The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on July 14, 1964 · 19
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 19

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, July 14, 1964
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Laver's Best Tennis, Gonzales in Pursuit The Boston Globe TuetJav. Julv It. 19 PRO TENNIS (Continued from Page IT) Perhaps the left-handed Laver has played better somewhere. Never, though, in such an atmosphere, with that wolf Gonzales charging him, and the title involved. Goniales gives you a feeling of danger like no other player," the 26-year-old Queenslander said. In the fourth game of the - second set, Laver began to show he has a heart to go with his barbed, topspinning . i tin.:- . . f - gettable passage of shotmak-ing, as he turned the danger Pancho's way. Gonzales said, I concentrated my serve 1 U : 1 T ; er"s backhand, simply be- . onco VtoMl Vill vnn U'ith tVio forehand. The backhand is a little weaker." Three times in that game Pancho ripped serves into the enemy backhand and they came back like shrap nel for clean winners. Rod ' flailed three other backhands in succession that nearly withered Pancho's racquet - and got the other point. Pancho was broken, for the - first time, by that fusilade. But Pancho lives for the . x t i i. i i the next game. Laver knew it could be done now, however, and he broke again diving headlong to his right for a backhand volley that did it Soon he had the set and equal status, 1 1. It had taken a long time. Laver served the first game of the match and was capsized and broken by Pancho's returns and lobs. He had been behind since. Once even, he began to ascend be yond grasp, exploding the backhand, serving better and better, and swooping in all directions for big volleys. Rod got through a rough service game early in the fourth, and practically served a shutout the rest of the way. Gonzales gouged the Laver serve for only three points in the last set. Doane Wins 13-Under Or-' . ! v I f """ ' .: i y I I it ' ' I' ft YOUNGEST ENTRY in Globe golf was Dennis Cowe, 9, of Plymouth. Laver Toe-Dances to Title Filed-Down Track Spikes Key Win HINGHAM Lyman Doane Jr. scored a sizzling 43-44 87 at the South Shore Country Club Monday to win the 13-and-under laurels of the Boston Globe golf tourney. The 13-year-old son of Uni corn pro L.yman uoane wielded a big driver and a precision-geared putter in the fog ridden morning round. He carded five pars, missing one drive and not three-putting a green. The only trouble for the Lynnfield Junior High golfer came on the par-five ninth and twelfth holes. He pushed a drive out-of-bounds on the ninth and grounded several fairway woods on the 12th. 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V.00 703 MAIN St. IT M00OY) I WIN. FROM EXPBE5SWAT EXIT lgtltt Wslthisi Isilnii lank) fllnnbff 0 flie Wnlthnm Chamher nf Cofntnorce Member 0 the Grenlee Boslon Chambef of Commerce Hamnchirp vacation to romnpte Bill Ezmicki. New Seabury . .35-37 72 t " ... j . . t. M. Koricn. Roseviile. Calif.. 3S-37 73 in his third tournament, It Ross Coon. Newport. R.I. . 40-3373 l: ,;-, IJoseph Perry. Springfield .39-34 73 was his nrst win. Jay Doian. Hiiicrest .......37-3673 Dennis Hayes, 13, of Win- John wi.bai. Nashua 3HI i u j . ... iDon Hoenig. Webster .. . ...39-33 .4 throp, finished second With a aFrancis Quinn, Wachusett .39-3574 aa A RQ Ho crrrcA fnnr nar David Maud. Wollaston ...38-3S 74 44-43 ba. He seorea iour pars Ed Rubls ror5gate, NJ. ...36-3874! and canned a 20-foot birdie "E,n,c s.eed- Foxborough . 36-3975 10- . j aMike Chanian. Oakley 38-37 7a putt on the 185-yard second joe carr. wachusett 37-3875 uu ! Dick Dion. Hudson. NH. ..37-38 75 !j,m Veno. Westview. Me. . 39-3675 Keith Anderson, 12 Of Francis Doyle. Woodland . 38-3876 ellesley was third With a aAlan O'Neil. Fall River ...37-40 77 44.4Q 03 Puttintr wai the kev t!- Headings, Jr., Lim dow .4i)-3i 7 11 o. ruiung was uie Key.Denlt Scanlon- trestview ..38-3977 tO his round, as he dropped G. Cefaraui. Northampton. .41-36 77 n,,nu;n. . ;i,t is j jn a Jim OBey, Wachusett 41-36 77 tOUghies Of eight, 15, and 40 Dan Keffe, Wayland 41-3S 77 fppt lRon LeClair, Westview 39-38 77 1 ... , , John Thoren. Myopia 40-3777 Competitors ranged from Joseph Malia. Spring Valley. 40-38 78 i 10 , - Ti, .,,,- (Bill Barclay, Salem 41-3778 nine tO 13 mage. The yOUngest,aDavid Harrigan. Unicorn. .43-35 78 rionnic Pniirn cnrraA 1?U in Jack Ross, Waieham 41-37 78 -. " ""jaPhilip Grady. United Shoe 41-3778 first tOUmament OUting. F. Fitzgerald. Stow Acres ..37-4178 auuoi oaser. iexingion in Ed Whalley, Charles River . .41-3778 G. Kamal. Keene. N H 41-7 la Vince Yammerino. Allendale . 39-39 781 aJohn Carr, Wachusett 40-39 79 1 Bob Gillis. Bass Rocks 38-41 79 1 Billy Gilbert. Indian Ridge .39-4079; Larry Finnegan. Vesper ...41-38 79 Mike Manley, Clauson's 40-39 79 Rnh Frainv Th.rnu I aa iftdi na Lyman Doane, Unicorn 43-44 87 Les Kennedy, Pawtucket ", .41-38 79 Dennis Hayes, Wmthrop. . .44-45 89 aTed Bishop. Pine Brook ,.41-3879 cich ftiiuciRuif; , v cucaicj .t 1 vo aA. nomano jr.. unit, snoe 39-40 79 jusepn wmeu. DiitaioiQ.,.i!j-ta at aKODert Liyer, Mount Hood 13 and Under Golf Summary By HERB RALBY Rodney George Laver toe-danced in track shoes in the rain to upset Pancho Gonzales for the US. Professional Grass Court tennis championship Monday afternoon at the Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut HilL The track shoes were a last minute addition to Layer's playing equipment when the weather came up rain again. The red-headed Australian southpaw had not brought along a pair of spikes. His opponent, more familiar with the vagaries of New England weather, carried a pair just in case." A hurried trip Monday morninir to Wilson Sporting Goods Co., Newton, had him fitted into a makeshift pair of "tennis spikes' by Lefty Nelson a pair of track shoes with the regular long spikes ground down to size. "But,'' revealed Rod, 1962 Grand Slam winner in his final season as an amateur, "being track shoes, they had no heels. I slipped on the f.rst rxiir.t of the match and I kept slipping until I p'.ayei on my toes the rest cf the match." Without spikes, Laver never would have captured the title from Gonzales and the biggest purse of the eight-tournament tour $2200 in American money and approximately $3000 in exchange in his country. '"Without spikes," he said, "it would have been impossible to reach the ball on the slippery court. The spikes gave me footing." The conditions rain and drizzle all during the match were not the worst Laver has ever played under as a professional. "We've played under similar conditions before," he revealed, "because as pros w e have to play. "If we were still amateurs, we never would have given a thought to playing in this weather and on a slippery court." By playing the match before 2300 hardy tennis nuts, Laver's four set victory, 4 6. 6 3, 75, 6 t, over Gonzales, bailed out the sponsoring New Lr.g'.and Merchants National Bank. If Monday's final had been rained out and the players were all committed to f.y overseas Monday night to Europe to begin a tour over there the first pro tournament in 18 years here would have gone in the hole approximately $6000. That was guaranteed in the advance sale for the final, if played, which explains why it was held under such adverse conditions. OOSf JldSStN 'C'r. 2:00 -was... 1 mml 6RANDSTAN3 $1 - CLUBHOUSE 2 No Motors Admitted Toi lcl J MEC PARKING - FREE SEATS SAVE TIME USE ROUTE S3 ' INSTANT RELIEF FOR . ATHLETE'S FOOT ITCH Now get medicated, fungus killing TING for instant relief. 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Hartford . 42-3880 Wayne Pickett Brain tree. . .50-49 99iaDonald McStay, Franklin ..41-3980 nuueri aeon, naverm 1 n nni 1111 iaiv arrnam. nam Kivpr Edmund Burke, Norfolk. . .49-54 103'Bill Flynn, Thomson Club T. Monohari, South Shore. .52-51 103 1 Jack Devine, Norton Peter Shelton, Needham. . .51-53 104 G. Kinsman, Point Judith M. Barry, Thompson Cub. . 53-51 104;aEd Barry, Charles River F. McCartin, Marshfield. . .52-53 105jEd Kornsaky, Dedham . Ronnie Dunn, Tedesco 48-57 105:aJohn Cosgrove, Green Hill Robert Muse, Woodland 50-55 105 aTom Boyack. Groton .. David Brussard. Mt. Hood.. 49-56 105 Bruce Chails. Mlllls 53-54 107 Harry Nesbit, Braeburn ...52-56 108 Gary Howard, Wampatuck. 52-59 111 Dean Boylan. Hatherly 60-56 116 E. Richardson. Wenham. . .58-58 116 Robert O'Neil. Bear Hill. . .58-59 117 J. Hession, Winchester 57-61 118 Ted Chadwick, Duxbury . . .57-61 118 Ken v. rne country ciub. .B0-58 lis Stephen Barber, Wayland. .63-56 119 John Mclntyre, Albemarle. 64-57 121 John Taiudis, Webb Brook. 67-54 121 Jeffrey Tavlor. Ameshnrv 60-63 123 P. Driscoll. HaDD.v Valley . .58-66 124 Steve Baum, Lexington 61-63 123 tO mcweice, furnace urook ... 69-64 133 Edward Hanson. Ponkapog 65-70 135 Harvey Taylor, Wayland. . .68-69 137 U. tiueenan, United Shoe.. 68-76 144 .39-4180 .40-4080; .40-4040: .39-41 80 1 .41-3980 .38-4280 39-41801 .43-3780 State Open Golf Pairings 8:00 P. Grady-Baker. 8:06 Ross-Fitzgerald. 8:12 Malia-Harrigan. 8:18 LeClair-Barkley, 8:24 Cefarrti-Keele. . 8:30 Scanlon-OBey. 8:36 Viar-Headings. 8:42 Doyle-O'Neil. 8:48 Joe Carr-Veno. 8:54 Ohanian-Dion. - 9:10 Marad-Sweed, 9:06 Quinn-Rubis. 9:12 Dolan-Hoenig. 9:18 Perry-Wirbal. 9:24 Ezinicki-Coon. 9:30 Kellar-Korich. . Tenth Team. 8:00 Kornisky-Cosgrove, 8:06 Devine-Barry. 8:12 Marchant-Flynn. 8 : 18 Lindstrom-Cleary, 8:24 Baluik-McStay. 8 :30 Bruce-Gaston. 8:36 J. Doherty-Donahue. 8:42 Kennedy-Romano. 8:48 Manley-Frainey. - 8:54 Gillis-Gilbert. 9:00 Yammerino-John Carr. 9:06 Whalley-Kamal. 9:12 Finnegan-Dyer. 9:18 Bishop-Thoren. 9:24 Boyack-Kinsman. GLOBE GOLF (Continued from Page 17) number two man on last Spring's undefeated golf team, Gil came in somewhat earlier with 75 to match the winning figure for the previous Globe tournaments made by Shaun McNiff in 1962 and Steve Campbell in 1963. Also under 80 were Tom Rezza of Wenham at 78, . and John Burke, son of Norfolk pro Edmund Burke at 79. Rand Gallo of Plymouth had 80. Even without a fog, the South Shore course was unknown terrain for Blanchard who never had seen the premises previously. . Errors in club selection STATE OPEN (Continued from Page 17) Fuller was Just a stroke back at 73. J. Dolan, a touring pro from this area and a big favor ite, went over regulation on 18 miss a first-place tie. Joe Perry from Springfield, with no club affiliation, canned a wedge ! Jaui vjll -lu ui ail cagic cuiu a tie for second. Ross Coon, the long hitter now representing Newport C.C. came home in 33 after going out in 40 to make this group and Mike Korich, a Calif ornian, also was at .that bracket. ' Four more were tied at 74 Fran Quinn, Dave Marad, John Wirbal and two-time champ Don Hoenig, the only man to win this tournament both as an amateur and as a pro. Three other ex-champs also made the cut. John Thoren had a 77 and George Kinsman and defender Bill Flynn just got in at 80, the cut-off figure. i 14-15 Globe Boys Summary Wayne Blanchard, Reservation , 39-3473 Gil Roehrig, South Shore ..38-3775 Thomas Rezza, Wenham ...40-38 78 John Burke. Norfolk 42-3779 Randy Gallo, Plymouth ....39-41 80 Russell Wheeler, Indian Ridge ..37-4481 Howard Barrow, Reservation 41-4081 David Conley, Cedar Hill .42-3981 Bill Peck, Wellesley 43-3982 John Winsor, Weston ......42-40 82 Jim Govatsos, Ponkapoag . .42-40 82 Gerald Weisberg, Haverhill , 43-3982 Michael Cawley, Franklin Park ...42-4082 Edward Schene, Maynard ..43-39 82 William Lodge. Andover ..42-4183 Andy Cross. Needham 44-39 83 William Coffen, Cohasset ..45-38 83 Phil Farina Jr., South ; Shore .... . .42-42 84 Joseph Jenks, Nashawtue ..39-45 84 Ronald Price, Blue Hill .43-4184 William Reardon, Mt Hood .43-4285 Myles Lane, Mt Hood . . 4-4485 John Galligan. Pine Valley .43-4285 Joseph McDonald, Fresh Pond .....44-4286 Dick King, Wayland 42-4486 George Thompson, Winchester .43-438" John Gorman. Thorny Lea .46-40 86 On! Walter Uihleln. Bradford ..41-4687 his approach shots caused him!M"uNeKinan Kedhamlnitl? to miss par on four consecu tive holes starting at' the sec ond. Wayne then strung together five straight pars followed by a deuce on the 10th where he canned a 20-footer. Doug Volk, Kernwood 45-4287 James Sheerln. Andover . . .44-44 88 Thomas Page, Stow Acres .44-44 88 HODert Green, Haon.v valley 4K-41 Paul Garrity, Lexington ...43-46 89 Joe Boss, Pine Valley . . .46-43 89 Jack Guiney, Meadow Brook 47-42 89 Stewart Minehan, Plymouth 45-4489 Richard Snell, Happy Vallev 47-4289 Carl Bressler, Putterham . .46-43 89 A,,i j u i t , 'William Murphy, Hatherly 45-4o 90 pushed tee Shot forced; Mark Taylor. Amesbury .46-4490 him to play a safe second on & fSSSfSm 4fc8? the way to a bogey on the par- Bob". Braintree , . 44-47-91 two R. Sheahan Jr.. Rockport' 41-50 9i Joseph Cevolnne, Braintree 49-4291 five 12th. Blanchard was under the rest of the way, with .a birdie three with a five foot putt on the 15th and a four on the 18th with a chip and five-footer. Runner-up Roehrig got off to a bright start with an eight-iron second that left him only 18 inches from the pin. Gil couldn't get under par again, Dave Gianferante. So. Shore 48-43 91 Stephen Kirouac Sharon ..47-45 92 Dan Diskin. Lexington 48-44 92 Robert Talutis, Webb Brook 50-4292 Stephen Jones, Unicorn ...47-48 93 J'homai Burke. Hatherly . 45-48 93 oseph Connors, Sag. Spgi. 48-45 93 Roy Cavicchi. Furnace Brk. 48-45 93 Rich. McDermott Jr. Wdlnd. 47-4693 Peter Flck. Furnace Brook 54-39 94 Warren Stevens, Bellevue ..46-48 94 Paul Smyth, Marshfield .48-4894 Hugh Callaghan. Cedar Hill 47-47 B4 95 Jeft Burnham, Meadow Brook; Richard Dunn. Tedesco; Warren Hall. A mntrllirv ' TiM V in nttne Unlrw 'a and mis-judged irons provided Harold Mosher. Duxbury: Steve wut Uie r.;;i ii,,H .u-fPonkaooag; Richard Marad. Wollas- tnn; james Harrington, Wampatuck: Bill Munroe, Leo Martin. 96 James Williams, Unicorn. 97 James McEachern, Colonial: Ronald Adamaltis. Thorny Lea: San-ford Munroe. Rockport: Robert Harrington. United line; Knwrenre Fin-Ino. United Shr.e; John Lonergan, Oakley 9rt James Clmlna. Sagamore Soring; Stanley Weinberg. Putter-ham; Dennis Roberts, Norfolk; Scott TIMson, Wellenleyj Norman Mason, 14-is division rr.,.,.. ..w.. 1st. ftroohvl and t nt Irnml.l t,m.. r,,..Kin.u.. uhu n !.! BJm'n",r.!ii d,ltu0, wo0'.lPhlllD Steer. Bellevue: Robeit Murgia', Oil Roehrig: 3d. igolf ihoesi, Tom Re.r Hill: Wllll.m tnw.ll Br., n,,. his principal difficulty on the six holes where he went over, Globe Tourney Prize Winners ; :4 J&vJ w Jill J vjv 1 i t A V i , ,f t I, 1 1 :i i i 1 . 1 t ,i n WE'VE SHARPENED OUR PENCILS FOR CL0SE0UT! GET OUR DEAL ON A NEW '54 PLYMOUTH! For you, the end-of-the-model-year shopper, this means big savings! Trade-in allowances are high, prices on new Plymouths and Valiants are low! 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Harklni rieo r.rwm, na Knrm. rro Set tinal On TV Thursday Rain spoiled an expected xcll-out Monday at the U.S. Professional Tennis Champ ionshlp, but the matches were taped by Channel 2 and will be .televised .Thursday .and , July 3d. Woodland, Franklin nR Donald Oil Cleor.e no wiinam rarrlng'nn. Bradford, ? John Donovan. Pine Brook, llP,tnhn KrlK Walnole, M2-.lmp Sutherlmirt. Oaklev, Sn Card Kd'mrd MrCann, Charlei Riven Jamei Caffney, Woburn, NEW YORK(UPI) Uvio Berruti of Italy holds the Olympic 200-meter dash record of 20.S secocds et at the 1960 games in Rome. BOSTON BOOKUNE MOTOR SALES, INC. ,467 trMtllnt n. ARLINGTON ,0'CONMO MOTOI COMMNY 22 Hiiuchiiitti An. BEOrORO r,0UL0 MOTORS, INC. 2 ttartk i. CAMBRIOCI H. I. SCOTT MOTORS, INC. ,97 Klrkliiti Ail. CAMBRIDGE T ft IM UN T M0 1 US 1210 Cmrli( St. CHEL8I A H. M. TALLIN 101 furl St. DEDHAM OE VOE MOTORS, INC. 17 Eutirn Ax, HVDI PARK NfDt fK AUTflMOIIH tl. 1117 M rrk Al. 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