The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on May 28, 1950 · 114
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 114

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 28, 1950
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30 A THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE MAT 28, 1950 CLIP Television Highlights of the Week Sunday BASEBALL GAME: Braves v. Brooklyn Doder: WBZ-TV, 1:56. PAUL WHITEMAN TEEN CLUBi WNAC-TV. 4l30. SUPER CIRCUS SHOW: Great Arturo. hlch wire troupe; Bill Donahue barrel acti Rooney'a Pets 7 dogs in clown costumes! WNAC-TV. S. ROME THEATRE) "Meet John Doe," itarrln Barbara Stanwyck. Oarr Cooper I WBZ-TV, 6:20. IRENE WICKER presents "Magic Wings to Prance": WNAC-TV. 6. FAMOUS JURY TRIALS: "People vs. Michael Barney, Politician"; WNAC-TV. 6:30. PAUL WHITEMAN REVUE, with Mindy Carson, amest: WNAC-TV. 7. THE ALDRICH FAMILY: Bob Casey. Jackie Kelk: "Henry Hides a Marriage License"; WBZ-TV, 7:30. THIS IS SHOW BUSINESS. Abe Burrows, Clifton Fadiman. Guests: Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy. Harvey Stone. Ethel Waters. Tommy Wonder! WNAC-TV. 7:30. SUPPER CLUB: Perry Como, sinking MC; Mills Brothers, guests: WBZ-TV. 8. TOAST OF THE TOWN: Pat C. Flick., Joey Bishop, comics: Miss Safety, trained dog; Skating Macs; Sherier. comedy dancer from Paris; Elliot Lawrence. bandleader; Phillies Quartet, ballplayers: WNAC-TV, 8. THE THEATRE: "South Wind." William Post Jr.. Peggy French; WBZ-TV. 8:30. TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE: "Semmelweis." Everett Sloane. Felecia Montealegre, E. G. Marshall. Mercer McLeod; WBZ-TV, 9. FRED WARING SHOW: Musical-drama of Benet'i poem. "John Brown'f Body"; WNAC-TV, 9. 6 ARROW AY AT LARGE: Jack Haskell, baritone sines atop the Mart roof. Chicago, weather permitting. Cliff Norton, comic; Connie Russell. Bette Chapel, songs; WBZ-TV, 10. CELEBRITY TIME: Conrad Naeel. host and MC. Garry Moore. Cornelia Otis Skinner, guests; WNAC-TV. 10. TELEVISION THEATRE: "The Strange Mr. Gregory." Edmund Lowe. Jean Rogers; WNAC-TV. 10:30. Monday INTER. VUES: New daily series featuring informal chats. Veronica Dengel. beauty expert, guest. WNAC-TV. 12:30. TELEVISION REVUE, variety show from R. H. White's auditorium. Stan Shaw. ! MC; WBZ-TV. 2. ROBERTA QUINLAN SHOWROOM: Morey Amsterdam. Kuest; WBZ-TV. 7:80. ARTHUR GODFREY TIME for ukulele lessons; WNAC-TV. 7:30. TELE THEATRE: "Letter to Edith," Nelson Olmstead, Alfreda Wallace; WBZ-TV. 8. SILVER THEATRE: "Close-Up." Ann Dvorak, Donald Woods; WNAC-TV. 8. RISE STEVENS, mezzo soprano; Howard Barlow's Concert Orchestra; WBZ-TV. 8:30. ARTHUR GODFREY TALENT SCOUTS, variety half hour: WNAC-TV. 8:30. LIGHTS OUT: "How Love Came to Professor Gildea." with Arnold Moss; W3Z-TV, 9. CANDID CAMERA SHOTS, with Allen Funt; WNAC-TV. 9. THAT YOUNG COUPLE, comedy domestic drama, with Jan Farrand. Robert Fletcher, Jerry Kilty; WBZ-TV, 9:30. STUDIO ONE PLAY; "The Man Who Had Influence," Robert Sterling; WNAC-TV, 10. WHO SAID THAT? Norman Thomas. Mary Margaret McBride, George Allen; WBZ-TV. 10:30. BROADWAY OPEN HOUSE: New nightly variety series: WBZ-TV. 11 to 1. ADVENTURE PLAYHOUSE: "Battle Scene"; WNAC-TV. 11. SO QUESTIONS QUIZ: Bill Slater, MC. Johnny Johnston, guest; WNAC-TV, 11:13. Tuesday LEAVE IT TO THE GIRLS, comedy panel discussions; WBZ-TV. 12:30. BASEBALL GAME: Braves vs. New York Giants, doubleheader; WBZ-TV. 1:25. WOMEN IN THE NEWS, with Adelaide Hawley; WBZ-TV, 7:30. ARTHUR GODFREY TIME for ukulele lessons; WNAC-TV, 7:30. STAR THEATRE: Milton Berle, MC and guests: WBZ-TV, 8. COURT OF CURRENT ISSUES: "Do Our Colleges Give Students Their Money's Worth?" WNAC-TV. 8. FIRESIDE THEATRE: "The Man Without a Country." with John Warburton; WBZ-TV, 9. ED WYNN SHOW: Cass Daley, comedy singer; Danny Shaw, comedian; the Charlivels. European act; WNAC-TV. 9. CAMEO THEATRE: "The Long V5tk." Richard Carlyle. Patricia Breslin; YBZ-TV 9:30. SUSPENSE MYSTERY: "Listen. Listen," with Mildred Nat wick: WNAC-TV. 8:30. ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR: Ted Mack. MC. Arthur Manson baritone, of Lawrence, guest; WBZ-TV, 10. TOMORROW'S CHAMPIONS, boxing bouts from Chicago; WNAC-TV. 10. Wednesday TELEVISION REVUE: Variety, with Stan Shaw, MC. Dave Ballantine. Helen Halpin. singers; WBZ-TV. 2. ADVENTURES IN SEWING, with Louise Winslow; WBZ-TV, 3:30. LIVING WONDERS nature show, with Norman Harris; WBZ-TV. 6. ALL ABOUT PEOPLE, featuring Ruth Ley and guests; WBZ-TV. 6:30. TEEN AGE MUSICAL VARIETIES; WNAC-TV 7. ROBERTA QUINLAN SHOWROOM: Stanley Ross, euitarist-sineer; WBZ-TV, 7:30. ARTHUR GODFREY AND FRIENDS: Dr. Polgar. hypnotist, guest; WNAC-TV 8. TELEVISION THEATRE: "The Luck of Guldeford." with Leslie Nielson; WBZ-TV. 8. BLIND DATE TIME, with Arlene Francis; WNAC-TV. 9. ALAN YOUNG COMEDY SHOW: Carol Richards, singer; WNAC-TV. 9:30. BREAK THE BANK, with Bert Parks, MC: WBZ-TV. 10. WRESTLING MATCHES from Chicago; WNAC-TV. 10. FATE EMERSON SHOW: Interviews and fashions; WBZ-TV. 10:30. Thursday ONE MAN'S FAMILY, domestic drama film; WBZ-TV. 3:30. HOWDY DOODY, with Bob Smith. Puppet Howdy Doody and Clown Clarabell; WBZ-TV. 5:30. ACE DRUMMOND SERIES, with John King. Noah Beery Jr.. Jean Rogers; WBZ-TV, 7. ILKA CHASE Glamour-Go-Round. Maureen Cannon, singer, guest; WNAC-TV. 7. CARAVAN OF STARS: Men of Melody. Lanny Ross, guest; WBZ-TV. 7:30. FATE EMERSON SHOW, new series; Sam Levenson. comedian; WNAC-TV. 7:30. BELIEVE IT OR NOT DRAMA: "Passage to Zermatt": WBZ-TV. 8. BASEBALL GAME: Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians: WNAC-TV. 8:23. THE STARMAKERS. talent show; Verne Williams. MC; WBZ-TV. 8:30. KAY KYSER'S COLLEGE of Musical Knowledge; WBZ-TV. 9. MARTIN KANE, PRIVATE EYE, detective drama, with William Gargan; WBZ-TV- 10. rriday KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE, puppet show for children; WBZ-TV B. HERB LEWIS, piano and song show; WBZ-TV 6:30. r PARADE OF STARS: Paul Winchell and dummy. Jerry Mahoney; WNAC-TV. 7. ROBERTA QUINLAN SHOWROOM: Ejnar Hansen", musical glass player, guest; WBZ-TV. 7:30. PEGGY WOOD starred in "Mama" drama; WNAC-TV. 8. WE, THE PEOPLE: Dan Seymour, MC; WBZ-TV. 8:30. BASEBALL: Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians: WNAC-TV, 8:30. VERSATILE VARIETIES: Harold Barry. MC; WBZ-TV, 8. THE CLOCK DRAMA; WBZ-TV. 9:30. CAVALCADE OF SPORTS; WBZ-TV, 10. " GREATEST FIGHTS: Dempsey-Firpo bout; WBZ-TV. 10:30. CAVALCADE OF BANDS: Ray Anthony's Orchestra; WNAC-TV, 10:30. Saturday RACES AT SUFFOLK DOWNS; WNAC-TV. 1:45. BASEBALL GAME: Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians; WNAC-TV 1:55. FEATURE RACE AT SUFFOLK DOWNS; WNAC-TV. 5. WHAT'S MY LINE: Dorothy KUgallen. Louis Untermeyer. Hal Block. Arlene Francis; WNAC-TV. 6. MISTER FISTOOSH, kiddie show with Conrad Jameson: WBZ-TV. 6:ZO. THE LONE RANGER, cowboy feature film; WBZ-TV, 6:30. WARREN HULL SHOW; WNAC-TV. 6:30. TEEN TIME, featuring young musical talent: WBZ-TV, 7. HOLLYWOOD SCREEN TEST; WNAC-TV, 7:30. THE AZALEA TRIO, instrumental and songs; WBZ-TV, 7:45. SATURDAY NIGHT REVUE: Jack Carter. MC; WBZ-TV. 8. BEAT THE CLOCK, quiz show. Bud Collyer. MC; WNAC-TV. 8. CAVALCADE OF STARS: Jerry Lester. MC. First Anniversary Show; WNAC-TV 9. MUSIC UNDER THE STARS: N. Y. Philharmonic. Helen Jepson. soprano; William Kappell. pianist: Zino Francescatti. violinist; WBZ-TV, 9:15. TROTTING RACES from Roosevelt Raceway; WBZ-TV. 10. WRESTLING MATCHES from Marigold Arena Chicago; WNAC-TV. 10. WRESTLING MATCHES; WBZ-TV. 10:30. CLIP AND VIE CM 1 THE A Everyone sells Television and Appliances but so few are able to Service them! We sell Television and Appliances ... we sell the Best in Television and Appliances ... we sell what you want . . . SATISFACTION . . . Better still we Service what we sell . . . the finest service obtainable anywhere! Some people obtain business by slashing prices . . . we do not sell PRICE. We sell QUALITY and SERVICE . . . these cannot be slashed! ' We CAN promise you the finest Television and Appliances and Service that money can buy. AND SAVE - SAVE J Town Meeting Forum 15 Years Old tEditta Sherman) Georce V. Denny Jr. Dr. Fairfield Two full hour spssiona nf "Amer ica's Town Meeting" will b'e given WCOP listeners, the first tnmnrrnw night from 9 to 10; the second, Tues- aay irom B:3(J to 8:30 p. m. Both broadcasts observe the 15th anniversary of this distinguished forum. Tomorrow nipht's hrnarlfn:t trac ing the program's growth in 15 years of broadcastine. will fpat lights from the best Town Hall pro grams since tnat first broadcast on May 30, 1935. George V. Denny Jr. will serve as narrator. Voices of statesmen, scientists and world leaders will be recaptured, including Jan Masaryk, Wendell Willkie, William C. Bullitt, Harold Radio and Television By ELIZABETH L. SULLIVAN "The show must go on" . . . and it will get under way tomorrow night minus the personality whose life-long ambition it was to become a television star . . . Don Hornsby. Hornsby was 26. Three weeks ago, he arrived in New York from Los Angeles to audition for a television show on N. B. Cy He was a success and N. B. C. signed him to a five-year contract. On May 16 he was stricken with poliomyelitis. Last week he was buried at Long Beach, Calif. Horsnby was to have been the emcee of the Monday through Friday telecast on WBZ-TV at 11 p. m., starting tomorrow. Instead "Broadway Open House" will occupy the hour-long spot. During the war, Hornsby served with the Marines and while in the service contracted spinal meningitis, from which he later recovered. War over, he developed a comedy routine and a funny little word, "Creesh," which had no specific meaning, but served to label him. He was born in Cooper, Texas, and began his musical career at an early age. He gave his first professional concert at the age of seven. Three smau cnnaren ana his wife, the former Dorothy Carr, survive. A spot in the Armed Forces series tomorrow evening over VMEX at 8:30 will be turned over to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War as a memorial to the founders of the nationwide Memorial Day observance the Grand Army of the Republic. Significant Civil War music will be featured. Arthur Mansor, 25-year-old baritone, who won out in the recent Lawrence auditions for Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour, will appear on the Amateur nour Telecast out ? L5:TyleSfl10!and director of "Stars Over Holly Mansor s singing Haymes type. is Viewers were heard to mutter "Baby, It's Hot Inside" as they sat through last Sunday's Paul White-man Revue on WNAC-TV. That realistic picture of the burning of Rome (while Paul "Nero" White-man fiddled away) was achieved by placing several burning containers of "canned heat" on a tray in front of the television camera, in case you re interested. If you detected a lilt in the voice of Mary O'Fallon during the White-man show, there was a reason. She had just been given the singing lead on Broadway in "Arms and the Girl." Nanette Fabray was taken ill on Tuesday and Mary, her understudy took over. Doctors ordered an extended rest for Miss Fabray . . . and the Theatre Guild decided to give the starring role to Miss O'Fallon. WBZ's noon time news commentator, Marvin Behrens, will give the second in a series of voice recitals next Thursday at the WBZ auditorium. He is preparing for a concert debut in Jordan Hall next Fall. Behrens has been a student of voice since high school days and has studied with some of Bostons finest teachers. If the postman would hurry WBZ's mail out as fast as he hurries it in, staff members would breath easier. A new high in mail was reached at WBZ last week when the Verne Williams Star-makers program brought in 4100 letters, the result of audience voting for their favorite contestants. "Momma Bloom's Brood" is the title of a new domestic drama to debut over WCOP this morning at 11 o'clock. Bea Benedaret, radio actress, will portray the role of Momma, mother of two grown daughters. Filled with homely philoso phies . . . and murdering the King s English . . . Momma win taKe lis teners over everyday s domestic hurdles. WCOP announces the last Chance of a Lifetime broadcast at 9:30 this evening. However, the program becomes a Monday through Friday feature over that station, starting tomorrow at 2:30 to 3 p. m. John Reed King will continue as quizmaster. THROW AWAY SHOES THAT HURT! r WE LENGTHEN SHOES WE WIDEN SHOES , V WE SHORTEN SHOES i WE REPAIR SHOES WE SELL SHOES PERRY'S COMFORT SHOES FOR -MEH-WOMEM-CHILDREN tm Waifttgt'oB.St., IniJjM iti fe Osborn ' t abian Bachrach) Dr. James R. KilUa-n Jr. L. Ickes, Secretary Dean Acheson and many others. Tuesday's Town Meeting will originate in Boston, at the annual Convention of Women's Clubs, Mechanics Building. The full hour broadcast will begin at 8:30 p. m. Speakers who will debate the question "What Progress May We Expect in the Next Half Century?" include Dr. James R. Killian Jr., president, M. I. T.; Dr. Fairfield Os-born, president, N. Y. Zoological Society; Dr. Ernest A. Hooton, of Harvard, and George V. Denny Jr., with Erwin D. Canham acting as moderator. Fibber McGee and Molly will call it quits after next Tuesday's broadcast. Their WBZ spot at 9:30 will be filled by Penny Singleton, who will be remembered for her former "Blondie" role. Penny will star in "Penelope's Progress." It is rumored that McGee and Molly are tired of their radio series and may take a well deserved rest in the rail. Manager Edward Everett Horton announces that the doors to "Holiday Hotel" will be locked for the Summer following the June 15 telecast. The establishment will reopen on Thursday, Sept. 14, a half-hour earlier than previously. Incidentally, the ball game will push Horton off WNAC-TV next Thursday. June 2 is the date Ezio Pinza says au revoir to New York. Ray Mid-dleton takes over Pinza's role in "South Pacific" on June 1. Pinza will make a movie or two in Hollywood and his next broadcast on the Telephone Hour will come from there Aug. 21. The Mrs., the two children, their dog, a secretary and the children's nurse will make the trek west. Hans Conreid of the "My Friend Irma" and "Life With Luigi," shows wood," did the Bible readings during the performance of Bach's "Passion According to St. John" by the Pasadena (Calif.) Civic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Lert, last Sunday. Edgar Bergen plans a trip to Japan, Alaska and South America during the Summer hiatus of his .C. B. S. show. He'll take along Charlie McCarthy and a tape recorder, to obtain spontaneous conversations between McCarthy and natives. Robert Q. Lewis, "The Show Goes On" star, collects old-time song sheets and recordings as a hobby. Art Linkletter, C. B. S. "House farty host, and his family, will spend their Summer vacation touring in the Hawaiian Islands. Minnie Pearl, man-chasing comedienne on N. B. C.'n "Grand Old Opry," Is learning: to drive a car. . Rod Brasfield, monologiat on the series, asked her how she was coming along in her lessons. "Wonderfully," said Minnie. Today I learned how to aim the thing." Here's the Summer Radio Situation By C. E. BUTTERFIELD NEW YORK, May 13 AP) Radio's Summer situation, in which all sorts of programs get a chance at the microphone, is giving new life to the giveaways. Last Winter it looked as If these shows were on the way out; now there seems to have been a switch. Hit The Jackpot is a current example. This one went off CBS in the Winter when the sponsor replaced it with the Groucho Marx comedy quiz, moved from ABC. In its new assignment the jackpot. with Bill Cullen still the MC, will fill in for the Amos and Andy spon sor part of the vacation term. That will be the 10 weeks from May 28. The rest of the period until mid-September will be taken care of by CBS. Sing It Again, another CBS give away, is preparing to start its third year May 27. Stop The Music on ABC already has marked its third radio anniversary as well as its first in television. Sing It Again also is investigating TV possibilities. Getting back to the Summer shows, an added assignment on NBC is to be given to Jack Barry, already running juvenile jury on MBS, the Joe DiMaggio program on NBC and Life Begins at 80 on NBC- TV. It will be a talent series, stars and starters, in which veterans in show business will introduce new entertainers. Starting May 19 it will occupy the spot on Friday nights just vacated in the transfer of Hall of Ivy to Wednesday night. GS3QB Oil flCHB 0 BEADS RE-STRUNG SILVER PLATING OLD RINGS MADE OVER I ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED 13 REASONABLE PRICES i WEEI WnDH W&Z WBMS W(0P iiHAC VmEX T?f T 1 1 1 Tyi 1 J I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 ! 1 1 J 1 1 J 1 1 rl HlllflTTTtfTIT rT ! 11 jyj IlltySliJIlli? Fyt IlirTIMTIlljTtTllH "fT1 ' " " 590 850 m I0$j0 1150 1260 1510 AIR ATTRACTIONS Morning CHURCHMEN WEJGH THE NEWS: "Echoes of the Baptist Convention." Dr. Edwin Dahlberg, Judge Matthew W. Hill: WNAC 9:15. K. OF C. MtMORIAL Service. Bishoo Peter Ireton, Brig Cren James O JNeiU; Carmelite Choir, White Friars Hall. Program from Arlington Cemetery; WBZ. 10:30. REDUCING FEDERAL WASTEI.INE: Norman B. Hartnett of Disabled American Veterans, discusses the Hoover Re port; wttt ll:lo. Afternoon PEOPLE'S PLATFORM- "Should We Continue the Draft.'1' G. R. Wilson, E. Raymond Wilson; WEEI. 12:30. FORUM FOR JLIVl.NO, final program, with high school seniors mamng last bid for scholarships: WEEI, 1. BASEBALL. GAME: Braves vs. Brooklyn; WHDH, 1:55. YA.NKfcE YAKNS: Alton Hall Blacking-ton; WBZ, 1:30. N. B. C. THEATRE: "Imperial Palace," by Arnold Bennett, noval; WBZ, 2. REV. MICHAEL J. AHLRN. S. J.: "Why Believe in the Ascension?'1 WNAC. 2: Id. YOUR INVITATION TO MUSIC: Dimitri Mitropoulos directing; WEEI, 3. THE QUIZ KIDS: Joe Kelly, quizmaster. Dorothy Shay, "Park Ave. Hillbilly." guest: WBZ. 3:30. WOMEN'S EASTERN GOLF championship: WVOM. 3:30 to 5. MILTON CROSS OPERA ALBUM. WCOP. 4:30. THE SYMPHONETTE. under Mishel Pias- tro: WEEI. 4:30. LP RECORD PARADE: Classical and popular recordings; WEEI. 5. INVITATION TO LEARNING: "The United States Constitution." Senator Robert A. Taft, .Senator Paul Douglas; WEEI. 5:30. THINK FAST QUIZ SHOW. WCOP. 5:30. HAtW up staks- Jam:s Melton, tenor; -Ljllian Murphy, soprano; WBZ. 5:30. Evening rev. joseph e. m Anton, a si. b,i "Church Exits": WBZ. 6. NICK CARTER SKETCH: "The Case of the Hole in the Wall"; WNAC, 6:30. EVE ARDEN in "Our Miss Brooks," schoolmarm drama; WEX1, 6:30. SUNDAY evening HOUR: Classical recordings; WCOP. 7. ADVENTURES OF THE FALCON, starring Les Damon: WBZ. 7. JACK BENNY AM) COMEDY CST. Hnal broadcast of the season; WEEI. 7. HIT THE JACKPOT, comedy quiz, with Bill Cullen. m. c; WEEI, 7-30. KNOW YOUR CITY: Bradford Washburn, director new Museum of Science; WMEX. 7:30. RECITATION of ihe Rosary from Archbishop Cushing's residence; WMEX, StVP THE MUSIC: Mvstery Melody time. Bert Parks, m. c; WCOP. 8. MORNING 6:4) 7:00 7:15 7:30 WCOP Chapel in the Sky. WCOP Sacred Heart Program. WCOP Church of Christ. WCOP Morning Prayer. WBZ News; Weather. WMEX Mass for Shut-ins. WHDH News; Church of Christ. WCQP Christian Science. W57TSou,hland Singing. WHDH Christian Endeavor. WCOP Old-Fashion ed Revival. WBZ Evangelical Hour. WNAC-Chapcl in the Sky. WFEI News. JP,H wedenborg Fellowship. WBMS Voice of Greece. xV,f,EJ"s?red Heart Program. WMLX News. WHDH Cathedral Hour. WBZ Weather: News. WNAC Radio Carolers. JXEEl Chanel of the Air. iXES-Seadmg the Comics. WHDH News; Toyland. WBMS Hellenic Dawn. W,V.T;ChJistian Science Service. WNAC News. WCOP Let's Have Fun. WBZ. WEEI News. WNAC Hymns. WHDH Keys to Storyland. WMEX Waltz Time. WBMS Albanian Time. WBZ Wormwood Forest. WNAC Churchmen Weigh Nftws. "'.r'Ei. Powers Biggs, organist. WMEX Home of Truth Service. T:45 8:00 8:13 8:30 8:43 9:00 0:13 AFTERNOON 12:00 WCOP Al Jolson, songs. WBZ News; Weather. WNAC Back to God Hour. WEEI Musical Gems. WHDH Ray Block Show. WMEX Joseph Tall Hour. WBMS News; Music. WCOP Bing Crosby, songs. WBZ Adventures in Research. WCOP Piano Playhouse. WBZ Music for America. WNAC Chamber Music Ensemble. WEEI People's Platform. WHDH Music from the Stars. WCOP Sammy Kaye Serenade. WBZ News. WNAC William Hillman, news. WEEI Forum for Living. WMEX Melodies. WHDH Andre Kostelanetz. WBMS Ben Galling. Jewish program. WBZ Music by Roth. WNAC Organ Moods. WMEX Italian Melodlei. WCOP News. WBZ Yankee Yams. WNAC Lutheran Hour. WEEI News; Weather. WHDH Warmup Time. WHDH Play Ball. WCOP The Wax Museum. WBZ Waltz Serenade. WEEI Musical Memo. WMEX Irish Melodies. WHDH Braves-Brooklyn. WCOP Bands and Ballads. WBZ NBC Theatre. WNAC News. 12:15 12:30 12:35 1:00 1:05 1:15 1:30 1:35 1:40 1:45 1:55 2:00 EVENING 6:00 WCOP Drew Pearson, news. WBZ Catholic Hour. WNAC Roy Rogers Show. WEEI My Favorite Husband. WMEX Tremont Temple Services. WHDH Mantovani Music. WBMS News; The Ballroom, WCOP Don Gardner, news. WCOP Music with the Girls. WBZ Henry Morgan Show. . WNAC Nick Carter Show. WEEI Our Miss Brooks. WMEX The Glorious Hope. WHDH Claude Sweeten Musio. WBMS Concert Hall. WCOP Sunday Evening Hour. WBZ The Falcon, drama. WNAC Adventures, Peter Salem. WEEI Jack Benny Show. WMEX Opera: Madame Butterfly. WHDH Intermezzo. WBZ Phil Harris, Alice Faye. WNAC The Saint, drama. WEEI Hit the Jackpot. WMEX Know Your City. WHDH Park Street Church. WMEX Recitations of the Rosary. WBMS Public Service. WCOP Stop the Music. WBZ Adventures of Sam Spade. WNAC Alexander Mediation Bd. WEEI Edgar Bergen and Charlie. WMEX Central Baptist Church. WBZ Theatre Guild. WNAC Enchanted Hour. WEEI Red Skelton Show. WHDH Boston Pops Orchestra. WCOP Walter Winchell. WEEI Meet Corliss Archer. WNAC Sylvan Levin Concert. WMEX Tremont Temple Sing. 6:13 6:30 6:33 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:35 7:45 8:00 8:30 8:35 9:00 Programs A. M. 7:00 WCOP News; Morning Watch. WBZ News: Carl de Suze Show. WNAC Weather: Song Hits. WEEI Moore and Girardin. WHDH News: With the Stan. WBMS Sacred Heart. WNAC. WEEI News. WMEX Farm News. WBMS The Ballroom, WEEI I Remember. WMEX Jobs That Ring the Bell. WBZ Weather. WCOP. WBZ News. WNAC Musical Clock. 7:15 7:20 7:25 7:30 FILLS THE BILI As Summer fill-in series for Amos 'n Andy, Bill Cullen, comedy quizmaster, will direct the funloving questions-and-answers game on "Hit the Jackpot" which returns to the C. B. S. network and WEEI this evening at 7:30. 3 HOWARD DUFF in "The Honest Thief Caper," Sam Spade sketch; WBZ, 8. EDGAR BERGEN AND CHARLIE, final program of the season. Mimi Benzell, opera ginger, guest; WEEI. 8. THEATRE GUILD ON THE AIR: "Min-lck." with Arlene .Francis, Nina Foch, Sterling Holloway. Lee Bowman; WBZ, 8:30. BOSTON POPS CONCERT, from Symphony Hall, under Arthur Fiedler; WHDH, 8:35. RED SKELTON l-OMEDY SHOW, with Lurene Tuttle; WEEI. 8:30. SYLVAN LEVIN OPERA CONCERT: John Baker, baritone; Lois Hunt, soprano: WNAC, 9. JANET WALDO in "Meet Corliss Archer," teen age sketch; WEEI, 9. CHANCE OF A LIFETIME Quiz SflOW, finale. John Reed King, m. c; WCOP. 9:30. THEATRE OF THE AIR- Ava Gardner in "Chained": WNAC. 9:30. HORACE HEIDT TALENT SHOW, WEEI. 9:30. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT: Eddie Cantor. m. c; WBZ. 10. DICK HAYMES, Jo Stafford in songs, with Victor Young s Orchestra: WEEI, 10. JACKIE ROBINSON SHOW: Roy Cam- panella, Dodger catcher, guest; WCOP, 10:30 COLONIAL NATIONAL Invitation Golf Tournament, Fort Worth, Tex.; WNAC, 10:30. MAI GEORGE F. ELLIOT, "What Is America's Military Power on Land?" WNAC. 11:15. REVIEWING STAND: "Can We Maintain Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy?" WNAC. ii:ju. Teh levision WBZ-TV Channel 4 WNAC-TV Channel 7 1:20 WBZ Snorts Film. 1:50 WBJ Great Guys and Goats. 1:55 WB2 Braves Vs. BrookCn. 3:00 NAC Film Shorts. 4:00 NAC Hands of Destiny. 4-30 NAC Pul Whiteman Teen Club. 9:0O NAC Suiier Circus 6:10 WBZ Shawmut Bank Newsteller. 6:20 W3Z Shawmut Bank Theatre. 6:00 NAC Irene Wicker, Sinking Lady. 6:30 NAC Famous Jury Trials. 7:00 NAC Paul Whiteman Revue. 7:30 WBZ The Aldrich Familv. NAC This Is Show Business. 8:00 WBZ Supper Club, Perry Como. NAC Toast of the Town. 8:3( WBZ The Theatre: South Wind. 9:00 WBZ Television Playhouse. NAC Fred Waring Show. 10:00 WBZ Garroway at Large. NAC Celebrity Time. 10:30 WBZ Continental Cafe, variety. NAC Television Theatre. 10:45 WBZ Touraine Paints' News of the Week. 11:00 WRZ Views. News in N. E. 11:45 NAC Weather; Sports. WHDH Ammaland. 8:30 WBZ Curtain Calls. WNAC Hope of the World. WBMS Lithuanian Program. 9:35 WHDH Music from Hollywood. 9:45 WBZ Male Quartet. WEEI Tell Me A Story. WMEX Music for America. 10:00 WCOP Message of Israel. Rabbi Morris Lieberman. The Three Dimensions of Religion." WBZ National Radio Pulpit, Dr. Ralph Sockman, "Life's Extra Dividends " WNAC Radio Bible Class. WEEI Church of the Air. WHDH Music in the Air. 10:15 WMEX Music in Modern Manner. 10:30 WCOP Israel's Music-Drama. WBZ K. of C. Memorial. WNAC Voice of Prophecy. WEEI WinKs of Song. WBMS Italian Music. 10:45 WMEX Tremont Temple. 11:00 WCOP Momma Bloom's Brood. WBZ Eternal Light. WNAC Cathedral Church. St. Paul. Rev. Richard S. Knight. WBMS Tremont Temple service. 11:05 WEEI The Newsmakers. 11:15 WCOP Frank and Ernest. WEEI Reduce Federal Waistline. 11:30 WCOP Read Globe Funnies. WBZ Knickerbocker Four. WEEI Salt Lake Tabernacl. 11:45 WBZ Bob Houston, songs. WEEr The Choraliers. WMEX Musical Matinee. WBMS News; The Ballroom. WNAC Catholic Question Box. WNAC: Bill Cunningham. WEEI Uncle Elmer s Song Circle. WNAC Bing Crosby Sings. WBZ One Man's Family. WNAC Maisie. sketch. WEEI Invitation to Music. WMEX Scandinavian Melodies. WCOP Lutheran Hour. WBZ Quiz Kids, Joe Kelly. MC. WNAC Juvenile Jury. WMEX Concert Favorites. WHDH Spoils Extra. WCOP Voices That Live. WBZ Cloak and Dagger, drama. WNAC Hopalong Cassidy. WMEX Old Fashioned Revival. WHDH Bing Crosby. WCOP Milton Cross Opera Album. WBZ High Adventure, drama. WNAC Martin Kane, detective. WEEI The Symphonette. WHDH Al Sack. WHDH Muriel Halle. WBZ The Big Guy. mystery WNAC The Shadow. WEEI L P Record Parade. WMEX Treasury VarieUes. WHDH Al Goodman. WCOP Think Fast. quiz. WBZ Harvest of Stars. WNAC Detective Mysteries. WEEI Invitation to Learning. WMEX Ave Maria Hour: "Ft. Chaminade." WHDH Your American Music. 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:30 4:35 4:45 5:00 5:30 5:35 9:15 9:30 WrCOP Hollywood Gossip. WHDH Christian Science. WCOP Chance of a LifeUme. WBZ Album of Familiar Music WNAC Theatre of the Air, WEEI Horace Heidt Show. WHDH Magic of Music. WCOP Jimmy Fldler. WBZ Take It Or ' eave It. WEEI Dick Haymes. Jo Stafford. WMEX Broadway Starsr WCOP Love Letters Set to Muie. WCOP Jackie Robinson Show. WBZ Bob Crosby Song Show. WNAC Colonial Golf Tournament WEEI Beyond Food Horizon. WMEX Baseball Scores. WMEX Nignt Capper. WHDH Peter Yorke. music. WCOP George Sokolsky. WEEI Ask Me Another. WCOP. WBZ, WNAC. WEEI News. WBZ Weather; Sports. WHDH Sports: Weather. WCOP Baseball Final. WEEI Long Range Weather. WCOP Sherm Feller Show. WBZ Clifton Utley. news. WNAC Mai Geo. F. Eliot. WEEI U. N. in AcUon. WHDH National Guard Show. WBZ America United. WNAC Reviewing Stand. WEEI Album of Favorite. WMEX Day's Ehd. Music. WHDH Tommy Dorsey. WHDH Glenn Miller. WMEX News. WBZ News: Owen Bradley Show. WNAC Orchestra Music. WEEI News. WHDH Music at Midnight. 9:35 10: 00 10:15 10:30 10:38 10:45 11:00 11:05 11:10 11:15 11:30 11:35 11:45 11:55 12:00 Tomorrow WMEX New England Fellowship WHDH Breakfast Extra. WBMS News: Weather. Music. 7:40 WCOP Old Salt. Weather. WEEI News. 7:45 WCOP Morning Watch to 8:20. WBZ Carl de Suze 7:55 WNAC. WEEI Weather. , 8:00 WBZ. WNAC, WEEI, 'WMEX WBMS News. 8:05 WBZ Carl de Suze Show. WBMS The Ballroom. 8:15 WNAC Breakfast with Bill. WEEI Shopping Talk. WMEX Platter Chatter. 8:20 WCOP Mildred Bailey. 8:30 WNAC City Desk. WEEI Beantown Varieties. WBMS Unity Viewpoint. 8:35 WNAC Louise Morgan. WHDH Ken and Bill. 8:46 WCOP Breakfast with Bing. WBMS The Ballroom. 8:55 WNAC Weather. WEEI News. :00 WCOP Breakfast Club. WBZ Cinderella Week-End. WNAC News. WEEI Beantown Varieties. WMEX Scandinavian Melodies WHDH Music from Hollywood. WBMS News: The Ballroom. 9:15 WNAC Tello Test. Quiz. 9:30 WBZ Mildred Carlson. WNAC Rudy Vallee Show. WEEI--Food Fair. Mother Parker. WMEX Melody Time, John Kiley. WHDH News; Christine Evan. 8:45 WBZ The Answer Man. WEEI Nancy Dixon. 10:00 WCOP My True Story. WBZ Welcome Traveler. WNAC News. WEEI This Is Bing Crosby. WHDH Carnival of Music. WBMS News: The Ballroom. 10:15 WNAC Bing Crosby. WEEI Arthur Godfrey Show. 10:25 WCOP Betty Crocker 10:30 WBZ Double or Nothing. WNAC Deems Taylor Concert. 10:45 WCOP Victor H. Lindlahr. WMEX Rebekah Higginson. 11:00 WCOP Modern Romances. WBZ We Love and Lrarn. sketch. WNAC At Home. L. Barrymore. WMEX Catholic Newscast. . WBMS Joe Dineen. news. 11:15 WBZ Next. Dave Garroway. WNAC G. Heatters Mailbag. WMEX Daily Inspirations. 11:30 WCOP Quick As a Flash. WBZ Jack Berch Show. WNAC Bob Poole Show. WEEI Grand Slam, Irene Beasle WMEX Sports Digest. 11:45 WBZ David Harum. sketch. WEEI Rosemary, drama. WNAC Evelyn Knight, aongs. WMEX News. GLOBE FAMILY Basic Punch Dear Purple Asters Here is a basic punch rule that can be made and put into gallon glass jugs. One cup grape juice, cup orange juice, Va cup lemon juice, 2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice, Vt cup sugar, 2 cups water, 2 cups ginger ale. Mix juices with the sugar. Keep ! in refrigerator or in cool cellar if possible over night. Before serving add water and more sugar if desired. Turn into punch bowl which contains ice. Stir in ginger ale the last minute. Add slices of orange and pineapple, unpeeled slices apples with red skin or whole ruby red cranberries for glamour and sparkle. A Fireman's Wife. Coffee CaJte Dear Sisters Here is a splendid "Coffee Cake" recipe. Three tablespoons butter, cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 V cups cake flour, 1U teaspoons baking powder, J,s teaspoon salt, 1-3 cup milk, Ji teaspoon vanilla. Cream the butter with sugar, and add the beaten egg yolks. Add the sifted dry ingredients, alternately, with the milk. Add vanilla. Fold in the stiffly-beaten egg whites. Spread one half of the mixture in a greased shallow cake tin. Make a filling of: One-fourth cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1-3 cup chopped nut meats, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon melted butter. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and spread one-half over the batter in the tin. Add the rest of the cake batter and spread the remainder of the filling over the top. Bake in moderate oven 25 to 35 minutes. Elwood. Brown Bread For Treasure Chest The following is a Brown Bread recipe that was given to me once to make for our church country fair supper. It originally came from the family of one of the first settlers of this town and we celebrated our centennial with a parade several weeks ago on a very rainy Saturday afternoon. Three cups graham flour, 3 cups white flour, 3 cups buttermilk (or sour), 3 teaspoons salt, 3 teaspoons soda, 3a cup molasses, 3A cup sugar. Bake in two small bread tins in a 350-degree oven about 45 minutes. I hope this recipe is what you are looking for. I would love to hear from you after you have tried it. I have been a reader of the Boston Globe for over 35 years and my family before me read it. Most of my recipes have been clipped from the Globe. My first pen name was Honey's Mummy, but I shall sign myself now. Cymana's Mum. Fisherman's Puff Dear Whispering Hope Please try this fisherman's puff. My children used to love it. Flake 1 pound can of salmon and remove bones. Boil and mash 4 medium-sized potatoes. Add h cup milk, 1 teaspoon minced onion. 1 tablespoon lemon or vinegar, 3 well-beaten egg yolks. Mix with salmon, salt and pepper and fold in beaten whites. Pile lightly in buttered baking dish and pour 1 tablespoon melted butter over top. Bake in moderate oven 45 minutes. Aunt Aggie. Using: Leftover Eggr White For Esmond I hope that you may be able to use a few of my suggestions for use of lefover egg whites. There are many uses for same, mostly, in making desserts. Boiled confectioners, and seven-minute frosting usually require egg whites. That is also true for mer gues. A delicious prune chiffon pie is made with two egg whites. Divinity fudge is delicious and this also requires two egg whites. Then there are various cakes such as pineapple, Lady Baltimore, white cakes, etc., calling for the use of egg whites. Also delicious coconut balls, cereal ake kisses, and macaroons. Snowman's Aquarius. Black Chocolate Cake Requested by Mrs. M. A. T. This recipe was sent in many years ago by Pianissimo, the mother of Silver Sixpence used it and passed it on to Her Daughter. She in turn passed it on to Home-maker about 12 years ago and I clipped it. It is delicious and if any of the original owners of this recipe see this letter in the Globe please write me. Put 2 squares unsweetened chocolate (cocoa will not do) to melt In saucer over hot water, 1 cup vegetable shortening creamed with l'A cups white sugar. Put mixture to one side of bowl and beat yolks of 2 eggs in bowl; beat until light. This saves using another bowl. Blend creamed mixture and eggs. To this add alternately Vz cup (thick) sour milk and 2 cups sifted cake or pastry flour. Then put 1 teaspoon soda in Vt cup hot black coffee or hot water. Add melted chocolate to batter, then wash off remaining chocolate from saucer with hot coffee or water so as not to lose any. Now beat egg whites (not too stiff), fold in carefully last. Beating must all be done when adding flour and milk. Bake in a greased tube pan in very slow oven for Hi hours. This may seem a long time, but the cake will not be moist 'or red when cut if this is done. When using indicator 350 degrees would be right. Orange icing is just grand on this. Won't someone try this and report? Ye Olde Vermonter. ; Many H. A. users are under the impression that they must endure unnatural sounds excessive noise etc. This is absolutely not so YOU SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT AID. This office is equipped with many different makes of HEARING INSTRUMENTS end every Instrument is sold on a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, less small fixed charge. Send !x cents in stamps for Booklet, "YOUR FIRST HEARING AID." It will give you valuable information regarding Aids for the HARD OF HEARING. Write or phone for appointment filbdM) QMiimnm8 (fcb Qia RECIPES BREAKFAST Strawberries with Powdered Sugar Wheat Cereal Omelet Hot Corn Muffing Coffee DINNER Tomato Juice Baked Ham Celery, Watermelon 'Picklm Delmonico Potatoes Buttered Asparagus Lettuce, French Dressing Lemon Sponge Pie Coffee SUPPER Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Pickles, Stuffed Celery Fresh Fruit Salad Cookies, Tea Lemon Sponge Pie One cup sugar, three tablespoons butter, yolks of two eggs. Beat all these together. Add juice and grated rind of one lemon, three tablespoons flour. Mix all together, add one cup sweet milk and the stiffly-beaten whites of the eggs. Turn into uncooked crust and bake three-quarters of an hour in very slow oven. Use only one crust. This makes ene large pie and will be almost like sponge cake on top. Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Cut slices of bread about inch thick and butter lightly. Take a small quantity of American or pimento cheese, rub through grater: add a little butter, and work until smooth. Spread the slices of bread with this mixture, put 2 slices together Mid cut into triangles. Toast until delicately brown on both sides and serve at once. tynetian (Blinds for lasting quality Styled right and built to latt, Ace Venetian Blinds are tha choice of those who seek the finest. Sold by better dealers everywhere ACE VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. Cambridge, Mast. "I RATE THIS TODAY'S FINEST LOW PRICE SET" OLYMPIC model XL612 RCA LICENSED One year full parts guarantMl Easy terms Free installation See them all big or small at GREATER BOSTON'S FIRST TV DEALER 134 Brighton Ave., Allston SETS INSTALLED ON APPROVAL : eOSTO HARTFORD PROVIDENCE I WE SHORTEN THEM WE WIDEN THEM) HUSH! CGGESDgiMl COfTlFORX SHOP I j 30 Boylston Street DIRECTLY OPPOSITE ED1S0H BID& For Dissatisfied III II! I Ui AID Users Only! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BEST HEARING AID: A bast means one which brings sounds to you that ara perfectly natural, as you understand the meaning of the word NATURAL a fie 1 ' IMIUMI 1 1 I I f r 2 ' . j WE LENGTHEN THEM I 1 1 1 ' ,

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