The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1955 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 16
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TOURS l)AT, AFKTt fit Good Start for Company Supper STUFFED SHOULDER OF I.AMB, with fresh veseUbles. makes •a excellent famlll budjcl meal. Lamb Shoulder Roast High on Good Buy List NBA Food and Markets Editor High on the lists of good buys at most dealers are Iamb shoulder roasts. This fine flavored cut makes an excellent family budget roast, with leftovers for sandwiches. They come in several forms. The most economical Is the bone-In square cut roast which weighs 4 to & pounds. This cut also may be boned and sold either rolled and tied or as a cushion shoulder with a convenient "pocket" for a fnvor- ite stuffing. The boned shoulders usually weigh between 2'A to 4 pounds. Because these rousts are economically priced, better make certain yours carries a packer's brand. Here are suggestions for stuffing shoulder roasts. Try a brend stuffing to be baited with the roast or in the pocket of the cushion, flavored with finely mashed garlic and celery. Or, a stuffing of rice and tomatoes, seasoned wiUl bay leaf. Rub such herbs as rosemary, sweet basil, or ginger on the roust before baking. To roast me shojalder of lamb, place the meat fat side up in an open pan In a slow (325 degrees F.) oven until a ronat moat thermometer Inserted in live thickest part of the meat registers 182 degree* P. for a well-done roast. A 3-pound shoulder of lamb will require approximately l' J / t hours and a 5-pound roast 3 hours. A 4- pound cushion of lamb will lake 2'/ 2 hours. A boned and rolled shoulder of lamb weighing. 3 pounds will require 2 hours and a 4-pouml rolled roast 2V 2 hours. Stuffed Shmildcr of Latnb (5 to 6 ncrvhiKS) Four pounds shoulder of lamb, 1 cup rice, 2 tablespoons fat, 2 bay leaves, 1 onion, Ilnely chopped, 1 green pepper, finely chopped; 1'A cups quartered tomotaus, I teaspoon salt. Have shoulder of lamb boned to make pocket for stuffing. Cook rice In boiling sailed wafer. Drain. Melt fat in skillet, add crushed bay leaves, onion and green pepper. Cook until tender. Add tomatoes and salt and cook about 5 minutes. Stir in the rice. Pill tin- pocket of the roast with the rice stuffing. Fasten with skewers. Place on a ruck, fat side up, In nn open pan in a slow oven (325 degrees P.). Roast about 2'/ 2 hours 01 to 182 degrees F. by a roast-meat thermometer. ByCKCILY BROWN8TONK AxoclatMl Prew Food Editor ONE WAY of makll)« a com- mny supper something special, » to serve a first courne that's on the lavish side. Italian-style antipasto flls tlhls bill to perfection. Here arc directions [or sueh ui appetizing beginning. Add to or subtract from our suggestions as you ike. The Tuna savory Is one of our sl),tcr'» fnvorlte ways of using tuna, and Is always enjoyed by guests. Your main course can be spaghetti with a meat sauce and stdu dishes of broccoli with lemon-butter. Be sure to cool: the broccoli so t remains beautifully green. For a dessert that resembles the famous Italian one called zuppa Inglcse, choose Boston Cream Pie. Use two layers of sponge cake cake (homemade or bought/ and put them together with packaged vanilla pudding (Instant or cooked) embellished with rum flavoring, fop the cake with a smooth chocolate frosting. Add a cheese course before the dessert, and fruit after it .if you like. You'll have a memorable meal. Tuna Anllp»st<> Tray ingredient*: Celery hearts, 1 can (7 ounces) whole plmlentos (drained), green olives, thin thin onion slices (red or Bermuda), 2 cans <8 ounces each) artichoke heart*, Italian-style red - peppers, 1 can (7 ounces) solid-pack tuna, tomato wedges, capers, parsley. Tuna Savory, cucumber slices. Method: Arrange celery, plmlen- tos olives ,onlon slices, artichoke hearts and Italian-style red peppers In separate sections on «rv- Ing tray. Drain solid-pack tuna and turn out whole; garnish with to- mato wedges, cape" and parsley. Spoon Tuna SHVory over cucumber Ellen. Makei 8 to 12 sevrlngi. Tuna Savory InfrrdlenU: 1 can (7 ounces) tuna, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, ',; teaspoon salt, pepper, 1 small clove garlic, V. cup finely diced onion (red or Bermuda). Method: Drain oil from tuna into .. small bowl—there should be 3 tablespoons. Add vinegar, salt and dash of pepper. Put garlic through a press, or mince and mash; stir Into oil with onion. Turn drained tuna Into dressing, flake and mix. St. Patrick was not an Irishman, but an Englishman or a Scotsman, who was sent to Ireland as a foreign missionary. Bacon And Egg Special For Brunch Inifrrdlniiln: 4 slices bacon, % cup soft bread crumbs, 6 eggs, 1 tea poon salt, '/» teaspoon pepper, J/j up milk. 2 table-spoons butter or uu-garlne. 1 avocado (diced). > elhiHi: Cut bacon into '/4-inch cro swise pieces; fry in 9- or 10- Inch skillet until crisp. Remove bacon with slotted spoon Vo absorbent paper. Pour off all fat in skillet except 1 tablespoon. Toast crumbs in bacon tilt In skillet, stirring over moderate heat. Remove crumbs and add to bacon, licat eggs with salt, pepper anil milk enough to combine yoll and whltM. Wlp* got rtillrt; null butter In it; wh«n butter if very hot but not brown pour In eggs and cook over low hot, stirring from bottom of pan* a* eggs set. When just about let, stir in bacon-crumbs and avocado and re- rnocv from heat. Heat In skillet will finish cooking eggs and *»rm avocafco. Serve at once. Makes I servings. Try honey as a lopping for cereals, or as a spread with peanut butter on breakfast toast. •TAILS" FOR MONEY Money was scarce in the early. days of North Dakota and the territorial government had offered a three-cent bounty on gophers, so It was the practice to drop a gopher tail Into the churoh collection plate Instead of cash. CKOWNED HIMSELF Napoleon I was not crowned bf the Pope. M the moment the Pope was about to crown him emperor. Napoleon took the crown out of the pntiff's hands and placed It on his own head. Hamburgers With Tomato Sauce Ingredients: 1 pound ground lean chuck beef, 1 Ublespoon butter or margarine, salt, pepper. 1 can (8 ounces) all-pm-nose Italian meatless tomato sauce, !i cup thinly sliced sweet gherkins. Method: Shape beef Into 4 patties Brown on both sides in butter in 8- or 10-Inch skillet; sprinkle meat lightly with salt and pepper Add tomato sauce and gherkins Finish cooking putties to desired doneness while sauce is heating. mi JACK BUCK JOE GARAGIOLA r*< by »»HIU${«-H»$<M, IHC. $1. lOWt • IKWAH • IDS »KHl(S Badweiser. UCttHW ROBERTSON DISTRIBUTING CO. 223 W. A(* Ph. 3-3125 EBERDT'S GATEWAY GROCERY 2101 Rose St. Ph. 3-3161 PORK LIVER 15c ROSEDALE PEARS t^' 29* KRAFT MUSTARD 2-15* Steel's SHELLIE BEANS N c~° 10* BLACK PEPPER 2 'i 15* Great Northern BEANS ^59* GRAPEFRUIT ~ 3* //leafs Best Pick fora Picnic RIBS Flavorful & Meaty Just right for Bar-B-Q'i KING COTTON All Meat FRANKS We cash payroll checks and gladly redeem all coupons BONUS DOG FOOD POWDERED XXXX SUGAR TOMATO JUICE ADLER'S JELLY Fresh MK 2 BONES Lb 19c Matchless BACON Pound Tray-pak REDPOTATOES "* 59* Esquire SHOE POLISH £. 25* Belle Meade COCONUT BON:BONS«» 39* Nabisco COOKIES ""-*"«» 49* Adler's JELLY ""°°" /-'lOtf Chase & Sanborn INSTANT COFFEE -51* • LOWER PRICES • SELF SERVICE • PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE Sift together into i 2-qt. bowl the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Slit in nuts, dates and milk. Spread batter in a well-KfciUcd 9-in. scju.ue pan. Mis brown 3vi^.1 r, boiling water and bucter. Pour over batter in pan. Bake on bottom rack of 350 oven (moderate) about 1 V^ hours, or until firm. Cut into jqiiarcj. Serve either warm or cold. HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE (Limit of 6 to a customer) Shop the store where your dollars buy more! Texan GRAPEFRUIT JUICE SARDINES Potted Meat can 5c IKITANT WIY NON FAT PIT MILK Fresh TOMATOES SALT RICHARDSON'S Cash Grocery MAIN AT FIFTH 'Where Low Prices Are Born'

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