The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1955
Page 8
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f AGI EIGHT BLYTHBVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER MONDAY, APRIL 18, 1955^ WillAtomBombRuinYourPantryShelf? Canned Goods in Test Blasts May Tell By KENNETH O. GILMORE NBA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA) — As far as the American housewife is concerned, the major atomic test to take place loon on the Nevada desert should be labeled, "Operation Dinned Blueberries." Ibr this final op«n shot, scheduled lor the la»t week in April, will h«lp to determine what canned good* she and her family can safely nt In the event of atomic devastation. The bit questions are: How great in atom force will take to tear open or break glass and tin containers placed at various ranges And all the radiation effects from the blaat ipoll or poison the food MntenU? To help come up with these ana other answers, the National Cannen Associatin is supplying 25,000 samples of 80 canned food items which will play an important role In U» civil defense phase of the •torn explosion. •Th* unnlnr Industry looks upon this project as a constructive opportunity to contribute to the national defense," says George B. Merrill, Jr., President of the N.C.A. From sauerkraut to shrimp, roughly one railroad car lull of canned fruits, vegetables, juices, fish and shell fish, meats, poultry mnd even baby foods will be close at hand when the zero hour arrives. It will be a harsh test, but N.C.A. officials are confident their products will do well. They say laboratory findings show the protective value of canned foods under conditions of atomic, biological and chemical warfare. But sn actual explosion will pro Tide information that is not pos- •ible to establish under laboratory •ondltions. This is the first time commercial products have been put to such a test. The Atomic Energy Commission and the Federal Civil Defense Administration are both cooperating on the experiment. All of the glass and tin containers are coded so spoilage, fallout effects and the nutritive value ol the food can be accurately measured. Special slat-rocks have been built to hold samples in single rows so no container shields another. Canning Industry representatives and civil defense officials will be particularly interested to study the effects on canned foods that are heavily exposed to radiation and close to the blast wave. They realize numerous warehouses located In urban areas are likely to be badly shattered by an atom bomb. "We want to know whether this food becomes radioactive and if so how long It persists," says C. A. Oreenlear, associate director of the N.C.A. Inbrary, who will he work- Ing a the site. "Homeless and hungry people will need thrae canned goods as rations in an emergency. It Is necessary to know if they are sate to handle and eat." The Food and Drug Administration will undertake long range animal feeding tests to determine whether foods have picked up harmful or .poisonous characteristics. Monkeys will be fed for 80 days, rats for six months, and dogs for two years. In addition to canned items, other types of foods will be tested by the Department of Agriculture and the National Association of Frozen Food Packers. CANNERY TECHNICIANS J. M. Heed (left) codes while E. R. McConnell tests for vacuum on batch of canned food that will be subjected to atomic blast to sec how well they survive. ( nned shelves and stored in experimenta ionics and buildings. On the desert location goods will be situated at roughly three distances from the center ol Ihe shot. At the nearest point they will be dug in the protected by some kind of shielding or bunker. Next will be an Intermediate range corresponding to a considerably damaged residential area. Here cans and Jars will be put on Lost Pilot, Blinded by Darkness, Lands Plane on Crowded Highway :, Tex. W — How do you land an airplane at night on a busy highway? "When I saw an opening .In the traffic 1 just put her down," said crop duster pilot W. A. Fowler. Hopelessly lost In a new four- place Piper cruiser, Fowler landed last night on a busy trunk highway in the huntsvllle suburbs- live blocks from the business district. Police arrived in time to help him push the plane from the highway. "I wu the most, losted guy yon ever met in your life," said Fowler, to of Ban Antonio. He was flying from KnoxvlUc, Tenn., where he got the plane, to San Antonio. He plans to convert It into a duster. Alter leaving Shreveport, La., his radio went dead. His next stop WHS Bryan Air Force Base, Tex. When he failed to arrive on schedule, the bast; put out an nlort for him. Two Huntsvillc policemen spotted Fowler's plane. It was circling town. They deckled to turn on the airport runway lights. But Fowler didn't even know what town he was over, much less where the airport was. Before the policemen reached the airport, he set his plnne clown on the north-bound lane ot US 75, the main Dallas-Houston highway. Pope Blesses Boxer Victims VATICAN CITY (/PI — BeatifRa- tion was conferred yesterday in St. Peter's Bdlllica on M Roman Catholic victims of the Boxer Rebellion Later Pope Pius XII appeared per- aonally to venerate the martyrs. The Boxers, a nationalist society of old Imperial China, made a series of bloody attacks on foreigners at the turn ot the century. He explained* "1 could see the lights of the cars. I knew about where the power, lines were. So when I saw un opening In the traffic I Just put her clown." Beer Specials 24 cans $3.25 6 cans 90 BUDWEISER or BLUE RIBBON 6 cans $1.00 PHILIP APPLEBAUM MQUORSTORE 110 S. Fifth Ph. 3-9041 TERMITES SWARMING! M's a danger signal! Act now »o prevent cosily damage, FRK INSPECT/ONS Phone 3-8233 IN THE CHANCERY COUHT, FOR THE CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Mary Ellen Martin, Pltf. vs. No. 12,861 Wallace Martin, Dft. WARNING ORDER The Defendant. Wallace Martin, la hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Mary Ellen Martin, and upon his failure to do so, said Complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, and the seal of s»id court, this 9th day of April, 1855. SEAL QERALDINE L1STON, Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. O. W- Barham, Atty. for Pltf. Frank C. Douglas, Atty. Ad. Litem. Vll-18-25-5/2 Texas raises more wild turkeys than any other state. ll 6 SCHOOL OF DANCING ORK'N BXTtRMINflTING CO., INC. The third distance will be fa: enough away to prevent , majo damage to structures. Experts o the National Canners Assoclatloi say canned goods are perfectly saf .o use at this range. KENTUCKY STHAICHT DISTILLED AND BOTTLED BY YELLOWSTONE, INC. LOUISVILLE. KY Now Air Conditioned For Your Comfort! -SPECIAL- THIS WEEK ONLY! 10 Lessons «* $20 • Waltz • Samba • Foxtrot •Mambo • Jitterbug • Rumb* • Tango For Appointment PHONE 3-6391 HANDLES TWO JOBS WITH ONE SETUP! BARRENTINE FOUR-ROW PULVERIZER TWO TOOLS IX OXE—The BarmUine Pulverizers arc virtually two tools in one, having been di'signcri and constructed in one compact unit consisting of stalk cutters and section harroivs. The stalk cutters an-, placed for chopping the rows first; thereby helping the section harrows to do m Kood pulverizing jjoh, By the use of gauge wheels, (which arc adjustable lo any bright desired and hydnuilicnlly controlled by tractor operator from the. driver's seat), you can keep the crop rows a uniform height for future help in planting and cultivation. The pulverizer permits one tractor and one operator to do (hi of two to three. The job It performs is done better, faster, and (real savings of 'man-hours' and equipment. 549 95 work with > Plus Sales Tax F. 0. IJ. Blytheville HARDY SALES and SERVICE Austin Htnner, principal >t the unlor high school, will hive charge if the summer recreation program n Osceola this summer. Naming others to assist In the program Is Osceola'5 new couch, Wally Jackson, who will be in charge of the Little League baseball team, and Miss Jean Driver Kendrlcfc. who will be in charge of the Junior high playground. The Rotary Club, Klwanis Club and the City of Osceola will finance .he project. The 36 Club held its monthly dance Thursday night »t the Rebel Club. Hosts for the event were Dr. and Mrs. Joe Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Langsdon, Mr. and Mrs. Louis George Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Harwarg, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edrington and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mann. OSCEOLA NEWS By Betty* Ntlle Stmrr The Osceola Parent-Teacher Association will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday night at the elementary school. Herbert Smith will have charge of the program. Junior High students will be on the panel for discussion planned by Mr. Smith. Mrs. Guy Hopkins pupils will provide the music for the evening's entertainment. Mrs. B. Frank Williams entertained the Town and Country Canasta Club for luncheon Thursday at the Seminole Club. Mrs. Clyde Whistle was hostC Wednesday night to her bridge club. A dessert course preceded the games. Mrs. John Ed Phillips won high score. Second high was won by Mrs. Billy Barber. Capt. and Mrs. William Shippen with thelf two children art visit- ing Captain Shlppen'i parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shippen. After a Isit of wveral days, Captain Shippen ii transferring from Corpus Chrlsti, Tex., to Cherry Point, N. C. Mrs. Arthur Rogers entertained her canasta club at luncheon, Thursday, at the Sehtnole Club. Mrs. A. F. Williams, Mrs. Jean Bjorlund and daughter, Connie, were in Memphis Thursday where Connie received treatment for an ear infection. Mri. B. E. Moore wu hostess Wednesday to her bridge club. She invited Mrs. P. D. Johnson and Mrs. Gladys Burr to play with the club. Mrs. E. H. Mann won high score, Mrs. J. L. Glascoe won second, A dessert plate was served. Mrs. Milton Pop* was hostess to her Tuesday night Canasta Club at her home north of Osceola. Mrs B. Frank Wllliami was a guest. In the games of canasta, Mrs Bob Oillespie won high with second high going to Mrs. Die Bagby Sandwiches were served during the evening. Mrs. Dane Fergus included Mrs. Frank Edrington, Mrs. H. E. Phillips and Mrs. Frank Rhodes In her bridge club when it met Tuesday afternoon at her home on West Bemmes. Mrs. John B. White won high scor and Mrs. Edrington won second. The hostess served a dessert course and coflee. Mrs. Ely Driver and Mrs. C. E. Sullenger are in Little 1 Rock for several days. Mrs. W. C. Mason was a Memphis visitor Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hunt are wttkend Yiiltori In Little Rock. Mrs. M« Stewart, 8r. is a surgical patient In Methodist Hospital, Memphis. In Memphis for the day Monday were Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Knight, Mi. and Mrs. Tuck Olascoe, Mrs. L. C. B. Young. Mrs. D. V. Maloch and daughter, Miss Francllle Maloch, Mrs. George Doyle. Mrs. J. L. Ward, Mrs. A. W. Bowen, Mrs. Arthur Frazier, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Edrington and Mrs. Harold Olilen- dorf. Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Smith are home after a 10-day visit to their former home of Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Smith is the "other Kate Smith," at KOSE radio station. In her absence Mrs. John A. Edrington is pinch-hitting for her. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hoke and children are home after a short vacation at their lodge on Norfork Lake. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bryan had as their guest this week, J. E. Morgan of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. George Doyle, Jr. of Sikeston, was a luncheon guest Tuesday of his sister, Miss Marjorie Doyle. Reid Courier News Classified Ad*. NOT ALWAYS POPE'S HOME Although the Vatican paUce wai begun In the 1100s, it did not become the Pope's official residence until after the Popes retunwd from Avignoa, m the 1300s. KooLVESf ALUMINUM AWNIN6S FOR FREE ESTIMATE CALL NOW Ph. 3-4293 SMITH AWNING CO. 113 S. Pint 70S CI ;ar Lake Avenue Phone 3-6978 TWIN SYSTEM new 2 H. P. WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER COOLS A 5 OR 6 ROOM HOUSI No Water Connections Required K TWIN SYSTEM SAVES I OPERATING COSTS r« •*!« «•.«»«««hw d-i« ,r vi* Iwth t*«lir>9 lylrvm. '( On co*Ur 4«yi *f «t nijhl I t*v* »p*r»!iftf Mitt by uilnf ly *IM tMl • [««« MUM K itirtl wln<n. ftn»|h flu IM If ttrwttl ftl *tH • tb fcet »rt nqiiut. Vornodo'i "lobnctd Goofing" will cool your houtt fotUr, and k*tttr b*cou» on\f Yornocfo p'ftptrr/ batonc«i tht ftirt* Moximvm Mcctioricol Cooling - Verlet Circulation and Maximum t KM uMmait w bafon»d cooling »mfort. Other iii« from % H.P. to 2 H.P. IVEI .,900,001) SHUSHED USERS Of lORMfifl COOUU APPLIANCES Bill's Refrigeration Service 2337 Birch St. Phone PO 3-6986 ATTENTION LADIES l-39c Pot Flower for Ic With Each $3.00 or More Purchase! EGGS, Larre Fresh • •* •>•'• »»• CANOVA BLACK PEPPER, Pure Ground 4 01. c»n Z9c 2 8-oz FLAVORING, 1 Lemon or 1 Vanilla, Ref. 190 ea... 25o TURNIPS & TOPS or COLLARD GREENS 10° SWEET POTATOES Bu. J1.99 5 Ib. Bag 39o POTATOES, No. 1 >* '*• "»« 3 ™ PURE SORGHUM MOLASSES Qt. 69c V, GaL 11.19 GLAD10LA CAN BISCUITS -.3 C»n» 29c Save 75% on Your Garden FRESH CABBAGE PLANTS « Bchi. 4»e FRESH ONION PLANTS < Bchs. 49« SEED POTATOES 1M ">• B»t »2.7S Complete Stock of Bulk Garden Seed & Plants— Also Lawn Seed & Fertilizer! BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. Open til) 10 p. m. Every Night BESTWAY CLEANERS liivltM you to visit th«ir NEW LOCATION Phon* 2-2408 2012 W. 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We are licensed by the State Plant Board and issue a continuous working contract. Superior Termite Co. 535 N. 6th—BlythevilU, Ark.—Phon* POplw M350

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