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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Tuesday, May 3, 1910
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The Evening Journal 12 PAGES 96 COLUMNS VOL XXV. No. 121. OTTAWA, TUESDAY, MAY 8. 1910. PRICE ONE CENT. EARL GREY EULOGISED .; IN COMMO NS ADDRESS " PARLIAMENT EXPRESSES HEARTY APPRECIATION OF THEIR EXCELLENCIES. Resolution was Seconded by Leader of Opposition, Chord of Imperial Sentiment Sounded. In short, but rMurnt ei.-e. n sir i"r a'"1 'ly to whoee wants they Wilfrid l-nu-l.T In ihe Commons thia had " oflen contributed and would aiorntng moved an address Their long be remembered tor their effort Karl and Lady ;rc. ' piomote Ihc welfare of everything Who will depart fruin Cniiuila before Mother aesrlon of the Canadian Par- llament la called together. . Mr. II I. llurden seconded the eddreM1n ctnal- ly el(Muent and filing terms ami It w-aa adopted amidst apiduiie... 8lr Wilfrid Luurlcr said that it was no doubt the unanimous wish of the members of the House th..t lh-ri; should bt i-onwyed to His Kxce'h it- y eiprrsslon of their high iiiirci-t-it.u of III services Pince he hiul ln-ii tunned us the representative of lit M.ij-rsty In th fxmlntn. l-'roiu time t thus paragraphs had apiK'ared in the . w h siiKcc'sting that the tint- had arrived .vhen a Canadian hI.oiiU he namea us ..uveriior-ueiu'rai. Mr wit- ; thertng this movement was along I rid . regarded this as a highly laud- j hroad . and generous lines and Hbl-. hut nevertheless julsguided am- ' the affection he had won would bit loo. The system Of opt intlng h more enduring; than any t-tidltiK nny of Unal itrlt.ttn tin- any monument which could be design-Verror-fienerul had worked both bar- ed. Ho posse-wed .the true Imperial nionU-ualy und satisfactorily. Me did vision and no recognize In him n not think that the fielection of a Can-1 true; a a Dalian as Is to bo found In adian would lead to as good results J this gnat dominion. He would ur?-and It would jeopardise some of the 1 eat to His Kxcellcncy that he might things that we have. The appoint? nvey to His Majesty tho message rwnt of eminent statesmen of the Old i'i :.tintry keeps Strrtlic the tic wnl.-h ttnda Canada to the Motherland and places lit the head f urTulai n.t In any way connected nith our party lt our party differences and therefore able to pre- aerre a better haUnte. In Many t'ln-trs. Sir Wilfrid pnicf-eri' d to say that .4 ... .. , .. agtri ilirt lrr-itm tl us at i .a-iiiti nuuar , .... , , t . name had long been connected with the history of rcaponslhlo govern ment, while he himself had a dNtln sjulshd career before com In to this comrlry. Hiiase his arrival he hud given his w holo, heart and soul to his work, had usciated himself with v . i. ..... .. . l..r I VI uima .WVVi n iitBttuiiaaa . . ... . ' .... . Hfo. Arts, letters and the sciences I Impute under' waa entitled Jo ha had done la had ts reived a notable Impulse; under his rsglme. while he miica. praise :for what combat tuberculosis and to Inaugur- m.j tha movement for the preserva ttan of our hortc battleflelds. . j"-" w"wrt thanpald a graceful Kvarya and Lady Sybil Urey. They I with tha consideration ot uther busl-weuld ba remembered, he said, by the ! nets. VANDALISM AT ItUCIVVa'L.iri Li Clumf) of Evergreens Destroyed. . Graced the Entrance to the "'""v' wMV, Park. ! ' " I improvemem commission r ... i a-uiwuiu net, . trvrtiarrtjint eomnlulnta hv hfrn mad. to The Journal that vandalism j ta nmmM .1 nnoltllw. !.-!. .K I., ,. .nriaiion hin, i- .v. ' tiTSS I . Wergreens which until Jast Mk' graced the entrance to tha park. r-r" a well known .e It I sen Interested In park-remXrktd to-day: ' . . . . he Thla luxuriant bad contalnlnr . clmena" of all our native evergreens waa planted under the direction of tbe .original parks committee aa an ob-, Ject leeaon -to thoao- who were not - conversant with all the beautiful av-. ergreens Indigenous to our locality. . and so well waa It cultivated that no mn. .11 ,l, ...Viuj. .U....II.L.' ': person could pase without admiring II. The question is now being naked what the park caretaker, who Uvea . within n atone'a throw, haa been doing to allow thla piece of vandalism to be carried on tight under his nose. ' The Ottawa Improvement Commls-glon enquld leave no atone unturned to bring the guilty parlies to Justice." t BAD KIRK IN JAPAN. Oi O t. ! a . Toklo. May . Aonwrl. a O O nourishing seaport on the O " " - ImwtA r l.n.n m-aa,1 tn. t day by a cnnaraUon which O destroyed Iwo-thlrda of the O town. . The census of IKh) gave Aom- 0 orl a population of 11,000. 0 O O06OiOIO0fOtOt0ftO0fWH9O CARPKT SPiXaAUt. night In line' for house furalahlng. .renovating time, new a lock of carpets nd linoleum. All . over lac. per . vard laid and aawa . free. X. it. .Chsmbers. Rldeau 8L '.; - Temperance, In it true aense. doe not. and should not. prohibit tbe I ,-. nanslble use hy adults .of a beverage go rich In health help a Regal La. er. This pure, delicious, mild beer greatly aids digestion. , win make an roar mind to another laundry, after having try .' seek all chafed with saw edge '. coljars; than try The Baker laiandir . C. Phona IMi. 1 . HAMMOTKs. Wa guarantee our prices ara lower any ether ftrmi in Ottawa. 1 rrlea, 10 patterns to choose from. rrlcea from II to i. a Mulhall. Mrdwar. J btores. ''';''; 1 anauian. Mr. n 1.. Bordsn said that he took ureal pleasure lit seconding the ad-dri-F but I hut there was not much ' "uia added to the fitting and UHueiit words uf the Prime Minister In praise of His Kxcellem-y, Lady Grey uml their charming daughters. To sax ih.ti t'anadu has been fortunate In : raator of Ayhncr Methodist Churvh, the selection of Its Oovernors-Ueneral who has bom appointed by the particularly In recent years was o j Hunday School VmUm of Ifwrbw trur that It need not be emphasisi-d- ! PrtnlsMr. aw a delegate to the coo-Hotli Karl Urey and lord Mlnto had ; ventlos. which opeaa la WaaliingUm. witncaaed wondvrful development t , .., on May Itth. , tho llrliUh Umpire especially In tho . ; - I dlrei-Uon of cloaer co-operation lw-itwecn the various parts. His Execl- lenry's eltorts In the direction of fur- th1 the people of Canada "- "v SC"',C ' --' iwre urc inni 'ru" n,rm" wm muat be raced In orj " amJUl JHe CO-OOerSUOn OI in ' ! rmP,re na 'n1 connection in- pvopie oi me imminion are reaay and wllllnc to bear their share of thelr burden, Hews Addreina. The address was then adopted. i.ii. i -g .n, w j a... i i e-aniiiaai swuiM III umWm OjT illO Mr. A. B. Lancaster spoke In sup- port of a recommendation of the Railway Committee that the else of that body be reduced. He advocated ! cutting- down the membership, from a little lew than 300 as it stands at n-jaaaHt a ...!.. Pt,( a . . fivavin iv tui 1J turn UUIU IFrV V" l ' r..... 1 . lobbying. Hon. H: R. Emmerson opposed the Idea beilevlng that there w a. greater meaiure of safety for the people In numbers. . W. K. MavJean suggested that the ) matter wa. .0 Important that It . should n over t n the beginning of Contractor Irarla. Aged SI, to Marry loans lardy of 3 Knew Her . as a Child. Special 10 Tho Journal. Naw York. N.Y.. May When Oer- trU, Ann Ml,r"'1' " J" old Michael Patrick Davis, who la now ,l ' old.' held tlertrude on hla kneea and bought lollynopa for her In he city of Quebec, where both were "" no- i Michael and Uertrude went to the nutrriage nureau at the city hall here . and obtained a license to wed. They will be married to-morrow by Bishop Cu,,cl' t-JHephena' church. ' "ppearanca m leu couple aa tney waited In the baiMu for their license " th"' - w.a n.a aa t sHlr I n se I ir at aeasiBiajie . ...I a. ... " " ... MT. a-'aaVVIar, Wou l M Wfel JIO J COn- . "VT "l"? V L TL T T?TS1 hr"TV T.1? had nidd h!a hride nn nla-knetrs. "Ann see-)"" "-"!-"'" -f " tM "weeteit oany i ever ; a. Id he. Ml.. M.,-.r..Hv I. . trained nurae. The oouple will go to Ottawa for the wedding. J . ; T?TTTT?T7r, ixCne i tyl 1 rrTie LvOIlO : TTT ntt latTaTTT aWaXlai 11V aUiluIilaU ! A Ion so Wilson Fatally Injured al . Brickyard Works- Mr. Alongo Wilson of Csntley waa lijsfantlr hilled this morn- Ing -al about eleven o'cToritl at a brick yard at aillfnga' Bridge, by being caught In one of the engines. It appears that Mr. Wilson, I who waa engineer at the brickyard. . thinking that one of the engines waa not working .il.kl . . c,"n aomenow levr waa turned and the engine u .uoiiioa wit.. reauit mat the engineer had hla foot caught In ono of the wheela and waa pulled feet first . and body torn. Ha had one brother. Xrr. Ed. Wilson working with him as Assistant engineer. He was thlriy-flve' years of age. ANOUXCEMJvVr. .ne pressing solicitation of a number of my cllenta I have decided ' oecome an. auctioneer both for the eltr arid the county.. My, li years' experience gives me confidence to nope that I will have an equal suc cess in this field' as I have had In tha real estate and bailiff business, My financial atandlng la such aa to enable me to pay my patron promptly. I have a competent and courteous stsff, which, with my own experience a valuator of storks aad furniture, aire -the greatest guarantee, of efll-Clancy and despatch to my patrons, without la th leaat Interfering with air Teal rotate and bailiff bra aches. My opening sale will be tha Cam-bridge Restaurant. wMrh I will sell oa Monday. May , at 1 a-m. Parties In need ofshouaehold furniture of all kind will do wall to patronise . this ale. Fuller descriptions of thla sale will appear later. D. o. Currell. Auctioneer, It Elgin strati. Baam (, i ... - ' t V: "'; a ',,-.,'''-. TO WASHINGTON REV. I. NORMAN HAT PIN JABBED MAN US THE FftCE Inehlent of Feminine tarcleiattteM and Masculine Anno !it on Kparlu Street Possll.l. befor. man- .. . Hy council. -l Y rotriCIlIlK ine lennTtn uf ht nln lhu, lt,. " . ,n an .ear on Ottawa streets. . nil lUl'III In, inurnin wni n - - " ior nui niad' tn vh tlm of the affair quite aaasatie. n HIU) Wgl inimilV IfaXltlnTI In the wlndt.w cf a dry Kothda store. ! - a bin hat pin. probably fourteen or j in leninn atuainc out. l ...... from the millinery creation worn, a la mode 110. The man In question. : wua hurr Inn down the street. To avoid aeveral pedestrians, he stepped In close to the store window l. rush In k by the lady. Kvldently she ' did not intend to miss anything: no-1 "as, as iiu tin urn MIVUIIU IUUU7ni,V. ' Tk- k. .. a . J t . , . The hut and the hut pin moved at ! n "7" , XZ ,.K r .1.1 u , ' JteU"the scrateh. from which blood oozed. If looks would have killed, tho lady Wg.olH nK- Kaa corpse. The man , kd htHttit, mni drlN) ! up , wmt wy growling to himself. SPECIAL SERVICE ON MOTHERS' DAY V' Wei." r:.frjZZ?!Z.X 'li.?" h,!'"c' he building world when the In honor of "Mothers- Day" wtlehn will be celebrated nest Bunds. . there wHI he a speeial service for boya in Ihe First Congregational chureh la ithe morning and Mr. R. B. Nelles. i general secretary of the . M. C. A. ; will be the apeaker. Special singing and other arrangements are being made. All boys who art going will ; ' th assoelstlon at 10.M a.m.. " .-"' " . u.,r :kj; I fc,cn wl" we,r whl"' ribbon or flower in honor of hla mother. Tha body of the church will be reserved i w -a . ... . . . '.'il. ' ,. "Tr '""iplaaterera- .n.t.n. can be seen' Tl -""" "vnue after pay- the ' - "eooaoowwoooooooooiwo v O 10 KLEC'TIO.V DECLinKh vmn a . " - ' ondon. May Mir Chrlsto- O nhfw flipnann tha. alaln..K. sSi iA wfc(, .. . ., , " - "-vr- u " "emeu tne constuuen.')' of Har "'P001 ln Parliament since 1W. 'o a"' unseated by the V O eourt and hia recent elertlon O i ' ft dM-iur,! niA nn h. mma jr. ,o dec tared on the ground O O that he haai Hle-mlle aatvinio... f hat he had Illegally employ Q " demomrtratora and made 1m. I'roper payments through 9 agenta. - i CMJ000OOO00rlHl000OOOliea TO PREVENT . SALE V OF IMPURE HONEY Easson Mervfce. Toronto, May 3. raxteen apiary Inspectors are being seat through the province by the department of 'Til',"' T "T0"! ,mT.,ln.r all beehives. In order to as.ertaln If ' there haa been any foul breeding during the year. This action Is taken under tbe foul brood' act, and Is for She purpose uf preventing the' sa of Impure, honey. LOCKS ON RED RIVER OPENED Hpeclal to The JoavaaL I Winnipeg. May l Bt. Andrew's 1 locaa on in rura river opened y ester- . day whan the govammaat . steamer i Victoria made the passage without hitch. The opening waa entirely Informal and witnessed only by th officials. Later In the eraeon the for mal opening will take place, and will be a gala afftr. with prominent men from Ottawa In attendance. -COPF-LA!) HOI UK." PEN BROKE. Owing 16 a report being circulated thai the rates ef the Copeland House have been raised, I wish to stats that the, rate are the same aa usual, and I bare no Intention of raising them. T. A. BAMMON. Prop. - 1 ' kixduns Wood. We have an unequalled stork of kindling wood aad oerd weed and our price are tha lowest possible. W will cut It any length to eult you. Argue at McC'oll, Ml Bank Bt, Phone Ml. t'. -.I'.i' ' FRENQH WAR DEPARTMENT HA 1? DIRIGIBLE BALLOON Paris. May t Tha surarislnf aaaaua sansa was aaada ts-s that than kaa) Man anatruetad unaar tha giractta at tha war saaartment and with atrtat asaraay, a dlrigibia kaiiaan af Ma aaml-rt M tyaa, aaaaMe af a agoad at to alia-nwtraa (apgraaimatsly SO miles) an hsur. and that tha asacMna wauM ha ready far aarticlajaliaA In tha aapeaaehlnt laawmir araay aaanaauvrea. Tha naw Military craft haa baas) aaat ag "Tha greaata." It maaeuraa I.2O0 cuWa matraa. and haa twa nacsMsa. ar aara, wKhla which ara cantalnad nwtara dsalgnig ta diva lea 240 harst-gewer. ARNPRIOR CREAMERY BY Kp4gl to The axirmal. A rn prior. Oot.. Mm t. Firs Broke aajt shoal three o'clock this aaora-lac In the Arn prior Creammr. and (ha balkUng and rqalpment are alnaoat total toaa. The wua of the Me aj ant know, aa three had been no one In thr bulMIng alwe lour arvkark yeatrnlay afternoon. It at thoaurht lo hare aurml In tile hollrr rooui aa Ihk) pan of the aailldlng waa haunt rat. The lows at thai tine ot yrer win he a snen ene lo both Hie com. paar ami the iMUrooa. MR. BORDEN DECLARES CANADA HAS LOST When the t'oinmona waa aaerrd lata Ways and Means on the la rig resolution to-day. Mr. Harden severely rritlrtsrd the gorerament'a recent Ian arrangement with the I'anesl Htatra aa a toes of Canada's narni Mlonomi. Ua the part of Caaada ap to Uila year there had been no discrimination. Indeed Canada bad favored the t'nlted Mates in commcrrtal dravllnga. and Ihe l ulled KUtes, thrrelorr. was not JuatlHed In applying the maximum tariff. . The result of the negotiations waa. he said, that Canada roairf In the future deal with her duties l ulled Htalra. Mr. Borden aaM the Brllbdl bnpfre waa not rery well organised: there waa no rfntlve iv-oprrallon In trade or defence. He hoped noon to are ; Inauguration of Clean-up-Week He-system of matnal trade preferrner established within the Brllndi nplre. i eah. Sallfa lory Comlltkin lutare tariff ragntUltoaa shoald ! oa wl,h ,hc K",P,r ahonld not be Hon. Mr. Pateraon regretted Ihe I aaalne.. i a ar i - wun : -iw. . mtr uiaera w. F. Muclean uttered the warang that Canada dwu k- a. I (-MJI MKHWini, imvm Hemirr-on mM that thU ; iiornii party as wo sow tariff part? j dntlen. plasterers dissatisfied; i ' X i . Local Union May Demand A7od. T- - -HwitsBc, 1 L00""' Request has Been Laborers' Request I Men are Pressing for Agreement. an; i Although May Day passed with tha; The proposals of tha Montresf Ot-harlaon dear of strikes, it la known j and Georgian Bay Canal Com-In th. hulidin. Lrl ,k., ,.i... for the construction ef the can- soma agroeuient it soon come lo between the ' plasterers . of tha city and their masters, there will ba a dead J busy time is here In August. Borne ' mo,,t,, Plnalerera of ibe city 'eft the National Union, and Joined! the Inlernatlonul. and as soon as thev had got the men of ihe United States behind them. It Is stated hv th m.- ters of UHaaa. they at once demand- ed a rise In pay from to f. cenls hur aimultaneoiis with this de- ,nd clln, a request from the piss - 4aborr, tn tn,ir ,., be I ' raised from H cents lo M wnia - The demand was not granted, and hi DUionens j is: now is not too brink- ianu:ng on ine sirf-ei corners, it is fspected. however, by the master plasterer that they will press their demands Just when they are required the most vis. In August. Hcrk .frpciiwnu The masters of the city state that .... -,, . H . ..a, - crease tnu year. They claim that If .ne men ISO ocen wining iney eouio ; have been met a year aao. biat th:it not compromise. ne ' rnntrarttAr tnlevt thnt ha hurl flA.aln ' ' ' 1 jj jobl in hBlul whch ww rll1rulM. , . .. . .. en on ine w -em oasis monens ago. '"- " and that ir he had to pay hla men ! fm . r . repreaentative men or won- hla O ..-n.. ... .....m h. ;k...... ,.;treal. Ottawa. Quebec and Lake Porta. t he would be thousanda c. ,,, 0nv.rnm,nt v,t ,h. , "jdollara out of p.ickel. Tho plaeterers .pnolnt a directorate. The amended a. rne imiv in. nresamv inair , to sign an agreement that they be allowed to work for any who carr tn ; call themselves msster-plasterers. The j masters are firm In their declaration I that they will not rfgp this agree-j ment. and that no rise In pay will he given as iwi, aa vnia la pressco. I ne maatera of this city are experiencing agrl-'"""" " T 'T... J. ni.icn irouoie ay reason oi ' up their aork. They claim ... ....... , , .", ..... v . ... here and pay good wagea for rush ! work, biM after that they use "cheap labor. A well known contractor In the city said last night that the plasterers of Montreal were "ot asking Tor a wage .u of living tn this eity demanded high er wmgea for the men. He also thought that If the matter waa drop- pad for a year they would be able , .. th, required Increase, - HATH' FOR THR HORSE 8HOW. Ladle who purpose attending the Horse Show thla week and who wish something extra stylish -and attractive In Hat are cordially Invited to call at our Millinery Parlors, it Nicholas attest. Next door to Chu. Ogllvy'a, Messrs. Rlddell and Aubrey. Phone !. JorRX.tL grBraTRIBFJU. Subscribers to The Journal who Intend to ehanga rhalr place of residence can insure themealve against missing any copies of The Journal by giving- In their change of address la advance. Phone It I, write or call. flhoutd-th carrier miss leaving a copr of the paper any svsalng. pkone tl by p-m. A paper will be sent by special free delivery. All delivery complaint receive careful and prompt attsntlea. ' . ., .' ".- -. ' .lit DESTROYED EARLY MORNING FIRE FISCAL AUTONOMY than towered without the consent of Uie I be so ordered that our fature rrla- lnuwierrd. He hoped that Joseph irw. mt Me. twaw -. a- s .imim, ne orrnrai, aMnnrevlated by pwiT, ra ttw- flriM Mine- drlnit II years tho bad male a red net Ion la the tariff georgian bay canal scheme Offer Made by Company to' r 1 r ' uovemmem, i . Amended Proposition Fol- lowed Later. Many Members Signed Peti - tion to Government. .1. ! u hl... K. ,-- V-.n . -K 1 as follows 111 That the -Company wtll build and operate a canal and works aa a j Pl undertaking, an profits pool- ed In a company fund. (21 The work tn ha aopnrdln. ..1 plans, approved hy tha government, A" engineering and legal char- ; tree Incurred by either the government " ,n company to be paid by the i company. j ( TB company to Issue Its bonds ,or IM..D0. st sixty years bearing 'Imerest at S 1-2 per cent., tha Oo- ' verninent being asked to guarantee the Interest upon the bonds at I 1-7 P" I S jh, ( Tha gross revenue of the coni- pn to PP"J In maintaining the - ' - Ing the flsed charges to be divided. one half of the ordinary stock and the. arrviitrr JleII IU I OB UVVCrmiieni. sTM i tools, would be approved by the Gov- I erniotnt, and the latter to make a ! free grant of any land It may own required for the canal. The company would furnish securities for the due eomnhHion or the worn. Not ADDroved. f!m..r-,ent Ala not annrnve of ... , Zl x .... ' position was made by Sir Robert Pvpb nn Vlin- 1?ih 1SAS Tlaw gitafril ItT ' ," . ' that the company would be recon-. .tli.ti.a mA .b.. .aa..M - - --" ;jZm wi1 1 .. . .w . , from Ueorslan Hay via the Freach River to North Bay. Thia would i five years to construct. The romPny agreed, either on the com- ." - """."""n "n' ,,r , repmv , h, aovtnmfn aoout I7S0.000 expended hy It on plant and surveys But this would ii L "i .-. lnv uu.cininmi in j the government ao-I vised Sir Robert P.rka. that It could - , "um. moment any new A lERint's TuntUiirr . A SKRIOl'aj THOI'OHT. The small percentage of men who i .M.B W(,tn , thouahL Rellabl, ,MltUc, u, ,h,t ,,. inm men In one hundred become wealthy, and that fifteen In one hundred attain a comfortable competence. in. is. mat over eighty per cent. 'Ive I sou o,e in comparative or absolute pove"- j An Endowment policy- In the Menu- ".e insurance Lo. la tne ore. saieguard against the eighty per cent ciaaa and a help towards ln.!t penoenre. would you like to talk it over with their representative? Phone lit. W. O. Keddte. District Manager, bimmkriiaJnery opi:mu. trperk display of Par Is Pattern Hala and all eummer Millinery. Wednesday. May tb. and balance ot this week at our Parlors. M Bank m. Parisian Millinery Co., Limited. ; SM.NXOV nLtN8PKRRIXU. la so simple that it makes ah Is sjstem of "Hag a strong favorite. There are other strong point fully explained In catalogue. Ask for It. The Office Specialty MTg. Co., Ill park, m. Ueska, Chain. Book Case, p. o. equipment. Maul cMata and Vault Pitting, i ' 3 . -. ON BISLEY TEAM NUT. U. W. tU-KSrXI Member f thr U. U. V. i. Hegl who will reiveiirnt Ottawa In fam-oua rifle vniietltlons this aumiuer. bee Pagp , CITY ALREADY I. IS VERY &E.AN!"Last pst" was Sounded This Afternoon. of Affulra. . '"r hr',,",h, "h " ' Ottawa. ! City Knjniicrr Kr ri'nrit this mornlns: tin wmvohhi'iji in snintf ' urr "r,"nIUI Biitl iHiirtl Wairia ysterda. fmitid pra iii-all nnihlcg vU an up cm opt tfiniK- ull tin t an-. burdoekx unrf nlhf.r i-i-fii-.. ,.n va. jut in Vat ant ( lots. etc. ; It may he. pi-ihlf thai in oUwr i portions of the .! such a atlKrae- tory conUiUoii of Htidir- ma not ex- lat. hut Mr. Kcr thinks thrtt the cm- : '" wteKe i-rt th- residence on Wll-vensers have rtlnjdy tledix-d up tbe brtrj strt-et. uml prK-eedfd towards city pretty well. All spring; about 2 . A" "Inta church where a service Is loads of s-arhaire and refuxe have been 'Iwt t.nducted hy Rev. A. W. Mac-removed dolly, which likely does not ' " "Misted hy Archhlsht.p Hamll- leave much rcmainhig. The programme for the week ill , be carried out. however, aa orlalnallv Intended, as it'ls felt that it will have I repaid well for th. I rouble If it hriiigv . to light Ihe fact lhat the city Is si ' ready clean and healthy. :. ACT TnrA nnmcc LAST TWO BODIES a TNT- DCirVWrCDCT, miinarv nifoirners. Juniors nrst. AKH KtLUVtKtlJ "nd seniors last, followed by the . Ivl-llsna. ' The pall bearers will be: Col. Remains of all Cornwall lire Victims Orave, l.t.-Cnls. Siren. Sherwood. Have now Been Found. ! Jarvls. Mr.rri-.on. Hhllllnglnn. Court- j ney. and Major Charles Ma.-iarcn. Hpniml lo The Journal. j ,:tllr4 Mo,lrn,. - Cornwall. Ont.. May I. Delving In i the Rosamore ruins this mor.nlns un- Among the chief mourner, sre the der the section where the missing widow or the Inie colonel. three waiter and bell-hny. w. llulme, and '"ught-rs. , Misses Morna. Claudia. Krne.t Butler, rmimed. a stsff of cor-, and "'Innifrcd B..te; the Two sons. Deration men. led bv Charles lunt I Mr- J- Montague Bote, anil Mr. Tren- mereantile superintendent, d I -covered tne remains or tao males, or rather portions of them, but Ihe proof f thera being uvo was the three hipj bones found on lop of a lot of beil j springs. Other portions of two bodies! were hrnoeht mil .nil Hits oiukn-s romnlete thg. lining nf lt rw.r. lions' of j2 bmMrs, the number f those known to be missing, but It i Other bnes "C may be found, difficult to Identify any of them. ! nnT?rr rrwr rf MCT "KCrfcKfcnCfa Oil CANADIAN WHEAT J ' - - ; et4on IliM'UMnnl by Canadian Visit- Ing In lomlon. CansdUn Ascot-luted Press, Ijondon. Ma)1 .--Askcd if the pro- ,rAA s- ih.i, t.t .. ....rr.r.-n. g. i I vanadtan wneut in the f-sngiisn mark . , hn Hndrv of BMriH aid "J Jonn Of (aJladH said WO, on't think It is. hot of eourse l.'an-I j( "al,n more i farmers .would like (o .make money on I heir produce, but I at.r. th.v wnuls not .i.h In r.- .n inomuut,, nr m .. r 1 1 - ... pense of the people of this country." "Ha added; "you people must settle the muttor for yourhclves and I assure, you that whatever de. hjlou you arrive l -!- "t Quarrel; nn 11. KILLED BY FALLINf. TSRR Kperlal to Tlw Journal. ! ':.. ...... ,T " .7 ... . . ..... .. .. ..j .. -..nxr 3i. rtearii, .gfd nf,n , Hu mberstone, was struck on the head by a tree he was! reiitng. He died two hours later. CASE OF SMALLPOX AT ELK' LAKE . Hnretal to Tin- Journal. Elk lalkr. May I A man llvlnarl in Breeds saloon la supposed lo be I down with smsllpox. Coroner John son haa the house quarantined. constables being on watch. The son haa the house quarantined, two , le from Cobalt. READ. TI'FX nivxtlia-stf We are ready to extend to you lllier-, Mr- 'eo. W. Plnalc. the w. II knoarn j AT,V"'o hV'muntVTo u'.ula al credit on your wearing appnn-l. 'piano tuner, who haa leeu employed I mer. Uood wages B( of references re-Ladle who have not bought, lt "' 'he John llnocr Co na head tuner j '"'red. Apply IT Roihester 81 ...... u awe ine pri. es , that prevail. I ISO por m-rk will dress any lady. Metropolitan MTg, Co.. alt. Iduwn stairs I 8.' Tuch. 1 Bank Manager. MEKTIXU POHTPOMED. Owing to the fire the annual meeting' or Bt. Patrick s Literary and Hclenllrlc Association has been p.Mjtp.fned until next Tuesdsy tvenlng st l.s. HOKHK HIHH. See our window display of green and red ties for the Horse Hhow, You should be wearing one. The two Macs, Limited. . i CORONER TO INVESTIGATE DEATH OF PETERBORO CHILD WAS ILL TWELVE DAYS BUT N0 PHYSICIAN WAS CALLED. Parents are Christian Scientists Doctor Refuses to Give Certificate An Inquest Will be Held to Probe Matter to Bottom. hpevlal to The Journal. Ilfl.ute ami aa refused. Hie diH-tuf (lul. May :l - J..iih-s rerKjrtlim the .as.; lu t'ornnrr Ir. II. Ilallry, lh- tlve-year-old son of J. , Uray. The lalt.r. on making an Hill. Hallo, residing ..n th.- ..utsklrls vestlgallon. lias decided lo hold an n-of till , city, aa la.t night qin t. snd !-morron morning , at ill afler an ..r i,.Vl. da, a. rtur- iiui.anell a Jury. ie has uppolntel .a "ii.ii iniii' n.. U..H..I- .nr at- eiioeu uie tul.l. in.- par.nt lalng iiirltian . i, iilii-. laist evening. II,. i.,:..r f ,h,. , ,l:.l ... ,,r. ,, ,r ,i.aiii ,..- FUNERAL OF LT.-COL. BATE Military Honors Accorded Late Comrnandcr. RlderlCSS Charfer Follower, in Cortege. At 2:4. o'clock this iirtTiioi.ii Re v. A. W. MueKay of All Hit hit hunli, htJd a aerice at the home of the late tt.- (l. II. A. I;utc. who died In 'w York on unduy from luieuinonta. The service wan short, and was attended by the family. On the com luaion if : nrviee. prcc-di-d by the hand. lun anon Klttsmi. Aftr-r the ' ''vice the ptoceiision will form s Banc of the iovernor-tjen- : Foot 0anls, followed by the """C party from the reKiment mi- . der Maior Cunnineh,.,,.. Th.s will i.-ome the hearse, behind whl. h v. ill lh""sraph of the prise design from 'walk Ihe late Colonel's . harccr. At"" government, sent to and received this point Ihe famll. ..f II,.- .1, . .,1 will follow, the rear beliiK tken up by : nicl1 B"'- "n" rried thi morning i -- " also Ihe (family ol Mr. II. X. Bale Including , he sous Mr. Cora Id lljt . Mr. T. f. Bate, Kriink Kute. anil I.. X. Bate. The sijters nf the ,Utt'S'-d present ar Mr. A. J. rhrUtlc. Mrs. Aldous. I of Winnipeg; Mrs. laCW is. of Montreal and Mrs. B. K Dewar, of Ottawa. Among th- nioiirnri. were also no- tleed Mr. W. T. Bate representing-.. !.. I ,usllv in kit l',.ll...rli...a "unit J r- Bute HiiNlly in Kt. CutlKTlnes,"and Mr. ' rr.iit li Bute of Montreal All the regiments stationed in Otta- wa ncn reprtsrnted by ofllverj and At the conclusion of the serviee which is now being held in the church the cortege will line up, and proceed by way of U:jiirier uvejme to Ktdrau Htreets and lhu.t on to Bet? eh wood cemetery where the Inter merit will lw made. A party from the deceased's regiment will fire the "Last Post" ov- er the grave. NEW POLICE CHIEF 0OMIXIOW CO'TtBl.t AMIRF. MARCO!.- Who has been appointed hy Hull ! l- a.easn.11 so taae CTiarge oi noiKe j oVnannieM qcaainnwni- . PF.RMOX Al. M-TICF " -" tr i'- !IREURX WAVTrt). Al'Pl.r charge ot the Tuning depnrtmenl of, degulln. IJI rtkleaii ! Willis Al Co.. IJmilc.l. and will he I Dleaawd fh receive tunlna ..nil in, orders, which will receive prompt snd careful attention. Phone 1 717, Willis 4 Co., .UmiUd. new address. Vrkm nt. n t:v.RK or thk mk hori-x Order a Jar of the Borthwlek Mln- ! eral Wa!e snd mnke stir you are " " " " drinking some.hlm, free , .,, kind. ! (P-i. .ErVVTl. of microbes and other Impurities, lie- Xe-nnl Ave. livvred fresh- from the springs li 1. 1 --W. Itoss. By Ward nwirktl. I'hona VV",AN WANT, W"RK. IROMIWH .... i" and .ateeslna. 4: lalurler Ara I West. lr. t! lo Ix-rforni the por-l nmr- Irm esalnlntllon. to as.-ertalu iha tause of death. It Or. Uru a iiil.-ntl..n. be states. io probe Ihe matter In ihe bottpm. THK PROPOKKU tiOVKK.NMENT Hlll.DIX;. baillur Journal - This ecnintf The Journal devoted the most prominent portion uf the front page to th publication of two desiKiis. one or which purports to be that which won the ilrst prise In the competition to which ull Canadian Arehitecta wer invited, some three years ugo and the other that de-licncd by the lleiwrt-iii'-nt of Putdk- Wtrk-. As these de-aittna do not appear in any portion t the paper usually devoted to uder-tlaenients. It may be supposed that tho " ' " " ' insertion of these illustrations and some member f The Journal staff the more so as the author of the former of the d-slKiis is very well aware' that his dc-Mln. us now illustrated, was not ono of the prlxe deulKna. - 1 The building to be erected by tho government Is purely an office building, not a Justice Building. The note In oiir issue of April Sth. lust is a correct description of the pro Irtascd Depart mental liuildina. A Competitor In the Competition. ottawu. May 1910. N'ote.- The Jtturnal published th two Illustrations to point a in oral. It seems to he pointed. The design of thr Justice MuildlnK was the one awarded the prize, except that the cen- trwl tlVwer im madej!lKh;r- T.h r'a" : 'f"" ' w -,lurn' Tnr Journal helnK unable to get i a araMIng from tne arcnite. t. If tno ! ehange In the tower Is any improve- ; ment. then that Improvement would appear In the building if the architect got the work. SI I1HF.N DKATH FROM AFOPIiKXV. Mr. James !fnlrlck Currj-, u w oil known and highly esteemed resident died suddenly yesterday al his rcsl-dence''M Augusta street. Ileath was due to an acute attack of cerebral ap-poplexy. Mr. Curry waa widely knoVn 'throughout Otluwa and district having resided here since childhood wli-tt he came from his native place tn rolin,y r0Hnd. He engaged In the express and artage business and ity was connected with tlie th in of J. L rme and Hon, pf-snn company for some Kt years. A man ot gonial disposition he mudo niHnv friends who will deeply mourn his demise. In fratrrnal circles he was a member of t'tipital Court. 1. O. K. Resides his widow who was Mi Heen Murphy, he leaves five sons and . . a.. .a , . . two daughters: Messrs. Patrick. Dan iel. Jiimes, Walter K.. and Harold, an(J Mitl1tt.a Hannah and Poljy Currr Bn of Ottawa. The funeral will take place Tluirsdar f.ernoon st 2.30 from his residence to st Hridxet'a riiurch thence to Xotrs Dame cemetery, r EVENTS TO-NIGHT Dominion Tlieatre Vaudeville... Bank Street Church French Missionaries banquet. Knox Church Concert. Eastern Church 8. . Meeting. Oddfellows' Hall -Rockllffc Lodge; Oddfellows. Itoyal Alltcrl - Companion Court Vera C.O.F. Foresters' Mall tllugus Court. tit. Patrick's - St. Josepire Bran.k. C.M.B.A. Albert Mall, N.K..-.Ilussell l.odge, S.O.K. Moreland s Hall -Queen's Own, S3. O. te. Booth's Hall- Rlrtrau Lolge. I o. 0V T. CLEAN Mll.k )V.RT. Beglnnlnx Morula.. xv 2nil ln price of Ottawa flair. Milk will be Se, a quart. Phone 1 1 us for regular dell Ivery. UNIT. I 1HT. BV 11K1H WOMAX. im mm. Ttn-sl ni-ntns. on Metealff ar Hparks Hla . lo Post onVe. Kindly return to Jocrna'. TOO LATE FOR t-LASMFlCATIOM. l'EI.I. Kl R.NISIIKI, HOI'KK. UOOO . it BICTCI.K Full SAI.aX I uod casdlikai. Appl 10 T. V. Arat- ..rons. Joornai unlet. t9 ll""' s' niljn.f.l IX '0,1"r,""-m F"-,-- 11" J " AlsFsfRlv Wll.l, ItKMovi from SI o't'oniwr lo ITS ('4'onnor. cor. Nepean. aboul Mo H. X'ANTBf 4'OMPKTKXT itiK att?f- era) It an in KlnmnrJ m imix. pmr month. Ill KaMond Ae. 1 'y'!-

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