The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 3, 1920 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1920
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1 I .. . www joa c frpay, september He VOL. XXXV. No. 228.. WANTS COURT LAST RESORT IN I'll! 4. K. Bl Bcum Stopt CrltidMt Kxewky sf Takisf Casss . hi Prlyy':Ccir"Tr, VEECH caused" sensahok . AT IAI A2S0. KEETING '.'Mr" R- B. Bennett XC, at Cal- aery, sharply criticised the present BcoeesHy of fcklag (MM U th ' Privy Council e court of but re , tort Ui Staled hr CanalU, uld jnt' elerau, to bench , nle M t established court .of last rtsort In the Dominion. A took the' Oot- rnmnt to teak tor appointing a . Judgee, men. who have given . toe Moot of Uvea t pontic! . tlvlti, ead Said Judge should bo appointed surncfently young to get one judicial nMt -Olr. Benaatl's comment followed 1hepreeentat of th report - '. the committee oa tho admin let re-' Hon of JuaUco on4 ho declared there; ' ahould bo e k provontlnt tho ap-' - polntment of lirdgee over tho Ml at! ' ea years, urren, no eiatoo, ' juesea ' stayed on tho bench aiull' cw the ui of (0 without duo regard to their linn. Thl waa owing to - "tho email nes of to, pension. - ..I - Ceased . Baaauuioa. ' ', . Mr. Bennett nmtrlu caused something . ol a senaetl aa k- - . ihou(h bo was supported by Mr, V. D. Gregory, of Toronto, ho was attached-., br Oolasoi fuUh ..of Belleclll, Who oald Canada waa atill ' part of lb British Kmplre and that little Canadlano could banc eg ; tneir anutiara k wey wisncn, - ' A rote on tho matter waa sailed for ty Mr. George I. Hendereon, . K-C at Ottawa, who oald mat whllo the winter had not been tally do-jt : in the aoafarenca. It had been euuide. and ho believed that every i nember wumeA to roeora nw op ' ten. nr. Renderaow moved an a Journment of the debate optU the fteraoon aeaelon. - : r ( dir. amea AlKIn K.B ICC, . XUDi,. preeldent of tbb aeaoclatlan, warmly thanked the member, for . re-elocdn hlaa ao thetr - leader whoa the eeeeloa opened thla'aiora Utf.- Ilr jamea eraa to eepeclally happy eteod and prdmlood to carry as the work to tho beat of hie ability. Paid Happy Tribaoe. ; -.A happy trtbtrte wwa paJd Wr Jane tote merolna whoa It waa do-elded to hare tho provincial rlca-.. prealdonta taka action In harlaf hla ' portrait ban la the WeUoaei OoJ - fcry an ibe Meander M tho Canadian Bar boeoelatlca. t ; , Vote 1 ihanka wdro nered M ' tJietiBemben. ot tie Ottawa Bar for - their hoepiullty. Diacuealoa on the rat pleoa of wiaount broatht oat -advocate for both tho oaat aod went ad the aaaUer wee left In the haada of too efectitlr, . . ' ConYeylBf hla thaaka to the Caaa-I v dtaoj Bar AeeocUUoa, of which be waa reflected preeldent, Mr Jamee : Alhlna K.B.. K.C, LUB., aaiai " v "I thank you wlah my whole - . bean for your continued peed will to ' al aad tho' honor yoa bare oon- terred la expreeelnr It by year . himum at m ee o resident of the vaeeociatloa ' for anotner year. i tiara felt aryaolf to many Ware laok- in via - eanaclty u ami acaef ally oorrorbut ae your judmont te that ,. I oa with your co-opera tlca per- torro um duty ot inat omee, i enaii dladkr ahouldei' tt aaain and toarah . .tNril'Mptviiir ' . . , -If la your opinio I eerre fairly well,, I ahall da my boat In aay event, yoa nay ae rood barrlatera : peraaado it Peter to allow me to ! look: la throoph tho pearly sataa ;, vaaf .yotir happlaeee, and to allow me to ahake banda with you and ' voootretklate you ae you paea up to ptauae). ' . .. rroatdod Orar Mtiwnel, - - Xttt Safaao Illour. KA, honor- ; ary oieo-praeldeat far ttaebee, pro- j , awed at tna eeeeioB iaia marains. air ' Jamee complimented the enai ' and oald It waa a matter of '- found eatiafaetloa that Mr. leUleur ' waa loe-preeldent for Quebec Ap- A letter frotuMr. M, Meat of ' tho Hleterlcal goately of Inr tho aeeoolatiea to hold tho 1II1J ; aieetln m Annapoua Koyeu ' It wae deal aad to rater the chetoe : t; of the adst place of atootlnc to too ouaofl. daoYaa f. Rendema. ICC. oald Ifr. Cbarlca Moree would Ian too aeeoolatloa to aaoat la too aaat t la mi either la St. Joha or Hatlfex. 1 1 Mr. Headereoa ooadlally Invited the ewooUtloa to return to Ottawa aaat I rear. - v " ' " ' ' J Mr. I. f. VoPhllllpe.v XXL, of ' Vaaeauvor, laraed aa lnvltaUeej ca ! behalf of Britien caiumbw. ; v oiiaadTi ww imtaw. ' v - The council will eonetder larlta. ! tlana which ware received from BL t JobZ. N.B Halifax K.S. Calsary. ) AaaaoolM Royal, Vaaoaurar, Km- V;. Him. tendon Ouebea. and Ottawa. f 1 Ouawa. aald Cot. rmuoarot Bella f wllle, aupportln tho local ineltailoa f weionf e i an iwhw a ; ttonal aeaUmoa had . pTowa ap i- arouad It. The apeaker had heard 1 tht Ottawa waa the future aapltal at the Bmnlra. Judre Btowart. of i p .L, and o there, nareaaed aim' I ilar eentlraenta ,y , 5-- t d n m tlie aeierlaan Ray AoounlaUoa. I aremieted iu Caaadlaa Bar Aeea alaUoa oa Ita eplendld piearaaa Tbo Canadlaa ooeloiy waa aovancms eery rapidly, ho oald. THIa waa la reply la miua mt Mr. Lafleur fa aa onlnloa ae to whether tho aocle-- n eHeuid meet permaaeatiy la Otiewa or ehoald m4 at a different rnre e-h yeer. "n. Mr. Wad- 4 rt the iise of the 1 lr - t 1 It 1 ... , V nit and aald r w meet Aft, i V. . r --:'r In-.f ma ost end n ed CREW OF U.S. SUBMARINE IS v PLUCKED FROM OCEAN DEPTHS J AFTER 42 HOURS' SUBMERSION Rescne Dae to Tele phone Baoy and Vigil. ance of hftkoat Of 30 Men Imprisoned m UndeiterCrait in Safe 8nt Two. PITILABVLPHIA, Pa.. Sept. I, All tnrmaer of tae crew of the Uattad Btatta OBbmarlsa 8-5, ex cept two, aappoeed to be otaoara, bar been reecued after tbo nadar-oa craft bad ben inbaiarged 9 Cap Healope for 41 hour, accord- tag to a fadlojmeenme recetred at the Philadelphia aary yard early today...-., ,- , . , Tha AUatttu la prococdlnf alowly with tbo M la tow. It la not expected' to roach the Delaware breakwater, N Btnot daam tk Delaware Mrer frem. Philadelphia, until about Onaaawadar Uun to Tjeave. Radio meaeacee Oaehed from the army traneport oeneral Qoethele to tbo - Phlladelphui aavy yard via Capa Mar. told of the rescue earle today of the offleero aad ore of the aubmarJno 8-1 after they had epent nveriy ree aay loeaea in the die abled reeeol beneath the - Atlantic Ocean, It alio couth of Capo Han It waa after three o'clock tola morelo when Lieutenant Commander 0. M. Cooke, who exercised hla nroroaatlve of bela the lest man te Mare hla veeaek waa take aboard tho ateamahlp Alanthua. . Nino noure had eJapeed eiooe tho pllcht ot tha undersea boat had been made public tbroucb a wireless call picked up 'by an amateur operator la Parmlagton, Conn. Buoy Broach Aid. , : It waa a sme.11 buov. a Aevelim- nwaf of tho treai war. tocether wtb the rujiiant eya bt a lookout oa tha brldte of too traneport Oeneral Oootbala that care the a jnea on tha aubmerced eubmarlne 8-1 their ahanoa for Ufa Thl email buoy, with a Sell and buaaay devto that oaa 'ka aparate.1 whoa tho boat le aubmerred at aart Of tho aaulnmeat Jtf -all eutkessrlnos.- h waa aaat leaaa-wnaa ana a- wont, own. , iee leoeout oa faaei aaaerai Ooothan eew- It,- belna attrurted by eeii aa won aa la aaat that it ma aot aoeed on the-ebart. - c. - -Awiat Wrmm SvBtfc.''- A email beat, wtth aa mBoa la domaaad, waa lowered . from tha transport to Inraet'fata, Whea the buoy wa reached tha burner devtoe oould be beard. , The amner out rata tbo connection aad .aulskbr there . "ras submarine - has bsea eub. Warced tor II hens. Air. la ruav ain abort. MaootoMy Ja daataced. Bead for h!," - f Thla Dtea wee aenl broadeas he toa wlreleee of to Oeaeral Ooethale. Amen too who responded waa to ataajnar AlantKua, whloa with to army . transport Mood br aha aubmerced vneeel aad manaced to anaea crappiinc aooaa to tu tra Heldlnc to eubmarlne te a rertleal position, a hole was bored throuch her plate and air pampad torauch to toa Buffering crew who bad almost flven up all hod of rteoee. in la meaauma aa call for aelp id beea picked ap by the navy ::; t OomtkneA oa Paaw . ' V DaIMEN DRIVER OF-. CJUHSSENTTOJJUl The flrat sentence aader toe amended Motor Vehicle Aot, waa haaded t In ,. PSlloo Court thla moralac to Oacar taehapalla. J rtaw. drsnken abtomebll driver, who waa aentea. aa to eeven day a laH wltbeat toe optloa of a HBO, . Under tha amendment a drunken motor ear driver muot'ao to iatt. Tbo Brat ofteaoe prOvldee for a Jail term er seven aaya to one moata. Tha aacoad offence provldee far term of ana moath to three months In toil while for as oh eaeeiqaent eeTeaee aa eSender ean b eemnrlt- tad to Jau for a term aot lea toaa three month and aot more toaa aad year. .- .-- - - . . - . ma&GAN DEMOCRATS '- v GREET COX AT LAKStKG '.tAXtim, lUelk. Sept I, Kleht. Demoorata aathered la - foroo here today to creet Ooraraor ia at. Cox, opaalac a moata - aam- paiaa tsar, planned to tak ' him thwch ll ototral aM weelern - - A luncheon with taaafaf Roaul an waa scheduled for t a-aw fol- lowed- by aa addreea before -toe Michigan Btato Oood -Roade Aaso-olallea. A aeeaad apeeah wee t be mad lata la tbo afteraooa from tho tat aapltol atep. TMi evening Ooraraor Cox' pro- rramm oaiia tor soars esee at Bat-U Creek ad relimeara, ;..,. VETEIA1CS OP KOUNTTESr TO FORM 0XGAXIZAH0N VAKCOCTBR, B.O. Sept. I. Totoraaa of the Mavated Polio aa aambld lest eight I perfeet naal-xatMa aa aa aseoelatlea, there being preeent mea wne nd aerre le, II and It rear, and pvore toaa a deaaa who bed aerved la to Northweat Rebelliea. There wa ale preaeat Col. Jemee Walker, mi Calgary, wha net be Canada la lift, with Cab Krneb when the fore wa eatab-Huned. Me pertlelpated la to fa-eneuo marrb aereee tha ttatraaked arairte ta P ert Mnl-eed, where aot a man In the troop bed beea before. I -. ft. V la. eamntreller of the f--- wa elected heaerary ae OONTA1N1NO ALL THE CAULKS RECK1VEU UP TO Three Women Qaiai Body as Hiubtiid'i BOSTOIf, Sept. fcody.. of Tmab" Itogera, a boaor. who committed aulcld bp gas. waa glrsa today to Mr. Ruth el Rogers, of Houston, Texaa, aa that ot Manuel A. Regera bar husband, after two other women had claimed It . The danrlp-tion wttloh aaoh ' woma gave of her m losing husband attod the body almost exactly aad the names were identical., but ah paeelbtllty that ha had married all three waa eliminated by the datea they gave ' It reaulred several boyra for the authorltlee to diopoaa ot St oohaiotlnc lahna .- ..-. TORONTO MILS MEN. Will FIGHT BOARD Csbbmtm Wi KA OrJer Aatwtntjtv Sr VSoUm. -. TORONTO. OaU, Sept. I-Wltb teferenoe to tho arder Vpmd at' Ottawa by tha Board ot Ouiniucrcc reatralnlnc toa milk producer and to dairy eonapanle -fear from aha reins more toaa- to - Augnet prloe for milk pending a. daeMton f to board aa to tha prloe that aheuld b ahajrged, J. P. Orlftla. eoretary ef the Milk Producer" Aa. aociatton, aaio mat uie pivowsen would Aht the order.- . Hn.rMannlng Poberty. Wlnleter of Agriculture for Ontario, la emote aa saving to an Interviewer with regard to tho board e order! "I don't eee why they ebould tak ansa auto-cratlo action." ' Mr. Donerty tnouant ine ooe,r might have allowed tha ae price to stand pending ooasidtratioB ot tho aueetloa. ! POHZTS UAKUTIES " JK)W NEARLY J7.000.000 -.; BOBTOW, 'ftopt, Oearlea riaire BabUlde aa a taaaH at banc Cumpeay, atoad at ty, . 4a.MT, aaoordinc to Kaerba Is 1 eooowmsni mpeoyci VETERAIWFnClAL i ?j j QUITS IN IRELAND - OTJt,rN, Sept a, Sir Alcerneb Boot baa nelgned hut ofllo aa Ixwd LlauUnant of Ouaen'a County, which ho baa hold for years. Re ears ha entirely mletrusta toa preeent Government and dlaapproree of away ot Ita aotloaa in Ireland. . '., HAMILTON WILL PAT $2,000 MORE FOR THONE SERVICE RAMTLTOV. Oat, Sept I. Ae a result of a aback aa outgoing call from too telephefoee In tha City Hall aero. It at eta ted that aa the proposed new ecsle of charges by toe Bell Telenhona Company It would coat thl city about !!. mora per year for City Rait telephone than tha city now pay , ; OTTAWA MAN NAMED FOR . . UNIYERSm SENATE TORONTO,' Ont, Sept. I. Blr William Ralph) Meredith waa reelected yesterday a Chancellor of the University of Toronto by - ae- emmatioa. frmir a onrr and T. O. Raynori Ottawa, were eleoted repreeenuuire of agriculture en the Unlveralty aenata, , PREDICT BIG STRIKE OF , N. T. BUILDING TRADES -TfnTW- TORK. Sent 1. Wtea- loa of to ettixe of building trad mpioye to tneiuoe 5 aarpentera, electrical workers aad others ea-xaa-ed in aaartmeat bnlldlag aad renovatloa imbraeinc a total of I worxer eumatea at re.eee . wae predicted today bp labor leaders, no ises the plumbers' grievancee 1 are settled. . Ta aeor b tt be dkv oueaed at a meetlnc to be held WILL HANG TWELVE MEN ! , Bl TWO DATS NEXT MONTH CHICAGO. fept .n record for leeal exsouUon la Coak oeuaty aad Boaeiblr in th ; Stat ot DU Inola, will be broksa her October 1 aad II, county amciale belle when tt men are eeatonood' to hanged tor m arder. .1, Bight of to mea are aaJar een-teno to die October 14, and faur aa tha following day. - r addition two other ilsrert who bar beea eeaelcted are awaiting eentenee aad It ta poeolble that they ale may banc a oa or tbe'ther of too two cay. - '. ( . " - Chtcac hae had eeveral ale exeoietlone la to part h aaaat note hie on Nov. 11. 7, when four of the Hermerket anarch tots hanged but nothing la to memory of jail omclale approach ee a death Uet f II In tee daya. . . . MAT . rXierrrOMR OOXTvTEKTIOrf. TORONTO. Sept IWI la' aald toe proooood nrovrneial convention of too Liheml-Conservetlvee ot Oa-tsrte. which hae beea xed for Oc tober IT aad It. may a aoatpoaed en til Jaaaarr. aa Hoa. Q. Howard Perguaaa. the Acting Conservative Leader, w tehee to make hla etato- meat to JueUcee RidUl and Latch ford la eooneotte with th timber probe before to eaeveeaUoa le held Mr. Perawaoa expicaeo ooaMenaa that be ) eiesr ap aay aaatten which are now aot aaderetaad In hie e dm inlet ratio at to epartmaat of J oresta, bda aad Mlate, SLAYER KISSEO- vrarsiow WHILE IN COURT CsBftatct .-; MaTeWaf . , Rwlvi. to Cum WaaaaS Wbs Ssbt FOUR WERE CHARGED ' EN BRIDGEPORT CASE BEIDOKPORT, Cons-, Bept f. Thursday waa a ttrantatic day to th Ut of Mrs. Rthel Hutchtoa Nott, whoa kubaadt body waa found la her trunk II mil aorth of bare, Monday nlfht, IU head crushed In and 11 stab wounds and four ballet wounds marking ta tor, Th day was th fourteenth anniversary of lira. Nott's marrlaga, aad oa It ah waa charged with murder la toa Iret degree. A court room full of taalt- foaably dimud women, fiwfaatloaal gambler aad a motley crowd of curiosity seekers gasped as too eon-fees ed murderer ot her husband broke away front to police and appeared to kiss bar aa sh sat aoo-blog Ife her chair. - Mra. Nott who la It year of age; Blwood 8. Wade, aged II. of lit Hillside avenue, aad John Xdward Johnston, aced M, of d Baardeley Lstne, were charged with murder in the flrat degree. The body ot the victim, Oeorxe K. Matt III Judson svenue, broker and gambler, lie In toa morgue hero swelling the -arrival of relative from Boeton, Aa Amorous Pibjmm. - Mra, Nott wae brought Into -the coroner's court room today la a elate of collapse. Two brawny policemen helped her to -a chair. Young Wade left hla chair and waa at Mra Nott's side la a moment, hla head resting oa her ettoulder. Ho leaned over until hla cheek brushed her cheek. - ft locked as though toe widow waa being kissed by the youth charged , with lb brutal murder of her husband. - Superintendent of Police Patrick J. Plenagan motioned to Detective Bdward Derrick to separate toe pair. f "Hera, get back out of that,"a!d Derrick, and gruffly ordered Wade to hie own chair. , What Wade whisper Into Mrs. Nott'e ear la not known. She broke Into aoba aa ha epoke to her and wa removed from to court room la a state of collapse. , Identified Kalf.' - v' ; A long, keea edge butcher kalfe, which Wade aay Mr. ott haaded to him to admin leUr tha eeune aa grace to Nott after Nott had beea be tea over to bead with aa Ire pip aad shot four times, waa shewn to Mrs. Nott by tha coroner. "Did you ever eee thl knifat" th eroaer aeked. , - - , . . Sba loaksd at It than aaearsd he ya with her hand, from which tbo uMI., k wedding rout had beea removed. Attar eame haattatloa she whisper-d: "To." - . "Where did yoa loot see ur "Oa toa 'to chest at aw house.1' a replied. ' , r a revolver, on purchased by Rett and given to Wad br Mra. Not! eeveral week before tba murder, wa tbaa Idealised by' Mra, Nott aa waa toa hatchet which Johnsoa car ried Into too Nott homo "to protect himself" en the .morning of tho mur- Say WaoW Rtfled Baa.' Oa advice of counsel Mra. Matt rs. fuetd to tell before th coroner how too murder waa, committed. Police bar statement taken by tha official DOlioe ataaoxraoher from Mrs. bttptt following bar arreet la which mum pueos vim ojam ror ta actual oommsnaoa ot tbo crime oa too abouldera at Wade. . Wade; la hi atatement, a Iran-aerlpt of which waa entered aa evi- aenoe la court today, ears Mra. Nott aa, him the knife to administer to nmu stows ta nott to "atop ale hoi-lartnaV' .. . - T.. - EX-PARTNER OF PONZI 051 TRIAL FOR THEFT M. Bw-Strritti WiH Bramfkt ts Montreal. MONTRBAU. Sept . t. Arrange-avaato war, gssde thla afternoon for tho Bonding of Detective Rloux, of too Provincial' Police, to New York to bring back A. M. B. Bahrtatt. wanted here oa a charge of theft Bel via tl will appear in the Extra-dltloa Court at Kaw York aad It la after th matter ha been cleared up that ta warrant for too theft will b amt -Th complainant In toa ease le Prank Scarpleggle, jzh claim that Balvlatl atole from Mm th sum t 1114.11. Balrlatl.- who waa once' a partner, f -Charlea Ponsl. tna Boa-ton Bnanelal erlaard. bow In dlltl-eultlee there, btft Montreal reoently. aad It .waa only later th authorities learned where he waa. BOUGHT HEMLOCK TIMBER UMTS AT PARRT SOUND 'PARRY BOUND. Ont. Sent I. Oeaeiderable Interact wa taken by prominent lumbermen of Oeorclaa Bay and Toronto la to aala at to hemlock timber limit, aald to don-tela twenty-dve million feet of flrst-olasa hemlock, standing timber, oa the ladlaa reeerve r toe Olheoa Indiana, which wae held here yes-terday afternoon at to efflco of Ales. Logan,. Indian agent There wae a good deal of rivalry ta toe bidding. The limit wes purchased by Moorbbena limited. Penetangui- ehene, at 1171,11. Th reeerve kid, wa in,t. f'--, .:-- ' , SCRATCHBV AT WpfDSOR.' ; WINDSOR, Oat, Sept I. T ' Serbtehea at Devonshire Pa-k race track today!, - . - ; , First raoc Ooldta Autumn, Toaw aa. Out Up. . - ' Seaond race Chile Boa. (On! . Third rasa Nob Skid; Wlneheetar. Slxta race Archie Alexander, Roteleren, Ledy Mildred. Anna Ed-far, Alf. Veataa, (Ueckhand goee), . 130. CEN. BOOTH COSnNG. i , Oeapral B ram wall Booth, th head at th Salvation Army, I coming to Ottawa, oa October M, aad will ad dress a meeting here to same day. Arrangement ar hslsf made by Adjutant Smith, for hi reeeptlu. Oeneral Booth ta oa hi way from London. England, to attend the Canadian Army Consreas ta Toronto. SEARCH FOR KEY TO MYSTTRirOF NORTH Un Held ti MsterUl Witndii La Murder Cue, The mystery surrounding tot deaths of two PolecAKuemsn and T. Kolsdrlcky. whoee ' bodies, riddled wlih .rarolrar bullet, war found la tha wood oa too Rlordoa Pulp Company's limtta aaar Tlmie-kamlng, on July II; may be elucidated by tha arrest In Montreal ot Nick Ccgeleaky, a compatriot of the men. Ccgeleaky, hetd ae a material witness, has been taken to Bryson and will appear there next week before Judge Miller, when the crime will b thoroughly tnveatigat-d. - - Th murder waa committed eome daya before lie discovery a July 11. and toa first Intimation received la Ottawa came when Dr.-Daviea, Hull, was ordered to proceed to Tlmlskamtng and hold an Inquest Battsfsotory avldsaoe regarding the manner la which tha twa men came t their death could not be obtained, but It waa eetabllahed then that a game ot oarda had preceded to Bring of the tarn! shot. ' Subsequently. Ceaaleaky. who m said to hay, given contradictory vldenc af Hie Inquest proceeded to Montreal and provincial athor Ulee tn Quebec leaved order for hi arrest and return to Bryson, where Uaa Investigation of th crime will he IhmiImIuI k Uill . conducted before Judg Miller aaat Tuesday. No formal charge has been lald-la the case. . HOLD PRODUCTION IS NOW AHEAD OF SILVER OBjarls Ontpat Inmatcd 22 Per Ccot i. Half Year. - TORONTO, Bept I. Ontario W keoomlng ladroaalngly important aa a gold produoer, according to a reV port tatuad by tha -Department ot Minds for 'too province. -la to dnt half 'of this year the province Increased Ita gold production II per cant ovr to orreependlng period In 111, ror toe first tlms sines th discovery of cobalt la 11. On tario'e gold production la greater than Its silver production. la tho flret Ut month ot till tho province produced 111,711 ounces - of gold, worth 14,111,711, whllo tola roea to 177,111 ounces, worth Il.tia.t04. In 1110. Although platinum has Jumped to six tlmeo hurt year's output for too half year, only 114.41 ounces of . too precious metal wa produced. Silver production declined over Mt,lt aunces. . DELEGATES REACH ITALY TO CONFER ON COAL TERMS PaxTa cm e . n-ttisi, v-l.It, ttallan, and Gorman delegate ham arrived at Btreea, Italy, fer a oon- rerence at' which will b arranged toa dondltten of the paymenta and advance t be made to Oermany tor to delivery of eoai to too AUles. PARENTS SELLING GIRLS IN FAMINE DISTRICT xr mXIRa, Bept S. Paraata v are sellls girls ta famine rid- . - daa dletrtot aoatli af Poking, anrewrlliig to adtrtnaa trxxaved Glrle IS year of ago Irnv betra gold for 110, It la reported la a petition for relief , rw, to tha ministry of Interior. -' The) famine) at da to draught, , lncwsts and tha recent dovseta-.' UOa by Bghttog troope. gTOCK. IEZCHANOES CLOSED. Th Montreal and New- York Stock Bxohangee will be closed aa Saturday and Monday, Sept 4 aad CASK WAS RBXD OVER. , Christie J. Lancford, lit Oagood street waa charged la Police Court today with neglecting to drive hie utomobtl close to tha right-hand curb, a th reeult of aa accident which occurred at tha earner af El gin etreee- end Laorter avenue, on August It. arte Abraham BodaoS wa Injured when knocked off hi blcyols. : Bodnoff wee not la Police Court thl morning, dnd tba ehars acainet Longford wa held ever an til Saturday. - , XVKRY LOAP A TRKAT. , Rvery batch of doagh bt mixed uaa a setsntifts haala. the aasur-- lag tha eame even quality In every loaf of Mothar'a Bread. Pboao S. for delivery to PPr acme. . h: . St V LATS NEWkJ ON GIRL IN MOTOR CAR SHOT BY BANDIT WHEN ORDER44 HANDS DISOBEYED Hdf EKCft, Ssrtry VvmM, Mad Plucky DdtFrSldeii Drift For Doctor Am flaa. a Tsfl. TUa Msa. PROVIDBSCB, R.L. Sept I. Roe V. McKenna. of 111 Bua etxeet tola city, waa abet to death, aad Wm. M. Deignaa. at Tl Blm tract a wholesale beef dealer, wa probably fatally wounded oa to Barringtoa parkway la Beat Prort- dmoa.-abR'-night- ' " 1 " iMignaa, te whom Mia MeKenne wa agaged to be married, laid the earner befenb he lost consetoaaaess that while driving his ear homeward rrom narnngtoa BeacD, be waa ae- SHORTAGE WORKERS, BUT NOT Of WORK MoatraaTi Report ea tLd Exiit- iaf UtoSituatioa. . MONTREAL. Beet. I. That toera la no atiortase of work la Meatreal that oa the contrary, there le a aotloeabla shortage of worker its th eoacluetoa arrived at after careful aaavaaa of eentlmenl among the various employment ageaelea, aad employer generally. As a matter of feat, on of to leading Canadian mining aompanlas baa sent aa agent Into tho western wheat fields, a th strength f a report that toera waa a surplus of arm neip in in prairie provinces, to bring back man to work us mines. A leading employment agent stated tola morning that ha had oa-gaged In tha pact few daya. aver 1.01 men foremen, skilled work- era and 1 bo re re of all clsssss tor local ana outside operations, and that ha could place another 1.400 or 4,111 if they became available. Ha aald ale that oommoa laborer were commanding a wage of from 41 to cent an hour. A good many of them, he added.' were belna sent Jnto toa lumber eampa. aa inm connection, menu lecturer generally aay they ar being considerably hem pored by look of coal euppllea, and they maintain that It regular supplies of too commodity were available from Nova Scotia and other souroe ot upply, busiaeas generally would bo more , as-tlv. . .-' '.. It I admitted, however, that there are a .number of mea about toe alty looking tor "congenial" employment . . - ., . ... ,.i FIRST HORSE DRAWN CAR - .' IN LABOR DAT PARADE Perhaps th most Interesting debt that baa been planned for toe Labor Day parade la Ottawa and Hull will be the Bret horee -drawn open ear to have beea seed ta Ottawa.- add to the novelty, the team which le to a raw me ear ta tna prsiiMiea. win be drive by Conductor Hoop, still la th employ ot th Ottawa Electric Kail way, wno a rove the ear when U waa first put Into esrvie hi nil. The car was built la "Now Turk City la that year and waa ta use until toa but horee -drawn care had d leap peered frem toe streets at to Capital. Th car was presented t to member el Ottawa Local No. 171, Street and Bloc trie Raltwaf Employee ot America, by Major P. D. Burp, general manager of th O.E.R., who ut .also providing the team to draw It . TOUB AT 8HAWVILLK. -Ptre yesterday destroyed the uninsured cardlng-mlll at ghawvllte, ewned by Mr. William Hodglns, x- M.P. ...-." -. .- . BEGIN ARBITRATION NOV. It. bt exnected that the Grand Trunk Railway Arbitration Board will begin lb taking of evidence la Montreal la the Brat week ei November. A definite date ha hot yt beea Seed. SALVATION ARMY CHANGES. BT. JOHN, N.B Sept I. Adjutant Gilbert Beat for th last Bye year chancellor of toe Now Brun-swlck Division of the Salvation Army, has been appointed to a similar position la Western Ontario, with headquarter la Hamilton. Adjutant Ellas Owen, of th Toronto division, I to suocscd Adjutant Oil, brt Beat t" i , Tomorrow's Zntriea rft 2Z3at ::CtonnaiigWi J? axk. ' First race claiming, steeplechase, four year olda and upward, two miles Jim "O." 141; Kate Glenn. 141: Rhomb, 111; Melon, 141; Decathlon, 111. T '. Second race, claiming, thro year olds and apward, sis furlong Frank Monroe, Ills Hlndoosisn, 111) Huron Ind, 11; Virion. Ills Double Eye, llli BlUle "B," lull Sinn Fein-r, -IM,-- .-' Third- race, claiming, three year Id and apward; six furlooxel High-lend Lad, lift Due do Oulse, 111: Bonstelle. Ill; Aetraaa, 111; Vaneyl- vi. iJr rusoic xioi; corn Broom, xll; Llttl Maudle, 114: Apple Jack. 101;' Sherman "A", lot; Chrome, 111; Horcb, III; Bweeplet, x!7. Ala eligible MacKensIs, 111; Tlmberland, I7( Ramon, 111; Rsd Admiral. IT. Fourth race, "the Woodbine." pur, three year old and ap. foaled in Canada; on mile aad elxteenth: Captain "B", 114; Fair aad Warmer, 111; Flame, ill; Woodbine, 114; Oala Dress, 111; Rsd Post. 11; Old Pop. lli)rAmut Brookdals entry. "' . ' . . - Fifth race, "th Cbaimught Park" aatnraa handicap, purse 11,111; thro year eldr aad upward; en mil and a sixteenth i Ring's Cham-pica; 111: War Club, 1CI; St Germain, lilt Blddledee, II; Fllbbert-glbket 111; Broom Peddler, 114; Vive VfcOee, ill. glxth race, claiming; three-year-aide and onward: mil and a furlong Maaokln, 101; ' Charlea Pranrle, 141; J. Alfred Clarke, III; Thanksgiving, xlI; Planlerede. 1; Goldereet Boy, 111; Lares Moae, BltL ' ' - "' " , Seventh race. Claiming: three-eeer-eld and anward: eae mil end a furlong Pit Mir. Smpr Stalwart, lt: Trickster Ind, let; Bogart still Sylvaae, 111; Aigrette, ' 101; Solid RockT xltl; Burllngame, xlll. , - -'KApprentlee allowance claimed. . Weatoer, cleari travel fast. FA(1E 8 TODAY. oaated'by a Ull. thin aiaa, wha, with face covered by a haadkerchlet, ateppd from the bushes and cried: "Hsnds up." Instantly tha man, according to Deignaa. (red evral hot Into the car. Oae bullet entered Miss Me. Kenaa'a lung through her ehoelder. Another lodged In, DelrnSn'e, chest Detgnaa alee' Ibat th Index Bnger of hi left band. - The wounded maa stock af the wheel l hla ear and dravs tor aaeaioai aid. But Mia McKenna I dUd before it eoeld be reached. I MADE ATTEMPT TO JUMP FROM PLAZA BRIDGE - V - ' '. Fdrtifadr, DMSdaJcat Tarsaf a U Health, Wanted ts Ead . HLf Ufa. x IS RETURNED SOLDIER AND WILL BE CARED FOR Within full yitw of mere toa II pedestrian ea Bpark atreet, Peter Mrlovrnchuk, a Pole, attempted sulcids shortly be for it 'slock thl awning by trying tb lump Intoth Rldeaa canal over toe bridge at to Phua. Mrlovrnchuk waa ready to taka to death leap wbea Domtalck air and Albert Pel!! grabbed blm aad pulled hlaa OS? to brtdc railing aa to to atdewelk. They had to struggle with to Pol u hold him ' from aatrylng out hi in taction at ssdlag hla Ufa, : Polio CeaeUbl HU1 tosh to maa to toa Folio Station taw aalnutee later. , Deeyoadeney over Ut health ceaa- ad to maa to make tn attempt at suicide, and as a result of his rash aeuoa, l u Mia Department awlala have decided to seened th Pole to a military hospital at Kingston, where everything wlU be do la aa adCert to rastere aw health. . -.- ,.-r ' Reamed Proas toe CMBca. ' ' Mrlovrachek went to too office af tho Soldier dell Re-BetahllshmsnL la th Ptaaa Building, ahartly after II O'clock la th morning, and asked for assistance. He said that he waa la 111 health. ' After a physical a-aaataetlea, efaelaW oald hem thea-K waa aot likely that soythtog eoeld b toa tor, hike, The -Pel the rushed eat of toe bunding without ni not ana coat ana macs airectiy for too bridge. He waa la a terrible etato of excitement wbea pace ore by a htm alldlb a to railing, aad bl tw rosea ere had to struggle to keep an , uatonuaat : maa rrom making a aeoond attempt, - tv.'.j-a A ewxaafwaS Scedesr, " Mrlovrnchuk 1 a rerarned soldier. sad wntraated a dread diss ass sine hi disc barge, . Tb poUoe Bay that be had beea drinking very heavily lately, and whtl partly Intoxicated be was prompted to. ead his auger- lug. . -., . i The rescuers, wha pulled him eft th bridge railing, are oath strangers to Ottawa, being to to ally for to rac mem, - Mrlovrnchuk wltl be arraigned In Ponce Court tomorrow morning, but It la aat llkelv that tha chares will be sustained la rtaw of too fact that toa Militia Department authorities ar enuou to aia u ma. ANOTHER DROP IN HAUR MSTERED H.i Cos Dowa ti ll " Per , Barrsl Siaca Eat af Aagait, Another drop I flour I regis tered, the arte having sow (alma 1.1 a barrel since, tba test day of August Nrhen wheat control sessed. flour k teg a barrel In Jute, Wotri patent; aa !!. barrel for No. t. . r ; It t higher grade flour Ihsn toe CrOTSramsnt standard, which was a Tl per cent extraction from th wheat Asked, If enT further re duction were coming, a Vocal mill-Ins eomnanr reoreeeatatlva said tha price would follow the wheat market Tna eneaper iiour m woi available, aad tt will be a moath before It ea reach bar from to west ! Thourh the arlae It 111 tower. It will not mssu cheaper bread for the present The bakers hare stocks on nana, ana until in eee are - exhausted their east of baking can aot be lowered. Competltloa la eery keea locally, and should e ar ena get neur at ta aw pries, bread would probably be cheapened. A Board ot Commerce expert ob bread states that flour weal have to br 11.71 a barrel tower, to. order to have a aaat red net! oa loaf ot bread. - ? ..-' - HUSTAPHA EEMAL WAITS FOR RAW OR BOLSHEVm CONSTANTINOPLX. Sept ; 4. Muatapha Xemal Pasha, leader of the Turkish National! t foreee, la reported ta be feeling that hhj sffortx to Boia oat unui too rionmaer raw blck eh road cad glv him a ro- splt during ta w later era seoom lag Impossible, Ho hi aald to have last hope . of tscslvlBg Immediate Bolshevik : aid and - lacks artillery With whtsh to agbt the Greeks, his troope being dle-eplrlted. It at Intimated here that he will So rather Lhaa surrender. Ut. 9. K MoAadrew, af Bt .Oata-arlne. Ont, baa ' eea appotatsd to ks aaeitlon at structural CBStaeer f toe Weiiaad Ship CansJ. PKM'E TWO CEN'JU SHARP REPLYTO: RED iNISTtf -.-.' .,-v.-ln Pksjly hdicatss Brksia h Iff Bsad ts Trifla Orsr : pisii..:., .'.t,-.v-i; REDS DECEIVED BRITISH ' E -rARLIAMENT AND PEOPLE LONDON. Bent au-' four, lord pros Id sot ot tha eextacn.! yeatarday replied to the deapatcli af' at TchltchsrU. toa Rnssls m.. shsvlk lflaltr, st on Aaguat , aw. sauow exaraase graUficati: taal the ' llnvisi n.. 13 f" demands for a worksrs -...we, out ueciarea that M. Tchlt. harla Is alctakea la lapposlrig that UtC British OnvdsrnimAM i - ttLr,BUo u army w . ran woua t Just Betel terms. .What the nii.a nZ. meat ncognlssd. Mr. Balfour do, laraa, waa that Oroat Britain would' vwsiiaer n eame lent ground for aatrr tatsgrraUott V, .w7i ,1,M,r .wiHiwirawt Tent th irltrlw an 1111. e... "" Tit, and 4W tmr Mltbr j ." rarpy m torn aTaddtra. haMNB v..a a - a. A. Wlrln, e-planitlo. frm the BoTy Lik ami pcent ut that " . " eiriueu . raruamaat and Z" dlrd by to Sovlek withholding the fact thai to Ml" H T tahaa from a partlcu- lar elaaa - oIiomh k. . mtZJZ-. " ajmy. - The British oVrrernmenT choice of workmen. Ita eMeotioce wsuia nuallya.trong if toa anlll-tla wre eompoasd of mllUonairsaw, - - , -' w v arms SIS? Lm57 2." Bolea at tha eereign powsr, aad , . wmswbi wun aaaoaal. Independenoe and th - permaaeot i aalntanane of civil-order. fwaor aovies Methods FaaV SSS. Ha If... I - . . . . , uwoeew not ouoi Tchltaherln'a etatement that there- ! RnssiiL b 7 it th i mngar nut to cbaria -rvz"7Kw.rr-J!"- tolmnit to lh-7a-, . stiMcr seaeluds by aaytng ! that he a ever fee .i tloned the efficacy of Soviet m those ' Inr mstWIna tela a... . a. -- .-a aaaejs Amror, SUl IT. III th toor ImportikBt tauk of m tob5r.( V Ur. Rslfonr-a esnie J;J5it".h.rl?1 atatemsat died Jtalo-Brlllah ul tlms turn terms offered to Poland br tha Tsv-let OoTerameni. 9r WAR VETERANS IN D. S. r IM JO NATIONAL BCST, flrT.' VsfMTIs. mar- aa ' - b' V kmtlon wdle7lSay bTthi ex America ta -sn-iw. a the Dnlted BUtee at least 10S.SO SJJL wIl0 "TrZd " world car Jli thaCaaadlaa aad British i armlea. Borne ere rraltaat a,Br., ; JJJJJ, Jd a Brltlah One purpoe of the crganlsaHoa i tha !!" ' th reterane ' nhal are accordeJ their fellows to i mw stiuw sunpir. ., 'if' t TBat PAB aXaXrnON BKPT. Sff, " V I NTWTtim Sm , . a nlsllv aniiAitMMaa n.-f i -w.- . . deferred election for toe Pa eonstl- luency win taxe place oa September II, with nomination. Sept it . : THE'WATHER.; - . 1 t 'I Dominifm Iflctaorolofioal Bcr lie. Tonmto, Sept. S. Tone? Light winds, flas today SctaTdAT, ranch, tna Sams tc mtars. . . ti 1.. e, - . ... Tba ares of hhrhv nremai a - ntred near Lake Superior; extsi from Atlaauo to peetne aad t weaoher I fine with moderate t- perature througheut toe Deaalalen- ' Mlalaiam aad maxlmem tmp turee yeaterasy: Victoria. t, monlon. et'ttt Price AlNerU '-Wlnalpec, tt 14; Watte H v.r. s Xaslt Bta. Harts. 4-, : 1 Ttl Klns""i. ', Montreal, tt JoSn. K If Bt. John New ii . b.I v. 1 .-- e i

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