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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 1

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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led Son Lead AT CHICAGO First Game Innings I 2 3 4 5 1 RED SOX 1011121111,1 I CHISOX 10121010111 I I BatteriesParnell and Tebbetts; Wight, Wheeler. Pal Oft VOL. CLVI No. 36 Mel "arnell Seeks 6th in ow for Sox Copyrught 1949 The Newspaper Co FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 1949 '28 PAGES-FIVE CENTS 11111 111.11 Pieretti and BOX SCORE lituirricatitati Roars gaved Fire Destroy Solork is 0 Type raft Heavy Seas keep Six to Death Off Rescue Ship; U. E. Lieutenant Ilictim WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (AP) Six Navy submariners and a civilian technician lost their lives and 84 crewmen were rescued today when the submarine Cochin exploded and burned in Arctic waters. I 1 a 9 AT CHICAGO First Game Innings I 234551393H REDSOX 10111211111 I I I I Iliju SID DD 1 2 I Pd (11 CHISOX 10121010111 I I I lLI I I BatteriesParnell and Tebbetts; Wight, Pieretti and Wheeler. ix' SEBA 1. 111-1 61 rii Ulli A CP it It 4 artiKi 1 ,,) ilfti .04 gEllfed as- IS It I is trove E)estiloy z)lriort I Type raft 'a Kea. Pat Oft Copyrught 1949 The Glow. tfewsostosr Co I VOL. CINI FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 1949 No. 36 28 PAGESFIVE CENTS 0 0 1 Heavy Seas Sweep Six g. Vii Eggrrucalrati, Roars' to Death Off Rescue Ship; Mel arnell seeks- II. E. -Lieutenant Ilium ow for Sox 6th in II, Fll 0 WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (AP) Navy submariners and a civilian technician lost their I. I lives and 84 crewmen were rescued today when r. 261100x scono 1 the submarine Cochin exploded and burned 1:3 1 in Arctic waters. ,1 Submarine Sinks as ast a st ast ell 1 Cis 1 A A vs 1 I I I FIRST GAME INCOMPLETE RED SOX ab bh po a 1 0 1 0 1 10101 By CL1F KEANE CHICAGO, I1L Aug. 26-- After dropping last night's game to the White Sox in the opening affair of a four-game aeries, the Red Sox were hoping that Mel Parneli baseball's leading pitcher, would put them back in winning stride as they met the Chicago team in a doubleheader at Comiskey Park this afternoon. Another humid day, with the temperature around the 90 mark, greeted the stylish southpaw as he warmed up in an attempt to win his 20th game of the season. has won his last five in a row, his most recent -victory being a 7-1 victory over the Senators last Saturday. Red Sox By CLIP KEANE CHICAGO, After dropping last night's game to the White Sox in the DIMagglo 2 Pesky 3b 2 Williams 2 Stephens 2 Doerr 2b. 2 Zinnia- rt. 2 Goodman 2 Tebbetts Parnell 2 DIMagglo 3 11010 1210 21010 2220 1200 11400 1400 0000 Gillis Not Chief of Revere Police ILP A A 110 Nie lho A 11. Aligh01601 Judge Rules 3. 1 1 A it ...,.1 i 1:, Chiet 'II Noi i lb 4'-: 2:: I Gi. tb lice, of Revere -Po ty? S. judge --c ,,..4.., xttl, is' Ar- :Ke.4":':;: 1.6.:!:,',t,i::.:n:.:':.:,:4:::;:::::::::.:,;:::::.,-.::-:::..::.:::::.:...;i:;,: fil Fort Lauderdale in Storm Path. 1 Miami May Escape MIAMI, Aug. 26 (LIP) A hurricane amied 2 120-mile an hour punch at Florida's rich gold coast today. A warning from the Miami Weather Bureau said the stodm was centered 100 miles due east of Miami and was due to hit the 40,000 population resort town of Ft. Lauderdale at 5 p. E.D.T. Miami, 20 miles south of Ft. Lauderdale, will receive winds of bare hurricane force, about 75 miles per hour, the weather bureau said. The storm was moving west, northwest from its position off Miami. If it continued overland on its present course It would strike across the everglades swamp and race into the Gulf of Mexico between Sarasota and Tampa. The whole southern half of the Florida peninsula the resort gold coast and the fertile farmlands south of Lake Okeechobee was buttoned up tight for the storm. Hurricane Continued on Page 2 roiril I obstotoisistAitri The six Navy men were attached to the USS Tusk, a sister submarine which rescued the Cochino's crew. The civilian, who was not immediately identified, was the only one lost aboard the Cochin. The sunken submarine as equipped with a snorkelan underwater "breathing" tube which enabled it to remain submerged for long periods of time. The explosion occurred in the Cochino's battery room and was followed by fire. A lieutenant and five of the Tusk's enlisted men were swept from her deck by heavy seas during the rescue of the Cochino's crew, which was hampered by high seas. The Tusk, with the rescued men aboard, is heading for the Norwegian port of Hammerfast This is the nearest port where medical assistance can be obtained. The Cochin() and Tusk, together with the submarines Toro and Corsair, had been temporarily assigned to naval' forces under command of Adm Richard L. Connally, naval commander in chief of United States Forces in European waters. The submarines had been engaged in cold water training exercises in the Arctic. They left the United States Naval Submarine Base at New London, on July 18. Submarine Continued on Page 3 cochino's rescued the twhheo wthaesonnloyt rifle The civilian, was crew. identified, mediate' immediately lost aboard en one The tsh: n. se snorkelan rCbskuecbi 1 en- with ierit, bled water remain tube which for it time. in the a periods occurred was long The battery t' Cochin ere. the Tusk 's explosion room an wed hY '11 nd five 4 from be a cwepu A lieu -during the res- enlisted men were which crew, deck by he coebillO.2-b seas' red by high rescue hampered lth the or ding st Is mmerfa men aboard, iort of a where nearest Prt heunwodhea-rs- can This the dical together tamed. ri and Tusk, 1 and Toro codunc) submarines To The submar- with the been temporarily under Corsair, to nay -In Richard in ed 0 der and al commander in command lly nay Forces conha States Unite chief of terS' been ean via had EUTOP Ines submar had a' forces IA- Continued on Page 21 Totals- 24 5 8 15 6 1 Plan Referendum Ruled Off Ballot in Chelsea Election Superior Court Judge Yin cent Brogna ruled this afternoon that Lt Colin A. W. Gillis Is not chief of police of Revere despite big appointment by Mayor Peter J. Jordan. The judge ordered that the Mayor refrain from recognizing Gillis as chief and that Gillis refrain from "holding himself out to be chief." However, the judge ruled that there is nothing to prevent. Mayor Jordan from designating Gillis to bead the department until a legally appointed chief takes office. it led this after- -u- gua eu- Gs cent Br colin A- that Lt of Revers noon of ent by not chic. appointment hls despite an. the or Peter red that MaY orde recognizing udge The frail from Gillis Mayor re et, and that Gillis ourtidjinugdghel 1 refrain freln re blea to be ou Ri.uhJ04:1) des tleasriorchiC 7 -5: -1! 1 WHITE SOX ab bh pc, a Adams el. 3 0 1 0 0 0 PhMey rt. 310100 Appling ss 2 0 1 3 3 0 Michaels 21E 11,1 3 3 0 Ostrowskt IL 2 1 1 000 Souchock 2 0 0 8 IL 0 aZernial. 100000 Baker 3b 201030 Wheeler 200001 Wight 1 0 1 0 Plerettl 1 0 0 0 0 0 L. ,22.. (IL S. Navy Photo) U. S. COCHINO, shown during training cruise last March in Massachusetts Bay, today exploded and burned at cost of seven lives. to) --tu S. Navy Mercury Hits 96(' Fall giver G.I. Held Sane A Plan referendum has been ruled off the ballot in Chelsea's city election by City Counsel Alexander Finger in an opinion submitted to City Clerk Joseph A. Tyrrell. He based his opinion on a recent law passed by the Legislature abolishing proportional representatICTI forms of voting from city manager forms of government. The law iu become official on Nov. 7, 1949, the day before Chelsea's election day. The original petition was brought to City Hall by a group of Plan exponents in Chelsea. The plan was approved and would bave been on the ballot had it not contained the words "proportional representation" cn the ballot, officials said. The temperature reached 96 degrees in Boston this after. noon, only one degree below the record of 1900. Just seven years ago it was 30 degrees. Totals 20 6 15 12 1 Mother 32 Held in Death of Four Children, Sane 2c1 Man Seized, Linked to Boston Crime Wave allied out for Souchock in 5tI6 LUGWIGSBURG, 28 (UP)Prosecution witnesses testified today at the murder trial of military policeman Russell F. Jones of Fall River, that the defendant appeared sane the morning he allegedly killed three persons. Jones' trial before a court-martini went Into the- fifth day today. He had pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and theft and guilty to a charge of being disorderly in.a uniform. The court has agreed to find him not guilty if insanity is proved. Trial Continued on Page 3 Stabbed Girl Near Death; Commit Boy. Red 11, White 01. Two-Rase Hits Stephens, llama. Appling. Stolen ItaseZarills. Left on Bases--Boston 0, Chicago 0. struck OutParnell Alt Wight. Base on BalaWight 2, Parnell 4. Runs Driven InDoerr 4, Wheeler. Wight, Parnell, App ling. Wild Schroeder Trailing in Davis Cup Play FOREST HILLS, N. Aug. 26 127)Billy Sidwell of Australia led 'Ted Schroeder of La Crescenta, two sets to one today as they halted tor an intermission in the opening singles match of the Davis Cup challenge round'. Schroeder won the first set in 16 minutes at 6-1, but Sidwell won the next two, 7-5, 6-4. FAIR WARM TONIGHT ATURD A bau'Larrts on 1 0114 en44t An unwed mother, who survived a suicide attempt in which her 'four small children died, has been pronounced sane after 16 months' observation at Worcester State Hospital and is now in East Cambridge Jail awaiting on a murder' charge, the Globe learned today. She is Evelyn C. Roche, 32, of Chelmsford who had lived as the common-law wife of a Leominster man for 10 years, according to police. None of the neighbors nor the man's wife, mother of two children, knew their secret. Mother Continued on Page 3 Tough-Talking Hub Divorcee Charged With Texas Murder A second South Boston man with a long criminal record was linked today to the recent wave of Boston holdups. In a police lineup today the man, who said he was 43 years old and a salesman, was identified by John F. Miller, construction company paymaster, as the man who held a gun against him and robbed him of $2800 last Tuesday morning near the Campden-st. housing project in the South End. Another South Boston man, James Wallace, 419, of Dorchester was captured following the holdup and is now out on $15,000 bail awaiting action by the Suffolk County Grand Jury. Crime Wave Continued on Page 2 A 15-year-old Somerville boy, identified as thee stabber of Dorothy Lown, 16, who is fighting for hes life at Massachusetts General Hospital, was in Somerville District Court this morning charged with delinquency. Judge Ralph M. Smith committed the boy to Westfield State Hospital for a 35-day observation period by psychiatrists. Stabbing 'Continued on Page 3 IN TONIGHT'S GLOBE r's GLOBE Cards Lead giants, 21 Burgess Comics Cross-Word Culbertson Deaths Editorial Financial 22, 231Serial Story 23 171Society IS ...22 Sports .....20, 21 18 ....16 Women's ....24 Vets' Forum 4.17 Radio 22 Serial Story Society 2 Sports .....20, 21 Theatres 18 Women's Vets' Forum BRADY, Agu. 26 (UP)A The girl was held in jail as a maugh-talking, terial witness. Adkins said Miss Peterson pulled the trigger that sent a bullet through Patterson's body. "The young girl said this Peterson woman laughed and told her, 'This is the kind of a life I love'," Adkins said "She's a pretty good looking girl, but 'after you talk to her awhile you forget that and are impressed only by the fact that she's so hardatterson, ened." Divorcee Continued on Page 5 AT NEW YORK Inning's I 3 4 3 vl State Senate tough-talking, pretty Boston divorcee was charged today with murdering a Texas real estate man for $50 and his car: The charge, murder with malice, is punishable by death, and County Atty. Evans J. Adkins indicated that the extreme penalty would be demanded against 23-year-old Sandra The pistol packing, black-haired woman was accused of killing Lewis Patterson, 34, who picked up Miss Peterson and a 15-year-old girl as hitchhikers yesterday. pretty Boston divor- was charged today with mur- ring a Texas real estate man tor 0 and his car: The charge, murder with malice, punishable by death, and County tty. Evans J. Adkins indicated at the extreme penalty would be against 23-year-old San- a The pistol packing, black-haired omen was accused of killing Lewis 34, who picked up Miss etersort and a 15-year-old girl as tchhikers yesterday. Long's 'Snooper' Faces Court in N. H. Tomorrow It Kills Bill to Tax All Dividends CARDS 101012101016M III GIANTS 10111010101 1 1 I III Maragon Won't Answer Ouestions of Senators lswer ors BatteriesStaley and Garagiola; Jansen and Westrurn Bickford to Pitch Tonight Against Reds' Vander Meer .5 7 The State Senate this afternoon, by a tie roll-call vote of 20 to 20, Dutch Housewife 7 Miles strictly along party lines, killed the bill to place a 6 percent tax on all dividends, after a lengthy debate i in which the bill was argued to be From Goal Channel Swim vital to balancing of the state I I 11 I budget. DOVER, Aug. 26 (AP)Mrs. shore. Newsmen trying to pick up 1 Democrats fought hard for the bill Willi Croes Van Rijsel, 31, Dutch' the swim party in speedboats fromtwith the contention that 65,000,000 housewife, was reported only seven 'more in revenue at least is needed miles from Dover this afternoon on the Dover side were told by pilots I it might involve quite a search. to balance the budget, that the divi- her 21-mile cross-Channel swim from dend tax was estimated to produce Mrs. Van Rijsel is the third swim- Cap Gris Nez, France. it, and that the tax "will hurt no one A man in a small boat who passed mer to try to cross the Channel but the person who can afford to her at 2 p. from France to England this week. in. (9 a. m. E. S. said put surplus money into stocks." when he docked here that she was Philip Mickman, 18-year-old Brit- Tax. ishA sAcOhoolboy, made it in 23 hours Continued on Page 4 seven miles out and still "swimming DOVER, Aug. 26 (AP)Mrs. shore. Newsmen trying to pick up Willi Croes Van Rijsel, 31, Dutch th swim party in speedboats from housewife, was reported only seven the miles from Dover this afternoon on Dover side were told by pilots it might involve quite a. search: her 21-mile cross-Channel swim from Cap Gris Nez, France. A man in a small boat who passed her at 2 p. in. (9 a. m. E. S. 'T.) said when he docked here that she was seven miles out and still "swimming it might involve quite a search. Mrs. Van Rijsel is the third swimmer to try to cross the Channel from France to England this week. Philip Mickman, 18-year-old British schoolboy, made it in 23 hours and 48 minutes. The other -Alfonz Wallace, Massachu. setts tax agent arrested outside the New Hampshire state liquor store at Seabrook yesterday, will appear in court there tomorrow to answer a charge of "parking on a traveled high- way" Arrest of Wallace, whose job was to spot Massachusetts buyers and importers to this state of New Hampshire's cheaper liquor, was the first retaliation by that state against Tax Commissioner Long's campaign to collect taxes from Bay Staters who avoid liquor taxes by buying their potables in New Hampshire. Bottle Continued on Page 4 liOtti Continued or affairs, or answer many other qtiestions. But he did say "yes" when Senator Mundt, of South Dakota, asked: "Do you know I Harry Vaughan?" He referred to Maj Gen Vaughan, President Truman's Army aid. Mundt wanted to know whether Maragon had ever been "associated" with Vaughan in "any activities." 5 Percenters Continued on Page 3 er many other 33r "yes" when of South now I arry to Maj President Tru- d. ed to know on had ever with Vaughan niters on Page 3 WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 (AP) John Maragon today refused to answer questions at the Senate five percenter inquiry "on the ground that my answer might tend to incriminate me." The Greek-American had taken the withess chair after an accountant testified that Maragon made bank deposits of 608.61 during a five-year period in which he has said his income was only around $30,000. He. would not talk, that is, when asked about his financial By GENE MACK Jr. In an effort to break their season's deadlock with the lowly Cincinnati Reds, the Braves will send their leading right-hander, Vern Bickford, to the mound in the second game of the current series at Braves' Field tonight. Last night's 4-3 -victory for the Reds made it tine wins for each team in their meetings this year. Their five game winning streak snapped by southpaw Ken Raffensberger in last night's 10-inning affair, the spirited Braves will be forced to face stifl another lefty tonight when manager Bucky Walters sends Johnny Vander Meer tch, the hill to oppose Bickford. Braves Continued on Page 21 3ickford. 'age 2 aspirant, Cuban distance swimmer Jose Cortims, failed, giving up after being in the chilly water nine hours and 20 minutes. Channel Continued on Page 4 She had been in the water since 8:45 a. tn. (3:45 a. in. E. S. on her second attempt this year to swim the Channel. The escort boat, June Rose, had no radio for communication with the Revere's Tax Rate $53.40, Boost of $1.80 REVERE. Aug. 26Mayor Peter 3.1 Jordan today announced the 1049 tax rate as 03.40, up $1.80 over last Polio Cases Reach year. 'r 7 Norfolk County 22, and Middlesex County 49. More than 400 of the total cases in Massachusetts for August have been reported from Suffolk. Middlesex and Norfolk Counties. Boston itself has had 116 cases for the year. 2, and Middlesex the total cases in tkugust have been iffolk. Middlesex des. Boston itself for the year. Rockingham Results DAILY DOUBLE Boston Stores Reopen Saturdays Boston department and specialty stores generally will open all day Saturday; Aug: 27, and on Saturdays throughout the Fall and Winter, following their usual practice. ri Pink Tights and Second Attempt Paid $33. A GREAT COLOR SUPPLEMENT 1111 1111 C. H. Sargent Dead, Hotel and Railroad News Co. Manager Polio Continued on Page 2 io )n Page 2 709 in Bay State, .9 Highest Since 1935 Massachusetts has had 708 cases of poliomyelitis reported through yesterday, heaviest incidence since 1935 when there was a total of 1390 in the Commonwealth for the This week's total is running around 200 reported cases, with Suffolk County, includifig Boston, showing 33 for the first four days, Just the Thing for Latin Students SALERNO, Italy Aug. 26 (UP)Federico Pucci clItimed today he has invented a machine which can translate copy from any language into any other. Pucci said the machine was electrically operated, but refused to disclose other details. He said he has entered it in the Paris International Fair of Inventions to be held next month. he has entered it in the Pal International Fair of Inventio to be held next month. FOURTH RACE-62000. claiming, 4- Year-olds and up, 6 furlongs. Glory's Chce. 1. Vlor.1840 860 4.80 Chevalier, 115, Valdes 6.00 3.80 Bedrock, 114, Turnbull 420 Time, Frapia, Cbaldson, Eye. avy Award, Blenweed, Grandpa Max, Gay Franka also ran. Continued on Page 21 I lilt 1111 C4 1111 Be 1111 Fr 1111 Arr iI 1111 jivc Be LI AST17-- ig to W-------- ISTOCMCARIA r. CIES: LI LI lib sure to read the Color Supplement in next WI Sunday's Globe. You will- enjoy the Comic -11 pages. Make it a point also to read the Comic I I pages in the Daily Globe every day. Arrange to have your Daily and Sunday Globe 1111 for the Fall and Winter months. Advise your neighbors to make the Globe their Boston 1111 newspaper. Advertisements may be ordered at the Globe 1111 office or by telephone. Call LA 3-2000. LI Charles H. Sargent, 77, of the Hotel and Itailroffd News Company and a pioneer in the modern distribution of daily newspapers, died today at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital. His home was at 71 Concord Milton. Beginning his long career as a newsboy at the age of 11, Mr. Sargent prided himself on being called "the oldest newspaper boy in Boston." While still in short trousers, Mr. Sargent helped start the old Brown's Newspaper Agency with four other LI GREVIDIMOROCIII0 GREylloulmEncillo i c-A r'-' '41 ko i. Wig --1 saej "Tho "VI rv. 100 MILE OCEAN CRUISE TO PRovincoporin 1 For Scores of Todiy's Baseball Games CALL THE GLOBE SCOREBOARD Richmond 2-2600 '2 P. M. Until 5 P.M. 6 P. M. Until Midnight ill I El 11 SOS. Intl 7:4 OMIT 04 fr mats 7 onus "Tee youngsters seine ths slorts Witlifilt at eloolorieod olive leo semi-1mi; of tea S12.200 letwrity so to post. Rose are champions to evolirto. sod rill provide plenty of twills. rewire feral et her bis fr eseeeild ths Woolf418W toti-init of he post we end los tom tot 7:4 5 OMIT meets 7.1n711 "The youngsters temeeed the slorts totillitt at Weeletleed IW eight one the semi-anis et the S12.200 letwrity os te post. Rye are champion to embryo. end eill provide plenty of twills. Irimnre th r. at h. ht tea 60 ENTRIES Phts 40 LAP Feature RACE 0 IWW 8:15 TitiTtalit ROARING, THUNDEROUS ACTION GEN. ADM. S1.20 RESERVED $1.80 11 LI I I 11 Motor Vessel "HOLIDAY" 1ROUR STOPOVER Lc Rally 10:15 A. IL dp ,4 Pies Rd. 730 P. M. Chlodren Tax SLIGHTLY EXTRA SAT.SUL FOSTER'S WHARF NU 2-200 'IODIUMg2 COPIPLETE DOG cot It" 1 0 I youngsters. RATION Sargent 31 Ciratinued on Page 4 i 1 NORWOODARENATZ2 111WONDERLANDIMIIIIIIMONO allMonn.olab aMmmomomnim 4mimimmmg MammwMmEl IlmoPiimmlomm AMmod. d.mig,to.reEM a I

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