The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 3, 1956 · 92
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 92

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, June 3, 1956
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12-A THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE JUNE 3, 1956 Ml I. i ffWs tie Matter With Being Tall? Dorothy Dix Columnist Airs Pet Peeves at Careless Mail Everyone who write; to me, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope, is guaranteed a reply. Perhaps you have written, enclosing the s. a. s. envelope, and are patiently awaiting an answer. The patience grows to impatience, and you have harsh words about a columnist's promise, .but plpase stop to consider a few assorted items. DIJ yon really enclose that envelope? Often I get a letter aaying it's been sent, but thorough Investigation fails to find it. Furthermore, the correspondent has neglected to put her address on the letter, so she automatically becomes a mystery writer, whereabouts unknown. At present. I have a check from gentleman who wanted me to do a bit of book shopping. Ordinarily! this is out of my line but in this rase it's virtually impossible. He forgot his address. Now quite possibly it may have been on the outride envelope, but as my mail is separated, the letters are removed from their casing. Now I shall have to locate him through his bank. Considerable delay could have been avoided had he remembered the precepts of third-grade letter writing always include your address in the upper' left-hand corner. Many a correspondent fulfills the requirement of a self Tall & Short My daughter, like yours, was always the tallest in a group of her own age. When people said, "My, isn't she big," it would please her and I took it as the compliment it was intended to be. , I agree that self - consciousness Even if you have to lie to do it, 'would be very bad, for it might tell her you are delighted that she lead to stooping to minimize the is tall because she will be able height, and poor posture would to wear things you never could on ! ruin her looks. account of your height. When you If you are short, your idea! of have to climb on a chair to get a girl is petit and cute. The clothes something on the second shelf, tell Ithat made you a doll as a little girlher how you wish you were tall land sweet at 16 are not for her. like she and could reach it. ibut what's the matter with being If her grooming is meticulous. I ta U and handsome? her clothes in good taste and her posture perfect, you can't beat a tall girl for looks. Even six feet is no catastrophe unless you make it so. My daughter, at 13, Is 5 feet and 8H inches. We hope she won't grow much taller, but she's stunning at this height, and I'm sure will carry a few more inches well if necessary. There's not much we can do about height, so. it's best to make the best of it, every inch. Good things may come in small packages, but I turn it around and say you can't have too much of a good thing. Progressive Pilgrinfe DESIGNING WOMAN Setting for the TV- Set . , t 1 j fmmmmy, ; it it I 1 ' agtmrnffi, If"""""! 1 'x flium A 1 j E 1 By - if liwrt. i- LJ mtfczgm Sli a i ... . i II - - - i TrXiX U J -f ( i .34uX rr f. i, i , . t '...gil - Amusements Feeds Family of 6 on $100 a Month To the sister who wondered about a Iioo a month food budget You should live like kings on that, I think. That is what we Use for our family of six. That includes all'J0HN WANEstars m "The groceries like soap powaer, etc. I do buy inexpensive cuts of meat and doctor them up with, tender-izer, spices, etc. Also do all my own baking, including rolls, dough nuts, breads, and conee buns., l do buy three loaves of bread a week from the baker (hardly a very profitable stop for him), which is somewhat of a convenience. Then I buy all the budget brands of shortening, flour, or anything that comes in budget prices. Hope you will try it. It really pays off. Snowed lender. snowed, Lnaer. ! , -,i - n A ' - . fl Today's Shunpike Special . . . ML Ann Park Reservation in West Gloucester ffl. i.mmv Searchers," a John Ford directed picture, at the Metropolitan Thea tre. ALEC GUINNESS it the leader of "The LadykMeri " a band of English "con" men in the comedy at the Kenmort Theatre. By ELIZABETH HILLYER Once Mrs. F. T. found the best much for the small room and the nlare in hpr living room for the furniture arranppmpnt to take, wa! IM','1- she made the -";nnally tried putting them together.! street and number all right, it 'where it stood look as if it were side-by-side. New shelves at just usually winds up with "city." designed for it. With her sketch the right height above the TV set My mail comes from many points from v,njch this drawing was, and a very useful new door cabinet "20" nothing iLt'ui ima( her letter aIst explains e built give the effect of a spe-catch this by watching postmarks, i how her idea solves a typical1 cially built wall." but occasionally when mail is room arrangement problem. I huw. one kIids bv. . Learn how "clsim and restyl. old . . . meiJidte iiau always oeen furniture with beautiful finishes and One more gripe and here I m ,he cemer o interest in the Iwhat to do .bout furniture ni.h repair. uxe x spcrfis. uii uc uu w" she writes, "hut w hen we Send today for Elizabeth Hilb-er'a book member of the Cult Who sends;. nt toWUinn cot n,, ' Furniture Refimshing How to Do Uaflpts hnnkleU ptr to readers lg u I : V 20n . Ue Iound Yourself." Addrejs Miss Hillyer. co Jeanets, nooKiets. etc. to reaaers. we had t Since two separate Household Dept., The Boston Globe. . .v y.-, cenler: 0I lnterest were just tiny envelopes. I am often asked J to enclose several pieces of liter- j Z,JL :;.h iVC;r4v n R R.,; , H,- .e due. For every extra $1000 Wants to Keep Baby's Hair Blonde Sisters I am now a busy little mother after waiting six years for this blessed event. I enjoy every minute of it, and we have such a good baby ... his eyes are as blue as the sky and he has eye lashes like butterflies. Does anyone have; class. Capitol's recording of the a twin to our darling born 14th of ! piano sound is splendid, among the AUg. New Records: Piano Music by Schumann and Mozart By JOHN VVM. RILEY The strong irftpression made by Czech pianist Rudolf Firkusny during his Boston appearances this past season is further enhanced by his new Capitol record of music by Schumann. One could almost use the word "transcendent" in describing the performances of the "Davidsbundler" Dances and Symphonic Etudes. Mr. Firkusny s play is sharp, " clear, powerful, and poetic as well. The disc is absolutely first if' Iky m" iJfsg'' 9 too 1 stamped. 15c in coin, together with sen-addressed enveione. 55. We have bought a home ... off the Parkway . . . and like it very much.. Pleasant neighbors and handy to all. My small problem is my baby s hair was dark and now turning blond. Has anyone a solution to what I could wash his hair with when it's completely blond to keep it that way. I enioy doing housework, made all kinds of knitted things, hooked a rug; do a little sewing, most happy with my first attempt on making drapes for my new home. I sure would like to correspond with some of the sisters. Will sign lome you want 44 preferable 1 Sink or Swim-if Columnists who offer services Percent interest you have to put want to perform them as quickly down SH1C0 on a non-G I. $12,000 and efficiently as possible. Your co- house. The pavments will be about U2?JV." Prf-ciP.1. intent one of hundreds; it's the odd one land taxes. Water is separate. Make that holds back the others .We lovejsure the amount taken for taxes you all but the thoughtful writers is enough so that you won't have rate a little extra affection. to pay more in October when they you put down deduct $6 from your monthly payment. An older type house will have higher ceilings and less insulation so will be harder to heat. My new Cape, of six rooms, cost over S200 to heat last Winter but of course I have hot water from my furnace (oil). Sweet' Alyssum. off as what called me. my grandpa always Fouepone., ajy hatMlaWalkaUMaV isit OPEN MONDAY NIGHT TIL 8:30 mini snriE a cast iron skillet lightly greased, orown coarsely chopped peanuts, add the drained rice, stir thoroughly and cook over a low fire until the rice is just browned a bit. Don't use too much grease! Or, in OCOFFIL with this amazing new instant iljiirtnl P ? Recipes From China Thistle How wonderful of you to welcome me. We do have much in common. Have you been in China? I have. Love their food. Are you familiar with these? Take a quantity of boiled rice. Then, in Mompou, are rendered by Alicia recent best. The scale is not quite so grand in Peter Katin's readings of the first ten of Chopin' Nocturnes. But then these pieces ask a dif ferent attitude. Mr. Katin is sympathetic; his playing skilled, sensi tive. The sound is not up to London's best. Mora Mozart Three volumes of Angel's col lection of the "Mozart Solo Piano Pieces," traversed by Walter Gieseking, are at hand. These are discs numbers eight through ten and include various sonatas, vari ations, rondos, fantasias, many of them unfamiliar. Soma of the per formances are a trifle perfunctory, even dry which seems to be the Gieseking way of playing Mozart. Yet others are revelatory. Angel's sound is superior, as usuar; notes by William Glock, are detailed arid informative. Refined, but not happily rarifjed. interpretations of the piano music of the Spaniards. Granados and f ft', ' L Manv TtsT Stat residents have. it's onlv an hour from Boston!' visited the North Shore and Cape Continue on Route 121 to 127 Ann, but just how many of them and 127A around cape Ann to sea have ever been to Mount Ann the superb estates on iastern Park Reservation? Point and quaint BearsKin xmick It is another delight for those I Art Colony. If it's a hot day, tit interested in Shunpike Tours, and A. A. A. travel manager suggests Mrs. Jean O'Brien Erickson, Bos-'you drop in at Hibbard Gallery on ton travel manager for the Amer- Bearskin week to view tne cooi-ican Automobile Association, comes; off" scenes of Gloucester and Ver-up with the directions. mont in Winter by Aldro Hibbard, Located in west Gloucester, on uie popular ape nnn u usi. Route 128, near the Junction of Stay on Route 121 north to 1A 121. Mount Ann is an easy climb ! through Ipswich and Kowiey; men for all, with steps built along the 'mountain trail. "From the too you get a beauti ful panorama of the North Shore coastline, beaches, Gloucester Har bor, the yacht chips and lighthouses," says Mrs. Erickson. "And Route 133 to 17 and Route 1 back into Boston. Route 17 is the old United States 1 and a true Shunpike, since the new route has taken travel off this road, which climbs through the countryside of Ipswich and Topsfield. Hickox School The Summer Secretarial Course at Radcliffe College is rapidly reaching the limit of its enrollment This popular course is staffed by members of the Hickox Faculty. Plus Calculator School Personnel officers from several of Boston's large national merchandise and manufacturing firm have reported a shortage of trained graduate operators for running the world-famous Plus. Comptom eter and Burroughs calculators. ROBERT MANDELL. musical advisor for TVt "Omnibus," will be music director for the North Shore Music Theatre season, opening June 13 with "Kismet" scriptiong of favorltt folk melodies and popular songs." Such pieces as Mexican Hat Dance" and "Cielito Lindo" are nicely played by Pablo Flore in the best de Larrocha for Decca. The disc offers Part II of "Goyescas" and Mompou's atmospheric, subtle "Impressiones Intimas." . More of Iberia: Albeniz1 Sorgs rtf Ctiain t1 nvcri Viw T-annovt Pan. lightly greased skillet, brown !rarj0 . Caoitol. with Lecuona's onions, cnoppea coarsely, until :;( T.-.m.)-' - rnninn 1 inn. t,i transparent and slightly browned ! piece. Mr. Pennario is a skilled! Short, and to "the point are juci u Kveiai eggs ana snr:plano technician. But his realiza-, "Dances Transcribed for Four them in lightly with the onions. ition of the Spanish idiom is Pianos" to be heard on an MGM jSu eggs until tender. Then plainly crude and his playing is record. The Manhattan Piano add the cooked rice and mix welL hard, percussive, regular, always Quartet plavs pieces of Benjamin, cook until the rice is just browned accurate, but often unmusical. Copland, . Kabalevsky. Moussorg-B1' , , 1 "Memories of Mexico" is an sky, Hovhaness with terrific lift. .ver try basting a roasted MGM album of "Concert Tran-lAn unusual disc, for devotees. chicken with a mixture of lard.i salt and pepper and freshly ground ; ' ginger? Helps to prick the skin of Vt X - 1 t TVT 111 OA we cnicKen weii with a fork be-new lviemDers oi weiiesiev VJTOUD XV iLkJu, no u-iz-L w :-.v S m TYPING OPTIONAL 7-U-lewa ABO h.rthnd. N im n. irmlxli. T in tht letter af th slphabet. ltO word! Mr aslaat ta week. Orcr 100,000 trdat is lul . iar Braii tni ciTll (trrte prT that fut. ueinti PeXDWUTINO ihartbaiit ! ttal i mlnU eilcktit to acttcr osHlont and mora ar. 7 I , I wraesi yr - an? mi puomirr FRU BRUSHU FRIE TRAMSFia SCHOOLS IN avis 4M CITIES NEW DAY and IVENINO CLAI8II START JUNE 1t Phon Boston' onlv SPKCDWRJTING School ii BURDETT COLLEGE TERMS 6t0 160 Ieikh St., lostia U. tdpllf 7-7US fore basting. Wonderful flavor! All or tnese are genuine Chinese recipes. The Chinese make their so wonderful green tea uy pouring boiling water over the tea in a footed glass tumbler, covering the glass tightly, and letting it set for several minutes. The second cup is always the best, using the same firrrprreyr nd Jeanne. Jerremi. A fete champttre for the Group 20 Community Membership and Patrons will take place next Friday at the home of Mrf and Mrs. PLAN A delicious blend of the finest coffees that lets you literally drink that extra weight right off your body! Now you can reduce . . . lose weight . . . safely, easily . . . with the amazing JAVAR Instant Coffee Plan. No pills! No drugs! No tiring exercises! No hardship diets! Drink all the coffee you like. Enjoy the true flavor of the finest coffee blends . . . and start losing uer'gfif the very first day. CONTAINS AMAZING JAVAT0L JAVAR Instant Coffee brings you a choice, carefully selected blend of coffees hand picked from the far corners of the world . . . combined with Javatot, a fabulous new food discovery that imparts an extra goodness, an extra flavor. It'i a harmless legumen dis covered in Asia that acts as a hydrophlllc that helps stop those awful hunger pains . . . that helps remove that desire to eat large quantities of food . . . that lets you eat th foods you lo . . . that lets you tfn'ri that extra tw'ffjf rfh off your body. You will enjoy the bouquet of this excellent coffee. You'll be delighted with its goodness ... its rich, full bodied, satisfying flavor. And you will be bh! so proud . . . and so thrilled is, day by Jay, that eitra weight j'J? d?ppears. So, don't hesitate. Get JAVAR Instant Coffee today! It's delicious! Enjoy yourself . and start losing weight the very first da! NO PIUS! NO DRUGSI NO STARVATION DIETI GUARANTEED! You must be completely satisfied with the results of the JAVAR Instant Coffee Plan or your money will be cheerfully refunded. Start th JAVAR Instant Coffe Plan today..! start losing weight right away! Thomas Hill and 'William Bell Cavada ill 1iln th. ratiHont ITn,,i4v .nm ' pany cf Group 20 Players in their fourth season at Theatre on the Green in Wellesley. Other actors who will join the company for one or more productions are Sylvia Short, member of the Group 20! Constantin Pertzoff in Lincoln. tea. I wish w could set toeethsr :Jayers resment company during Among the members of the acting that I might teach vou how t,. !the 1949, 1950 and 1953 seasons: company who will be in Boston to slurp tea properlv not lnnri Frances SternnaSen. a current attend are Nancy Wickwire. Dee enough to show vour annr.riJi.iwinner cf the Clarence Derwent Victor, Frederic Warriner, Michael a . jvui appreciation. rhmt,,- Mitk'uisoii v ..j rjnw . . .. ... ...I. .1 . ... WUI1UD1, .... J LV1IU, ,.,,1,0, unwilC IVliVJ aim 1 , Dallas, and .Stanley Jay. Appear-1 Evans. Membership information ing in "Ring Round The Moon," ican be obtained by calling Welles-which opens the Theatre on the ley 5-6630 or writing Group 20 Green season on June 25, will beiPIayers in Wellesley, Mass. Stonehenge. How to Handle Child Who Talks Back? a child who am wondering Sisters I have '.'talka back" and u anyone nas a cur fnr it even talks back to his elders and a couple of outsiders. He has been beaten and punished sererclv mi deprived of allowances, etc. Does he forget, or Is it extreme sensi tiveness that causes this? Has anyone naa a nice situation? Distressed. String Dispenser Maison De Bonheur. Old Battle- ae Have you made this for your Scouts yet: Simple and pretty string dispenser? Buy inexpensive, small funnels and paint them and Daste on pretty picture. Then shellac whole ining. .riace a ball of string in side and pull the loose end through the spout of the funnel Tack up on kitchen wall. Mrs. Dimples. . W ' J" My Name Is Mud Do vnn arlH me mils airectly alter pouring hot turn of Don conee ine conee is too hot; mUk Exeter Theatre, iuu uuiu. xry pulling milK in cup first. Time to Relax. FERNANDEL plays the title role of the Italian priest in The Ke- Camillo t Berkshire Tickets The box-office for the Berkshire Festival it preparing to move to Tanglewood in Lenox. Mass., this week in time to open there Monday morning, June 11 at 9. In the meantime tickets for the concerts of this Summer's Berkshire Festival by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch, music director, may be obtained for the remainder of this week from the festival ticket office in Symphony Hall, Boston. An all-time attendance record was set last Summer when nearly 140,000 persons attended the 24 concerts of the 1955 festival, and officials are hopeful that this figure will be bettered at this Summer's festivals Study at Emerson This Summer JULY 5-AUGUST 16 SPEECH and DRAMA ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES DRAMA TELEVISION SPEECH SPEECH THERAPY for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Training and experience in stag tech rjique. Student plays and bit parts in Emerson Summer Theatre productions. Limited enrollment SPEECH for MEN and WOMEN Public Speaking and Vocal Technique for businessmen, club chairmen, salesmen, and other professional people. Graduate Courses for Ttacheri Teacher training courses and advanced courses leading to M.A. or M.S. degree in Speech, Speech Therapy, Radio, Ttle- vision and Drama. Summer Stock Company at Martha's Vlnayard for Advanetd Drama Student and Apprentice- Wrjte or phone Director of Summer Session, Dept. G, for Bulletin. KE 6-3340. Registration Office Open Saturday 91 EMERSON COLLEGE 130 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. JIM WAR Nammy A big thank you for the oatmeal cookie. Just what I've been looking for. Little Chicken Thanks for the drop cookies. Made them several times and have given recipe to several. Kids love them. Mr. Gypsy. Mr. A. S. This is just a note to say that I say your note to me. Many thanks and from time-to-time I will send in the recipes you so kindly requested from me. Welcome to this wonderful group of Confidential Chat Sisters, and may we hear more regarding you and your family? The Royal Family, INSTANT COFFEE Com Into White' Street Floor, Horn Remedies section, and taste rt for yourself, any day this week. Mail and Phone Order Filled on 3.4S size or two 1.98 Jars. HOWE REMEDIES . . . WHITE'S STREET FLOOR Al,o in Worcester MAIL COUPON TODAY OR CALL HUbbard 2-7430 or Trowbrldgs 6-7430 R. H. WHITE'S, Boston 12, Mass. Gentlemen: at? I want to reduee the easy way I Please send mt jars of JAVAR INSTANT COFFEE $IM jars of JAVAR INSTANT COFFEE fj.49 Nmm Address. City. .Zone. .Stitt. Charge to my account Q CO D. O Check efieleted Wtdtham Concert Trios of Beethoven, Haydn and Smetana will ha nerfnrmH in th the free concert in the Waltham Pub lic Library Thursday evening at 8:15. The artists will be Mildred Taylor Shaw, violin: Hazel Theo-dorowicz, cello; Edith Steams, piano. M.I.T. Organ Concert The second recital on the new Holtkamp organ in M. I. T.'s Kresee Auditorium will be given by Salvador Arnita, chairman of the music department at American University in Beirut, Lebanon, at 3 p. m. today. The concert is open to the public free of charge. The program will be: Psalm Xrx. Benedetto Marrello: Concerto Grosso In D minor. Vivaldl-Bach; Fugue in G minor ("Little"), J. S. Bach: Concerto No. 5 in F, Handel: Prelude, Fueue and Variation, rranck Easy way to keep line from stretching a clothes and sag Chalofi School Recital A concert by student's of th Chaloff School of Music will be given at the College Club, 4b Commonwealth av, Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. Appearing on the program are John . Mitchell, Michael uewart, Irene Kallow. Patricia Brown, Etta Handle. Naomi Haag. Mineko Sasahara. Maria Di Silva, David Bever. Paula Blay, Ricardo PiZ' zotti, Arlene Gerstenberger and Vicenza Mannone. No tickets arei required. ' I Blue Hill. Maine l-:-i n;. 4 t Fantaaia No. 4 in C-haro minor, mdiictiiiic jnciaci. iucuvu ji anas. Kneisel Hall, Blue Hill. Me, an- nounces that the String and Ensemble Music Summer School, which has weathered three experimental years, is now on a permanent basis. The school will offer an eight weeks Summer session from July 2 through Aug. 26. Louis Persmger will join the violin department He will take chargeof string orchestra ensem ble this Summer. Others of the faculty will be Artur Balsam, piano; Joseph Fnchs. violin; Ed-ouard and Christine Dethier, violin: Frank Kneisel. Marianne Kneisel. violin; Betty Shoop, viola; Marie Roemaet Rosanoff, cello. Ruth Balsam will assist in the piano department, and Lieff Rosa-noff in the cello. SUMMER SECRETARIAL course: HIGH SCHOOL GRAD3 COLLEGE STUDENTS . PROFESSIONAL AND CLERICAL PEOPLE NURSES VOLUNTEER WORKERS Serea wk on a delightful suburbia campus. Jun IS-Aufutt 3. Intansiv train' Ing In Trpinf, Shorthand, Offic Procadors,' Business Machines. Swim, csnos, play tenuis en Lssell's well-squipped, 80-sera csmpus; Golf at nearby course. Residences for women; Phone, writ Director of Summer ScbooL' Ii-A.SEI.iTj JUNIOR COLLEGE AUaUKNDALK , MASS. Fh.n.JLAael! T-OIM THINK a iY.0iy.ENT Just atop sod think a moment. Ttks a long look st yoursslf. Sr yes a S' -ce In business, your Job, your social Ufa, your family? if you'd Ilk to better yourself tners's a definite way open to you. There ar THREE KCV8 to SUCCESS thru soplled Psychology. Vou need no previous education, Just sincerity. Vou can Issrn them and th know-how to enable you to put them Into praotlc. They win chans your life. They ar PRACTICAL pron methods which hav been tsught to thousands of men end women of all soet, who has son out Into th world, armed with th KEYS, unlocked obstructing doors, and schieved undrsamed of success. Lse Institute' new chert 4-lecture summer course,. SUCCESS thru Psychology, tsught by Dr. Robert Wsrrsn Katl. Free open demonstrstion lecture St New tnglsnd Mutual Hall, Wed., June 13. Admission by ticket only. Call er writs for free tickets snd brochure, and come for sn Interesting and In-formative evening! Lee Institute, 310 Harvard St., Brook I ins, BE 1-3900. (Sundsys, SI 4-787S). fine attach strong springs to e Member Festival both ends of a shortened, lme je concerts of chamber music where the- attach to the poles, presented on Sept. 7, 8 and 8. The stronger the springs, the 115 and 16. will comprise the Third tauter the Una will remain ua- September Festival at the Fal-der a load. - mouth Playhouse, Coonamessett- 1 3 Assure Your Future ' In th PRINTING INDUSTRY Start Any Mondsy Wt. Approtsd NEW ENGLAND LINOTYPE SCHOOL ' 470 Atlantic Ave., Room 203 Boston Phone LI 2-B3BS Lie. Comm. oi Mass. Dept. of Edue. 1 . .LIAN CHARMER Sophia Loren stars in "Too Bad She's Bad," at tha Center Theatra. 1 Do You Earn $100 a Week? r,he,U. S. Drrt cf Commerce savn: "A klllnd Watch Rrcaiman earnj $100 a eek nr more." Day and evening train-Annrovrd for Korean Veteran?. KLPAIK. 3i3 NrmButT ht., Hiulan, lOS-StsS. Clmn Hart hit Mondtr Lie, by Cemm. Man. Dept. er tdue. GLOBE ADVS. PAT BEST TRY ONE AXO BEE The Technical Fields euer nusnal jeh epoertanltles. It will pay ye t lnTCsUsat. INDUSTRIAL ELECTROKICS HUCTIM ELECTRICITT em C0N0ITI0KIS6 REFRlGERATIOIt POWER OIL lU'HERS V MOID A TOOL DESI6" ACTIVE PLACEMENT ERVICI All renrtri spBrevrd frr Veteran Mnn-sfeSt SrtMl. Lie. la. U, Ci. sf Mtu. INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL Bill t till IsrtMt tltllnliil MlMMlt I tli reentry Hilnlai mnrthi la teehnlesl Juki far IMtitry, TEL. LA 8-111 S 41 niiiipt si., eaicti mil, iuih

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