The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 12, 1956 · 45
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 45

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 12, 1956
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TIIE BOSTON' SUNDAY GLOBE FEBRUARY 12. 193(1 Forty-Fiv puflHtmn li r1 . S ? " " I J A:'-h ; llllilj . . .. : . 1 I ' ' -. " ' l - s V Rit ifMinr: THE ENGAGEMENT of Joan F. Crockett to Joseph A. Roche, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Roche Sr., of Hanover, was announced yesterday by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Crockett of Somerville. She is a graduate of Somerville High School and attended Northeastern University. A Navy veteran, Mr. Roche is now a student at Suffolk Law School and employed in the Boston office of the FBI. State Home Hearings Tomorrow MONDAY. FLB. 13, 196 (At 10 ill. unlet! otherwise nolfd) EDUCATION Room 480 at 10 S. ir8 For establishment by the Uni-Versiii ot Massjcnu.-,ett5 of a fisheries Jaboratoiy in Gloucester. S. 251, S. 252 To further regulate the school attendance and employment of children under 18. H. 910 To establish In the Department of Education a board of private business schools and relative to powers net duties of said board. H. 1750 Relative to the teaching of manual aits or vocational subjects in schools of the commonwealth. H. 1928 That regional school districts be aut lorized to remodel and make extraordinary repairs to school buildings and to incur debt therefor. H. lOCiO Relative to state reimbursement of cities and towns for establishing recreation programs for physically handicapped children. H. 2115 Relative to educational certificates Issued to minors between 16 nd 18. H. 2123 To establish a board of athletic and social activities in the Division of Youth Service of the Department of Education in order to combat juvenile delinquency. HIGHWAYS AND MOTOR VEHICLES Koom 427 H. 1082 That Department of Public works be authorized to install a street lignting system on Truman Highway In Mattapan and Readville. H. 1309 An investigation of the relationship between the Department of public Works and the problems of construction and maintenance of non-state highways with a view to developing an accelerated highway program. H. 1322. That the Department of Pubdc Works be authorized to redesignate Route 17 from Danvers to the Mew Hampshire state line as Route 1. H. 1557 To designate the Southeast Expressway connection at the General Casimir Pulaski Skyway. LEGAL AFFAIRS Room 257 at 10:45 H. 535. To require purchases of alcoholic beverages to submit proof of ae to the city or town clerk where tiiey reside. H. 6t0. To repeal provisions of law relutie to false representations py minois to procure sale or delivery ol alcoholic bc-verages. H. 9ii5. That citiej and towns with the exception of Boston be authorized to grant club licenses to certain fraternal benefit societies to sell alcoholic beverages Irrespective of the quota for such licenses. H, 1138 To provide a penalty for the acceptance of alcoholic bevera&es by minors. H. mao Relative to the effective date of certain seasonal alcoholic beverage licenses. METROPOLITAN AFFAIRS Koom 207 I H. 503 That the Metropolitan Tran-f tit Autnonty be authorized to restoie us service on Sundays and holidays ui inu oeaenmoni section ot Keveru. H. 1150 That the M.'tr.molitan Tran sit Authority be authorized to provide bus service on the Central sq. to Granite st. line In Cambridge during i:tiui!ii nours on &unuay. r H. J150 An investigation by the Met- I Transit Authority of the. fusibility of installing escalators at Ecachmont St-iti in Revere. I . H. i:i::7 That the Metropolitan Transit Authority b authorl7eri in nrftvicip suitable transportation for residents of J Moth Revere. : H is:ni Tint the Governor appoint; Greater Boston transit authority to OfvelnD rapid transit facilities In greater nosion and to construct tun nels, parking anas end facilities for i protection and evacuation of the public ij in case of enemy attack, This calls lor Sl'on.noo erti hnnrt i'.t)e H 2nri9 That the Metropolitan Transit Authority be authorized to Improve transportation facilities in Hyde Park nd Rendvi He. H. 2014 That the Metropolitan Tr- 1 sit Authority he authorized to furn'.jfh bus service from Andrew sq. to Columbia Point, rini'chpst.p H. 2334 An Investigation relative to ; tw'i.-.. "eei car services In MINItlPAI. FINANCE, JOINT Room 4:1.1 ill 9 j To "VroPt certain towns herein dnmaue lias been mused by 1? 'rnm f-lrnpriatlns funds for wnterv ays Improvement of certain ,ii23)'1?.V v. te ,h(" promt) sub- . , m cms mr services by municipality to another. one PENSIONS ol.D AGE ASSISTANCE j Room f.ia r retli-e1mL.R''lf!"Vf to rtln suaranteed I retirement allowances under the con- S trihutory retirement rv.tem if i,J , , T "rovlde a minimum r- t,'m;.',-t "'lowancc for slate emnloyees, .11..... J ' Re-lMtlve) to certain retirement I tlVemem"5l,,,1m,r u nutory re- f; .iS .. : 3' ""'alive to the retirement llowanee nf certain emnloyees who are memb'r- of non-conttlbutorv retirement systems. l. .1.15 For . mlnlmtlm rmti r.n...l ''ownnce for certain public employees if .V x,ri1rs oi service. t the formula tied to determine suoer- nnuation retirement sllowanees for Members or contributory retirement j Jems eln.ifted in Grnun A and B. H. 3Q.i For a guaranteed retirement Howance for rcr'aln elected public o lei.tis at age P5 and after completing Ja vc-rr. of eieditahle service. M. 45 - An nMiendnient of the law ftr ivldn-a1 run'nnteeft retirement allow- anees under the contributory retirement . 'er II !m4- To clarlfv the fnrmuls ued to determine the suneriiTiniiatinn reUr-r .tt allnw;ince for members of the eo-,'l'lr' te.rv vstein H tlfe fnr minimum 1100 monthly ' n, mi nuiiHniiirs liT iiv .111 u'wti , tmrlovees at age 70 snd after 10 years f of service. VATI ADMINISTRATION Room f.i f H 1473 An ai-iendment of the law ritlim to ihe full oi Button Com-- S n, 'luii A l(tn! To eUhllh the f tflee of f roit Ti'.-iioner on alcoholism and to t l.V'rlt a nmlrr.ilA tnr til. Mntml fif I H 'tM Tf. Increase the annual lien iinn feel of retfutered dentists. It. lHHS-nWntlve to the procedure io ii'tllties which are subject to 'he url-ilk ti"n of the Department ot ruo- ,n t:,i,,. Miniature Atomic Pile for Medical Training GLASGOW, Fib. 11 fReuters) A miniature atomic rile is cperst- jnR t the Royal Hospital for Sick I" Children here to provide radio- ! active isotopes for medical train- ( In It Is neutron tank designed and lllllll HI llllT (llleiv..! U'. )'Cll w the Scottish Wr-stoni Rritiontil HunpiUl Dourd. The isotopes it rrodticos have ;( short radioactive lie oi only one or two hours. You guessed it me again. George Kelley, Boy Rug Buyer. Emerson's white-haired boy, that is, and all because of YOU. Frankly, if I were the lyrical type I'd rip off a couplet or even a triplet jusr to say THANKS for getting me out of that carpetlined hole I was sitting in. Every piece of broadloom I over-bought is now beautifying some smart couple's home and do I feel wonderful! You might even say I'm dizzy with delight. As a matter of fact, I feel so light-headed, I think I'm in love. With YOU. This, of course, is neither the time nor place to talk about love, but you can see how dizzy I feel. Anyway, what with Valentine's Day coming and all, I thought to myself, "George, there should be some token of your affection. A from me-to-you arrangement. A Valentine Celebration.' So here's what I did. I bought what, again? yes, again! Only this time I bought remnants. At least, the famous mills they come from call them remnants, but just look: more than half of them are perfect room-sizes right now, and the rest are marvelous for hallways, stairs, small rooms and, well ballrooms. The fact is, whether you live in a box or a barn, you can't help finding terrific values to fit your needs exactly, so hurry to your nearest Emerson Rug store and join the Pull-and-Pounce parly. You'll really love the modern textures . . . the new colors ... the luxurious quality. And the prices well, just take a look at the typical ones we've listed. Sensational, yes? Yes! So come on over, and let's get delirious together. ots are more or less room-sized ome are straight and narrow Reflection 9x3-10 Green Sculp, Wilton 49,00 Springloop 9x3-3 Gold Loop Twist 39.00 Sequence 12x4-5 Nutria Embossed Wilton 89.00 Pebbleweave 12x3-6 Heavy Blue Twist ' 79.00 Pebbleweave 12x5-6 Rose Beige Twist 129.00 Sequence 12x4-10 Beige Embossed Wilton 89.00 Virginian 12x4-5 Fine Grey Floral 79.00 Innovation 12x3-4 Nutmeg Random Loop 49.00 Sequence 15x3-6 Nutria Embossed Wilton 89.00 Reflection 15x5-7 Grey Embossed Wilton 129.00 . Scottsmoor 15x5-0 Random Tweed Wilton 129.00 Sequence 15x3-4 Green Embossed Wilton 79.00 We Have 800 More of These! 16M goo 2900 19 2900 oqoo ir 1200 2300 28 2900 18oo Hearhcliff 9x5.4 Nutria Text. Twlsr $64.00 $22.00 Valley Forge 9x5.7 Gold High Pile 59.00 19.00 Twinkleuft 9x5.10 Tweed Loop Twist 49.00 19.00 Virginian 9x7.7 Green Self Tone 99.00 39.00 Reflection 9x6.6 Beige Sculp. Wilton 89.00 34.00 Sequence 9x6.8 Sandalwood Emboss. Wilton 89.00 37.00 Remembrance 9x6.3 Green Sculp. Wilton 75.00 29.00 Duratwist 9x7.10 Rose Beige Twist 119.00 49.00 Virginian 9x6.5 Green Self Tone 79.00 31.00 Sequence 9x7.4 Green Embos. Wilton 95.00 39.00 Memoir 9x7.11 Nutria Leaf Wilton 129.00 49.00 Heatheliff 9x10.2 Grey Tweed Twist 129.00 79.00 Iridescent 9x6.11 Grey Embossed Leaf 89.00 39.00 Iridescent 9x6.8 Beige Floral Bouquet 87.00 39.00 Inspiration 9x10.8 Nutria Sculp. Wilton 199.00 99.00 Inspiration 9x11.1 Nutria Emboss. Wilton 209.00 108.00 Romanes 9x10.10 Frost Green Emboss. 195.00 99.00 Pebbleweave 9x6.2 Al. Green Twist 99.00 59.00 Statwist 9x12.0 Quality Cinn. Twist 179.00 97.00 Statwist 9x13.1 Heavy Grey Twist 189.00 109.00 Titotwist 9x10.10 Quality Blue Twist 149.00 89.00 Sequence 12x7.10 Ocean Green Emboss. 139.00 59.00 Virginian 12x6.8 Brown Shadow Leaf 119.00 39.00 Pebbleweave 12x7.8 Heavy Sandalwood Twist 169.00 69.00 Candlelight 12x6.4 Green High Pile 169.00 49.00 Heatheliff 12x9.4 Beige Nubby Twist 159.00 89.00 Dignity 12x9.6 Grey Multi-level Text. 179.00 99.00 Inspiration 12x8.6 Green Emboss. Wilton 229.00 119.00 and 580 besides these! CXI nd look at the saving on the big ones . s ALL 3 STORES OPEN UNTIL 9 P. R SAT. TIL 5:30 P. M. a Statwist 9x19.2 Corsage Green Twist 279.00 159.00 Titetwist 9x17.4 Pewter Grey Twist 229.00 139.00 Statwist 12x15.3 Fine Nutria Twist 279.00 169.00 Titetwist 12x17.9 Quality Rose Twist 319.00 189.00 Sequence 15x6.10 Grey Text. Scroll 139.00 59.00 Sierra 15x6.10 Rose Modern Text. 135.00 55.00 Duratwist 15x7.2 Quality Rose Twist 169.00 69.00 Horizon 15x7.10 Nutria Scroll Wilton 179.00 79.00 Dignity 15x10.10 Rose Nubby Text. 269.00 149.00 Pebbleweave 15x9.6 Honey Tone Twist 285.00 1 55.00 Celebration 15x10.1 1 Heavy Green Velvet 299.00 1 49.00 Inspiration 15x11.8 Grey Sculp. Wilton 379.00 1 89.00 Pebbleweave 15x12.3 Heavy Green Twist 339.00 189.00 Celebration 15x14.4 Quality Beige Velvet 425.00 179.00 Skyway 15x13.6 Green High Pile 419.00 1 99.00 Nugget 15x14.3 Toffy Beige Twist 479.00 229.00 Pebbleweave 15x16.2 Heavy Beige Twist 475.00 269.00 plus 612, even better! Choice of Easy Budget Terms Smill deposit lay-away. Your selection held free until wanted. 10 deposit Budget Plan. Up to 24 months to pay. 90 Day Credit Plan no carrying charge. rtet Counselors 4i8iiiii ROUTC 1, PROVIDENCE HIOHWAY, NORWOOD MAIN STREET, ROUTE 28, STONEHAM ROUTE 9, WORCESTER TURNPIKE, NATICK i j

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