavy trucks, fleets, ftijiomotivt1 recairifiq, ift ", riurJriii); infi'ijtiorta: maintenance oil & gas 'ndutrff1.. Wus I'ave ? yrs outsidt: i.itfexpf.priii1' Call ''51JUV4 ?410, Won,'. Mini Frt 5 a m to 6 p.m. " CALL US FOR INFO(W,TI(JN DENNIS AftONtO ' fHUUtN i i'L Desires 10 add to uur sijft of saie pto- r?-pit-& Salti LuBt-r visors A SUPERIOR TRAINING PROGRAM. OUTSTAN0- "X iNC FRINGE BFNEPIU & startlr.q sa.irv ot up to $15,900 ti-m r or.missif-n' ; orovidft an excellent opportufi ity for :! ' (re righ' pmon ) mfc-rvsij phone - -53j ?sn :jetwepn 30 anrJ i 30 weph A NtW 'bFGINNINg'1' 1 " Fire Alarm Stferns oo save iivm. Locl : dtitribytfr established here for five years is expanding professional sates force. Sin- ere, wen oresseo aopntams win oe con sidered. Aoply i Eiecutive Center, 30y. 130pm only ' Monoay througti Friday, Nott: Oyr Top producer earned 11140 iast weeK i LATIN RECORD CO. Nfn(! salts rtfp, bil'iouai, sa'ary, r.nmris-. -; SiOrt. efjt-nse car aiiwant.P & other :' vrinqe benphls No etponence, ve train. ft.ppry in person Montia only from li a.Ti, 6pm w-tfi Mrs, Garna Torres. La Oitin " " i a Motor inn, Rm, J0l.fi HO Gateway feast. ffil'Jp.,,. ., . ..,. ,,.,.,,,- ' Real Estate School i Investor Interr.tiTtonal irt tftruary 9th W tor qualt'k-ii applicants , who desirt? real rotate r;s a cor-r, t W'it1 ; sponsor adlra'f! 'or investors. CallThel' ' uo' son to work E I tjaitO area E.irh. nys abovf averse Liefl on;y by your . ."itrit, A f.or'rKts. Highly corntitit)e . HJTJJUt!' CHUM'S. OHi- T ill JOO f nu, !or senc resum; to Box 34071 Dallas, -- 'ri jij'i t n i i .mi- PHOPEftT'y MANAGCR Peal Estate It r.ense. Knowicjgc ot acrountiny 4 ttuiid- ;fit, maintenance, salary plus comrrns-stofl. References required. Scrtf rcsurtie to NPC bo C ao&5M to tins nfcrtrspa - t EARN EXTRA CASH! Delias firm eDr,fiinq nationwide Whole- sa'e fashion jewelry Wodest investment. Kapio aavancemen: io rranagement, gn-lirnitep potential. CftM eyerins, Svj? WA. - HOVI0US, Realtors" IS EXPANDING AGAIU. We NEF D mire riqf-nH, esp t-aM anfl NE Call 533 2635 or 97 ft 100 CAN YOU $PEMO S-00 WtEKLYTiTj it ro. ycu canrarn this much sel'mq Enty-cloneclia fl'itannica :n home on comrmS' vol 778 Vtf SAlTS WfiNAGcR -3 years life insurance experience. tJ5,0M 'iflSiiry pigs personal flroHurtion Call Dan ' 5 Hyhnricks, CI.U ttl m EQC,m t. 'jAlEPESON fjvpp.'ionrpij m rnarKet n n:',.(jwhtiai lirjht futturtjs to prospect --vphnmf nu 1 1 tier? for loca1 liqmmg iho .'prn ii; ... . ... : - f iperipncid Siil''ipt'rson neKittJ tor niw EM stritmn ir AlarnorgorOo.NM. J(l tornm-ssioh. warm weatner, qooo OfK ir.'j con'Mion r..ii spa aid UU Nr'tfti t-nrnpiii. '.I'it rriotiv-'jlfci aufJ.o vi ' suai salesperson to iOn medium si;e: q'Owinq inlusinal Ireoer &tjpryit resume to N P.C Bo W M to i)t this htwspa " t'Ermancmt 'jart ni- 'EU6HONEiALES Salary t tommi.. " UitD Car Dealer nwd sjlts people Will trim. Good pay ?9'S MOA DYER BfcALTOi W

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