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Boston, Massachusetts
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19 Boston Opera Great 'Godonuv' Would Have Pleased Mtissorgski 'ihe i.oston Globe Tuesday. May 11, 11)65 single horn down into the deep'the Boston Opera's success with little of the poipnance cf his Cyrillic alphabet). Tut Jt Mussorgsky micht be the turn By MICHAEL STEINBERG "Barls Godonuv" did not bass Ireallv was the onlv larrinsf ing point in the historv of Caldwell conducted thing in a great evening of "Boris." -hi 1 merely return triumphantly to the Boston stage, in a sense? it very effectively this time, and; music ami theater, one that the orchestra and a great work in a rcr formance of terrifying power and deeply stirring beauty. The other roles are smaller, hut each is important. AH of them wero filled with high competence and many with reat artistic distinction.

I would particularly cite Kcllcy's Shuisky, though more for acting than for singing; the no (the latter in part from the formnnco that was riKht. arrived for the first time. The Boston Opera's production Snrah Caldwell chose to perform Mussorgsky's oriqinal version of 13fn, that is to say, one without the Polish Act Handel anil Haydn Society and! It realy amounts to something quite simple. Mussorg-nky'a concept of writing for orchestra is an individual as his concept of declamation, melody, rhythm, and harmony. Moreover, It is of a piece with all of these.

To offer revisions in the name of practicality is to bo as insensitive as though one were (wiioso absence is one the cave this crcnt drama as it was written by Mussorgsky, and it sounded so marvellous that one was left wondering harder than ever what in the world the St. Gabriel Choir school)1 performed beautifully for her. But above nil it was her staging that was superb, being whole a blessing), without Kromy forest, but with the bility and musical eloquence of Hockman's Timen: the very beautiful scene before St r.asils Cathedral, and with TONITE I hns been behind the insistence of all the Thilistines from Rimsky-Korsnkov to Itathaus nnd Rudcl that the original the Second Act in a very different form. Into this ver (TUES.J AT 8 03 f.uT IV. vividness of the two characterizations by Eunice Alberts; James Joyce's mountainous Varlaam, especialy as sup-ported by tre beautifully de even nnm r.onoNi nnera In animated, imaginative, to the point, and completely geared to the general idiom and the specific detail of the music.

Uudolf lleinrieh's sets were wonderful as The only jarring detail was the curtain that loudly pro- i enri Mirr i'ihhkiii numr score is impractical. i)lKy. Givimi lit tlir Ilm Ituy sion, Miss Caldwell introdwed two things from the more familiar score of 1874: the Host OP A MAJOR NEW FILM F.IOM PARAMOUNT Starring KIM NOVAK son to mm roun wur it, Mommy niami, ny hip There are a few moments Oiwm'8, nrt atiiuo rxTfiiriiunc tailed performance by John when is it possible to imagine there is less brilliance and curritro it 1001 pm. I3atcs as Missail. Joseph Sophcr sang with great beauty of voice claimed the word ASHKSTGS clarity than Mussorgsky ess' song about the duck was restored to the bepinning of the Inn scene, and Boris' monologue have attained the hifiest was done and phrasing, but missed a Hhey should at least have it in oun Inntiumrnlntion mirt tit tho or-luiiuil vrrmon JHi9.

Stiitii'd and cundiirtrd liv Sarah Citlduill, Willi mrnrry bv Rudolph llrimlrli, llnht-lnil by David rriMutwn hy ltiivmond Sovrv and lli'niy llrv-niHnn. nnd with the follow Miulhky Norman Krllry 1'ltni-n Gnus lloi'kman Undisguised Heart thought he was getting: the last chords of the Coronation scene are an instance, and the prelude to the Inn scene is in its later form. There is an important ob another. And there are, of CUT OUT THIS AD IT'S WORTH ONE 1l jection to be made acainst course, many passages that are John Ring, founder-director of the Boston Opera Players, and Janet Winburn are two of the four lovers In Mozart's "Cosi fan tutte" Wednesday evening in New England Life Hall. such mixtures in nrincinle.

aaaJL. I I IT jfjf. liiiBory Unvid i.invti IloKicn. Nurd Euni- All-it V. ii in J.iima Joyce Mi-'ill Julm Halm JC-nln Mnxlne M.ikan Folnr Mildred Allen Simpleton Joseph Soiihrr and with ClfU'ne, Knieit Triplett.

Andnj Dohiiamky, liuins Pour, and Cliapin Davis, unconventional in their colors Also it seems that the first Ooort Open A.M and textures. Mussorgsky's vetMon oi me iioris mono fa, tial taste was for a rather spare 'r. mm logue, being less lyrical and writing and for sharply pro I H0Ut Si "CUP OF THE GODS" WHEN YOU HAVE DINNER AT generally bitterer, harsher in content, is more consonant Film Times filed sounds rather than for blends. He puts instruments to pyowfPYw. -f TmrnTiaii i with the sharp and ticht ver unexpected uses: he is fond 8:43, 12:33.

Stage, Music Today tor example, of sending a "la Hnrmi Way," 6:10. JtSTOI 3:25, offering to reorchestratj Mahler in the more conventionally brilliant manner of Strauss or to rewrite a Schoenberg piano piece in the style of Busoni (which actually happened). One would both suppose and Perkins School sion of the scene as Mussorgsky first wrote it. The performance was magnificent. George London's Boris has for more than a decade been one of the great achievements on the American stage, and he gave a per AFTER TflE The ter it 8 p.m.

Arthur Millrr'i drnmi, Burt LANCASTER described by the playriKht as about hope that except for the con fcEACON Itlt.L "How to Murder Your Wife," 10:13. 12:40, 5:30 10:00. Sneak Preview 8:00 m. BOSTON CINERAMA "The Greatest Story Evr Told." I Sun. Holt.

2 p.m.! Eves. Mem. thru Sat. at Surt. at 7:30 p.m.

CAPRI "Zorba the Greek," 11:15. 1:50, 4:25. 7:00, 9:30. Short Subjects 11:00. 1:35, 4:10.

6:45. TEXTER "Go Go Mania." 8:30. 12:35. man's nature being the source of To Do Musical "The Fantasticks," one of the tinued practical difficulty of getting performance material, violence and destruction; presented by Martin Tahse, with a cast headed longest-running musicals of the by Charles Aldnian and Judi West Through May 29. New York stage, will be given Bring this ad to the SOUTH SEAS, 21 Harrison Bos ton.

You wiil receive a beautiful fire-glazed mug (retail price: $2.98) FREE. This is the SOUTH SEAS way of introducing you to the finest Polynesian and Cantonese cuisine in Boston. Offer limited to one mug per person. Dinner 4 p.m. to by a group of older students at Perkins School for the Blind POTS Symphony Hall at 9-dn "Rujinirora IBOSTON 111 8:30 p.m.

Arthur Fiedler conduct Tuesday evening May 18 at 'CONTIHIKUS PERFORMANCES 8:15 in Dwight Hall. ing. Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Elgar; Overture to "Poet and TJQCRS Cm 9:33 A.M. TODAY I The performance is being it.

Peasant," Suppe; Waltz of the Follower! from "The directed by Bernard Barbeau Mnt St. I teacher of voice on the school lU.UhlHATKD ONE-HALF ACTUAL SIZE music faculty. A small orches OPENS MAY as THRU 30 Vvn inti .1 1 1 a inf: I tM disc" 11:00, 2:05, 5:10, 8:20. CINEMA. Kenmore Ra "Let! Talk About Women," 2:00, 3:50, 8:45, 1 7:40, 9:30.

EXETER "Thank Heaven for Small Favors, 3:35, 6:30, "Genevieve," 2:05, 5:00, 8:00. FINE ARTS "Room At The Top," 7:00 10:15: "Mouse On The Moon," 5:00, 8:45. GARY "Sound of Music." Eves, at Sun. at Mat. Sun.

Holidays at 3 m. gi THE ROYAL BALLET tra will support the cast. DAY! "M0ND0 PAZZO" "M1SS10H TO HELL" Academy Awards "BEST More Theater News, Page 37 Tchaikovsky; Divertissement, Ibert; Piano Concerto No. 1, Mendelssohn, and Concert Symphonique, Lltolff, with Susan Starr as aoloist; Selection from "The Sound of Music," Rodgers; Chim-Chim-Cheree from "Mary Popplns," Sherman Sherman; Songs of Darthmouth, arr. Anderson.

THE PINTER TLATS Charles Playhouse at 8:30 p.m. Harold Pinter's "The Lover" and "The Collection," directed by Michael Murray, with cast Including James Eroderick. Jane Alexander, Terence Currier and Paul Schmidt. KEITH MEMORIAL "Mission to SUPPORTING ACTRESS, Hell," 9:50, 1:10. 4:35, "Mondo 11:30, 2:55, 6:15, 9:40.

LOEWS ORTHELM "Major Dundee," 10, 1:50, 5:40, "East of Sudan," 12:15, 4:05, 7:55. JKATFLOWER "Psycho," 9:30, 1:25, 5:25, "Vertigo." 11:15, 3:15. 7:15. MtSIC HALL "The Train," 10:00, ANTHONY QUINN ALANBAltii IRENE RWVS VJQI MOWaCACOrANNS 12:20, 2:40, 5:00. 7:25, "We Give Pink Stamps," 12:10, 2:30.

2 'Star itudded hurrnh." New lorker Mif JQHH WAYNE KIRK DOUGLAS PATRICIA HEAL TOM TRYON PAULA PRENTISS BRANDON de WILDE JILL HA WORTH DANA ANDREWS HENRY FONDA 4:50. 7:10. 9:35. PARAMOUNT "Young Cassldy," 10:05, 12:25, 2:40, 5:05, 7:30, 9:45, PARK SQ. CINEMA "Marrlnee Ital PRODUCTION DCOilS OPEN I0D.1 A.M.

ian Style," 2:10, 4:00, 5:50, 7:40 and Lincoln-Sudbury Sunday Concert The Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School chorus of 185 students will present Beethoven's Mass in Major Sunday, May 16 at 3:15 p.m. in the Brooks School Auditorium in Lincoln. Robert G. Wentworth, director of high school music, will conduct. 9:30.

SAXON THEATRE "My Fair Lady Eves, at Sui at 7:30. Mat. Cf li lJ JlNcar Pr.dentul TowwB J. D. Salinger's novel is one of the most widely read books of the last fifteen years.

Now a new film has opened in New York which has been likened to Salinger's novel. Brendan Gill of the New Yorker writes, "A story commensurate in the purity of 'ts intentions, and even in th artistry of its execution 'The Catcher in The "Mr. Salinger created a memorable character in Holden Caulfield; and we feel that a young director, Mr. Don Owen, has created two such wonderful characters in Peter and Julie of "NOBODY WAVED GOODBYE." Catch "NOBODY WAVED Sun. Holidays at 2:00.

ITTOWX "Sylvia." 1:15. 5:25, "Kiss Me Stupid," 11:00, 3:15, 7:25. IREST END CINEMA "Banana Peel," 11:35, 1:35, 3:40, 5:40, 7:45, 9:45. I nciffsirc I.E. SHOWINO CtntlDDOu Daiif 9:45 tl.

12:35 3:25 Presents mm I A NOW THRU MAY IS Vfi AN OTTO PPf MINGEP FILM SGth Season Sundays HfSTOH 6:40 9:30 BOSTON Tremoftt at BoylstM r- A I 5 i lapy RECORDING STAR GOODBYE" tonight. 10 SHOWS WEEKLY THE NEW FRENCH COMEDY EVES, at 8:30 (Sun. at 7:30 P.M.) Matlneesi Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays at 2:00 P.M. Arthur Piedler XT MAY 16 BOBBY VINTON MAT. All Invited TEENAGERS ADULTS Includes ccnnlrlo staye show, orchestra.

Doors opm 12:30 P.M. Show Time 3 P.M. Donation $2.00 No Minimum ALL PROCEEDS TO THE CARD. CUSHING CHARITY FUND mwirajfffflt'H 7Conductor) SERVED -S3 ALL SEATS RE for Theitr. firt 1 Grout Sain S3 Information Call Gwro.

ll.r II 2-7041-a -uABOURVlL MAY 17-23 TRIM LOPEZ MAY 24-30 ED1E ADAMS Shows Nllhtly 8:15 A 11 P.M. NO COVER CHARGE $4, $3,50, $3, $2.50, $2, $1 ALL SEATS RESERVED SYMPHONY HALL CO 6-1492 It- 'i I and in FVTW IT" iL If. rf 1 I I i i fW4 JULIE ANDREWS HBEST ACTRESS artfrtt TONIGHT AT 8:30 "THE LOVER" "THE COLLECTION" by Harold Pinter Tel. Res. DE 8-9393 1 i 1964" r4h ,1 llHM.

Willi Will to I PTIR KASTNFR JUUE BIGGS DON OWEN 1220 WON. MAY 31st 1 I I iNriiflNapni I NFS A CINEMA PRESENTATION MM PLUS SllikV I IIS1 IIIWI mm. 10 yivusiC T0KIGHT limn iv ihik, Jl n-iii HifflW I-" STARTS TODAY! 'A MASTERPIECE! AN ABSOLUTE tr w.nM.n. Pon PAUL NK LONELY BOY A CINEMA PRESENTATION Tbra Sat. May 29 JllC rYriTTSTVF 'MAURICE KAUFMAN -PETER VAUGHAN -YOOTHA JOYCE DONALD SUTHERLAND saewptay by rxharo matheson Based on the -best-seller "Nightmare" by ANNE E5LAJS0EIL-Produced by ANTHONY HINDS kAii Friday, May 14, 1965 8:30 P.M.

BACK BAY THEATRE (Formerly Donnelly) SAL, MAY 29 MAY 30, 8:15 MAIL ORDERS NOW NORTH SHORE MUSIC-THEATRE BOX 62 BEVERLY MASS. 10 SHOWS WEEKLY EVES, at 8:30 (Sun. at 7:30 P.M.) Matinee! Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays at 2:00 P.M. ENGAGEMENT 2:00 4:00 10:00 P.M. A rery special agent with an eye for womenl '841 BOYLSTON STREET CO ALL SEATS RESERVED TICKETS: office VPiu fl For Thutra Party A Groaa S.l.i '0M SBIHorm.thn Oil Cvirs" 112-TCKlii TECHNICOLOR vrrffUbiawi i a 7CTIMGI TECHN1SCOPE JEANNE MOREAU Filmed where it all happened at Synanon House! X' JEAN-PAUL EELMONOO 1 1:35 1:35 3:45 S40 7:45 8:45 MNA pEEL" lTgwry'11 ii TfT i 1 2nd.

SOX OfFKf t'tiYffifftY'i IJCHARLTON 1 1 RICHARD ilESTON MARRIS colo II PLUS 1 "EAST OF SUDAN" ft FOR ROCKIEST SEAT EVES aa -toll 'CO GO MANIA' wit THEJEATLES-THE ANIMALS I CHOICE, 3 I 4 'SWINGER PARADISE' JCHOIC: HOTELS! 1-50, 9 JO 10. FTTH HITS IN "DUNDEE THE 1 Mum HzMmim WASH BOSTON MU 2-00 The Magnificent GUARANTEED orchestra seats AMERICANA CF NEW YORK nodjayle? I) one of the following hit musicals: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF GOLDEN BOY FUNNY GIRL BAKER STREET I HAD A BALL PLUS 4 A JOHTi FORD HOUSE LIFE GALLS "A TUNNEL BACK INTO THE 7th Avenue 52nd Street The Fabulous CITY SQUIRE motor inn 7th Avenue 51st Street The Glorious SUFllPfliToF NEW YORK East 51st at Lexington GUARANTEED orchestra seats to one of these top comedies or dramas: LUV ANY WEDNESDAY BAREFOOT IN THE PARK THE ODD COUPLE TINY ALICE THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES Tumi ii Tt i mn If AJC Movie Uufstit GO Our TO A MOVIlf Gtr more our op life Mr 2 BIG HITCHCOCK THRILLERS! TONY Dcviun" "VERTIGO'1 Parking during your entire stay Spacious, air conditioned guest rooms with FREE TV, radio, other innovations Full privileges at City Squire Motor Inn's year 'round swimming pool, health club, and Finnish sauna Orchestra seat to top musical comedy Orchestra seat to a leading comedy or drama. 'Sit WiSiA PICTURES presents ARtCHARO QUINEPictk'acn SWAMPSCOTT HASCOCK VILLAGE I Itsrsic SURF Hat. 1:30 7 5t Et. 7 Elizabeth TI CHDHTDH" Hcliar HANCOCK SIwumt Mat.

1 HO Eve. 8 m. tin- Ivlr I'M rnrnTDI" Aetof) EDiYiOND O'BRIEN-CHUCK CONNORSSTELIA STEVENS mm ULLUiniitn Birtoii Vtttri Burtm tyLLUrMIIVH HarriMn Tayler RESERVATIONS "STRINGE BE0FEU0WS Starti Sfrwme! Hat 1:1 Em. it 8:15 Pl SHnrli CHOICE WEEKENDS! 7 sensational weekends to choose from during 2965 -and introducing- WALTHAM RID COMMIT 2mm MATT A PAN ALEXD EMBASSY EHzabeta Tslw "CLEOPATRA" () 1:45 8:13 B. Me itfwi Bi-dffllowi" ORIENTAL Hat.


BROCHURE AVAILABLE A Sutherland Hit Show Taur-IT-SS-2 41 I Decoration Day: May 23-29-30 Fourth of July: July 2-3-4 Midsummer's Dream: Aug. 5-7-8 Labor Day: Sept 3-4-5 Fall Festival: Oct 29 30-31 Pre-Thanksgivirtg Feast: Nov. 19-20-21 Christmas Special: Dec. 24-25-26 NEW ENGLAND PREftllERE TOMORROV Taylor-Richard Burton 't -at. ri ta.t IKK rHIHK" NEWTON E.

8.00 Soal-ia larw "Vesterday-Today A Tomorrow" Award Winner But, Foreign Film 2A5-8 35 flu Stirt Ffatirtti ROSLINDALE R1ALTO Ejrlt Sk Lait 8 JO "GOLDFINGER" "FBUL0US BiiaiBl" Uiar) ti. Culifark. ri'tut Coxa Vent" PATRONIZE YOUR ATC THEATERS 1.

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