The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 5, 1917 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1917
Page 5
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THE OTTAWA EVENING JOUENAI MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1917. LATEST CASUALTY LIST CONTAINS THE NAMES OF CITY AND DISTRICT MEN Believed Canadians in Fairly Heavy Fighting Again Corp. Joseph P. Lacoste, Whose Mother i Lives at 342 Sparks St, Wounded. The casualty lists liven out by the. llecords Branch ot the Mllltla Department Sunday were the heaviest that have been published In weeks. There wa one Otuwa man on the lint, he being Corp. Joeepb Peter l.acosle. who ha been wounded. One district soldier, I'te. I- U. Lambert, of lten-frew County. Is reported wounded. TI1J1 Pte. Walter H. 8. Sniper. Ire. 767 Pte. Arthur C. Ueathorn. Vancouver. B.C. 438lt Pte. Oeo. Ooodland. Wales. 7(1 Pte. Herbert C. Maybank. Winnipeg. Tll Pte. Murdo McPhall, Scot. 71104 Pte. Lewis Mlckelsoo. Mill-town, Montana, U.S.A. 7S14 Pte. John 11. K. Richardson. li!e ot Man. 7oa Pte. Keith. W. Buttle. Vancou ver, B.C. Henry Evans, Emerson, To- Laiar list. Corp. I-aeonte went overseas with an Ottuwa unit, aijd was woundtd a few duys ago. His mother, Mrs. A. Lacoste, reside at Hi Sparks street. Pte. Lome Bert Umbert enlisted In a Mounted Hides unit at Kingston over a year ago. His next of kJn. his mother. Is now at Bouth Hiding, Ont., which is In lteuliew County. Infantry. - ' WuCNJJfcD. 174338 l'tc. Barouel Strange, Hamilton. Lieut. John Ferfier Ferguson, Ke-ginu. Majpr Donald Fraser Sturrock. itegina. 1 USUI 2 pte. I'eter Duan. Toronto. 901406 lte. Joseph Buillh, West- ville. 7s4MiO Pte. Walter Winona. Ont. 14000 J Cpl. David ronto. 192H14 I'te. Thomas John Marseilles, Toronto. 8&'J7oi I'to. Alexander Nicholson, Ninette, Man. 2S3384 I'te. Franklin Brydon, Weston. Klnfts Co., N.8. 6870S7 Pte. William Wilson, Scotland. 174930 Pte. Walter Smith. Hamilton. 44N!10 Pte. Demetrio Pellcano, Montreal. 189443 I'te. Leslie Harold Sadler, Mossley P. -.. Ont. (54413 Pte. Norman MacPhall. Goderlch. Ont. TS1C7Z Pte. Walter K. Rooker. KnRlund. 781799 I'te. Nell Smith, Roy Roy, Ont. 410126 Cpl. Joseph Peter Lacoste. Next of kin: Mrs. A. lacoste. mother. 341 Sparks street, Ottawa. co Mm. Joseph !a France . 41070 I te. Ceo. Richard Johnson, Ireland. 4103 37 Pte. Clarence E. Keene, Toronto. 40627 Pte. William Henry Begga, Trout Hrook. N.B. GS01H Pto. Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew, Knslund. 71X237 Pte. Albert Walter Sopp, H.ivflHcl, Man. WOCNI'Kli ANT MISSINO. I'ip. James M. Atkinson, SL Slur '. On!. KEPUHTKO WOl'NUBD. (722 Is Pte. Napoleon Therlen, Quebec. 4171X4 Pte. Asarle Pafard. Montreal. 790120 Pte. Nelson A. Craig, Cypress Itlver. Man. "9009Ple. Otto Mft4er. Calgary. SKRloCSLT ILL. 11127 Pte. Prank Dare, Cereal, A In. (87SKO Pte. Ton! Oeorgt, 8t Luka, Italy. IN WAR WORK BRITISH WOMEN ARE SPLENDID. There are about 170 names In the PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISS ING. NOW REPORTED KILLED IN ACTION. 1 61921 Pte. William King, Scotland. 417097- Pis. Henry Mitchell. Montreal. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MI8S-INO. NOW BELIEVED KILLED. 422339 Pte. Thomas Stewart, Eng. 76046 Pte. William C. Telford, Toronto. 759(1 Pte. William Whi'lng, Eng. 7(001 Pte. Fred M.. Wood. Vancouver, B.C. 1(1147 Pte. Hugh Jones. Wale. KKPuttTbD MUSSING. (69111 Pte. John Faulder, England. (226(1 Pte. George Lien, Buchan an, Sask. 460769 Pte. Chas. James Kent, London. Eng. 291799 Pte. James Lewis Bowman, Miami. Man. 4(0212 Cpl. John Richard Brown, Grandvltal. Man. A14098 Pt. Jess Ooodchlld. Eng land. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISS ING. NOW REPORTED KILLED IS ACTION. 110271 Pte. Georg Andrew Drlo-nsn. Motherwell. .Ont. 424(71 Pte. Arthur Wm. Robinson. England. REPORTED WOUNDED. NOW ON DUTY. (24221 Pte. Edgar James A ties, Vermilion, Alta. Previously reported missing now for official purposes presumed to have died. 20614 Pte. Frank Henry Nash. England. (03191 Pte. John Nlcholl. OalL Ont. 412941 Pte. Thos. Mathers Stephenson, kite. Anne, Alb. DIED. 27414 Pte. James Wlshart. Toronto. 691(1 Pte. James Freeman, Scotland. WOUNDED. 48474 Pte. Aresni KrivdA. Russia. 472249 L.-Cpl. Alexander McCon- aghle, Ireland. 472698 Pte Andrew Inglls, (also seriously ill), England. Previously reported dangerously wounded, now died ot wounds. (Ill Pte. Fred George, 8L John, N.B. WOUNDED. 434400 Pte. George William Hoi- hies. England. 11590! Pte. John Hamilton Barr, Winnipeg. 447781 Pte. Thomas Walter Neo- land. Calgary. 7(0114 Pte. Allan Anthony. Ken- netcock, N.8. 714001 Pie. Alfred Deveau, Yarmouth. N.8. Previously reported missing now reported officially died Dec. 10. KIT. 66,. Sgt. Thomas Brailsr. Toronto. DANOEROUSLY ILL. 74167 Pte. Edward Williams, St. John. N.B. 1075142 Pta. Jamas Fraser McLennan, Dalen Lake. C.B.. N.8. ISPASTRY, WOUNDED. 18(11 Pte. Joseph Guna, England. (Dangerous.) illill Pte. William A. 8. Coldlcott, Mather, Man. 214(2 Pte. Laurie. O. Hoigat. Stnartburn. Man. 1156(7 Pte. George E. Shields, Toronto. Previously . reported wounded and missing now reported killed in action Oct. tt'Ji. KM. (2216 Sergt. Arthur H. Whitman England. Previously reported dangerously wounded now died or wounds Feb. !(. 1917. 440424 Cpl. WUHajn L. MoLoan Wilson. Winnipeg, Man. WOUNDED. " 4(0704 Pte. George M. Da vies, Winnipeg. (Dangerously). 184624 Pte. Denis Melnlk. Russia. 4740(4 Pte. William H. Bingham England. 1152 Pte. Clarence David Hanna, Miami, Man. 7130(7 Pt. John- Archls McLeod Charlotte-town, P.E.I. 63200 Sergt. H. Garfield Bolton, Aus tralia. (Dangerously.) 17(611 Pie. Frederick A. Kldd Inglewood, Ont. 111230 P:. John Lord, England. (Accidentally.) V IrK-. A " I wmm r -, r- i e- JI a (J. W. . Li' V i By Canadian Press. LONDON,. March 6. Reuter's Amsterdam correspondent says thai tn Berlin papers publish the statement regarding the Instructions sent to the German minister to Mexico as officially given out. The Tageblatt comments: "It'was very obvious that In the vent of war between Germany and the United States the Mexicans would selxe the opportunity to square p to their northern neighbors, whose continuous Interventions In the last few years have made their lite a burden." The paper especially points out that the statement makes it clear that the Minister to Mexico was not to make a proposal for an alliance with the Mexican Government, but Owing to the shortage of manual labor, the Loa don County Concll have established . women's umbo- tavirM Instructions only In the ' ft. tm rtmUl flrtnil.M RW MlinWII MIMI in KUUJlKin IU IJ IIIX Uliaunoa ID niH mio SIV miMmm y.v- naMai motor driven, desincra and retMOrcra. The picture shows the corps with their ambulance K?1 outside Oiolr garage. 2 w. WANTED TO TEACH UNCLE SAM A LESSON Germany Aim in Publishing Mexican Note Ue Any Mean S to Further Their Ends. 7, WOUNDED. 421037 L.-Cpl. Stanley W. Andrews. ( Accldenliilly. back t duty) 406707 Pte. John'H. Robertson, Toronto. Itepurteil wounded, now returned to duty. 449032 I'te. Laureuxo Narbonn. Toronto. WOUNDED SLIGHTLY, (ACCIDENTALLY. 446068 Pte. Israel Gallant, 8t. Alexis. PD WOUNDED AND RETURNED TO DUTY. 7901J3 Pte. Cecil H. 8mith, New WtMtmineter. PHEVIOI'HLY REPORTED WOUNDED AND MISSING, NOW ILL. 1771 II Pte. . Robt. Wllberforce Lightbound, Montreal. WOUNDED. 81171 Pte. Lewis Haughton Rey- nell. Surrey, Eng. (Severely.) (24(06 Pte. Cecil Herbert Cooper. Calgary. Alb. (Severely.) WOUNDED, DANGEROUSLY. 712177 Pte. Jos. Michael McCor- mack. Launching, P K.I. (9(75 Pt. Alexander Edward Stu art. Toronto. 11(16 Pte. Frederick Arnold Bowes, Bolssevaln, Mnn. -449176 PI. Oreus Perussa, 'Des- challlons. P.q. DANGEHOUBLY ILL. 4674 84 Pt. Harold John Dunlop. Edmonton. 791J10 Pte. Carl Leonard Johnson, Brandon, Man. 432641 Pte. Itoht. lamb. Scotland. 8ERIOU8T.Y ILL. 181917 rte. Neal Matheson, Sweden. (202 Cpl. Murdock Olllls, Doug las. AlfiFKa. 739421 Pte. Chaa Henry Lee. Dunn- vllle. Ont. 4469( Pie. Percival Pelorane Wnlker. Knirland. DANGEROUSLY ILt- WOITNDED.' 02251 Pte. Doucald McOilllrray. Ills- Mirah. Antlgonlshe Co.. NR. 77851 Pte. Milton Hughes. Harris-ton. Ont. 1,1(3.12 Pte. Frank Daniel Trarers. England. I Previously reported killed In adtlon. should be cancelled. Now re--' ported wounded Feb. 11th. 1917. 108175 Pte. Thomas Walsh. Ire-. tend. KILLED IN ACTION. 29091 Pte. Arthur Morris, Hall- fsx. N.8. 412644 Pte. Oeorg William Bell England. 110488 Pt. John Keen. England. - Killed In action. Feb. loth. KIT. 4417 Pte. Emiel Pesters, iftrp!. Nr. Euderby. B.C. DIED OK WOUNDS. 11 It Pte. Andrew Richmond ' Black, Scotland. 13251 Sgt. John James Campbell. Toronto. ACCIDENTALLY KILLED. Lieut. Frederick Arnott Perraton, Edmonton. Alta. 411U Pte. Walter Watson, Wlnnl- peg, Man. ' . v I DIBD. A t04(41 Pte. William Hair, Oreea- ock. Sootland. 21U Pt. Wilson J. Hlokroan. :r Westvllls, N.8. 11771 Pt. Herbert Lawrence. Bng. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED UlUaV INO. NOW BELIEVED KILLED. 7(1(6 Pt. Harry B. Goodyer. Eng 41097 Pte. Frank Ooyer, St. Paul. U.8.A. 4I1U Pt. Junta auniraa. Eng. 714725 Pte. Oliver George Brown, Ceuka Park. Psnn Tan. N.Y. 57180 P'.e. William Smith. England. 187(1 Pte. Walter P. Manly. Eng. 147609 Pte. Nells M. Soraneea. Denmark. 107068 Pte. Morris Anthony, Upper Kennecook, Hants Co., N.8. WOUNDED. 420775 rte Angus D. Prltchard. Winnipeg (accidentally). 118573 I'te. Stephen Fanning. Toronto. 63483 Pte. Ernest Martin. England 190294 Pte. Wallace Glen Ray Whitcroft, Tllsonburg, OnL 726071 Pte. Clayton Geoxa, Qelert, Ont. 1(38( Pte. William McElhlnney, Bcllvlew. OnL 1211(4 Pte. Herbert Stuart, Cleveland. Ohio, U.S.A. 724210 I'te. William H. Cooke. Coboconk, Ont. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING, NOW REPORTED KILLED IN ACTION. 63172 Col.-8gt.-MaJor C. W. O'Con- nell, London, Ont. WOUNDED. 184(5 Pte. Gilbert Chute. Ayl-mer, W. Ont. 1201(0 Pte. John Carney, Pittsburg. PL PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING NOW BELIEVED KILLED. 100061 Pte. William James Bond, Edmonton. 8ERIOU8LY ILL. 231(0 Pte. Harold Parsons. England. 152U68 Pte. Herbert Walter Scott. Brandon. 2004642 Pte. Wm. Hair, Scotland. WOUNDED. Capt. Brian Simpson, Montreal. (Severely.) MOUNTKD RIFLES. KILLED IN ACTION. 70959 Pte. Henry Hanson, Avery's Portage, N.B. 195754 Pte. Geo. Wtlllngton Mc-Naughton, Peterhoro. DIED. 12462 Pte. Geo. Honson, Petrolla, Ont. Infantry. REPORTED WOUNDED. 1209(1 Pt. Louis Duchesneau. St Malo. Service. DANGEROUSLY ILL. i 10074 Driver Elijah Harrison. Eng. Mounted Serrlccs. .-DIED. t(7( 8gt. Ralph Harvey. England. 2171 Pte. L. Stuart. Mancheeter. N.H. Engineers. 1 WOUNDED. ' 541804 Sgt. James Burnett, 8. Vancouver, B.C. (04(7( Sapper James Saywell Ash-ton, Vancouver. Artillery. Previously Reported Missing, now reported officially died. 21042 Gunner Charles Ropley Pearce. Toronto. OnU DIED. 124955 Gunner Howard Earl Parliament. Consecon, Ont. SERIOUSLY ILL. 141(10 Driver Luke Bellfountain, Halifax. 41(0( Driver Ktienn Oaffray. St. Pierre, Man. WOUNDED. 409(00 Bombardier Ralph Orm-ston, SL Catharines, OnL (severe). 652254 Driver Frederick Wm. Cheeaeman, England. MOUNTED RIFLES. KILLED IN ACTION. 17171 A.-8gL Charles Blttl. Toronto. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED WOUNDED, NOW KILLED IN ACTION. 40111 CpL Philip Robert LUmor. London, OnL PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING, BELIEVED KILLED, NOW KILlJiD IN ACTION. 171125 I'te. William Ed. Keating. Toronto. PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED MISSING. BELIEVED KILLED NOW FOR OFFICIAL 'PURPOSES PRE8IJMED TO HAVE DIED. 109239 Lce.-Cpl. Maurice William Breen, Toronto. CHINA'S CABINET IS EAGER FOR WAR President Refuse to Break Rela tions With Germany and Premier Immediately Resigns. NOT MONEY THESE ROBBERS WERE AFTER Austrian Consulate Swept Bare of Papers Burglars Left Tool Behind By Ca-ailaa Preaa. PEKING, Mar. 5. The Cabinet totjay decided that China should Join the United State in breaking off relation with Germany. This decision wu submitted to the President, who refused to approve the Cabinet' action, aaylns; such power reated entirely with him. Premier Tusn Cht Jul tmmetltrttely re-alg-ned and left for Tien Tsin Accompanied by several other member of the Cabinet. Whole Cabinet May Rctfrffrn. The resignation of the entire' Cabinet la expected. Parliament U virtually unanimous in favor of the opinion of the Cabinet. The leadera of all the political parties are adversely crltt-c I sin- the President's position. The vice-president of the republic supports the action of the Cabinet. An official statement Issued from the President's office says that the break between the President and the Premier was due to personal differences, rather than to the for-elrn policy. President LI Tuan Hunt; baa sent representatives , to Tien -Tsin to Induce the Premier to return to Peking. By Caaadtas) Preas. BERLIN, March 4, via Sayvllle, March 5. A Zurich despatch reports the Austrian conaulate-reneral there haa been entered by burg-lars. The Cologne Gaaette savs: "Aa the li German minister to Mexico had dell- P nlte Instructions not to take steps m before being- certain that the Uni- J ted States had declared war the venomous accusations may be dis- y posed of by referring to the words fj Just previously uttered by the Chan- 1 cellor concerning the traditional!" friendly relation with the Ameri-jH can nation. Iw "It Is self evident that we must! defend our live against a people f which declare war on us, whatever S the past may have kfeen. We be- P Here that the publication of our pro- U posal to Mexico ha had a salutary "I effect on the American people, who will now realise that Germany does 9 not let herself be bullied and that if h the United States proceeds to overt 'M hostilities we mean to fight with ', aj every means In our power." j ? 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The despatch aaya the crime was committed by the most expert burr-lars. who left behind them tool worth about 2,000 franc. It appears, says the despatch, that the crime was not committed for robbery, but for a political purpose. Every man should have something better to live for than himself. was sunk til Post .Office depart meni announced Include that addressed to European countries except Oermanr, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria. Turkey and Kussla, received at New York, from noon February 14 to noon February 17 aa that for Bouth Africa, West Australia and India. Mall for Holland received at New Tork from January 1 to February 17 and for Norway. Sweden and Denmark from February 1 to February 17 and parcel post mall for flraat Britain and Ireland receiv ed at New York from January 17 I to February 17 also was lost. print paper manufacturers mai u tlx a price for their product, and named II. 60 a hundred pounds as a reasonable charge. 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