The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1955
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1955 Rose, Shamrock Cake Based on Prize Recipe By OAYNOR MAODOX XCA Food and Market. Editor Mrs. A. O. Madison of Richmond MtU, N. T. won $1000 for n novel way to use leftover cake wittl Iruit flavored gelatin. That wu »t Christmas time and the New Tork World Telegram and Sun awarded her the cash prize. "It le also easy," she says. "Have two round sponge layers, plac« Ihem In layer pans and pour When Guests Are Present Serve Muffins Rich little muffins help make a juest meal good. Ingredients: 2 cups silted flour, I teaspoons double-acting baking powder, V, teaspoon salt, 6 tablespoons sugar, V. cup butter or margarine, 2 eggs, % cup milk, >A cup broken pecans, 'A cup currants (rinsed in hot water and drained). Method: Sift together the flour, taking powder, salt and sugar into * large mixing bowl. Cut in butter •with pastry blender until particles arc very small. Beat eggs until thick and ivory colored; beat in milk enough to combine. Fold egg mixture, pecans and eurrante into flour mixture; use as few strokes as possible Just until dry ingredients are moistened, pill greued muffin pans two-thirds full; bake in moderate (75 degrees) oven about 25 minutes for good - glued muffins, or until cake tester Inserted in center of a muffin comes out clean. 1C muffin pan cups are one-third •up size, recipe will make 14 muf- 5n«; tf muffin cups are about one- half cup size, recipe will make 12 muffins. Fruit-Flavored Sauce for Smoked Tongue This fruit-flavored sauce will make smoked tongue (or ham) Mtra good. Ingredients: % cup light or dark raisins, l jz cup water. 2/3 cup orange Juice, Yt cup firmly-packed light or dark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons flour, V» teaspoon salt, '& teaspoon grated orange rind, 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. Method: Rinse raisins In hot wn- Ur and drain. Put raisins in t- quart saucepan with Vi cup water; bring to ft boll: simmer (do not boll) 5 minutes. Add orange juice: remove from heat. In a small bowl, mix brown sugar, flour and salt thoroughly; sHr into hot mixture. Return to moderately low heat; cook and constantly until thickened and bub- Add orangfl rind and UuUer; stir vntll butter melts. Serve hot with sliced smoked-tongue. Makes about 1% cups thick sauce with lots of a package of lime flavored gelatin over one layer and a package of cherry-flavored gelatin over the -second. Chill about 2'/ 2 hours, or .Mill gelatin is firm. Whip l'/ 2 cups cream and sweeten with 2 tablespoons sugar. Spread cream between layers and over top and sides of cake. How Calut (Serves 8 to 10) One package lime-llavored gelatin, 1 package c'-'-'-y - flavored gelatin, 2 round sponge cake layers, 114 cups whipping cream, 2 tablespoons sugar. Prepare each flavor of gelatin separately, according to package directions. Place cake layers In layer pans. Pour the lime-flavored gelatin over one layer and the cherry-flavored gelatin over the second layer. Chill about 2'/ 2 hours, or until gelatin In firm. Whip cream and sweeten with sugar. Spread cream between layers and over the top and sides of cake. Note: To remove the chilled layers, dip bottoms of cake puns in hot water Just long enough to loosen gelatin around sides of pan. Then slide cake from pan. Try This New Delectable Sandwich Try this delectable new open sandwich I IiiKredluiitH: 1 cup finely chopped chicken (use knife for chopping), >/ 4 cup mayonnaise, (I ripe olives, onion powder, 2 frankfurter rolls, butter or mnrgiirine, extra mayonnaise. 2 tablespoons grated Par- mesnn cheese, radish roses. Method: Mix chicken and mayonnaise In a bowl. Cut olives from pits In medium-fine slivers; add to chicken mixture with a generous dash of onion powder. Split frankfurter rolls In half lengthwise and all the way through; toast 4 uncut sides under brollor. Spread cut sides with butler; pile chicken mixture over buttered sides; pat down with fingers or spatula. Spread chicken mixture with a light film of mayonnaise; sprinkle with Parmesan. Place on aluminum foil and toast iibout 4 inches from heat until hot through and top Is lightly browned. This will take from 3 to 5 minutes; watch carefully. Serve nt once gnr- nlshcd with radish roses. Makes 2 servings. Tipsy Mumps KNOXVUJjE, Tonn. i/P) — The man lolxl the judge; a high fever Inducted by the mumps accounted for his high rending on the city dnmkomeler. It was H new one. but Judge H. O. Pollard wasn't impressed. The line WHS $75. New flavor for cooked sliced ciir- roUs; dress them with butter or margarine, honey and prepared horseradish. New Ways to Serve Grapefruit ALL NEW LEWYT World's ONLY Vacuum cleaner on bi No other cleaner gives you so much for your money! NO LIFTING, DRAGGING, CARRYING! ftOUS ready. SOUS ovw to-uit from door illli, ru( yevrdaicM Aoout NOrONtr tOllt wild o« iwiveli but rodt ctooning room-lo-roomt toolil* •foot »#tt lor l*vyY and Wrf »od for datti, opitonof at matt wftfl to*. NO MVUf NO *lrt*1 feftoM <W dxpoxrf/ Flif «f lop, ton out "Spaid &oU" Ma clampil He 4vM boo 'O *mplyl •UTM-CUANS tUOJI fitra rvg dtotimg f***t —tUoni ' way! ol M*ry «oty itioktl (HAL IXACT iUCDONI tHaT' for wool rufli, teflon rugi, 4rap*i—»v«ry job I nUI MORH Compact iqvori rf>op*f Allergy- prcef 3-flllw iyil»ml HOT quinnoHl IMt-'r, STILL only $OA95 ^^B ^^f confim ^>^r fr WIIH >H •M ntAM-INSI FRII MMONSTRATtON! HURRT M4I ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. Oldest Appliance Dealer in Mississippi County 20fi-08 W. Main J. W. Adame, Owner Ph. 2-20'l By CECILY MHOWN8TONE Associated Press Food Kdllor THKRK'S NOTHING like travel o spur a cook's Imagination: We were sure we hud read or thought of evcrythiriK Hint aim be done with a grapefruit, until we miuic our first visit to Florida. Eating our way from East to West coast, Pitlm Beach to Tampo, we were struck by a new-to-us appetizer served at a quufnt little inn on Lake Wnle.s. Grapefruit halves were broiled with spice nnd .sweetening and centered with nut-brown chicken livers and tiny bouquets of parsley nd piemento. The unexpected combination of flavors wan in- triguini?. And of course it gave us (dens. Here, they arc, along with our version of the inspiration. Try these grapefruit fippelizers, for n pleasant start, when you arc having a "laldes" lunch." To prepare the grapefruit for all these appetizers, cut fruit In half. Remove any weeds with small sharp knife; do not cut out center. Cut around each section, loosening fruit from dividing membranes. For easy eating, do not cut through membranes at outer edge of fruit. In heating the grapefruit, do not preheat the broiler unless manufacturer's directions for your range call for preheating. BROILED ORAI'EFKUIT WITH CHICKEN LIVERS Ingredients: 3 grapefruit (cut in half with sections loosened from dividing membranes), 6 tablespoons honey, % teaspoon cinnamon, 0 fresh or thawed frozen chicken livers, 2 tablespoons butler or margarine, parsley sprigs, pimicnto strips . Method: Spread 1 tablespoon honey and sprinkle '/« teaspoon cinnamon over each grapefruit half. Plnce chicken livers on aluminum foil; dot llversw Hh butter. Place on broiler ruck so toj. of grapefruit halves nre 3 or 4 Inches below high heat. Broil 5 minutes or until grapefruit Is heated through and linged with brown; watch closely and adjust rack or heat if necessary. Turn liver and leave in broiler longer than gnipcfnill If necessary to cook through. To serve, place one liver in center of each grapefruit half; gi'.rnlsh liver with parsley and pirn lento. Serve at once iiis ii first course. Makes 0 servings . BKOILHD GRAPEFRUIT WITH SAUSAGE Ingredients: 3 grapefruit (cut in half with sections loosened from dividing membranes), c table, spoons dark brown sugar, % teaspoon nutmeg, '/-. pound brown- and-servc sausage links . Method: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon brown sugar and '/« teaspoon nutmeg over each grapefruit half. Place on broiler rack so top of grapefruit halves are 3 or 4 Inches below high heat. Broil 5 minutes or until grapefruit Is heated through and tinged with brown; watch closely and adjust rack or heat If necessary. While grapefruit is broiling, cut each sausage link In half crosswise and then In half lengthwise. Place 6 slices of sausages spoke fashion on each grapefruit half. Broil 5 minutes longer or until sausage Is browned; watch carefully. Serve at once as a first course. MaKes 6 servings. HIIOILKD GRAPEFRUIT WITH SHRIMP Ingredients: 3 grapefruit (cut in half with sections loosened from dividing membranes) 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons honey, '/ a cup ottnalo catchup, \^ teaspoon bottled horseradish, J / e teaspoon Tabasco sauce. J '/a teaspoons lime Juice, '/* pound medium-slue shrimp (cooked and shelled and deveinod). Method: Cream me z tablespoons butter imd hone.y. Spread over grapefruit halves. Place on broiler rack so top of grapefruit halves are 3 to 4 Inches below high heat. Broil 5 minutes or until grapefruit is heated through and tinged with brown; watch closely and adjust rack or heat if nocessa ry. Meanwhile stir catchup, horseradish, Tobasco and lime juice together. Top each hot grapefruit half with 3 or 4 shrimp and spoon catchup mixture over shrimp. Return to broiler for a few n.iinutes or until shrimp is heated; watch carefully. Serve ato nee as a first course. Makes 6 servings. Another highlight of our Florida eating tour was some afternoon refreshment we were served when we stopped to visit during n Journey up the Indian River. Tall glasses of ice-cold, fresh nnd hand- rcnmcd grapefruit juice were accompanied by nigh wedges of Lemon Pie for Adventurous Cooks By CKC1L.Y BKOWNSTO.VE Assoclalfd I'ress Food Kdltor A MJMON I'll-: that's as fresh as springtime! Want lo try it? The pie Is delicate, fluffy, of the chiffon type, but the recipe has a new twist. Buttermilk goes Into the filling. Miike your pie look pretty! Circle it with Hi'een leaves and twists of lemon centered with maraschino pound cake with a fluffy texture and a ••olden-brown crust. A fine go - together to remember tor warm-weather porch parties! At a buffet lunch ncaA' Windermere we had an utterly delectable menu that other hostesses might like to emulate. Crisply browned chicken, brushed with a mixture of honey and soy sauce, was served on a huge plattet- On another platter were avocadoes, cut Into thirds and heaped with shrimp and fresh strips of hearts of palm. (You might have to do without the hearts of palm unless you can get them canned). A choice of dressings—French or Russian—accompanied the avocado salad. Hot biscuits—small and rich—made luscious eating with both the chicken and thes alad. For dessert,' lusc- j lous ripe red strawberries were arranged on individual plates around a mound of powdered sugar. And to top it all off came tiny brown siii/ar lurts and coffee! If you want to treat your family and friends to something scrumptious, do try this rhenu. cherry. Or try this trick from a friend of ours; garnish the pie filling with some of those Jellied candy fruits Hces that .are widely available. Choose lemon flavor, of course, for this pie. Or roll a few extra graham crackers when you are preparing the crust for the pie, and sprinkle the crumbs over the filling. And here's a tip to bear in mind when you are preparing the crust. Put your graham-cracker crumb mixture into your pie plate; you'll need a 0-inch size plate for this dessert. Then set an 8-inch pie plate on top of the crumbs and press them firmly Into an even lay- on the bottom and sides of the pan. BUTTERMILK LEMON CHIFFON PIE ngredients: l envelope unflavored gelatin, V* cup sugar, '/, teaspoon salt, 3 eggs (separated), 1 cup buttermilk, % cup lemon juice, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind, y 3 cup sugar, one 9-inch baked graham - cracker crumb crust. Method: Mix together the gelatin, ] / 2 cup sugar and salt in top of the double boiler. Beat egg yolks and buttermilk until combined; add to gelatin mixture. Cook over Automatic Control! Adams Appliance Co. Inc. Paint Closeout Many Types and Colon i Price Hubbord Hardware BESTWAY CLEANERS Invites you to visit their NEW LOCATION Phone 2-2408 2012 W. Main Now Equipped to Serve You Better The Finest USED TRACTORS Are Traded in on the NEW FORD 600 and 800 TRACTORS You Con Buy Them At Bargain Prices-Easy Terms At SNOW TRACTOR CO. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3-8951 SIMON'S SUPER MARKET KM \V. MAIN Phone 3-9060 Little Geneva FLOUR-- k 25 jl 69 Blue Plate Sal. Dressing - qt. 39 ! CHEESE SPREAD c :':' c : csl 2 £> 590 PET MILK 0 "™ 1 "" ... 2S250 CREAMOOLE0 5%L : Kl(t : ,,,190 SHORTENING 111 3<t590 Country Fresh EGGS Seedless In Carton doz. 39 ( Grapefruit - 6 tor 25 ( BLACK PEPPEHffiST 2^150 TOMATO PUREEcan 50 CORN Rith -" ilk *°-^100 DRINKADE%w,,.... 6 PkR ,250 Wilson Packing Company's Famous Clydesdale Horses Will Stop at Simon's Food Market Friday, April 15 at Approximately 4:15 — 4:30 P.M. WILSON U.S. Good Mature Beef Chuck Roast--ib 39° Lean, Meaty Neck Bones--ib.15 c Center Cut Pork Steak - - ib. 39 C Freth Tender Beef Liver-•• ib 29 C Nice, Lean, Meaty Lamb Roast--ib 29 C U.S. Good Mature Beef Sirloin Sieak • ib. 59° Reelfoot Bologna - - - ib. 29 C Small, Lean, Fresh Spare Ribs--ib. 39 C Putt Pork Sausage - 3 ibs. 85 C 100% All Beef Hamburger 3 ibs. 85 C boiling water, stirring until gelatin is dissolved and mixture thickens— about 8 minutes. Remove from heal; cool. Stir in lemon juice and rind. Chill until mixture mounds slightly when dropped Irom a spoon. Beat egg whites until rtiff. but not dry. Gradually add ft cup suiiar and beat until very stiff. Fold Into gelatin mixture. Turn into pie shell; chill until firm. It Pays to Shop At Mays! Belle Meade Saltines IQrf •1 1-4 Ib. Cello wrapped .. lb. l*j* Old Judge Reg. Grind, or drip ftQft with Coupon in tin lb. WwJ* All Soft Drinks with Bottles PET MILK 6 rt 190 . 2™ 250 FREE - 2 Lbs. 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