The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 13, 1966 · 59
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 59

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1966
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1 Panch Tells Teenagers: Future in Racing Dim for Dropouts Teen-agers keep stock car race driver Marvin Panch s mailbox filled with letters asking advice on how to become a race driver. "vi.e un r a S31?' one of the most successful of all N.A.S. , C.A.K. drivers, answers every one of them. His advice: "Finish your close to starving as well as all en-Me" through the comforts Youngsters high school and then go to col- should know that dfivteg lege if possible. Make your a race car is about like other driving yen secondary to jobs glamour today, no learning You may get a late glamour tomorrow, just a start on the track but your steady effort to give your education will enable you to best and take what happens " "KiHhJhiS a "M 40' 1 SUPP every Kids who ache to drive a driver has retirement plans in t Ml t MARVIN PANCH racing car find that advice years ago people stood open-hard to take, but it is so true, mouthed to watch a stock car I didn't get a full education go 135 m.p.h. at Daytona In-and it has been a handicap ternational Speedway. Now ever since. In the days we live they yawn at speeds of 160 In, a man to succeed must be m.p.h. It won't be too long, able to communicate, to maybe this year in the Day-understand and to have a full tona 500, before cars will picture of his job." reach 180 and 185 m.p h. Youngsters who have their Tires improve, bodies are bet-sights set on racing would be ter and horsepower still keeps ' wise to listen to Panch. going up." He is one of the best. He When asked about the '66 has been racing for a long Daytona 500, Panch said,"It time, even though he has just should be one of the greatest reached 40. He has won at ever run. We'll all be there, in Daytona, at Atlanta and he Fords, Plymouths, Dorges and has beaten the best- He lives the rest. I feel that the Plym- . today on a handsome ranch, outh and the hemi-head just out of Daytona, Fla., with Dodge will be a bit faster his wife Betty and two chil- thn the Ford but in a race dren. as long as 500 miles and on a . "Racing has been my life," track as fast as Daytona, Panch said, "and there will be horsepower isn't the only no complaint . from me al- answer." though it has brought me. ARTHUR KELLEY Yachts 8C Yachtsmen Ocean Racing 1 Schedule Complete By LEONARD M. FOWLE Another of the Bay State's major yachting dates for 1968 goes up on the board today along with the complete schedule of the New England Ocean Racing Circuit as announced by chairman James A. Carroll, i The big date, affecting a J large number of the small boat racing classes of the area, is Aug. 3-7 for the 29th ! annual Quincy Bay Race Week. t Thus the event will follow : ; Marblehead Race Week, July I ' 23-30, by only three days but I the close scheduling will per-mit many sailors to compete in both race weeks within a two weeks' vacation period. With Quincy Bay Week settled, chairman Herbert F. Donovan and his schedule . committee of the Massachusetts Bay Yacht Clubs Assn. get down to brass tacks this Wednesday evening. Donovan announces a joint - meeting of his schedule committee and chairman Edward m GASTON ANDREY, INC. iRU. CE B-3385J 875-0839 Sru. 18, Witertowtl 823-8230 M 5 W(U( St., IreotllM (CMl. Cm.) 7J4-7J80 BOSTON m Commonwealth Chevrolet 5 Comm. Av, 254-0480 li m . :'-:iwiuiuri HOOVER IMPORTS 424 Adim St., OX 6-6600 SERVICE OX 1-4609 i-WOBURN SALES A PART AUTOLAB IMPORTS, INC. Rt. 123 Exit 38 at Wash. St. Tl. 633-1100 CUTLER INC. Hlnghim Harbor Rl 8-2002 xne DacK 01 his mind. I ve thought about quitting, long before I reached 40. 1 only am sure that I will quit when I know my physical condition isn't up to the demands of driving." (Cale Yarborough says stock car driving is tougher than pro football and he has been tops in both sports.) Panch says: "My own experience has taught me that physical condition rises and falls, no matter what age a man is. I actually feel better today than I did threee years ago. Lots of things enter into a feeling of physical well-being. Chronological age is not the true and final answer." Panch still looks at stock car racing with the bright-eyed enthusiasm of a youngster. "Stock car racing is in its beginning. Onlv a few J. Gallagher's race committee for. the purpose of arranging dates for regattas plus club openings and closings during the coming year, to be held at the South Boston Y.C. at 8 p.m., Feb. 16. "It is highly important all clubs interested in sponsoring 1966 racing in the Boston Bay area be represented to insure selection of agreeable inter-club dates and also the listing of strictly club affairs in the season's schedule calendar," Donovan said. The Yacht Racing Union of Mass. Bay's ocean racing committee now has completed its schedule of eight contests counting for the championship of the renamed New England Ocean Racing Circuit. The schedule, approved at the Union's executive committee meeting earlier this week, includes one change in the listing of Boston and Eastern races for Crusing Club of America Rule craft published in last Sunday's Globe. 'eW ARLINGTON MIRAK CHEVROLET, INC. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 430 Mill. . Ml V-SOUO Hi iMti MILTON HOOVER IMPORTS SALES A PARTS 424 Adams St., OX S-SSOO OX 8-4609 MALDEN ARCAL FIAT VILLAGE Naw and ussd, t)M Vsapa 14 Jackson St., Msldsn, S22-77SS NEWTON WEST FORD Sales Servlca Part 773 w.h. St.. lilt 17. Masa. Plka Bl 4-4200 I - 'VV ' - - ' Fv -- : ,' y 'If . f9 Bagte'"'"" ; "' --v- -- f - I i " " U & ; t SPEED GALS Only women's team ever to finish a 24-hour endurance race of international stature, Sunbeam Alpine team at the Daytona Continental. From left. Suzy Dietrich, San Won '500' Two Years Ago Petty Family Returns to Daytona By LEO LEVTXE Herald Tribune News Service DAYTONA BEACH Fla. uaiiuka bialh, ita. As the last of the sports cars were bein? loaded on trans- porters after last weekend's 4-nour race, a low iruts. month, with a different type of vehicle aboard showed up at the k main gate of the Daytona In- , ,. ,. ... . , , ternational Speedway. . The Indianapolis 500, which This was the Petty team, flSur to be a walkover for complete with father Lee, somebody with a Ford engine, sons Richard and Maurice my not be 3ulte the on and the r Plvmnuths. Snme- one asked them what they were doing here so early, considering that the Daytona 600 isn't until Feb. 27. Father Lee grunted. "We're vMr hehinH airoariv" The Pettys, winner of usea t0 be ""8 at the Speed-America's premier stock car way" honors in 1964, weren't here Parnelli Jones, driving a last year when a rule change Lotus equipped with this en-banned their "Hemi" engines, gine, broke all records for a They're back now, and al- one-mile track while test-though Lee may be right in ing at Phoenix recently, aver-one sense, driver Richard aging better than 122 nvp.h. doesn't figure to run behind for his best lap. many people when the time In addition to going auick- trials start this week. About the only cars Richard (he won't answer to Dick) and his Plymouth have to worry aoout are ine Dodges, their brothers under the sheet metal from the Chrysler Corp. The Dodge team will be running its fastback Charger at Daytona, and the aero- dynamically slippery shape of this machine figures to make it a runaway winner much the same way Richard Petty was wnen ne took whs ouu two years ago. The Charger underwent secret tests at Firestone s Ft Stockton, Tex.. 7.7-mile test track last month and the re- suits were encouraging de- spite the use of a small 405 cubic - men engine. ine Charger recorded laps m the neighborhood of 183 m.p.n. thafs some neighborhood. At Daytona s 2 -mile uaCK, wnicn nas aieepci bankings than Ft. Stockton, that should work, out to 176-177 m.p.h. or in other words, about 5 m..p.h. faster FOREIGN CARS '66 SUNBEAM SPORTS SEDAN 1495 $QC S1C95 ALPINE ROADSTER $2385 also the fabulous TIGER PROGRESSIVE MOTORS SUNBEAM-HILLMAN DEALER 221 MYSTIC AVE., MEDFORD and WOBURN AUTOLAB IMPORTS, INC. Rt. 128, Eilt 88 at Wash. St. Tat. 833-1100 ri EEJE LEXINGTON AUTO ENGINEERING, INC. 43 Mtrrstt Rd., (Rt. 2-A) Lsiingten, Tal. VO 2-6700 WELLESLEY CORCORAN MOTORS Rt. 8 Wsltaslay CE 6-6800 WOBURN AUTOLAB IMPORTS, INC. Rt. 128. Elit 88 St WiM, St. Tal. 833-1100 WOBURN AUTOLAB IMPORTS, INCa Rt. 1 23, lilt 88 at Wash. 8U Tsl. 833-1100 CAMBRIDGE KOLLIGIAN MOTORS, INC. j 468 Brosdwsy UN 4-7100 UK' ' turit than the Fords and 2-3 m.p.h. faster than Petty and his Ply- m?"lh'.v - t Whether or not this figur- ng proves to be correct will v- a : jj t . n 000 fans at the end of thii uiuwr race it was in lDO Dale Drake, now the sole . i . . uucim-ss- er ene. has come up with something new - a super- ch"??d version of the old reiiaDie louT-cyiinaer which ly, the engine also put in 400 trouble-free miles at Phoenix so reliability figures to be fairly good. with the mandatory two pit stops now the rule at Indy( a supercharged car is not at disadvantage. They consume more fuel, but since everyone has . to stop, that makes littie difference. Indy limitations say a maximum of m oniirme nf k With tw0 Dit st0D, thj means 210 gallons or in otner wor(js x the car can average about 2S4 miles per gallon it could be B winner m America's richest auto race. . Sam Hanks, the director of racing at Indianapolis end a public relations man for sev- eral auto-oriented companies. was in New York last week for a presS conference and advocated two things: Don't run your car with less than 30 pounds of air in u,e tires. , Take those original-equipment shock absorbers and FOREIGN CARS PORSCHE if 911 Coups Ivory, Immed. Del 912 Coupe Aga blue, Immed. Del. '63 Normal Coupe Blue, many extras $2850 v55 Chev Monza coupe Maroon, 4 tp. tram., extras $1895 THE ANSIS MORRILL CORP. Mon.-Fri. m.m.-9 p m , Hat. 9-4 60 Worcester Rd., Frimlhitaim Tel. ?8i-109H FOREIGN CUTLER INC. WALSH'S FOREIGN CARS Hinoham Harbor, Rl 8-2001 Persona 811. 812 - 318 South Mam St., Tal. 874-82T7 HAVERHILL LEXINGTON SMITH MOTOR SALES AUT0 ENGINEERING, INC. 87246B2'-ff72"24S ?, autoYniiineering, inc. BlSIEBGM 438 Marratt Rd., (Rt. 2-A) , TnM Lexington, Tsl. VO 2-6700 Will. I UN HOOVER IMPORTS : 8a aa m Part GAUTHIERS OF SALEM 424 """ ox e-6M0 " 82 Lsavltt St., 744-4087,744-8286 FRAMINGHAM GASTON ANDREY, INC. t-"-- Ma;.M'?"-'. L. ! TE. 8, FRAMINGHAM I ISSQ'Oj'Mf " CE S-338S; S7B-0839 BOSTON " fSEPSJaS HERB CONNOLLY BUICK IK INC. fi 1048 Commonweslth A. ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW ST 2-3600 FOR YOUR CAN "' ELLIS, INC. HOOVER IMPORTS TOADE? SALES A PARTS Rt. 8 CE B-S386I 87B-0639 424 Adam St., OX 8-6600 Rt. 10, Watartown 823-8230 SERVICE OX 8-4608 Wild. St., (mills (Cast. Cor.) dusky, O.; Rosemary Smith, Dublin -Ireland ; Janet Guthrie, Great Neck, ' N.Y.; kneeling, front, is Donna Mims, Pittsburgh, Pa., and at back wheel, Sierra Drolet, Miami, Fla. (UPI) throw them away. Then go out and buy a good set To which all this writer can add is amen. H"'l"l""II"lllin"l"l"llllllim' Sports Car Races, Rallies TODAY STATE LINE rally by Sports Car Club of America; 11 - TT T-1 sloils ii a.m.. n jnnnsnn Rt m northbouni Lexine- Ends Lunenburg iCe TOIT hv o,,anna TRIALS by Quanna- fy.l1".. """cuuro, N.H.; if ice conditions per mit. Starts 1 p.m. SNOW FLAKE rally, Abel Ford Mustang Club; starts 12:30 p.m., Bell Circle, Re-, vere. All foreign and U.S. cars welcome. . FEB. 19 SCOTCH TAPE rally, by North Shore S.C.C.; starts 8 P-m-. 31 Dayton st., Danvers. Short fun and social type rally. . FEB. 19, 20 ANNUAL SIX HOURS ice races, Brunswick, Me., all' sports cars and small sedans.' Entry, Bates and Cunningham, Brunswick, JVIe- CORVETTES, of MASS. ice. trials, Webster Lake, Web-V ster. Entry tel 491-7477, ves' FEB. 20 SNOW RALLY by Western Mass. S.C.C.; starts 1:30 p.m., H. Johnson. Rte. 2, Greenfield. .An 80-mile event, with -special features. SIGN OF THE TIMES : rally by Touting Club of NE ( starts x p mf H j&hn. son,' Rte. 128, Newton, (be- tween Rtes. 30 nd "16). Standard event, three tro- phies each in two classes by equipment. Ends Westford. FOREIGN CARS COMPARE ANYWHERE! '66 TRIUMPHS TR-4A's $2574 SPT. MK. It's $2047 HERALD C0NVS. $1809 ALL FULLY EQUIPPED 1300 DOWN S14 PER WX. GAUTHIER'S OF SALEM 105 CANAL ST., SALEM 744-4057 744-8256 Atk For Arthur Baiuliau CARS DIRECT The Boston Sunday Porsches and Women Surprise at Daytona . .-. ' " By ARTHUR KELLEY - If you just go for "who won?" in a big 24-hour enduro like the Daytona Continental, you're missing half the fun. The win by Ken Rifles and Lloyd Ruby in a Ford and the 1 2 3 placing of the Mark II 7-liter Fords is like the frosting on the cake. There's a lot more underneath..; ', . ; No less a coup than the prize mcmey. The other gals duro 500 in a Jasua. Suzv Miles-Ruby win was the re- were Donna Mims of Bethel, Dietrich is the wife of Charles markable performance of the Pa., Suzy Dietrich of San- (Chuck) Dietrich and ha3 little Porsches from Ger- dusky, O.. and Janet Guthrie been helping Chuck to build, many, placing 6-7-8 overall of Great Neck, N. Y. in 39th race and sell sports cars for and first in the sports divi- place. many years, sion class with engines less All five women are skilled Rosemary Smith, fashion than half the size of the win- and experienced handlers of model and designer, was Eu-ners.; sports cars. And they chose a rope's outstanding woman ' The performance of the most formidable field of men driver in 1965. having won Porsche Carrera 6 driven by drivers to run with. the Tulip rally outright Hans Herrman and Herman And they were not running against the best men drivers Linge of Stuttgart, making its in a special women's class. on the continent. -debut in this race, was im- Donna Mims is the only Sierra (Smokey) Drolet pressive. - woman ever to win a Sports won the Nisonger K.L.G,-,in- The - Carrera was sixth Car Club of America national ternational for her victory' in overall, right on the tails of title. Janet Guthrie, a physi- the women's championship the big engined Fords and cist, finished in the first 10 during Bahama Speed Week Ferrari, In one of the most in the 1964 Watkins Glen en- in Nassau, amazing demonstrations of ' ' " 6peed and durability in a small sports coupe that the race world will ever see. And the Porsche 904s driven by Mitter-Buzzetta, K 1 a s s -Schuetz were next in order. And the two women's team Sunbeam Alpines went all the way, making it the first time that any women's team had finished a 24-hour interna- tional endurance contest The Pals wpra Sierra Drolet of Miami and Rosemary Smith of Dublin, Ireland, in 36th place to win the Nison- ger K.L.G. international tro- phy and a special share of the PURCHASE of Brady Ford Sales, Inc., Portsmouth, N.H., is announced by Arthur Brady," former gen-eral manager and vice president of Stilphen Motor Co., DoBchester , Brady is past president . of Metropolitan Ford Dealers Assn. and a former member of New England Ford Dealers advertising committee. A graduate of Notre Dame, Brady was a Marine .pilot during the war. A resident of Hingham, with seven children, he plans to move to Portsmouth. . FOREIGN CARS PORSCHE ALL MODELS OH DISPLAY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY K.E.'s Oldest Porsche Dealer Foreign Motors Inc. 1686 Commonwealth Ave. - BOSTON 566-0731- M.B.T.A. Cars Slop at Our Door See MEDFIELD HILLCREST AUTO, INC. 20 Janss As., Msdflald HI 4-0441 FL 8-4304 MEDFORD PROGRESSIVE MOTORS 221 Mystla Av. EX 6-6629 WELLESLEY CORCORAN MOTORS Rt. 8, Wslleslsy, CE 6-6800 BOSTON COTE MOTOR CO., INC. - ' 820 Cummins Highway Mattaparv CY 8-3700 ARLINGTON ALEWIFE MOTORS 19. Mass. Ava. Opsn avss. Ml 3-6310 BOSTON SEYMOUR CHEVROLET S74 Mass. Ave., Camb. UN 1-4800 SALEM GAUTHIERS OF SALEM 62 Lsavltt 8U, 744-4057; 744-8258 Foreign Car Spesiallst mwwmmrm wwM)ii, lutmn ' JEW &u-Sf U I , . GlobeFebruary 13, ld SPARE PARTS V: Soupy Surface Cancels Woljeboro Ice Races- The annual Wolfeboro firanH Prix 2-hour ire races were cancelled last week-end when the ice on Lake Win- nipesaukee was found un- suitable for the event. Thaws, freezes and snowfall had al- ternated in such a way as to to Miles' rescue. produce alternate layers of . The Yenko Stinger, a racing ice, slush and water. The top version of the Corvair Qocsa, layer was too thin to bear the has been officially recognised .cars, . as a Class D production. car Ah alternate road course by the Sports Car Club J of was tried but the width of America and will race in that the road and the difficulty of class during the 1966 race . spectator control made it un- season in regional and jia- safe for a speed event. tional events. Next ce races, the Six The car will be produced .Hours at Brunswick, Me., on by Don Yenko,. 20. tional Corvette champion Ken Miles came very close driver, in his shop at Canto not winning the big race nonsburg, Pa. ' at Daytona when he was The Stinger will be" offered stopped at the pit- area gate in different stages of ' tene by a sheriff. Miles had done for racing, rallying or tour-a three-hour turn on the ing. In its basic form the?car track, turned the car over to will offer distinctive styling : Lloyd Ruby, and left the pits changes: a bob-tail rear, deck to get a coat. lid with functional air scoops, When Miles tried to get and a wide rear pillar treat-back into the pit area the ment sporting the Stinger sheriff on guard stopped him emblem. ' -' and asked for his I.D.'pass. Suspension, steering and Miles didn't have it. Miles 'breaking have been upgraded opened his coat and showed to' cope With added engine the: sheriff his 'blue driving "performance potentials.'- coveralls' with the name Ken' ARTHUR KEEfiEY FOREIGN CARS AUTO ENGINEERING INC. Ferrari 196$ Ferrari 250 GT Coupe ..$6500 1962 Aslon Martin DB 4 .....6000 1965 Jaguar XKE Rdstr. ...... 600 1959 Rolls Royce Sliver Cld. ..7995 1965 Griffith V-8 Coups 3200 1964 Porsche (four) .'.'.from 3495 . 1961 Porsche Super Cab. 2495 1960 Porsche Cab 2000 1965 Jif a Romeo Giillla Rdstr. 2500 1963 Jaguar 3.8 Sedan 2995 1964 Saab, Blue 1395 1963 VW Sedan .1100 1964 Volvo 122 S 1900 1961 Volvo 544 1000 ' 1960 MG A, Red '.......600 1963W 1100 ....'..1000 1961 TR 3 800 OPEN EVES. Route 2A, and Buy from the Dealers Listed B elow v . -. BEVERLY BEVERLY MOTOR SALES CO., INC. 131 Rantoul 8t., Tsl. 822-3071 also leading Fiat dealer. WOBURN AUTOLAB IMPORTS, INC. Rte. 128, Exit 88 at Wash. St. Tel. 833-1100 NORWOOD HERB ANDERSON MOTORS, INC. Auth. Dealer, Sales-Service 145 Broadway, 762-6820 ARLINGTON ALEWIFE MOTORS 19 Mass. Av. Open eves. Ml 8-6310 BROCKTON ; BROCKTON VOLVO Rte. 28, 1489 Main St. Boston. 963-'00 Brockton 1-587-251) DEDHAM . , DALZELL'S 805 Providence Highway ' JRt. 1 (at PUza) 329-1100 59 Miles embroidered on' 'the nnrkpt The guard still said no and Miles was about to- ?.be dragged off to the jug when someone from the Ford pits noticed the rhubarb and came Merceaes-Beni SPECIAL SALE! MERCEDES-Benz Cars j :19&5190 D NEW SAVE! 1966 230 HEW DEJM 19E2 220 SE Coupe, Like New . .S5630 1964.190 Sedan, 17,000 miles . S32M 1963 220 SE Auto., Air C, S. Roof S3505 1961 220 SE Sedan, Leather ....S2000 1960 190 SL Roadster $23flfl -1959 190 Sedan ......$900 PORSCHE 912 3,0 miles DEMO.-ir --4 Lexington V0 2-6700. SALES SERVICE M ... rzpAnjs HINGHAM CUTLER INC. Hingham Harbor, Rl 8-2002 NEWTON - GENE BROWN VOLVO 714 Beacon 8 1. '. DE 2-080O ' Opea evea. till 9 WELLESLEY LEE FOREIGN CAR SALES ' Tel. 285-1239 DORCHESTER ROBIE-STILPHEN FORD ; 370 Columbia Rd. GE 6-7800 I- COLOMBIA AUTO BODY Cff. 22 Brighton av., Allston, AL 4-88834 COflr.PL. body and paint repair 82 yrs. Hitii loc. N E. 1t autobeki All Makea Foreign Care Crankshafts Camshaft k Ail B.Mt. On.i.l.... ' l I PRECISION jV MOTOR REBUILDERS 460 Somervltta Ava., fiomr-6663737 , . Mtaiaim it r.-.'. isMl'lAlifl'lt-EWl :-:- . : -.:v-:t- v V' :-" -.V-v.v: f"" ! r-t 1 ir nrliT-iriifn m itt u Livnrr-tti-r-"J'

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