The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on January 12, 1951 · 10
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 10

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1951
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rmrf Ten THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1951 SOCIETY: Panel Discussion to Open Architecture Lectures By MARJORlE,W. SHERMAN The excitement of collecting first editions or going to preview of art exhibitions will be offered to series aubscribers to the . 1951 Trend of Design Lectures at the Boston Architectural Center: Among the first appearances of famous names in design promised for these lectures m-ruch benefit the centers night classes for young students unable to afford regular architectural training will be those of Pietro Belluschi. new Dean of Architecture at M.J.T. on Feb. 28 and Edward D. Stone of New York on March 28. The opening evening of the series en Wednesday. Jan. 24. at 8:30 will be a panel discussion on "Art . in Architecture" by Boston art critics Dorothy Adlow. Alice Lawton, Lawrence Dame and Edgar Driscoll Jr. Edward P. Goodnow will be moderator at the symposium. Mr. Belluschi's theme on Feb. 28 will be "Pacific Coast Homes." and Mr. Stone's lecture on March 28 is entitled "South American Modern." For the final evening in the stimulating series. Gyorgy Kepes of the newly established Visual Design department at M. I. T. will offer an illustrated discussion of "Environment and. Its Influenced" 1 - lasted among the noted Sponsors for the benefit lectures are Mr. and Mrs. T. Mott Shaw. Mrs. Roger S. Warner, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Aldrich. Robert P. aince this vital project was started during the war. will again spon sor the sending of seeds one of : the most valuable and inexpensive; ways of helping Britain's heavily rationed people with their short food supply. CHESTNUT HILL ON THE WORCESTER TIRNPIKE AMPLE FREE PARKING AbPINWALL 7-4100 Bellows. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Col- lens. Mrs. Edwin S. Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. William Emerson. Mrs. Rilih W. Gray, Mr.and Mrs. Bartk.t H. Hayes Jr., Andrew H. Hepburn, Dean and Mrs. Joseph Hudnu'. Dr. and 'Mrs. James R. Killian Jr.. food supply. Mr anri Mm. Thomas Metcalf. Mrs. ' . . - ... . . . ... ... " -v ing special guests here in town is uc.nor mjmona. t) uke lnpm to one of Boston s! SEEDS FOR ENGLAND will be famed Waltz Evenings, for which the Duroose of next Tuesday's meet- tables are booked weeks in ad- ine at Mrs.. John S. Ames' Com- vance. The Jan. 19th Waltz Even monwealth av. house. The com- ing. sold out for many days, will mittees of the English-Speaking see guests from New York, Wash- Union, the Federated Women's ington, Philadelphia and Balti-Club. Garden Clubs, and the Mas- more, and those having waltz par- sachusetts Horticultural Society, ties will include, Mrs. Harold who have joined in sending whole i Walker. Mrs. . Robert Dean. Mrs, ! gardens - 10 engiana eacn spring kodd oagenaorpn. lamina oeweii.i Nancy j;ay Williams. Kuth Noble, ' Joan Carroll and many more. j The waltzing competitions will start at this month's party and the, couples chosen will compete at the' final party for the top waltzing honors of the season. Sammy j Eisen is planning to center the mu-! sic around Tchaikovsky waltzes, i Ushers chosen to tap the winners i on Jan. 19 include debutantes Ruth! Dumaine. Elisabeth Hollander,' Anne Colt. Rosemary Thompson, t and Molly Shaw. SHIP MODELS i "WOMEN . PROFIT; by the spectacular values in our up-to-the-second coat collections '.BERMUDA WEDDING TRIP ail i f n a i ij: - t K : t excellent private collection sre now1, ! V S 8 Y I on lnan at th Walk.r r.aiWv at ela Marget to Dr. Morton Ohn, Newton Church Gives $30,000 for Star Island j A gift of $30,000 from the Newton (Center Unitarian Church to build I a new parish hall on Star Island in' ! the Isles of Shoals was announced today by William Roger Greeley, president of the Star Island Corporation with headquarters at 355 Boylston st, Boston. Star Island, situated 10 miles from Portsmouth. N. H . off the Maine-New Hampshire coast. i. the scene of religious and educational conferences each year from June to September. The gift of the Newton church, Greeley said, will be used to provide a general assembly and, con ference hall as the central unit of the New Gosport Village on the island. In presenting the money. Treasurer Louis F. Billings of the Newton Center Unitarian Church said that church members wanted to make the island of even deeper mean I ing to the thousands of conference . delegates who go there each year. Inductee Uses Strategy to Dodge Parking Ticket FATERSON, N. J., Jan. 12 AP Robert Gibson parked his far in a restricted zone yesterday and went to takp his Army physical. He passed it. too. A ticket on his car? Police were goin ty hut a large stun (tibsnn put on his car ,.fnrred them. It read. Gone for Army physical n ticket please." You'll Always Rm(mtf VOUP WINTER IN VERMONT ! ftnnw ( nrnfr of t.nKln4 iWnli for itmg nw olot riiinn M 1 'Winter Wonriri tand ' 4 ptf vif w nf mir mum th .;!. irt uiTiriors. mrt p- vfinpmrnt Communion. Mnntptlttr S. Vt. from many 31 Newbury st. geline Walker Miss Mary Evan-'son ot ur. ana mn. uouis una and Miss Laura 'Ane enae 15 tne aaugnter ot Mr, WEEK-END FOOD MARKET i The overall trend in wholesale Jfood prices -is still persistently up- j ward, but retail prices in the Greater roster include ship collectors Bailey, ... ,,,;' 4. KJwU . Boston chain stores and supermar- Walters, Taylor and Hepburn. There ! y:'.no""Cefle rufuS.r1 kets seem t0 be holding the line on will be a private view on the oPen-;?hll( a.n2 AA 5?"' "si????' which they opened 1951. ine Sundav .imoeri rncnu. wito parents e. This, of course, is still consider- Drake are in charge of the exhibit planned to go on display for the public Jan. 14 and continue through Feb. 3. Names on the contributors and Mrs. Arthur Marget, also of Brookline. FAMOUS FABRICS Fine Juilliard woolens. American woolens, Wyandotte, Deering Milliken, even luxurious Forstmann fabrics I Collectors' items both of ships in ,"";s iiiably higher than it was in the cor- Kt1 nrl chin r.aintin5 lent trt I unjsiyn. " ship paintings lent to Miss Walker, who is -the granddaughter of the late Josiah Holmes of New Bedford, builder of such have come in from Dr. and Mrs. mmfi. Vlnlr Vhri47 Mrs. Edward L. Smith of Arlington. Western Auto Plans JANHR AL E FRIGED Untrlmmcd Coats regularly 79.95 to 100.00 now 64.00 Pj-ramiding, ;nnar and fitted shapes in black and new-season shade? Fur Trimmed Coats . regularly 119.00 to 175.00 NOW 99.00 and 133.00 Featuring Sheared Canadian Beaver, Persian Lamb, Natural Ranch Mink, Silver Foxiand American Broadtail on Forstmann and Juilliard woolens. Ail in Women's Sizes STORE HOUflS DAILY ,9 15 A M TO 5 30 P M FRIDAY. 12 NOON TO 900 P. Kf CHESTNUT HILL ON THE WORCESTER TURNPIKE AMPLE FREE PARKING ASPINVALL 7-4100 Russell Wood ;of New Bedford and ; Robert Leatherbarrow of i airhaven. Others who have loaned pieces from their private collections include Mrs. Robert S. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Webb White. Robert Vose. Mrs. Chauncy Depew Steele. Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Metters. Dr. Claude Payzante and Theodore Wyman. IN THE SOUTH January's snowy weather and sub-zero temperatures have meant' early trips South for many Bostonians. In Sarasota, Fla., for' a few weeks' visit are Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Johnson of Lexington and Mrs. J. F. Ramsay of Newton-ville. The Arthur O. Wellmans of Boston are enjoying Nassau's "year round" sunshine. They arrived at the Cat Key Club. Bahamas, B. W. I., aboard the yacht Topsal which iccjjumun wccr idsi ;cdl 1U1 mailj items, but careful shoppers will be I happy to discover there have even been reductions here and there l from last week's prices. I Cases in point were reductions of from two to six cents a pound for FASHION COLORS Sherbet-tone high shades taupe, and fleeces, (new of plum and basic green. navy, grey, wine, and black! Merchandise slated for Spring and! rib and chine end cuts of pork loins. c,,m win he riicniavH hv ! But tn same outlet advanced fowl Summer trade will be displayed oy and broiler pric(?s twQ Western Auto Supply Company at;cents a pound, respectively, over the Bradford Hotel Sunday and! prices that prevailed last week. Monday. I Pork and fr?sn Poutry are still!. , . . , crv i ;., i uesi uujs in meals. Approximately W" Broiler prices range from 39 to wui uc iu ir!43 cents- fowl from 39 to 45 and i",B.Tv .7 roasting chickens from 53 to 55. HCw u,si.m rr:."- J:?.:r"i These are the New York COruing XO V. n. VJIIUII, ujviaiuii manager, LATEST STYLES Great sweeping pyramids, chic new shorties, pert titled styles, versatile zip-liners, and classic silhouettes!' In charge of the . merchandise show will Joe Paul F. Brown, wholesale sales manager of the company's Taunton division. Assisting will be Fred Stauff and Walter O Donnell, special representatives. The show will feature such items as fishing tackle, outboard motors, sporting goods, seat covers and lawn and garden equipment. dronned anchor in Pirate's Cove Harbor. Big event on the Bahama iTpAmsters GrouD sports program is the Fifth Annual 1 e&msiers vr""H Fort Lauderdale-Cat Cay raceiOffers Scholarships wnicn win siari irora ine x iui lua cKild Coast on Jan. m. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN AFRICA" will be the subject of a dinner meeting of the Evening Department of the Women's Guild of the Old South Church tonight. Mrs. C. N. Abbott and Miss Sara D. Abbott are to be hostesses at the 6:30 dinner at Mary Norton Hall. Miss Eleanor Kambour wiy direct the 8 o'clock dinner meeting and Mrs. William D. Webb, repre-' sentative of the American Board of LCommissioners for Foreign Missions in Rhodesia, will be the speaker. CHRISTOPHER L. PRICKITT Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beall Prickitt (Frances Yeames) of Middlebury, ' mSjciCKet ensemoLe dressed prices, i. e., dressed poultry that has only been bled and picked. The head, feet and internal organs have not been removed. Ready-to-cook prices, for eviscerated poultry, average 69 cents for roasters, 55 cents for broilers and 65 cents for fowl. Housewives have been confused by this comparatively recent practice of advertising two prices fot the same item. The New Hampshire Extension Service recently did something about it; has published a leaflet reporting a shopping experiment tending to prove thai The New England Conference of !those who buy at tre ready-to-cook. Teamsters, in cooperation with the.Pnce save money, on broilers and New England motor carrier mdus-. roasters and lose on fowl. try and New England colleges, is . ,pvih-uuh piuceas iuikd sponsoring a scholarship prize com- m weight shrinkages of 28 percent petition for college students of the! on fowl, 25 percent on roasters and six New Encland states. I30 percent on broilers used in the ALL SIZES Momentous selection for juniors, misses . . . even some half -sizes! The contest, closing May 31. will consist of a paper on the history and growth of the-Teamsters' Union New Hampshire experiment, At this week's prices, the ready to-cook purchaser saved 14 cents in each state. Winners in each state j on , a 4'-pound roasting chicken will receive a $100 scholarship. Addresses where papers are to be submitted: 262 Washington st Boston. Mass.: 801 Elm st.. Manchester, N. H.: 4 Ann St., Providence. R. I.; 295 Main St.. Barre. Vt; 110 Exchange st., Portland, Me., and 85 State st.. New London. Conn. CHESTNUT HILL ON THE WORCESTER TURNPIKE AMPLE FREE PARKING ASP1NWALL 74100 xlp unior dona for Spring ina tiny geometric print, 14.95 Pretty q'uare neckline drena with oftly peggrd kirt and a snug little, rib-hugging jacket. Pink, turquoise or copper ith black. Junior 'size 9 to 15.- -hX'.ii l - ? ' ' Hi ua 'Wv' - "'V "'': I X ' V I l 1 1 ii M por bu and only 2 cents on a 3.12-pound broiler. A 5.4-pound fowl cost 16 cents more at the ready-to-cook price than it would have at the New York dressed price. The end product is the same in either case and. as the barker said: "You has your choice!" The loral marketing spction of the Department of Agriculture lists carrots, lettuce, onions, parsnips, turnips, , swept potatoes, collards, kale, mushrooms, tangerines, Florida and California oranges, grape, cranberries, apples, poultry, fresh ork loin and shoulders as "good ys this week. Turkey is still plentiful at 49 cents a pound and one major outlet was advertising ducklings at only 35 cents a pound. There was no better protein buy on the market shelves this week than creamed cottage cheese it 38 cents a pound. Nutritionwise, a pound of creamed cottage cheese is nearly as beneficial to the consumer as a pound of beefsteak. The comparison ends there, of course, but it is interesting to note that the price of this item has advanced only 1 cent a' pound in the past three years. This week's Dun & Bradstreet index showed no such - reluctance to move in most other food lines. The wholesale pound prices of 31 important food items were up 1.3 percent from last week and are now 4.6 percent below the all-time record peak reached in mid-July, 1948. Eire Society to Hear Talk on Boston Poet Mrs. Rufina McCarthy Helmer I will recall memories of her father. Denis A. McCarthy, Irish Poet of Boston, 1870-1931 at the meeting, of the Eire Society at the Copley Plaza I Hotel Sunday, at 3 p. m. Preceding the meeting there will ibe a concert by the William Boyle LI Sin F w I M Y mmm m m m i 1,? mm r I STORE HOURS DAILY 9. 15 A. M. TO 5 30 P.M." FRIDAY: 12 NOON TO 9.00 P M crilly nybn beautifully tailored by Seamprufe at your price, 10.95 Such stufl' as dreams are made of . . . eay fitting and long wearing nylon tricot gown ' touched with lace. Pink and white in size 32 In 3fi. STORE HOURS: DAILY 9:15 A. M. TO 5 30 P. M. FRIDAY: 12 NOON TO 9 00 P.M. v. I . J y 1 SPEAKER Mr. Rutin. McCarthy Helmr, who will tprak hfor mting of th tir society Sunday afternoon. Orchestra The Boyle Trio will accompany Margaret Macpherson in a group of McCarthy's poems set to music. There also will be an exhibit of the reproduction of the Book of Kells. The original is on guarded exhibit at Trinity College. Dublin, where one page is turned daily. The reproduction will be shown through the courtesy of Harvard University. Virginia Student Wins Harvard Scholarship John "Till" Hazel of Arlington, Va.. is the Harvard senior "who best exemplifies the qualities of excellent scholarship, manliness, and effective support of the hestTnterests of Harvard University. Hazel won the annual Paul Re vere Frothingharn scholarship yes terday for these qualities. fLfi O A GIGANTIC CLOSEOUTI This whole terrific selection now. . . . Many ol these fashion coats were just purchased a few weeks ago. Come early for the coat choice of a lifetime ... at "proven unvinga plu!" SECOND FLOOR SUBURBAN SHOP EXTRA SPECIAL! JUST 126 SUITS USUALLY $38 f 63 Exciting buya in 100 wool . . . including just 18 beautiful 3-piece suite of exquisite tweed. ,. mmmm iaarfRlMaMaJlatafftfaBMfr

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