The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 2, 1957 · 1
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 1

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1957
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Steinbeck Finds Palace Bargains Windsors Still on Honeymoon Italian mansions with private jails; each has torture chamber, treasures Page A-20 "Just a very happy middle-aced couple'' p- 1 U I on 20th wedding anniversaryEx-king See Page A-l it r A VISCID DAY SUNDAY Warm, humid, chance of showers, MONDAY Fair, cooler. Full Report on Page 28 Wildlife Abounds Near Boston ..see Page A-3 ae. v. a. pt on VOL. CLXXI NO. 153 By GLOEff WSPAPER CO. SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 1957216 PAGES (5) TWENTY-FIVE CENTS fifcf wife Convict Just Out of Jail Tells What He Thinks Is Wrong About Bay State Correction System "They Made Me A Criminal" T" ""1 By FRANK P. HARRIS Chief Building Inspector Edmund Morgan kicked an opening through piled up rubbish. He reached over and without any effort removed a red brick from the foundation of a large South End tenement building, much as a child would disassemble a block house. But this was no game. Nor was it a trick. The lime mortar had simply lost its grip on the brick since being troweled probably 100 years ago. The brick came out of a building just condemned on Fay st. This is not 75 yards away from 407 Harrison av., the structure that collapsed into twisted wreckage last week entombing a 63-year-old invalid widow. "I better put this brick back," Morgan said without a trace of humor, "these places need all the support they can get" BUILDING Page A-Two f7 nn V V I I I I I k 1 I It Ik x xililllillliiiliill II u J (9JU U5 lyjU 5iU "An inmate I had known years before in Concord asked me if I wanted one of the night runners' jobs." This is the story of an ex-convict, released 10 days ago. . Bis imprisonment totals 13 IS years. He was not "coddled." Time will tell if he has been rehabilitated. By CLARENCE L. LaVALLY t I lost my mother when I was 3 years old. My father worked on a hog farm. He was illiterate, but honest and a hard-working man. He tried to do the best he could for me under the conditions that existed. He boarded me out at private homes. The first place my father boarded me out was at a woman's home. Separated from her husband, she was a heartless, cruel and uncouth woman. . She gave me the incentive to steal at the age of 4. I never had enough to eat and I was always hungry. CRIMINAL .Page AFour A Grim Look at Bostons Doomed and Desolate Parts 10,000 Buildings One Inspector Three Give Mystic Bridge Death Clues Descriptions Match Man With Record Son of Hit-and-Run Victim Cant Get Home From Korea A young Charlestown man with a police record was sought last night for questioning in . connection with the hit-and-run death of a Medford father of 13 on Mystic River Bridge. . In response to newspaper appeals for public assistance, three witnesses appeared before investigators yesterday and said they had either- seen or talked -to the driver of the stolen car which fatally injured Francis G. Barry. The witnesses furnished authorities with a more detailed description of the suspect Sst John V. Miller of the Charlestown Division, said he believed the hit-and-run opera tor sunerea cnesi, no or internal injuries becairse of the car's damaged steering wheel. Two witnesses described him as "bleeding about the head and face." HIT-RUN Page' Forty-jour Senate Support Grows for Ike9 s Foreign Aid Plan WASHINGTON, June 1 Powerful support is forming in the Senate around President Eisenhower's appeal for long-range continuity in the foreign economic aid program. FOREIGN AID Page Twenty-nine GUIDE TO FEATURES 1 ' I i ' 'si f I' & y . i t 7 J" T t Globe Photo by Herbert CanwrMi VICTIMS OF GANG ATTACK Edgar Caluson, left, of of West Koxbury; Alfonse Ferreri, 37, and his wife Deborah of Newton. Ferreri nearly lost sight of eye after being assaulted by a dozen teen-agers. Teen Gang Miport Board Seeks to Pay in Liuie League Coach Assault nterest on Tunnel Debt Last-Minute Appointments Displease New Governor Angry Curley CHases Ely Around the Table The scene is probably without parallel in American politics. It is 1935. The outgoing governor of the commonwealth, Joseph B. Ely, and the incoming governor, James Michael Curley, are closeted in the executive chamber of the State House waiting for the moment when the new governor will be sworn in. Art 41 Auto New . . 38 Books A-24 Camera Eye A-24 Chess 26 City Hall 31 Club Women .27 Editorials ..A-22 Financial ..A-59 Harriman . .A-59 Home & Garden C-9 C-20 Labor 30 Local Lines ..19 Military 57 Mystic Orders 22 Obituaries 34, 51 Politics 36 Radio-TV A-17A-19 Real Estate A-31 Social Security "28 Society A-25 A-29 Sports ...47-50, 58-63 Stamps ....A-13 Star Gaier .A-6 Theaters .... A-10 A-12 Travel C-l C-8 Women A-14 A-17 Zausmer ..A-57 Newton police last night arrested five teen-agers who allegedly assaulted Alfonse L. Ferreri, 37, a Newton Little League baseball coach, Friday night when he reprimanded them for hot-rodding on Commonwealth av., Auburndale. Booked on charges of assault and battery and held in $1000 bail each were Paul T. Morrell, 19 of Faxon st.; Richard N. Dalo, 18 of Pearl st.; Francis J. MacDonald, 20 of California st.; Herbert J. Boudrot Jr., 18 of Dalby st., and Rocco DiSeglio, 18 of Watertown st., all Newton. ASSAULT Page Twenty-eight By WILLIAM J. LEWIS The Massachusetts Port Au- Chairman Ephraim A. Brest, the Russia Claims She's Ready to Fire Satellite Mansfield Asks Ike To Make Proposal Would Discuss No Other Issue But Atom Curb By JAMES E. WARNER WASHINGTON, June 1 A proposal tonight for a Big Four "Summit" meeting called solely to discuss the barring of hydrogen bomb tests underscored the top topic of the entire world-how to control nuclear weapons and their fallout effects even in peacetime. Sen. Mike Mansfield (D Mont.), assistant Democratic leader of the Senata and a member of its Foreign Relations Committee, made the suggestion in a Commencement speech at Clarke College, Dubuque, la. He suggested that President Kisenhower initiate the meeting, 'hut only for the single purpose of discussing nuclear controls. H BOMB Paoe Thirty-teuen thority has proposed to Gov. .Furcolo that he introduce a bill to pay interest to Boston on the $7.9 million due the city treasury in reimbursement for the Sumner Tunnel, until the purchase price is paid, the Globe learned last night. For a full year at 3 percent, which is the interest the city pays to borrow the money in anticipation of repayment by the Port Authority, Boston would realize approximately $237,000. Under the plan advanced by Authority would pay the city this interest. Furcolo has been asked to send a special message to the Legislature urging that the Port agency be authorized to make such payment. It is expected that such a move would win immediate support of Boston lawmaker?, since a windfall of $200,000 or more is considered an important factor to the city facing a tax rate threatening to exceed $80. TUNNEL Page Twenty-eight '1st Step' Arms Cut Possible Is everything calm and dignified? No, the governorrelect is chasing the outgoing governor around the table with mayhem in hu eye. Curley is angry be- long-time foes. Read the Full Story on Page A-23 Baseball Results . AMERICAN LEAGL'E BOSTON 11, Washington L Baltimore 4, New York 3. C hicago 12, Detroit 4. Cleveland , Kama City 0. NATIONAL LEAGL'E New York 3. Pittsburgh 2. Cincinnati 22, Chicago 2. Philadelphia 3, Brooklyn t. St Louis 7, Milwaukee L RED SOX TODAY At Washington (Susce Ramos), 2 p.m. TV-Channel 4. Over $3 Million Raised, B.U. Alumni Throng Told By B. J. CUTLER - MOSCOW, June 1 Russia announced today it has built rrvlreta and all ihm nprficarv equipment to launch an arti- Within i PJll ficial earth satellite. 1 f 1111111 1 ca No date for the launching was indicated other than the statement that the satellites would be sent up from the Soviet Union during the International Geophysical Year. This starts July 1 and ends Dec. 31, 1958. The announcement was made by Alexander N. Nesmeyanov, president of th Academy of Sciences, in a article in Prav-da, Communist Party news paper, WASHINGTON, June 1 (AP)' The United States, in consultation with Britain, France and Canada, is packaging in final form a new set of United States disarmament proposala for presentation to Russia early next week. DISARMAMENT Page Forty-tix 1st American Bests He said the satellite would !- i:.A IISIa rUUI'lillilUlB IUIIS (Lift of Grnduatet nn Page A-l) More than 1500 Boston University alumni, all in festive mood, chomped their way through an equal number of broiled live lobsters and barbecued chicken at an old-fashioned New England clambake yesterday, a feature of Alumna Day. From early morning until late afternoon the red-white-and-blue capped graduates swarmed over the Charles River campus in carefree reunion form. be shot into space "for the pur poses of scientific lnvestiga lion." 8ATELLITE Page Thirty-seven INDEX TO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSIFICATION FACE Airlinw , .C-l C-S Airplanes .... A-M Amusements A-IO A-12 Antiques. Stamps and Coins A-U. A-M Apartments for Bent A"l Apartments Wanted A-41 Art Schools A-14 Auction Sales A-M Automobile Insurance A-51 Automobile! A-61 A-M Bicvcles. Motorcvcleg A-S1 Boys' School A-U Business Opportunities ,.,.A-M Camps for Salt or Rent A-S Children to Board ..A-41 Clothing. Furs A-&9 coal, cone CLASSIFICATION PAG El CLASSIFICATION PAGE For Your Garden . . A-sn offict and Desk Spc For Sale A-4;; A -8 Furnished ipalnters. Carpenter. Apartments A-41 1 Jobber A-1 Furnished Boom . . A-41) 'm,-i.. r- . . Furniture, etc A-pO Pnotofrans. Cameras A-J4 Garages for Bent " (Poultry. Plieons. etc , . - A-M A-S71 A" girls' Schools . A-u;Radio Market. Television Heating and Cooking A-M A-5l Homa and Garden 1 Railroads . . . CI c- C- C-itt Real sut Market Horses. A-31 A- Carnage, etc A .41 Real Estate Mortgages Hotels C-i-ii A-4Y Hotel and Restaurant. Heal Estate Wanted A-SJ nunplies . ....... A-M Refrigerators A-17 B.U. Page Fifty-six STOCKTON. Calif., June 1 (AP) Don Rowden, a 20-year-old Junior at the University of California, tonight beeame tha first American to run the mil under four minutes. He wis timed in 3:58.7 in winning th event in the Pacific track and field meet. The world Homeh HelD WaniM j,i&ajemn Wanted, industrial Properties A-4n Information Wanted AIff, Male School! Wood, r-harrnal . A-4 i Instruction. Mai. AUt: Situation! Wanted. Codud'!0nal Land for Sal A-4' Female Schools A-l Live Stork: A -4 1 ns waniea. Convalescent Homes A-41 1-ost. Found, etc. A-41!. Mal . Death Notices SI M.'chinerv and Tools A-Wt.fp0""1 Goods . . , A-47 br-sks. Store and OfPir Mill Order Business A-4J:g,'n,,h, Lines C-l - cause Ely has-made a flock fuVe. 'am i """""" "7-wTiumn cotuge, '.nd ' of last-minilto annninfmonte Diamonds. Medirl Suooiieg ... a-M: House . A- . . V j" , -rr"-" Jewelry, etr . A-M Miscellaneous . . A-4 J , Bummer Resorts C-l C- twiiiiu iie ixuiift.s wnuia Stymie it" tats, rets, etc A -si jftiooue Homes. ?rsjjers travel sds iou, rum. Cuiley and Ely were .Factonc. store. Wow t tx,m a.m T-.f i-otu. eic. ixotor irucKing. -.. . A-tx iypewrners. nr. ..a-st Farm and Music . . . A-47' Unturrilsbed Rooms A-4 Vi!ltre Home .. .A-M Musical Instruments A-47Vacijum Clearers, remaie Heio Wanted NVw Hampshire Real I Washir.g Machine A-M A-4J A-4 I Business YchU. Motor Boau Porcign Can A-! ' froucrties A- etc - Is. Colleges, etr. A-47 A-II A-47 7 Auto Deaths Raise Total to 15 For N.E.'s Long Holiday Week-End Seven persons died in New' pected over most of New Eng-England highway accidents land thif afternoon. Texast Oklahoma . e f iracs inn unu mrri, ineworm A sain Lashed by ?ord. ' 58 by Australia " John I.anrlv. Violent Storms Detaiu pa 1 yesterday, raising to 15 the number killed in the first three days of the long holiday weekend. Five others were drowned and one was killed in a plane crash during the first two dys of the period. Scattered showers were ex- Traffic officials urged extreme caution for throngs due to head home. Latest fatalities Included two in Maine and one each in Massachusetts, Connecticut. Vermont and New Hampshire. .FATALITIES Page Forty-four DALLAS, June 1 (AP) Blinding thunderstorms lashed out again at weather-battered Texas and Oklahoma today, flooding rivers and streams, washing out bridgei and cutting loose at least three tornadoes. The tornadoes were sighted in the air near Kenedy and Sealy in southeast Texas, and near Colorado City in west Texas, but did not touch ground. FLOODS Page Twenty-eight l c- Comic Dictionary BACHELOR GIRL A girl who often makes a hit with the men, but never a borne run. s Of Juee 1, 190T Lehigh Metal Products Corp. (Wm Aae Wsrtbaese Win Be (.Metes' Al Th'lr Pw Pontine OK ALCWIFK flKOOK rtKeVMAV CAMHRlIlor.. MASS Oaj TUhaa Nettie Will ftraaala Tat Same UNIvaralty 4-950O MOVING TO LARQCR QUARTERS Hi ktHCimitt HUTIULU ItOKtJ BASS ELECTRIC CO. Ill riDIRAL ST, lOSTON OPtN StOK. as WtO. IVCS. TIL Read the Classified ADVERTISEMENTS USED CARS PAGES A-51 to A SS REAL ESTATE PAGES A-31 to A-41 HELP WANTED MALE AND FEMALE PAGES A-4 to A-4 9 IN TODAY'S BOSTON GLOBE

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