The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAT, APRIL 11, 1955 BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THltEA Justice Department Asks Reinstatement of Lattimore Indictments WASHINGTON (AP) — The government today asked the U. S. Court of Appeals to reinstate an indictment accusing Owen Lattimore of swearing falsely he had never been a follower of the Communist line or a promoter of Red interests. The government's brief asked the Appellate Court to overrule U.S. District Judge Luther W. Youngdahl. who threw out the indictment Feb. 18 on the ground it was vague and nebulous. U. S. Atty. Leo A. Rover told the Appellate Court that Youngdahl erred in going beyond the question FISSION FASHION - Startling pedestrians on New York City'» Filth Avenue is Rosemary Kroriingj demonstrating what the well-dressed woman yvould wear in an atomic war. At least, it a New York firm has ita way. It's designing clothes and other paraphernalia to protect the wearer from radioactive fall-out from a nuclear bomb. Rosemary is holding a Geiger counter. Nautilus to Get New 'Shakedown 7 WASHINGTON W) — The atomic submarine Nautilus will head out to sea soon to tegt her speed and stealth against the best of the Navy's antisubmarine forces on a "shakedown" cruise of thousands of miles. The big, 3,000-ton nuclear subma-. rlne came back: into New London, Conn., late last week from a demonstration and test conducted for a Navy survey board which approves new ships for acceptance in the operating fleet. The right bank of a river is the bank to the right of a person looking downstream, or in the direction of the current. of the validity of the indictment itself. Youngdahl, Rover said, "saw fit to controvert terms of the indict ment and to argue factual defenses, a privilege not accorded the accused at this stage of the indictment." • Rover- did not raise in his brief the indictment. In doing so, the the refusal of Youngdahl to dis- quality himself in the case of Lattimore, a controversal Far Eastern specialist and onetime occasional State Department consultant. Returned in October The indictment Rover asked the Appellate Court to reinstate was returned last October. After that, Rover filed an affidavit of bias and prejudice against Youngdahl. He demanded the Judge step aside and allow another judge to handle the case. Youngdahl struck the affidavit from the record, saying it was "scandalous." After that, Youngdahl threw out more to go to trial for perjury under charges "so formless and obscure" would be unprecedented and would make a sham of the Sixth Amendment which requires that a defendant be advised specifically of-charges .against him. Five counts of a Dec. 19, 1952 indictment still are pending against Lattimore. These charges survived a long court battle. Youngdahl threw out four of the seven counts of the original indictment, including the key count that Lattimore swore falsely when he said he had never been a sympathizer or promoter of Red causes. The Court of Appeals reinstated two pi the counts dismissed by Youngdahl, but upheld him on the key count. The Appellate Court's decision turned largely on the word "sympathizer." It held this term was invalidly vague. Clear Enough The new indictment, in effect a replacement for the "sympathizer" count, avoids that word. Rover contended in his brief that the terms "promoter of Communist interest" and "follower of the Communist line" are clear enough to spell out a valid accusation. The sole meaning for which the government has contended in respect to each term is the mean- Ing ascribed by the grand jury, which is included in the indictment in itself, and which, therefore, is apparent on the indictment's face,' Rover said. The accusations against Lattimore stem from his testimony three years ago before the Senate Internal" Security subcommittee. The surviving counts of the original Indictment relate to his statements about details of his connections over the years. Lattimore- has been on leave from his teaching job at Johns Hopkins University since the original charges were filed. He has contended throughout.the long fight that he is a loyal American and his views have been his own—not party line. Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton (U:M aMUIfeiu) May 3363 3303 3350 3354 July 3381 3382 3370 3374 Oct 3386 3395 3379 3393 Dec 3395 3400 3387 3398 Ntw Orleans Cotton May 3380 3360 3347 33p2 July' 3378 3378 3370 3373 Oct 3388 3394 3382 3391 Dec .'. 3391 3403 3391 3399 Chicago Corn May .... 142'A 14214 141% 142!4 July .... 145!' a 145V1 144Ji 144JJ Chicago Soybeans Mny .... 25014 2501:, 248% 249H July 242V 4 242',:. 240% 241 ii Sept .... 235% 235% 234 2341', Nov .... 232% 233 231% 232)4 Chicago Wheat May 208% 209 ! a 207 Ti 2077J, July 194% 194 7 i 194 194% New York Stocks A T and T . 180 Amer Tobacco . 68 Anaconda Copper 63 Been Steel 133 Chrysler 73 •Coca-Cola 120 Gen Electric 50 Gen Motors 95 Montgomery Ward 77 N Y Central 39 Int. Harvester 36 Republic Steel 84 Radio 40 Socony Vacuum 53 StmlobateT 12 Standard of N J 113 Texas Corp 97 Sears 82 U S. Steel ... >• 81 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. I/PI—(USDA)—Hogs 12.000; fairly active; barrows and gills 180 Ib up mostly 25 higher than Friday's average; lighter weights steady to 25 higher; sows steady; bulk choice 180-220 Ib 18.00-25, some 18.35; choice No. 1 nnd 2 18.50; most 220-240 Ib 17.75-18.00, few to 18.25; 240-270 Ib 17.25-75; 270-330 Ib 16.50-17.25; 140-170 Ib 17.25-18.00; sows 450 Ib down 15.50-16.00; heavier sows 14.25-15.25; boars 10.0013.00. Cattle 6.000, calves 800; moderately active demand from all interests for steers and butcher yearlings; opening sales steady although relatively little done; few good and low choice 22.50-24.50; commercial 18.75 - 19.00; cows steady under some pressure: utility nnd commercial 12.00-14.50, a few 15.00-50 ;cannerf ami cutters 8.50-12.00; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; Conner and ctrUer bulls 10.00-13.00; vealers and calves steady; few prime individuals 27.00; gqod and choice 18.00-25.00; commercial and good 13.00-18.00. Observatory Calm MOSCOW (/Pi—The Soviet Union is completing, near Bakhchisarai in the Crimea, what it calls the biggest astronomical observatory in Europe, says the newspaper, in "Soviet Culture." (COMIINATION AltKOHS AND SfllO MAKB) Obituary NOSE N UNMNG GIAt WINCH? DOCKET FUEl POOS (2.75 f FA* ROCKETS) •OCKtT TUIB ' CTLJFF—ThU phantom view discloses Internal details ot America's mott Iwavlljr irmfd nghter plane the USAF's Northrop Scorpion F-8BD. Details are shown of the deadly win«-tip rocket-fuel pods Their ingenious design permits rockets to t» carried in the lore part ol the poa and fuel in the rear portion. Also new is the long-range, nose fuel tank, which was not carried on the earlier-F-89C model. The plane is armed with 104 2.75-Inch folding-fin, air-to-air rockets. Advanced electronic aiming and automatic triggering enables the Scorpion's two-man crew to sec* out invading aircraft regardless ol darkness or bad weather. Real Estate Group Issues Warning Arkansas Renl Estate Commission today released a warning concerning unllcesned and often misleading veal Estate brokers who present themselves as representing large estate brokerage firms. Complaints have been received from various points over the state, the Commission said, regarding persons who have paid these agents advance fees and received little or nothing In the way of service in return. "Before signing; any listing or advertising contract concerning real estate with an unknown company, the property owner should ask to see the agent's credentials to prove he has a license to do business in Arkansas," the Commission stated. "If in doubt," the Commission went on, "Contact your realestnte broker, your prosecuting attorney or O. D. Hadfield, Jr., secretary, Arkansas Real Estate Commission 708 Pyramid Life Building, Little Rock.' Tehran Mayor Fired TEHRAN, Iran OP) — Premier Hussein Ala's new "nnticorruptlori" government sacked Mayor Ohol- lambussein Estehaj of Tehran today after deputies accused him of slackness and of being responsible for the rising cost of living. ' CORSI (Continued from Page 1) ter's attacks were nc* aimed per- sonalty at him but represented an effort to discredit his "enlightened point of view" on immigration policies, f Political Reason? Rep. Celler (D-NY) said Saturday night Corsl's removal from thr; refugee position could be attributed to "a desire of rxilles not to offend unduly the reactionary McCarthy element in the Republican party." Rep. Prelinghuysen (R-NJ) noted a denial by the State Department that any security issue was Involved and called on Dulles for R "full sxplanatlon." Sen. Lehman (D-Lib-NY) termed the action "another milestone on the path of administration retreat f.roni principles H professes to hold." In Poughkeepslo, N.Y., Frank P. Tufaro. president of the New York State Columbia Republican League, yesterday urged all league chapters to launch a "vigorous protest over Corsl's ouster from the refugee Job Tularo said he had sent telegrams to President Eisenhower, Dulles and high OOP officials protesting the action. The league, claiming more than 50,000 members through New York state, Is made up primarily of Americans oi Italian extraction. Deer Deer! SAN RAPEL. Calif. <fP)— A doctor's family had a pet deer and then acquired a cute burro—and a very jealous deer. CERTAIN-TEED SHINGLES come in a beautiful range of color and design. A new roof will give a dressed up look to your home. We have soW CERTAIN-TEED Roofing in Blytheville for over 40 years and can point to roofs over 20 years old still in use. CERT A1N-TEEL lasts longer. All home improvements may be financed over a 36 months period if desired. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 3-4551 Why Arkansas Roads Should Be CONCRETE Whether you drive for pleasure or business, there are two reasons why you have % vital interest in the kind of pavement used: 1. You pay for Arkansas roads with your license fees, ga« and othw taxe». 2. Your safety is »t stak*. With concrete roids you get more (or your tax dollar. Here's why! Concrete'! first coit ii moderate, yet It can be designed accurately for my axle load. And it keeps that load-carrying capacity through its long lift. Concrete costs IMS to maintain than other pavements, is proved by official »1* FALLS lUILDINft, I MM4 (t|«*«M M Mpnl OH MM UN Ml If fMHM H records issued by 24 state highway departments over an average of 21 years. Concrete serves longer—twice as long as the next most durable pavement commonly built—according to latest data released by the Highway Research Board. Moderate first cost + low maintenance cost + long life - low onnual (oil, Concrete is safer too. Its gritty surface gripi your tires, permitting you to stop fast, without skidding, even in wet weather. And its light color reflects more light, giving you maximum visibility at night. // J/OH cttn't see, yoH can't bf s<tje! NT ASSOCIATION MIMPHIS 1, TIN NISI II Ml ml inciM . . . IkM^I KlMtlh rti.tri* iri Inl'mllng lull nrt FREE CHEST X-RAY All Persons 14 years of age and older are urged to take advantage of this free X-Ray. Tomorrow, April 12 Mobile X-Ray Unit will b« at BLYTHEVILLE COURT HOUSE SQUARE 9-12 A.M. 1 to 4:30 P.M. following is the remaining schedule for Mississippi County DATE TOWN PLACE HOURS Wednesday, April 13 Luxora, Lux Theatre 9-12 A.M., 1-4 P.M. Thursday, April M Osceola Planter's Hank .. 9-12 A.M., 1-4:30 P..M Friday, April 15 Osceola Planter's Hank 9-12 A.M.. 1-4:30 P.M. Monday, April 18 Wilson Wilson Tavern 9-I2 | A.M., 1-4 P.M. Tuesday, April 19 loiner lien Bullcr Co 9-12 A.M., 1-4 P.M. Wednesday, April 2(1 Oycss Dyess Drug Store 9-12 A.M., 1-4 P.M. Thursday, April 21 Reiser Kciscr Supply 9-12 A.M., 1-4 P.M. Friday, April 22 West Hidge I'orlis Mercantile 9-12 A.M., 1-4 P.M. SPONSORED BY MISSISSIPPI COUNTY TB ASSOCIATION This Ad Courttty of B/ytfc«vi//« Water Co. Hilbert Clark Rites Toddy Services tor Hilbert Olnrlc, 14, who died Suturday, were to be conducted at 3 p.m. today HI Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. J. C. Dlckenson. Biirinl WM to be In Dogwood Cemetery. Mr. CUxrk, who was born in Mis- tlulppl, had lived In tills area most of bis life. Survivors include a brother, Marlon Cliu'k of Jackson, Miss.; and a sister. Mrs. Wilma Neal of Greenwood, Miss. Three Wrecks Net Light Damage Three wrecks weiu reported this morning by the city poUce with no Injuries nnd only slight vehicle damaged reported. At the Intersection of 8th and Shivers Streets a car driven by Jeff Dantylis of Gould collided with a vehicle driven by Wanda Warren of 717 N.E. Parkway, The right front fender of the Warren cur was slightly damaged. A collision occurred when a cur' driven by Blanche Ashly of 1J*» South 7th, going east on Ash, crashed with a car driven by John Alexander of Memphis. The bumper, grille, fender and lights of thi Ashly vehicle were damaged and the right side of the Alexander car received minor damages. In another accident Gteorge Green of 1108 West Fifth, stopped to turn off Highway 01 at Railroad and a car driven by Strut Touchstone struck hU car from thjp rear, police reported. NO ?... ABOUriT! Th« greatest refrigeration values ever offered In the Blythevllle-MtnlU area! See Pag* Two Of Today's Papsr For the unforgettable atmosphere that is yours alone, use "Air Spun" Face powder —the lightest powder you ever put cw a pwfl—and Sow i De Toilette in matching fragrancei. Choose from four great Cory frograncMt L'ORIGAN • L AIM ANT • EMERAUDf • 1>AMV WOODS DRUG STORE 221 W. Main FREE DELIVERY Ph. 3-4507 skin-colored stick hid*S blemishes instantly...while they heall it's medicated! • Hides blemishes soielyl • Helps dry and heal them,- contains Hexachlorophene to fight bacteria all day. • Skin-colored; conceals blemishes instantly! Just use your regular make-up over it. • Lipstick-size, in .white-and-gold case; fits in purse or pocket so you can use it any lime, any placel $ only 1 no tax for complete care, use TUSSY MEDICARE ANTI-BLEMISH SET Does,what no single cream, solve or lotion can do to help hide and heal blemishes! Now only $1.10 no tax WOODS DRUG STORE 221 W. Main FREE DELIVERY PhoM 3-4507

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