Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 16, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1896
Page 8
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SECOND WEEK OF THE Monstrous Smash-Up Clearance THE GOLDEN RULE. This is the second week of our Grand Clearance Sale. We will in conjunction with the articles previously mentioned, inaugurate a Qrand Special Sale of Table Linens, Towels and Bed Spreads! PROSPECT GOOD Prices will be slashed right and lett. Housekeepers and fcpeuers Take Notice-This sale will benefit you. We have too big a stoch f for this season of the year and we intend to get rid of it if prices will do it. . . . •-.,.-. SCHMITT & HEINLY. To The Ladies This is the season oTthe voar when •ibe unpleasant but- necessary work of rjouse-eleaniog claims the attention of toe housekeeper and not a little depends os the appearance of your lace zurtal0s as poorly done-npcur.talui spoil ifco effect of a well-furnished home quicker -than anything else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we Rr.ow we can glvo you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt..waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery for the purpose. We will 2j>preclate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. I Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that Is a !4*cr. Why run any risk when jou can Save yoar wheel insured agaln'St* theft 3t.a very nominal figure and get its val- ae- when stolun? Insure at once aijd'^be oai. the safe side, ' "-.-• Pnnctflred Tires Repaired. iFrom this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY, JULY 1C, 1800. • Boy's silver caps at Otto's. 0r. Barnfleld Iras opened ofllces over S6n' Fisher's .drug store. • There was a .picnic ot.ycvune 1 ,people Tuesday at Dykeumtfs springs. Electricity wlU be used to illuminate Bolan's opera house from this on. The Long CHIT Hospital Board had a {regular business meeting Tuesday- The Military band gave a concert lam aight at (be hospital at Long Cliff. Jolm Smith, Cl years of age, was gtv en ten days by the Mayor yesterday toe drunkenness. The Misses Maglnnis entertained last Tuesday nlgbt in bourn 1 of a visitor, Miss Minnie Lavillc of Madison. An ice creara festival will be given aftlie Crooked Creek Cliristian churcli in Jefferson township Thursday night, Jnly 23. Sombficl, H. Brookmyor's trotter, was started yesterday at Lancaster, O. He wiU enter a race at" that place Frt- tjfly also. . The National conventions of the' Peo- yfe's party and tlxj American sllvci jarty win be held on Wednesday of aext week at St. LouLs. The ladles, of tlie Univerdiilist church win meet this' aftwiioon from 2 to 0 o'clock nt tlie home oC Mrs. M, A, Wil- aon, 41C North street. : Lincoln Circle No. 1 willl bold a social rrt the Ga'and Army liaffl -Friday evnuin Joly l"tli -at 8 o'clock All .members invited to be present with .their friends. St. Joseph is a most delightful resorL during'tills extremely torrid weather. Pare-for the round trip, ?2.00. - Tra.in ^aves Vandalta station at 7:00 'a.', m: srcry Sunday) .- . ..::.' WESTERN UNION'S WORK. Faultless Handling of the News From the Convention. CUU-n^o lul.w: Ocean: In -.addiriou to l:ii-e AVcsieru UnluJi Company's large number of \v.iros passing Hie Colisenin, sixry-l'oair uc-w \vites wore coDiH'Clevl j'roiu L-s-i maiu oHicc in tlie "\VesiX'i'ii iloii LnnildSiiig to tlie C^liscwn, so that direct sen-ice from Uic couveiuUou hail WK< frivcii to ail t'.ie la.rgcn- cities in the United S-liiiffs.' Tlie cmi-veatioii hrad- aua-rieJ-.s of the Associated Press was counec-t-e'd !.>y '»i)OCiii.l Western Uiiio.u wires wtth its leased wire system. which was uiaro Uin-n doubled for tliiu oecasian. Tiio Western Union. buTlotms were mpncd by W. B. Sonierv-jille, superintendent oMiic press buremi oit feliat co.m- pa-uy, who came Cronn Now York for i-.h-.it pm-poso, and, by the way, these ljul-lctiins have been highly compli- meuted by- differout ncwspapei'S, clubs. ate., for the* completeness and tlie terse nuium'or -iai whiicli all details' were given. Tlicfec 1 -bullctiais were distributed to -Hie 23,000 odd offices of that company in rcrntu-kabiy good 'time and wkh such corrcctocss as to deluge the company with- compliments. Such of the Chicago now*pa.pers. as desired it wore ateo' furnislied with these bulletins 'direct ft-om the stage oif-tli'e Coli<<- eum, so thait the crowds to constant aT T tendance at tlwtr offices- were as well vl'sed of -tilio pi-ogress of tlie convention as though ithoy had been Inside the kill itself. Many of tlie leading newspapers oC the country outside of Chicago established headquarters to-.tlHS- Tinstuess part -of the city, a.nd wore furnished by the Western Uratan. with f rod) two to six special loops for dtreet codnmunlcation at- might with MnAv respective newspapers. '-• . . From July 1 to 11, Inclusive the West- tern Union Telegraph company sent,. as special, from Chicago, 3,123,145 words, exclusive of thwt sent by'Uie Associated Pi-ess. This admilrable work was done under the general -direction of Colonel E. C. Lowry, vice president and general superimitondcflit and the details were looked after by Division Electrician, C.-H. Summers, Superintendent Fred Tubbs, and Asstetnnt Supevln tondent W. J.'Lloj-d. '• . COUN FINE EVERYWHERE. . The wcelily crop buU-etin Issued fro-.n the- Purdue -unlversl'ty station yestcr day is as-follows: Warm,'fair weather prevailed wbtb few scattered local rntas; excellent., weather for growing crops and harvest work. 'Corn Is in fine condition everywhere.' It Is in silk aud tassels. Potatoes prorodse a very Large crop. WMkT in some localities they aue matur-img, in a'few. planting Is .not done yet. .Tolxu-co is growing finely mul looks well. All vegetables are in good condition; boons are up and growing •nicely; tomatoes are In, the best of^oiuT^lon, and melons arc ripening. Wheat nnd - rye threshkig is nearly done; the oa,!s harvest ams commenced promising aai e'xceUont crop. Haying continues In many meadows; the crop Is better thmi expected; timothy cutting continues. Ptouity oC fruit, except ap piles; peaches are ripening early and tiherc is a great crop cn£ blackberries. PastitrnKC and stock are Ju good condition. OhLnch bugs' ai-e in some fields and the smult to «onj/e • oats. Ralo needed.In'localit'tas of the central por- ttan. . • ••'.•• There are in Indiana of the m'aln pop illation 225,204 fanners and 87,074 agricultural laborers, 3,100 tawyere, 4J571 doctoivs, 2,002 saloon keeipere, 1,752 bartenders, C31 journallstsi 6,47.7-'minors, 3,122 clergymen,. 2,587 government- of r floiais, 8.142 blacksmiths, 3,441 butchers, 3,114 shocma.keis, 22,716 carpenters, 3,237 locomtotlvc eng-Jneoiis and'fire: riien and 2,803 coopers. . HLJnANE SOCIETY. Official Meeting Yesterday-Agent Suggested to Police. The meeting'nC the humane ciociot.v vesterday afiti'i-noou at the onicc of eoi'g'o Walters presented :i nainu to lie police board with a recommendation that the man named be. selected and given power by tlio board as is tlie eus'toim. The naiiic 0:C the man selected was not made public, but lie ;» one of i inwii'bur of appli'canls for the position ind was rccommeuded by a commlttuu ua-mocl at a previous meuling for that piirposi:! Thoro \\-as a good attemlancc at yesterday's meotii}.?. Attorney Geo. W. Walters was chosen ..secretary in the place of Sir. Geo! B. Forgy, r-e.signed, and articles of incorporation nnd a charter were reported,'besides routine Ims- inos.s on hand which wiu? disposed of. The members' oi' the society visiting Wiuoua park'asse-mb'ly at Warsaw axe duly CL'odiled'representatives of the Logan.?port braiijtsli..:' • The nicetlug ad- Journcd subject 'to call. , The affairs of the association, tlie leaders Ju the-.work, assort, are rapidly neav.iug tUo point where t'.lie practical beueflls.of'its opern-tlon will ' be felt. The workers in the cause urge' 1 citizens •to lend their lulluence"and.a-qtiyity..to the cause. GORED BY A COW. Vicious Bovine Terribly Injures Mrs. Sarah Benner. Yesterday afternoon 'about 4:30 o'clock Mrs..Sarah 1 -Beimer, who resides on Heath street between Market aud Broadway, met 'with an' accident that may prove fatal. At that time.she .went to milk the family, cow wblch. was staked out on, tHe....commons near by. Slie was iu the act of mllldag when the vicious animal whirled about and gored her in'the abdomen inflicting .a gash fourteen Inches" long. Had' At ween 6uc- elghtli of an Juch deeper the intestines would have bean .severed 'and.,- death would have resulted. Mrs.:-Benner' : !s :Umost sixty years at age aud her Injury Ls veiT severe on. that account. 1 -. After flbe-accident-she walked to.the home:of 'Chai-les Sauers.iiea'r at hand.. 1 and...D'r. .Bradfleld was called. She was conveyed to her home on a stretcher and' her wound was dressed. It required liumbr ous stitches to sew up the cut;-- At last account she was resting : much easl'er aud her chances lor recovery are now brighter. A HORSE STOLEN,. A horse and buggy, property o£ 'A. Krauss, were stolen on..the streets;of Galvestori, Tuesday evening aud since tliat -time neither : horse or tWef have been heard ,-from. , Mr'.-Krauss resides near Walfori, .but went to Galveston last evenin'g on business and liltchcd his horse on one of the main streets of the town aud when .he returned an hour later horse a»l rig. were gone, No one saw the thief,drive'off, and his dlscrip- tlon Is not kuown. The an-toial was liitehied to a top buggy and was a black mare, four, years old, a*nd 14% hands high. • . -- -•:-••• A 'BE|G>KEX-. SHOULDER. Yesterday- ••morning '. while- Frank Overly .was. driving 'on .Burlington avenue wltih a • two-wheeled cart, the •wheel struck a. stuinp. that had fallen from a wagon in front'of him and upset the cart ,Mr. Overly was .thrown to the ground and sustained a serious fracture to his right sii'ouildor., He also received a number of minor..bruises. A family picnic party made up of the Jenlcs, : ,Fergu.son-.and-.Sedam households took supper last n*fht' at tbe park. ; i."Contractor;Bariies'h'as'co'mpletea pav- Yng Bringhurststreet..; '..;•.'••-, ' .. ' • Proposed State League Almost Sure to Be a Go. flEET MONDAY NIGHT Cleveland Lost Another to New York—The League Race. The prospects for a six-club league, to play a season of eight weeks, are very'bright at this time.' Letters of ru- qulry which 'have been sent out to the baseball managers • at .Conncrsvlllc, Bushvilic, Anderson, Elwood and Ko- ]toni6 iwive been answered by nil but Elwood nud Anderson, and there is every reason to believe tlr.U favorable answers will be had from these cities that biiuc, ajul there will lie a representative to be jiresent at a meeting to be held in rh'ks city next Monday eveuius.. The Coiinersvillc cl-uli will be here at that time, and there will boa representative with't'hc club who will 1 have power to enter iuto the agreement. Kokomo smuls personal a.ssuninco 'that ih:it dill.) will 1/e in It. Tills leaves Elod and Aiideiwon to hear 1'1:0ID.From oufsidc source's it is learned tbat Nick Ivory, manager of the When club of Anderson, is aiixious to sou Uie league a K<I, and would like to be president o£ it. It is stared o.n suod nnlliority that iho Elwood club, so far from being about to dlwlxyu.1, is soon to have new grounds within, rasy reach of the city, and that a Siaro league is entirely to their Diking. Tiiero will'be somehiiiiK dcliniie kuowji by this uvoninp:, and if tin: clulis spoken of arc willing, 1hu mectiiif; will be held here Monday night lo perfect the organization. Koclcville wants iu bad, but tlie town is a poor one for visiiiing clubs and it is too for off the route. I-IunyXow of f.lio Indianapolis Journal has .been asked to lake the presidency of Uie It-ague, nud it is Uiought can be induced to accept. This will lend a prestige to the league which will ma- torially assist in putting affair.? in good running order. The time is propitious. Boom the league. CLEVELAND~LOST ANOTHER. .Giants Take the Final Game of the .- .Series From the Spiders. Cleveland lost to New York again yesterday. Baltlraore and Cluci'nnati .did not play. Philadelphia dropped a wiine to Chicago and Titsburg lost to Boston. . Folowmg are the scores of the games yesterday: . .. • At Cleveland—New York fi, Clove- 4und4.'.. .-,• At rittsbupg—Boston 2, Pittsburg 1. ''At : bhicago—riilladeiphla G, Chicago io7"f' STANDING OF THE Cliibs: • '; Won Cincinnati ...52 . Baltimore 47- Clcveiawl 45 Boston : '.". 41 Chicago: ..:. ...42 nttsburg. ,.....'...38 Philadelphia .34 , Brooklyn 34 Washington .......31 New Yort.: 2!) St. Louis '..20 Louisville 10 CLUBS. Lost Per Ot. 24 23 24 30 3G 33 39 .39 36 40 5i 51 • .084 .071 .052 .577 .539 .530 .400 .400 .403 .420 .270 .239 CONNERSVILLB COMING. The Counei-sviile ball team will be here Sunday and Monday for two games. This is the club which "scalded 1 Kokomo so badly at Connersville some time ago, 1 ancl which plnys at Kokomo today and tomorrow. The base ball nine of the A grammai grade of the High, school will meet the nine of Mieliaels's University on the lot ter's groii'nUs i Saturday atternoou in a game for,blood. The-teams are. about evenly matched, and the contest wil bo an .interesting. ,ojac. Thej game wll be called precisely at 3 o'clock. Willard Thomas has returned from Crawfordsville where he participated in a shoot .given by the gun club of that city. Mr. Thomas sustained Ms reputation as a. marksman and captured flrsi money in some of the events and second and third lui ; others. Indianapolis Frankfort 'and Lafayette were all represented. The next meet will be held at Lafayette. • Cliarley 1 Grant, Lew Klstler anjl Stanley Rue, pedaled a triplet milei In 47 seconds yesterday iu Kreis Bros. Broadway -bicycle store. The!, wheel was niounteo.' : a short distance above the floorl Drsi 'Powell. Cady, Coleman: and Bai?nfleld"hcld a post mortem examination of the remaijis of. the late Carrie .Woll,yesterday, morning and ,found that death resulted from -lung-disease / A crowd"of .young, folks, .chaperoned .by Misses Edith Skinner -and .Lillian ;Clary,';;piiculeked'yesterdoy evening; at Rnptippr nnrtr. •••'.'•' ' '•-'"/' ' ' ;'' park. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass 'and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 . Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4and 4,50 Fancy Cheviots--.- 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants He Iri fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street/ ESCAPE 0V TWO CLEVER CRIMINALS. A jiiiiil delivery, occurred at Lafayette at Mgh noou en Saturday. Two pr'w- oncrs, one a .hovse-diicf and the other a •burglar, escaped whale the other nine prisoners were eadng di'imcr. With, a. long pole, dia.vii.uK a hook at one and, they reached through the little window looking from the diuing room into flic office, pulled open the drawer in which tlic keys are kept, and selcct'ms that whilteh opens the AiuSng room door hauled it in, unlocked the door and cs- ca.pod th«mg!h! the office to Uie river. whifch they waded and entered the cornfields and Muffs on the west side. Officers wore soon on the track. KILLED A RATTLER. Peru Chronicle: A huge rattlesnake was killed on the farm of Jaxx>b Young between this city and Logans-port yes ? terday. The reptile was over four feet Ions, two inchos around the body and tod five rattles and a button. The women at Young's discovered the snake crawling in the yard towards the house, but as there were no .men on the place at the time, a stranger passing by was called to and soon dispatched the monster with, a heavy club. It was beau- tifulJy marked with clack aid yellow spots, evidence of Its being the most dangerous aud poisonous of its species. , NOTICE. Loga-nsport, Ind., July 7,''96. I have this day received $444.75 from the Continental Fraternal. Union, death claim of Ida K. Swoetser, JOHN Q. SWEETSER, Guardian. NOTICE. Logausport, lud., July G. '96. I have this day received ?743 from .the Continental Fraternal. Union, death claim of Oscar Anderson. MAX JENNINGS, Adffi. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Mrs. Hoffman of the Wcstside is quite 111. ' • • The pension board met yesterday aud examined two applicants. S. Casparis shipped « «' r lo:ul ot hoi-ses to Chicago yesterday. Disease attacks the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy and strong by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. A party composed of- six couples will camp at Bass Lake in Pulasxi county next week. The party will be chaperoned by John F. Carroll. The VandaUa line, in order to better accommodate their-patrons, will run a special excursion to Lake Maxiiikuckee next Sunday. Train leaves the station at 9:50 a. m. Farefor tihe round trip, $1 The .members of Mt. Zlou church, two miles south of Anoka Junction, will hold their annual picnic Sunday, July 20, on Joe Carmen's farm ou the town- sMp line road. Mrs. Kdso, widow of tlie late Rev. Mr. Kclso, tras receKed-froaii the Order of Chosen Friends, a cueck for ?3,000 the amount of-Ms ewtlflcate. The order has now paid out in this eliy about $20,000. . Lincoln Circle No. 1 will hold a pic- ale at the hjwne of Will, Enyart on the Northside, on .Thursday July- 1C. All members: are Invited to come and bring ttielr baskets well filled for dinner. The funeral of the late Margaret Ma- •'roney was held yesterday rooming at 9 o'clock froni' St. Bridget's Catholic :cburch, and. Interment was made in St. Vincent's'cemetery. The deceased-was the 'mother of John Burke,.Mrs. Patrick •Kearney ;and. Mrs: .Mary Campbell; of ' '"' '''' ' ' '"' SALE OF SHOES. ?2.0S For Choice of the Store. $2.0S Except Men's Cordovan. Two- dollars and ninety-eight cents takes choice o£ our finest shoes $5, 56, . and 57 footwear. This sale Ls strictly' cash and will last just a few days. We expect to remodel our store and have made these extremely Tow prices to reduce the stock. i?2.4S for choice of all shoes that retailed at $3 to 53.23. $1.0S for choice of-all shoes that retailed at $2.50 and $2.75. $1.48 takes choice of all $2 and $2.25 shoes. $1.24 take choice of all $1.30 and $1.75 fine shoes. OS cents will buy a -very good shoe that others will charge you $1.25 to $1,50 for. • . 22c for men's or women's carpet slippers. 33c for women's fine serge slippers. Just the thing for hot weather. . . PILLING, the shoe man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. BRYAN NOT A PRODUCT OF NEBRASKA- The following appeared in- the Chicago Tribune: "Lincoln, Neb.,,July ll.-[Editor of The Tribune.]—For God's sake dcu't advertise Bryan as-a product of Nebraska- Ho is not He belongs to you, there in Illinois—was born and raised there, and got Ms inspiration under your skies and mot ours. "Nebraska is long suffering, and has been long afflicted, first with the grasshoppers, then prairie fires and cyclones, then droughts, crop failures, a Populist Legislature,'aoid panics. Now, just as -n-e begin to see a gleam of sunshine through the clouds that have been hovering over us the last six years, to have Bryan crammed down our throats as a representative Nebraskan, is a little too much. "Nebraska is not for Bryan. The Republican party here-downed Mm two to | one when he tried to elect a fusion Legislature. Even the administration Democrats polled more votes than, the crowd. "Do not, please, please do not charge | up Bryan to Nebraska. C." THE FEET OF A CENTIPEDE. Speaking of Robert J's shoes .one of which te supposed tx) be in Jack Hayes's possession, ithe Terre Haute Tribune ssiys: "Had Robert J tlie feet of a centipede, he could hardly have carried all the shoes -that are attrdibuted to him; on ,tW«t world's record flifflit- Tbere.aro now by actual count, seventeen 1 shoes bamging up in various places about town, which are vouched for as having been swung around, the famoMfi tract at a 2:01% clip. As a matter of fact, Robert J had four shoes when he stArt- ed iu the race, and three whien he came under the wire. One_sboe could not keep up with his- feet, and \vne cast at tbe last quarter.": The i^elativos of August Smith, whose funeral was held Tuesday, p. m. from the residence of Martin Morrtesey on Race street, wish to return tliaokB to members of G. A. R. post and-also toj tbe otlier friends who rendered, assistance and sympathy during^ their, bereavement. Bryan & Sewall campaign caps at Ot-| ,/to's;. • "-•;..'. '":• , ;, • •" . '. ;• ;. . -.', •

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