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The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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Twenty-Four THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE MONDAY, JUNE 17, 1346 Globe Man Bikini-Bound Boston Newsman Seeks 'Office9 as Bikini 'Mayor9 1 Presidential observers on the other ships will be relayed through the Appalachian. The "Big Apple" will be tha world's grandstand for Bikini and things are set to pon, Hotel style, individual lights have news observers from Russia, Eng. the Panamint and the Blue- Ridge. 1 in Honolulu or on arrival In the Marshalls. Roche's campaign manager says it will be held right after land, France, Poland, Australia arid Mexico.

It will sail second in line with There will be intership communication so that the news of the diplomats and Congressmen and 7 been placed overhead on each bunk. There's an additional fan. Also there's extra locker space, extra tables and extra showers. Typewriter transmissions on a big scale 1 Pratt concedes. By JOHN G.

IlARRiS -U. S. S. APPALACHIAN, June 13 Massachusetts isn't the only place Bay Staters are running for office. There's a hectic "contest" full Pratt discounts heavily the claims i of Roche's manager that' the elee right in quarters first used by flag officers when they directed the Apple" has at least 50 percent more news transmission facilities than any other Navy communications ship.

It's all over the place. But the item that interests seagoing correspondents is that there's 25 percent more ventilation for the tropics. The "Big Apple" will carry far more men than a command ship in wartime." Besides the correspondents there will be more than 100 additional staff officers for liaison and news. There will also be foreign BIG at your favorite store 111 tion is in the satchel. "I'm in to he finish and I believe my contingent on Kwajalein will cinch the elect of chuckles aboard the 'Big Apple" wm imf ion," he said.

neht now to i Roche claims the Kwajaleiners can't vote, but Pratt denies this "They're part of 'Operation Cross TRY EVERVESS SPARKLING WATER. A NEW PRODUCT OF PEPSI-COLA COMPANY SOLD AT YOUR FAVORITE STORE jM9.5 see who will get the honor of succeeding old King Juda as bossman on Bikini and insists Pratt, and adds, "If thev fail me, I have the name and thrilling series of island-hops across the Pacific to Top Coverage Assured A couple of days ago the commanding officer, Capt Joseph B. Renn, veteran of the Far East war from the Aleutians to Japan, made an inspection to see all was in order. He figures a taut and comfortable ship means the best possible coverage of news for America. That also means this vessel Is unique as far as the fighting ships of the Navy are aoncerned.

There DR. O'BRIEN AND ASSOCIATES Rio vote in my pocket." (They've also been evacuated.) The contest got started in Wash DENTISTS ington. D.C.durine lighter moments I tV ngni in ine UmmXsT JLeJ middle of the Call Liberty of preparation for the serious business at Bikini. It really got hot when "contest" is a man well known ffj I li I fi E. R.

PARKER, INC. 4 irmcet IV SPARKLING IK WATER AT King Juda was shifted to Ronjenk to get him and his subjects away BOSTON 128 Washington Street at Adams Square are deck and steamer chairs. Talk already has it the television system will be used to relay the Louis-Conn fight. Space has been made for volley ball, deck tennis 11 Avery, Cor. Washington 4 from the big blast.

Juda and his kingdom, incidentally, rnay be moved even further from Bikini when the experts report on radio activity created by the bomb. Slogans on Office Walls Campaign slogans appeared on the and badminton. TAKE ELEVATOR Hours 9 A. M. to 6 P.

M. m- rta gmxat sjxvxm fzbst As far as coverage accommoda on Boston newspaper row. -He is 35-year-old James D. Roche. Now a lieutenant commander and, a member of Capt Fitzhugh Lee's staff handling public relations for "Crossroads," Roche, or "Smiling Jimmy" Roche as he is best known in Boston, calls North Andover home.

Roche is already being called Mayor" Roche, but the is far from over. Roche's opponent is Capt Bill Pratt of Washington, D. press officer with the Army's Air Forces and imi hut mm tm inefrMauuttu tion is concerned, the world- will WORCESTER, 421 Main Str.ef Franchisee! Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Boston. Inc.

1380 Soldier Field Allston; ALConquin 2400 have little to question. The "Big1 office walls and may burgeon any moment now in. the "Big Apple immaculate bulkheads. Some read: I The election doesn't Bikini dif ference at all." Or: "Nuclear fission every Sunday." Rt-rhes chief campaign promise is that a "vote for Roche means water in every lagoon." His supporters expect the atom bomb to known to nearly every correspondent who covered the war in Europe. Pratt describes any rumors he might withdraw as a whispering campaign and "dirty work as the crossroads." blast Bikini Lagoon dry and he has premised to see that all or most of the water is pumped DacK.

'iney claim "there will be swimming aeain at Bikini by Christmas. Pratt's supporters raise that one. Election Date a Mystery There's plenty of mystery as to when the election will be held, whether it will have to be at sea, Thev say that in the event Bikini atoll is blow away, "Pratt will put it back. One thing has been in doubt, that's i why the boys are running for i "Mayor" instead of running for Kings still seem the fashion in the Pacific islands. But both Roche and Pratt have just explained all They agree on one thing: "We intend to bring democracy to Bikini.

Let's hope both are here to stay." Graduate! Write 125-200 W. P. M. Prepare quickly. for business, court-reporting, medical, legal, technical.

Civil Service, or taking college notes. Also intensive courses in Typine and English. Programs. Co-ed. Day and Evening classes begin June 18-19.

"Big Apple" Unique Ship There is no other ship in the entire United States Navy like the vessel that will relay to the world the news and pictures of the A-bomb burst at Bikini. It has things aboard that would even make Navy far i ii'mfi in (iiffni irnr-mir ygmm miinii.ui. i iniwui iji ill tMWtih4 men scratch their head in puzzle ment. For example, there's the I i i division. That's a division unknown rj rn rn njvr7 mm to all the fighting sailors of Uncle Sam.

It has been especially set up lor the Bikini extravaganza to see that the world gets its pictures and news of the A-bomb burst with imam streamlined speed. The writer found himself the first correspondent to report aboard the "Big Apple." He got his briefing from a New Englander, Ens Ern est L. Thivierge of Jewett City, who had the chore with other higher-ups of getting everything set I 1 1 "I X. WL. 1 for the band or pressmen, moviemen and magazine writers who will use A it these this ship as the world contact for the Bikini fireworks.

'I'm sure there is not another shin like this in the Navy said Thivierge. As he spoke, the writer I SF" I il 1 I I I II I 1 1 I surveyed the mam-deck, portside cabin he'll occupy during the ex- ORIENTAL enment weeks ahead. r-1 Wr mmmamrchari; Harris Gets Bubbler "You've got a scuttlebutt (bub m. r- 1 SPECIAL 18S i It BihiMc Ear "ir bler) there," said the ensign. "This II 111 i the only cabin in the ship with Mtfa lnln); riH: Itlnt.

Iinnu i Milk Ihitk iMtvun nn I one. it seems that the bubbler (not to mention the fan) was the special I fsr iig Piek-tp Deliverf Sartia' ZWTJm III WUWniBP P. IM.1IBW1 M.H E5B II prize of the Navy-almighty warrant officers. They had just given up their quarters so that the overflow of pressmen could get accommodations. Every square inch of the 425-footer has been converted for the JnRE ALL ftuRCOATSAT utility of the throng of men that jwill tell the A-bomb story to the world.

From this ship, through the 'photographic instruments installed, iwill go beyond the news the first picture of the Bikini bomb in ac-i tion. I A glance around will show that 1 the ship has been especially rigged, i To make space, even the traditional i i. i ii i brig has been eliminated and bunks have been installed. Because the tropics will be the ship's direction, the changes that make this Navy ship strange-Navy have been many. Thivierge catalogued them.

Mirrors nave oeen put on the bulkheads, -1-1 mmi '-Wn Call WATertown 8500 Today for Coat Storage Pickup 8r ieavi at try LEWANOOS JHC 2 Here's the modern, mm-murdering way to wipe out roaches! Not just the few yon might get with a spray gun and a good aim but the hordes of BEFORE THE WAR: A famous premium gasoline. LAST FALL; Improved ond reduced to price of regular. NOW: Improved again, by addition of components used in fighter planes to step up power. In addition to terrific power, Jenney Aero gives you higher anti-knock, flash pick-up, extra mileage. These all add up to our conviction that the new Jenney Aero is the greatest gasoline value ever offered by this or any company anywhere.

It is WTWiWIMiirii-lll'iilt FOR CHARITY Gloria Swanson, stage and ecreen celebrity, buy from Mayor Curley the firt ticket night-crawlers you never see It's easy. Simply lay a thin line of Peterman Roach Killer around sinks, drains, baseboards. Roaches cross the line of powder and die! Kills 'em by contact 24 hours a day. With or without DDT. Ask for a can of Peterman today.

ROACH KILLER for the Mayor's annual charity field day at Braves Field. June 27. Pro ceeds will be used to purchase ar tificial limbs, eyeglasses and other necessary things. i a L.ORr T0n To tt tor furs, "SI" XEr ra ft- r--i jr ir elorn nn ,4 Services -r- MODELING BEPAWING sav.ngs: at "proven MCA sf.iiH. si it' OpftHU.

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