The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on October 10, 1945 · 20
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 20

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1945
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WBZ Fun and Foolishness. WNAC Breakfast Brevities. WEEI Shopping Talk. M l op News. . WMEX Musical Timetable. WBZ Carl Caruso, news. WNAC NewS. WEEI Coffee Club. ( OP Hum and Strum WHDH Morning Melodies. W ORL, In the Blue Room. WNAC Louise Morgan. WBZ Georgia Mae and Buckeroos WNAC Weather. WBZ Mildred Carlson. WNAC Nelson Churchill, news. WEF.I News. WCOP Breakfast Club WMFX Scandinavian Melodies WHDH News; Music. Many Lands. WORL News: 920 Club. WEEI More of Moore. 1VBZ Adventures in Research. WNAC Tello-Test Quiz. WEEI Arthur Godfrey Time. W BZ Women's Radio Journal. WNAC Dr. Eddy's Food Forum. WMEX Waltz Time. WEEI Food Fair. WMEX Rebecca Higginson. WBZ Robert St. Jonn. new. WNAC Quizzing the Wives. WEEI Valiant Lady, sketch WfOP My True Story, drama. WMEX F.d MarHuKh, songs. WHDH News: Harmony Haven. WBZ Lora Lawton, sketch. W N AC R'nvthm Caravan. WEEI -Light of the World W MEX lohn Kile.v. organist (OP News and Betty Crorker. W BZ Road of L:fe. sketch. W f II Evelyn Winters sketch WfOP Hvmns of All Churches. WMEX Shopping: Marie Mascn. WHDH Fishermen Time. RZ Joyce Jordan, sketch. WNAC N. E. Cupboard WEEI Bachelor's Children, sketch. WCOP Listening Post, drama. WHPH Listen Milady WBZ Fred Warms Show WNAC News; Musical Roundup. WFEI Amanda, sketch WCOP Breakfast in Hollywood. WMEX Kick Konga WHDH News: Musical Moment?. WNAC Elsa Maxwell's Party Line. WEE I Second Husband, sketch. WMEX John KiJey. organist. WHDH Priscilla Dunn, s WBZ Barry Cameron, sketch. WNAC Take It Easy Time. WFEI A Woman's Lifa. sketch. COP G:l Martyr,, news WHDH Songs by Request KB David Harum. sketch. WNAC Letters to Linrilahr. WEEI Aunt Jenny's Stories. W f OP Ted Malone Tells. WMEX News. WHDH Operetta EEATHER PROGRAMS: Quiz, 5:45; Mrs. Maunce Tobin. WORL, Million AIR ATTRACTIONS AFTERNOON 6GT HOMER N. OI-IPH ANT. Yank Combat Correspondent, guesr with Morton Downey ; WNAC. 12.15. WORLD SERIES GAME, final; WNAC. 1:15. RED WEEI,. 1:45. SHRINE SERVICE, from Church, Roxbury; WHDH, 3. EVENING THE ANSWER MAN. WNAC. 6:30, J AC K SMITH SHOW. WEEI, 7:15. El.LERY Ol'EEN DRAMA: "The Kid Glove Killer"; Eddie Dowling. guest; WEEI, 7:30. JOHN BARRV. Frontline Headlines Commentator, WBZ. 7:45. JACK CARSON SHOW": Hedda Hopper, ! guest: WEEI. 8. CYRUS Dl'RGIN. Globe music critfe. 1 previews Boston Symphony Concert of j this week; WCOP. 8:15. i BILLIE BI RRK SHOW, WBZ. 8:30. BERT WHEELER SHOW, WNAC. 8:30. i JEAN HERSHOLT in "Chain Letter," ur. inristian arama; vvtu. riAlNG AND HUNTING Club. WCOP, 8:30. rnnip cvtoii snow, wi'h Thelma ' CarpenteV. Harry von Zell: WBZ. 9 FRANK SINATRA SHOW: Gitny Suiims, guest: Pied Pipers and Axel Stor-dahi's Orchestra: WEEI. 9. "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN." dramatized: Barry Thomson. Peggy Allenby in lead roles; WCOP. 9. ANN SOTHEBN in "'Maisie"; WEEI. 9:30. KAY KYSER'S COLLEGE of Musical Knowledge. WBZ, 10. RECONVERSION AND JOBS: Edgar Kobak. President Mutual Network: Paul Wootcn. president National Conference Business Paper Editors, other editors: WNAC. 10 to 10:30. EASY ACES, comedy sketch; WNAC. 10:30. ANDREWS SISTERS SHOW: Joe Howard, guest; Curt Massey, baritone; WEEI, 10:30. China i determined not, to become another Japan, Dr, James Yang Ch'u Yen, intimate of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and one of the most influential men in China, declared in an interview here last night. For the Chinese Government, in contrast with that now defeated in Japan, is planning not only to instruct the awakened masses in the use of the tools of the 20th century for peace, but also to mold them intellectually and emotionally to become a nation of social progress and good will, the Chinese people s political counsel said. Dr. Yen, who a generation ago originated Basic Chinese, a 1000-word vocabulary by which 46,000.000 Chinese have learned to read and write, arrived in Boston last night to take part in today's local celebration of the 34th anniversary of Chinese independence. At the Chinese consulate on Marlboro st.. he made it clear the Chinese Government has already mapped out a comprehensive program to become one of the world's leading industrial states, and at the same time modernize its agri culture to an equal place in i,s;FJ1r!i.fl Fnrlo economic fctructure. ' till Wd ill Judaic "Industrial development without accompanying social progress can be a curse," Dr. Yen pointed out. "That's what the matter was with Japan. We're not going to repeat their mistake. "We feel strongly that with this economic development there should be social reconstruction as well. This calls for land reforms, for im provement in health, lor increasing literacy for the masses, and all tne other things that make for social progress. China will buy American machinery and tools for her rebuilding, and will encourage American industrialists to go into the country, he said. The Chungking regime is already subsidizing the expansion of Chinese factories, he added. China is also seeking American technicians, doctors, sanitation experts and experts in other fields, he continued. "We. want especially Americans." he explained, "because so many of our young men come to America to attend your universities. They are familiar with your methods and your machinery." DEATH NOTICES AFTERNOON V, 12. Jt) U 4S 1 oo l:fW 1:10 WBZ. WHDH News. WNAC William Laos, news. WEEI Kate Smith st.eaks. WCOP Glamour Manor. WMEX Dude Ranch WORL- News, 92f Chih. WB. Marvin llehrens, new. WBZ Music Noon. WNAC Moiton Downey. songs. Mil I Big Sister, sketch WMEX Frank A. Goodlme. pcetry. WHDH Airport Quiz. WBZ For the Housewife. WNAC Richard Maxwell, hvmns. WEF I Romance of Helen Trent. WCOP Girl About Town. WMEX Drama and Muic. WHDH New England Agriculture. W N AC Musical Roundup. WEEI Our Gal Sunday. WCOP Boston Air Journal. WBZ Chet Gay lord, songs WNAC News. WFEI Life Can Be BfauUtul. riiP Baukhage talking. WMEX Italian Melcdies. WHDH Neus MORI, Joe Dmneen. news,. WHDH South Sea Island Magic, WORI. 920 Club. 1:15 1:10 1:40 1 :5S 8:0 2.15 1:30 5.45 2:.Vi 3:00 3:15 330 3.4ft 8:45 4;(M 4:05 4:15 4 25 4:30 4.M 4:55 6:00 WISH-KEIVINATOR FREUNTS J i WBZ Crackpot V. Nelson Bragg. WNAC World Series Game. W hi:i -Ma Perkins, sketch. WCOP Constance Bennett. WMEX 1st Race. Rockingham WHDH All-Star Dance Parade. WEEI Meet Margaret MarDonald. W COP Mildred Bailey, food is fun. WMEX Race. Freda's Frolic WMEX 2d race, Rockingham. WORL American Red Cross. WBZ News. W l EI Young Dr. Malone. sketch. WCOP Showtime Revue. WHDH Fishermen' Time. WORL Mrs. Maurice Tobin peaks for Red Feather drive. WCOP Keep Posted. WMEX Race .Results. WBZ Guiding Light, sketch. W EEI Two on a Clew, sketch. WCOP John B. Kennedy, news. WMEX Racing Matinee. WHDH News; Musical Masterpieces. WORL News; 920 Club. W BZ Today's Children, sketch. WEEI Perry Mason, sketch. v f op Crisis in Our Town. WBZ Woman in White, sketch. Hi-LI Rosemary, sketch, WCOP Musicale. WHDH Pipes and Strings. WMI-X Curtain Time. WBZ Hymns of All Churches. WEEI Tena and Tim. sketch. WCOP Virginia Dwyer interviews. WMEX Race Results. WBZ Woman of America, sketch. WEEI L'Sten, Ladies. WCOP Best Sellers, drama. WMEX Dance Matinee. WHDH ?'i Ine Service, Mission Church, Roxbury. WBZ Mn Perkins, sketch. WMEX Race; Cowboy Jamboree. MB Pepper Young's Family, HIM News. HI OH Laoles Be Seated WHDH Afternoon Musicale. M EEI Hollywood Snapshots. W BZ Right to Happiness, drama. WEEI Irving T. Mac-Donald, news. WMEX Race; Dance Matinee. WHDH Easy Rhythm. WHDH Stock Markets. WBZ Backstage Wife, sketch, WNAC Songs for You. WEI1 House Party. WCOP Jack Berch, songs. WMEX Graeme Fletcher, news. WHDH News. WHDH Symphonic Gems WBZ Stella Dallas, sketch. WNAC Matters Musical. niP Beautiful Music. W MEX Bureau of Missing Persons. W I EI News. W BZ Lorenzo Jones, sketch WNAC Melody Hour, songs. WEEI Follies. Evelyn Howe. WHDH On Wings of Song WMEX Race results, Irish Melodies. WBZ Young Widder Brown. WNAC Across the- Footlights. WCOP Hop Harrigan. sketch. W M E X Race resul Is. WORL Joe Dinneen. news. WMEX Frank Sinatra, songs WEEI Job Center of the Air. W BZ When a Girl Marries, drama. WNAC Phila.- Coast Guard Band. WEEI American School of Air. WCOP Terry and the Pirates. WMEX Dance Matinee, WHDH News. WHDH Boston Ballroom. WMEX Race: Roundup Time. WBZ Portia Faces Life, sketch. WNAC Superman, sketch. WCOP Dick Tracy, sketch. WBZ Just Plain Bill. sketch. WNAC Capt Midnight, sketch. WEEI Veterans' Viewpoint. WCOP Jack Armstrong, sketch. Evan M. Headle Western Union Manager in Globe Office 10 Years Evan M. Headle, 58, manager of the Western Union office at the Boston Globe for the last 10 years, " t' J ' ' ft-. EVAN M. HEADLE died in his sleep at his home, 18 Lyndboro st., Charlestown, yester day. He had worked Monday night until about 2 a.m. Born in East Wallingford, Vt.. Mr. Headle entered the telegraph business in 1910, and except for one year with the Boston & Maine Railroad, he spent his career with the Western Union, the last 20 in various Boston newspaper offices. He leaves a wife. Mary Brennan Headle; one son, Wayne C. Headle, also a telegrapher, and three grandchildren. The funeral will be held from his home. Friday, at 2 p. m. with burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Forest Hills. MacArthur's Policies Lauded by Missionary WASHINGTON. Oct. 9 UP Senator Walsh, Dem., of Massachusetts, today read to the Senate a cablegram from a Catholic missionary in Kyoto, Japan, endorsing the "masterly" occupation policies of Gen MacArthur. At the same time, the Senate passed and referred to the House for concurrence a resolution inviting MacArthur to address a joint session of Congress at his convenience, Mrs. Annie P. Dargie Mrs. Annie P. Dargie. widow of Frederick L. Dargie, died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ruth D. Nicholl, 70 Russell st., Manchester, N. H. A former resident of Somerville and Medford, Mrs. Dargie had made her home with her daughter the past few months. She was a member of the West Somerville Baptist Church. She leaves a daughter and three sons, Carol R., of Manchester, N. H Raymond E., of Somerville, Pvt. Donald E., United States Army, of Belmont, and four grandchildren Funeral services will be from the Wilson Chapel, 28 College av., Som erville, Friday at 2:30 p. m., with burial in Wyoming Cemetery, Mel rose. Mrs. Mary J. Blackmer Athol, Oct 9 Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Jane Blackmer. 81, of North Orange, widow of William E. Blackmer, who died yesterday at the Blackmer homestead, will be held Wednesday at 2 p. m. at the the Wiggins f uneral Home in Or ange. Mrs. Blackmer was born in Bel chertown and had lived in Spencer and Warwick. She leaves four daughters. Mrs. Ethel Gale and Mrs. Elizabeth Pichette of Athol; Mrs. Annie Burnes of Orange and Mrs. Mary rioiston or North Orange: four sons. Selectman John Blackmer, William, Roy. all of North OranRe, and Ralph of Sherburne, 24 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Boston Sports Reporter Authority on Yachting Edward Earle, 56. , nationally known yachting authority and sports reporter for the Boston Herald, was found dead yesterday afternoon in his room at AsnDtirton pi. The medical examiner's report stated he had died during the night of a heart attack. Affectionately known as "Skip per by his countless inenas in the yachting world, Mr. Earle was con sidered to te in the best of health and on Monday had written his daily story for the paper. Next Monday he was to have been given dinner at the Winter station of the Boston Yacht Club by 150 lead ing yachtsmen in the area. Born in Worcester, son of Stephen C. Earle, an internationally known architect, and Mary Brown Earle, he attended the United States Coast Guard Academy and Clark Univer sity. He served in an executive ca pacity in the New England Tel. and Tel. Company, American Steel and Wire Company and the Wire Goods Company of Worcester prior to World War 1. At the outbreak of the war he en listed as a private in the Marines and arose to a lieutenancy. Overseas he became battery officer on the U. S. S. Wyoming and took part in the surrender of the German Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow, for which he was praised highly in British dis patches. After service in Cuba, Mr Earle turned to advertising and newspaper work. In his 20 years on the Herald sports staff, he covered all the im portant yachting events on the east ern seaboard. He was the brother of Adm Ralph Earle. president of Worcester Poly technic Institute, for whom a Unit ed States destroyer was named in 1942.- He leaves two daughters. Elise and Rosamond, and a sister, Mrs. Nathan M. Southwick of Leicester. Funeral services will be' held Fri day at 1:15 p. m. at the Nichols Fu neral Home, 35 Pleasant st, Marble head. Di WHDH Depot Dialogues. 6:45 WBZ Front Page Farrell. WNAC Tom Mix. sketch. WEEI Garrigus Goes Quizzin . WCOP Tennessee Jed. WMEX Race; news. HHDH Show Tune Time. 8:65 WEEI Post Parade. EVENING IN A NEW HALF-HOUR OF FUN AND SONG WITH ANDRE' BARUCH i VIC SCHOEN and his Orchestra and Great Guest Stars Every Wednesday Evening at 10:30 P.M. WEEI WATCH Repahitif 3 DAY SERVICE I Alaicfl Jewelry Co. 5 BOVLSTON ST. Watch Repair by Mail Acctptad S 1 V See Your Esso Reporter Tenth Anniversary Broadcast Over VlfSZ From JORDAN MARSH MEN'S STORE Today at 12 Noon BO-iBP.M. WBZ Sixty laugh-packed minutes of Songs, Music, Funl Presented by PAIMOLIVE SOAP and COLGATE DENTAL CREAM TUNE IN VICTOR H. IIIB WEEKDAYS 11:45 A. M. WNAC ' Spontortd ty SERUTAN & fJtfTREX JACK IS BACK! ...WITH A BRAND-NEW SHOW! ARTHUR NORMA JEAN TREACHER NILSSON TUGWELL FREDDIE MARTIN'S MUSIC and tonight HEDDA HOPPER Presented by w6Mr, SOUPS WEEI 8 P. M. 6:00 WBZ. WNAC, WCOP News. WEEI Irving T. MacDonald, news. WMEX Race Results. WHDH Don Messer's Orchestra. 6.05 WBZ Geoffrey Harwood. news. WMEX Moment Musicale. :! WEEI News. 8:15 WBZ Bump Hadley, sports WNAC Tom Hussey's Journal. WEEI Jimmy Carroll, tenor. WCOP Supper Rhapsodies. WHDH News. WMEX Racing Resume. :25 WNAC Washington Snapshot. 6:30 WBZ Pleasure Parade. WNAC The Answer Man. WEEI Musically Yours. WCOP Hub Headlines. WMEX Dinner Dance Set. :3S WCOP Sports. Jack Maloy. :4 WEEI Names in the News. WCOP Political talk. 6:45 W BZ Lowell Thomas, news. WNAC Musical Rendezvous. WEEI World Today. WCOP Showtime Revue. WMEX Krank Fallon, tporls. WHDH Meet Hie Hands. a:R5 WNAC Post Parade. WEEI News. 7.0O WBZ Supper Club. WNAC Fulton Lewis Jr.. news. WEEI Mommie and the Men. WCOP News. WMEX World of Song. WHDH News; Vaughn Monroe. 7:10 WCOP Weather. 7:15 W BZ News of 1he World. WNAC Tello Test Quiz. WEEI Jack Smith Show. WCOP Raymond Swing, news. WMEX News. WHDH Dinner Melodies. 7:25 Ifr'MEX Capt Francis P. Hanson: "Fire Prevention." ?:30 WBZ Dick Preston, songs. WNAC Political talk. W'E.EI EHery Queen, drama. WCOP Lone Ranner. sketch. WMEX BBC newsreel. W HDH Milton George's Orchestra. 7:45 WBZ John Barry, Frontline Headlines. WNAC Inside of sports. WIIDII HHC nrwsrrrl. WMEX Treasury Snlule 11:00 WHZ Mr. and Mr. North, drama. WNAC Political talk. W'EE.I Jack Carson Show, 'n' Abner. WMEX. WHDH News. 8:05 WHDH Symphonic Hour. WMEX United State Army Band. 8:J5 WNAC Kenny Baker Show. WCOP Boston Symphony Preview. 8:30 W,Billie Burke Show. WNAC Bert Wheeler, comedy show. WEEI Dr. Christian, sketch. WCOP Fishing and Hunting Club. WMEX Tommy Carr'g Orchestra. 8:15 WMEX N. E. Zionist Emergency Council. W 11 D H Serenade. 8:55 WEEI Bill Henry, news. :0O WBZ Eddie Cantor Show. WNAC Gabriel Heatter. news. WEEI Frank Sinatra Show WfOP One Foot in Heaven. WMEX Classical Album. f:iS WHDH Gems from Emerald Isle. B:15 WNAC Heal Stories. Wii(News WIIDII 'Nealh South Sea Moon. 8:30 WBZ Mr. District Attorney, sketch. WNAC Spotlight Bands. Artie Shaw's Orchestra. WEEI Ann Solhem in "Maisie." WCOP Pages of Melody. WHDH Boston Tops of the 4Veek. :50 WMEX News. WfOP Storv Teller. 10:00 WBZ Kay Kyser College of Mu sical Knowledge. WNAC Editors' Report on Reconversion. wm Great Moments in Music. WCOP David Harding Counter- DH News. WMEX Wrestling matches. 10:15 WHDH Casa Cugat. 10:30 WNAC Eayy Aces, sketch. WEEI Andrews sisters snow. I WCOP Ray Carter's Orchestra. I WHDH Clary's Gaiette. variety show. 10:45 WNAC Post Parade. WCOP Janet Flanner. I WHDH Invitation to Romance. 10:50 WNAC Musical Roundup. 10:55 WNAC Weather. .11:00 WBZ, WNAC, WE F.I. WCOP News, i WMEX Dance Digest. 1 WHDH News. . 11:05 WBZ Elmer N. Eddy. news. 11:10 W EEI Rideout weather forecast. WCOP Yesterday's Headlines. WHDH Sport scast. 11:15 WBZ Weather. WNAC Earl Roth's Orch, 1 WEE: I Unrationed Jam. WCOP Today's Headlines. WHDH Pages of Yesterday, music. 11:20 WBZ Bump Hadley, sports 11:30 WBZ "C. M. H." drama series. WNAC Ted Weems' Orch. WE; EI Invitation to Music. WCOP Subscription Series, music. WMEX Day's End. music. WHDH Fishermen's Time. 11:45 WHDH Sliver Nocturne. 11:55 WNAC News 12:00 WBZ. WFEI. WMF.X. WHDH News. WNAC Dance Muse. Jos. S. Carmichael Dr. Joseph S. Carmichael, 70, died today at the home of his sister. Miss Mary A. Carmichael. 1541 Cam bridge St.. Cambridge, after a long illness. Born in Cambridge ?nd educated in its schools, he was graduated from the Tufts Dental School in 1895. Dr. Carmichael practiced dentistry in Arlington and Cambridge. He was a member of the Cambridge Council. Knights of Columbus, and of the Arlington Lodge of Elks. He leaves another sister. Mrs. Alice V Connors, and two brothers, Matthew P.. and William F., all of Cambridge. The funeral will be from the home of his .sister with a requiem mass at 9 a. m. at at. Mary s unurcn. Mrs. Agnes N. White MEDFORD. Oct. 9 Mrs. Agnes N (Belyea) White. 91, died today at her home. 10 Cudworth st. She was the widow of George W. White, for many years receiving clerk for the Boston & Maine Railroad. Mrs. White was born in Belyea's Cove, N. B., and had lived in Medford 53 years. She was the oldest member of the First Baptist Church. She leaves five children, Fred B., George W.. and Mrs. Henry Green, all of Medford: Mrs. Arthur Cobb of East Walpole and Mrs. Everett Keene of Medford. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Allen Funeral Home, 49 Dudley st. N. E. Drive Leaders Confer in Boston on 'March of Dimes' Preparing for the 1946 March of Dimes campaign starting Jan. 14. Warren Cross and George LaPorte of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis conferred in Boston yesterday with state and city campaign chairmen of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. William Cunningham of Boston, Laurence F. Whittemore of Concord, N. H., and Dr. Arthur A. Hauck of Orono, Me., are heading the New England groups. "The intensified drive against infantile paralysis has resulted in rapidly increasing demands upon the fund resources." LaPorte explained. "While the situation this year was better than in former years, the fight against poliomyelitis is not yet won. It is still essential that we contribute enough to keep urxine fight against this epidemic disease which strikes everywhere in America." Many cities, LaPorte explained, plan to raise funds with commemorative concerts in place of the birthday balls formerly held on the late President Roosevelt's birthday. Mrs. Joseph Gilmore PEABODY. Oct 9 Mrs. Mary uiimore. wife of Joseph Gilmore, school principal, and former secre tary of the Manchester, N. H., Cham ber of Commerce, died at her home Lowell st., today. During the last war she had been employed by the War Risk Insurance Bureau in Washington. She also leaves two sons, Joseph D. and Roger E.t two daughters, Anne M. and Judith N. and two sisters. The funeral will be from her residence Friday at 8:15 a. m. with a mass of requiem at St. John s Church at 9. Thomas F. O'Connell NATICK, Oct. 9 Thomas F. O'Connell, 87. died here today at his home, 30 Forest av. A native of Ireland, Mr. O'Connell came to Natick at the age of four. For 50 years he was a well known contractor in this area. He leaves three daughters. Annie L.. Cath erine A , and Isabel E., all of this town. The funeral will be from his home at 9 o'clock with a high mass of requiem at St. Patrick's Church at 10. Burial will be in St. Patrick's Cemetery. Husband Loved Pet Dogs More; Divorce Granted DEDHAM, Oct. 9 Charging that her husband loved his pet 'dogs more than her and that "When the dogs were sick he called a veterinary, but when I was sick he refused to call a doc- ' tor," Mrs. Lucia B. Mandfort of Quincy was granted an uncontested divorce from Ferdinand J. Mandfort of Pomfret, Vt.. by Judge James F. Reynolds in Ded-ham Probate Court tod;iy. "Once when I was ill in bed, I had to call a neighbor to get a doctor," she told the court. She also said her husband "insisted we use all our red points to buy meat to feed his dogs, and when I protested, he struck me in the face with a book. Nylons in 2 Weeks, Maybe! NEW YORK, Oct. 9 (AP)-Rea-sonable quantities of Nylon hosiery should begin to appear in stores about two weeks from now. Earl Constantine. president of the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, said today . Joseph A. Clune CWO Joseph A. Clune died yesterday at the Chelsea Naval Hospital after a short illness. He was a veteran of the Mexican campaign and of World Wars I and II. Until recently he was stationed at the Hingham Ammunition Depot. He leaves a wife and three sons, Robert, USN. Theodore and Frederick. The funeral will be from his late residence, 393 Main st, Charlestown. with a high mass of requiem at 9 at St. Francis de Sales Church. Burial will be in Dayton, O. DEATH NOTICES ANDERSON In Roxbury, Oct. 8, Bridget, sister of M, Anderson. Mary O'Keefe and John Anderson of 8 Kempton st. Funeral from the Coppenrath Funeral Home. 1534 Treinont St.. opposite Mission Church. Friday, Oct. 12. at 10:15 a. m. Solemn High Funeral Mass at Mission Church at 11:15 a. m. Relatives and friends kindly invited. Visiting hours. 2-5 p. m.. 7 to 10 p. in. ANDERSON In Needham Heights. Oct. 8. Andrew, huslmnd vt Annie Anderson of 381 Webster st. Services at the Evangelical Congregational Church, Needham, Thursday, Oct. 11. at 2 p. in. Relatives and friends invited. BARNUM Of Burlington, Oct. 9. Florence W. Barnum. aiie 49 years. Funeral service will be held at the B. A. and C. E. Tripp Memorial Home for Funerals. 14 Johnson st.. Woburn. Thursday afternoon at 2:30. Friends may call at the Memoriul Home afler 1 o'clock this evening. BERRY In Raymond. N. H Oct. 6. Edward E. Berry of Onway Lake, in his 85th year. Funeral from the family home Wednesday afternoon at 2. Burial in Raymond. BLACK In Maiden. Oct. 8. William E. Black of 164 Tremont St.. Maiden. Funeral services at the Weir Funeral Home, 144 Salem st., Wednesday. Oct. 10. at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. BREWER Missing in action over Fr'mce. S Sgt Oilman P, Jr., beloved on i Gllmnn V. and Julia V. Brewer (nee Hanson), of 131 Auburn St.. Cambridge, Solemn Pro- liurtnl Mnsm Ft iday morning. Oct. 12. in the Church f Hie Blessed Sacrament Ml S. Itt-lntives and friends invited. BRIGGS In Boston. Oct. 8, Leigh T.. husband of Marguerite (Regan) firings. Flineral will le held from his late lesl-dence. 312 Western ave.. Lynn, on Thursday at 8 a. m. High Mass of Reuuiem at St. Pius' Church at o'clock. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend. BUCK In Hoston. October 8th, Paul Richard Buck, aged B months, s-m of Robert E. and Florence (Orrilli Buck of 28 Florence Street. Newton Centre. Funeral services private. BUTLER In Everett. Oct. 8. Sarah 3. (nee Love), beloved wife of the late William H. Butler and mother of Marion F. Butler. Funeral from her late residence. 15 Tufts av.. Thursday at 8 a. m. Solemn High Mass of Requiem at Ihe Immaculate Conception Church at B o'clock. Relatives and friends invited to attend. CARMICHAEL In Cambridge. October B. Dr. Joseph S.. D. D. S.. husband ot the late Mary G. Covendy. Funeral from the home of his sister, 1541 Cambridge St., Friday. October 12. at 8:15. High Mass of Requiem at St. Mary's Church, at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. CASEY In Milford. Oct. 8. Katharine E. (nee Healeyi. wife of Michael W. Casey. Funeral from her late residence. 27 Emmons St.. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8:15 a. m. Solemn Mass of Requiem in St. Mary's Church at 9. Interment in St. Mary's Cemetery. CI-ANCY In New York. October 8. Katherine P.. beloved daughter of the late John and Margaret Clancy (nee Geoghani. Funeral from the P. E. Murray Funeral Home. 1822 Centre St.. West Roxbury, Thursday. October 11. at t,:15 a. m. 'Solemn Requiem High Mass at the Holy Name Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends most kindly invited. Closing hour 10 p. m. CLUNE At the Chelsea Naval Hospital. Oct. 9. Chief Warrant Machinist Joseph A Clune. beloved husband of Mary (Fosten Clune of 393 Main st.. Charlestown. Funeral notice later. Dayton. O.. papers please copy. COLEMAN In Hyde Park. Oct. 8. William J., beloved husband of the late Mary 'nee Edel) Coleman. Funeral from his late residence, TO Oak St.. Thursday morning at 9. Solemn High Mass of Requiem at the Church of the Most Precious Blood at 10. Relatives and friends invited. Late member of St. John Court. No. 23, M. C. O. F. COOGAN In East Boston. Oct. 9. Mary T. (nee McCarzill), beloved wife of Laurence J. Coogan. Funeral from her late residence. 33 Condor st Friday at 8 a. m. Requiem High Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 9. Relatives and friends invited Burial at Nasnua. N. H. Late member of Alice Grady Auxiliary, Ko. 3, V. S. W. V. of East Boston. CORnr.AC- In West Somerville. Oct 9. 1845. of 4(1 Tower si . Wilfred Cnideau. beloved hu-thiiiid of Ihf late Eli& C(i -I clrttu incr Fouinlri'). Funeral Irmii the K.duurd M. Walxh Funeral Home. 22.1 Massachusetts av., Arlington, on Thursday morning at 8, followed by a Solemn Requiem Mass in the Notre Dame de Pitie Chinch at o'clock. Relative and friends me invllrd, CtnTEH-Suddenlv. Ml t.lttleHm. N, II.. Oct. 8, Emily F... widow ol Frank Cutler, and mother of Etlwaid P. Cutter, Miss Frances Cutler and Miss Jane Cutter, formerly of Biookline and Welles-ley. Service at Waterman Chapel. 495 Commonwealth av.. Keiunore sq.. Boston. Thursday. Oct. 11, at 10 a. m. DANIFLS In Norwood. October 8. Thomas F.. husband of Catherine Fitzgerald i. Funeral from his late residence. 1236 Washington St.. Thursday. October 11. at 8 a. m. Hmh Mass of Reauiem at St. Catherine's Church at 9 o'clock. DARGIE In Manchester. New Hampshire, Oct 9. Anne r. i Jefferson . wi'low of Frederick I-orne T)rgie, al the home of hr daughter. Mrs. Ruth D. N'coll. 70 Russell St.. Manchester, N. H. Services in the Wilson Chapel, 28 College av.. Somerville. Friday. Oct. 12. at 2:30 p. m. Calling hours at the Wilson Parlors. Thursday. 7-10 p w. Interment in Wyoming Cemetery. Mei-tose. leMONTIGNY In Newton, Monday, the 8th. Henri, husband ol fiOoaiiea tseu. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend tne tunerai rrom his home. 96 East Side Parkway, on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock. Sol-' (inn Requiem Mass in St. Jean L'Evan-geliste Church at 9. Interment St. Francis Xavier, Nashua. N. H. Member of Association Canado-Americaine and Local 275, U. B. of C. & J. of America. DE BIE Of Medford. Oct. 8, 1943, Marie A De Bie, widow of josepn ue tsie. vi 29 Myrtle st. Funeral from the Beals Funeral Home. 29 Governors av., Medford. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8:15 a. m. ReQuiem High Mass in the Immaculate Conception Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. Vifiiing hours Tuesday. 7-9 p. m., and Wednesday, 3-5 and 7-9 p. m. DON LAN In Readville, October 8. Thomas, husband of the laie Bridget ( Barry t Donlan. Funeral from the home of his daughter. Mrs. David Crowley. 19 Colchester St., Thursday morning. Requiem Mass at St. Anne s Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends -.nvited. ELDRIDGE In Framingham. Oct. 9. George c husband ot Laura a. i Jenkins Eldndge. Services at Cookson Chapel, 318 Union av., Framingham. Friday. Oct. 12. at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. FRARY In Brookline. Oct. 7. Mary C. Frary of 32 Center St.. widow of Andrew C. Frary. Funeral services at the Union Church. 48 Columbus av.. Boston, on Wednesday, Oct. 10. at 10:30 a. m. Interment at Southampton. Mass. FRASER In Roxbury. Oct. 8. Theresa (nee O', beloved wife of Roderick A. Fraser. Residence. 13 Kensington st. Funeral from the P. E. Murray Funeral Home. 54 Hoxburv st.. Thursday. Oct. 11, at w a. m. Requiem High Mass al St Joseph's Church at 9:43 o'clock. Relatives and friends most kindly invited. Closing hour, 10 p. m. FREEMAN In Jamaica Plain. Oct. 8. 1945, Mary E nee Norton) beloved wife of the late Lyman W. Freeman and mother of Norma E. Freeman. Funeral from her home. 7 Roseway st., Thursday. Oct. 1 1 at 8 o'clock. Solemn High Funeral Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 9. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend. Interment at St. Joseph's Cemetery. FREY In Woburn. Oct. B. Laura M. Frev. age 58 years. Funeral services will be held at the B. A. and C. E. Tripp Memorial Home for Funerals. 14 Johnson St., Woburn, Thursday morning at 11 o'clock. Friends may call at the Memorial Home after 7 o'clock this evening. GANNETT In Roslindale. October 9, Shelley S.. beloved husband of Lottie H. l Haze) wood i Gannett, residence. 318 Cornell st Services at the Adams Funeral Home. 4236 Washington St.. Roslindale. Thursday. October 11. at 2:30 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. Visiting hours, 2 to 10 p. m. GORMLEY In Chicago. October 7. Helen V. Gormley, nee Reid, widow of Frank L. Gormley Sr., and mother of i'rank L. Gormley Jr.. formerly of Brookline. Funeral services at St. Mark's Methodist Church. Park and Vernon sts.. Brookline. on Wednesday. October 10. ai 3 p m. Relatives and friends mvited Friends may call at the 'aterman Chapel. 41)5 Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square. Boston, until noon today. GRANT In Auburndale. October 8. L. Effie wife of Nathaniel L. Grant, of 206 Melrose st. F'uneral services at the Congregational Church. Grove and Central Streets. Auburndale. on Thursday. October 11. at 2:30 p. m. Friends may call at the Waterman Chap:I. 495 Commonwealth Ave.. Kenmore Square. Boston, until Wednesday evening. CRAY In Maiden. Oct 8, Nora T. Fitz-patrick. beloved wife of George H. Crav. Funeral from the, family residence. Pine Banks park, on Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8:15 a. m. Solemn Requiem High Mass at the Sacred Heart Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and mends invited. GREENE In Waltham. Oct. 8, Anita C. (Goodfellow). widow of Dr. W. H. Greene, formerly of Roxbury Funeral will be from her home. 783 Moody st., Waltham. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8:15. Solemn High Mass of Requiem at St. Charles at 9. Interment in St. Mary s Cemtery. West Quincy. Relatives and friends invited to attend. HALEY In Cambridge. Oct. B. Susan, infant daughter of Leo E. and Nora (O'Brien I Haley. Funeral from the residence, 2( Fayette St.. Thursday at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. HAMILBURG Entered into rest October 9. Jane, of 160 Newbury st . Boston, beloved wife of the late Maurice J. and devoted mother of Martha. Ira. Joseph, and Daniel Hamilburg. Service at the Solomon Funeral Home. 42U Harvard St., Brookline, Thursday, - October II at 10 a. m. HARWOOD In Brighton. Oct. 8. 1945. Margaret E. (McCaffery). beloved wife of Thomas Harwood. Funeral from her home. 40 Nonantum st.. Thursday morning. Oct. 11. at. 8'20. Requiem Mass m Our Lady of the Presentation Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. Interment St. Joseph's Cemetery. HAYES Sgt Edward F.. killed in action Feb. 11. South Pacific, beloved husband of Louise ( Hoffman i and son of Dennis and Mary Hayes. 32 Cross St.. Norwood. Mass. Pro-Burial Mass at St. Catherine's Church. Friday. Oct. 12, at 9 o'clock. HEADLE In Charlestown. October 9. Evan N.. beloved husband of Mary (Brennan Headle. Funeral from his late residence. 18 I.yndeboro St., Friday. October 12. Services at 2 p m. Relatives and friends invited to attend. HILL In Milton. Oct. 8. Man- H.. beloved wife of the late Theodore A. Hill and mother of Vernon A.. Theodore F. of Hingham. and Gertrude M Hill. Services at her residence. 105 Central av., Milton. Wednesday. Oct. 10. nt 2 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. HOGAN TURCOTTE In East Ros-ton. October 8. Annie J., widow of Charles A Hogan. Reposing at residence. 169 Rennington Street until Friday at 9 a. m. Solemn High Requiem Mass at the Sacred Heait Church, at 10 o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. JEFFERY In West Roxbury. October 9, 1945. Dora M , wife of the late Frederick O Jeffery. mother of Edna E. and Frederick A. Services at the Mann A- Mann F'uneral Home. 1803 Centre si.. West Roxbury. on Thursday. October 11. at 2:30 o clock. Visiting nours at the funeral home. 2 to 5 and. 7 :o 10 Wednesday. Relatives and friends invited. KF.NNEY In Somerville. Oct. 8. Charles J., beloved son of Annie M. (nee Sul- v livan) and the late Martin J. Kenney. Funeral from the A. A. Duncan Funeral Home. 18 Hathorn St.. Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8 a. in. Solemn R'-quiem High Muss at SI. Benedict's Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends kindly invited. KII.DAY In Ronhurv. Oct 8, Marv C. Kdwardsi. widow of Thnma E. Kilday and mother of Stuff Sgt Francis E. Kil day. Reposing at her late residence, 15 Peabody st.. until Thursday at 9:30 a. m Requiem High Mass at the Mission Church at 10:30 o'clock. Relatives and friends kindly invited to b present. KOVALCYK In South Boston. October 8. Joseph KovHli-vk at h's lute nnme. !()6A West Broadway. Funeral from j W. J. Cassid.v's Parlors. 160 Harrison , av.. Thursday, October 11. at H'O oniem High Mass at St. Vincent s Church. South Boston at 10. Relatives and friends are invited. LEDDY In East Boston. Ocf. 1. Mary (nee Sullivan i. beloved wife of the late John Leddy. Funeral from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Marion Gessner. 283 Hav re st . Thursday at 8 a. m Solemn High Mass of Requiem at the Sacred Heart Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited, j LEDG ARD In Maynard. October 9. I Henrv. beloved husband of Joephlne M. (Sullivani I.rdgai'd. Funerj from his home, 31 Parker St., Friday morning, at 9 o'clock. Requiem High Mass in St, Bridget's Church at 9:45. Relatives and friends invited. MACDONALD Of Mattapan, Oct. 8. Wil-helmine, wife of the late James Wallace Macdonald of 82 Rosewood st. Funeral service at the Mattapan Baptist Church, corner of Blue Hills Parkway and Eliot st.. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 3 p. m. MADFRIAS In Woburn. Oct. 8. Anthony H., husband of Mary 3. (Colligant Ma-derias. Funeral from his late home. 29 Ixiwell st.. Thursday. Oct. 11 at 8 a. m High Mass of Requiem at St. Anthony's Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. MANSFtAd In New York. Oct. 8. 1945, (formerly of Cambridge. George H., beloved son of the late William H. and Helena A. (Sullivan) Mansfield. Funeral from the Edward M Walsh Funeral Home. 2175 Mass av.. North Cambridge, on Friday morning at 8. followed by a Requiem High Mass in St. John's Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited. Visiting hours 2 to . and 7 to 10. Late member of Cambridge Post No. 27. A. L. McCUSKER In Dorchester. Oct. 8. William P. McCusker. beloved husband of Elizabeth F. McCusker (nee Esan', residence. 37 Coleman st. Funeral will be from the Bernard Kelly & Son Funeral Home. 8 Church St.. on Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8:15. High Mass of Requiem at St. Peter's Church at 9 1 o clock. Relatives and friends are invited Calling hours 2-10 p. m. MCLAUGHLIN In Charlestown. Oct. 9. 1945. Margaret (nee McEianey), wife of the late John McLaughlin of 48 Pleasant st. Funeral from the home of her daughter. Mrs. Rose Gallowav. 19 Russell St., Friday morning. Oct. 12. al 9:20. with a Solemn Requiem Mass in St. Francis de Sales Church at 9:45 ' o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery. Maiden. ! Thomas C. O'Donneil Funeral Svrvic J 1 illln. Krl tuner' IXr.rior OFFICE AND FUNERAL CHAPEL 88-90 BROADWAY Brlwfrn and R Mrrrts SOUTH BOSTON SOUTH BOSTON Soil DEATH NOTICES McLAUGHLIN In Bcac-hmont. Oct. 7. by I accident. Celia (Greeiu, cf 169 Crescent; ave.. widow of Daniel J. McLaughlin.; Funeral from the Deneill Funeral Home. 381 Broadway, Revel e. Thu. sday at 8' a. m. Solemn High Mass ot(t;quiein at; Our Lady of Lourdes l nurcn at o'clock. Relatives and friends are in vited. Visiting hours, d to a ana I to iu. McLAUGHLIN In Onset. Mass . Oct. 9. 1945, William J. beloved husband of Mae E (Scenloiu McLaughlin, r uneral from his late lesidence. Hotel onset. Friday. Oct. 12. at 8 o clock. High Ma of Hioiiicm at St. Patrick's Church, Warehani. Ma.-s.. at 9 o'clock. Relatives j and friends are respectfully invited. McLELLAN In Jamaica Plain, Oct. 8 ' 1945. Dorothy, inlant daughter of John A. and Ruth F. (nee Mura.-hi of 47 Seaveriis av. Funeral from the Stephen BBiennick Chapel. 197 Norfolk St.. orchesier. Wednesday. Oct. 10. at 2 o m Interment, private. ! MEHEGAN In South Boston. Oct. 8-Mary Frances Mehegan. beloved niece of Patrick J. Mehegan of 300 Third st. Funeral from L. H. Sullivan & Son Funeral Chapel, 759 South St.. Roslindale. Thursday. Oct. 11. at .8 a. m.-followed by a Solemn High Mass of Requiem at St. Vincent De Paul Church. South Boston at 9 o'clock. , Relatives and. friends invited. MOLLOY In Cleveland. O.. Oct. 7. Anne Genevieve MoHoy of Randolph, daughter of the late James and Bridget Molloy. Funeral from her residence. 43 School St.. Randolph. Thursday morning at 9 o'clock. Solemn Requiem High Mass in St. Mary's Church at 10 a. ni. Relatives and friends are invited. NAUGHTON In Brighton. Oct. 8. Robert J.. beloved husband of the late Jane E. (Canning! Naughton. Funeral from his home. 261 North Beacon St.. Thursday at 8:15 a. m. Solemn Requiem High Mass in St. Columbkiile's Church at 9 a. m. .Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend. Charter member St. Columbkiile's Coun No. 65. M. C. O. F. NICKERSON In Brockton. October 9 Harry W. Nickerson, formerly of East Harwich. Mass.. age 60 years. Services 8t the East Harwich Methodist Church. Thursday. October 11. at 1 p. m. Caning hours at the Sampson Funeral Home. 309 Main St.. Brockton. Wednesday. 4 to 6 and 7 to 10 p. m. NICKERSON In Somerville. Oct. 9. Grace B . wife of George E. Nickerson of 91 Electric av. Funeral service at the A. E. Long Memorial Chapel. 4 Beech St., cor. Mass. av.. Nnrih Cambridge. Thursday. Oct. 11. al 2 p. m. Relatives and friends Invited to attend. NICHOLS m Brookline. Oct. 9 Mjrtie E Nichols, mother of Mrs Ru'h k.. Vincent of 135 Beaconsfield road; grandmother of Mrs. Richard E. Maulshy. Miss Jean N. Vincent. Miss Lois Nichols and Richard D. Nichols Jr. Funeral service at the Waterman Chapel, 4Ha Commonwealth av.. Kenmore sq.. Boston, on Thursday. Oct. 11. at-2:30 p. m. New York papers please copy. (OCALLAGHAN) CALLAGHAN In Somerville. Oct. 8. John L.. beloved husband of Catherine (Baird) O'Calia-ghan. Funeral Thursday morning from his late home. 26 Sycamore St., at 9:15. Solemn High Mass in St. Catherine's Church at 10 o'clock. Relatives and friends kindly invited. O'CONNELL In Natick, Oct. 9. Thomas F.. husband of the late Margaret (White! O'Connell. Funeral from his late residence. 30 Forest av., on Friday. Oct. 12, at 9 a. m. Requiem Mass in St. Patrick's Church at 10. Relatives and friends kindly invited. ORMSRY In Boston. October 7. Blanche L.. sister of Elizabeth L. Ormsby of 32 Mall street. Roxbury. Funeral services at the Waterman Chapel. 2328 Washington street. HOxour; Wednesday, October 10. at 2 Relatives and friends invited. PEARSON In Quincy. Oct. 8. Oscar C. husband of Agda M. (Ehrenholnn Pearson of 15 Moffat road. Funeral services Thursday. Oct. 11. at Wickens, and Troupe Funeral Home. 26 Adam St.. Qiitncv. at 3 n. m. Helatives and friends Invited. Visiting hours at the Funeral Home afternoons and evenings PERKINS Of Comet Stetson road. Scitu-ate. Oct. 9, Harriet I , wife of the late Elmer H. Perkins, in her 76th year. Private services at the Sparrell Funeral Chapel. Central st., Norwell, Thursday at 3:30 P. m. PRUE Of Maynard. October 8. Mary 1.. beloved wife of the late Frank B. Prue. Funeral arrangements later. QUINN At Rutland, formerly of Roxbury. Oct. 8- John N.. son of the late James and Margaret Quinn. Funeral from the E. J. Gaffey Memorial Home. 43 High St.. Medford Sq.. on Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8 a. m. Requiem Mass t St. Joseph's Church. Medford. at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. RANDALL In Castine, Me . Oct. 8. F.1-lery Clifford Randall of 491 Huntington av.. Boston, husband of Lillian Randall, died at the home of his sister in Castine. Me. Services at Congregational , Church, Castine. Me.. Oct. li, at 2:30 p. m. RITCHIE Of 25 Dewey, road. East Bramtree. by accident. Oct. 7. I nomas, husband of Agnes (Smith Ritchie. Relatives and friends are nvited to attend the service at the residence of his daughter. Mrs. James darken. 28 Dewey road. East RrainUee. Wednesday. Oct. 10. at 2 o'clock. Interment at Blue Hills Cemetery. Braintree. ROACH In Melrose. Oct. 8. Laura F. (Peterson!, widow of John H. Roach. Funeral services will be held at the parlors of J. E. Henderson Company. 517, Broadway. Everetu Thursday. Oct. 11. at 2:30 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. ROBBINS In Jamaica Plain. Oct. 9. Ida M.. widow of James F. and mother of Frederick H. Robbins of Roxbury and Ethel R. Johnson of 15 Adelaide st. Funeral services at the Ruggles Street Baptist Church, Roxbury. on Thursday. Oct. 11, at t p. m. Friends may call at the Waterman Chapel. 2326 Washington st.. Roxbury. until noon Thursday. SACCO Alessandro. In Jamaica Plain. Oct. 8. l94o. beloved husband of con nnrrrv EDVj.unrrchso:i5 DEATn NOTICES SHANNON In West Somerville. Oct. 7. Mary T. nee Doherty). beloved wife of the late James H. Shannon, formerly of 29 Cameron ave Funeral from her daughters home, Mrs , Florence Rtghitto 2458 Mass. ave . North Cambridge. Thursday at ,8:15. Requiem High Mass at St John s Church at 9. Relatives and inends invited. SHARP In South Boston. Oct 9. Mar-gaiet M iDevmei Sharp of 29 Rawoii st . beloved mother of Pfc Albert C. and rni John .1 Sham, and daughter ot Margaret and the late Bernard Devinr. and s.sier of Mrs. John Hickey. Mrs. Arthur Waters and Mrs. William Cahil.. Bernard and Henry Devine. r uneral from the Charles E. Colbert and Son Funeral Heme. 12 Savin Hill ave., Dorchester, on Thursday morning. Solemn High Mass of Requiem at St. William s Church at 10. Relatives and friends invited. SHEEHAN In Dorchester. Oct. 8. Josephine Burn 1 Sheehan, beloved wife cf David V. Sheehan and sister of Mrs. Dorothy F. O'Brien of 13 Denny st. Funeral from Gerald F. scal.y ' Funeral Home, 54 Pleasant St.. Thursday Oct. 11. at 8:15 a. m. Requiem H'gh Mass at St. William's Church at 9 a. m. Relatives and friends kindly tn-v.ted. Visiting hours Tuesday 7 to 10 P. m,. Wednesday 2 to 5. 7 to 10 p. m. SHrE DS In Jamaica Plain. Oct. 8. Catherine (Devlin . widow of Patrick Shields. from the residence. 88 M zau str et. Thursday morning October 11. at 8. Solemn Requiem Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Church a' 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. STRONG In Somerville- October 7, Amelia Jane, wife of the late Joshua Strong, of 33 Bradley s. Services at the Evangelical Church. Temple st.. Thursday. October 11. at 2 p. m. Relatives and fnends invited. SWEENEY In South Boston. ' Oct - 9-Mary Frances, beloved infant daughter of Michael and Margaret (ReiUv) Sweeney, age 1 year. 7 months. Funeral from the parents residence. 164 O'Callaghan Way. Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend. TAR.IAN Of Waltham. Oct, 4. Jacob H. beloved husband of Cassie nee Eok-suziani. residence 5 Giant place. Fu-nrral from the Johnson Chapel 1168 Muss. av.. Cambridge. Thursday Oct. II. at 1 p. m. Services at St James Armenian Church. Mt. Auburn st . Watertown. at 2 p. m. Relaf.ves and friends kindly invited. THIMOT In Somerville. Oct. 9. M C. beloved husband of Annie Thirriot nee Trahan of 41 WnTmi' St. Funeral from the Francis H. Brown Funeral Home. 34 Bow St.. Somerville. on Fnriav morning at 8 o'clock Solemn H;gh Mass of Requiem in St. Joseph s Church, at 9 o'clock Relatives and friends are respectful:' invited. Le Petit Courier and Digby. Nova' Scotia, papers please copy. TOLAND In Charlestown. Oct 7. John. J Toland. beloved husband of Rose A. Toland (nee McGoniglel. Funeral from his late home. 39 Union st., Thursday at 8 a. m. Solemn High Mass of Reauiem in St. Mary's Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited. TRASK In Danvers. Oct. 9. Esther B. Trask. widow of the late Levi Alonzo Trask and mother of Gladys C. Trasn. of 27 Central av.. Danvers. age 91 years. Funeral services will be held at Crosov Funeral Home. 15 Cherry St.. Danvers. Thursday at 2 P m. Relatives and friends invited. Visiting hours 7 to 10 p. m. Roxbury. 2nVA HORXIn Wollaston. Oct. 8. Elira- htr, oiiza Van Horn, daughter of Mr. and Mis. Diedrich Van Horn of 15 Bromfield St. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the services at the Deware Bros Memorial Chanel. 57 Hancock St.. Wollaston. Thursday- Oct. 11, at 2 p. m. Friends mav visit the funeial home afternoons and evenings. WARD In West Quincy. Oct. 8.. Paul J.. beloved win of Catherine M. 'Fl.ivmi and the laie William Ward. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral at ht late residence, lis H:!1 place. West Quncy, Thursday. Oct. II. at 8:15. also a High Mats of Requiem at St. Mary's Church Crescent st.. West Quincy. at 9 o'clock Interment at St. Mary's Cemetery. West Quincy. WHITE In Waterinwn. Oct. R. Jenni E. iKiernani. beloved wife of the lat Thomas P. White of 137 Galen ft. Funeral from the Gregg Chapel. 12 Riverside st.. Thursday. Oct II. at 8:15 High Mass of Requiem at St. Patrick's Church at 9 o'clock. Relative and friend are kindly invited to attend Calling hcurs Tuesday 7-10 p. in.. Wednesday 2-5 and 7-10 p. m. WHITE In Medford. Oct. 9. Agnes M. of 10 Cudworth St., wife of the late George W. White, in her 91st year. Service at the Allen Funeral Home. 49 Dudley St.. Medford. on Thursday. Oct 11, at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends invited. WICKSTROM In WtertowrI. Oct 9. Emily I.und Wickstrom wife of the late A'lgust Wickstrom. Service from the Daniel F, O'Brien Fuiietal Home. 907 Mass sv . Cambridge. Thursday at 2 p. in. Relatives and fnends invited. YOUNG In Dorchester, Oct. 8. suddenly. Elsworth C beloved huvind of Char-lotta S. Young (nee Siobeigi. Funeral services at the residence of his daugn-ter. Mrs. Olsa West. 785 Dorchester av.. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 2 p m. Relatives and friends most kindly invited TO ALL AUXILIARIES OF THE UNITED AMERICAN VETERANS All auxiliary members are requested to meet at the home of State Department Senior Vice Pres. Marion Gessner, 283 Havre St.. East Boston, in uniform for Memorial Services for Comrade Gessner s mother. Mrs. Mary Leddy. Wednesday. Oct 10 a 8 n m Rv the order of eetta (Satenaiei sacco and lather 01 j ALICE M DUFFY. Massachusetts De-Joseph. John, Arthur. USCG. and Marv ! parlment President. 3 Boy lston pi . Boston. sacco. Mrs. josepnine 11 wraio ana Mrs. Eva Mele. Funeral from his home. 2 Rromlev Park. Friday mornina. Oct. 12. at 8 o'clock. Solemn High Funeral! Mass in Blessed Sacrament Church at 9. Requiem High Mass for the repose of Relatives and inenas are Kinniy in-; the souls of deceased members in St. vited. to attend. Interment, St. Mi-j Patrick s Church. Watertovvn. Fndav. Oct. chaels Cemetery. 12, 1945. at 9 a. m. Relatives and friends Watertcwn Council, No. 155, K. C. SALOMON Entered into rest Mathilde. of 145 Englewood av 'e of iworiij. and mother of deceased members invited to attend. MICHAEL J. HARRINGTON, Grand Knight. UNVEILING Oct. 9. Brian- ton, beloved wife of Lxitte. Aron and Kurt. Service at the j sniomnn rxinerai Home. 4(1 Harvard 1 st.. Biook ane, Thursday. Oct. 11. at II o. m. SAWYFR Suddenly in Cambridge. Oct ', The unveiling of a memonnl for thy 8. Lillian (Whitney) Sawyer, daughter , Ia'e Richard Jay Cohen, age B beloved of the late Jabez A. and Sarah Wr-!" Mr. nd Mi s. Morris I fhen. will cester Sawyer. Funeral services Thurs- ; be held on Sumi.iv. Oct 14 194. at 1 day. Oct 11. at 2 p. m. In Story Chapel.1 0 m at the Adath Israel enie'ery, Mt. Auburn j Grove t . Dedham. Relatives and friend ;irvtr:w niirini n Tii.nrwi. nri,iwir invited. The unveiling of a memorial for tne late Richard Edwin, son of 'Wilfred A and Rena H. (Whittam) Sevigny. age 18. of 11 Sanderson av.. East Wev- Mou,Eh rFhuunr&?i (SINGER) GOLDBERG ..... j . ........ tl'ill n nr Cii.ifiav net 1 at Congregation Agudeth terv. Baker st.. West Roxbury. and friends invited. 2 p. m. IN HEM0RIAM IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER 14. Israel Cem m , Vet Relatives 1944 DELIA G. SILCK 1945 WHAT'S A HOME WITHOUT A MOTHER NEVER. NEVER MORE THE SAME. THERE'S NO NAME AS SWEET AS MOTHER. HOW WE LOVE TO CALL HER NAME. THOUGH YOU'RE IN GOD'S HEAVEN. MOTHER. STILL OUR HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH PAIN. FOR WE'LL NEVFR FIND ANOTHER LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD- AGAIN. Appropriate Arrangement' for Funerals) I . -art A , 77 WALNUT ST.. NF.WTONVTTXE, i,1 i runner tiostnn' Most Rlni(W I First Anniversary Reauiem Mass at St. John's the F.transelut hurrh. Winthrop. Sat.. Ort. I lh. IHt.V at 8 a'rlork. Lovingly remembered by her children and grandchildren. FUNERALS FINANCED KASY TKRMS LOW COST INQUIRE OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1944- IN MEM0R1AM -Martin J. Craffey 19 IS 6 BEACON ST., BOSTON I J One year tolls on and we are reminded of a day our hearts were trashed : When God look oar Bald?. oh. so quiraly. And we in gloom were thrust. In the bloom of life death claimed htm. In the prime of manhood daw Hat w hope ome day to meet him. And to he with him always. His fal. '41 Staff SKt John F. Burke Jr An anniversary mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick's hurrh in Natick at o'clock Thursday morn-Ins. Lovingly remembered by his mother, sister and brothers. Timothy J. McLaughlin On his birthday. Ort. llllh Lorin and kind in all his m, I pnrht and just to the end of his days; Sincere and true in hurt and mind. Beautiful memories he left behind. Lovingly remembered by Anne. Nhiufluer 1e V. s. Navy Charles F. McCluskey Who died for his country overseas in October. 1913.. Never to he for. gotten br his wife, daushter and son. .Set Charles r . McCluskey Jr.. ('. S. Marine Corp. Masses at I raneiseian Brothers. 1936 John L. Johnston 1945 We often think of those happy days When we were all together. Tour loving smile and cheerful ways Will live in our hearts forever. Lovingly remembered by Annie. George and Arthur, also Nellie and George. 1 FLOWERS tavVgff0! H 24 Tremont St. 113,43111 Hen2ier A month mind reauiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of the Soul of the late Joseph W. Rentier at St. Cecilia's Church, Belvidere St.. Rack Bar. Thursday. Oct. 11. at 8 a. m. Remembered by his friends. Information - Estimates Wide Price Range Non-Sectarian Local SuLurban - Distant T--

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