The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 5, 1961 · 79
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 79

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, November 5, 1961
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m y SAW RUTH HIT 1st, 714th HRs ewis Davis Powers 9 Pilots Outlasts L - ' - " ; By HAROLD KAESE The diamond stickpin, the Tattersall weskit, the fountain pen with the stub point and green ink, the chicken a la king ("all white meat, please"). These all helped identify Duffy Lewis, who at 73 recently retired from his job as traveling secretary of the Milwaukee Braves. It was a job he had taken with some misgivings in the Spring of 1936, after Bob Quinn had been given control of the bankrupt Braves; and it was a job in which he outlasted nine Braves managers. Raise your boy to be traveling secretary . if he likes to fly. ( - - 4w Li DUFFY LEWIS ""Lewis saw Bill McKechnie move to the Cincinnati Reds in 1937, Casey Stengel fired in 1943 by the Three Little Steam Shovels (they couldn't understand him!), Bob Coleman resign during the 1945 horrors, and Del Bissonette let out at the end of that season. In 1951 the pace became too fast for Billy South-worth, and in 1952 Tommy Holmes was dismissed. Charlie Grimm got the gate during the 1956 campaign, but Fred Haney made it through 1959. When Charlie Dressen departed in September, Birdie Tebbetts became the 10th manager on Lewis' rooming list in 26 years. As a road secretary for better than a quarter-century, Lewis toured the country by plane, train, bus and auto an estimated 1,800,000 miles. This was perhaps the easiest part of his job until recent years, when the flying routine of too many 4"a.m. arrivals started to get him down. Year after year he had to make all the arrangements for 35-man squads plus plenty of extras to travel the same distances he did. "When do we leave? What airport? Our time, or Eastern time?" " 'Will You Get Me a Flight?' "The manager says it's, OiC.if I go home tomorrow. Will you get me a flight" "My room is hot, Duff. Can you get' em to change it?" "You got my meal money, Duffy?" "My family's coming to Pittsburgh. Can you get me a couple of adjoining double rooms?" A traveling secretary is a professional arranger for a lot of self-centered people made important by the flattery of public acclaim, temperamental, demanding, unreasonable, and too often ungrateful. . . But, like most big league secretaries, Duffy Lewis in addition to his formal duties was also one who liked to do favors for people to whom he was not in the least obligated. 'Insisted on First Gass r He never seemed happier than when he was the host A little finicky, perhaps, but he always insisted on the Braves going first class. Anything less annoyed him. He had a pretty quick temper and a delicate stomach. Nothing bothered his stomach more than second-rate ball players. J For Duffy had been a top-grade player, just as he was a top-grade secretary and a top-grade guy. He will be remembered, of course, as the left fielder in the immortal Red Sox outfield of Hooper, Speaker and Lewis ... as the man whose hit won the 1-0 duel between Smokey Joe Wood and Walter Johnson ... as the pinch-hitter for Babe Ruth who singled in the winning run ... as a .444 hitter in the 1915 World Series ... as the man after whom Duffy's Cliff in old Fenway Park was named. Manager and Coach He was a star player who made a small fortune, lost in the depression, started back by managing Joe Conway's Portland club in the New England League in 1927, and became one of McKechnie's two coaches (Hank Gowdy was the other) in 1931, when Judge Fuchs had the Braves. Duffy saw the first of Babe Ruth's 714 home runs as a Sox teammate in 1915, and the last as Braves coach in 1935, at Pittsburgh. He saw the ball become livelier and the game deader. He saw playing standards deflated through expansion. He saw baseball rescued by Ruth, by night baseball, by Negro players and by television. Born in San Francisco, a star in Boston, Lewis' career closed in the Midwest, at Milwaukee. Now, there is a fellow who did get around and did things most of them, for others. ir i . ... a.. l r "way sports i awKey 10 uena onraD, Red Sox Action Expected By HY HURWITZ , You may expect all sorts of stories involving the Red Sox from the major league meetings in Miami at the end of the month. Tom Yawkey is expected to . , . ... .. head the Boston delegation for year as sPec,ai as sistant is to De consulted in player trades. Williams lives within 100 miles of Miami, site of the meeting. It is natural to feel that he will sit in on the swap sessions. the first time in three years. s When Yawkey attends these 5 sessions, the Sox swine into high gear and major trade developments may be anticl . pated. Yawkey will have as his 'brain trust" Vice-President Dick O'Connell, Mgr. Mike ; Higgins and Farm Director Neil Mahoney. Ted Williams, for the first time, also will attend. . One of Ted's duties this Yawkey last took active pait in the 1958 Washington meetings. Just about every impor tant story which developed involved him and the Red Sox. During the '58 gatherings, Will Harridge announced his resignation as American Lea- rn WW U WOOD TOP STEEL TOP USED TOP REFINISHED TOP FORMICA IN WALNUT CHIP-BURN-STAIN-MARK-DOT-SCRATCH RESISTANT W'M&P ' O ;i Full y' '. 60" V , model AT A FABULOUS LOW comparable value) $189.00 Brass Hardware Li 11 Forget about coffee stains on your desk top. No more cigarette burns. For less money than a new wood top desk. Aslo available Matching Secretarial Desk with Formica Top and Danish Modern Swivel and Arm Chairs at Fantastic Prices Come In WriteWire Phone Open Saturday until noon - hsY i i S--J. I I T -LJ -"" TB(iWSMV'-,,,i,S J jferK.,,, (Globe Photo bv Con.ifllt LONG-RANGE GUNNING is displayed by Celtics Tom Heinsohn, who scores on a 15-foot shot high over Dave Gambee (20). Cousy Stars as C's Romp CELTICS (Continued from Page 77) Six Celtics hit double figures, led by Cousy's 23. Russell, who took 24 off the boards (playing but 37 minutes) ran second with Tom Heinsohn, each ratri 19, while Sam Jones culled 15. Satch Sanders and Ramsey had 14 points each. Jjosceitoft, suffering from a at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Jim cold, played but 13 minutes. BOSTON MP PF Git Fouls A PU Heinsohn . 28 3 20-7 7-5 2 acuse, zo-y SHAQUSE, Nov. 4 (UPI) Big Ernie Davis smash plf two more school records and the hopes of upset-mijided Pittsburgh today in leading Syracuse 'Tr a, 28 to 9 victory on rain-slicked Arch-bold I 'iejld. i uauung revenge lor lastV srcu Pitt year's loss 0 Pittsburgh which FuTh snappeav 16-eame 14-28 0- t Pttt. Tel4.!rv- 9 rim ..ilk Pitt. Cox. 41 FG. Svr. Davis. run (Erickmn kick. Sl'ri-Mactt5;-, 11 PM Irom Sarctt 'Erirkson kick). Syr Davis. 3 pau from Sarctt Enckson kick). Syr. Sarette. 13 run (Erickwwi kick). College Scores EAST !r 14 I'haca CoU. 7 Grove City 8 Allegheny 28 n.i.y.. ;m nrT uown 16 13 Eushini Yardace 258 148 wnnint?lriu( -7? .81 streak, EJyratruse sDottprf thA intercepted '"' t Panther inin,. k.w S'H'J,- . -? SJ anal u a u. LHjmift r umoirs ioss s and then; came pounding back cf4naiued - o 730 t in decislvefas hion for its fifth i P"stM i o s o The 21.7-pou nd Davis, an un-stoppable gia ht this dark wet afternoo.j, sc ored Syracuse's first andjthir J touchdowns to raise hiscare er scoring to 194 points sevtn t more than the fabulous Vtmrny Brown who tore up tfl e same turf five years ag (tefore going on to become! pro football's leading rusher. I Davis aW0 t illed ud 119 vards cSM 12 on U camttrrtn mow 52 varHs! ".,a 35 ..... ....... CorncU 7 ahead of Brio's former rush-; ing record .2091. jDfcSSSS, i ::; ififi? , It was U)a fis' dav bpforp J-li?.1;0 35, Brockport 6 .aa j. . ,. . Ud oeiore Gettjrsbuw 7 Hofstra 8 iu.uuu arencne d fans but there were otoett Syracuse herops. An alert OJange line pounced on three BitJ ; fumbles to set up Syracuse Hi mchdowns, while quarterback i Dave Sarette threw two touchdown passes ana ran Hrwt5yracuse s final score with 14 ss than a minute to play. j Amnersi 40 Tufts 8 Army 34 .... Detroit ? Boston College 14 ... low" St 18 Boston. U. 21 Massachusetts 7 gowaoin 31 Bate. JO Rridsewater 20 . ... .. . ..'.V N.chols O Buffalo 8 Trinity 12 Loscutofl ..13 3 4-0 0-0 1 Ramsey 17 3 9-4 7-8 1 Sanders ...35 2 13-4 10-6 1 Russell ... 37 3 - 13-6 12-7 5 Guanlia ..14 3 9-3 3-3 0 Cousy 23 3 16-10 6-3 3 KC Jones .13 3 5-1 2-1 1 rank;Braun 16 0 8-2 3-2 3 a juiirs ...,o u io-o j-j it Phillips ... O 0 0-0 0-0 0 Butler 14 5 6-2 2-1 0 The Celtics showed their weariness at the foul line where they muffed, 18 in 55, but belied this inconsistency with their continued fast-breaking led by Cousy and K. C. Jones. Gary Phillips, Celtics rookie, 3 Leafs Hose Out Hawks; Goal by Keoriinds Tie Hampton Inst. 31 ....... Juaniat O Harvarn 37 Pnn A ? 2a -..v.; Dr"on i ihS?KPSint 43 Muhlenberg 42 fhl Colgate 15 Maine 14 Colbv O Middlebury 13 '.Norwich 12 Moravian 20 UMaS 14 ft Lawrence 23 . . . V . Hobart IvrTuTe 21-- WeMminH Urs?nCu,,e 228 5fi2!l 14 19 9 23 3 6 IS 0 S Neumann .18 Osborne ... 3 Roberts ...16 injured his left ankle in itiW".::il Total! Biancht , Costello . gambee . reer . . . Halbrook Kerr 240 28 117-45 55-37 22 127 SYRACUSE MP PF Gls Fouls A PU 8-2 1-0 13-8 4-4 13-3 2-4 18-8 10-3 22-10 7- 5 0-0 8- 2 18-1 16-5 ..18 ..30 .20 ..30 .21 .27 1- 1 H 5-3 0-0 4-2 2- 2 3- 3 uicicc, jusi as sic cilicicu wc Total, 240 36 l333 3021 lg 107 game. A-rays win be taxen boston 29 32 38 28 127 Syracuse gue President. Joe Cronin, then Hose General Manager was selected to succeed JHar-ridge. Yawkey personally engineered a deal with the Cleveland Indians. It was clinched in the lobby of the Statler-Hil- ton with Frank Lane, then G. M. of the Indians. In it, Jimmy Piersall went to Cleveland in exchange for Vic Wertz and Gary Geiger. A proposal was drawn up by the Players Association requesting that 25 of all baseball revenues be set aside for player salaries. When Yawkey i heard of this, he almost blew his stack. For the first time publicly, he intimated he might "withdraw" from baseball and labelled the demands prepos terous. I To prove his point, Yawkey icited figures that revealed 29 !of Pved Sox revenues were go ing to the players. He already was paying in excess of the player demands but he real-! ized . any set figure as demanded by the Players Association was ridiculous and impossible. The demands were dropped. So you see, where Yawkey goes, action follows. We recall one previous occasion in the late "40s, when Tom attended the major league pow-wows in St. Petersburg, Fla. At that affair, the owners requested the resignation of A. B. 'Happy' Chandler as Commissioner. There also was a Sox deal. By strange coincidence, Yawkey and Lane again were the central figures. At the time, Lane was General Manager of the White Sox. The Red Sox-traded outfielder Al Zarilla for right handed pitcher Ray Scarborough and southpaw Bill Wright. The White Sox were accused of trading ths pennant to the Red Sox. The Boston Sox needed pitching and Lane provided them with the men who figured to make the Fenway staff unbeatable. The pennant was won in the subsequent season by you know who, the Yankees. FENCING Brandeis Shapiro Gym, 2 p.m., N.E. A.F.L.A. Sabre Open competition. FOOTBALL TV (Ch. 5). 1 p.m., Philadelphia vs. Washington (tape of last Sunday's game); Ch. 5, 2 p.m.. New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins; Ch. 7, Radio (WHDH), 2 p.m., Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steel- ers; Ch. 10, 2 p.m., Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Colts; Ch. 7, 4:30 p.m., N.Y. Titans vs. San Diego Charg ers; Park League, 2 p.m Chippewas vs. Brighton Knights, So. Boston Sta.; St. Lazarus vs. Jefferson, E.B Sta.; Ryan vs. Crowley, Town Fid.: Panthers vs. Charlestown, Fens Sta, HOCKEY Boston Garden, 7:30 p.m., Bruins vs. Chicago (WHDH, 7:25 p.m.). SAILING M.I.T., 9:30 a.m., N.E.I.S.A. Fall Intersectional Invitation Regatta, Schell Trophy. SOCCER S S. Italia vs. Boston Italia, Thorndike Fid., E. Cambridge; Watertown vs. Revere, West End Fid., Watertown; Boston Germania vs. Newton A, Franklin Fid., Dorchester; Savio A vs. Bos ton Celtics, Charles River Basin, Boston. Gendron's Goal Enables Rangers To Tie Montreal MONTREAL. Nov. 4 (AP) Guy Gendron, a New York draft choice from Montreal last Summer, scored at 19:23 of the third period tonight and brought the Rangers a 3-3 tie with the Montreal Canadiens, Gendrons' goal came after Montreal had staged a brilliant comeback with three goals within 10 minutes of the third period to erase a 2-0 New York lead. NEW YORK Goal, Worsleys defense, Harvey. Langlois; center, Ha-telle; Wings, Gendron, Schinkel. Al ternates. Cahan, Hanmgan, Bownass, Bathgate, Ingarfield, Hadfield. Spencer. Prentice. Henry, Jampson. MONTREAL Goal. Plante: defense. Johnson, Fontinato; center, Back- sirom; wings, ueorfrion, Marshall. Alternates, J. C. Tremblay. Hicke, Provost, Rousseau. Richard, Talbot. Bonin, Goyette, G. Tremblay, Mac-Neil. Referee Vera Buffey. Linesmen Bill Morrison, Bob Frampton. First Period No scoring: penalties Bonin (4:50). Spencer (4:50). Fontinato (4:50). Saves Worsley 8, Plante 12. Second Period 1. Npw Vnrlr. Henry (Harvey, Langois) 15:08: 2. New York, Ratelle (Gendron, Schinkel) 18:08: Penalties Worsley (served by Ratelle, 1:31), Richard (2:17), Fontinato (8:37), Bathgate (9:35). Saves Worsley 8, Plante 8. Third Period 3. Montreal, Provost (Bonin) 8:15: 4. Montreal, Geoffrion. (Richard) 16:44: 5. Montreal Richard (Provost. Frontinato) 18:34: 6. New York. Gendron. (Ratelle. Schinkel) 19:23: Penalties Bownass (4 mins and Bonin 2 mins (13:41), . Saves Wors-i ley 4. Plante 7. Score by periods: 24 25 23 35 107 Boston (104. Lead". Syracuse (83). Leaders, Kerr 17, Schayes 13. Officials; Norm Orucker and Earl Strom. Rebounds: Russell 24, Sanders 18. NHL Standings 1 w Montreal 7 New York 6 Toronto 6 Detroit 3 Chicago 1 BOSTON 2 T Pts GF GA 2 16 49 32 3 15 42 39 1 13 30 16 3 9 32 37 5 7 . 22 32 2 6 32 51 New York Montreal 1 3 3 3 LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS Montreal 3, New York 3. Toronto 2, Chicago 1. (Only games scheduled.) 1UKUN1U , Nov. 4 (AP) ine loromo, Mjaple Leafs, de spite some jco m bptpnt enaltPnH. ing by Chicafgo;fc Glen Hall, defeated thef lack Hawks 2-1 to- nignt beiotM-1,709 fans. Bob Nev&q gave Toronto a 1-0 lead at! 1 :4fl of the second that stood jinrtil 11:41 when Chicago's Kii Wharram tied it up. uave K.eqn scored the win ner at 13:02 of ! the third period. The BlacrjJ-lawks' Eris Nes-terenko'wei ifbff at 1:18 of the second tei,.iod for triDDine Frank Mahj jvlich and Toronto started! mal :ng things hot for Hall. But i. he weathered the penalty. . rvtCAfJffi r Sn.t. Ttall: defense Turner. VasIt W center. Horvath; wings, Flehvms l Balfour. Alternates Vasko, EvensJf-Hillman, Hay, MelnyK, McDonald. NA.-4erenko. Hull, Whar ram, St. Laura ht, Nikita. TORONTO I oal. Blower: defense,1 frewer, Arbou) r(; center, Kelly; wings, ufl, Armstrqofe. Alternates Horton, aun, Brown.l iSevin, Stewart, Keon, Harris, Olmsjte d, Pulford, Shack, Macmillan. Mh vlirh. Referee. , To' Powers. Linesmen Neii Armstrong . flim Wicks. First Beriodl No scorina- -np'ties Syracuse and Maryland first met in football in 1920. Maryland won 10-7. o Willow., n wrommi Wor Pl" an Union 0 aSSSS! M"iiPDi State o Cae Tech 18 Wake Forest 7 Citadel 14 18 v; ST-ft"1"' J2 &S2"31 Wm.-andTMa?y aS r nrmnn i mau Concnrrf rii V.' ""crnpnis State 6 GeorS d-&'i- li Hampden-Sydney . 7 Smin, i - rionaa o Kentucky 20 r Xf- gtate MTJ ? Florida State n J. C. Maryland 21 ary,d4SuU-25;;Deli,teJ7 No 0l Tehees? RandolphrMacon 13 Brown 51 Tenn. Tech uFrank- " M"h?n rO Wash, and Lee 53 " " ZMte" West Va 12 m .Centre . 0 Virginia3 - TnZ"&?& .1 AA... , SOUTHWEST " Bavlnr in lexM A. ft M. t Texas 27 TexasJech. 7 Albion 21 9?D J Deoauw'28 i-i-l'3''."? J Kansas 28 "Bti Miami (OhioV VoV.V. NefclS ,5 Michigan 28 TX$. i a 13 Michigan ite Un N-i,.i..-' ' Notre Dame 10 XE,i""5"lIrn Inrli.n. i ""Mate 29 Iowa Oklahoma 17 irlL.l Olivet 8 " 17 -.Kansag Sti Princ oia 'mi 0hi0 Northern Purdue 23 : : : ; ; .' ; ; "D" "mffi ' S Western Mich. 14 Kent "strte '6 Western R.era ifl wr..7. 2i?ii X Eyans7(2:04) ; Hillman (4:24), Pul- w'hlt? 25-.i,- .Okla. State 13 wJl-i v , -..penwon . n ford (4:24 i Second Period I. Toronto. I .et.s.- - . ..- 1 Iegngltie Nej- j- o (1:18), BaUoui-(5:57). Baun 1.4 :12). Saves Bower; 1, Hall 5. inira r'enoti Scoring; 3. Toronto, V. Keon (Bw! t- .Duff) 13.02. Penal- tiesNesterenM of 15:01, Horton 12:01. Saves Hall jo, Bower 11. ToUl Saves Hall 28, 4 Bower 24. Nevin booster 22 . . . .. .Ohio Wei eyan Xavier (Ohio) 18. . Louisville ., FAB WEST Air Force 14 ..Col. State Colorado 7 .Missouri Oregon 19 . .Stanford Oregon state 14 Wash. State U, Calif. 13 Calif. Aggies 8 U.CX.A. 35 California 15 U.S.C. 0 Washington . 0 Utah State 31 .... . .Brigham Young i I TVY,1 J IIJILJ Lr Conlin's 3-Point v Play at End Wins For Phil, 135-132 PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 4 (UPI) A three-point, drive-in play by Ed Conlin as time ran out gave the Philadelphia Warriors an uphill 135-132 victory over Detroit tonight. PHILADELPHIA DETROIT U r Ti G T T Arliln B13J5!Scott 5 212 Chamb'aln 24 10 88 Dukes 1 214 Shu 0 0 ferry 28 Ue 3 1H Jones oiMcMiimn Meschery Attles Conlin McNeill Radovich Ruklick ,. 3 0 4 Moieland bucgenoui i u a . . I ToUli intl ni 33 1391 core dv ctrioas 811 23 ( 10 20 11 4 28 1 1 s 1 J J 4 47 31 132 Totals Cjilchrisfs BOSTON STORE OPEN MONDAY TIL 9 P.M. Gilchrist's takes the mystery out of storm window buying. r.M ANY HOUR vAUL DAY OR NIGHT LI 2-8155 SUBURBANITES . . . 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