The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1955
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL18, 1988 BLTTHEVIUJJ (AHK.) COURIER KEW8 PAGE THRE* Reds Seem Anxious to Send Greek Children to Homeland By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign News Aiulyat SALONIKA, Greece (AP) — "Why did they not send us back our children when we asked for them — six or seven years ago?" the Greek official said. "Why are they so anx lous now? "Perhaps it is because now many of the children are grown up and ready.. Perhaps from the Communist way of thinking, the time has arrived." The official was discussing wii me the grave problem of Gree repatriates from Communist coun tries, where anywhere from 35,(K to 50,000 Greeks — the majorit young people — have been Icep since the civil war. The Commu nists not only have agreed to re patrlate some of them now. The seem anxious to send them large numbers. "To do the work of the Commu nlst party in Greece, they woul require only a relative few," thi official continued. "Most of the re patrfated people probably still ar loyal Greeks. But surely amon the young people now there mus be many who have been turnei into convinced Communists." Young boys, snatched from the! peasant villages in the rugge. mountain areas of norther: Greece, given special treatment 1 a. big- city under ceaseles indoc trlnation, isolated from all othe influences, might well have be . come convinced in seven years. Housed in Schools The 200 repatriates in Kastoria near the Albanian border, housed in squalid surroundings In two abandoned schoolhouses. Unan imously they seem to hate the Communists and all their works They hotly deny there have beet any agitators among them, tha any among them ever expressed the wish to go back to the Communist lands. But even these people do not want to work in the villages or on the farm any more. They want to head to the cities. These people represent the first trickle, some 3,700 repatriates. Many of them have now been resettled in villages. They are not the people who cause the Greek authorities the greatest concern. Th authorities are wondering about those to come—the youngsters grown to maturity under Communist teaching and isolation. Return is Shock Northern Greece is a hard, stony 3ond. For young men given special treatment abroad, the return is a shock. The Communists seem to have tried to make sure that the contrast would be felt keenly. Here In Macedonia, close to the borders of communism, there is concern about the possibility of a future guerrilla nucleus in Greece, usable by the Communists in time of emergency. At the end of the civil war some 15,000 Red Greek guerrillas fled across the borders to Communist countries. To these, say Macedonian officials, Hdd a fair number of young men trained through their boyhood in communism and wholly under Red influence. Foresters, game wardens imd security forces have been alert in northern Greece to be on it lookout for Communist agents i filtrating across the Bulgarian HI Albanian borders. Several leaders who had crossed secret into Greece with instructions to r organize the shattered undergroun party apparatus have already bee arrested. STARR GAZING •7 BETTYE NELLE STAHK Cwrfet Ntwt Start Corrmpcmdcot WALKING UMBRELLA—A Cleveland, Ohio, haberdasher isn't being swamped with orders lor this hat, but he says they're moving. Opened, the "sunbrella" hat has a wingspreaci of 2G inches and an adjustable hat band that fits over the forehead or crown ol the hat The haberdasher insists that it is more than a novelty saying it is ideal for fishing, golfing and baseball bleachers. Modeling the hat is a Cleveland reporter. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CIUCKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS L. L. DeVasher, Pltf. vs. No. 12.94 Ruth DcVasher, Dft. The defendant, Ruth DeVasher is hereby warned to appear witlii thjrty days in the court named i the caption hereof and answer th complaint of the plaintiff, L. L DeVasher. Dated tnis 19th day of March 1955. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C T. J. Crowder, Ally, for Pltf. Percy A. Wright, Atty. Ad Litem. 3/23-30-4/6-1 tune in! % KLCN-FM JACK BUCK JOE GARAGIOLA t !• T M by ANHEUSER-IUSCH, INC. IT. tO« IS • «IWM« • 105 ANdtlS Bndweiser LACED MED ROBERTSON DISTRIBUTING CO. 223 W. Ash Ph. 3-3125 The first gun fired in th« war between the states was on April 12, 1861. John Paul Jones' coffin was found In Paris on April 14, 1905. San Francisco-wa« incorporated on April 15, 1850. Andrew Carnegie established his Hero Fund on April 15,1904 and on April 1«, Charlie Chaplain will be 11 ye^rs old. Paul Revere's Und William Daw es') ride began on April 18, rt75. Revolutionary War began on April 19, ms . ... nils, with apologies, but I think It's too cute to pass up >'.A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and I think the name, B. A. Bugg, is about the most appropriate name for the president )f a garden club 1 'ever heard. Pardon me, Mrs. Bugg, but I couldn't resist. To be or not to B-A Bugg, is the gardener's question. Now that Easter is past there are only 222 shopping days till Christmas.. Complaints are the largest tributes heaven receives. A conqueror, like a cannon-ball, risut go on. If .he rebounds, his career is lost. Lost time is like a run in a pair of stockings, It gets worse instead of better. Human nature never changes. As ong as there is a world we'll have he good and the bad,. the foolish and the wise, the rich and the )0or, the weak und the strong There's no getting around these htngs, that's for sure. When we criticize another man's ability to do a thing, you can be! your bottom dollar It's no easy matter to produce it better. So/ne iolks add flavor to a party like an over-dose of vanilla, If you know what I mean and I know you do know what I mean. You know what I heard once? A man said he'd rather have an inch of dog than miles of pedigree, so if Soldier Knows All Services IT. JACKSON, S.C. VP> — Set. oseph D. L. Buckland of this Army nfantry training center has com- leted the cycle of all four serv- ces. He enlisted in the Marines in ^42, became a sergeant. On dis- harge in 1945, he was in civilian fe until he took a crack at the Tavy in 1849, rating machinist late second class. On his Navy discharge in 1953, e signed up in the Air Force re- ?rve as staff sergeant. This fall e transferred to the Army reserve tr active duty. Leaves Korea SEOUL (fi — U. S. Ambassador His O. Briggs left yesterday for Juan after H'/ 2 years in South Ko- ea. He is en route to his new post s ambassador to Peru. Income Lost While Sick Who Pays The Bills? If the family income is cut off due to sickness or confining injury it is possible under the Pyramid Plan to obtain liberal cash payments to help meet living expenses. This could be in addition to payments towards the expenses of sickness or accident. The complete Pyramid Plan includes payments towards doctors' calls at home or office, hospital room and board, medical and surgical expenses, as well 0" TK-I- charges as X-ray, operai „ room, anesthesia. | No mailer what other insurance you may have you will) receive the total amounts due you under the Pyramid Plan that you select. In some instances benefits may exceed the total claim yet Pyramid pays full benefits according to their policies and does not pro-rate claims. Write the Pyramid Life Insurance Co., 727 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City 1, Kansas and we will mail you your free copy of "What You Should Know About Health and Accident Insurance." This information may help you avoid going into debt, so write for it today. weather? How do you like your weather in summer ... in winter? Now, you can have it the way you wont if every day in the year, because a modern Natural Gas air conditioning unit makes you your own weatherman. A simple flip of the thermostat gives cool dry comfort inside with the hottest, dampest weather outside — or warmth and cozincss inside with a blizzard whistling around the corners of your house. Natural Gas is nature's gift to "year round" comfort. It cools in summer . . . heats in winter . . . saves you money all year long. Handy Flame, Your Gas Wonder Worker, Says: SAVE MO.VEX TWO WAYS with Natural Gas! First, bj cutting down on fuel emit . . . and second, by eivlne you a cleaner, more efficient fuel for hoth cooling and heating. Install Natural Gas now, while B ood weather makes labor costs lower. We'll finance your Natural Gas I'lumhinfr. 12 to M months lo paj. Ark-Mo Power Co. you've got Just a plain old mu with plenty of sense — and they usually do have — be just as proud to show him off as Mrs. Van-Astor- but is to show off her French poodle. I don't like me way French poodles comb their hntr anyhow. dot some Easter ham left over? Sere's i good dish you might want o try. Don't let the fancy name scare you. It's culled "Quiche Lor- -alne," (pronounced Keesh Lor- •oiu) it's very simple to make .Cover the bottom of a pastry- ined pan with chunks of hum, not 00 thick. Arrange & pound of American cheese (shredded) over he ham . Beat three eggs slightly and add J cup* of milk, ont teaspoon lalt dash of both red and black pepper, Four egg mixture over the ham. Bake In 400 degree oven for 95 to 45 minutes, Do not overbake. R> move from oven while center still appears soft. Cool a lew minutes before serving. Cut In wedgM u you would a pie. Try this first on your family and then serve it at your next bridge luncheon To make a crooked stick straight, we have to bend them In the opposite direction The worst hatred, they lay, Is that of relatives — especially if money is involved. My six and five year old grandsons spent the night with me last week and when Now-I-lay-me- down-to-sleep time came, the youngest one started his "Qod bless," by saying: "Ood bless Trlxle," (their neighbor's dog). The oldest one jumped straight up In bed and laid, "Phil, you don't Ood Bleis dogs'" After an old Latin proverb, "Like father, like son," the English came up with "Like mother, like daughter," so watch your step It's been said, good clothes open all doors. I don't know whether that Includes slacks or not, for women, that Is . Speaking of women wearing pants reminds uie of a verse in Deuteronomy which Is: "The woman shall not wear Hint which per- tatneth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord, thy Ood." Now go out and buy a pair of baggy slacks, but don't say you weren't told about it in a nice way. If you're hell-bent on wearing fhern, don't wear high heels' .and ion. Idaho varies In elevation from 7J8 feet at Lewlston to 12,606 feet at the summit of Mount Borah. BLAZED TRAIL First complete Journqr acrosi the now famous Santa Fe Trail wns In 1792, when Pedro Vial blazed the trail from Santa Fe to. St. Louis and returned tb« following year. WORLD'S UHGESI SEUEI Al l«t Paint Closeouf i Price Hubbard Hardware Spotlight on Automobiles... A message from Blytheville's franchisee! new car dealers At merchants, th* tranchiied new car deafen of Blytheville art y o u r business neighbors and friendt. Our value to your community it most important, tor w« otter jrou essential transportation. Today, you can live at near to, or at far from, the heart of things as you choose. Today you shop, work and vacation with greater convenience than ever before. And the economic heo/th of your butin»it community depends on this. Were it not tor that mobility there would be /ewer shops, /ess of all things avai/abfe, fewer jobt, and lets prosperity. As franchised new car dealer* we are local businessmen. We are independent mer- chants. Our employees are members of your local community. Our payroll and much of our business purchasing helps support local business. We sell you the cars you want and need, and we invest large sums tor the equipment to maintain them. All of Blythevillft's franchised New Car dealers join in urging you to visit us during this week of "Spotlight on Automobiles" to get better acquainted. TOMOBILES WICK. Amu /7/O Tomorrow at 4:30 P. M BUD WILSON MOTORS, Inc. Lincoln-Mercury 101 w. Walnut CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Studebuktr-Packard Railroad and Aih HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO., Inc. Oid.srrmfoile 30* E. Main LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut and Broadway MOTOR SALES COMPANY DeSoto-Plymouth 110 W. Walrmt NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. Fifth and Walnut PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Ford 300 Broadway 61 MOTOR COMPANY Dodge-Plymouth N. Illfhway 61 SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet-Cadillac 301 W, Walnut T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth ill R. Main

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