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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 6
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 6

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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TIIE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE AUGUST 27, 1954 Amusements Movie Schedules NEW FILMS MATrWWrt tn S.m.' 100 Reds Seized in Rio After 2-Day Violent Riots RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, rapidly in the finil sequencag, has EUsil Rathbont Coming Basil Rathbont, of stage and screen, will makt one-week ap- poannce as tar rt The Winslowi Boy It me wwum summer Theatre in Npw England Mutual Hall, opening Sept a. The attrec-torn will serve to ring down the COftain on a successful season for inducer Le Falk and bi asso-ttte, Al Capp. a-; Accurate to the Letter LURAY. Va. (AP) Robert Hamsberger obligingly showed a tourist the location of a mall box. no," said the tourist "This inter goes to Europe. That box is tor U. S. MaiL" She 26 lAP)-Authorities pressed campaign sgalnst Brazil's outlswed iCommunist Party today as 71-year- -rfhousldg tended the burial at the Vargas family mau soleum in the municipal cemetery. old Getulio Vargas was ouriea i since vanjas uw um thm mimirv he Invfcd and hisihe was denied final rites of the THEATRE TONIGHT RHIKERT THEATRE DM Oewaa uerehwl ina lr llrei led ufrinwin -r-uray end Heae." atur- Daw. 7beth Foster, LeVftn Hutcheraon, fcott and Irvine Harnra. leH hv emaiiena, muaitai auector. 1 nay new MiKutna mutual nail at .10. man (ox alura in F. St-ntt Fitzaerald Wally "The Vegetable Featured are Aim Frarce. Fetrr Turaron and Peggy t-aia, uireciea Dy Mr, ruraeon "Captain Boycott' Captain Boycott," the Irish land agent whose evictions in County Mayo, Ireland, wera responsible for the coining ot a new word in the English language, provides the subject for the motion picture "Captain Boycott" opening 1 T. AITOl "The C1ne Mutln 3 45, 1:03. 7 36. 0:43, te, 13:33,, EATON Stoi an. 10 i. tn Shorts. 0:30. 1.4, 3.40. A. AS, 7:19. 3." 3:40, 7:33, 3:30. Is Cinerama," 1 end a 40 p. m. BOWDOIN "Johnny Dark," "48, 3 4(1, mi nwn 11.24. 3:11. 3:42. 3:00. CENTM "Parle Exprew," 40. t.tA a.m a "Kjn.iialkta. 13:17, 11:01,, 3:14. 01, 8 Seneuallta, 4:43. 7:30. 10 07. EXK1EK "The Hour and the Ivy." 2 4.1, mi niiuini mi. ueen," 3. 4:10, am. SNWAT-'Tey to Kill." lTia. 4:30. "Duel In the 11:30. 3-40. 1. 25 IlKITH MHHOIAL SuM Slept 3:20, Here," t.M, "Sim of Rome." 11:. 3:10, a as. KEN MORE 'Queen of SpadM. int. 3 1:10, 3:46. iu w), a au. i "Turning roini, ju, e.ju, METROFOI.ITAN HHr Wtndo. 11. 3 44, 6 10, tail; "KooSie'i ju, 4:43, 1 10. ORPBEIIM "Seven Brldee foe 12:30, 3:30, 3:15, -irouirre, 1. JO, 10. PAAM0I'NT "Pay to Kill," 11:13, 4 1 0, in. "Purl in the junkie, 1.30. 13:30. 3 30, 3:30. 3:30. riLCRlM "Dawn at Ro-orrs" iu. -is. 43: "The Itt ana 1:33, 4:45, 7:55. STATE "Seven Bridea for Brothere," 12:10, 3:40, 7:35, 10. TKI.r.NX "Nature'! Dlv- ma; Uyea Soever; 2 Newa. Cant, from 10:30 a. m. to nildnlaht. and the Fleth," 12:31, 14: "HHWCTI Canyon," 11:14, 2:15, 5:1. 8:17. I'FTOWN "Uvlnc It VP." 11:13. 3 45. IU, 171: "MaK Malta IO uvt, 12.55, 4 25, 7:35. IHITCPMPMTC I ill, uic iiajiuuA Aiiceuic uii ouu- JJVday. The co-feature is "The tVK U'JllZX'r I "Rear Windorf at Met) Slick Hitchcock Drama "Rear Window" adapted by Joh MUharJ Hye from Cornell tory utory. Dlretted nv Alfred Hiu.hc hcock for ralvaaa, In color. The cait: jfj Jamea Stewart i.ina Fremont urace neiiy Thomaa J. Wendell Corry Thelma Bitter Burr Judith Evelyn Rosa fiaadatanan SipII I.iira ra Thorweld Mm Lonely Urartl Sona Writer Mm Jorao Woman on Fire bcape oeoraine uarcy Bernef Cady rire a.srape Man. Miw HrarinaT Aid. Jessiyn lax Rand Harper Irene Wlnton Harria Davenport Mra. Newly wed By MARJORY ADAMS A few directors' names mean more to the public than those of the stars, which is why rotund, genial, food-appreciative Alfred Hitchcock is billed over popular Jimmy Stewart in the exciting 'Rear Window" at the Metropoli tan Theatre. Titles of Hitchcock's pictures bring back happy memories to a million American nlm-goers "The Lady Vanishes," "Rebecca." "Notorious," "Spellbound," "Lifeboat" and "I Confess," to name just 3 few. In "Rear Window" he is still en grossed in mystery, and the picture, which moves too slowly in the early scenes, but picks up pace AMUSEMENTS THEATRES ii ADTiti Ptutfif Jtvuf LEWIS ggj? aAUywowgcC90BI9UOuuijuulMAJUuoooooooe(iot (VrjtPoo' AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS ALEC ii I AMUSEMENTS SUBURBAN UllESS" 6 GREATEST! Fl NEPONSET REVERE DEDHAM NATICK W. ROXBURY A startlingly different dramatic role for the star of "The Captain's Paradise" and "Kind Hearts and a story of heroism and glory never to be forgotten! ALEC GUINNESS JACK HAWKINS ANTHONY STEEL msssssmmBBBt HI Ta I a 7 loutpJ rV I. 3 R1UU I BaaBaV lie itarrlng MURIEL PAVLOW FLORA ROBSON J. ARTHUR RANK RELEASE i.i Starts TODAY! II aw OPPOSITE THE PARKER HOUSE a i i- i the necessary suspense to k' an tudiencs worried up to ttat last second. True, Mr, Hitchcock has chosen different format snd formula All the action takes place in the small area which can be seen from the rear window of a convalescent's window, and the' hero, affable Mr. Stewart, is bound to his wheel-chair due to an injury sustained when following his trade as a news photographer. Therefore, most of his heroism is ot the passive variety. However, he comes into active combat with the villain of the story just long enough for some hair-raising thrills. Paramount has (elected well- known players of the screen to aid Mr. Hitchcock in giving the public a first-rate film in which Hitcn cock's humor points up the more menacing moments. urace K.euy. the most sought after heroine in Hollywood these days, is an alluring heiress who bars no holds In her forthrignt pursuit of the reluctant photographer. She even comes to call with an over-nisht case and a fluffy negligee and there is little a shut-in photographer can do but try to argue weakly that he'd be no catch lor a millionaire daugh ter. Wendell Corey plays an unper cpptive detective pal of the hero: Thelma Ritter gives one of her acidly funny Dortravals as a vis. iting insurance nurse; Raymond Burr is progressively frightening as a man who wants to get rid of his wife in the worst way, and Judith Evelyn is a lonely woman who seeks solace in drink, a pickup, 'and finally in the thought of death. More glamorous is Miss Torso, assigned to Georgine Darcy. Most of these characters (and a dozen others) are known to Vie photographer through his constant watching them from the rear window of his apartment They live opposite the courtyard and they seldom use window shades. Jeffs Peeping-Tom activities are at first funny then somewhat tragic and finally they are tinged with horror and mystery when it becomes evident that a murder has been done, and the killer seems to be on the verge of get-ting away clean. The story is told with tricks and intricate technique, but the mystery magician, Mr. Hitchcock, never forgets that what people want most is a spine-chilling climax. He gives it to them. Most knowledgable film-goers seek out Mr. Hitchcock in his pictures since he always makes one brief appearance. Look for him this time standing near a mantel in the song writer's apartment "Sensualtta" Italian Drama at the Center "Sensualtta" by Alberto Moravia and Ennlo De ConcirU. Directed by Clenv- ente Fracassl. Ponti-De Laurentu production. Released by F. E. English dialogue. The cast: Franca Eleanora Rossi Drago Riccardo Amedeo Nazzari Carlo Marcello Mastroianni Franca'a Friend Francesca Liddi Bosic Corrado Nardi r-nwhAnri Clorindo Cerato Maid Maria Zanoli Marco (Farm supervisor) Angelo Binarelll "Sensualita'! at the Center Theatre has English speaking voices dubbed in instead of the original Italian. However, if the movie were shown in silence, as in the old days, it might make for more entertainment. Star of the picture is Eleonora Rossi Drago, who was seen in "Three Forbidden Stories." Eleo nora (you can't take it away from her) is good to look at and might possibly be a good actress. You couldn't tell anything about her ability from the picture. All during the "action she chases one brother while married to another. The brothers, partners in a profitable Po Valley farm are both wild about her and she manages to vamp them to her heart's content. Finally, as it must to all such women, the truth comes out and her husband is overwrought as she runs after her brother-in-law on a lonely country road. Her husband gets into the family truck and runs her down before she has a chance to really burst into flame before the eager eyes of an audience that must have come to the theatre lured by the sign "adult entertainment." The picture ends as the truck drives away the second brother walks away and the broken body of the misguided girl lies on the road, leaving a stunned and perplexed audience. Second picture on the bill is "Paris Express" with Claude Rains, Dana and Jeanne Stars of "Duel in the Jungle" "Duel in the Jungle" by Sam Marx and T. Morrison. Based on an original story by S. K. Kennedy. Produced by Marcel Hellman. Directed by George nuarsnau. in color. Warner production. The caat: Marian Taylor Jeanne Crain Scott Walter Andrews Perry Henderson David Farrar Arthur Henderaon David Farrar Supt. Roberta Patrick Barr Capt Malburn George Coulouris Martell Charles Goldneri Pitt Wilfrid Hyde White Mr. Henderson Mary Merrall Lady on S.S. Nigeria. Thatcher Vincent Mataka it marvelous flow these him stars can slog through an African jungle without a single hair out of nlar-P nor a ainirlo rlrnn of npr- spiration marring the perfection of their makeup and mascara. Even' tually when Jeanne Crain is menaced by a lion, after being pulisjrl out of cascading falls and being chased by spearmen and an irate ex-fiance armed with a rifle, a couole of artfullv Dlaeed blobs of grime on her face have been added in the interests of authenticity. But they don't make her look as if she had done anything more strenuous than play baseball with a small nephew. "Duel in the Jungle." at the erime on hor face have been added Paramount and Fenway theatres, Movie Bulletin mm AMERICAN THEATRES CORP. NOW 3LVIN1 WWII I 1 mm RORY CALHOIM DPU LUJtttC Maaiwastfaf JEIIIFER JONES-GREGORY PECK I "DUEL IN THE SUN" Tll.HOtl. -a -f jcatholic Church. Several friends and former colleagues made funeral orations. Rio De Janeiro was generally quiet today, although a few troops still were to seen, nanus, sriops and public offices reopened. Police this morning seized copies of the Communist newspaper, Imprensa Popular, which headlined its ac count of the riots with anti-Amerl. can attacks. The paper publishes openly despite the party ban. Joao Cafe Filho, the 53-year-old Vhe President who succeeded Vargas as chief executive, continued his consultations with political leaders to set up his cabinet and his government policies. It is not expected that Brazil's foreign policy or present financial policy will be modified radically under the new President Dentist's Will Leaves $100,000 to Housekeepers Faithful service on the part of two women housekeepers for a combined period of almost 100 years was remembered yesterday in the will of a late Chelsea dentist filed in Suffolk Probate Court Bequeathed the bulk of the $100,000 estate of Dr. Robert I. Davis, who died at the age of 78 last July 26, were Margaret E. Gilmartin and Florence Bush, both of whom reside at the 12 Gardner Cambridge home of the late Dr. Davis. The will, drawn up in 1945, cited the household servants for their long and faithful service at low wages, and provided each with $2000 in cash, as well as establishing a lifetime trust fund amounting to $3000 a year for Miss Gil-martin and $2000 a year for Miss Bush. Wendell F. Davis of Acton, an uncle of Dr. Davis, was not mentioned in the will. Dr. Davis disclosed in the will that the Gilmartin woman had served his family for nearly 60 years, and the Bush woman for nearly-40 years. Naboth Butt, of 15 Freeman Everett, will also receive $2000, and in the event of the death of either of the woman servants, Bessie Baylis of 96 Linden st, All-ston. is to receive an outright be quest of $1000, as well as $1000 a year for life, according to the provisions of the will. Upon the death of both housekeepers, the Baylis woman is to receive $2400 a year lor me. eaaaaaeaeaaaaeafi Hired in 1894 The death of all three women. the will states, should result in the remainder of the estate being divided among Naboth Butt, the Animal Rescue League, the Chel sea Memorial Hospital, ana tne First Congregational Church of Chelsea. Miss Gilmartin was hired by Dr. Davis' family in 1894 as a prac tical nurse and houseneeper, ana she remained irf the employ of Dr. Davis after the death of his parents. Miss Bush served the late dentist, first as a secretary and later as a nurse as he underwent a long seige of illness. Young Herter Quits State Department, Joins Stassen Staff WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (AP) Christian A. Herter son of the Governor of Massachusetts, said today he quit the State Department after working 12 days to accept the post of Deputy General Counsel for the Foreign Operations Administration because he thought "it was a better opportunity." In his brief State Department career, young Herter was a member of the department's top Policy Planning staff, which seeks to anticipate world foreign policy problems in advance and lay down solutions. He was one of the youngest men ever named to this State Department post since it was created under former Secretary George Marshall in 1947. Herter said he quit "on good terms" with the department after he was asked by Harold Stassen, FOA Administrator, to take on this new assignment which he did not know about before. As FOA general counsel, Herter will assist in interpreting foreign aid legislation and in developing agreements with foreign countries included in the Mutual Security program. High School Boy Elected Junior Achievers Head OXFORD, Aug. 26 (API-Donald Smith, a 17-year-old high school student at South Bend. wa elected today as president of National Junior Achievers Elected as regional representa- lve wa Rochelle Trahan, 161 st" New BedIord. Mass. SHOES HURT? WE LENGTHEN WIDEN SHORTEN SHOES, ETC. Bring; In or mail in your shoes for FREE estimate Md Sdvice.Smd for FVee Booklet DERDV'C 333 Waahington St. rtnni 0 3d floor, Boaton DAILY SUNDAY It will pay you to read the Advertisements in the? Daily and Sunday Glohe. Help Wanted? lMd Can For Sale? Rfad and follow the ant and Classified columns of the Daily and Sunday Globe, surreMnr moved raDidly to shape a new eovemment. More than 100 Communists were arrested, copies of the party newspaper were seized snd quantities of subversive material confiscated after two days of bioody demonstrations. Signs that the Reds played a major role in sparking the riots continued to mount, var- gas' suicide Tuesday set on me demonstrations, aimed partly against the United States, snd left four persons dead and scores wounded throughout the country. Trnons fired rifles over a crowd demonstrating against the United States Consulate today at Porto Alegre, the capital and cultural center of Rio Grande Do Sul, Vargas' native state. The crowd started on a shouting spree after the city had been quiet for several hours, U.N. Employee Wins Reversal of Conviction WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (API-Mrs. Mary Keeney, convicted of contempt of Congress last year for not answering a question be fore a Senate Internal Security subcommittee, won a new trial today. The United States Court of Appeals reversed the verdict on the ground that United States District Judge Alexander Holtzoff erred in letting the jury hear evidence allegedly linking the defendant to a "nefarious" Communist movement. The appeals court ordered a new trial. Mrs. Keeney, a New Yorker, had been asked by the Senate inquiry group whether anyone in the State Department had aided her in obtaining employment with the United Nations. She did not answer, claiming U.N. regulations forbade her to testify on that point. She "was prosecuted on the ground that she had "refused" to answer the ques-tion. The three appellate judges, Jbhn Danaher, Henry W. Edgerton and E. Barrett Prettyman, held varying views on whether her failure to answer was legally a refusal. But they agreed unanimously that the trial court had erred in allowing the jurors to hear certain testimony presented in an effort to show the pertinence of the sub' committee's questions about her U.N. employment Church Council in Final Try to Unify Beliefs EVANSTON, ffi, Aug. 26 (AP)-A global conclave of Christians to day framed a new proclamation of their worldly and other-worldly hopes with the hope they can chorus it in unison. It will be brought before the World Council of Churches Assembly tomorrow for a third try at registering a common conviction about Christian objectives for today and in eternity. The new message was drafted by a coordinating committee, led by Lutheran Bishop Johannes Lilje of Hanover, Germany, and Dr. Leslie E. Cook, Congrega tionalism ol Iver Bucks, England. it was announced that any amendments to it must be submitted by tomorrow morning, and that a final vote on them and the message will be taken in the afternoon. This move a crucial part of this historic, multi-denominational assembly in trying to speak together on its main theme, "Christ the hope of the world" came amid these other developments: 1. The assembly approved a 24 percent increase in its yearly administrative budget, from $355,000 to $441,000, to cover its expanding programs. The Council's denominations share this cost. (This does not include the sums distributed by the Council-amounting to $2,500,000 last year for relief work around the world). 2. The assembly authorized its interim governing body, the cen tral committee, to set the place and time of the next world assembly, not earlier than I960. MARJORY ADAMS Who played the part of Taza in "Son of Mary Loy. A Rock Hudson played Taza. cr na OUl reviews dld encloSe a stamped envelope, so I cannot re ply Dy mau. What Is Hurd Hatfield doing now? When will the next L-inerama mm be shown Boston anH nrriAfi HC: t-i 1 ve cringes i a setmrj. A 1. Hurd in nnt mirin but has been in several staee shows. I do not have his present address. 2. No date has been set for a Boston showing of the deRoche Bridees mom t-merama nim. nor "Five LaPlante version of "Show A 1. Douglass Montgomery, who was born in Brantford, Oct 23, 1912, has returned from England and is now on TV He iZW a Michael Wilding. 2. I have no recent information of Henry Stephenson. His address is Players Club, 16 Gramercy Park, New York city. 3 Otis Harlan played Cant Annv in the 1929 "Show Boat." We have nothing new on Emily fitzroy, who played Parthv King Sand's Brother to Wed BEIRUT. Lebanon. Aug. 26 (API The engagement of Prince Talal Saud, a brother of King Saud of Saudi Arabia, to Mouna Solh. daughter of the late Lebanese Premier Riad Solh. was announced li )) Question arts MED FORD aiinivvIH ARLINGTON REGENT "THE LONG WAIT" Antheay Suinn-Charle Gahira "Southweat Paaaaga" lelia Inlanl BACK BAY ASSOCIATES MITIS3 Flit CIIP. pmat. JALASTAIR SIM 70VCC ORtNFttU WpRty ANTON WALBHOOK; DAME EDITH EVANS "QUEEN OF SPADES UPTOIiinFir -JPlAirl CONDITION EE) I BELMONT STRAND "DIAL FOR MURDER" Air ConJ. "AFFAIR IN MONTE CARLO" BOWDOIN SQUARE 7-1060 1 BROOKLINE COOLIDGE All CONDITIONED "FRANCIS JOINS THE WACS" THE LIVING DESERT" Walt Dianay'a Full Length True Life Adventure Extra: Walt Dianey'a "Ben and Me" BURLINGTON CIANT WIDE SCREEN Dean MARTIN Jerry LEWIS LIVING IT UP -IN TICHNICOLOR-I MAKE HASTE TO LIVE mV MraHeH STtPAH WcWAtLT, CAMBRIDGE UN4-45SO BRATTLE Dinar Se. Tl -422( Boqirt-Barall "KEY LARGO" 7:30 and 9:30 CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQ. Via Jekeiee "Men of the Fighting Lady" Ailie tarpar "Druma Acroaa the River" DORCHESTER ADAMS 6E-4 2080 Air Caaditieaaa CinemaScope-Warner Color "HIGH MIGHTY" Screened at CinemaScope-Technieolor "VALLEY OF THE SUN" 1 DORCHESTER GE 8-9700 QUIET MAN" "Ride the Man Down" triaa Dwiny ON OUR WIDE SCREEN EVERETT PARK Van Heflm-Ruth Roman AerCaaa. "TANGANYIKA" "PROJECT M-7" FRAMINGHAM I. KEBB8 WW AATJB If A 1 Baal 33 am law AmWaarJ-l'al a Al 9 ami fvl WtW ROBERT STARK Hmtlgve. m3 I LBURllntCTON EXII 34 UM TURNER Plajam. aeeH, SVF1 AlKKf I I ARLINGTON "AfACHC" Rart Lmintw lr CAPITOL "Coldan Wi" V. HtHia taiar CLEVELAND CIRCLE CIRCLE It 6-4O40 AlrCn. M. 15. f. 7:45 Svtla 4 lawU "Living It Up" laenaieewr Hiliii till, "The Centla Gunman" E. Stllart DORCHESTER real MrtNirray "Puahonar" FRANKLIN "Frah) lain Hi Wau" 1J5-S Sit. tat. 1 Hr. CarttoM, "Friiwli Join, Wan Nn Serial WISH blttL wnir Feature Shown at 3:27 HANCOCK VILLAGE HANCOCK In Color Cinemascope tit. 1:30. Ciyae iulty'i "Ring of Fear" tv. "Francia Jolm the Wee," JAMAICA PLAIN JAMAICA In Color A Cinemascope "RINC. OF FEAR" at "Franc i Joina the Wtca" 1 Dliiereara for thl Lrdiai Atleaeea 4 nnlni MATTAPAN ORIENTAL. Air Cindltioart Martia 3 Ltwli lent Litali "Living It Up" Oorethy Rtagalra-Stepliia McNally "Make Haate To Lia" 1-J5-B05 NATICK COLONIAL "Capt. Kidd A Slave Girl" ttrtla a leamv "Living It Up" lataanaier 8tart Sun. "DUEL IN THE SUN" DRIVE-IN auutTM a uvm-i (HN -LIVING ITUP" MAI MA ST TO UVT Fftje poMv awesniMTiw, I JOAN I "JOHNNY I johh I SEA OF CR.EOOK.Y PECK. WR3ARA WAaairw JENNIFER. JONES 0IOR6I Aho ODflAffaAoHOl (technicolor.) I nrwic 7)ial AfiTlllf "YE JwLEWIS tXTRA! Mann tAFIOOt WPmAT BRAINTREE VV IVtraJuaVVajV Carnival Storvfl FRAMINGHAM (Cont.) ST. GEORGE Martin Lawll "LIVING IT UP" Dorotny McGalre "MAKE HASTE TO LIVE GORMAN KAbout Mrs. Leslie Air Cena. Vaa Htlia "The Golden Maak HINCHAM LORING HALL ClmniSceaaStaraoflianliSein' "NIGHT PEOPLE" Gregory Pack "RAILS INTO LARAMIE" HYDE PARK Fairmount Now in Cinemascope THE ROBE, Pecos Bill" Sit. Mat. Kiddle Kartew Free Cina? LYNN "PARATROOPER" Alan Ladd Technicolor "TAIZAI THE SHE DEVIL' All! SHIW TONIGHT MAIDEN GRANADA mvn Jerrv ill IUIIIH IT IIBII Teehnl Lewja Lllinu II vr Mler D. McGuIra "MAKE HASTI TO LIVE" AUDITORIUM vSrV-'Hott "MOON IS BLUE" AIM lata Ferrer "MOULIN ROUGE" T'eelar LM I 7'1 II IENNIFER fONES iTiai-jr PtrJC rllFLttaUHf wmcEta or ammp 'na FHLf MEDFORD MEDFORD Ana Blyth and Hoaanl Kan Air Cane. "ROSE MARIE" Plua "DRUMS OF TAHITI" T'oolof it. aaLT aiaaii tenia aier rairroer ABTaTtDPrint lir 1 rtf?" -ilir TTmiaei MELROSE TANGANYIKA" J. lame "laJlicrillea at aa Aaiericaa Wrte" Mat. Karteea 3 "Tamaayllt" NEEDHAM PARAMOUNT En. 10:40 Alaa la.a "HELL BELOW ZERO" T'eelar Jeel HcCrei "HACK WISE CANYON" T'leier NORWOOD NORWOOD Atrteelel Mat lS-Ew. (JO Nartla A Lnl, "LIVING IT BP" T'eelar D. MeGah-e "Nal, Haite te I In" 3. tclallr QUINCY Air Cnne. Hartla 1 Lull "LIVING IT IP1 STRAND "MAKE HA3TE TO LIVE" REVERE REVERE Jenifer lem "DUEL IN THE SUI' A "80WEIY IDYS MEET THE MONSTEI" ROXBURY EGLESTON Now in CinemaScope iiQi'e. .1 "DUFFY OF 1:30 unit ui reai un iuentin" Sat. Nat. Kiddle Karteea Karnlnl Free Cin4, SAUGUS CENTER 8TATC In CinemaScope) "THE ROBE" SOMERVILLE TEELE SQ A SOMERVILLE AlrCaea. CINEMASCOPE-TECHNICOLOR "NIGHT PEOPLE" Gregory Peck-Broderick Crawford "lAOWAN'S TtHITQIY" Naaeelali Stert BROAOWAV "THEM" Jamea Whitmora-Joan Weldon Cuy Madieon "THE COMMAND" Car SOUTH BOSTON BROADWAY 2 Big Hits In Color "LONE GUN" Gee. teataaaar, "CAPT. KIDD A THE SLAVE GIRLS" Kide. Set. Mat. Inner Save 5 CarteaM Saa. Martia 1 Iran "LIVING IT UP" UTRian irate "aaacaa't tail tiyta TTtinrVT DDIUPr' Tertian iibuuliii i nniwe. CieearaSMaa SOUTH WEYMOUTH CAMEO 3 Celer Nit, Oa WMa lenea Aar Alaa laee "HELL BELOW ZERO" Cna Atln Maraaiy "IHe CHtr ef llitle" WEYMOUTH WEYMOUTH AlrCealad WE9-2IS00 ennui iron" -outiaw ijo Hiki 1i.i.wn una STALLION" T'4 Sit, tat. KiMia Kartan HarinaU fne tae WINCHESTER pe. I La" I t7w4a a I srrr ia iiliai rafinnTa AIR CONDITIONED TODAY or 1 :00 and 8:40 P.M. Print by 1 TECHNICOLOR Vu Dor'I Need 6lat Reserved Scots 1 Now On Sole! MI OFFICE If II ItllY ,0 A M. P.M. er 3IIEI Mill AIR-CONDITIONED DAfTAll' DJO I wll THEATRE WASH ESSEX 2-3670 ooe OPINi eafaiitiiii ITATIIIlll Ml Mm KlaalB' and Kn((ta' In MOM'a mi haiiipi I aJANk rUffCLL HOWARD KEEL DICK P0VYEU DEBBIE REYNOLDS tJZ.1 Ilrl WCHHKCHOR US SINS0FR0IE Spectacle Drama I SIR RALPH I THI CaiAOOrWSOMi "FUME A FLESH" Lane Tamer "MASSACRE CARTON" Phil Crer STAGE INTOWN ili a a A- em-. -e 'mum LAST 3 NIGHTS ROMEO JULIET" "Magnificent Performance" Trav. "A Muat" Port FREE SQ. DANCE TONIGHT Reservations WE 5-5870 SHUBERT LAST 2 DAYS Err Matinee Temerrew ill HV 1 3 CRAWFOaO-TCOLOl I OUITAt" I ann 1 LOST SHIPS" HELD 0VER-9TH GREAT WEEK 7 u.auiu uiAiialfa aa 1 3 Iffta as a tAJlfta aa nma anaia THE TURNWeft KHHT WEST NEWTON WEST NEWTON "Southwell Paeaage" Ian Lftdtt "Hell Below Zero" loan Telrel ROSLIN0ALE RIALT0 Ah- Cenaptunit. la ClaaaiaSeaaa Clyll Stltty "Slna Fr" tat Jain, In, ROXBURY RIVOLI la Technliilar tirtla Ltwl, Air Cont. 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She is the former wife of Aoienrat who goes on a jungle trek to meet her boy friend's mother (she thinks) but who gets herself involved with snakes, leopards, lions and murderous natives. David Farrar is the story's sadis- ut vilia tn wuuk wiiKiursL lt'di is when he has a native tied over a pit of writhing cobras and then mite triA mnH nh hnlta thai man above them. Naturally, he is finally captured and turned over to the authorities by dauntless Dana. Also on the program is an English-made adventure called "Paid to Kill" with Dane Clark in the I air aaa lUIUf! nrniann Cnnd. aviwiiiM ea a Bfcy Nttih "Make Haate To Live" CHELSEA ra. MARTIN I LEWIS ajcGiin "Malra Haate To Live" N--fi i Vli INCHESTER S-2H0 Air Conditioned Fral MHararrav-Klei Nani "PUSHOVER" Pie, ei'ia-l Tael "Ml MY" Head role. M. I A. today.

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