The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .MAY IS, 1931 i'houc 1*77- 122 W. Main Bananas c Grapefruit Size M's Each 7c Oranges i.arijt' Si/e Ooi. 35€ Green Pepperj Mi. 2lc Tomatoes Nice Ripe M). 18c Oarrols Hunch D SB F* oik Sr illiSO \t\} V rcssion Dk . . L'iHThatof 1920. in*, window nnrl interior displays. For larfe stores, nilverllslng ex- I'.-nses urns from 4.1 to -18 per ceul. of total sales. The percent- utc bix-nl for iiw.psui'i- lulivrils- in i commonly ranges from '2 'J to I per cent. I "There arc Instinr."; 0:1 rovorri." | Ke'.iv EuUI. "where stoies have .-.pent i S10.COO for one day's advertiser,; anil j us a ri'Milt have sold as hinh ;is si,- ' CCl.tiO worth of mercliaiullae In one (l.ij'." i LDIf'Oll'S NOCK: This Is 111* ! Hindi sift mid sunvnuri/e tlir ; (liuuclil of worlil bUMhii-vi Iradvrs : and fiicts abiuit the dcprf-.i'uju as ; developed al the rort-nl lul?rti:i- | limul rbanilH-r of I'uimm-ice ire^lini- al Washington. (AUK.) COUUIKR NEWS PACK i!Y liOllM'.v inmilUK X!-:.\ Servlrr Wrili-r WASHINGTON.—In pood time?. ::>orc linn fitly b!ll!o!i dollars ot •';::• national liicnmp is i.pent in 'iinerlran retail stcrc-s. r-nvlv overvuiio buys ' al the tore." Ii is Hie producer's vehicle if dMributlnn and ils licup wilh a national condition cf proiiJCiily •jr depression is obvious. I!'.:l a',!ho::ph the country's diminished purchasing power has automatically leaded au'iinsl Hie riail, our merchants have -tcod i.lii 1 si rain for bc'.icr liian in [he 1C2WS21 slump, which caught them lic"vily stocked willi merchandise, then bfhbcre'l them *' t!i s'.rd:bn anil rirjs'.ic ur'.iv ('.:dines as well as loss of sates icei'a. Now .V.ri-li:>ms ISuy Can-fully i T!:( ' brl[Ie ' wll ° ls tlln ^hannlni; Thai was Ihe dawii of a new ^Bhf-r ef Mr. ami Mrs. n. A. rra In retail uiKchamlisiiig ae- Haiusey'of Os-eila, Is a gra:liinif cd houses al the Ohumiw Klyseos' Hieaicr, Pin Is, for ilisve inunlhs: pas 1 ., lias iivi'inly completed lie- \ Gutl.itions for the London season. O:;e of ihe special lenlures ul thi^ » i :,rupaiiy, in whk'h ar.; many t'lsiiicis (rum the old Imperial Op- c-tus of Ml. iv-leisburij and Mo.i- .1^ us mim,-lous cliorus. wliicli' .ill', .sj-nii- nf i |if u-talJiiiU'd liais vui(..'S which aie «!i!y. • (omul In Hiis.-:a, : iViiss Beatrice Ramsey D:K] ?,mz\i i\1ori'o\v \Vd CSCEOLA.— Announcement \v:-.s made talay- of the man-to".: of Mis.; Bfsrlrc llr-msey, o: Own's. lo Mr. Uroek Morrow, of I'lugoll. Ail:., the weddiny having bii'n sccumlrert Saturday, May ninth. The Rev. Claude O. Hall. imi-T 1 cf tlv: Luvorsi Methotllsl church, performed the ring ceremony at his homo. The only attendant uas M'ss Jfassie Belle • Morris, of Oj- i Continued from Pa?u One! Audit Board dlsconllnued Its dc- lll:c!aliens. Dr. SmHh s;ild thai during the legislative session none uf the Hlgii\vay Uc])arlmenl offt- uers or Bdmlnistralion leaders had sliu'vn nny hifllnatlon to siipiwrt the House bill s|x>nw>red by him, I Evimbivi and Wiicutley. lie -i-calli'd thai In the Hunt hi the House over the audit, propos- ils, ivhi'ii Ins wiis voted down by the Ilcnw a.s Committee of the Whole. Rcpre.v.iu:illve K. 1'. Alex- iiuder, chairman of the House Lto:uis and Highways Committee, Kid otlKT administration leaders loln.'d with Mr. llrown and Mr. IXney ' in iii'yitiy the piis-^a^t! of diov:i-'foiipv bill. ii'.-ar Is found in the .s:ip :j ^00 plants an^l trees. of the cily hiyh school u - here she was an ouUtandhv; btwient. Mr. Morrow Is the.Eon H. A. Morrow; -of Piggott. of lie Mr. perdlny lo President D. F. Kelly of tr-f National He-tail nry Good.-, Association, who heads a large Chicago depaitnicut .store. Kelly explained al the International i Chamber of Connncrc-? OY.isress that merchants :-ubsequent'y adopted a iwrmaneut [Kjlicy of •oiurrvalive buyin:.'. placing or- deis only to cover limited rcquire- aicnls and b^roiuin^ especially cautious about stylo and seasonal j.-ocis. . . : "This policy ot conservative buy-; Charles Yavbro Winner 'lie has without doubt been one of • r T P • ' •he saving factors for merchants !!1 VOCal Competition duriui; the recent perlixl," Kelly • :r>lti - i JONESBORO, Art —Charles Yar Kelly gave much of the lov/down bro, 5011 of Mr. an! Airs. J. ll cently returned fiom Pcnsaerjla l-'la., wlvrc lie completed a course in aviation. Mr. 'and Mrs. -Morrow are now visiting in Memphis. The bride- ^o:,m will leave s'Jon for Houston, Texas, where he will be joined lal- er b >' li'o slores. which you and palrc-nizc nearly every day. Fo: instance, aKhoui;h the chain stores have made rapid inroads on American retail trade and yo'.i seem to find them now on every other corner, they still do only 18 per cent of that retail trade. The rest of it is divided up os ! follows: Departments ami t't'iicrul • ii'.ercnanclising stores 1C per cent., | mail-order houses per cent, c:mp2ivy stores operated primarily by industrial concerns for em- ployos 3 per cent., house-to-liouse I ranvp.tsing 2.3 per cent., coir.iuin-11 •jrs' co-o;ieralive stores foar-ienih5 : of one pnr cent.—and Independent,}! ; stores outside thor^ classtrications |i Xj.'r per cent. ' ; ~~ i Retailers' Costs' Mount I Kelly t«'k a slam at the theory 1 oflen held by maufaclurers and 1 -ither [ol!:s lhat rr-tailers rcl Ihe lien's rhare of the profit in pro- clucticn ami distribution. Expcn- Lamberl of Blythcville, was awarded first honors in a vocal conte.-l held at the'Jonesfcoro Baptist CD|- Yarbro started his musical caie;i as a ineinbar of the Blylhcvillr high school (iuart2t In 1028. For th past, right months at Joncsboro college IID liar- studied voice culler under Dr. Henry W. B. Barnes, widely known figure in musical circles Sleek . Socicly - Personal McEdamos Paul Frame. Roj Weaver and Jennie Weaver motor- ej to r.irapouid. Thursilay for ; brief vis'.l with friends. The eighth tirade comn'-^ncemen e\ercires were held al the Higl have mounted steadily in the ..chrol Tuesday nvr-nins. The pro decade. I-,? cited surveys to r r a, n was good and was well at te:i'':d. Mrs. lUilh Lawhoni is ill al her home here. Mrs. L. C. Silencer spent Tiies- dav night at Joiner. Ark., al the bccl'-irl" of her sister, Mrs. Louis •how. and profits have often decreased as Many stores have la net updating profit, but many -rvrn in IQ29, the bst year for - which fisures ar.? available — did kv.'-i^ High Seniors 1'icnic at Spring River JOINER, Ark—Sunday, Miy 3 Ui-. Spicsr. Mr. I'ylos. .Mrs.' M.'Hen, and Hie Mlfsei Pearce Knit f-'iom- niny. leachers in Ihe Siiawnee hig!i Ml, accctupanied by the scnioi class, niotorc:) to Mammoth Spring." \rk., lor a picnic lunch on tin banks of Sp:inj river, The following students made uv. he jiaily: Misics Carrie Elljn nnr- lett. Melave Tale. Ora llosey, Alma iisk, Louise Talc, ilav.el Holt, an: N'ina M'jl"alrid%e: Messis. Dukii, £p;ck. Russell Hughss, Gerald Sisk, Sam Baddour and \Voodrow Muslck The senior class ol Shawnce hl-jr sclicol will present "The Brldt Elect" Wednesilay evenlni!. May :ffl it the high school auditorium. Misses Louise anj Melavee Tale, of'Joiner cnterlaiued wi'.h a bridge party ani dnuce, compllinenling the Eciilur class jf Oinwiu-p hi|;r. school, at the hc'i'e of Mrs. Ml'.tori Shelby fu's^oy f:ve..uig. May 12. iw^ltiSS^^' ~\\-.-i ^.!.j. i?.U; ull-vojjetBlilo jxi!.»v. yyu'||fp,>Hlno In : "" : ""'"" 1 ' rv """ ! "" J 'TDhUCIST Jtb>l _|OMOIIRD>I ' All- Vegetable Laxative Pure Park Sausai Home Made The Harvard Business School found that among department stores doing a two-million dollar nuilnrss or more, each S1QO of ![! r.pcrat'iwj cxjirns? was divided tip like this (showing whal becomes of much of the money you leave i na department storei: Payroll. 551: lent and operating plant and equipment, $15; advertising, S10.50; taxes. SI: interest, £5: supplies. So: : light, heat and power. S2; trav^,- ' in?.. Sl-iJO; communications. SI; rc- I pairs. SI; insurance, depreciation I j and professional services. S2.50; and (! unclassified, including bad debts, !H.50 [i nepartmcnl .stores have dcvel- |; o;:erl by laying special emphasis on ;':crvice 1C customers v.-hereas chain I1 stores have curtailed service and )i'/?crat.:d "cash and curry." Kelly ':said. but some chains lately have 'shov.-n a tendency toward granting ircclil and free deliveries to customers. Mail Order Sales Drop A large portion of tl:o mail or- L'n coin ret! 2 ibs. 25c K. C. Chuck or Rib Sutler I'tirc Crcnmcrv . 26c der business has been diverted to stores at the trading center during the past decade became of au- ',rmobi',?5 • and good highways. That's why two of the largest mail . o:der hoiisos have established j chains of retail stores. Stores doing a credit business | usually fid that 60 per cent, of : their sales aic made on that basis. , Payments on charge accounts [re] quently lag 30, GO days or more j beyond the date when payment is officially expected. Credit losses ' o nopen charge account sales av- ' ernge only about four-tenths of ,cne per cent. Losses in install' ment sa'es by stores normally 1 range from one to one and a half ' per cent. The peak of instalment sales, including automobiles, was in 1925 . and they totaled for that year $6., The extent to whicrT ! credit losses of both classes i creased In 1D3Q is not yet known, : but It is certain that they increased. i ^ The Returned Goods Evil | Merchants are now waging war r-ii tl:o evil of returning good toughl on credit. Seme "customers, according to Kelly, return 00 per cent, of the merchandise they . buy. Depaitment store returns : "re estimated at half a billion clol- | Iftrs a year and lhat runs the In- ;e:eare of operating ro~ts inlo millions. • Newspaper ndvertl.Oig Is i . questionably the most effective mr.dium for the rolail stores. Kellj ™:d. and others In "rder of their imiwrtance are direct mall, radio street car and billboard ndvertls- Crimn. who is seriously Miss Ixmir,? Sloan ot Cooter is speiiditis: several days here this •••""'< as the gnest of Miss Inez Still. A. H. Beckhnm of Coster transacted business in Stee'i?.. Monday. Mrs. L. W. Weaver and Miss T. Slcne will Ivave Friday for several days visit with thr-ir innthcr, Mrs. Alice at Dcx'.^r, M^o. H A. Spenc? was hostess •t a dinner at her home Sunday vl'en all of her ciiiidrcn were present. Cut of town geests \vere Mr. >nd Mrs. R .W. Spence and fam- Iv of T.eachville. Ark., Mr. nnrl Mrs. I. ?vf. Brear and family of Arx., and Mr. and Mrs. Geo^ Bcauman of Lcachville. S. L. Robinson transacts.! busi- ~s~ in Memphis Tuesday r.nd Wednesday. Mrs. J. L. Jair.\s and daughter, Mary Sue. of Oaruthersville \ver? mcsls of Mrs. Alma Grissom. Sunday afternoon. C. C. Hudgens of Blylhoviile transacted bus : ness in Stcele, V/ed- r.-^sday afternoon. Mesdames H. S. Taylor. H. A. Silence and Hugh Carter mctorcd lo Haytl Saturday aftcrticon. Mrs. -W. M. Silencer of Savannah. Tenn.. is visiting her son, C. Spencer and other relatives l:crc. Mrs. W. M. Turner was taken Ihe Methodist hospital as Mcm•>his, Sunday, where she will undergo a serious operation. Mr. and Mrs. C'.fo Oarrctl visit ed at Cooter. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arch. Travis and children w,-re the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Travis of Cooler. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wall mrtorecl !o Keisor. Ark., Sunday where they visited Mr. and J,trs, James Baker. Kkron News Notes Mr. Western and family spjni last week hi Newport visiting rela- live's. Mrs. Porter Sinilh had as hei i:est \Vednr_sday and Thursday. Mrs. Walter Iiya:i of Lost Cane. Miss Cinova Ryan of Lost Cane as the p.uest nf Mrs. Charlie Nicholas Wednesday. A br^e crt'.al attended th5 clos ing exercises of the Ekron s:hia' Ttsday nigiit. Tvvo pupih wcrr awarded eighth grade dipiomis namely Miss Mary Ingram and-Basil Bra^i?. Mrs. Porter Smith sp:i\> tv week-end at Lost Cane wilh frlcn:H Mrs. C. Kartsfield was til? gu?- of'Mrs. Tom Norton Sunday. I.eon Cox of Pontoloc. Miss., vis- ted friends in Ekron last wee!:. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stone spent Saturday night wi'.h tluir daujh- er. Mrs. E. L. Teaford on TV.T-R- y-nine. Mrs. Tom Norton anrl chil:lrer ipont Saturday in niytheville. . Alma Grisscm, tha Grlsscm. Mrs. M. Mir.s Mar- E. Sherril and Mrs. Abncr Ashcraft were shopping In Blylhevil'.;. Thursday Mrs. Carl Reid was a Blythc- ville visitor, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Travis anrt, «nall son, Guy Stewart, spcnl j Sunday with Mrs. Travis' mother,' Mrs I. IS. Stewart al Ulythcville. | "sssan Opera in London To Olfe? R : g Compelilion LONDON. (UPi--Compctition in he international opera season at the Royal Opera House, will br nroviiM early in May, willi the .'iiing of a little liiissian opera p*n-\ a; n West End theater.' A long list of well-known Russian singers is headed by Chalia- \vho ai'no is a big enough draw lo -seriously affect Hie ,\x\ -i'fice returns al Covent Gar('?n. Prince Zcrcteli. the impresario ol Ihe Rus^an oprr.T company tl«t has been appearing before crowil- Dr. Miles' NERVINE Dili 1/10 work" says Miss \VIIY DOA'T you TRY IT? After more llinn three months of sulIY-rins; from a nrrvnns ailment, Miss used Ur.i.Ii!i-s' Norvinr- which gave hrr surd splendid results !hol she wrolo us «n cnlhii;i;ci;c Icltcr. I/ ijir.i sutler from "Kernes." II yiii I',- cic.ikc liii;/:[s, Mnn c.; si[<U<:,i noises, (iri? easily, arc cranky, blue ntiil • fidgety, ijonr i:erivs are jini'i.iM:/ ouf o| order, fl-.a.-i ;.i:J rrl.iv l!-cn v::l!i Iho uimt- mcdk-ine t'i;i| 'Vj:d (hu- day after spending a week with hor sisler, Mrs. OH SmHh. Dewey Yarbrongh. Lyn Shields, Jcck Marklin anrt Floyd Smith al- Icndcd a ball same at SI, Louis, Sunday, | , r, Stores 2.>i- Sl.OO. \ <</ Bargains for Saturday and Monday Kiumliler, Lt). lilc; Tliii'U Itil) 1,1). 17'/>c (.'Illicit, I.I). IflL' liriskef ROAST ''° ih ,.,,, m FRANKS .... 15 C SAUSAGE,..IS:,, 12' 2C "nil BRAINS. "^...15° mm s " u!ir !,, i6 c BACON 31C Best Sides ft. 12JC SPARE RIBS Ib. lOc .KING 4S TOT" s!imL ''' am '- v Hlill) L ''' am '- v Hlill) W fii-iiili-. U). LU Slit ' l><! Cll CHITTERLINGS 1 o- 1 'K,n60 c NECK BONES Lb. dc I^L—35 P liver, Fresh Pig, Ib. 7Jc u, W FRANKS Skil "°^.25 c BOLOGNA ,,,.12? inai-flt, Maxwell citici', Oinova or lierkeley Hlend :! Can Limit Can 28c LIVER lieef 09C 1,1). Ltl Kuilcd SOUSE . l>ickle "u, 25° F'ancy Horne Grown Ot 15r. X^> JLvU GRAPE and .Titicy 4for25c GRANGES Dozen '.en L(J CABBAGED"- S" 5 C GREEN BEANS" ,,. io c BEETS or CARROTS Bunch Be 0,lf LETTUCE 'S 9 C BANANAS ,,,,. W l.iiiKC No. 1 lU'il 5Lbs.l9c SQUASH • . b . T? CHERRIES 5^.59 C CUCUMIMS Ba . 19" c J '? -Al^LV w»iTnar>cl ol Ilivor. lnlhc3-lb.canE>st*l« «4iiuir.pli in economy. ...Get ii (ocKiy . • .at 5-014r grocer's! EAGLE MALT SYRUP PICKLES Ronr, Qn:irl 2lc Dill. Quarl 21c Sw. Mixed. Ql. 3If S\v. Plain Ql. .'(It 1 PINEAPPLE '^acH 29° VEGETABLE I>EAHS ^ 17? TOMATOES N<) - 2 ft n an S 2C c PINEAPPLE Libby's Crushej or Sliced No. 2'/ 2 Cun 25c No. 2 Can 2!c No. 1 Flat Can 12t Pure Cane Limit 10 !bs. 47c SUGAR 25-I.b.Hau $1,23 1'OHK <!i: UKANS ICC 2 C;ms for CRACKERS cl'i 1 ;;. 25 C MEAL 2-!-I.b. S;irk Ea. 47c PRUNES ,i. to .25l MUSTARD Q COCOA 2 .,, b . lte 25 c Bread or Rolls 5c

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