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The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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Eleven Amusements THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1946 amount and Fenway on will have as its companion film "Tokyo Rose," which stars Osa Masen and Byron Barr. Marblekead to Pass on Consideration of Voting Machines MARBLEIIEAD. Feb. 27 The ad- News of Stage, Screen and Music "Heaven Only Kncws," a new comedy laid in California by Louis and Laslo Vadnay. will open at the Wilbur on April 1 for a pre-Broadway booking.

It will be presented by Alexander Ince. the Messrs. Shubert and Albert de Courville. "The Harvey Girls," starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger and John Hodiak, will hold over fcr a second week at both Loew's State and Or-pheum Theatres. More than $29,000 was collected at Loew's State and Oroheum The- vantages and disadvantages of vot-; ir.g machines are being discussed ihere today by citizens as the sub-jject appeared on a town warrant.

Article 96 of the town warrant calls for the voters to instruct the There will be three matinees of atres with the aid of of members of "Flamingo Road" at the Wilbur! the Massachusetts Women's Corps, itown moderator to appoint a com- rext week. Opening on Tuesday, I Chafles E. Kurtzman, Loews north Passing $1000 Bills in Boston Is Cinch, Globe Reporter Finds By JOSEPH F. DINNEEN There is a popular delusion that a $1000 bill is a oneway ticket to Alcatraz; a suspicion that when anyone tries to cash a $1000 bill for small bills, an invisible G-man attached to it resolves into flesh and blood, taps the possessor of the $1000 bill on the shoulder and says: "Come with There is a legend going the rounds that ownership of a $1000 bill is more unlucky than possession of the Hope Diamond or that $1000 bills are "red hot" and had better be disposed of fast. There is a belief that a man or woman with a $1000 bill got it (Shhh! Quiet, please! Let me whisper this in your ear) in the black market on nylons or something.

mittee rt nve to investigate the aa- the dramatization of Robert Wil eastern division manager and vice chairman cf the Suffolk County visabiltiy of installing voting chines. The town meeting Is sched Chapter of the National Foundation del best-seller will be performed on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons of its first week here. uled for March 18. There are only four precincts in the town and about 7000 voters usu- for Infantile Paralysis, announcea today. "What Next, Corporal Hargrove?" with Robert Walker and Keenan Wynn starts today at the Modern with "Meet Me on Broadway." i of voting machines needed would not be very large.

"The Lost Week-End" goes into its third week at the Metropolitan tomorrow. Ray Milland and Jane Wyman are starred. "How Do You Do?" remains as the co-feature. Don't Wait Ezio Pinza's March 17 recital at Symchonv Hall marks the 20th sea- "Masquerade in Mexico," the son of the Metropolitan Opera's Dorothy Lamcur-Arturo de Cordo baritone's career in this country. va musical which opens at the Par There is a fantastic tale being told about people with $1000 bills who sell them for from $500 to $750 to get small bills because the Treasury Department is checking up on big bills.

Thare are some timid souls reported who think that when they walk into At Photo iPilla Ntwal with it, or a diamond ring. In one place I could have paid for a 90-cent luncheon with it and walked out with the change and I am still puzzled about the exaggerated nonsense in circulation about $1000 bills. These Baron Munchausen stories have their origin in a directive from STREET lll-m ALBANY ir at Broad way DEV. I Seek Dead Man's Relatives Relatives or friends of a man identified as Stephen Maloney, 64, are being sought by the Boston police, as requested by Providence police, to ciaim th-a body which is beinR held at the Page funeral home, Elmwood Providence. Maloney cued Feb.

25 in Providence. Charles II of England sold Dun-kcrque to the French for 5,000,000 livres. 81)93 a bank with a $1000 bill, slap it down Wanted Top Cash SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZES SPINETS, GRANDS, PLAYERS HaM Davis Piano Co. NEWTON GIRL CORPORATION CLERK Stanley C. Ross, economics lecturer at Smith College, confers with directors of "Ecclyo through which students will venture into stock market investment.

The incorporators, left to right, are Agnes Broadfoot, Edna Forbes, Henrietta Hammonds, treas. Ruth Weiss, teaching fellow at Smith, and Evelyn Alin-tuck, West Newton, clerk of corporation. ft Si it ITALIAN F3QD the Federal Reserve Bank asking on the ledge beiore the teller and ask to have it changed, an electric eye sets off gongs, chimes, whistles and sirens and that squad cars come racing to the place with machine tWKW id orurr ai Ett to satisfy thi mo it aT rfliMl-lnalliin silmrr l1U OPEN FROM 5 m. Ml km BoHon. 2dFI.

Kta.4622 Quincy Man Probably Executed by Japs Smith Girls Incorporate to Trade in Stock Market STAGE IN TOWN V- 'M 4 the names and addresses of persons changing $1000 bills and reports of suspicious circumstances, if any, in the changing of a $1000 bill. It was designed as a check on the black market and still is. N. It'll clear that if a man cashes a check for SI 000 every day, or very frequently, at one or another bank, and his name- and address is reported, the circumstances are suspicious; but there are hundreds of $1000 bills changing hands in Boston every day under strictly legal circumstances. Aaron Richmond presents SUN, Mar.

10 SYMPHONY HALL QUINCY, Feb. 26 News that their nephew, AMM2c Joseph Venditti, USNR, of 21 Wibird probably was executed by Japs who had captured him, was received recently VICTOR BONDS 11 Friday, when the class views the "big board" in New York and lunches at the Wall Street Club. Meanwhile, the members awaited results of the stock sale and discussed its chances of success. "I know that we'll never be able NORTHAMPTON, Feb. 27 (UP) Twenty-three wide-eyed Smith College girls were up to their sloppy joe sweaters in the stock market today.

Come bull market or bear, "Ec- Greatest 'Cellist of Our Day" tBaldwin) Serge Koussevitiky UK" $1 .20 to $3 Mar. 17 SYMPHONY HALL guns at "ready." I'd like to find some of those salesmen of $1000 bills, or timid souls who will give me a slice of the bill for breaking it up into little ones. I've heard of them, but I've never met one. If there are any such, I am on the fourth floor of the Globe Building, Room 415. I have a telephone on my desk.

I'll -buy all of the $1000 bills that come my way for from $500 to $750, or we may work out an even better deal. If I'm not around the financial editor in the office across the hall from me will be my stand-in. I went around town with a $1000 bill yesterday and I could change it at any bank merely by identifying myself. In fact, I stopped two tellers just in the nick of time. They almost changed it for me something I did not want them to do.

I merely wanted to find out if they would change it. I could have bought a fur coat Iclvco. Inc. was a eoins concern at to dispense with brokers and their advice," said Grace Greer, a junior from Englewood. N.

J. "But I feel nan1r anil Yf a. rnrnnt 3 mnc tt itj chars for vntin? stoclc and SI mil 0 PIHZA their officers once a month in $1C00 bills. Bills of ihat denomination that forming Eccylco will give us for non-voting. tea some insight into the workings of "Greatest SinKinn Actor of his Genera tion" Time Magazine.

fBafrituin) tr j- "spy The incorporated economics class, the only one of its kind in the nation, issued a prospectus and put are often taken from safe deposit boxes. Some come as perfectly legal winnings at race tracks. Banks still out. uney rc sua in iuuu snares 01 siock on sate over-ine-Thsv're not beine i counter. The capital will used hand them circulation, called in.

Thurs. Eve. JORDAN HALL ior iraaing on me ixew iorK WESSER cnange. Ecclyco wasn't looking for any business from "smart" operators Pianist (Stelnway) 60e. $1.80 SX.2Q, I'll buy for less than tha amount all of the $1000 bills brought to me.

All I ask is the name and address and positive identification of the owner. I could have bougnt several the system of selling stocks and bonds." Miss Greer has relatives in the brokerage business "who are astonished when I can enter into technical discussion on market happenings. "But they don't take me very seriously," she added. Catherine Meisner of Akron. a senior, said "Ecclyco has taught me much more than the theory of corporate organization and what can be done with a few leal words.

It will make me cautious and I'll think things over before investing or buying." Mermaid? A young artist with an inborn talent, a singing tone, a neat and fluent techniaue." N. Y. Times MQN. MAR. 1 1 Jordan Hall STAGE IN TOWN JCKE-H VEIt'DiTTI by Mr.

and Mrs. Alfred Petla, from Secretary of the Navy James For-restal. Information received told how on Jan. 26. 1945.

he end a crew were forced down by engine trouble over French Indo-China and how they i a fi OPERA HOUSE Hi A Eves. 8:30 MATS. TODAY A 8AT. AT 2:30 8 "TOP NOTCH VIOLIN PLAYING" and dealers in ground-floor propositions. Since the Smith misses revealed their Wall Street ambitions last December, they've been pestered by offers including one from a G.I.

in Shanghai. He mailed a 50-yuan note and wanted $50 worth of stock rushed to him. Through its adviser, the New York brokerage house of E. F. Hutton, Ecclyco discovered that the note was worth less than 50 yen.

A yen is worth about one-tenth of a cent. The next step in.Ecclyco's indoc (Baldwin) N. Y. World-Telegram Opera Kouit 8:30 to 930 and 5633 NOW Wll(iur Thaa. 10 A.

M. to 6 T. M. Phono KEN. 9163 Th Mepa.

Shubert Presant hid out until April 27 and were then captured by the Japanese. The I m. 1 i I a. smxrs I3 LONDON (AP) An 18-year-old hands of the captives, with the ex-! at Heme Bay railway station re-; their backs and they were taken irf I tt i i behind fcAdHE up, you a nearby building and sev-i I cently. Jitter producing sufficient funds to pay the girl's fare to Lon Superlative Cast.

Famoua biniinc Chorus and Augmented Orchestra 1 i tn i I 3kT trination in high finance is set for don, they were allowed to proceed. fw nr nnv nf the other pantivpc r.i CUIIBCDT LAST 6 EVES. I $1000 bills yesterday. The only trouble with each deal was that it would cost me $1000 in small bills. There's no profit in that.

If you have a $1000 bill for sale, I'll be in my office after 11 this morning. The line will form on the right. III bet I won't get a single taker. There Is no doubt that there are many $1000 bills circulating in the black market, and it is a fact that changing $1000 bills has led to the apprehension and conviction of black market operators. They use $1000 bills as a medium of exchange, but it is their sudden appearance in larger than normal numbers that focuses attention upon a place.

Seldom does changing a single, solitary $1000 bill lead to capture of an illicit operator. Some black market $1000 bills become legitimized by long circulation. A black market- operator, for example, gives it to a filling station iiwui.l.l TIMES 8:30 4 SAT. "A Winner!" (Traveler) COWARD GROSS presonta jf remained. Later, the information stated, a Japanese interpreter told them that six men had been shot GLOBE'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE BY Fsstao ting EiYcrs5 Carj, Bostn 42 Stoned.

27 Concerts and killed. I AMM2c Venditti entered the Navy in 1942 shortly after graduating 11. TXf. -iJ. Ty 1 I 44 High priest of (collcq.) South Sudbury.

He has a brother fftTO i 1 36 Festivals. 39 Love token. 42 Hawaiian food. 43 Moisture. 44 Attention.

45 Part of the day. 47 Preposition. Israel. 45 Posture. 46 Keep.

43 Negligent. 49 Blades. 29 Surmounts. 30 Flower part. 31 Ibsen character.


TODAY AND SATURDAY WATCH OUT FOR IRA III 0 fi sons of fftfZUVI fca-H '1 1 A "HAM and YEGGS' uomimc wun uie iiarine uorps in China. A solemn high pro-burial mass will be celebrated Saturday morning at 8 o'clock at St. John's Church, on School st. ACROSS 1 Jury summons. 7 Sturdy.

12 Farewells. 13 Heron. 14 C.i this side 15 Polo stick. 17 Note. 18 Preposition.

19 Pinochle term 20 Murky. 21 Recognition. 23 Prevailing. 24 Burlap fiber. 25 Neptune's symbol.

(SOLUTION TOMORROW) IN MARJORY ADAMS (YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS) attendant and if the black market operator is suspect, he may even give it to him for $750. The attendant hands it on to his boss for $800 because he knows he'd be suspected if it were discovered that he had a $1000 bill. The boss hands it on to a salesman for $900, and he changes FJfr SB "Suspense the Last Minute" (Post) Percy Kilbride-Katharina Alexander Arthur Margafson-Marjoria Lord Movie Question Box itny nanaing on to a solid, sub 27 Languished. 4, dm 1 5 stantial businessman upon whom he DOWN 1 Expressionless. 2 Newspaper executive, 3 Kobold.

4 That is. 5 Drink. 6 Inspect. 7 Valley of the moon. 8 Man's name.

9 Snaffle. 10 Pronoun. 11 Coiled. 16 Direction. 17 Silent.

20 Scotch city. 22 Man of war's small boat. 13 Network. 24 Companion of Jack. 26 Toy.

LAST 6 EVES. MATS. TODAY CAM A WILBUR TIMES 8:30 SAT. i 4" i -To whom is Ingrid Bergman RECOMMENDED13 Plenty Leo Gaffney tUUIiiratHUSUof Plnch Record WILLIAM iTAHN prrsont I LIKE IT HERE A new comedy by A. B.

SHJFFRlN 28 Observe. 29 Matrix. 30 Fish. 32 Unlucky. 35 Christmas.

36 Hubbub. 37 Greek letter. 38 Render. 39 English county. 40 Tart of the Bible.

4t Exclamation. calls, ihe business man deposits it in his bank, and gives his name and address. The bank doesn't consider his deposit at all unusual and nobody bothers to investigate. Thus a black market $1000 bill gets into, circulation and can't very well be' traced except through weeks or months of work. Race tracks, particularly the $1000 1 WITH LITTLE LULU with it OSCAR KARLWEIS BERT LYTELL IaTv I A I tm gU EN EP Typewriters Rented Typewriters Repaired Typewriter Ribbons Our Service Department Is your lervice for the complete overhaul and repeir cf typewriters now in use.

We can overhaul your typewriter and bring it up to New Machine Condition for a reasonable charge. We buy used standard and portable typewriters and adding and calculating machines A Donald RANDOLPH Mardl and WILLIAM BRYANT TERRY ft married and has she a daughter? J. M. P. A Ingrid, who is with Selznick Producitons, Hollywood, is married: to Dr.

Peter Lindstrom. They have a 6-year-old daughter named Pia. To whom are Gloria DeHaven and Shirley Temple married? Mildred, Hanson. A Gloria was married to John. Payne in Beverly Hills last January; windows are always watched, and PLYMOUTH 10uh Week! Eves.

8:30 for that reason Miami and Cali PCP. WATS. TOM'W SAT. OLFPED 6k LIAGRE Jr pieienti IrtUUiMMnDIITEU'C so Shirley was married to John George Agar, Sept. 20, 1945.

forma are hot spots. The number in excess of normal turning up in these places makes it clear that many of them are either black market or evading tax. Boston, like every other big city, has a number of $1000 bills in circulation every day. Those who change or deposit them are identified and their names and addresses are listed. The daily list is scanned at the Federal Reserve Bank.

No doubt a sudden influx of $1000 bills popping up in circulation would send a lot of G-men scurrying around the city. HARVEV LOUISA PEGGY STEPHENS K0RT0N FRENCH PRESENTS 2V SHUBERT 2 bekgs Next Mon. Eve. Named Smaller Business Manager Edward J. Stewart, president of the Smaller Business Association of New England, announced today that Richard C.

Cooke of Newton, former New England regional director for Smaller War Plants Corporation, would become general manager of their organization March 1. BIUY ROJI Prttnn Ii 3 4 5 b'i7 10 11 X- 21 22 23 .24 -r Tlfep3 Wfm mi.ljj JklJ -mmm. I WUm. 35 I 431 iuaiCi atASi pi II I i 1H 1 Mil A OSCAR MAMMIUTIIM K4SSABO tMOT SEATS TOM'W IvAEi MATS. SI.

20 to 2.40: SAT. MATS. $1 20 to 3.00 (TAX 1NCL. -The Crsatist Little Band in the Land" immMmmB- out I'll still buy all of the $1000 bills anybody brings to me, provided I'm satisfied with the identity of sellers and so, for that matter, will Collector of Internal Revenue Dennis Delaney under the same stipulation of identification. Of course, his interest might be a bit more professional than mine.

He might want to know where the possessor got it and a few other minor, incidental details. WILBUR 2 rGs; Next Tues. Eve. ROWIAND SIEBBJNS prtstnls after sudden exposure A Nsw Play by GARGLE LISTERIHE-QtfCff ROBERT SALLY WILDER Adapfd from ROBERT WILDER' EXCITING BEST-SELLER OealdlUlllW (1st Wk.) (2nd Wk.) Wed. -Sat.

$1.20 to 2.40 (Tax Int.) after the gargle. What's more. In teU ovr a 12-yrar rwriod, tnosa irho gnrgUd Littering Antissptie ttcic a day had fewer colds, and usually had milder and fewer tore throats, Aa those uho did not oiralt Listen. Reaches way back en throat kills surface germs by millions. Actual testa showed reductions of bacteria on mouth and throat surfaces ranging up to 96.7 fifteen minutes after the Listerine Antiseptic gargle; up to S0 one hour COLONIAL TODAY 2:30 SHARP TONIGHT 8:30 SHARP'.semr'.

itrnent THIS IS A LIMITED ENGAGEMENT ELAND MAYWAKJJ oresems Continucu! Entertainment Daily From 5 P. Sat. Sun. From 4 P. M.

1:1 Of WCJS A flPin rnfflprfM hit HOWARD LINDSAY and RUSSEL CBOUSt EVES. 81.20 to 3.60 Tax Incl. WED. A SAT. MATS.

$1.20 to $3.00 SINISTER MR. RAINDROP yA 1 i 1 V' i 1 i I' I vA SYMPHONY HALL COM. 1492 FBI. 2:30 SAT. 8:30 Boston Symphony ORCHESTRA SERGE KOUSSEVITZKY, Conductor damage your walls! For t7GUARANTEED ROOF with the LEAK-PROOF GUARANTEE Call us Today -4 Feb.


NIGHT "She didn't say a thing, but she's been grinning like that ever since I mentioned Ex'Lax!" '0. DUTCH DECORATION Capt Cyru. E. French, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Joseph French of 266 Vermont West Roxbury, receives Knight of Orange Nassau from Netherlands government. The award was for his direction of a nutritional survey of Holland after the enemy was driven out. The decoration was given Capt French by Brig Gen Simmons at Chicago. EAS. 4207 CRY.

0831-M 119 Bennington St. East Boston 12 Cooper St. Wakefield WvT I WRESTLING THUR8. NIGHT HOCKEY OLYMPICS SAT. NIGHT too mild, it's the "Happy Medium" laxative.

And that good chocolate taste of Ex-Lax is enough to make even a Sphinx shout with glee. As a precaution, use only as directed. In 1Q and 25 sizes. Mentioning Ex-Lax always pets a big smilo from people who've taken it! They know, from pleasant experience, how dependable Ex-Lax is always effective, yet always gentle! Not too strong, not V7 OAILV SUNDAY FROM IP, fH. LON.

6141 37 Bartlett Crescent Brookline In 1232 Tremont Mil COlfl TYSON, IMkk Wfnchester Stf- HUD. 1920 Macy's :cor.StuartSt. IIHHi UJHU Visit Macy's od Fountain.

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