The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 10, 1969 · 18
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 18

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1969
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18 Boston Evening FOR WOMEN ONLY Stay on the pill DEAR DR. CURTIS: My mother says the birth control pills I've been taking the past five years are just holding back the menopause. I am 46 and have four children, the youngest of which is five years old. I honestly can't face the prospect of another baby at my age, and yet I keep worrying about this menopause thing. What should I do? Mrs. W. K. BAKED STUFFED ADA f rVlll UTAH - urllTlliil UlffA For Rawvotionf 893-3000 M f2 j SB FflEIMGNON 395 1 BROIHD N.Y. SM01N $395 I V OIW!iiWl ' BIKE m WATCH r " V;'u hYx! fyi jfrjl fimmi,,nr,nm' o , I n 1 mumnercHt-ii ' has22wa to get noticed! (And every one of them is a glowing Revlon hair color!) II I Snow Blonde Baby Blonde Wheat Blonde Smoky Blonde Dawn Blonde Misty Blonde Twilight Blonde. Dusky Blonde- Tawny Blonde Midnight Blonde The hair color rll r"v f lib vt r p i ,..' Mistake-proof ll JV . Revlon It .U S 'Colorsilk' 1 sV l? Shampoo in any one of these radiant 'Colorsilk shades. You'll get glorious Revlon color that everyone notices! Enriched with protein silkeners that leave your h3ir shiny. Silky. And noticeable! So, go to Revlon for Colorsilk, the mistake-proof hair color. (When used as directed, you just can't go wrong.) Complete kit, 2.00 Globe Monday, November DEAR MRS. K.: Stay on the pill. It's made to order for women your age who have all the family they desire. Your mother, no doubt, means well, but she is incorrect. You will undergo the c menopause at about the same age with or wtthout the pill. With the pill, you simply avoid many of the distressing symptoms. LOBSTERS $4 95 IHIl WTIUJ VCI IIH IMOE ';keiti ll irrssup) CHUSF SMIH iot nmn ksomi uusi HUE I9IIS KI IUlHt ' MAIN T, lAACTMAM II K I 'Colorsilk' Strawberry Blonde Happy-Medium Brown Honey Auburn Deep Down Brown Terra Copper Midnite Go Lightly Brown ' Charcoal Brown Toffee Brown : So Natural Black Young Brown So True Ash Brown' people notice! 8 IL Z k ' L ' J I l M 10, 1969 - 1 .- . He Brown ' A i, y : I'm ' " 4 ' W "or k m rfr. h1 -im i i ' I iff - i ( v v " ififciWTMfiTMitiiilit-oiriii i'iffi-r1Tti-ifiiiHir;r,ljrfWifflil (Count them!) mm 1 4 The Ledgewood Home for 'Jewish Children held its 71st Annual Luncheon and fashion show today at noon in the Sheraton Boston Hotel. Fashions, including this fur, from Cyreld's. . CLUB NOTES Norwood Business and Professional Women's Club meeting, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 6:30 p.m., happy hour; 7:30 p.m., dinner; guests from Southeast district and state federation. St. Mary of the Hills Women's Guild Christmas bazaar, at school hall, 260 Brook rd., Milton; Saturday, Nov. 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; snack bar to augment numerous booths of handmade articles and homemade foods. Massachusetts Association of Women Deans and Counselors Fall meeting, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14, 15; Northfield Inn and Northfield School for Girls; , theme: "People in Crises". ANDOVER BRAINTREE NEWTON SAUGUS Use your Master Charge Card to buy Diamonds at Frank DePrisco Jewelers 333 Wash. St. Suite 448 Boston - lew bi'vi hdtvi iissciitioi Young aclors sparkle 6Bob9".Ted, etc' spicy, but bright By Marjory Adams Globe Staff Bright, vivacious- shocking, and with a surprisingly moral ending (if you have the perception to realize it). "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" is one of those "on the verge" films that causes voices to rise and tempers to blaze. The people involved with the film insist that nobody can watch it without taking sides. Personally, I found it an exciting example of the new morality in cinema terms, intelligently and colorfully acted by a quartet of attractive players. I don't think the characters themselves showed too much common sense, and I grew a little tired with the "now" theory that going to bed with your husband or the husband of some one else is going to change your life for the better. If the exponents of the idea would only study morals and manners through the centuries they wouldn't think that this is such a panacea. " SUBURBAN Cleveland Circle, Lawrence, Dedham, Neponset, Revere, Suffolk, VFW Parkway and Natick THEATRE CLEVELAND CIRCLE 566-4040- T THE INTERSECTION OF IEAC0N ST. AND V. I OR COMMONWEALTH AVE. VIA CHESTNUT I'-t.t'.'iti "UTTERLY HILARIOUS" ARL0 - "ALICE'S i GUTHRIE RESTAURANT" R SHOWN: -2:06-7:50-9:50 J! mcmc in-oui 75T2JTI75Ty!frT3ia-fcT f werwe in c 1 , TK&. WIL, TM MOW STARTS 1M KZh-j r -mm CAMBRIDGE ONE COMPLETE SHOW STARTING AT 7:30 ALL COLOR RICHARD BURTON (R) "STAIRCASE" REX HARRISON OIVIAR SHARIF "CHE" JACK PALANCE CANTON Rte.138 8282122 MEDFORD tWT SH1MI I TWO GENTLEMEN SHARING I VII I CDC TUDCC CHASTITY-r WIHP.W 2 "THE HETECTIVE' 3 THI STAIRCASE" ARLINGTON CAPITOL 648-4340 Kfir OiMm "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" Shown at 6:30 A 9:00 REGENT Parkin' Warren Bsatty "BONNIE A CLYDE" 9:00 "BULLITT" Ste McQueen 7:00 St. 1O0 "gllVE tITTLE Tn" "GIT" AVON m "Battle of Britain" Celer Michael Cain "Yiini llllit Yhri" Csler Rfftort Mltfhm BACK BAY Viieot 5?oman'a complete and uncut 1 Am Curioui t'Veilowl is "a lano-marK likely to "permanently shatter many ot our lart renia:n;ne eonven-tior.s." says wrsiiam WoJ of Cue Mamine. The Ewrtn Film presented br Grove Pei stars Lena rrr-an. A Sarrews TrrdUCtl-ri. ADMISSION RESTRICTED 10 (Symphony Dneka I HU1rt.MASSL 262-8320 BELMONT STUDIO CINEMA 484-1704 (M) St IHcQuwn "BULLITT" 9:15 BOINtE A CLYDE" 7:15 BROCKTON SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL THEATER L3L m yryy,. ,., .... IhmW it What is most intriguing is the fact that a lot of current attitudes are ingeniously satirized. For instance, the love-for-your neighbor notion has its pants kidded off in a restaurant scene. It seems that not everyone, including a most competent waiter, wants to discuss love and honesty when serving dinner. Nor do husbands and wives have their romantic urges at exactly the same time. As Ted and Alice, Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon have one of the frankest marital impasses that has been shown on the screen. It is the kind of quarrel plenty of married people may recognize, even if they wouldn't admit to it publicly. . ,' Much has been made in the advertisements about "swapping husbands," but this is handled in such an amusing manner that the film is scarcely a candidate for the Washington Street "flesh" theaters. .There's considerable wit in the story, which Producer Larry Tucker and Director THEATERS Ann,.' MS id CHESTNUT Rlfl AVE. ONLY 1 KIN. (ROM EITHER HILL AW. Also M5IIT ciiu m m.t.. 1 '"STIRRING EPIC" -nosionGob. DTTir nr nniTRiii" DHIILX Ur DrWIHIit G J SHOWN 2-7:30-9:55? - Fit WT. 1 ill. MOW (WT.TP.E PIUSCHEJ Hsnartoa & iiimiiMiian i i v -AND1 CAMBRIDGE CANTON 1. ALICE B. T0KLAS 7:0 2. BONNIE & CLYDE 3. BULLITT MEDFORD eitcnne I CANHLLE SOFT SKIN OR BLSJK SILK UCKKSt "GOODBYE COLUMRUV 1 2 ODD COUPLE" 3 "HARPSFfJ BROOKLINE COOLIDGE COR. 734.2500 la Color Academy Award Best Actress ; Katkarine Neabsra - Peter 1'Twll 1 -THE LION IN WINTER" l'JO 4 8:15 Tiesda; Only 1 a ". - Fimily Matinee! j "Yourt, Mine A Our" Coler "S" H "RUSSIANS ARE COMING" Calar I CAMBRIDGE UN 4-4580aas UST t DtTS! TAMING OF THE SHREW 25-6:00-9:30 "OTlEY" IK)(M:J0-.-09 "?TI-226-a: J LAST DAY! BERGMAN'S PERSONA iHinTatrf UN 4-0486 una' ijj-V Ufl I OATS! TWO GENTLEMEN SHARING ' '0e-.0O-ieO lt tm. Mat. 4:0 HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR j 5 4S-7:4.:5 Sat. on. W.t. 3:45 i LAtT OAVI n?3TN Two Previously VELLEl Hiea Ceatrik tean i--jjk17T Starring W. C FIELDS YjHM "k' Sift" 4-5-ao-nai Taf U "Maa aa Flylaa Tnnji" At 5a5-7O-103 1001 Man. Atean twH4f aca.yay) CHELSEA PARKWAY PLAZA Rt- 1-1 A 8S4-567 Free Parking Richard Burton - Re a Harrison "THE STAIRCASE" 1:15-9:15 R Alse l-ar Siiertf "CHE" 2 50 7 -JO CHELMSFORD Bra! 1 AUCT$ REStATRANT 2 caul botch CASSlsvftso NPWam THE STlOtfKS m. 1 KM WCNtGHT o nor f "Batiie Cf Brif3iBw Jl 1H 1 RICHARD I A K HARRISON a . All B-i i Paul Mazursky wrote together. Nobody is expected io take this as a moralistic drama. It's designed for laughs, and if there is a lesson, brought home in the very last scene, the entertainment is still what you take home with you. My compliments must be paid first to Turner and Mazursky, as the constructors of the clever story, but then come the laurel wreaths for acting achievement, and they should go to the ladies, Natalie Wood ' and Miss Cannon, for their deftness, charm and comedy sense, and to Messrs Robert Culp and Gould for their assurance, physical attractiveness and impeccable characterizations. It's a group of young people we'd all like to know off the screen, as well as on, although at times they might be a bit trying when your Establishment relatives came to call. The film opens with Bob (Culp) and Carol (Natalie) at a session for untran-quil misfits who want to find the secret of a happy SUBURBAN Boston, Braintree, Brockton, Burlington, Cambridge, Framingham, Iptwich, Peabody, Saugut & Stoneham GENERAL Clfif MA CORP PLU.S- SEE MOVIE CLOCK FOR Bothia Color (iMCrnai FRIMINGIMM CE5 8020 PEARODY 599-1310 HtlRTREE 848-1070 BURLINGTON 272 4410 REMARKABLE FIIM -Judith Crist NIC-1V (TODAY SHOW LAGT unr.icn BARBARA HER3HEY RICHARD THOMAS . - in coioa 1:30-1:30-5:25-7:25-9:25 ' 1 FRAMINGHAM CBD2Q PCAtOOY 599-1J10 BRAINTREE 848-1070 BURLINGTON SWEET cwuiny SHIRLEY 272-4410 hS! ) COLOR MICHAEL CAINE LAURENCE OLIVIER "BATTLE OF BRITAIN'' 1:30-4:20-7:00-9:30 COLOR C BROCKTON l&ll'963-8833 WESTGATE MALL'RTS.I4.27 "ALICE'S RESTAURANT" ' 1:30-3:30-5:20-7:20-9:20 ff STQNFHIM HST ,CT"tss " TH YEAR 4M-MSI ATHRINE HEPBURN ' "THE LION IN FRESH POND. UINTrD CAMBRIDGE WINItK 547 8M0 ' M5-4:Oe-T:(IO-S:J SAUGUS;"STA1RCASE" 1:3B-5:25-9:1S I ""-'"CHE" 3:30-7:25 COLOR KSiTO RIDER" ftnDMlM .MURNET TO FAR SIDE OF KiM UUHrTlAn 2:45-i:4S COLOR FBA)mfiHiUlMoiawMvpoct(rri:oo--fMfr S OMAR iiAUEij .:S 3 SHARIF as un. injo "STAIRCASE" b'ucwt4obn' tm I PLAZATWINDRIVE-II4 8t"HtE tHWOO TSi;it.7 J JOURNEY ii FAR SIDE SUN ? .""HELIFIGHTERS" rr OPEN 6:15 HEATERS novcETER I AMPlEAOJACEWPacmiNB Ml aaaaaaataaaaaeaaaal i5240ORCHSTERAVE Kim Or 3 ACADEMY AWARDS -com "CAMELOT" WAT1NEE 1 P.IW. EVEWmC DEDHAM COMMUNITY Best Norfolk County! K. Htatara - P. S'Taall C:45 t 9 a - "LION IN WINTER" FOXBORO ORPHEUM 643-6612 -LICPI IS WIHTER" 6:45 & ! FRANKLIN CINEMA Fra Pkg. 2 Sam A 9 Katharine Hepburn "LION IN WINTER" I M. '9utch Ca'dy Suftdanre K'd' GLOUCESTER H INCH AM LORING CINEMA III. Knr (ilia "2001: A Spaca Odyawy" i 1. a. "Brave Little Tailor" j LEXINGTON LEXINGTON 1:30 "Journey X'J - 7-9 Far Sidt cf Sanw (G)i MATTAFAN ORIENTAL - tat. Aaarta (rtanat iatn Pvt-r I'Taal "LION IN WINTER" LJO-2030 17 1 1 VVaaf Sownr Davia Jr. I In Vy. M Ricardo Montalbaa J 1:35-4:28 i l existence. A brawny glad-hander instills in them his I own brand of propaganda which has to do with, "un- t derstanding," "love" and "honesty" as practiced be- : yond the customary stand- J ards of convention. j They ' persuade the doubtful Ted and Alice that the idea is workable. ! There are a couple of in- fidelities, confessed to wun somewhat gleeful honesty, and then a couple more, and finally the "orgy" which does "ofge." It isn't what is done as much as how it is done, which' is audaciously" comic. It is plesant to see new faces on the screen or faces which are not very familiar. Natalie Wood had been absent from pictures so long she becomes a discover ery all over again. She's good. So is Elliott Gould, who is a lot more important oq nn nntor than mere ly being the former husband of the latest idol, ( Barbra Streisand. V '., THEATERS MALDEN tn;flUm';:7T77TlT17riiTWl STAIRCASE gZSSr illlV IsW-lill I1T. IUR. TUI1 MMiM-lltft CHE OMAR SHARIF, JACK PA' AHCE BIILT 1:11-7,11. !T. 1W..TUI1. liW Ii ll-T:ll ACADEMY AWARD WINNER LION IN WINTER AILT AT S:M V.. T. SUN. A TUE. liOO, tiOO ' MAYNARD FINE ARTS I II 927-2100 "BUTCH CASSIDV A THE , SUNDANCE KID" 8:05 "MIDNIGHT COWBOY" 8:00 MEDFORD CINEMA I A II 396-8499 "LION IN WINTER" 7 A 8:16 Tues. 2:30 - 4:45 - 7:00 - 9:18 "CAMILLE 2000" (X) 79 Tues. 6:00 - 7:00 - 9:00 Mat. Tom'w 1:30 "Brava Little Tailor" MILFORD CINEMA . 473-1181 "EASY RIDER" 7 & 9 MILTON MILTON CINEMA Parking 8 P.M. VANESSA REDGRAVE RICHARD HARRIS "CAMELOT" - Wed. "Lion In Winter" 6:45 9 NATICK Faatared at 7:45-9:55 Tlxy iMk ttcir stand at tW WMi Maoolttt frtMiart TQ 0009 CUTS 1X9 S. ti. NEEDHAM CINEMA 444-6060 "TRUE GRIT" 7 & 9:15 NEWTON CORNER PARAMOUNT Exit 17 Mass. Pika 332-7833 Free Parking Ennini Only Cantlnuai from 6:00 P.M. Richord Burton and Rex Harrison "STAIRCASE" (R) 2:60-9:20 Omar Sharlff "CHE" (M) 1:15-7:45 Tuesday Mat. Only 13 p.m. Gala Holiday Children' Show "Brave Little Tailor" Cartoona rVST NEWTON NEWTON 2 8hOwa 6:45 9 P.M. "LION IN WINTER" , Color Peter O'Toole-Katherine Hepburn NORWELL-HINGHAM CINEMA 7 9 878-6643 "CAMILLE 2000". ' NORWOOD CINEMA 7:00-9:10 "LION IN WINTER" QUINCY STRAND 472-1424 Mat. Only 1 Winner at 3 Academy Awards Peter OToole- Katharine Hepburn "THE LION IN WINTER" , Tomorrow Mat. Only 1 p.m. "The Russian Are Coming" 1 :00 L. Ball "Yours, Mine Qura" 3:16 WOLLASTON-QUINCY WOLLASTON Mon.-Tnir. All Sean, $1.00 "2001: A SPACE CDVSSEV" 8 p.m. Tan. Mat. "Brave Little Tailor" Tues. Mat. "Brave Little Tailor" ROSLINDALE RIALTO One Eve. Show 7:30 "DR. ZHIVAGO" Omar Sharif Wed. "LION IN WINTER" Admtsiiaii Aililti jlOQ-CMIdrea 50 SCITUATE UH33SE ann SOMERVILLE SOMERVILLE BROADWAY "BONNIE A CLYDE" 9:00 "BULLITT" Slwa MciHwa 7:00 STOUGHTON STATE - 7:00 9:00 Butch Cassidy A The a-Mi SOUTH WEYMOUTH WAKEFIELD WAMFIELD 25-2500 7:30 "LION IN Mummn WALT HAM EMBASSY acta-aan "LION IN WINTER" .an'.' ;ing WATERTOWN NU CINEMA Eva. 7 JO 824-2100 iaaaia ( Clydr" 7 J0"UUITT 9M WELLESLEY COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE 230047 "IF" (R) 8 P.M. WESTRQXBURY VILLAGE Statnl m a- "LION IN WINTER" 6 Is o WINCHESTER 4UU At.K:i(0 HAa, "HAWAII" WlNTHRQp "'"""U' CIKEWA aas-.Wn Patar OTool-h,, H, "LION IN WINTER" 1 jwiii .1 4V.Uk.ik-V-V4V

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