The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1955
Page 12
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PACK TWELTB BLYTHEVILL1 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 1», 19t» Adlai Dodged Real Question In Talk on Formosa Policy By JAMKS MARI-OW Associated Tress News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Adlai Stevenson is the latest to give President Eisenhower un asked advice on what to do about defending or not defending If the Red Chinese attack. So far as is publicly known Eisenhower hasn't made up I yivc ilvj&iuviii uiouiin" " v^i «•• ; the Matsu and Quemoy islands his mind. Mamie Von Doren Speaks Out In Defense of Small Bustlines b By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD Wl—The "perfect" 36" If a false and pliony wny of describing a good figure, says blonde actress Mamie Van Doren. Mamie, who measures 37 inches in the bustlinc nnd can afford to be unprejudiced, commented yesterday in an Interview: "It's the most dishonest measurement I ever saw. How can a bustline be tabulated that way when more than GO per cent of Die measuring has nothing to do with She has a point there us the current method of measuring bust- lines gives a break to bin-boned girls with broad backs. Tiny girls, who mistakenly stuff with cotton because they think nature has forgotten would get a break from Mamie (Honest Count) Van Dovcn. ••With all the talk about bust- lines caused by Christian Dior, I shout that now Is the time for a change." expounded Mamie. She objects to the "perfect 30' including the inches of horizontal areas occupied by the sides, shoulder blades and buck. "Marjorie (Ma Kettle) Main has i 42-inch bust and Barbara Bush fe a size 34," said Mamie. "That ought to give you an idea about how false these measurements have gotten." Mamie believes that a more honest measurement would be had U ttie tape measured flesh area from the serralus anterior across the pectorialls major to the meso- sternum. Multiply that answer by two and you have an honest count. In layman's language, she refers But Stevenson, making a 4,000- word broadcast lust night, never 4ulle got around to saying fl' ltlv lie islands .should or shouldn't defended. Mntsu and Quemoy, i Ike Formosa 100 miles offsho, ire to the Red China coast. Stevenson expressed gloom (it he thought of getting Into war v/ith Red China over Matsu and Quemoy. But he never directly tickled this No. 1 question: What should the United Slates lo about .stopping attack on the slands If it came tomorrow or icxt week or iiny time before this ;ountry could carry out .some of Stevenson'K suggestions for making Icfense of the islands unnecessary? She Mamie Van Dorcn eiisurrs 37 ... to a tape starling just below the armpit across the bostom to the breufitbone, multiplied by two. Tax Due Slips Not Cashable DENVER (ff) — You just can't cash those tax due notices like checks, n government ottlcinl told COlorndoans yesterday. In plaintive tones, George H. Allan state director for tlie Interiml Revenue Service, conceded the statements of what a taxpayer still owes may look a lltllo like relmul checks. The latest to reach his desk a dun for $16.3V, was cashed by a supermarket Here but payment was refused nt a bank. U. S. Reports Are Distorted PITTSBURGH, Pa. Wl — Prof. Walter Hovey of the University of Pittsburgh, back from a tour of Asia, says he found "very little respect for life and culture of tin- United States." People in such countries OK Lebanon, Iran, Irni|. Pakistan. India and Ceylon base their opinions of the U. S. on "mob slayings, stories of race Nenrot'u- tlon and movies, ' he says. "In some phices I was asked if it's safe to walk along the sheets alone in the United States "Most of the Near East nations Dream House Started Trouble SANTA MONICA. Calif. M Russoll Jj. Brand's sad story: from dream house to county jail. Brand said the dream house — a $(iO,000 home, built for a motion picture and awarded to him In a HMfl context — .started all Ills troubles. His attorney snlil Brand hm\ lo Hiort|/nne the house for $15,000 to pay I lie taxes on It. After he moved into Hie mansion prcs.siirc mounted, the attorney said. Business losses put Brand deeper in debt. Finally Brand was arrested 01 urimt) tlicl't charges for allegedly bilking people In used car dealings. Tlirco clmiiu:s ayninst him were dismissed yesterday in Superioi Court, but ho got nix months for n fourth. Brand said he wouldn't be moving buck into Hie dream house af tor he Unifies his jail sentence He siilri he had to .sell it — U satisfy his customers. Prof. Hnvcy says, "are In favoi of rrcopnl/.lnn Hi.-d China. Thosi countries are eager lo trade will China and as long as they belong lo tlu Wi tun bhu tho\ can't" 'otic lies Stevenson, who won lame as a wait when lie rau against Eisenhower for the presidency in 1052, !iad no light touches in lust night's talk, no lively phrasing, no memorable figures of speech. This country Is pledged to de- 'end Formosa, where Chiang Kal- tfiek lias his main Nationals' forces, but not lo defend the tiny Islands of .Quemoy and Eisenhower's position, as his administration explains It, Is to decide if the time comes whether n Red attack on Matsu and Qiiemoi would endanger Formosa suu therefore require American inter ventlon and war-with China. This lack of decision may puz .ilc the Reds and make them wary of a move that might end In war with the Unllqd States. But it hns also puzzled Americaus and causct the broadest kind of argument. Some of Elsenhower's own He publicans, particularly Sen. Know Ittnd of California, want the island:, defended. Some of Stevenson's own Democrats don't. May Be Kenson So Elsenhower, before he makes up his mind, Is enabled to Icnn what support he can expect a homo and abroad on any decisloi he makes. This may be the run utt&nii he hasn't made up his mint t least publicly. What was Stevenson's soliilioi for the Formosa problem that might take a long time li doing, too long, perhaps, if II Reds attack in these next few r.innths. He proposed; Ills country should try to Its allies and umrommiUcd nations to de<:lare opnn opposlllon to wn in the Formosa Blrait and "slam wllh us In defense of Porinosi iifjalnst iiKMi'es.'ilon," pending sonn final Hettlemunt. She Knew Her Indian Dress PHOENIX, Arl*. l/l'l— When Mrs Lcnii Hnbcrmun, 28, nppciiml I cosUmio with hor 10-inonlh-ol iliuiKhirr Liiulii .sliniiprcl nn IK" Imck pnpoDsc- liusllion, the Pluu'n TluindiTbii'ils Club .siild "Ah!" an iuvurd«l her yrad-rdny's llrsl priz in Indian drcssup wcrk. K(nnobody must hnvo hiul shin- eyes. Mrs. Hnbormnn. \vlle of a Lo AiiRflrs pnllM'iiiiin, is a fllll-blnodc Klown-Orrek Indian. W»*«r-*WR^ Colorful... Different... Economical The sensational Vcrtikal Winds can aclualK' lie taken off washed and replaced in 20 minutes or can be vacuumed in a jiffy! No other shade or drape needed! Will fit any size window! Wear longer! Admit all the light you need and give you complete privacy! You can change your whole color scheme at little cost! Ray's Flnnr Center has recrnlly decorated Miss Minnie Jones Musical Ktuillo al 807 Chlckasaivba with tlu-lr new colorful and different SUN VEKTIKAL Winds, Miss Jones Is pictured in Hie foreground. RAY'S FLOOR CENTER 107 E. Main Phone 3-8650 Guinea Pig Offer s Turned Down PASADENA (/P)—It came as no urprlse, but the offer of Ted mith, a Pasadena civil defense di- ector to become a guinea pte 'or n atomic bomb shelter test, has eeh turned down. Smith, a former police lieutcn- nt, had offered to test a civil de- cnse bomb shelter for the April 6 atomic blast at the Nevada Prov- ng Grounds. "We are unable to accept your ffer because it came too late," •vrote Stanley Pierson, state civil efense director. Sources close to he Atomic Energy Commission aid that organization frowned on ny human testing of the radiation ffects of the blast. AT MASON MEETING — About 40 Masters and Past Masters of Missouri and Arkansas Lodges joined in extending a welcome to Ortes Mitchell, Jr., Grand Master of Missouri, Harold Grauel, O. J. D., and Rev. Franke, Or. Chaplain in Hornersville Lodge last week. In the picture seated, T. B. Wilkins, W. M. of Hornersville Lodge, back of him standing and with Grand Master Insignia, Ortes Mitchell, Jr.. and at right Harold O. Grauel, G. J. D. Others are Masters and Past Masters. (Photo by Ycager) Bank Robbery Suspect Has A Good Alibi NEW YORK WP) — Police have scrtiLched Edward Schlrmer olf the list of persons they want, to question about a $305.000 bank robbery in Queens last Wednesday. They were seeking the ex-convict i connection with the holdup at .he Woodslde branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the biggest bank dish take on record. With some embarrassment yesterday they disclosed Schirmer was m Sing Sing Prison, having been returned there for parole violation about a year ngo. Yes, He's Working VANCOUVER, N.C. M') — Police )icked up a man and asked' if he had any visible means of support. They got this reply: "I repair hotel and rooming house doors broken Headache and False Alarm Prove Costly OAKLAND, CiiHf. (/P) — John Cox's hfiadiichii turned out to be one for his whole lire station here last niKht. Cox, a tlllennan on a hook and ladder rig, obtained permission frum his captain t.o step across the street to get .some aspirin. While he was in the drugstore, un alarm rang. Away went the hook and ladder 'iirk—without it tillermnn. At the first corner, the wildly .swinging ladder trailer bashed into automobile, smashed the car, part of the fire- equipment nnd was itself disabled. It had to be lowed back to the station. 'Ire Chief James Burke ordered an Investigation to determine why 10 one noticed there was no tlllcr- man when the truck took off. It was a false alarm. Unwanted Puppy Earns His Keep SOUTH BEND, Intl. i/l'. — The James Anioigh family hiul been trying to Rft- rlcl of Tippy, n (i-inontli- ohl stniy pnpl'.v. since Thanksniv- IIIK. Yi-sUTdiiy, the Auu'iths uivcl t,l,u'ir ftvi; children were luvuki-nrd liy Tippy's barKini*, Tin? luuisi! was lull of smoke from a rk'feetive furnace. "Prom nn\v on." said Mrs. Amoi«h, "that puppy will have the place of honor in our home down by raiding city and mounted police Uquor and narcotic squads Business is brisk." 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