The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 13, 1955 · 7
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 7

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1955
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THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE NOVEMBER 13. J95.1 Seven "Mamie's Million Dollar Fudge" Among Recipes inNew Cook Book WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (AP Here is the recipe for "Mamie's Million Dollar Fudge" that date-bait that helped lure the second lieutenant who was later to become President of the United States. Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower makes no bones that it is not she, but her husband, who is the cook in the family. She relates that when they married, ' fudge was one of only two things (the other was mayonnaise) she could make. . Rumor has it that Mrs. Ri, hower gave it its name "Millinn jjoiiar nuage" when he was; courting the pretty Denver girl; visiting in San Antonio, Tex.,! bout 40 years ago. He still calls it that and it is popular at the! White House. It goes like this: ! 4& cups sugar, pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tall can evaporated milk. Boil six minutes, pu; in large bowl,, 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, (chocolate bits), 12 ounces German sweet chocolate, 1 pint marshmallow cream (2 jars), 2 cups nutmeats. ; Pour boiling syrup over Ingredients in bowl; beat until chocolate is all melted, and pour in pan. let stand a few hours before cutting. Store in tin box. Mrs. Eisenhower contributed the recipe-i-and the President two of his to the Women's National Press 1 Club which, in the belief that the way to get a club house is through the stomach, has come out with a cookbook entitled, "Who Says We Can't Cook?" This cookbook will be given a Clamorous debut party Tuesday and then will go on public sale. It ran be had from the Women's National Press Club, National Press Building. Washington 4. D, C, for S2 plus 15 cents postage. Stnries In Book, Too . It is not just a compilation of recipes from "very important per. eons" as well as club members. It is a collection of anecdotes about those recipes. Josephine Eiley of Washington, P. C, who masterminded the cook book, tells this on her boss, Erwin B. Canham, Boston, editor of the Christian Science Monitor, and his wife, in which their dinner to Vir "The Canham maid, also from ginia-born Lady Astor developed an unexpected problem. Virginia, held her own opinion of high-born ladies from her state. When informed that Lady Astor Was to be a dinner guest, she mut tered ominously, 'She'll be late. She was. "When Lady Astor complimented the sateau fromaee, Mrs. L-annam tang for the maid to bring another serving to her distinguished guest To her amazement, the servant an nounced flatly: 'There ain't no more, ma'am.' "There was, as Mrs. Canham knew but not apparently for Lady Astor. Then there is the woman who laughed when her husband told her he was bringing the President of the United States home to dinner. But it happened, as Sarah Mc-Clendon, correspondent for southwestern newspapers, relates, .for President Truman accepted Federal Judge Eugene Worley'i invitation to homemade chili. Mrs. Richard Nixon, wife of the Vice President, three former first ladies Mrs. Calvm Coolidge, Mrs. Franklin. D. Roosevelt, Mrs. Harry Truman have culinary specialties In the book as well. So do many other famous women, including Grandma Moses. velt had many favorite dishes, "but the one I think he liked best was my special country captain." The recipe follows: 1 hen or 2 fryers; 2 or 3 green peppers, chopped; 1 clove garlic; 2 medium onions, chopped: 1 teaspoon thyme: V cup raisins in sauce; 1 can tomatoes; 2 cups rice tomatoes; 1 bunch bouquet garni- cup of stock from stew instead of boiled until dry (use white, brown Briton Shows How to Cut Red Tape ture; 3 Eallons beef stock- salt pepper, ac'cent. Stew the meat until lonrfor the vegetables and bouquet garniture (thyme, bay leaves, garlic, etc.) in cloth bag. When vege- uioies are done, strain nff turn gallons of stock from the stew and sujiiuj wun Deei roux udts inio stew and simmer for one-half hour. To adopt the recipe to average idmiiy use six portions the club s cooking editors advise using one-tenth of ingredients listed. Cook as above, straining ofj one U'd pa nns. Alice A. Dunnigan. chiei or tne puwucr Washington Bureau of the Associated Negro Press, sent this in: If you should visit the Little White House in Warm Spring, Ga., vou would see written on the kitchen wall over the oven: 'i cooked the first and last meal in this cottage for President Koose. velt.' "This statement was inscribed on ADril 12. 1945. by Mrs. Daisy Bonner, who served as cook in the Georgia White House for 20 years.' Mrs. Bonner relates that Roose or wild rice); 1 (or to taste); y cup raisins to garnish; V cup almonds or any nuts (save some to gar nish); 1 can mushrooms; salt, pepper to taste. Boil chicken until done, and bone it Saute onion, then add all sauce ingredients( everything ex cept green peppers, nee. raisins and nuts for garnish), add chicken to sauce and simmer 20 to 30 min utes. Serve over rice. Garnish with raw peppers, raisins and nuts. Thin the gravy. Serves six or more. LONDON, Nov. 13 (Reuters) How to be a top Army brass hat in one easy lesson: Sit down at your desk, take all the tricky problems out of your "in" basket and Slip them under the corner oi the carpet. Then nail down the carpet. Forget about them. Lord Windlesham told the House awk- War Office who disposed of ward questions this way. He was "a very amiable chap" and he retired "full of years and honor," the Peer declared. His secret of success was disclosed durine a War Office Spring cleaning. Janitors found "dozens of files" under the carpet. Windlesham was attacking the growing burden oi paper worn eastern Oklahoma A. and M. Col-; people are just working harde lege, sums it up simply, "The and faster," he says. of Lords of a Brigadier at the 'and red tape in the Army. Following Red Path TOKYO (AP) Peiping Radio claims that more than 100,000 new agricultural producer coopera fives were set up last Summer in eastern and southern China. ' This is considered an intermediate step" toward creating the So viet-style state farms already in operation in north China. Success Story MIAMI. Okla. (AP) There's nothing magic about the United States' success. Jamal Azizj, who came from Teheran, Iran, to study petroleum engineering at North- LAMP SHADE" WE STOCK IT Oc. f( SELfcCt FROM 4,000. EVERY STYtt tVbRi SIZE Ct 1 -1 i . i r 1 1 i A jnonTunq parinmenrs ana NDergiaS. Jim ng n modern fabrics. All hand-sewn washable ( W mots vnii mm A ms eer must bring your limp we mat prop erly you Open Fri, es, Mil 1:31 P. M Men's Recipes Too Also it shows that men can Cook in more households than the White House. There are recipes contributed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, House Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senate Leader Lyndon Johnson, Sen. EUender. President Eisenhower prefers his trout, especially if he has caught it fumself, cooked over an CDen fire. Here is his recipe: "Clean trout, roll in olive oil, season with pepper, dip in corn meal. Wrap each fish in aluminum foil and cook on the grill, 10 minutes to each side. Charcoal should be at the peak of its heat- still glowing, after the flames have died. Mr. Eisenhower, apparently In the belief the Press Club is going to get that clubhouse, contributed In his recipe for "Oldfashioned Beef Stew" and the ingredients re for 60 portions; It follows: 2,0 pounds stewing meat (prime round); 8 lbs. small Irish pota. Iround); 8 pounds small Irish po. tatoes; 6 bunches small carrots; S pounds small onions; 15 fresh Florence Slocomb Pioneer Woman Legislator in Bay State Services for Mrs. Florence Seav- r SlocomD, 88, first Worcester woman Representative to the Massachusetts Legislature, will be held in the Lucy Stone Chapel of the Forest Hills Crematorium, Walk Hill st., tomorrow at 2. She died Friday. Mrs. Slocomb, who resided at 28 Pond St., Cohasset was one of the first three women to win seats in the Massachusetts Legislature. She served as Representative of the 20th Worcester District, 1926-28. She served as the president of the Ward 8 Republican Woman's Club, president of the Worcester Women's Club' and president of the Worcester Smith College Club, She organized and directed the Worcester Girls' uiud. Mrs. Slocomb. a native of Wal pole, N. H, was a graduate of Smith College. She had lived in Cohasset for the past 22 years followine her departure from Worcester. She also was president of the Ecituatc Women's Club. Mrs. Slocomb was long an advo. cate of woman's suffrage and pure food laws. She is survived by brother, William N. seaver of Melrose. Harvey J. Lamy WOONSOCKET. R. I Nov. 12 Harvey J. Lamy, 58, owner of the Harvey Electric Company here for more than zs years, oiea toaay in his home at 174 Coe St.-A native of Montreal, he had lived in Woonsocket since child hood. He was a member of the Catholic Foresters of America. Surviving are his wife. Beatrice two sons. Harvey Jr, and Francis R., and one sister, Mrs. John Berube, all of Woonsocket. The funeral will be Tuesday with a solemn requiem mass at 9 In Holy Family Church. Burial will be in Precioui Blood Cemetery. On T 950 V " -vs. "" ! '1 save ls to on each pair FULL-FASHION ZEBRA NYLONS OPEN MONDAY 91:15 8:30 Fashion news you'll find only at White'a in Boston DYED SHEARED LAMB pocket teles cape jacket clutch capes qnes Renoir Worked" as lamb has never been worked be-tore. The result fabulous! Feel its supple silkiness, see its luscious colors, wrap yourself jn a new warmth-without-weight. Our littl luxury, at far from a luxury price, weighs only 20 ounces. Adore it and wear it from noon til dawn! Diihip hotter ainil ' cftrcol rdton whit plus lOCi ioj: Mail nr phone order Ailed use coupon below run R4LON WHITS'S THIRD FLOOR girls' and women' s COLD WEATHER . BOOTS y f ; fx , :M)UC . M Jf pair III m t - "AROSA" by lO95 Worn without shoes! Side zipper for snug fit! Finest elk tanned leather Nylon fleece lining Neoprene crepe non-skid soles Foam rubber innersoles ' and arch pads Red, Brown, Grey or Black Sizes 5 to II, narrow, medium or wide USUALLY 1.6S and 1.95 pair 3 for 2.95 Attractively boxed Latest Parisian shades . . . medium tan, medium taupe and light beige. Choice of 3 wonderful weights: Ultra dress sheers, average lengths Dress sheers, proportioned lengths Walking sheers, average lengths. Sizes 8i to 11 MAIL AND PHONE ORDERS FILLED ON 3 PAIRS OR MORE n ortlrr onlplflr nr delivery nrefl, ndtf 2Kf for ttftnritlns. A rhiiric of will he mafle on H r.o.ri., jnnll and phone orders within onr deliver vren, HOSIERY WHITE'S STREET FLOOR : . Also in Worcester V . " . . V ;' B M: 13 ' New Oriental fashion flavor! THE GOLDEN LOOK suit-dress for the Holidays by Forever Young 10 98 Fashion news in the season's most wearable silhouette. Willowy skirt, jacket with jewel touched cape collar, cuffed bracelet length sleeves. In silky-look acetate crepe print with traceries of gold all over. Navy, turquoise or brown. Women's sizes M1? to 22,A and Misses' 12 to 20. MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS FILLED ' orfrr O'ftWffe nttr repnfnr tfrlfreru aren, adit J.lrf or nannnnif. i rnnrpr of r rA mniir o nil , '. It. Mail and I'hone nrdrrt within our ilrlirrru ere. BUDGET DRESSES WHITE'S THIRD FLOOR MEN'S CHUKKA BOOTS Dark oxblood color JBRS7 Quality leather uppers J Cushion crepe sole B ' Sues 7 to 12 M . 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Zono- . . . . I k.rfll l I 1 . c..t Aeeout or Me 0 FlA.tO uwn - ' lata. Money Order t MAIL AND PHONE ORDERS FILLED .rstcr, ountif r ArHvtrv re, d Me 1nr hantlllnt). A rdnroe f tfle of( e mad on H V.O.H., mail and pfcone ordrra within onr deHrr urea. BOSTON ONLY HOI SALON WHITE'S STRICT FLOOR ilVi

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