The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on July 5, 1959 · 45
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 45

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, July 5, 1959
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THZ BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE JULY S. 1858 Fnrtr-rTrt FLYING ET-ON THE GROUND B.O.A.C's Amazing Device, The Comet 4 Simulator Tucked away in a quiet corner of London Airport is one of the most up-to-the-minute "aeroplanes" in tht world and yet it never leaves the ground. AH the same, its daily "flights" are a vital part of the task of training the men who fly modern jetliners. The "aeroplane" is B.O.A.C.'i lw Comet 4 limulator an .mazing electronic training Jevict which enables the crew to retire on the ground all the hundreds of killed tasks which they have to perform on every flight in t real Comet 4. The simulator looks exactly like the nose of a Comet 4, while inside it is a perfect reproduction of the flight tjpck of the airliner, complete with all its scores of instruments and controls. Seated at the controls of the simulator, the Comet pilot can "fly" it with uncanny realism. In his ears is the quiet note of the four jet engines. As he moves the control column, the nose of the device will rise or fall, and the altimeter will record the change of height As he alters the throttles, the air speed shown on the Indicator in front of him will show the change of speed, the sound of the engines will vary, and the Reader Joins Air France Henri J. Lesieur. general manager of the North Ameri- can and Caribbean Division of Air France, has announced the appointment of Norman Reader as Public Relations NORMAN READER - Manager of the Division. He succeeds Victor T. Raeburn who resigned on April 1. Reader, who from 1946 to 1958 was Public Information Director of the French Government Tourist Office in North America and who during World War II was Public Relations Officer of the U.S. First Air Force, has been twice decorated by the Republic of France for his contributions to French-American goodwill and understanding. CONNECTICUT THE PRICE IS RIGHT. THE CAVI8T FMIY. FESORT PARAOI8I Moodut B, Conn. HffKTlirf Ba Can mtt Patral a i i i Tmmh fmraa Htr1 Aitliltlii Fia y i Kill MEW. N00EHR FLAYH0U5E Nil Onix. Ftpoti MC Swill OlmlK IrMtny mi TV Stin Latin Aairliii Diwi U4 FREE CM CKA n Djmi LoiMt Fill Paiuinf tw Ciihm t Nn O'imrrt fartlft Sffinifil', Study ItttM lit! iMtinf Fliilai titlwf $!" tH ' Frlnti IlKCUffM. Mtntii 9, Can. Til. T Hindi J SCKJ lt' 15 CmUt KnliaslII HAPPY ACRES ON LAKE BESECK You'll love this magnificent half-mililon dollar Paradise for adults, heavenly for children. Bathing, boating, fishing, all sports, nearby golf, filtered pooL Modern housekeeping studios on tcenlc 60 acres. Drive over Wilbur Cross Parkway, Exit 61. See- this ideal vacation srot. Write for brochure. State need Happy Aeres, Koule 11. Middlefleld 4. Conn. -UNt0UERESOM Tor REST-RECREATIOM-ROMANCE Telephone Moodus (TRianrle H-S641) er write for color folder MOODUS 13, CONNECTICUT tnioy vourself er the all ntw GRISW0LD Hots snd Country Club an tha Hreete-kfsi'ed Sound. Eastern! Point, Groton 2. Conn., Hilltop 5-9701.1 VERMONT A fAIILEE, 1 1 71 VERMONT 1S Pi. SND CLUB Vermont's 1 Vacation Address Comal Enioy lift en cur vait aitatt. rVivata IS-hola golf eoursa. All iporti. Churehai naarby. Writ. Box 3 for olor folder or call Frank E. Ward, Mgr., FEderal 3-4309, 3-4311. THE ? pft 1 1 f. nAifpKOTil r-viiiUaiUfge LAKE BOMOSEEN 4. VT. A Quintan Retort Directly on !; Sn"r Oolf, gwimminr. Tennis, Dancing Corktail Lounco Wklv. rates S54 to 175 each Inc. excel, meals. Churches nearby. Folder. Our 40th year. E. T. Quintan, Cen. Mrr. aasi GREEN MOUNTAIN INN Mil and Wstsl eeomimwlatlona. ar tsiaigisn' tMtk it Ht, Misiitld. awsnpisdsd IV DiSOt Hint. Si't. AAA. F.ldw. AKF V. M"T TOWE, VERMONT ' V f , '!? i . J it ' ; hi V ft engine instruments will record the change in "power." And when at last he "lands," he will hear the rumbling of wheels and the squealing of brakes. So realistic Is the device that pilots admit that, after a time, it is hard to realize they are not in fact eight miles above the earth, but a few feet from the ground inside a brick building. The secret of the simulator's astonishing realism lies in a highly complex "electronic brain, which instantly works out the effect of every action the pilot takes, and makes the controls and instruments react exactly as they would in flight. Behind the flight deck, a controller, seated at a complicated control panel, can "feed" in the sort of problems the Comet 4 pilot must be prepared to meet, while an Instructor checks the pupil's reactions. There, in perfect safety, the Comet pilot can be faced with "emergencies" far Greyhound Steps Up Service and Tl-J,. TV tAanw At Inauguration of several new express trips between New York City and Boston accompanied many other improvements in the Eastern Greyhound Lines service effective with the company's general schedule change last week, A. T. Ruell, district sales representative, has announced. On the shore route, service has been added, making a total cf 10 round-trip express schedules between New York and Providence, two of which continue on to Boston, and the balance being through buses to Cape Cod points, such as New Bedford, Newport, Woods Hole and Hyan-nis. On the inland route, in addition to the usual express service which has been added, four round-trip nonstop expresses are being inaugurated and routed over the Connecticut and Massachusetts Turnpike with overall running times as low at four hours and 35 minutes. The present week-end service to Quebec City has been revised so as to operate on a daily basis, and on week-ends, through bus service will be operated between Quebec City and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Ruell stated that in addition to the improved express service, local service in the New NEW YORK STATE in in Heart of the Catskiiis America's 1 Belaalesminer Resort SUNSET SPRINGS K0TEL' HAINES TALL. N.Y. Tel. 882 or ?1 John D. SUmes. Owner-Mgr. SPORTS: Handball, Tabls Tennii, Basketball. Volley Ball, Hikinv-Ktw spacirnM Swimming Pooi ELEVATOR SERVICE BAR: Equipped to suit th most ENTERTAINMENT and DANCING every evening in the Casino with name band. Featuring the Star of Stars Nick Gounarn with George Padres U the piano. RATES from t55 per week ana aany from $11 incl. meals. ONLY hours From Boston via .renie Mass. Iornplke Brochure en Beaurit VILLAGE. Honeymoon r Vacation nn for 'all. Log rsbins, fireplaces. vt. baths. Spe-rial Spring rates lnel. home cooked meals, water skiing, eta. "AAA AP- proued. Write fe enlor Itroehnre toi fllONTIfg VIllAtE. Lsks tiVH S, . T. America's Finest Ranch Kesort (,U Mia. iewrt. All FiuUties for Vsrstion or Honeyiiinon. Hrsted Swimming Pool, Uke, Bnrh, S'lpwb hnrws. Cocktail Lounse, Orth.. curly ntertain., niperb eiiulns. Open to Oft. 1 9. ffnsiWe rilen. Color Booklet. LAKE I.IZKBXE N.I. Tel.: 2131. EYE-JOY COTTAGES ALTON. NEW HAMPSHIRE The view superb overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Full housekeeping cotuges with priv. hath, ahower. htd.. refrigerator, screened porches, lawn games, shuffleboard. Beach house, clock. lS-ft. motor boat. rrom sb.w per weeg Irhtua Altos Bay 4 Wsllisors ss Its. SS fhono Wolfeboro Mt W t tiDAY LODCE0 HONEYMOON OH VACATION Lake Urorro . N. Y. Motel. Cabins, Deluxe Hskping. Units Sc Rooms. Pvt. baths, fireplaces. Cocktail Lounge, 300 ft. sandv beach. Reas. rates incl. meals, all toorts. Fine Cuisine. Trana. to train, churches. Frea Booklet. notiivniDG LiU DUDE RANCH LAfc-E U'ZERNE , N.Y. Our lHth Yr. Wonderful horses, grand trails. Delicious food. Comfortable knotty pine bedrooms. Pvt. Lake Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Entertainment. Color Brochure. NEW YORK CITT IN THE HEART OF TIMES SQUARE DOUBLE ROOM $300 FREE PARKING FREE TV W. PRIVATE PATH ASHLEY HOTEL 1S7 W. 47 Ntw York H la. . " -. v x- I I JESSE' " r -, in in-- i , B.OA.C.'t COMET 4 SIMULATOR, a perfect replica of the note cf the actual aircraft. The mechanitm underneath allow the note to rite and fall like the real airliner. worse than he will ever have to meet in practice, which will test his skill and concentration to the limit The simulator not only gives pilots a chance to learn many of the skills of jet flying without the difficulties of doing so in a real aircraft; but it also makes the training both faster England areas has been stepped up to handle the peak Cummer vacation traffic. In addition to the many other schedule improvements Mr. Ruell announced that one of the existing New York to St. Petersburg round-trips has been extended to Boston, thus providing through bus service to both St. Petersburg and Miami for Boston patrons. Ruell also stated that a through Boston-Norfolk, Va., schedule has been inaugurated so that Boston and New England passengers may travel between these important cities without having to change buses and baggage en route. American Express Cruise Summary A summary of ail 1959 Summer cruises leaving from New York, New Orleans, Miami and California is available free of charge at any American Express office or travel bureau. Listed are cruises leaving from June through November for the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South America and around the world, with the departure dates, duration, itinerary and minimum rates. Major cruises for the Winter of 1960 are also listed. NEW TORK STATE ON CAST of Lake George Come to Hulett's liveliest, most popular resort on most, beautiful lake in America 32 miles long. Everything on the premises 250 acres... swimming... fishing . . . boating ... hiking . . . tennis ... golf. ..cocktail lounfte... movies. Fun. plenty of planned entertainment. Grand place to get acquainted. Dancing nightly in our beautiful casino, Lester Lanin orchestra. You will remember our fine food. Housekeeping cottages for families. Two sandy beaches ideal for children. 71st season. Churches adjoin property, fin eewet ras Net Vara Citj (6!A fnm BuffaU) h Ttrmwtf. Writ lor folder EG" 59.50f HULETT'S klv, Hulett's Landing, n. j. and up Pbone:CIemoni,N.Y.Z301 Jock Murray' . DOUBLE L antr THE GLEN, N. T. LT J s mi. north o Lake teorge Intl. rm.. I 0U Mill, sntsrtsiiMst, allssltodj riding. rt, lake. . as sitrss. Ail sports. Discs sand. Skit. I. WEEKLY Til. Wamsikiri 311L ninuiPAv -,3.USE In Li VACATION OR HONEYMOON Hotel and Cottaga Resort: Beach, speedboat, canoes, tennis, dancing, movies. Cocktail lounge. AAA ap proved. Frank Cullinsn, owner, Bol ton Koaa, LMi ueorgo 7, . i.y 'UfJfJYBRGOX i ACRES SVm' VACATION HONtYMOOM X HEATED COTTAGES AND lOOCl eVlmmlnt Pool Bostlns "! Be-, CocktaU loun Dsnclng J Bortes Escellent Food All 6 porta 1 Wster Ekllna Sennlblo Bst fraa Sooklat o Write at fkta t70 WHITE STALLION RANCH t. 23, Fsothlllt sf the IsrkshlrH Box 08-G. Hillsdale, titw York INFORMAL VACATION PACKAGE! vin. htr-cix TTYrelleot trails. Swim mintf nool. Golf. Fishing. Scenic Airplane rides. Dancing. Cocktail Bar, Sports! Write for brochure, er ahone Tslr- view 5-65S2. mm America's Foremost Banco Resort rvnl. horses, beach, pvt lake, heated pool, dancing, SDeedboating & aquaplaning. Tlnnkipt u inDiAini nn i. N.Y. l-honc: Chestertown 834 anyllmel RANCH - RESORT Tha East's Mad Western Eaneh ffl HIDING INSTRUCTION HEATfO SWIMMING POOL HEAL lOfi CABINS WITH FIREPLACE HEATED HACIENDAS WRITE or PHONE for BOOKtrr Laka Luzarnt 8, N.Y. Phona 9431 ROARING BROOK The Friendliett Dude Ranch Beasonshle. All Inclusive Rates. NKW HITlEin SWIMMINfl POOU All snorts. Nlghtlr F.nlertalnment. Free Ridinr. Best Food. Write Today for Free Booklet. LAKE GEORGE 59, H. YPhona 729 ADIRONDACK DUDE i RANCH SERVICE Luxurious variations at lnw enst. Deal dtract wltn Boston representa tive. Tot rates ana n w jiuariiiauvii, . vrf l f BrrA t SVtm orvlllo) or csU MO anjrtlm. 1' VHIZA and a great deal cheaper, while at the same time raising B.O.A.C's strict training standards higher than ever. The crews who man the Comet 4 are hand-picked specialists, who have undergone long and thorough training before they take control That NEW HAMPSHIRE cvJ r - ... . MAPLEHURST HOTEL Whit Wtl., Bethlehem, N.H. Center of ail activities. Modified American plan. Aiso room by day or weekly. Showers in all rooms. Food budget prices. Special rates for weekend. Write for booklet or caU Bethlehem, N.H.. 6-238. WOODMOXT LODGE ANTRIM 10, HEW HAMPSHIRE t Hours from Boston, off Rt. II This modern, secluded woodland retreat offers vacation pleasure and relaxation to you who love, the New England Field and Stream. The food is excellent; the atmosphere friendly and informal; the recreational oppor tunities diverse. 7 el irtid you our itlu nrorhurr , , , or Pitt USII IS! HIDDEN COVE RESORT A delightful vacation directly on the shore of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee for your entire family. Housekeeping cottages or lodges. American Plan. Dining rm.. activities and recreation, onen year 'round. For further details write The Perraults, R.F.D. S, Laconia. New Hampshire. Tel. ENdieott 6-7382. mmwm rlnti, imi stack ss Lsks Wlnslsetukr. Under ntw siansocnrnt, Edward 1. t Jntut V. Sslllna. Far MormitiM writs ts 03k link Ins, Alius gay, N. K., er call T8iinU 5-3600. The SCANDINAVIAN CONTOOCOOK, Jf. H. A Friendly CAf) Her Far'" t"t Ma Ti, B,"ei"' Uka Sathinf W. Ttnnlt Sttlaauni 3 Excellent TV feel ""I" only oaflmiiiua SPECIAL WEEKEND DATES $12 EDUCED 1ATES FOR CHILCREI Leslie and Mary Gulley Folder Tel. Contoocook 182-2 imrs & mw i On Newfound Lake, Bristol, N. H. Heated Hskpg.. Fireplaces, Private Baths, Screened Forcnes, nooras in Lodge, Kequest Folder. Bristol 4-2611. Hi-Ridge Motor Court Box 75, Weirs Beach, N. H. Cabins and Housekeeping Cottages for 2 to 8 persons, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Modern, heated, fully equipped. $42 to $85 weeklv. Folder. Arthur Roberta Smith. Tel. ENdieott 6-4626. OBER'S KNOTTY TINE CABINS . . . . esar a i I 1 VT XT , . Kiv-.Ii.. L- .hk- A .ir, ia fhurrhpi. Ktorps. Price reas For reservations write G. A. OBER & SONS, Ashland, N. H. WOodland 8-3222. LAKESIDE HOTEL and WEIRS BEACH Largest MOTEL aaaBaLiBa.lBaost.aaai M ataBVaaaiaBBi LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE Writ far rsaemtlaas sr k.okl.t A. J. riVTMl, uwnvr-mgi, Wiln lach 2. N. H. tr Tit. ENdieott 1-4662 CAIJTA'C ll I APC 1UII B S ft! SI 1LLHUL. . . . m . m mm mm m - " .... i i santa ana jus neipera mi Iheir own homo town! Onen dailv I and Sunday. On Route 2. Jefferson, N. H. Weio Enolnnd's Bio Vncntion Dollar' FORTY ACRES INN PIKE, NEW HAMPSHIRE Write for Free Color Booklet Bf) HAMPTON BEACH NEW NAMfSHIRE YOUR VACATION CENTER run uminnrno nr nitf tsib run nutiuncud ur va i mira For frt rnlor fnldrr and cnmpinr iiiirinmi"n. winrr CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Ii OCEAN BLVD. HAMPTON BEACH. N.H. Never Rest Guest House It F St., corner Ashworth Ave. Hamilton Beach, N. It. Firt htrrrt South of fnino Now Open to Sept. i Hot Water and Shower. Fates Reasonable. Fhone WAverly 6-3654 or write for reservations. Mrs. Allea F. Rsr OCEAN HOUSE HAMPTON 0"N5:C"H BEACH, N.H. rnoNT 1 ut I oeM I me aw Am Mmsjr t jmmm PW -J 4 I IriiiLi T V i A: I 1 V means not only classroom instruction, but long periods on the Comet 4 simulator. There are many hours of practical training in the air too, of course, followed by a flight over the actual route they will be flying to add a final polish to their skill. NEW HAMPSHIRE FUN per day, . . oinig lETHLEHEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE, HIGH IH THE WHITE UTS. FREE GOLF ALL SEASON 18-HoIe Course Fill your days with fuit, family-ttyii ir in your iwa it til Sinclair, lust look it thin facilities; Swimmine pool Tennii and ill $port Kigfitly dancing tntertainment in tht Startita Room Cocktail Lounga Broadway, Hollywood, TV stars Supirvisad Day Camp, Nitfit Patrol for childret Pollen-frea mountain a'r Superb CuTsint Elevator lervict Dietary Laws WRITE FOR COLOR FOLD EH Cavifl spiwacK, Myron nerrman, SPECIAL FAMILY RATES ,1 from $10 dailv. iter nerson V Incl. fabulous meals WEIRS HOTEL & CABINS! LAKE WINNIPESAUKEF, WEIBS 1SC.AVI1, r. n.( ai new wimmmv. beach. 40 weu-appointea rooms.' (25 with shower bath; 15 air conditioned. ) Coetkail lounge, dining room. undeck. Gorgeous view "U sports, "if oiyn-er CJielee." Finest foods service personnel. Doubl rooms from $2.50 or 6 50 with meals, per. Some housekeeping cabins. Writs for pamphlet A mena er tel. ENdieott 6-441!. Kalph 1. Fsadrier, Mfr.-Owner. IWNi IN THE WH1TI SITS. A homelike! country inn away from traffic, yet cio?e nough to walk to town. We cater to friendly fun-loving crowa. Mountain scenery surrounds us. Enjoy scenic trms in our elation wagon Dancing, ihuffleboard, lawn games on premises. Golf, swimming, riding, fishing, mountain trails, movies nearby. $45 to S59 per person a week with three good meals a dav. Lower children rates. Tel: FLeetwood 6-5346. Junsj 19 Thru October IS NORTH CONWAY B, N. H. I LANES END LODGES On Lake Winnipesaukee) Fully equipped, modern lodges, recreation hall, square dancing, cookouts, automatic washers, dock space, marina, large sandy beach. A family resort. Weekly rentals 95 per wk. Write for brochure or call Melvin Villpee 13. WURDO A PATRICIA MacLEOD Melvin Village, New Hampshire I I s LITTLE CAPE CODDERS MOTEL and COTTAGES Weirs Beach, New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesauke Complete Housekeeping Cottager for two to six persons. Private Reach Send 1or Color folder O Telephone ENdieott -5562 IDEAL FOR REST PER WEEK WITH BATH 2 MEALS DAILY BARTLETT HOTEL BARTLETT, N.H. At Mt. Washington Tel. Frontier DBL. occ. 4-2319 SINGING COVE Box 131, Wein Beach. N.H. Heated hskosr. cottages i-8 cersonsl Pvt. beach on Lake Winneoesaukee. "! Fishing Boating Outdoor games. Ideal for families. Reservations avaiL Write for Folder G EVELYN'S MANOR Weirs Bficb. New Hamvshfr JIl Lrmn Ul rua 11CA k, LV ucnin. Clean rooms and fina food. Cabins d,icStiV6a.t4624hOWer- t"' tl . A-V iutcdUAI r ki u , ,11 . . . Complete and intormnl Inn. Excellent rood Private golf, swimming pool tenn,' Always open. Cocktail Jounge. Write for folder: Thos. H. Martin or Tel. tLretwood 6-5541 fJtW lSolatl fwlmmififf aHt eal mmtm.- teinmtnt It frilly, tuMrb Food snd Lodrlng In tha New Enrland Tradition LAMIE'S TAVERN and MOTOR INN Route 1. Hsmpton.?f. H. OAK CORNER HOUSE and Cablna, Cantor Harbor. N. H. On Lake Winnipesaukee, sandy beach, hoatinff. fishing, dancing, snlf. all ac tivities nearby, $43 up weekly includes good meals. Children under JO, S-'n 10 to 12. $.15. Folder. TeKCL 3-4:153 THE E0URQUE HOUSE PENACOOK. N. H. Reservations ovallsblo now. I.orsled " ml. from renter, churches, movies, bus line. Good rooms, rood food. Weekends Kfi.WI nrr. day. . f.lK.lMI weekly. Af. 1 Bourque. Tel. FLota t- BOW LAKE INN TRAFFOBP, N. H. A quiet, rural vacation spot svith swimming, boating, fishing on 3-rril. beau (if ul Jaka. German-American cooking. 43 par wic. Booklet. T. FMerl 4 4; MEDIEVAL FAIRYLAND Shunpike to Real Castle Built on a Mountain Top By JEAN O'BRIEN ERICKSON Travel Manager, Mass. Div. AAA. New Hampshire's newest attraction is a "medieval fairyland" on top of a moun j ; The panorama from the mountain top is spectacular S3 miles of well-kept roads offer views cf tht Belknap Range, Shaw Mountain, a waterfall, a trout-filled stream and the sparkling waters cf Lake Winnipesaukee. Visitors can tour and inspect the castle complete with medieval and Renaissance furnishings. Youngsters can enjoy free canoe rides, burro rides and the Volkswagen Microbus ride to the castle. more luxury per dolor ummeMMnajerneni A,' Friendly Resort Overlooking Lake n mnipesauket Inn, etrl dlntnr ream, stirt eottares. Fins New England fosd. Informal atmosphere. Planned enter tainment Includes moonlnht sails and utdoor barbecues. Weekly rates: ap, s meals; t bp, meals. JLowtr rmtea for children. Writ for rolor folder, r Phona t3S. Norm Millie mil. WOLFEBORO I, New Hampthir LAKEWOOD MANOR LODGE & CABINS On Lake Sunapee Enjoy "Your Happiest Vacation" at this beautiful mountain lake, 1100 feet above sea level. Warm days and cool nights. Private sandy beach. Good food. Spacious grounds. Friendly at- imosphere. Planned entertainment. ! .Moderate rates, ror folder address Florence and Bill Glvnn. Box G. Newbury, New Hampshire. Derrw Villa ce. TJ TT. J Picturesque location on. Beaver Lake. Swimming, recreation on grounds. Dancing. Cocktail Lounge. Saturday I night buffet. $42-$S5 inc. excellent I meals. Churches nearby. Tel. Derry 85. $42 PER WEEK For A Fun-Packed Vacation I Nice rooms and two excellent meals. two or three people in room. Daily rate S6 50 each. Breakfast 8 to 11 a m. Dinner 6 to 8 p m. Opposite 1000-ft. sandy beach. Near, everything. To assure reservation send $20 deposit, Now open. THE LAKEVIEW Weirs Beach 1, N. H. Marion k U Hoaglind, ENdieott 6-4621 BRACKETT'S POINT Greenland, New Hampshire Housekeeping cottages on Great Bay. Salt water bathing. $30 and up per week. Located on Great Bay Rd. off Rte. 101 between Exeter and Portsmouth. Write JOHN R BRACREIT. Greenland. N.H. r telephone Portsmouth, N.H. GEneva -4M7 CHICK ABIDDY RESORT Rtit and Recreation Quality environment and accommodations. Reasonable rates. Folder Paul M. Cooper, Hillsboro, N.H. Tel. 258 HARBOR INN CENTER HARBOR. N. H. "A Homo Away From Home" One Minute to Laka Winntpesaakre Comfortable rooms, home cooked food, near churches. $40 per week. 3 meals a day. Children under 10 half price. Also single, modern, light housekeeping cabins. Write Helen Blanc hard. Tel. CLearwater 3-9275. SHADY LAWN WEIRS BEACH Rooms, motel, heated housekeeping cottages for 2 to 5 persons. Gas and private showers. Near heacn. activities. J4U to f in weemy Mrs. E. J. Davis. Weirs Brarh. N. H E.Vdirstt -55.VV FOREST TRAIL CAMPS CONTOOCOOK, N. H Housekeeping cottages. Ultra-modern, 2 bedrooms. All utilities furnished. On lake, private sandy beach, 5S wk. Write or tel. for booklet. Contoocook 128-2. NEWFOUND LAKE REGION OF NEW HAMPSHIRE! j The all-season varationland. 100 miles I from Boston. Excellent Arcommoda- tions. Rend for folder. Newfound Re. I glon Chamber at Commerce, Bristol, N. H. ! air ft 3 It r ru j "TISSsli I Have fnn in the White Mountains!; of New Hampshire and Slav st THE TARGET MOTEL, N. H. Tel. FRontier - :J A fine motel, hakpt. collar. a. Rte.! Hans Gretchen Kothemund. miynfd'c pint, mrr innnr mnnukii w l in b Vbiil kuvub Directly on Lake Sunapee r vriliiiini r nr suprrD .tminii Writs ar Phone SONIA A PAUL MAXftfR Box 7. Newbury, N H ROl.ri A-fllA FREE BOOKLET . Fun In Bethlehem, N. H.ig Wrltei Bethlehem Kesort A .inflation Bethlehem, Stm Bamstbita tain, 120 miles from Boston. Forty years ago Thomas G. Plant, a shoe manufacturer, spent $3 million building a medieval castle on 250 acres of land on Bald Peak Mountain. The castle, built by an army of Italian workmen, is now open to the public as part of the Special Northeast Mountain Corp.'s 5000 acres of Ossi-pee Mountain range in Moultonboro. First, Mystic River Bridge, C-l and U.S.-l to North Saugus (use new Southeast Expressway and Central Artery to Mystic River Bridge if you are driving from points south of Boston). Follow Rtes. 129, Walnut st. and Summer st to Lynn-field Center. Turn right on Main st and follow it to NEW HAMPSHIRE LAKES w PIKE 'NEW HAMPSHIRE ( NlgStfy Entamtament 1 Orchestras Famed Culslnaai' I Itfagnificent 18-Holo Golf Coarse 2 Putting Gretnj Hoituif water-dkiini runing 7 Tennis Courts, S all-weather i " I is ! - "L H II II Ton Rostf THE FAMILY JACOBS Utiervationa, plcaret Walter Jacobl PIKE, N. H, 9-2011A , . . cr your iavorttt Travtl Agmt I PEIATWa MILT THE BEST PANORAMIC VIEWS IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS j THE MACIC MOUNTAIN EXPHESS gCTflCflSSIZg THE HUNTOON HOUSE HORTH SUTTOK, HEW" HAMPSHIRE Tor a complete change of atmosphere. A family resort. Swimming Boating Fishing Relaxation. Excellent rooms and meals. Movies and 3 golf courses nearby. Write for folder. LAKE SUNAPEE AREA Highest Largs Lake in N, E. Land of lakes. Woods, Mountains. Villages For Tree Pictorial Booklet write Board of Trade. Sunaoeo Ii. N.H. W laaal is A f i' J l. ifi ! K Jfc- (KSTTS T r-r --mrUim aajas a Sa. l aaSSSam dT iF'Ti f -M - a. . i&sfSi-jsr: w. COMING NEXT SUNDAY JULY 12 ANNUAL MID-SUMMER VACATION SECTION Complete witK e'ditorial features and photographs of the many attractions, resort areas and transportation companies offer vacationists for their enjoyment and relaxation. Tike IBdJSTTdDKr-(EILODIBIB lew England's Leading Vacation 3lcdium m J D CLOSING DATE FOR ADVERTISING COPY THURSDAY, JULY 9 iff t&iWb4llliii-4-4J4 South Middleton, then travel north on Rte. 62 and follow 62 to U.S.-1. Continue north cn U.S.-l by Eradley Palmer State Park and over Tops-fields beautiful hills. (This was formerly Route 17.) At Newburyport continue on Rte. 1 to Scabrook; then follow Rtes. 1G7, 150 and 103 to Durham, N.H. From Durham follow U.S. 4 to the junction with Rte. 125, Rte. 125 to Rochester and Rte. 11 to Alton. Next follow the deeply indented bays and coves of Lake Winnipesaukee" (excursions on one of the mail boats is a treat for the chil-' dren). Rte. 23 leads from Alton to Wolfeboro and 109 from Wolfeboro to Moultonboro. Continue on Rte. 109 about 18 miles beyond Moultonboro, then follow signs up the mountain road to Castle in the Clouds. After exploring the castle and taking canoe rides,. find an A.A.A. motel for an evening's rest Return along the west shore cf Lake Winnipesaukee Rte. 25 to Meredith, U.S. 3 to La-conia, 106 to junction with 107, a very scenic "back" road, to Kingston. From Kingston Rtes. 125 and 28 lead to Boston. rm WHITE M0O7ATS5 tr - Trrr ej ..".A,,, -JJ. Home of the Famous WHITE MOUNTAINS FESTIVAL of tht 7 ARTS 2 HRS. FROM BOSTON LAKE AND MOUNTAIN ACTIVITIES, HIGH, DRY", SUNNY DATS, COOL NIGHTS. Good food, Sandv beach, cookouts, Square bancinr. Putting: Oreen, Booklet. OPEN TO OCTOBER 19 S63-S81; S10-S13 TEL. KEYSTONE 2-7000 Ed and Peggy Brian BOX 11 yz2 jArrnti. n.n. WHITE MOUNTAINS ADIXT9 ONLY. A quiet, clean little) place in the mts. with brooks, wooria and trails to exnlore. Rates with Fina Food, $52 to S78. Private baths, cottages. Bkt. "B". MRS. KAUK. Season now to Labor Dav. HILLTOP ACRES, WETWOFTH.JI.H. LAKE WINNISQUAM Scenio Center of New Hampshire A rami sf raeatioa ilfaiari far eiwynna. Fins Inns. Cottaiei, Rastsirsst!, 5tsf. Fres salaf roldsr. write Laka Wlnnliqaaia Anoclatis Wlnnimm. New Hamsihira. . . .,, ., . ,, . . ., ..s. t..-.-j

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