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Swan, Mer. BRyant 9-7516 STATEN ISLAND OFFICE GROUND FLOOR, HUGOT BUILDING 34 Richmond Terrace G. A. Young. Mgr.

Gibralter 7-1884 BRONX OFFICES 349 E. 149TH ST. Busher 7th Floor E. Massell, Mgt. MOtthaven 9-6688 2488 GRAND CONCOURSE.

Cor. Fordham Road, Wagner Bldg. 4th Floor G. M. Denning.

Mgr. FOrdham 4-5100 BROOKLYN OFFICES DOWNTOWN -427 Flatbush Ave. Exten. Cor. Fulton Street, 4th Floor N.

A. Stuhtmutter, Mgr. NEvins 8-2396 WILLIAMSBURG SAVINGS BR. BLDG. 6th L.

Floor, 1 Hanson Place. F. Handshaw, Mgr STerling 3-1221 BOROUGH HALL-26 Court 4th Floor F. D. Raynor, Mgr.

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E. Nicholson, Mgr, BUckminster4 4-6400 1600 KINGSHIGHWAY Cor. 2nd Fl. WILLIAMSBURG-9 Mgr. Graham ESplanade at in6-1400 tersection of Broadway Flushing.

2nd Fl. T. K. Lister, Mgr. EVergreen 8-0710 FOR VICTORY BUY DEFENSE Obituary LIEUT.

GEORGE BRADLEY Medal of Honor man Newport, R. June 9 George Bradley, U. S. retired, holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor and former commander in chief of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor, died today at Naval Hospital after an illness of three months. He was 60.

He was awarded the medal for his work during a landing at Vera Cruz, Mexico. GEORGE HORTON Rites for author -diplomat Funeral services for George Horton, 82, author and diplomat, will be held in the chapel of the Marine Hospital, Staten Island, at 1 P. M. today. Horton, who had served as Consul General in Athens and whose last post was in Budapest, died of pneumonia Friday, soon after his return to this country aboard the Drottningholm.

A native of Fairville, N. he was a former Chicago newspaperman. STANLEY LUPINO British comedian London, Wednesday, June 10 (P). -Stanley Lupino, 47, father of actress Ida Lupino and himself an internationally known comedian, died early today. He left a play recently for an operation and his condition took a critical turn yesterday.

A native of London, Lupino began his stage career there in 1900. He went to the United States in 1926 and appeared in "Naughty Riquette" and "The Nightingale." BISHOP CORRIGAN Catholic U. rector Washington, D. June 9 (U.P.). Bishop Joseph M.

Corrigan, 63. rector of Catholic University of America since 1936, died tonight at Georgetown Hospital. Bishop Corrigan, suffering from pneumonia, was taken to the hospital at 9 A. M. today.

One of the best known prelates in the Catholic world, he was appointed rector of Catholic University by Pope Pius XI. FRED A. MACK Funeral at St. Patrick's A Requiem Mass, with Archbishop Francis J. Spellman as celebrant, will be held at St.

Patrick's Cathedral at 8 A. M. tomorrow for Fred A. Mack, building consultant to the archdiocese of New York. Mack, 54, died at St.

Vincent's Hospital Monday night. Death and In Memoriam Notices May be telephoned to The News by your undertaker any time up to 5 P. M. for insertion in the next day's paper. Phone MUrray Hill 2-1234.

Penna. Will Take N. J. Evacuees Philadelphia, June 9 authorities have taken up the problem of caring for New Jersey coastal residents who would have to be evacuated in the event of an emergency. The state's Evacuation Committee said Jersey evacuees would "come into and through Philadelphia and many of them would be located more or along the coast is sufficiently along the coast is sufficinetly grave." Paris Jews Suffer Vichy, June 9 third of the 110,000 Jews in Paris in 1940 now are in concentration camps or have simply disappeared from their homes, published statistics from Paris showed today.

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3rd Floor LaFrance, FLushing 3-5300 JACKSON HEIGHTS-37-13 82nd Street 2nd Floor, over Woolworth's E. D. Linker, Mgr. HAvemeyer 9-6500 JAMAICA-160-16 Jamaica at 161st, 4th Fl. H.

S. Emison, Mgr. JAmaica 6-2540 LONG ISLAND OFFICES BAY SHORE-77 East Main 2nd Suite 5. South Side Bank Bldg. H.

T. Enssler, Mgr. Bay Shore 297 HEMPSTEAD-250 Fulton over Franklin Shops, 5th Floor L. D. Cool, Mgr.

Hempstead 576 YONKERS OFFICE 20S. BROADWAY, First National Bank Bldg. 4th W. E. Wehner, Mgr.

YOnkers 3-4560 NEW JERSEY OFFICES JERSEY CITY-2 Offices, Lic. Nos. 288, 643 921 Bergen 2nd Sq. 2-6030 30 Journal Square, 5th JO. 2-0131 UNION CITY -3600 Bergenline Ave.

at 36th 2nd Lic. No. 700 UNion 3-2146 NEWARK-3 Offices, Lic. Nos. 644, 308, 289 17 Academy 4th Mitchell 2-4010 744 Broad 4th Mitchell 2-5412 605 Broad 13th MArket 2-4585 ORANGE-301 Main Cor.

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At 58 St. Bay Ridge Near Breadway At MerrieR Anterie. 1. Jamaico.

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