The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1955
Page 14
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BLYTHEYILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWB WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1958 I Does tke H-Bomb Offset Salk Vaccine Discovery? By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Ncwi Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The world rejoices that there is a vaccine for polio but — One of man's oddities is that while he works overtime to make his life longer he also looks for ways to make it shorter. While scientists struggled to find & weapon against polio, others were busy making bipcer and better hydrogen explosives. In the end millions of people whose lives now will be prolonged by the new vaccine may have them unduly shortened by the bomb. A thousand years from now, if there nre any humans left in those days and they have formed a wny to end war, they may look back on these days and wonder: "Why couldn't those 20th century people ever find a cure for the most dreaded disease of nil: pushing. People were forever pushing other people. "The money they spent looking for a cure for polio, or cancer or heart disease was only a pittance compared with what they spent on defending themselves from one a other." Jonas E. Salk, the young docto who developed the polio vaccin< may prove over man's long hii lory to have been worth more thft a thousand armies. But that's problematical. Mnn kind without much trouble ma make far more cripples In th next war than Salk ever dreame of .sa vlng from polio paralysis. It isn't hard to look back, an not far, to find that while mankin was continually seeking ways .save itself it was energetical! finding new ways to destroy itsel Tn 1784, jtist as Edward Jennc was on the verge of finding a VB t-inc smallpox, British L\ Henry Shrapnel invented a hlghl; March of Dimes Gets Estate SYRACUSE, N. Y. W) — Th $35,000 estate of Theodore Ncsh koff, who died Sunday, goes to th March .of Dimes "for the use o children crippled by infantile pn rulysls." Neshkoff, a 73-year-ol retired laborer, said In his will h had "no relatives and no intimat friends." The will was offered for proba yesterday — the day the Snlk poll vaccine was pronounced a success POUR LE SPORT —Comely Connie Nakashima shows off a lively sport shirt she found browsing through San Francisco's Japan Trade Center. It's the Nipponese idea of what the American male likes in summer shirts. Looks better on Connie. DYESSNEWS By Mr*. J. L. Jacob* Mr. and Mrs. McArthur o Hughes visited relatives here ove. the weekend. Members of the senior class ant their sponsor, Mrs. Leonard Wll, Jiam, were in Memphis Thursday niKht. L. J. Hall, Billy William find George Anderson worn in Mcmphb to see the Chicago White 8ox-St Louis Cardinals bufieball game. Berlin Hurr was in Dardane ,ast wook visiting friends. W. H. NobJin mid .son, Bon, of Tonc.sboro spent Wednesday with •olativcs. Miss Evelyn Anderson has icrg uesl her brother, George. Guy Hcnson arid family of 3reexe, 111., visited her brother, V. L J.acobs, find grandparents, Vlr. and Mrs. J, L. Jacobs, over he weekend. Sam and Lois Jones went to Lo- ado over the weekend to visit the Rev. Lowell Blosslngnmc, Mr. and M rg. Bill Jordon and hildren. Bill, Johnnie and Barbara can, of Muskfitlne, la., are here isittng her mother, Mrs. Dally Davis. Mrs. Homer Clifton and nephew, Iceland Holbrook, left Saturday spend the weekend In Wheatley 'Hh relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Tyler re- irned Wednesday from Pnrls rk. Mrs. C. L. .East arrived honicj hursdny from Memphis. Mr. ami Mrs. W. D, Hat-grave lent Sunday with their dnug id family, Mr. »nd Mrs. Eldrldff ord, In Wilson. Ronnie Ford, son of Mr. Irs. Eldrldgo Ford, has been 1 r the past two weeks. lovolln Fnrtnln of Newpoi as guest in the home of Mr. an rs. Sum Jones this week. A/1C Wnrmml Hni'Ki'aves, sti innd at Montreal, Cnnada, is ex 'ctod to return home, soon. Mrs. J. Ij. Jacobs wiis strlcke ith pneumonia last Tuesday an • slowly recovering. Mrs. Russell Clifton left Stmda r 1'ontiiu:, Mich., after spendln few clnys at Brinkley with rcla Vt!S. Several from Dyi-ss attended th ih-dlstrici meeting at Luxor "ondny night. TWIN SKIM new 2 H. P. WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER COOLS A 5 OR 6 ROOM HOUSE No Waler Connections Required TWIN mm SAVES OPERATING COSTS For luptp tooling en hat day* ut« boih (cHjImj tyiltmi. On cocUr dnp or al nigh) tov« oritrolinp <eili by uiinf «"ly ont <o«linfl if Htm. Voffiodo'j "BofancaJ Cooling" wJH tool yow r.ovi« loiter, ond t*M.r b«oui« only ' billy imtalM In tUndird u «lnde», !M;,|k ft, tf Wlim , VCfna « properly bofane.i *• lhf M M tuti trert nntrttf. u . moxtmum M«{homcol Cooling — Vortts Oirculolk>n ond Monimum D«hur S*t Vornotfo torfoy- *• Mmo* to botoncvd tooting Oh«r MM* from ft H.P. * mi MHO.OU Mmrno u$w u mm Bill's Refrigeration Service 2337 Birch St. Phon« PO 3-6986 effective shot for mowing men down In bunches. And Just about the time Turn Semmelwelss, a young doctor In a Vienna hospital, In 1847 was Inching toward the prevention of childbed fever which destroyed mothers In batches, the military world was producing a rifled cannon that could hurl shot farther than ever before. All Europe was feverishly build- Ing modern armies at the very moment In J885 when Louis Pasteur was first Inoculating a human being against rabies. Pasteur, who hud lived through (he Franco - Prussian War, knew how mankind was tearing Itself apart In the struggle between life and death. At the opening of the Pasteur Institute In 1888 he said: Two opposing laws seem to me now In contest. The one, a law of blood and death, opening out each day new modes of destruction, forces nations to be always ready for battle. "The other, a law of peace, work and health, whose only aim Is lo deliver man from the calamities which bftfiet him. The one seeks violent conquests, the other the relief of mankind ... "Which of these two laws will prevail, God only knows ..." GOO-GOO EYES —It lias finally happened, someone tagged the name grasshopper on the helicopter, which is exactly what the croft resembles. This gigantic urasshopper rides in a parade at Pensacola, Fla., honoring the U. S. Navy Helicopter Training Unit No. 1 from Ellyson Field. Undressed, the aircraft is just mother 'copter used to train pilots at the base. Priest Refuses to Tell Name Of Confessed Bank Robber DENVER MV-A Roman Catholic iriest refused today to disclose the iame of a repentant bank robber who confessed to him the holdup f the Colorado State Bank here. Yesterday, the priest returned to uthoritlcs $6,850 in bills he said -as part of $7,780 taken in the dny- ght robbery of the Colorado State Jank Feb. 17. He said the robber ave him the money. U. S. Atty. Donald E. Kelley noted the priest as saying: "My ps are sealed. I have a .sacred obligation by which I must abide even if it means my life." Kelley said the priest "asked that he not be named and I respect that confidence." Kelley said the priest promised to relay a message that partial return of the money would not absolve the robber of "criminal responsibility." "I hope now that he will decide to clear his conscience entirely, by coming to the proper authorities,"; said Kelley. . i HOLLAND NEWS By Mr*. Voris Workman The high school science depart* mem has had a number of new addition-, recently, to it* biology .we tlon. Among these are a palm tree growing from a coconut, live crayfish, Mve horned toads and a baby alligator. The alligator had to be put In a preservative as it arrived dead. Mrs. MlcJc, Instructor, states that another try at getting a. live one will be made in the near future. In PFA contests at Cape Oirar- deau Saturday, the Holland boys won second place with their par- lamentary team and third with their radio skit. The parliamentary team consisted of Cletus Childers, Junior Bridges, Taylor Kllburn, Lee Roy Henry, William Waldrop and Richard Jackson, Taking part in the radio skit were Hooper Potts. Floyd Martin, Keith Little. Larry Waldrop and Mervel Jones. A shop group composed of Richard Jackson, Hugh James and Junior Bridges also entered the contests but the results are not announced. The boys were accompanied to he meeting by their instructor, Donald Long. Chlckasawba Hospital, having entered last week for arthritis and pneumonia. A/2c Ray Nunnery is confined in the hospital at Lengley AFB, Va., (or treatment of sinus trouble. He expects to remain in the hospital, three weeks . Lawrence Stivers is slightly improved after suffering a heart attack recently. He is still confined to the house and has w remain inactive. Dewey Pruitt and two daughters of Blytheville visited Lawrence Stivers and family. Norma rowler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fowler and son, were iri Memphis to visit Walter Bumpti and family. Mr. and Mrs. L. Berry returned home from Port Myers, Fla., after a two-month stay at their winter home there. S/2c Gene Pinkston, accompanied by his brother Wayne Arlen, left Saturday to return to his basa at San Diego. Cal., after a ten- days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Pinkston of Hayti. Roy F. Palmer and two daughters of Kennett were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kenley.' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lester became grandparents last Wednesday when son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Lester of Steele. Mrs. Nannie Porter is still in STOPsiMPLE DIARRHEA Get Fail, Soothing Riliif with PERCY MEDICINE here's five summer outfits on one hanger -piece; combination ... suit, plus color-coordinated you ^ smart, cool summer outfits. lion-fiver Wherever you go, wlinlcvcr you do lliis summer, you'll smartly— and coin.jorl.ably dressed with one of our Palm Beach fashion-livers. Il gives you an outfit for every occasion, in ihc famous cool, resilient Palm Beach And color combinations are practically iinliniil-vl. Coir • '• -'.-.-I your fashion .'!. ;T toil.iy. f* Conlrassin/i i/aclu. Worn with spoil shirt or cost for yd an- othrr spoti outfit. . T.M, G«odnfl .Sjiniord, W. Mohair, rnytHi, .trcf.ilr .iml f,<" nvlon. in ni.iM <lvlr*. HOT DOGS Deliciously Seasoned with Our Chili and Chopped Onions Take Home Sack $100 for I 6 KREAM KASTLE DRIVE-IN Increase the value of Your Car By DRESSING UP THE INTERIOR With GILBERTS AUTO UPHOLSTERY Highway 61 N. 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