The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1955 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1955
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1985 10Candles for United Nations: 7945 CharterConferenceWorld's Greatest International Gab Fest UNITE D NATIONS (NEA) — There never was, and there probably never will be, another international gab fest like the United Nations Charter conference at San Francisco, April 25 to June 26, ' 1945 _ just 10 years ago. By PETER EDSOV NEA Staff Correspondent A thousand colorful representatives of 30 nations in attendance. Europeans in Homburgs. Indians in turbans. Communists in caps. Arabs in bumocse and robe, dazzling the natives and saying "You should see us on horseback." . More reporters, from all over the world, than delegates. Church groups. Women's clubs, luncheon clubs, A lunatic fringe of crackpots for good measure. As "advisers" and "consultants" they were herded in sideshow auditoriums and allowed to spout. Beautiful, cosmopolitan San Francisco threw a welcome mat on «very hill, hearthstone and trolley itep. There was a two months' atmosphere of carnival over the whole Bay area. Bored by four years of war Weariness and rationing, dull care was banished and joy was unconfined. Peace, it was go- Ing to be wonderful. Eternal spring was in the air. No Togs, real or imaginary, drifted in from the far Pacific fit this season. Such political clouds as appearing on the horizon were no bigger than a babe's hand. All were dissolved, by compromise, or so the delegates thought. VyacheBlav Molotov, the chief Russian delegate, came expecting to stay three days and stayed three weeks. Even he left thinking everything was going to be dandy. He •aid the Big Four had reached unanimity in the world security organization, There is something of a temptation today to think.that all those delegatee who met in the, San Francisco civic auditorium 10 years ngo were naive gnbes in tho giant redwoods. Maybe they were. But their survivors who are still in governments here, there and around the world deny it. They foresaw, they say, that it would not all be sweetness iuul light thereafter. There were a few realists around who feared what lay •head. They tried to cry warnings, but npbody minded. Look whnt they wrote in the preamble to the UN Charter ns their purposes and principles: "1. To maintain peace and security "2. To develop friendly relations among nations. . . . "3. To achieve international cooperation in solving International INTERNATIONAL OAB FEST: rhl» wai the no the United Nations. Speaker here Is President Trum ene In Sun Francisco 10 years ago at the birth of an, who called it "only the first step." problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character, and in encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental fredoms for all, without distinction ns to race, sex, language or religion. . . ." Nobody could be against those objectives. It must have been the world thai changed. It wiia three weeks after the UN chnrtcr was signed at San Francisco that the first atomic bomb was tested al Alamogbrdb, N.M. It was six weeks after the charter was signed Hint the first real bombs were dropped on Jnpo,n, to end the wnr. There were n lew people at San Francisco who knew that tht; bomb was being developed. But no one anyplace knew what terrific impact It would mnkc on the next 10 years of history without ever being used in fictunl wurfare. There were other signs nnd portents nt San Francisco of troubles abend, The Polish question cnme up the first day of (he conference. It was whether to recognize the Polish government in exile, in London or the ptippej. government, set up by the Russians in Lublin. When the Russians proposed Unit the Lublin government be represented nl, Hun Francisco, the conference turned It down. Then the Russians seized the London Poles on their way back to Lublin. * • • That should hiivft wjirnprf everybody on the future Communist pro- QUICK reaching 1 fo founding. ON THE DRAW: Russia's Vyuclicsluv Mnlotav wus r j manuscript, nol » sun, when he spoke il UN griim, but It didn't. Everyone wanted peace so badly that the rough spota were glossed over. That applied also to the veto Australia's Herbert Vare EvaLt led the little countries' fight against, lhat, but they lost. The United States, Britain and China favored denying a vote to any major power Involved in a conflict, but Russia held out against It. The 'Russians tried to limit General Assembly power to discuss questions relating to international pecac and security. This one they had to give In on. The Russians demanded a gag rule on everything and this threatened to blow up the conference. Harrp. Hopkins find Avercll Hnrrl- miin were rushed to Moscow to talk it over with Stalin. He announcer! he had instructed his delegation flt Son Francisco to show a more con- cilifirtory attitude, but this result wasn't, apparent. * * • At the formal si|f n liijr ceremonies on June 2(i, however, everyone hoped for the best. Russia's Andrei Oromyko. declared that the nations had obligated themselves to achieve flcacelul settlement of dlsputea. Civil War Vet To Get Diploma CRESTVIEW. Pitt. M 1 !—William Allen Lundy, one of the three surviving Confederate veterans, .will receive a high school diploma May 10 The 107-year-old veteran wns made nn honorary member of the Crcfltvlew Hlfih School senior class in Jnmwry nnd will receive his honorary diploma with the class at rniniuencnmont exorcises. j "1 KUCSS I'm nbout 90 years late j grUiiiK my cteRrne from hiph school," Limcly suhl. "II wns ccr- lalnly nice for the kids to remember me." Marshal Jan Smuts of South Africa declared the new charter was better than the old League of Nations In that force was now provided to maintain peace, and great power unity would guarantee It. S o m e w h a t more realistically, President Truman hailed it as, ". . . only the first step to a last- Ing peace" and not as a "final or perfect Instrument." Perhaps even he didn't know how right he was. Tomorrow: The possibilities of revision. Pay as You Go Transportation PITTSBURGH W)—The Pittsburgh Railways Co. said it shocked to Inirn many commuters who ride its trolleys only a lew blocks in the business district were under the impression the ride was free. A checkup showed many persons entered and left by the side door$. Now. the company keeps the side doors closed in the business district. Pnsspnpers pny ns they enter. Ne* 1955 Air Conditioner Hubbard & Son Furniture Religious Article by Blytheville Man Published Airman Bubby O. McDanlel, son of Mrs. Charles McDanlel of 214 Davis Street. Blytheville, Is serving as publicity chairman of Temple Baptist Church, North Sacramento, Calif., and recently had an article, which he wrote, published In the Sacramento Times. He is stationed at an Air Force Base in Sacramento. Bobby Joined the Air Force in March, 1954. The article, which Is entitled, "What Religion Means to Me." Is McDamcl's opinion what religion should bo. He stales in the article that religion brings peace of mind and "v/e should all have practical faith In God's powers." To (juotc from the article: "What a difference between using religion as a shield for a guilty conscience and using it to get rid of one! Perhaps the gang will not like It. And perhaps a young Christian Is a square. But if being a sincere consecrated Christian Is not thing I. do, then as a young Christian business man once said, "We'll put on a dunce cap and wear It for the Lord. "There is no substitute for the love and friendship that is typical among Christian friends. It would be impossible to forget some of the uniquely wonderful ways I have come to know some of the friends I have met because I would not compromise for the sake of society. "I believe that without such fellowship on earth, man cannot know fellowship in heaven. And, so, says our Holy Bible, God created man to have fellowship with." "The earthly reward that a Christian might expect is, perhaps, i strong and devotedly faithful peace of mind. | Christianity, I may lead t more "My religion means to me that, Useful life because of the conli- as long as I practice humble, dence of the blessings of heaven." BORDER TRAVEL AIDED . Completion of the Victoria bridge across the St. Lawrence river at Montreal In 1860 made it possible for a railroad to enter the United States from Canada. TIRED SHOES MEAN TIRED FEET! Put Spring into your step now! HALTER'S QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main Ph. Z-2732 Paint Closeout Many Types and Colors £ Price Hubbard Hardware Ansco Ready Flash Outfit Complete as $4795 Illustrated - (j $1 Down—50c a Week O'STEEN'S—111 W. Main GUARANTEED "Always a Good E$ Advantages Derived From Use of Niagara Chloro IPC Miscible Nl»eara Chloro IPC Miscible Is a low cost Insurance against the weed competition during wit iprlnjs. The removal ot this weed competition (4 to 6 weeks) allows the fwtlllier and moisture to be used in the development of the cotton. Hoeinj costs are reduced from 6051 to 80% following the use of this material, thu» reducinf the labor requirements in cotton production. NURara Chloro IPC Miscilile, an effective prc-emergent herbicide, dr,cs not injure cotton stands and in the absence of weed competition the treated cotton often outyields the hoed cotton. If you will write, call or come by our place we will give you the complete facts about chemical farming. Remember If yiu need chemicals for the farm, garden, flowers or stock spray, whatever your needs may be. we have what it lakes and too, when you buy Niagara you buy Quality. SEE HARDY SALES & SERVICE YOUR NIAGARA DEALER 705 Clear Lake Avenue Phone 3-6978 Congratulations and bsst wishes to BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION CARPETING by C, M. SMART Furniture, Inc. HANDLES TWO JOBS WITH ONE SETUP! BARRENTINE FOUR-ROW PULVERIZER TWO TOOLS IN ONE—The BarmHine Pulverizers are virtually two tools in one, having been designed and constructed in one compact unit consisting- nf stalk cutters nnd section harrows. The stalk cutters me placed for chopping: the ro\vs tlrst; thereby helping (be section harrows to do a good pulveriiini Jjofo. Bv the use nf gauge wheels, (which are adjustable to any height desired and hydraulically controlled by tractor operator from (he driver's seat), you can keep the crop rows, a uniform height for future help in planting and cultivation. The pulverizer permits one tractor and one operator lo do tho work of (wo to three. The job It performs is done better, faster, and with a great savings of 'man-hours' and equipment. 549 95 Plus Sales Tax F. 0. B. Blytheville HARDY SALES and SERVICE 705 Clour Lake Avenue Phone 3-B07S TWIN SYSTEM )Hfe -**•*• i new 2 H. P. WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER COOLS A 5 OR 6 ROOM HOUSE No Water Connections Required TWIN SYSTEM SAVES OPERATING COSTS For tuper tMkliftg on hot 4*j« ut« bfllh tvoling »yit»rm. On cooltr doyi or al night Vomodo'i "6otonc«d Cooling" will cool your home failtr, and btHtr bccauw only * Eaiily inilalM ia itinifird yd flv b la IK A If HtfBUfh tht »lH. component of oif ccoditioning — ' "' *"' " W "'"'"* M<.,im U m Mechanical Ccelin, - Vartt, Ctrculoiion ond Maiimwm 1 5w Vornotfe today — fhfl uhimaU to balanced cooling lomlort. Oth«r ii»t from 'A H.P. M 2 M.». IUI 1,009,000 SATISFIED US!!! 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