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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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THE CITY TAKES ACTION TO SEE WHAT THE PARKS ACT IS HADE OF. nfukBM4lrrwttotiMor Salt Um Itlt- StOMMMattMltoOMualMieam win go risking. The park wmmlssloners met last night, jrtMn Chairman Aakwlth and Messrs. Patterson, Christie, Bingham, Mayor Borthwick, Secretary Larmonpi and Solicitor Xatchford' wera present. Although there mm a good deal of dls-cuaatoa on the preMnt unsettled state of affairs, the corrtrnlssloarrs conalder they can do nothloff further.

i i Mr. Latchlord'a report en the Sandy Hill cemetery land ahowed there were 4 1-1 acres In the Hock. In UT1 a patent wae Issued for the Roman Catholic section and in U(1 for Methodist. The trustees of 8L Andrew's and Christ churches rot their patents In All the patents but that of Christ church provide that the lands shall be used as a burial ground forever, and In the case of Christ church for the use of the congregation forerer. In the case of the burial of soldiers no charge Is to be made aiU one-sixth of the English, church plot is reserred for their burial.

Mr. larmonth said he had had no coro- raucicatloa except from Bank si church, who, however, appeared to hare nothing to do In the matter. Chairman Ask with. Bayer Borthwick and Mr. Bingham were appointed a -com mit tee 10 wa on tne trustees of the several churches and discuss the matter with them.

-1 The mayor sail it would be necessary to get the consent of the churches and then go to Uie government, as patent nan oeen issuea. The application ef V. 8t Pierre for a position aa caretaker of Rockllffe Park was pjced on tile. City Takes Action. The secretary reported that he had that day been served with a writ of summons by the corporation against Thos.

G. Keefer and others respecting the proposed purchase of Rockllffe Park. The city asked for an Injunction to prevent proceeding and to declare the agreement entered into for the purchase null ana vom. -Mr. Latchford said ha would enter an appearance and Mr.

Larmonth suggested that now was a good time for the cora- mission to go fishing. Mr. Chrlstis suggested and it was carried that Mr. Latchford should put in a report when a statement of claim was OUt In. It wis agreed that owing to the action uuren was setter not to employ any guardian as Mr.

Christie said If they did the city would moat certainly get an interim injunction and atop tnem pay tng any money. Difference of Opinion. Chairman Ask with thought the board had taken possesion of the property and ho was backed by Solicitor Latch- lorawno eonsMered tne boars by virtue of the Parks Act had bought the park and had taken possession of It Mr. Christie objected to anvthlna- be- in done until the dMda wra drawn I in na aeuverea, ine act was an 111. digested a fair and he did not think that any throe lawyers would agree on an act that was so strangely full o' ano malies.

The commissioners had the right to contract, to purchase, but the to uie purchase had to be done by another body the city council. He did not think that the Parks Act waaever meant to be worked as aa Independent act. It was "not sufficiently Middled hut tn-rltalv imuMInt The board then adjourned. MAlApFR Demise of Kra lasrael Clarke-Other Items Of May 15. Mr.

Geo. Edison, who former ly resided In Goodstown, has moved into the beautiful villa, which is so pleasant ly situated on the backs of Mill Brook. In Main street Owing to the large quantity of milk which is' being brought to the cheese factory this season, a new welgh-etand has been erected, by means of which two waggons may be unloaded at the same time. i. A gloom was cist over this community on Saturday, the tth when lire.

Bamucl Clarke passed peacefully away to Inln th. i mi uwjurivj. AOS RIDUM Interred In the Richmond cemetery on the following Sunday. Bev. C.

Haddington performed the ohvouini Mr. Grant of Kemptvifie was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Skuae, on Sua- ay lasu t. oi Hanotick paid uieuw own Tisu a tew aays ago. tr.

James Hill, umfn, ana yiIm erguson. cheese maker, attended the BrockrUle board on Thursday of last as ue summer trotting season Is at nana our none trainers are very busy. Two' well known horses. Saiulv th. valuable bay owned by Mr.

as. Hill, and the sorrel, Frederick, owned by Mr. T. Johnston, will not appear, on the track tnis season. However, It is expected tuai uie reputation ot uaiakofr will be kept up to the standard by Mr.

as. Wiggins' brown Rysdyke, and Mr. Frank Skuse's chestnut. Kentucky Whip. Some of our sports who have been Indulging in horse-back riding are finding out that there is some little danger in the sport, although as yet, with the exception of a few tumbles, no serious accident has happened.

Mr. Ernest Johnston, who possesses a beautiful little animal, met with a somewhat serious mishap while grooming It a few evenings ago. The animal, which Is naturally quiet, suddenly became fractious and kicked him several times before he succeeded In getting away. The Injuries are not as serious as at first apprehended, and the patient Is able to he around again after a very short con- flnement. Mr.

Jan, Pettlptece is building a house on his lot on Main street for his son The Johnston block, consisting of a dry goods establishment, grocery, post office, sample room and dwelling house, is be- Ing greatly improved In appearance by a coat ot paint. Tennis. Very choice rackets, at lowest prices. new iresrt stock, ao nets, bails at vart-. ous prices.

J. DTJRIE A SON. Ice cream, water ires and Ice cream soda. Rogers' branch confectionery, corner of Bank and Albert streets. Batter I at ThM Sorry.

At the Hotel Brunswick in Kew lork. now managed by Mr. Geo. W. Swett.

late of The Windsor. Montreal, there is la farce the most perfect system ot protec-Mas uainat fire to be found in any ho- lei In that city. Stay at the brunswick and feel the confidence that constant watchfulness and the most Improved fire extinguishing apsuaacea give. THE EVENING. JOURNAL THURSDAY MAY 1G 1895 ON THE BIKE" TO QUYON.

An Excellent Pead at Present, Say Mesne Strathy andWlggtna inners Supply Pie. Mr. W. F. Strathy and Mr.

C. M. Wig gins, two of the city bank clerks, have returned from a very pleasant bicycle trip. Leaving Ottawa at a quarter paat two o'clock they arrived In Aylmer at three, and after some delay re mounted, and at half past three were speeding away for the Quyon, where they' arrived at a quarter to seven. About a third of the road from Ayl mer to the Quyon is of blue clay and al though It Is comparatively smooth and very dry It was too lumpy In places to admit of riding with any degree of comfort on the way up; on the return trip the whole distance was covered In the saddle, the traffic having been sufficient in the meantime to smooth the The balance of the road is excellent, 'with the exception of probably a mile of red sand, but that has a fine, ridable path on either aide.

The agri culturists, along tne way are very Jtina and obliging, and not only do they refuse to accept pay for a glass of milk, but frequently offer you pie and cake at the earns price. For a loci distance the road runs along the base of the Laurentlan Hills, which i tower hundreds of feet above It. On the opposite aidei of the road and beneath this level ara to be seen large and beautiful rich farms, level as a billiard table, with the Ottawa river In the distance. 1 Quyon is a lively little town of about seven hundred inhabitants, principally English-speaking people situated on the Ottawa twenty-seven miles, by the road, above Aylmer. There are about twenty stores of varioua kinds, and four hotels of about equal accommodation.

Mr. bangs (the Union hotel) can be Three miles further on Is Chats Falls, which alone are worth the trip to see. Here the Ottawa river widens to three miles, and a lour distance in front of you, you have a full view of seven large falls of. different alzes and shapes, besides several smaller ones of no less In terest. Here also Is to be seen the remains of the Onion Forwarding end-Railway Co.

"a horse car line, where all the goods for the upper Ottawa were conveyed above the rapids by this means. 8 till another sight is the ruins of an attempt made by the Dominion government to construct a canal so that vessels could pass to uppsr water. For this the country had to pay about half a million ot dollars. The Armenian Scheme London. May IS.

A despatch to the Times from Constantinople aays the Armenian scheme proposed by the powers Includes a system of financial administration under the supervision of the heads of the various communities and the abolition of the present system of farming out taxes and titles. The powers do not seek to control the financial reforms, but will Instruct their consuls to report from time to time how they are Vontrealer Arrested in Hew York. New York. May 15. John T.

Lyons, a wholesale druggist, of Montreal. Canada, was arraigned before TJ. S. Commissioner Shields to-day. charged with having smuggled large quantities: phenacetln and other drugs into this country from Europe through Canada.

Lyons was arrested at tho Grand Central depot by Deputy U. S. Marshall Boshwlck and She fiord, and taken off a train bound for Montreal. In a Pullmaq car. i The Woodstock Abduction.

Woodstock, Ont, May little Perrlgo girl, whose alleged abduction was reported last week, while out walking with her parents, has been recovered and Is now in jail here. Her abductors have disappeared. The story told by the girl Is quite the reverse of her father's. She say 8 that the Perrlgo home was surrounded by men. and Perrlgo, his wife and the girl started to run-away.

Per-rigo tegah to abuse her because she did not run fast enough, and she turned aside into the bush, where the three men took hold of her to protect her from him. She stayed with the three men In a sugar shanty till Tuesday, when she went to the house of a man named Bowerman and remained there till brought to the JalL She refuses to make a statement as to improper relations between them. The authorities are endeavoring to capture the Bowerman brothers and will Investigate the whole affair thoroughly. Getting- a Fund to Appeal. A couple of Lower town grocers have started In to collect a fund to oppose the -early closing movement by-law on the ground of Illegality.

As soon as what is 'thought will be sufficient funds are collected, one or more grocers will start out to do business after 7:30 p.m. and If brought up. the case will be appealed. There tsx and have been for sometime, groceri who have kept open ana now tne opponents to tne by-law reel that the matter should be fought" out in the courts. (Who is Responsible i For over a month there have been a great many complaints against the sidewalk between the Merchants' Bank and the Rldeau Club corner.

The planks are absolutely rotten. Several persons In rushing In and out of the banks of late hare received great shocks by the loose planks tripping them up. Tuesday afternoon Mr. O. W.

Anderson ot the Mol- son's Bank was very much hurt and stunned by being thrown down violently and Injuring his leg. He thought at first the knee cap was dislocated. He has laced the matter In the hands of has placed the matter in the hands ot his solicitor. Mr. McLeod Stewart Mr.

Stewart has served the city clerk with a notice claiming damages. The pianka were put up against the hydrant opposite the Merchants' Bank so that no further accidents will occur. The city clerk visited the place this morn Ing at lLM and will report to the city engineer. i A Cheap Minister wanted. Editor Journal: noticed In your columns, 10th that the Goulbourn Presbyterians want anew minister as Rev.

McLean's services are not desired. The Rev. H. McLean has labored faith fully amongst them. Since he came to Richmond there have been one hundred communicants added to the church and he a-ave Goulbourn over forty services in the year when they were only entitled to twenty.

Those people only represent one charge ot three that Rev. McLean has and they- only pay about half what Richmond pays and get nearly as much preaching. 1 1 I don't believe that Its the minister's fault. They want to have th emanage-ment ot Richmond and pay their money in Goulbourn. They have taken an unconstitutional step.

Out of eight elders there are seven- in Rev. Mr. McLean's favor and we knew nothing of the tran saction till it aoseared in Tne Journal. I have always found the Rev. Mr.

Mc Lean dolnr his duty and working for tsSJiord ar.i when he is rexoved they wiu nave trouoie in tne camp. i H03. EHOWN. Elder. Writing made easy (By using BELL'S RUSSELL.

Canadian Turkeys for Scotland-Otter ews. Stay farmers are aU busy cultivating their soil. The recent rains have put them back somewhat with their work. At a meeting held to organize a lacrosse team for the season the following officers were elected: Hon. president.

A. Carson; hon. vice president. D. Me-harey; president, W.

L. Summerby; vice president, A. Caracadden; captain. G. Louis; A A Fraser; committee of management.

H. Tweed, R. McDonald, Albert Corscadden. Mr. Duncan Cummlngs shipped a couple of weeks ago a tine pair of wild turkeys to Montreal to be.

forwarded from there to Kelso. Scotland for the Duchess ot Roxburgh. Mr. Cummlngs is quite an extensive exporter from this district. Mr.

W. C. Edwards, M. has again shown his interest in the raising of better stock in this county and has presented the Agricultural Society with a thoroughbred running stallion. Twenty Of chlfis at One Haul.

Editor Journal: I was very much surprised to read In your Issue of Saturday, 12th that the orchid found by Master Howells Frechette was the first that has been found in this vicinity for 10 years. I wondered If I had been asleep for the time mentioned. Now sir. as a matter of fact, I have found them every year certainly for the last five or since I learned what an orchid was. The first I remember seeing was picked up by a lady of my acquaintance up the Gatineau river opposite Chelsea.

On Monday last I went to the woods to look af ter my old friends having been stirred up by the notice of Saturday and lei I had the pleasure of carrying home nearly 20. "'WILD HAVE YOD a House to Let or sell Give THE JOURNAL a trial. It'soltea successful. Scotch Serge Suits. MX A snajx 1 Macs.

Orders for lee cream or confectionery left at Rogers' branch store, corner of Bank and Albert streets receive prompt attention. i Shorthand, Typewriting and Amanuensis work, prompt and efficient. Bar-lock Typewriter Copying Office, next Journal, 'phone 96. White and Striped Flannel Suits $6.50 WHITE DUCK' SUITS $4.00 G. M.

H0LBR00K 7 102 Sparks Street FIT AND MISFIT. Our acaualntanc. with the latter Is very light indeed. It your experience Is mora unlortuute tner. no neea to continue it sad keep mad.

Give us your orders and th. trouble will cease. All the season's new roods. Choice only difficult because of such a Ha ranas tins materials The Broadway Ttfloring Honse, 133 SPARKS STREET. W.H.

Martin SEEDS, SEEDS! VEGETABLE. FLOWER, FIELD SEEDS. Freeh and vigorous. No better In tho oosntry. H.


a Easton's Dairy Wow 229 RIDEA.U STREET. Everything of the best and the best ot veryuung. Special to-day Susar Cured 8uperflne Hams and Finest IaWa Butier. mun wm tn printer A. ARTBR 100 LYON STREET.

HooBepalnter. Paperhanger and Decor ator, au wora aone in tne latest style A. ROSENTHAL, JR. dradeate of Spencer's OpUoal Znetttaaa. New rock.

Is bow pteared to correct all lerraeVec oi tne eye. EXAMINATION FREE. Gsldasaltli'k Hail. 87 Bpaxka- at 609 ANN STREET. Plumbing, Gas ana earn Fitting KELLY MG0RMICK Jobbing orders cromptlr attaaded to.

Priosa rcMooaois, aumaiai aiveo. uraaa may i r- rvi-J ada 6UCCI8SOB TO. -wvevxis: Castings to Bbohzb, Baass. Wnmi Uabbita and Solders of all grades. 28 BANK ST.

Tt)L 22 The Fount in As; aim BabbUnt; Ice Creazi. Water Ica and Bummer lrlrik. Light launches. FUMst Candla. aul Coifsctlooery.

Street. PUSHING A GOOD THING. whit we are dnlng. We push it along morning, noon and night. Sometimes it's a Lawn Mower and sometimes It's our entire stock of Hardware liard to beat-wear, one of our humorous customers said the other day.

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mant. you are conscious of a certain depressed feeling. wlUch. look what way you will, you caiytot get rid of. In your attempt to fathom the cause you suddenly become aware of a lac Of harmony In your urrour.dlnsm n-othar glance reveals the eecrat lack ot fitting back-ground.

Bow to Romady It. Times sre a Uttla duU money, eeare. tMrhaps rtar aom. tbousnt yoo reason yourself into a can t-afford-li state and the matter drops. Tou suffer with the y-sore tor a wnUe ioogsr: sxt diagurtad with tt again then, aock).

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