The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1955
Page 12
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fAGR TWELVE BLYTHEV1LU8 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ROAST MEG OF L4A1B, surrounded by Easlrr bonnets, Is popular for Caster dinner. Roast Leg of Lamb Ideal Spring Choice By GAYNOR MADDUX NBA Food and Markets Editor Spring lamb for Easter, that's the choice in many families. It was in ours when we were young uid we still remember our mother ordering the Easter lamb weeks In advance. Leg of lamb is the prize Easter voaat. But smaller families may choose a lamb shoulder roast or boned and rolled cut, slxed Jusl right lor the number Vo be served. A "rack" of lamb Is n generous roast that usually is cut into the flavorful rib chops. Roast the leg of lamb, fat side vp, on a rack In an open pan. A roast meat thermometer laser ted hi the thickest section of the meat ta an accurate guide to doncness ot the roast. For well-done Inmb, roast lo an internal temperature Hi 182 degrees F. 170 degrees Indicate! medium. Have the "fell" or pupcr-llke outer covering removed before roasting. Rub the meal well with honey for a beautiful golden brown and flavor accent. We like a lew tiny slivers or garlic Inserted deep In the ment before roasting. The Trench like a subtle touch of nutmeg on the roast. Garnish the Easter plutter will) gala edible bonnets made of thin •lice* of yellow turnip lopped with halve.s of hard-cooked eg Small circles of ean-ois make the flower trim and are fastened to the turnip wllce and csg with food picks. Loir of Lnmli With Mt-rh llouquut {12 to II slice.-,) (Coc.kinfc time: :i to 3iS hours) Season this roast enrly to enjoy the fine flavor. One 5-UHI-poiiml le^ of lainh, trimmed, 1 teaspoon roscmiiry, 2 tablespoons sivliul oil, li teaspoon dried sweet ba.sil, 1 tablespoon paprikn, 1 clove Riirlic, peeled, mashed; I tiiiiKs mint jelly. Combine rosemary, .salad oil, Kwect basil and paprika. If the fell tins not. been removed, use a paring: knife to cut and pull 11 from the Lop of UK: leg. Hub the Icff thoroughly with the seasoned oil. Let the. stand in Hie r«frlKcr- iilor two to lour hours before roasliny. Plnce N'K of lamb fnt side up on n rack in a inp; pan. Roast In a .slow oven 13115 cicj-fi'ne.s I* 1 .) 2'.;. hour.s, Hjjread half a RliiSK of lint Jell ynver the snrl'iicc. Continue roasting about nnolher hour .Spread reniflliilMK jelly over roust. Serve medium (175 degrees I-'.) or well done < IHJJ dcuree.s I-'.). * Read Courier News Clnssi/it'tt Ada. What every good cook knows: Lemon Tarts Are Ideal Dessert Ity GAVNOK MAOIIOX NKA Food and Marked Keillor The fri-sh tang of lemon juice, tho bright yellow o/ IprnonK and tho punet'iicy all siiKm'st lemon Herts lor the .spring and Blester menu. Our friend, Clcrlr 'i Austin til Los Anseie.s, .showed us how to make them In her lest kitchim. Here I* wliat we learned ii: that land of the lemon trees. l.lltlc l.i-uLiili Tartu (2 do*. 2-Inch lea tartlet!,) One and oiuMiuartcr cups suejier, ft tablespoons cornjuarch, \'-t teaspoon salt. J'j cups water, 3 eges, separated; 1-3 cup fresh lemon juice, untied peel of 1 lemon, 3 tahlespopn.? margarine, y t cup sugar. Combine sugar, eornstarch and salt in saucepan. Add water gradually and cook over direct heat, stirring constantly until thick and clear (8 to 10 minutes). Beat. efiK yolks; stir \'- 2 cup hot mixture into ilium. Stir egH mixture into saucepan and cook lor 5 minutes. Remove from heat; add lemon juice, Ki-ated peel and margarine. Cool. Make meringue; beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Add J / 4 cup sugar gradually and beat until whiles are fir niand glossy. Fold Glazed Ham ,4/ways Dinnertime Favorite tty CAYNOft MADDOX NI-JA Komi and Markets Keillor Easier calls for rabbits, dyed l 'Krf !; . !l K"y ni-w bonnet, and In many homes -— ham. This spring ham" will be at its lowest price In two ycur.s. your Easier dinner will roht you less find be as .splendid us ever. For a colorful «lfcct. top your glared ham with a bright Mower made of ornnttc peel HOC- UoiiK. Accompany it with spiced oranfco wedges. Hum comes in several forms: Mild-cured. ready- to -eat ami canned hums. A mild-cured ham has been partially cooked in the curing process and requires longer baking time than n rcady-to-etil ham. Cannot! IIHMIK all fall In the ready'to-eat category nnd are bonulcss. Cllii/e a ham hitlf an hour before the meal i.s fully cooked. Remove from the oven, then remove the rind. Score the fat in diamonds, stick a'clove or tnmch of cloves In each diamond and glaze. Mofil glnKCS combine a sweet ingredient like moln.ssc.s, brown sugar. Jelly or honey, with one that is piquant like dry or prepared mustard, Tabasco or Worcestershire, Sonic people like to baste with frull Julcwi, Kinder ale or even beer. A j-ood combination of Ingredients will produce a linn shiny glaze of distinct flavor. HIMV to Cook limn (Slow oven 325 dcKruuK K.) iuM-'.s Riven arc for hams taken chilled from re[rinerntor. Cooked ready-to-eat whole hams (lO-lH pounds) require 10-12 minutes per pound hoiitlng time. Cooked, rendy- lo-L'at half linms require! 14 ttiln- utc.s per pound, heating time. Boned rolled hams (usually uncooked) require approximately 30 minutes per pound; skinless, hams 18-22 minutes per |)0iind. Country style hams usually arc inked in wnlcr several hour* or overnight, and (he iwlmmerod in water until tender; remove rind, score and (*laae. Simmer boneless .smoked shout* .der butt in water 45 minutes per pound. Small canned hams (approximately 6 pounds) 20 minutes per pound; 8-13-pound canned hams, 15 minutes per pound. Ham Glaze: One hour before ham is done, remove from oven. Ncorn and glaze, removing rind If not skinless. Return to oven, brushing with glaze every 20 minutes. Mou' to Score Ham: Make diagonal cuts -inch deep about IV-i those lines. lasert cloves. Spread with desired glaze. im-nnKue into cooled filling. Pour into tart shells. Set on simiil tray or piece of cardboard, slip into pliolilm bat; or cover with mote- lure-vapor-proof paper and freeze. Pastry One and one-half cups flour, ^ u?H.spoon .sfill, ',•> cup .shortening, U cup water. .Sift flour with .salt; cut In shortening with pastry blender until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add water and stir into a smooth ball. Roll out on lightly floured board. Cut into .small rounds; fit into .small tart pans or muffin tins. Press edges with fork to make them .stand. Prick thoroughly with fork to prevent puffing. Bake at 450 deyrues F. h'om 6 to fc minute?,. Cool; fill. Serve Raw Vegetables With Dip Skillet-Style Chicken Livers And Onions Ingredients: \' 2 pound onions, \'-i pound fresh or frozen chicken livers, 4 tablespoons butter or margarine, '•! teaspoon soy sauce, '/a cup water, salt and pepper. Method: Peel onions, cut in quarters and slice Into thin strips; there should be 1'j cups packed down. If frozen chicken livers are used, thaw ahead. Cut any yellow Kali spots away from livers; wash and dry. Melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in 10-inch skillet; add liver and cook quickly, turning, until still [slightly pink inside. (Test by cut- 'ling through a piece ot liver. ) Remove from skillet; cut small livers In half, large livers in four pieces. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter in same skillet; add onions and stir over moderate heat for several minutes. Cover tightly and cook over very low heat until soft and a pale brown color — about 10 min- utcs. Remove cover. Add soy sauce and water and bring quickly to a boll, scrapping up any browned particles in pan; allow to bubble for a minute or so to reduce liquid slightly. Stir in livers and reheat THURSDAY, APRIL T, 195S quickly, adding salt and pepper to I I Serve a first course of raw vegetables with a tasty dip. Ingredients: ' 3 cup muyoiuiaisc. '!i cup tomato catchup, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 teaspoons j bottled horseradish, raw vegetables. .Method: Stir mayonnaise, catchup, Worcestershire sauce, and horseracUsh together vigorously until there are no blobs of white left Turn into .small bowl ancl surround with strips of raw carrot and celery, cjuiliflowerels, radishes, scullions and water cress. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Excellent Location L. E. ISAACS Ph. 3-3-190 or 2-2915 A LITTLE CREAM MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE IN CRCANV GRAVY A LITTLE CRfA/W 'MAKES A BIG PlFFCR- ENCC IN MARGARINE,TOO! JUST TASTE THf DIFFERENCE CRCAM MAKES IN CRF.AMO, ONLY MARGARINE MADE WITH CREAM Midi from cfioiet vegeiobl. oili blended with (ot-froe milk, cream, and tntichbd with 16,000 unitt of Vit.min Distributed bv 0. W. DAVIS Just a little difference in ingredients makes a big difference in cooking results Snowdrift isjuxt a litllc //#/i/<r Llian jiiiy othi-r — and that can make tho big {lifVercMice in family lighter, Mure (ligi'ttiblc /oot/.*. Snowdrift is pre-whippcd just o little longer than ordinary shortenings. That can make the big difference in easier blending for cakee, pie crust, biscuits and everything you bake. Snowdrift's in^rixlicnt-s arcy».sf a little costlier tlntn any otlicr solid shortening's (yet you pay no more). And that, can make the big difference in liel/er tasting foods. No other shortening at any price is so creamy, so digestible - and so light! Snowdrift IMft rUII . AU-VKfTAUl IHOITININO • MAOI IV THI WISION OK PEont SIMON'S SUPER MARKET W. MAIN Phone 3-9660 Sugar Cured Rcclfoof Half or Whole Big Juicy FRANKS - - - ib 35 C Fresh Dressed Fat HENS ---- ib. 45 £ Liver - - L 29 £ aks Lamb Roast --ib.39 c Fresh Tender Shoulder Steaks U.S. Good Mature Beef Sieak - ib. 69° Beef oast - ib. 39 C - ib. 49 C Sirlosn Sieak -1.59 C aer 3 ibs. 85 C U.S. Good Mature Beef 100% All Beef 10 C SALE 10 C TOMATO JUICE p ' ells TOMATO PUREE 2 ENGLISH PEAS |CN ^ TOMATO SOUP; : : is PORK & BEANS ci : lhc TOILET SOAP 01 : 2 tan ,100 CUT BEANS Ate : s K \S ORANGE JUICED K ti ICl I V Alder's Assorted Klavors <>•(>/.. JCLLT I,,,. EASTER EGG COLORS , k , 100 Blue Plate Jewel ssingqt.39 1 59« • 3-Lb. Can No Coupon Required Ciiimlrj 1 Ku'.sh in Carton Seedless 3 SI 00 doz I 6 CARROTS Clean Crispy 1 (i-oz. 50 Little Geneva Money-Back Guarantee 25ibs.1« Crcmo iP :.r,e e«9.! . taste. Makes 2 servings. WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. EBERDT'S GATEWAY GROCERY 2101 Rose St. Ph. 3-3161 f ™'"°" Grapefruit Juice SWEET PICKLEJ TUNA Bi "°' 5 '° TOILET TISSUE "'"" TOMATOES "." £ 39< «. 10* "" k Coffee Shop Ground Fresh CARROTS BEEF CHUCK ROAST NABISCO WAFERS CLUB CRACKERS ^, U 39? HEN/ Fully Dressed Lb. 39 C SPAGHETTI CAMAY SOAP NAPKINS DOG FOOD Tmr Bonne//'* Can 10c Colored 4 2 3 • LOWER PRICES • SELF SERVICE • PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE RUSTIC INN Is Now Offering CURB SERVICE Drive Out For A Snack Or Full Meal \'i doz. Fried Jumbo Fanlail Shrimp !i doz. Extra Select Tried Oysters $1.00 Chicken 'N the Basket $1.25 Special Daily Luncheons . 85c Real Pit Fiar-B-Q Pig .tie Double Thick TVIalted Milk 300 Walnul & Division Ph. 2-2202

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