The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 195! BLYTHEV1UJC (ARK-X COURIER NEWS PAGE SZVt* NEWS OF THE WORLD TOLD IN PICTURES ANYONE COT A VITAMIN PILL?-Spring fever has its grip m this brown bear at the Pans, France, zoo. Gloomy-looking; and listless as can be, he's soaking up the sun and watching! ,*trc"-- drift past his enclosure. He's even too lazy to enjojri a tussle with his big metal ring. CROSS FROM CROSSING-"Cibaba" !ool;s upset, and why not? The 18-inch simian vaudeville entertainer from Italy just docked in New Vork after a stormy Atlantic crossinE. FOOTNOTES—Latest foot fashions for teen-agers around Detroit, Mich., are shoes that carry messages. The messages are so incomprehensible that they sometimes baffle other teen-agers. Girl «t left has "Kind of Not Too Goodish" on her right foot, and "Many Many Funs" on her left. WEIGHING IN—Reading clockwise on the axle-group indicator •top this new loll recorder are the axle and bumper patterns of a four-axle vehicle followed by a two-axle vehicle, both of which have just been weighed. The toil operator has pressed a three- axle key, not noticing the trailer truck being checked has dual rear wheels. This error causes the indicator to flash the pattern on the screen, telling the operator to rechcck the vehicle and correct his error. This is a new part of the toll collection system to be used on the .Ohio Turnpike. '50-53 1954 E5T 1900-'09 UP UP UP—Uncle Sam has an ever-increasing appetite for steel As Newschart shows. V. S. production has steadily increased during every decade ot this century, with the exception of the Depression '30's Figures, from American Iron and Steel Industry, show the yearly average for each decade. SPORTY SHORTIE—This three-wheeled auto with a three- passenger plastic body gets 41.5 miles per gallon of gns and can speed alont* at a 65-mph. maximum. The vehicle, called a Tri- Car, was shown at the Universal Travel and Auto Sports Show in New York City, U i* II 1 ? inches long. nnwkl ?HE GOES—The bomblike device in the center, flanked by two scale-sized models, is a supply parachute with helfcopter blades Designed for the Marine Corps, the device provides pinpoint 'dropping of supplies into confined areas with greatef accuracy than parachutes. . The blade; unfold from the sides a. the unit is dropped from the bomb rack of an airplane, lowenni the device at a slow speed. Material to be dropped is loaded in the nose which sticks into the ground on Impact It wa« ihowl If Washington, D. & BUNDLE OF JOY— Vaughn French exhibits the ewe and her inadruplet lamb? on his tarm near Ft. Wayne. Ind A Veterinarian taid the birth wa5 a real rarity. The quads vveiah a total of 37 pounds nnd all are in good condition. CITY DIRECTORY—Strangers should have no trouble locating the homes ot residents of the Apple Spur community, northwest of Rogers. Ark., thanks to > novel directory system. Like the one »bove, signs listing the names of residents have been erected al five princip»l road intersections, listing a total of 62 families. YUMMY YAMS—These three champion yam growers from South Carolina arc about lo sample the world's lamest yarn pie. The boys, visiting New York as ihe guests of a national chain food slme arc: W. .1. Gray. Jr., U; Jimmy Ray Hammond, 12. and Cecil Oatcs, II. The pie nieasures 28 inches across anrl contains more than hall a bushel of the boys' blue-ribbon yams. 1 WHEN OLD FRIENDS MEET—From out of the past con™ two famous figures of America's WMri Wust, only this lime they're in \Veht Germany, serviiiR iogethcr with the 4ih InJaiHry Division in Frankfurt. On (he left is Cpl. Billy the Kid RobciU (that's ii;i legal name ).-and on the right is P'. t. .Jcv.e .J^mes. Both arc rclMed to their rcsDective namesakes, and both are expert marksmen. patrol plon* thot down by two MtGt over S*o of Japan, Ofit airman killed, ninf were rescued. *" wtiBi* ~^MMMMM!lllfc33^< MILITARY CARRY-OVER-Philip Pcslcr, 7, a page at a wedding in London, England, is carried over the slush of London strecti ,by hit mother. With the fancy uniform on, Phil had to be pio- >• tccled from th« dirty mow. ' .TENSION RIDES PACIFIC AIR WAVES-The U S. B-29 shot down by Soviet MIC fighters off Hokkaido on Nov 7 was the fifth •American plane downed by Red guns in the past five yean. Abovt Newsmap locates the spot where each tirpline w«i downed. Altor, 36 American lirmen hive died u • mult of th» ttuckk r CATCHING THE SPIRIT—Two U. S. Marine trainees In Washington practice hund-to-hanrt combat, using protective equipment mid pitRil sticks, The Marine Corps says such bouts with th« biy sticks stimulate Interest, enlliuHia^m, coimpp'. 'iv c sririt nnrt aggressiveness. 20 - REDS LAG IN STEEL-Russia's new bosses wlH have to •> some in their "suns, not butler" drive to colch up with the V. ». j in steel production. In Newschart comparing the world's stetl pro- | duction of 1930 with the estimated production for 1954, we almost j doubled whal Russia made last year. And yteelmaking in th* salol- j liles is so much less than U. S. capacity there's no comparison.! Dala, from American Iron and Slscl Institute, exclude 1939 production figures for nations In the Soviet orbit, and estimated 1954 •alciUte production figure excludes Manchuria and North Korei. BACK-AND-FRONT WARMER-Thl. flrepl.c. burnlni to th« middle of a room like a tepee fire c»n be turned easily » IBM everyone can bask in the flames from the open side. Ul «• display >t i modern homt Itow HI F«i». tt» —

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