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i i 1 1 1 1 I (Copyright, 1949. by We lilobe repaper Co.) Res. V. S. Pat.

Off. I SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1949 14 PAGES FIVE CENTS i. Tine i I am EL Staff Member, Justice 1 mrnmm oviei Theft of Secret Information Jew om for Snip! oyee bbi By Fulton. Ottrsler 1 Chapter Four of Fulton Oursler's Life of Christ it'll I appear in tomorrow's Sunday Globe The Globe will be sold out in many places tomorrow Tell your newsdealer today to save a Sunday Globe for you. Fireman, Janitor Hurt Battling Back Bay Blaze One fircmnn was injured and ft janitor slightly burned when firemen were forced to don gas masks to extinguish a fire in an apartment at 497 Huntington Back Bay, today.

Frncis Contello, 32. of 16 East r' If At uk fzz o) Pair Seized on Bus; Han Held in 8100,000, Woman in WASHINGTON, March 5 (AP) A Russian on the United Nations staff and an American woman employee of the Justice Department were held by the FBI in New York today, accused of stealing United States secrets. fw Mount 1 Dorchester, 'he fireman, was treated at Boston City Hospital for a lacerated right hand. Ryan, the i 1 janitor, was treated at le scene! for burns. i St iiie Diaze was aitribuled.

to an overheated engine in a refrigerator, land drove two sisters, Mrs. Hilda dip uuen buy A Thompson and Mrs. Alice West, to the street. Heavy smoke and fumes from the refrigerator hampered firemen. Damage was estimated at $500.

Mother of Girl Held as Spy Sobs "I Don't Believe It" I NEW YORK. March 5 (AP) The mother of Judith Coplon sobbed. "I don't believe it. I don't believe' it." Arrested With 2 Others in Portland, Allegedly Term Robbery "Soft Touch" Woman's Cries Cause Cambridge Intruder tolFlee A would-be house breaker, frightened into' a run when a Cambridge woman screamed as he tried to Full confessions have been obtained from two Boston men by Cambridge police involving them in the $1800 holdup of Steuben's restaurant last Tuesday, it was declared today by Cambridge officers who returned from Portland, where they conducted their investigation. HELD IN SPY CASE Judith Coplon, 27, United States Department of Justice worker, and Valentine A.

Gubitchev, Russian U.N. employee. when she learned today that her daughter had been arrested on charges of conspiring to steal gov. ernmerit papers. Reached at her Brooklyn' home by telephone, Mrs.

Samuel Coplon cried: "What's the matter, what the matter with my daughter? O. tell me quick. O. God, God, please tell me." JVlolhclr Continued on Page A guarded announcement from the Department of Justice hinted at a spy-thriller sequel to last Summer's sensational stories of a wartime Red spy ring operating in high government places and relaying inside information by courier to Soviet agents in New York. Arrested in New York last night after an up-town-downtown movie-style chase, the Justice Deparmtent said, were: Judith Coplon, 27, formerly of Brooklyn, N.

an employee of the Department since 1943. Officials would say only that her government post was a minor one. Valentine A. Gubitchev, 32, identified by U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie as a construction engineer for the U.N.'s permanent headquarters in New York.

Gubitchev was held in bail and Coplon in $20,000 bail at their arraignment in New York on charges of conspiracy to commit espionage. Spies Continued on Page 2 Woman Killed in "Wreck" force, her window shortly after ji this morning, eluded police-of that! city and Somerville after a chase! lds, 24, of Wait st Roxbury, and James II. Harnum, 20, of Cam-brige. The quartette were picked up in Sbco. last Wednesday for implication in several safe cracking 1000 Persons Evacuated in Idwa Floods through alleyways and streets.

i The woman. Ruth Hoyt. awak- ened by the man as he tried to Believed Lonely Heart Victim Boston and Cambridge police were window at 15 notified that local men xere being! ridge screamed and T.ln to a hed telephone tt call police as the man GRAND RAPIDS, March He said she "died in a train wreck." UJTM investigating the1. Fernandez, 34, and his 200-pound MISSOURI March Immediately Cambridge police inf nl-1 5 (AP) About -1000 persons have andi'Monelv hearts" murders searched mistress. Mrs.

Martha readv have confessed to the WARMER PARTLY ci.ornY MILD TONIGHT 'Full re-rorts ci hack rBr. disnatched Lt Breen and officer i "idm cy SRt J. Harry McCaffrey lone-1 oc-en evacuated from their homes The two men. now being held in Portland with tw others on larceny charges, admitted to Lt Detective Joseph Brcen and special officer William Trodden rf Cambridge that it "was a soft touch" holding up the taurant, the police said. The men were identified as William E.

Cavanaugh, 25, of Jess Jamaica Plain, and Carl G. Smith, 24, also of Boston. All four men were arraigned in Portland Municipal Court and held in a total of $62,000 bail today after they entered pleas of not guilty. The other two' men were identified as Christopher G. Ba in this west Iowa town flooded by ly hearts" murders of two widows Trodden to Portland to conduct an 'T, alozzl ana.

ranK the love letters of Raymond Fer-investisation into several Cambridge 1 responded in a cruising today for a clew to the iden- waters of the Boyer River. Cy-Varnrs. Harrison County Red and a baby. The letter which raised the possibility that the two' were implicated tlty of "Irene" who wrote intended to do away with you me as Cross, chairman, estimated one-third of this town of about 400O persons in another killing was found among holdups that the men were believed 1 1 to have participated in. vui 1 of Corner Eireen is credited with break-: inp the Steuben case for the Boston I Intruder police.

It was his knowledge of Continued on Page 2 two of the men and the fact that you did with Jane." dozens in a owned by Fer- was flooded. IN TONIGHTS (2LORE Comics 6-7, Financial tl Cross-Word 6 Radio 7 Culbertson 7 Serial Storr 3, 12 Sport 4-3 Editorial 10 Theatres ,.,..,14 uin-ir ucjicvru lu none i c- ferred to 'Mrs. Jane Wilson Thomp- nandez. It was addressed to Ray xon. hospital dietitian from New and wfls f'R" York who went to Spain with Krr Lonely Icart nadcz in 1917 and failed to return.

Continued on Page 2 in 1943 he did one of the men a water siooa lour leet aeep in parts of the business district. It war? porch and roof high in the west and south residential sections. The water plant was flooded. City water had been turned off. Continued on Page 2 favor softened up the suspect and finally led to the confessions.

Holdup Continued on Page 2 Thieves Steal Safe With $1000 in Worcester Norwood Fire Sweeps V. F. W. Home; 2 Hurt Neutral Observer Says: tbless, Cabby Robbed in Everett, 7th Vishinsky Vandenberg Red Sox Rookie in Two Weeks Stupendous as Slugger WORCESTER. March 5 Thieves forced a 200-pound steel door in the rear of the Orchid Hill Dairy, 20-22 Park early this morning and stole an 800-pound safe containing more than $1000.

The break was discovered by Patrolmen George Considine and Frank Pratt who were making their rounds at 2:30 and found the huge door ajar. They raid the thievev used jimmys to break the lock. According to police, the thieves pushed the 800-pound steel safe from the ofiice to the loading plat-! form, where they apparently loaded it onto a truck and carted it away. Police believe it was the same gang who late last night stole a delivery truck, owned by the dairy, from the company garage on Mer- Moscow Shakeup No': Page 1 Story in Daily Worker NEW March 5 AP) The Daily Worker, Communist party organ the United Stales, carried the story of the Molotov-Vishinskv shift'in Russia on the bottom of Page 3 to-' day. It ran 150 words.

EVERETT, March 5 A 49-year-old Somerville cab driver fell' the seventh victim in a series of cab holdups throughout Boston and vicinity within the past two weeks, when a "dapper" looking man about 30 years old relieved him of his wallet containing $16 ealry this morning. Cornelius Corcoran of 55 Thurston Somerville. told police ho nicked up the fare at Main st. and Broadway. Somerville.

shortly after midnight. He said he driving the mar, to Everett and on the Revere Beach Parkway near Lewis a hard object was stuck in his side. Thf fare said, "This is a stickup null I 1 Mi if Uy-V 4Si -i is' ft 1,1 t'; WASHINGTON, March 5 (AP) Senator Vandenberg, of Michigan, "said today Russia's shift of Andrei Y. Vishinskv to Foreign Minister succeeding Vyachcslav M. Molotov means a "ruthless" man replaces a "relentless" man.

Vandenberg said frankly that "I do not know what the latest shift among the Soviet Czars means." He added: "If the change means anything, it remains for the (Soviet) Politburo overlords to say. But while there is life there is Vandenberg, chief Republican exponent of the nation's bipartisan foreign policy, was the first top-ranking United States t. Cards9 Manager Considers Braves, leader to offer comment on Russia's sudden switch in foreign ministers. lie is former chairman of the Senate Foregn Relations Committee. Vishinsky Continued on Page 2 I over to the curb." After passing over his wallet.

Corcoran told police, the man ran down Lewis st. By JACK HAND Associated Prp Reporter SARASOTA. March 5 (AP) Natives of this circus- minded city have a new exhibit i in Walter Dropo, strapping Bos- ten Red Sox rookie, whose prac- tice -wallops are gargantuan, colossal and stupendous. Folks fed on a Winter diet of Ringlir.g Brothers' gaudiest ad- jectives have no trouble finding the right -word for Walter, a yix-foot-five-inch first" baseman from Moosup, Conn. "Did you see where that Dropo hit one today?" i That's a sure conversation- stopper in the wooden bleach- ers at Payne Field.

So far, he really is something. Now Dropo may very well wine in Louisville or Birminghan uhen the' pitchers start hookin; that ball he's been playing bal for only two years. But whether it this season or next, he's a sure bet to make the big time. Even, Probe Ordered in Roxbury Fire Which Routed 100, The Slate Fire Marshal's office will investigate the four-alarm fire in a apartment' building at 652 Huntington Roxbury, which hoi-pitalircd one fireman and drove more than 100 persons, including several children, to the street last niht. Loss to the building, the Carlton Chambers, was estimated at S25.0C0 by Fire.

Chief John F. McDcnoush. For a Perfect 1949 Vacation READ THE SUNDAY GLOBE'S Inter national Travel Review Dodgers Strongest ST. PETERSBURG, March 5 tUP) Eddie Dyer, a little more jittery this Spring than usual, today singled out the Braves and Dodgers as the clubs his St. Louis Cardinals will have to beat out for the 194fl National League pennant.

"They're solid," he said, "and will take a lot of beating, but if we can avoid all the injuries nd other bad luck we had last year, we are the club that can do it." Boston, he predicted, would be the toughc-'-t of the lot "if Pete Reiser comes back." Braves Continued on Page 4 Benjamin Pollock, Manager Joe McCarthy thinks so. Dropo Continued on Page 4 TALK OF SARASOTA Circu. city native have new aide ihow exhibit in Walter Dropo. Carev i Vv F. COMMANDER Joseph Paduck shown with Norwood Post's colors and other property he saved when fire wrecked headquarters this morning.

.1 Four Ureal 'Sections' But. officials believe damage to the interior, along with personal belongings, would raise the figure to $100,000. Fire Continued Page 2. DON'T MISS The New Book Page in the Boston Sunday Globe Starting this Sunday, March 6, The Boston Sunday Globe will introduce its new Sunday Book Page. Edited by Edward A.

Lay-cock, Globe Literary Critic, and his staff of expert book reviewers, the new Sunday Globe Book Page will bring you and all your family the latest information about the new books. You Will Enjoy It Next Sunday and Every Sunday in the Boston Sunday Globe 1 Hit-Run Driver Kills Fall River Man, 60 Veteran Railroad Official, Dead at 84 1 NORWOOD, March 5 Two firemen were injured and several families were driven from nearby dwellings as a general alarm fire destroyed the 2Vi- 3 A 1 SOUTH YARMOUTH, March 5 Benjamin R. Pollock, 84. retired story wooden home of- Norwood vice president and general manager posti y. F.

at 85 Railroad You will enjoy the timely articles and beautiful illustrations in next Sunday's International Travel the largest and most complete International Travel Review ever published in New England. Here is complete and interesting information on traveling and vacationing in foreign places all over the worlds BE SURE TO READ IT IN THIS SUNDAY'S Boston Sunday Globe FALL RIVER, March 5 tUP) A hit run automobile struck and killed Octave Lizotte, 60, of Fall River early today as he Was walking along the left sidov, of Jefferson st. Albert Scafran, 63, a friend who was walking 10 feet in front of him, leaped lrom the car's path and escaped injury. TODAY OPEN HOUSE 9 A. M.

to 9 P. M. Introducing the new DE SOTO The car designed with you in mind! At your only downtown Boston Dealer. HUB MOTOR CAR Inc. 1283 Washington Boston (On bloofc from Dover MTA station) i early this morning, i Post Com Joseph Paduck of Washington South Norwood, i arrived on the scene with fire- men and risked his life to save the post colors, Bible and char-I ter whiqh were in the first floor i meeting hall.

Be sure to read the Rotogravure, Comic, Magazine, Editorial Sections in tomorrow's Sunday Globe. Save time and money when making your Household purchases by reading the Store Advertisements in the. Globe every day. For results, advertise your Wants in the Daily and Sunday Globe. Be sure to read the Want Pages in tomorrow's Sunday Globe.

Advertisements may be ordered at the Globe offic or by telephone. Call LA 3-2000. i of the Boston Maine Railroad and former general manager of the New York, New Haven Hartford Rairoad, died last night at his home here. In 1927 he resigned from the Bos-ion Maine after 49 years of railroading. At the age of 8 he worked in the Pennsylvania coal mines as a breaker boy.

Tollock Continued on Page 2 Norwood Continued on Page 2.

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