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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 5
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 5

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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JJ3 Jj Th I ougke am Rookies Fight for Pro Berths At Lynn Charity Grid Game i By ERNIE ROBERTS Each player in a pro foot J) ball exhibition game is paid $50 under the new league rule. But there'll be much more at stake tonight in the Cardinal Cushing Charity game at Lynn between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears. "This is it. These are the nights you win a job or get that ticket home," said Alan Miller, former B.C. halfback.

He has a bad ankle, headed to II the Heights for whirlpool treatment upon arrival yesterday. But Miller will start to night on defense without a whimper because he's a rookie i mi Wiin i i i i i i and can't yet afford the luxury Fivt SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1959 (Globe Photo by LeRoy Ryan) BEARS AERIAL EXPERTS Zeke Bratowski, center, throws them and Jim Dooley, left, and Har Ion Hill are apt receivers. They oppose the Philadelphia Eagles tonight at Lynn. 9 of an injury. The Eagles, in fact, are pretty battered for this exhibition match, for which 3000 tickets were still unsold this morning.

They left five players home in Hershey, Pa. "Still it should be a good test for our rookies. We've got a lot of them and will have to go with 'em into the regular season unless we can do some horse-trading," said coach Buck Shaw. Calls Rough Defied Brass, Called TD Play Luckman Ignored $50 Fine Threat on i ieoufirn mps Framingham Golf Pro Saw Her First The ponderous Bears, second Twice Declared OuttiMryu Bunyon bolt OH Close Ones at IsfjResumes Today in the Western Conference last year, are here in healthy con wo tommunmes By BOB HOLBROOK A visitor tonight at the Bears-Eagles pro exhibition game (Manning Bowl, Lynn) will be Bob Margarita Bob wants to chat with his old quarterback friend on the Bears, Sid Luckman, who is serving as ORONO, Aug. 22 (UPI) laim Judy Rand wWTNm an assistant to Papa Bear George dition, fresh from a 19-16 victory over Green Bay.

"But I'm going to shake up the starting lineup a bit. The guys who were in there when we were winning will stay in the ball game," announced coach George Halas. This means that Gerry De-Lucca, a rookie tackle from The $7500 Paul Bunyan Maine Open Golf tournament was set to get underway again rND 1 A gdiiia says vl xjuinuidii. xiiiu a today after a rainstorm washed By CLIF KEANE DETROIT, Aug. 22 Twice now Marty Keough has tried to beat out bunts at opportune times, and each time he has been robbed on a decision at first base.

In Washington several weeks Jurges stopped and gave ago, Keough dragged a bunt to-lUmont an earful before they through Joanne Goodwin's monopolistic reign. By IOM FITZGERALD Aurora, Ohio and Framing-ham, were curiously out the second round at Penobscot Valley Country Club Marcia was a special kind Peabody and Middle Tennes- coo Ktato will efavt nn nfFoncn joined in a celebration of yes-jor ceieomv nowever, as qurtok The' .1 i-ll- Bob Toski of South Little u-arrle cnpnrl Kaco urith aV" the first girl to play on a boys' high Brat) Bratkowskii former sec. terday outcome iciuav a vuttuiuc in All uB mc men on and two out and Junior Girls cham-: school team in regular compe ond string quarterback who u'6 ui eigm-unaer-par one sirone ninnshin at Norhprk MH tition in this section. She was completed 10 of 12 passes in Aurora has the more solid a prized member of the second half Iast week- course, was leaning me nem. of course.

as the current' ley. Both runners had crossed leave the park with an early the plate and the Red Sox game and took advantage of it. Veteran professional Bobby the new League, and had a finer Greater Boston Players probably would have won the They're always looking to get; Locke of Johannesburg, South Judy Rand. i i out in u.e yeai or so The Eagles wUh No T7 me rtanas members of Framingham Van Brocklin, still rank as the ham. professional Bud Trum JLast nignt, wan two strikes low makes a gooa play two mer a( Rutland, Vt.f had a on him, Keough bunted to- strikes on him and he five-under-par 67.

wards third base to open the "If Mickey Mantle did it, he! ICountry Club for beaming I at i DU11 already highly rated severai excenent targets, in- the as mey pieau young Judy's future prospect; ninth. Paul ioytack made a would have been given a hit. Tournev officials dpciHpH late prouaiy game when Gary Famigletti came into the huddle and said, 'Sid, I've got a play you must call. If you don't call it I'll get fined $50 and so will Sid' turned to Gary and said, 'Gary, forget the fine. I'll pay both of them.

I've been working on this series and I'm going to finish it'." "Well," added Margarita, "Sid called a Rainbow Out pass and we went 65 yards for a touchdown on the next play." Other spectators tonight will include B.C.'s coaching staff, headed by Mike Holovak Mike is a former Bears' fullback who has more than a passing interest in the National Football League There are eight former B.C. players currently active in the loop They include John Miller, Ernie Stautner, Artie Donovan, Art Spinney, Frank Morze Dick Lucas, Joe Johnson and Alan Miller Yes, and Jimmy Colclough and Don Allard are playing with the Canadian pros. QUICKIES Dan Fanning, former star 'end at Williams College, was cut by the professional Montreal Alouettes and now will enter McGill University Naturally, he's eligible for the McGill team under Canadian rules Society Note: B.C. eluding sprinter Tommy McDonald of Oklahoma, Ken Mac-Afee of North Easton, 1958 good play coming off the! Maybe Foytack was due to yesterday to have participants, Because Judv is the vounirer mound between the plate and have some fortune against up and play 36 holes! Mr and Mrs wmu, inww imoowiicu me iast aay oi tne contest Rand w-Hn wpr mem notina v-nnnoh net fhom umtior cr xi. Roger nano no were mcra getting Keough by fully a against them wondering games tomorrow, though the huge league-leader Pete Retzlaff and ex B.U.

star John Bredice, who is fighting to make the "The younger girl will be the better player of the two sisters," he told a visitor one day. "She's a more strongly-built youngster than Marcia and she's devoted to the Like her older sister, Judv bers of the Framingham club for quite a spell before they step. ne is ever going 10 get, 10 Dai. fieid was scheduled to play on- uasi nigni, xne ngni is holes today. moved to Ohio four years ago i logical base of opera- than 200 would be eligible to-j tions for nis increasing sales frequently with her a more nulla iui ma nivi ctiixit.

wivj w.ct -tather, who was a good low- morrow to participate in the a two-run homer off Billy Monboquette in the third. Ted Williams was back in club after his service duty. Chicago has a bigger, stronger line and a powerful running attack. Fullback Rick Casares will play behind sophomore Merrill Douglas and Willie Galimore will be behind John Morris but "both Casares and Galimore will get 36-hole finale. When the Rands said their! handicap player and a rtrir time club champion at Bear Umpire Frank Umont called him out.

It brought the first conflict between manager Billy Jurges and an umpire since Billy took over as Red Sox manager. When the game ended and Jurges headed across the infield towards the Sox dugout, he snapped at Umont who made a move towards the manager at the mound. 12-year-old already showing "rrmg to his favorite park, but Jurges si sat him out and used Gene K0VIT12 tOft LOSS 1 IIT.J I 3 1' 55 ac nifor rramingnam. Ibut eenerallv known as "Mar-: started giving oiepuciis. ira was mcu auu the field was wet," said Jurges.

"Did Williams say he was in there quickly, says Halas. UlUW lO DTUVeS lcia's kid sister." to Judy when she MILWAUKEE, Aug. 22 (UPI) Marcia Rand, now 21 and about 8- he recalled yes- tired?" he was asked. -The Milwaukee Braves hopes recent bride, was quite promi-j LCIUcv- These two teams haven't met in regular N.F.L. play for of catchine ud in the National nent among her teen-aee con-' "No, but I know he is," said Jurges.

League pennant race were; temporaries. Practiced Every Day dealt a serious blow with thej She had a good record in "ShP crorpH oii w. i sne scorea well, for her age. more than three years which means, despite scouting reports and exchange of movies, there iuoj vji cs uvuigiuii uuc iu a gii is wuiiioiuciiw jn me oho, almost from the start" torn ligament in his right although she never won the said Th most nniria ica titlo rtiifmn psreor that A could be some surprises by assistant, Emerson Dickie, will wed Aug. 29 His honeymoon will be a short one, for Fall practice opens two days later A story they tell about Philadelphia head coach, Buck Shaw, is good for a chuckle A rookie came to Shaw and complained they did not have enough trainers around the clubhouse "I always had my legs rubbed down before each game in college," complained the both clubs tonight.

Buchholz Nervous Against Talbert Top rookies on the spot include Miller, Iowa linebacker John Nocera and defensive safety Art Powell of the Eagles, DeLucca, halfback Richie American League National League her lively mind and her willingness to give a lot of time to the game. She and Marcia practiced together every day after school." Trumbull said that the new HOLOVAK Yesterday's Results Pettibon and fullback Johnny Adams of the Bears. Junior champ had one early -fault. don't By HERB RALBY (said. "Lots of fellows The game will start at 8:15 6 0 San Fran (Ant.) Twi.

6 9 4 0 At Phila (Roberts) ..0 8 At Detroit (F'ytack) 2 BOSTON (Monb'q'tte) 0 p.m. All expenses have been "It took miitp a uhiln in trot They Earl "Butch" Buchholz sat 11KP to P'ay. witn mm, S. Fran. (M'C'm'k) 10 12 2 6" feel he doesn't go all out in At Cleve (Harsh'n) 5 10 0 i tiL 'i J1C1 UJ ueveiup a real 1011OW- 0, At Phila.

(Semproch 6 6 2 throueh." he said. "SHp ha a contributed by Ambassador Joseph Kennedy so all gate receipts (at $5 a ticket) will feel he Baltimore (Brown). 0 3 wearily in the Longwood locker room yesterday after he had gained the National doubles. They also gets mad at them. Wp ept tendency to punch at the ball.

But before she left she had a 2 fine looking swine, with full 6 13 5 11 go to charity. The lighting facilities at Lynn have been At -nicago iiaieyj a Washington (Stobbs). 4 11 rookie "You did?" asked Shaw. "Well, let me tell you something: if Marilyn Monroe were on this club she wouldn't get her legs rubbed down!" Mike Holovak celebrates his 40th birthday. Sept.

19 That's the day his club plays Navy. What's come over Sammy White? When Mike Higgins was released, White was hitting .230 and now is close to .300 which led one Yankee player to remark, "Had White started hitting a week earlier, Higgins never would have been fired" Could it be that the best player in the major leagues is the Cubs' Ernie Banks? Banks already has 115 runs-batted-in and 37 homers. follow-thrniicrh improved at a cost oi $uuu ior jLos Ang (Podres) N. 1'At Pittsburgh (Kline) 2 At Cincin'ti (Hook) lj St Louis (Jackson) 1 jj: Judy is entered in next this pro venture. STARTING tlNEl PS New York (Maas) N.

9 14 At Kans (Coleman) 7 12 Women's Doubles tennis fine." semi-final round for the firstj LONGWOOD LOBS me- Rain washed out the other The 19-year-old likeable lad.quarterfinal match yesterday from St. Louis and his after two sets McKinley Alex Olmedo. currently the'and 17 year old Marty Riessen npw TInitpfi Stafps Dav'is Cun Amrii.r. MTu; ll EAGLES I BEARS j. "cloiiiiigiun anu MacAfce.le .216 233 re.

McColl CmcagO ai iviuw Kee, pobipunuu after tnaf anH hpr narentc! Jacobs. It DeLucca i A chhachAr Itr 1 1 i in rer Inner are coming here for a vacation Bednank. with Mrs. Rand's family Standings of the Clubs Pet. GB iBredire.

re .210 GB Hingham. were uea ai one sei apiece xy UnA kn.lnn l.ot! 200 le. Hill 203 ab. Bratowski Pet. .574 197 rhb, Jewett na im sure our girl Will Barnes.

Ihb .202 Ihb. Morris .553 2 get up here to play a round JJjg Jo" fb, Douglas us, said professional Trumbull UUUU1" lCrt," "au Ck Australian Chicago ....71 47 eran Billy Talbert and 23-year-l Rod Laver and Bob Mark witn I Cleveland .70 51 old John Lesch, 3-6, 6-1, Aussieg having just broke New 61 60 fi-4 JBaltimore ..59 60 ti i McKinley for a two love lead, rPtit fin fi? "You played well, iU jDetroit .60 62 Towser's Taps At Wonderland behalf of his Framingham members. .602 Fran ...70 52 .579 Los Angeles. 68 55 .504 11 lk Milwaukee .64 56 .496 2Vi Pittsburgh ..61 61 .492 13 I Chicago ....58 61 .463 16 Vi! Cincinnati ..59 64 .463 Louis ....57 68 .405 23 V2 1 Philadelphia 52 72 Vanderbilt May Tower' But Three Bud Jrk 7 Lively Maid 7-2 the BOSTON ...56 someone eomDlimented him. i .500 9 .487 lOVz .480 11 .456 14 .419 19 GB 14 65 65 72 Kansas City.

56 Washington .49 Today's Sports Take Helm oi 60 50 69 60 56 60 68 Grade Year Ago Today. Sox in 3d. 61, 58. .513. "I can play better," he re- storm broke The match plied.

suspended until 11 o'clock "You were a bit shaky in that; this morning The winner first set." I plays Olmedo and Buchholz "I was nervous," he smiled, at 4:30 this afternoon in one of "Looking across the net at the semi-finals Prior to BASEBALL Red Sox at De tltn; Lou Hock in lbi Jit Rock In lth. FIRST RACE 5-16 mile. Grade B. PP Dog Odd Wt. 7 Spring Iris 3-1 57 5 On The Fly 7-2 60 6 Madden Foe 9-2 67 1 Mr Ferris 5-1 81 4 Strike 6-1 56 '4 2 Mahaley 8-1 57 8 Three Guesses.

S9 3 J's Love 10-1 71 SECOND BACE Bever rnnr. Yacht Weatherly 0 r.o Kesei 4-1 4 Fred Honey 5-1 8 Hank's Gal 6-1 2 Miss Vanessa 10-1 3 United Super 10-1 5 Ky-0 10-1 EIGHTH RACE-5-16 Mile. i 2 Bud Jack 5-2 6 Space Command 3-1 4 Gregory Lynn 7-2 8 Flashy Manner 6-1 3 Quill 8-1 1 Long's Pick 10-1 7 Closing Time 10-1 troit, Channel 5, 2:30 p.m.; 69 Today's Games and Probable Pitchers (Won and Lost Records in Parentheses) WHDH, 2:25 p.m. 73 Billy Talbert made me ner- jthat there will be a semi-final BOSTON at Detroit Bau-I San Francisrn at Philarlpl. 70' 71 56 60 vous.

Three straight years be-women's match with British mann (4-2) vs. Mossi (11-7). iDhia Fisher (2-4) vs. Owens Grade B. PRO FOOTBALL Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears, Lynn Manning Bowl, 8:15 p.m.

NEWPORT, R. Aug. 22 (UPI) The man who defended the America's Cup three times was expected to participate in a yacht race off New- 5 Styrene 65'4 fore 'this one Talbert and his! Wightman Cup players, Ann, Washmgt0n at Chicago-! (9-10). (7-1) vs. Latman' St.

Louis at Cincinnati 57 I 57 57 62 'i 68 58 S4 62 7 Hurry Cleo 5-2 1 Madam's Girl 3-1 2 Lacv Lady 4-1 6 Fay's Favzie 5-1 4- Out Ward 6-1 5 May Be Happv. 8-1 8 Fast Tempo R-l 3 Lisa Mane Mizell (12-7) vs. O'Toole (2-7)JRACiiNG Dogs, Wonderland Chicago at Milwaukee (2) Schoolinglport today. Park, 7:45 p.m. "Last year, for example, Moore This will be followed! Chuck McKinley and I beatiby the other men's doubles'! at fw Talbert and Jack Frost at semifinal between Wimbledon Pappas 5) VS-Bel1 THIRD RACE Revere Course.

-Robbie (12-10) and Hillman (5-9) or Buzhardt (4-5) vs. Grade E. Kaces, launton, b.M p.m.; Flat Racing, Rockingham Park, 2:10 p.m., (Feature Newport. Three days later champions, Neale Frascr and York at Kansas City Harold S. Vanderbilt, 75, accepted an invitation to sail aboard Weatherly when the 12- NINTH RACE Wonderland Course, Grade X.

4 Lou Rock 2-1 60 1 1 Davilla Dew S-2 56 5 lna Inch 7-2 54 8 Ssm 4-1 66 6 Rocker Lass 6-1 60'i 7 George Delo 8-1 67 3 Risque Rue 10-1 flo 2 Respectfully 10-1 60 TENTH RACE-Revere Courst, Grade A. 3 Jav Rock 5-2 79 5 Around Boston 3-1 67'4 8 Fdie Gay 9-2 60 7 Rug Bub 6-1 58 6 Great Effort 8-1 60 4 Everybody's Gal 10-1 59 1 Stars Ablaze 10-1 72 2 Big Stick 10-1 69 here at Longwood they Emerson and the Ameri-i Coates (2-1) vs. Kucks (6-9); (4-10) and Willey (4-6). Race, WHIL (1430 kc), 4:30 Los Anfieles at Pittsburgh us in an early round." jean pair, Barry MacKay and or Garver (9-lOj. 2 Rural Actor 3 1 8 Will Omit 7-2 1 Mr 7-2 3 D's Fellow 5 1 4 Super Sally 6-1 7 Small Man 10-1 5 'Tis Done 10-1 6 Shining Moon 10-1 FOURTH RACE 5-16 Mile 66 64 74 67 56 58 60 Grade 2imeter yacht races against East- p.m.), Marshfield Fair, Buchholz explained lies a Mike Franks While Laver Craig (6-4) vs.

Daniels (6-8) or Witt (0-7). p.m., Scarborough ener for the Newport' Cup slow starter, has trouble get-'and Mark were, duelling Me ting warmed up in the first set jKinley and Riessen, Australian 7:45 p.m.; Harness Weatherly took yesterday's Bay Stale Raceway, 8:15 p.m.opener hy mmuie and 15 sec Batting D. Davis Cup captain, Harry Hop- AB Pi t. 1 AB 107 425 75 149 .351: Aaron. Milvvatik 118 4B3 4 180 SOFTBALL Mass.

State onds. The race is being sailed over a 21-mile triangular 8 Queens Pilot 3 1 4 Money Clip 7-2 5 Polly Roi-k 5-1 3 J. Stewart 6-1 6 Rural Johnny 8-1 2 Silent Sport 10-1 7 Bonanza's Bnbv 1 News Master 10-1 68 66 55 70 67 70 51 67 Yet we never should have lost that first set," he said. "I had 4015 on my service. You usually don't lose a game when you have a lead like that on service.

104 398 72 130 .327 C'nn'Kh'm. St 115 3H3 48 124 .342 112 35R 54 1lfi Pinson, Cinci 123 519 108 174 .335 120 491 H8 157 .320 Temple. Cinci 1 18 473 85 151 .319 man was on a terrace court, fjetmit coaching Marie ttr- 1.1 1- iWoodlinu. Bait. Wimbledon champion, in a kox.

cim-aso practice singles match 18 year old Aussie, Championships (Women), Cochituate Ball 11 a.m. 1 p.m. 77 153 .318 88 144 .318 FIFTH RACE Revere 117 448 75 142 ,3171 C.cpcda, San Fr 120 481 118 452 75 137 .303 Hover, St .121 45B 117 478 88 142 Rnlimsnn, Cinci 12! 452 114 422 6fi 125 i White, Kt 448 115 430 63 124 .2881 Hanks, Chicago 120 454 82 331 46 85 ,287: Mays, San Fr ..119 458 Course, 5 339 CAR RACING Nor. Grade a. "I made a couple of bad 1 Fletcher Bob Stewart and 78 139 .308 Cerv.

94 138 .303 wood Arena, 8 p.m.; Pines Speedway, Rtes. 113-97, course. Vanderbilt defended the famed America's Cup with Enterprise, in 1930, Rainbow in 1934 and Ranger in 1937. He was invited aboard the Weatherly for today's race by Arthur Knapp, skipper. Knapp said he would invite Vanderbilt to take the helm during part of today's Home Runs 3 Lisa 5- 2 53 6 Rite Mac 3-1 58 5 Wes Singer fl-2 7Ti 1 Greylord 6-1 67 4 King's Leader 8-1 68 2- Red Lips 9-1 52 8 New Addition 10-1 61 7 Chocolate Girl 10-1 54 errors.

I Sonny Hunter, Greater Boston "If we had won that game I players, were beaten in think we. would have broken straight sets in the senior them inathe next game. We doubles final by Harry almost broke back anyway. man and W. E.

Hester of Phila- uroveiana, p.m.; Rhythm Speedway, Rte. 2A, Killrhrew. Washington. Coiavito, Cleveland Allison. Somerville Red Sox Play Needham Today The Somerville Red Sex will host the Needham Town Team this afternoon at 2 p.m.

at Lincoln Park, Somerville, In the fifth game of the best four out of seven series in the semi final round of the Suburban Twi League playoffs. The two lubs are? dead-lorked witn two wins apiece. Banks, Chiraso 35 Mathews. Milwaukee 28 Aaron. Milwaukee 27 Rfihlnsnn.

Cincinnati 371 .34 3.1 .28 .25 Millers Falls, 8:15 p.m.; West Peabody Speedway, 8:15 SIXTH RACE- Maxwell, Detroit 5-16 Mile. Grade The game on Talbert's service delphia Hoffman's attempt Lemon, ishington 26 Cepeda, San Francisco p.m. so 71 68 Runs Batted In TENNIS National unit i-smii 4-Rural Smasher 7-2 1 Sutton 2 American Heritage 5-1 5 Rin Of Dallas 6 1 7 Jenny Sue 8-1 8 Chie RaldV 3 Trust Him 10-1 SEVENTH RACE Beven Lioncwooct p.rn .115 Weatherly and Easterner wore the first two America's Cup contenders to be eliminated during cup trials last was deuced a couple of times, at a double victory was Playing with Olmedo gives; thwarted in the father and him confidence, Buchholz; son's final He and Harry claims. Mr. were beaten by the Froehl- "He's very steady out there ings, Frank and Frank 3rd, of and he encourages me," Butch Miami, 119, 51.

SKIING National 5 WATER S5H 71 59 'i Course, Killehrew, Washington 04 Fankn, Chicago Coiavito. Cleveland 90 Blon 88 Bell. Cincinnati Maxwell, Detroit. "9 Aaron, Milwaukee Mtlson. Boston 77 Mathews.

Milwaukee I Cepeda, San Francisco Hj Championships, Lake Ope- iGiade L. 1 1 Sybarit 1-1 chee, Laconia, N.T'., 8 a.m. year..

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