The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1955
Page 14
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BLTl'HEVILLE (AFK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, 'APRIL 19, 1998 En - Lai Blasts U. S. In Bandung Speech (Continued from Page U in supporting the principles "peaceful coexistence." "Following these principle China and Indonesia have alread achieved good results in their pre liminary talks on the question the nationality of the citizens on* country residing In another, Cboti said, "During the Geneva Conferenc China also expressed readiness I "China IE ready to estahlis develop friendly reiatioas with tli Indochinese states on the basis o these five principles. There is n reason why the relations betwee China and Thailand, the Philip pines and other neighboring coun tries cannot be improved." Suggest* Friendly Visits "China Js ready to establi-s: normal relations with other Asia and African countries on the basi of strict adherence to these prin ciples and is willing to promot the normalization of relations be tween China and Japan," Choi said. "In order to promote mutual un derstanding and cooperation among us, we propose that the govern menls, parliaments nnd peoples organizations of the Asian ant African countries make frtendb visits to each other's countries." Chou's speech followed n llni he has been promoting throughou the conference—"sweetness charm" in the words of one im pressed Middle Eastern delegate. Syria's Foreign Minister Khnlei Azem told the delegates: "Withou us, a world war cannot be waged We command great manpower nnc vital materials." Chou said Communist China would not raise at this conference •the question of Its admission to "its rightful place in the Unllei Nations" even though the Colombo powers sponsoring the Bandung conference at an earlier meeting endorsed without exception Rei China's claim to the right to re place Nationalist Chinese represen tetives in the U. N. Chou's speech followed new at Ucfcs on Communist expansion b? Asian allies of the West today They did not call the Reds b; name but their mennlng wns clcur Former U.N. Assembly Pres! dent Carlos P, Romulo of the Philippines and Pakistan's Prime Minister Mohammed All rallied nl the conference plenary session IhLs morning to the null-Red bannei raised yesterday by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fndhll Jairmli. There wns no immediate reply from Communist China's Premier Chou En-Jfti. But there wns n possibility he and the only othei Communist rielegnle to the conference, North Viet Nnm Infonnntfon Minister Honng Minn Glnm, would take the floor at this afternoon's session. Didn't Applimti Both Chou and Indian Prime Minister Nehru noticeably refrained from Joining in the iip-—largest, so for of the conference—which , followed Romulo's speech, Nehru had hoped Ihe cpn ference would avoid tho cnn- troverfilnl aspects of the conflict. The Philippine delegation chief warned the delegation "not In .surrender blindly to n now .super- barbnrism, a new super-lmpcrtul- ism, a new super-power." He declared: "We do not want leaderships in our countries subservient to foreign rulers, be they In London 01 Paris, the Hague of Washington, or, we might add, Moscow." "Do we Fight to regain our manhood from Western colonial rulers only to surrender it (o ruler? among ourselves who seize the power to keep us enslaved?" Ro• mulo queried, "This kind of power, once established, roots Itself more deeply, gets more nnd more committed to perpetuating; itself," he continued. "Moreover . . . this system of power becomes inhi-renlly expansionist. It cannot arct'pt' ilu 1 promise of pence with opponenls outside its borders any more thun it can make peace with opponents inside its borders. Crushes Opposition "It seeks nnd must .seek lo crush all opposition whiM-ever It exists." Romulo also paid pointed and specific tribute t o the Unitec' States and his nation's lony IIKNO elation with it. lie said; "We of the Philippines have ex periencrd the t;ood faith of thr United Slates in our own n'liiUun- shlp and we feel the principles upon which it WRR based will ul timately prevail." The Pakistan prune minisu>i- whose government receives U.S. military aid nnd is it member o! the Western-backed Turkish-Pakis tani Alliance, also nvoidec mentioning communism by name. Bui he warned the Asian and African nations to "be careful not lo open the door to new and more insidious formers of imperialism thai masquerade in the guise of liberalism. I All earlier had been reported i planning to defend defense ar-1 rangements with the West by ask ing directly: "If it is proper for the Chinese Communists to enter into a mutual delensr pact with Soviet Russia and at the same- time proclaim peaceful coexistence, by the logic why isn't a similar arrangement proper for others?" Modified Statement He modltled this, however, to an assertion that all nations should have the "right to self exercised singly or collectively." All also said he would speak later on the "necessity of banning the experimental explosion of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons' ' and on reduction of armaments. Ceylon'* anti-Communist prime mlni«t«r, Sir John Kotelfiwaln, meinwhti* launched an effort to pr*v«ot * Goofvrenct ipUt over the! Communist issue. Kotelalala, one of the five "Co lombo" premiers who called In conference, arranged a privat meeting: tomorrow with Chou Jamah and the four other spon spring government chiefs. They nr Nehru, Mohammed All U Nu c Burma nnd Ali Saslroamldjojo c Indonesia. The Ceylonese premier said a: effort would be made to avoii further clashes. Deputy Prim Minister Putin Rustu Serlu ato was reported trying to smooth re lations between Chou and the pro Western delegates. The Arnb nations continue* their attacks on Israel today, will Foreign Minister Sayycd Wahid Snlah of Jordan and Lebanese Prime Minister Bami Solh term ing the creation of the Jewlsl state a violation of the humai rights of Palestinian Arab.s win (ind been driven from their homes Wnhid-Salah said he. reallxet some of the conference countries recognized Israel. But he said the Arab States wished to lay their before the conference an' would outline their position durini committee discussion. Libya's Prime Minister Mustafa Ben Half in also told the confer ence the Palestine question wn,* 'one of the most pressing prob lems before our conference." Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w Y«rk Gotten Mtiy ........ illy ........ Got ........ Dec ........ 3323 3348 3382 3383 3329 3356 3387 3398 3311 3340 3313 3385 N«w Orlmnt Cotton Mny 3321 3335 3312 uly 3340 3355 3340 Got 3380 3388 3375 Dec 3397 3402 3386 3313 334: 3375 3386 3316 3342 3376 3388 Chicago Corn Mny .... 14C'/n 14(1% uly .... 148% 148% 147 7 /, Chicago Soybeans Uny 253'/i 263% 252 uly 2-I2I/, 243'/ s 241% opt .... 234 V, 235 234 Sov .... 231 231',4 230% Chicago Wheat .lii.v — 210% 2ll'/ 2 uly i... in4'/i 11)5 210% 194 Mfi H7?i, 252 V, 24214 234 231 210)4 194 .ivestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. 1— (USDA)—HOBS 11,000; .steady strong: nioKt choice 180-22(1 Ib 7.00-36; mostly choice No. la nnri s 17.40-60; about 50 hontl Inrgcly liolce No. Is 17.75; 220-240 Ib 0.75-17.25; 240-270 Ib 18.25-75; le.W o 17.00; ,110-170 !b 16.25-17.00; sows 10 Ib down 14.25-75: few to 15.00; oiivlcr sows 13,00-14.00; bnars 0.00-13.00. Caltle -1.000; cnlvcs 1,300; trnd- K slow; steers ami heifers nboul .cady; Kood nnd choice 20.501.00; cows utility n comim-rclnl I'Bcly 12.0 0-14.75; c aimers nnd liters I).00-11.50; .slronic cutlers to Linnie Raines Rites Conducted CARUTHERSV1LLE — Funera .services for Mrs. Llnnie Mar Raines, 62, of CarutlierKVlIle. wrr held from First Baptist Church her Monday afternoon with burial ii Maple Cemeury here. The Rev. Da] las Hlller officiated nml Germai Funeral Home of Steele was I] charge. Mrs. Halnejj, who had lived lr Caruthcrsville for about 15 years died unexpectedly at 9:30 Friday night til her home here. The former Miss Linnic Blank enshlp, she was born In Bra«gado clo and lived there all her life be. fore moving to Caruthersvllle. She Is survived by her husband Elmer Raines of Citruthersvllle; foui daughters, Mrs. Agnes Heskltt St. Louis; Mrs, Stella Miller or Cit- ruthersvllle; Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis of Rlsco, Mo,: Mrs. Mary Frances Davison of Rector, Aril.; one sister, Mrs. Susie Lane of Braggadocio, and 14 grandchildren. Molly Turnbow Services Held Services for Mrs. Molly Turnbow 78, former HlyLhevllle resident, were conducted in Smithvllle Methodist Church yesterday. She moved from Blytheville to Jonesboro about. 10 years ago and died in Joncfilwro Sundiiy. She Is a grandmother of Mrs. Dan Burge of BlyUievillc. Supreme Court Gets Peters Case WASHINGTON fiW—The Supreme Court takes up today the question if whether the government can le- ;tilly fire an employe on loyalty ;rounds while keeping secret his ,cc users. Central figure In the case Is Dr. ohn Punnett Peters, professor of icdlcinc at Yale University. He ontends his constitutional rights were Violated by not being allowed confont and cross-examine his cc users. Dr. Peters wns fired in May 1053 i an occasional consultant to the . S. Public Health Service after a irec-member hearing panel found "reasonable doubt" as to his loy- Hy. He denied ho had ever been a oinmunlst and declared his loyul- to the United States. American Solon n Rome Hospital ROME f/P>—The condition of Rep. inn Reed R-NY was described as Improvise!" this morning, but his octor said "he Is not yet out of miner." Tho 71t - year - old crmgrp.ssmnn •oin Dunkirk, N.Y., wns taken to \(j Uttle Company of Mary Hos- ital Sunday after suffering n heart tltick. CAN'T, KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN—Not daunted by her close brush with death last year, Pat McCormick fights her first bull since Sept. 6, 1954, when she was seriously gored. Her "comeback" light took'place in the ring at Nucvo Laredo, Mex. Wilson High Graduation Plans Told WILSON — Baccalaureate servi- s for Wilson High School's gradua- g class have been scheduled for the Wilson Baptist Church at 8 p. n. on May 22. The Rev. Raymond A, porman, Histor of Wilson's Methodist Church will deliver the message. Commencement exercises will be wmlucted in the high school auditorium at 8 p. in. on May 27, ft HIS been announced. Arch Ford, state commissioner of education, Valedictorian John M Elklns and Salutatorlan Jean Greenwell will be the speakers. X-Roy Unit Moves to Dyess The Tuberculosis Association mo- ile x-ray unit was in operation at olncr today after taking 571 chest -rays nt Wilson yeslerday. The unit, sponsored by the Mls- issippl County Tuberculosis Assertion, Is scheduled for Dyess to- lorrow. Volunteer workers nt Wilson yes- ertlay were Mrs. Hudson Wren, Irs. Jerry Cullom, Mrs. Thoriins Donnelly, Mrs. Lynn Tranum nd Mrs. Jim Gevmnny. A Loused Up 2.00: canners below 0.50; . utility commercial bulls I3.SO-1S.OO: ood llRht yoarliuit hulls Ki.OO- 1.00; heuvy tut bulls 1I.50-12.SO: IIIIIM-.S ami cullers 11.00-13.00: rod and choice vealer 18.00-25.00; [dividual head of prime reiiehiiiR 7,00: commercial nnd good 13.008.00. As advertised in April 18th issue of LIFE MAGAZINE J Botany "500" Parron and worsted blonds in "Cool dark" shades \\Jlh plc.'i.sinjr iindcnvcavvs of of color. $55 —Use Martin's Economical Lay-away— MARTIN'S MENS STORE "Iverything for Men t Boys" TALLAHASSEE. Pin. (/PI—It wns lousy dny at tl^ state auditing epnrt.nicnt. The weather was warm, so sonie- le turned on the air conditioning, nly to find that lice-infested birds :«d built a nest In the Intake. plee were blown all over t.he office. Quick baths were In order for all hands. LIBERALS (Continued from Page 1) al from the Quemoy and Matsu Islands." Flew to Georgia New attention was focused the Formosa Strait when Secretary of State Dulles flew to Georgia Sunday to confer with Efsen hower and emerged to tell newsmen of a reported big air buildup by Red China opposite Formosa. Dulles said this development had "grave implications." Sen. Knowland (R-Calif) said he intended to question Dulles about this when the secretary meets with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today to discuss release of the Yalta papers. Chairman George (D-Ga) of that committee discounted talk of new crisis in the Formosa siren. Sen .Capehart (R-Ind) said Congress lias "no business demanding an accounting from President Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles every time there is some new development in the world." Knowlnnd indicated he is dropping his proposal of yeslerelay to have the foreign reintions f^roup I Acini. Arthur W. Radforcl, chairman of ita Joint Chiefs of Staff, to explain whether the Chinese Red buildup threatens the security of the 7In Fleet. Rep. Znblockl (D-Wis) expressed concern today that the reported buildup might mean "something will pop'' after this week's Asian- African conference at Bandung, Indonesia. El Salvador is the .smallest and m as I y populated of the Central American republics. Missouri Guard Unit Is on Alert CARUTHEKSV1LLE—Company B 1-IOth Infantry Division of the Mis sotlri National Guard hero, will bi umohg the NiUioivM C5uiml \niU- participuLing in Operation Minuteman in tin: near future, affording tn Capl. .1. D. Dowtl of Canithers vllle. Itesurve District NCI. X stale No. 91-105 Report of Condition of The Farmers Bonk & Trust Company of Illythrvlllc, Arkansas, at the close of bti.siness April II, 1.155, n State banking Institution tirpimiird anil operating under llir hanking laws of this Stiiti! and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in nrconlaiifc with a rail made liy the Slain Ranking'Authorities and bj the Federal Reserve Hank of this District. A S S K T S Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, nnd cash items in process of collection $ United Stati\s Government, nbliKiHion,", direct and guaranteed Obligations of Slates and political subdivisions Other bonris. notes, nnri debentures Corporate slocks (Including 530,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank > _ Loans and disc-omits lincludinp S3.173.-1-1 overrinifisi .' Hank premises owned $-17.500.00, furniture and fixtures $19.024.00 Other assets 1.519.268.31 ^fMo.ia.i.OO 224.121.83 70.000.00 .10.000.00 5,890.366.2G 6fi,")2-l,00 23.002.63 TOTAL ASSETS J10,768.-10B.03 I. I A R 1 L I T I K S Demand deposit of individuals, partnerships, nnii corporal'»ns $ 6.9na.fiK8.03 Time deposit, 1 ' of individual-., part.ner.ships, and corporations 1.851.252.92 "Vpn;ot,s of United states Government fincluding savings* 224,210.5,S 'Jeposit.s of States and political subdivisions 4f>3.(i'n.71 deposits of b;inks fit- ''oi <9 Other deposits uvrtitied and utl'icers' checks, etc.'.. .. 6555207 TOTAL DEPOSIT $9.059 M2 RO .Hher liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES unit gallons shown bclou-t .. including subordinated obli- S 0.68.1,856.07 C A P I T A L A C C O t; N T S Capital* . Surplus . Undivided 200,000.00 800.000.00 82.551.98 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 1.082.551.96 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $10.768,408.03 "This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with tolal par value of S200.000.00. M E JI 0 U A X I) A Assets pledged 01 assigued u> secure HnbUittcs aixd tor other purposes : IjOans as shown above are after deduction of reserves of Loans to farmers dueclly i;na!nnteeci nnd redeemable on demand by the Commodity Credit. Corporation, and cer- tfiicntes of interest representinc, ownership thereof Notes of Federal National .Mortgage Association 2.692,133.98 70.000.00 Total amount of loans, certificates of interest, nnri obllgn- tions. or ponmn.s thereof, which are fully backed or insured by iiKtMicie.N of t.he United States Oovernnient j tothftr than "Uniied States Oovemment obligations. j direct nnri i!iianuiteed"i $ 2,762.133.98 i T, R. A. Porter. Vice-Pre.sirient of the above-named bank, hereby cer- i ify that the above sUUomom is true to Uw be&l of my knowledge and.} belief. R. A. PORTER, Viee-ProMdont Con-eel— B. A. LYNCH J. L. CHERRY P, K. WARREN, Directors. State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi .«: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15 day of April, 1955. iSeaM JUANITA RIGGS, Notary Public. My commission expires: Jnnuar)' 21, 1956, Tractor Driver Is injured Charley Doran, tractor driver on the Marcus Gaines farm at Hickman Bend, was injured yesterday when the tractor he was driving overturned in a barrow pit. Blytheville Hospital officials this morning reported his condition "not critical." He suffered a fractured right leg, bruises and contusions. He said the brakes failed and tli tractor fell into the barrow pit, overturning three times. Spanking Pupils Is Discouraged DETROIT fjp) — Detroit's public school teachers want to know whether they can spank unruly pupils. The independent Detroit Teachers Assn. joined the AFL Detroit Federation of Teachers in protesting "weak-kneed enforcement of the discipline policy." School Supt. Arthur Dondineau, who was instructed by the school board to clarify the issue, said: "We have a definite policy . . . We have never prohibited corporal punishment, but we discourage it." Divers Find Bodies MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. IP) — Navy divers today recovered the body of Mrs. S, A. Stavinoha of La Grange 1 , Tex., who was drowned when she fell from a speedboat in Lake Norfork liist, Thursday. The lody of her stepfather, Bill Smith, 15, was found yesterday. Jury Frees Publisher Of Charge LAS VEGAS, Nev. UP) — Hank Grenspun, Brooklyn born publisher with a touch of Western maverick in his editorial makeup, was free today of a federal charge of mailing matter tending to incite the murder of Sen. Joseph McCarthy R Wis. A jury of six men and six women acquitted ihe 46 year old publisher and columnist of the Las Vegas Sun last night after 2 hours 45 minutes deliberation. Jury Foreman Gail Andres said "there was never any doubt in our minds" that Greenspan's fiery column posed no threat to McCarthy's life. The jurors, however, had to wade through a long list of technical instructions. The verdict closed a five day trial which reached a climax in the final arguments of counsel. A court ruling limiting testimony to postal and technical matters had upset the publisher's intended defense. Siege of China Is Predicted ST. PETERSBURG, Dr. Wellington Koo, Fla. (ff) — Nationalist YALTA China diplomat, says he is confident the time will come when the hinese masses will turn aga ;heir Communist government and bring about the overthrow of the Ihinese Reds. "I cannot, predict when. this cherished hope will be realized, but : ,iave great faith in my belief," said :he Nationalist China ambassadoi to the United States in an interview yesterday. Dr. Koo also told a reporter foi Jie St. Petersburg independent hat the Nationalists will defenc Quemoy and Matsu "to the last man" if the Reds attack. Failure to defend those islands iff the China coast, Dr. Koo said : vould pave the way for the invasion of Formosa. Delicate Situation' MISSOUL-A, Mont. tfp> — Sen. Mansfield D-Mont says U.S. refusal o say whether it will defend Chinese Nationalist islands off Red ttiina has created "a delicate sit- ui tion which could develop into U-out war at any time." Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger uples arc weak wnrn-nut M .mso body lacks' iron For new aflcr •!(). try Chtrc* Tonic is. Contain iron fur pep; suttnlcitu-nl vitamins ]», and «... Costs lithe. "Ot-. K 5QC At all druggist? »5;inds of c :st.-d just lx.- fee (Continued from Fagt H ator wished to see the Yalta record made public by the Stat« Department." Reston Is the Washington correspondent for the Times. Dulles told the committee H was not until shortly after 10 a.m. of March 16 that "the British Ambassador phoned me that his gov. eminent agreed to publication and that a confirmation cable from London was on its way to me." Thus the papers were, by Dulles' account, given to the Times befoj* the British formally agreed to publication. ^ Sent Message But Dulles said the British ambassador had "indicated his concurrence" to publication on March 15. In a telephone conversation with the ambassador that morning. Dulles said, "I said I would advise Sir Anthony Eden (now Prime Minister and then Foreign Secretary) of my views," that publication sould. not be delayed longer. "I sent a message to Sir Anthony saying that I thought it undesirable to perpetrate a situation which created an. atmosphere of mystery and concealment and that, accordingly, unless he felt strongly against it, I proposed to publish." In addition to questions about the advance release, senators wanted to know from Dulles why the official account of the 1945 conference in the Crimea included "personal notes ... of social conversations and the language of dinner toasts." Stevenson Still Not Talking NEW YORK UR— Adlai E. Stevenson, asked about his plans for 1956, says, "I haven't anything to say at this time. I don't know if I'm needed or wanted.'' Stevenson gave the answer to newsmen yesterday as he left by plane for a business and sight-seeing trip to Africa. Asked if former President Truman would suit him as a running mate next year, the 1952 presidential candidate replied: "Mr. Truman would be satisfactory to me in any position. I don't know if I'd be satisfactory to Mr. Truman." J120.95 to S189.35. Easy terms. Liberal trade-in. Come in today. Adams Appliance,Co. Inc. "Just think, dear—this OK Used Car is mine, all mine!" Ncwlywcds get of! lo good starts in OK Used Cars. They're easy on just-married budgets. The car with the red OK Tag is always thoroughly inspected and reconditioned for performance, safety and value. Head for a carefree honeymoon in a car that's dealer-warranted in writing! Sold only by an Authorized Chevrolet Dealer Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. 301 W. 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